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Princess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. Treasure hunter Nick Cutter is too reckless, too arrogant, and far too handsome for his own good. But he can't charm his way out of this one. Bria plans to make Nick pay up even if she has to board his boat, don a wet suit, and dive for the treasure herself.Nick sees BriaPrincess Bria Visconti demands the return of the money her brother rashly invested in Cutter Salvage. Treasure hunter Nick Cutter is too reckless, too arrogant, and far too handsome for his own good. But he can't charm his way out of this one. Bria plans to make Nick pay up even if she has to board his boat, don a wet suit, and dive for the treasure herself.Nick sees Bria as a beautiful but spoiled princess who's never done a day's work in her pampered life. But once they set sail for the dive site, and the legendary fortune in gold the wreck carries, Nick begins to see Bria in a new light. This princess may be out of her depth, but she's ready to take on the hidden danger and excitement a treasure hunt stirs to the surface. Together they must fight unexpected enemies and reveal their darkest secrets before they're pulled into a rip current of danger....

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Riptide Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-06-04 16:28

    Loads of fun! Smoldering, high octane passion, plenty of adventure, a suspense plot that's easy to follow (yet contains a few twists and turns) a H/h that I absolutely adored, and a nail-biting, OMG conclusion that left me biting my nails, then sighing in relief. With Riptide, Cherry Adair proves that Undertow was not a one shot thing. She's onto something good with her series about the Cutter brothers, and we readers are the lucky ones!This is tall, dark, and sexy Nick Cutter's story. (I think Nick might be the middle Cutter brother--not entirely sure of that).Nick Cutter... Nick is the quiet, contained, show no emotion type (nicknamed "Mr. Spock" by his brothers) with a hard shell and icy blue eyes, but inside...inside is a vulnerable soul. Nick has been badly damaged by his late parent's divorce, and especially by his alcoholic, philandering father's behavior. Part of him loved his father, but he abhored his actions as a husband and father, and desperately didn't want to grow up to be like him. Because of this lousy example, he wants no part of love or a relationship, which would only lead to pain. Nick and his brothers own Cutter Salvage, a lucrative treasure hunting business. As the story begins, Nick and his dive crew aboard his luxury ship (the Scorpion) are recovering some treasures in the Atlantic near the Canary Islands. Once they finish their dive, they will be off across the ocean, heading to the Cutter's home base in the Virgin Islands.The Scorpion...But on this dive they will not only be transporting treasures they've recovered from a sunken ship some 600 years old, but they will be carrying some blood diamonds from Africa. You see, Nick is doing a favor for some friends (T-Flac's Max Aries)Max... and has agreed to pretend to work with some Moroccan diamond smugglers, letting the Scorpion act as a mule, transporting the diamonds across the ocean where they then will be distributed into North and South American markets undetected. Max has assured Nick this is a low risk operation--he and his team will be waiting to arrest the smugglers when they show up for the diamonds. Sounds good, except there might be trouble brewing. And her name is Princess Gabriella (Bria) Visconti.Bria...Arriving by helicopter and landing aboard the Scorpion, 27-year-old Bria is everything (physical) that Nick desires. Brunette, beautiful, with killer curves and long legs--and a sassy mouth and won't-take-no-for-an-answer attitude to boot! Bria wants a refund of the reckless 5 million dollar investment her brother made in Cutter Salvage. Bria and her older brother Draven were just children when terrorists stormed their tiny island nation, murdering their parents and taking over the country. Bria and Draven went into exile, but almost 20 years later, Draven regained the throne, and is determined to bring the failing country back to what it once was-- even if it means taking out loans to make risky investments. Bria knows it could take years to see a return on the investment in Cutter Salvage, and the only answer to repay the bank loan and to save her country from reverting back to Italian rule is to get the money back from Nick Cutter. The only question is--will he do it?Nick...again...Oh yeah, the minute Bria arrives, you know Nick is going to have a hard time keeping that icy facade in place. Bria and Nick have an instant, smokin' chemistry, no matter how hard Nick tries to fight it. Nick doesn't totally trust Bria, wonders if her motives are pure or if she just might be working with the smugglers... I loved Nick and Bria together. I love it when the hero tries desperately to fight his attraction to the heroine. And Nick and Bria, they had some attraction going on here. Loads of sparks, lots of snappy dialogue, and when Nick finally succumbs...whew, the steam room got verrry steamy!Steaming up the steam room...I liked Bria. She was sunny, feisty, and extremely likable. No "princessy" airs either. She was a working girl (public relations)now living in California and was just trying to do what was right for her (former) country. I loved how she could hold her own physically, too. This girl could kick butt! I loved how she broke down the walls around Nick's heart. She was the perfect match for him, whether he realized it or not! Seeing them fall in love was very heart warming.Fans looking for a fast paced, hard to put down read with plenty of adventure, and a healthy dose of some smoldering sex will enjoy this book. No apearances by the other Cutter brothers, but Nick has a best friend (Jonah) who figures prominently in this story, and hopefully he'll get his own story one day (I see him paired with the Cutter's nemesis, the redhead from the Sea Witch...)Jonah...If you liked the adventure of Undertow, you'll enjoy Riptide too. I for one can't get enough of those sexy Cutter brothers, and can't wait for Logan's story (Vortex). 5 starsNote: Pictures courtesy of Cherry Adair's website

  • Shawna
    2019-06-13 15:25

    2 stars – Romantic SuspenseI really struggled with this one and almost DNF'd it. I had a hard time getting into the story, didn't care about the characters, found it overall pretty boring, and thought the plot was rather outlandish (even for Romancelandia). I honestly skimmed through a lot of it and mainly read the dialogue and love scenes between the H/H. At least the sex scenes were hot because otherwise I probably would have given up on it.This is my third(?) Cherry Adair read and none of them have wowed me, which is unfortunate because several of my GR friends enjoy her books. Oh well, to each her own, but I'm keeping hope alive that I'll eventually find one that will rock for me.

  • Kathleen
    2019-06-16 12:31

    Make that 4.5 stars.The story was fantastic, fast paced and action filled. It kept me on the edge of my seat not wanting to put it down. The sexual tension smoldered off the pages. The foreplay was very steamy but when the foreplay ended and the sex/love scenes started they were chopped out. Why I ask? I like my books scorching LOL and was hoping the further I got into the book that we would be getting the whole experience not just the foreplay. It was like this, hot and sensual foreplay then they were finally joined, a few pumps and the BAM it was the next day, WTF! Hahahahaha. All and all it was a very good book that I really enjoyed.

  • Saly
    2019-06-11 17:45

    The first Cutter Cay book was just okay for me but Riptide just blew me away. I loved every moment of it and I loved Nick and Bria, a lot. Their interactions, blow-ups and sexual tension was off the charts.The first time Princess Bria meets Nick Cutter, he's in disguise, engaged in a dangerous deal to catch some diamond smugglers through his ship(for T-FLAC).Bria is on a mission, to help salvage their little kingdom her brother runs(he's invested heavily in Nick's salvage mission and they may lose their monarchy). Bria was not raised as royalty, her parents were killed when she was seven when terrorists took over her kingdom and she was raised in America by her bodyguard/almost father.Nick Cutter is notorious for being cool, Bria pushes all his buttons and is totally his type but he is concentrating on his mission at hand and when she shows up at his ship again, he just wants to send her away and giving back her money is not possible. He saw what his father's attitude did to his mother and likes being in control and hides his emotions really well.What I loved, almost everything. Bria is totally kick-ass, she knows how to handle a gun or even a physical attack. She's independent and feisty and gorgeous. She tries to push Nick which ends up in them tangling in bed, with Brie putting on the breaks since she can't control Nick. Their consummation begins with a work-out and a fight that ends up in steamy encounters.I loved how cool Nick couldn't stop thinking about Bria. I loved seeing them together. When Brie is attacked on the ship, Nick doesn't know if she was the target, he tries to take her away but danger follows.We meet another "new" Cutter brother as well who I loved and I hope we get his story before Logan's.A very thrilling ride with amazing characters even though Nick did have a moment of doubt at one point and we meet Max from the T-FLAC books as well. Loved it.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-26 12:33

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Princess Bia Visconti, learning about her brothers reckless investments and the financial situation of their small country, she takes a heads on approach and goes after a refund of the money before they lose everything, including a kingdom that has been in their family for generations. She comes to Nick Cutter, the man her brother worked with and is on a salvage operation. She is determined to get the money back so she can save their country. But Nick Cutter, is stubborn and conceited and she will have to work hard to get his cooperation. Nick Cutter, is in the middle of a salvage operation and he is in the middle of a delicate operation to take down terrorist smugglers, which could save lives if he is successful. He can't afford distraction, no matter how beautiful or graceful that distraction may be. But danger threatens them and his crew, and when sudden murders on his crew, the mystery behind them only increases. But the threat is only going to increase, a threat that is out to destroy them all...The Hero Nick Cutter, is one of the Cutter brothers, and is as close to them as anyone can be. He considers them to be his closest friends and partners in their business Cutter Salvage. Nick knows diving like its breathing air, Nick and his closest friend, are working together on their latest salvage project. Nick Cutter, is logical and is well nicknames as "spock" for his mannerisms and personality that is very similtar to the fictional character. Nick Cutter is the brother I was most excited to read. After seeing him in the first book, I loved mostly his relationship with his brothers, but I also admired his tenacity and his practical manner. What we see in this story is quite a bit more depth to him, and we see a side of him that we don't see in the first book. A side of him that Bia brings out in him....a man that can be playful and sweet.The Heroine Bia, is a princess, but when she was a girl her parents were murdered by terrorists who were after their country, and she barely made it out of there alive. She was raised in the states, by her bodyguard, who was more like a father to her. Bia, the moment learning of her brother's foolish decisions that will cost them everything they have gained recently, she will fight for their country, even if her brother won't see reason. What I really admired about Bia is her determination to save what is left of her family. She is strong willed, passionate, intelligent and driven. She beautiful both on the inner part of herself and on the outside. Her personality was easy to be endeared to, and I loved the way she fights for what she believes in. She has this zest for life that is contagious.Plot and Story Line Riptide is the second book in this quartet of brothers. Riptide is Nick's story. In this story, we have quite a bit that happens in this story and I savored every moment that Cherry Adair gives us. The more I read this author, the more I get hooked on her writing style. She has a way of being addicting and I get drawn into the story. I was quite drawn into Undertow from the beginning scene. Where we see how determined each character is, and I loved the way that they interact which was quite amusing. This scene is captivating and draws the reader immediately into the story. We see a intense level of mystery and danger. What I found quite unique, is seeing the plot unravel and reveal some sub plots that you don't expect to find. I felt a thrilling excitement in reading this story and I found myself more and more intrigued and fascinated with each plot development and the depth of characteristics that becomes revealed.This is a story that was quite addicting, and I love how this author sweeps me away into a story of adventure, danger and passion!!! A STORY OF THRILLS!!The Cover What a great cover. I love the sunset backdrop, with the circle of sharks, and it definitely adds a perfect match for this exciting story!!Overall View Riptide is a stunning story that connects to the reader. A story packed with intensity, passionate desire and stimulating moments to creature a powerful story of dramatic love.[foogallery id="18301"]

  • Melanie
    2019-05-31 16:40

    Riptide was an exciting, fast-paced read that improves upon the first book in the series, Undertow, and I really enjoyed it.Princess Gabriella Visconti unexpectedly shows up on Nick Cutter’s salvage boat demanding he return the money her brother invested with Cutter Salvage. When Nick refuses to refund the money, Bria sets up shop on Nick’s boat hoping to persuade him to change his mind. After an attack on the boat, Nick and Bria must band together to get to the bottom of the attack and find the unknown enemies. Along the way, the two are forced to deal with the attraction rising between them and must decide how much they’re willing to risk in their quest for answers.Nick is aptly nicknamed Mr. Spock by his brothers due to him always being logical and his lack of expressed emotion. He’s a very practical person and doesn’t want anything in his life that will distract him from the salvage business with his brothers. After witnessing his father inflict havoc on their lives, Nick knew he never wanted to be like him and decided he would never fall in love or have any type of relationship. He’s very content with his life hunting for treasure and feels most at home when he’s out on his boat on a dive.Bria’s life started out as the idyllic life of a princess until she was seven years old and terrorists killed her parents forcing her to flee her small island country. Bria was raised separately from her brother by her bodyguard Martin, who became like a surrogate father to her. Martin taught Bria how to defend herself and she’s an excellent fighter as well as having significant knowledge about firearms. Bria is very intelligent and cares deeply for the family she has left as well as her homeland. She does have a temper and she’s constantly struggling to keep it in check.Nick and Bria clashed right from the outset. Bria is used to being able to charm men into doing her bidding and is frustrated when Nick outright refuses her. Nick is incredibly attracted to Bria and is annoyed with himself for wanting to give in to her demands. When these two do finally come together, it’s incredibly sexy and comes on the tail-end of an argument, which is par for the course with these two. Outside of the physical, Nick and Bria connect with each other more than they ever have with anyone else and they share things about themselves they’ve never told anyone before.The mystery of who is behind the attack on the boat and why were definitely interesting. I had my theories about who was involved, and while I was mostly correct I enjoyed finding everything out along with the characters. The author did a good job amping up the suspense as we got closer to the final showdown and I think the ending was very well done.As I was looking for a good romantic suspense read, Riptide fit the bill and I definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for the genre. I will definitely be continuing with the series and look forward to getting to the next book, Vortex, soon.

  • jenjn79
    2019-05-28 16:38

    Rating: 2.5 / 5Review:There seem to be a lot of good reviews and ratings of this but I was rather disappointed in the book. It bored me for the most part. I was expecting a lot more from it.Series Note:Second book in Adair's “Cutter Cay” series about the Cutter brothers and their marine salvage business. I don't think you have to read the first book in order to read this one. Summary:Princess Gabriella “Bria” Visconti is livid that her brother invested their country's much needed funds into a salvage dive being run by Nick Cutter. If her brother, the king of her island country, can't make a bank loan payment by the end of the month, the country will revert back to Italy. So she goes to Nick Cutter to beg for a refund of the money. What Bria doesn't know when she boards Nick's ship, the Scorpion, is that Nick is helping out a counterterrorism group who is trying to stop the sale of blood diamonds. And Bria has landed smack dab in the middle of a dangerous situation.For Nick, who always keeps his emotions buttoned up, having Bria around tests everything in him. He doesn't know whether to trust the beautiful princess. But that doesn't stop him from wanting her, and wanting to keep her safe. And as the danger escalates, Nick must decide whether to let Bria in or keep her at arm's length away.Review:This book didn't really give me anything I wanted out of it, except for a fairly decent romance. I was just disappointed all the way around.I guess a large part of that is because I love romantic suspense books. They are my favorite romance sub-genre out there. And this book was supposed to be a romantic suspense, but it doesn't exactly come across as one for the first two-thirds of the book. I was bored for a majority of this book. There's so much that is supposed to be going on with the storyline...with the plot to catch the people selling blood diamonds, an attack on Bria her first night on the ship, the issues with Bria's brother and other threats on Bria and Nick's lives. There's just a wealth of plot aspects to add tension and action to the story. And yet for the first two-thirds of the book, all you really get is constant interaction between Bria and Nick. Them sitting on the deck, them looking at stars, them working out, them in the hot tub, them sightseeing, them arguing, them screwing. Maybe in a traditional contemporary romance that would be fine. But when I'm reading a romantic suspense, I want plot development, not an almost sole focus on the H/h. It just made the first two-thirds of the book very boring for me.My disappointment also lies in the lack of attention to the salvage diving aspect of this series. For me, that's a fascinating story point. I just think salvage diving is very interesting. And in this book, it's not given much attention at all. Bria looks at some finds the divers brought up, and they do one sightseeing dive, but other than that, there's not much else about the topic. I was disappointed in that. I wanted to read more about the dives, finding the treasure and all that.And honestly, I could do without the tie-in to Adair's “T-Flac” series. For me, it's just a totally unnecessary addition to the series. The connection is just not needed to make the series work. And because of the nature of T-Flac, as a counterterrorism group, it means a terrorism aspect is added to the series. That's another thing I could do without. Terrorism is such a popular romantic suspense topic these days that I get a little tired of it and want to read something different. I thought that's what this series would give me when it's focused on three brothers who run a dive salvage operation. But in both books so far, Adair has added in a terrorism aspect and tie in to T-Flac. It's another thing that's just not working for me in these books. But I will still read the next book. I'm interested enough in the characters to want to find out what happens to them.

  • ☆.。.:*・°☆Love2Read♡HEAs☆.。.:*・°☆ {Anne}
    2019-06-01 18:45

    Rated 4.5 "Doubting" StarsThis one's about the "Cutter" brother, Nick and how he comes to meet the lovely Bria, rather Princess Gabriella.Talk about misjudging and distrusting someone, both Bria & Nick do this to one another for quite some time after they meet each other. He thinks she's a spoiled princess that has her every whim met and she thinks Nick is a carefree playboy that only thinks of himself. Neither likes the other, AT ALL.It takes time and sabotage for them to began a rocky relationship. Then later of course, they fall in love. However, Nick being the cold & skeptic one of the brothers, may still be faced with serious doubts about "his" princess.Lots of adventure, scuba diving, great banter, treasure hunting, battling the bad guys, humor, making love not war - sexy times, suspense, sarcasm, romance, a big surprise and explosives!I loved it and hope you will too. ~_~ HAPPY READING! ~_~

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-06-01 12:24

    In an effort to clear out some of my older TBR books in my pile, I borrowed this book from the library. I'm usually a fan of Ms. Adair. This book, just didn't do it for me. I almost made it a DNF, but I basically skimmed through a few chapters until I got to the good parts. And the good parts were not the sexual interlude. I think this review is more about me than it is about the author.This book is written just fine, but my tastes in stories have changed over the years. Perhaps if I read this book when I first placed in on my TBR pile, it would have done better. Now, literally hundreds of books later, it did not fare so well. Lesson learned: read books I add to my list asap. The older the book is, the less likely I will enjoy it because my tastes will have changed. That being said, here's what I didn't like about the book.I didn't like Nick and his interactions with Bria. Bria as a character was not bad. She seemed to want to do the right things but she was just so naive. She's hot headed and makes some grievous mistakes. The issues that happened in the book felt too contrived. Like it was being forced into a way that wasn't natural for the author. Or maybe, this book just ran away from her because it seemed to be all over the place. I did not connect with either characters and frankly didn't care what happened to them. The ending was a bit anticlimatic with an obvious reveal. My least favourite book in this series.

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-06-03 13:34

    First off thank you for the book! I won it on Goodreads :)Overall This is really 3.5 stars. I had trouble getting passed the things that I hoped are going to be fxed in the final copy(this was an ARC). There were some grammar mistakes and quite a few things that were repeated(I'm talking whole paragraphs) and lots of repetitive phrasing that killed me. Story-wise, the action picked up at the end and I had trouble putting it down. There were some twists that I was not expecting. I really enjoyed the plot and the characters. And I'm interested to read the next to see how the Cutter family deals with the additions to it. Now, to find the first in the series ;)

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-05-23 11:52

    Originally posted at: http://www.longandshortreviews.blogsp...Seekers of adventure, treasure hunting, intrigue, double-crosses and high seas romances can’t go wrong with Riptide. This high impact tale is told at a speed that made me breathless. There is so much going on, so many nuances that taint a simple relationship with tension, mistrust and high stakes, it’s amazing the hero and hero had time to fall in love.Nick and Bria, right from the very first chapter, were at odds with each other. Of course one of them didn’t know it at the time and when the other found out, it wasn’t a warm and fuzzy moment. That pretty much sums up this whole reading experience. It’s not cute or silly or lame. It’s hard edged, gritty, dramatic and suspenseful.The only people I could trust in the story were the names Nick listed plus the heroine. He was never too sure about her. I’m pretty sure it’s not because she gave him ammunition to feel that way. I certainly didn’t pick up on any anything she did or said to give him that impression. It’s because the hero reacted so icily to Bria, so in control and arrogant to an almost inhuman degree that clued me in that when he eventually did succumb to Cupid’s arrow, Nick was going to go down hard. And he did, and I loved every wonderful and explosive moment of it. For a man whose nickname is Spock, he was more volatile than Kirk or Scotty at their most stressed.Bria is quite the mixed bag of contradictions. She is polished, clever, sweet and sassy and has one heck of a raging temper when she lets fly. Of course the only person that inspires her to let it rip was Nick. He pushed her buttons big time. I was entertained at her temper tantrums because I never knew what she was going to do. I giggled at her decorating, laughed out loud at her verbal profanities and got a kick out of her penchant to throw things. Another aspect of her character I appreciated was her training. It was nice to see a regular woman being able to defend herself and not fall to pieces in a crisis without having to credit some super secret spy agency.Oh, the super secret T-FLAC agency does give a cameo performance but they were not as impressive as they’ve been in the past. The goobers. For all of their access to fancy and sophisticated technology, they didn’t discover the very intricate and well thought out evil plot when it would have done the hero and heroine the most good. And, when Nick needed their help, something never seemed to go right. For this adventure, Nick Cutter has to rely on his own brains, wit and alpha tendencies and ended up partnering with the last person he’d ever expected to, Bria. What fun.More amazing surprises were in store for me with the revelation of a secret identity. It was bittersweet and the timing couldn’t have been worse but Ms. Adair knew what she was doing. The introduction of this person means that a future book is going to be an auto-buy for me. There is no way that there won’t be a story about this, it’s awesome.Another thing I liked was the dialogue. I loved seeing Nick’s paranoia rationalized. I enjoyed Bria’s determination and internal pep talks to out ice Nick’s Spock demeanor and fire him up. There is not one scene that didn’t work for me, not one chapter that was slow or weak. Everything that happens does so for a reason and the result is a masterful bit of mystery, treachery and grand storytelling.Riptide is a pulse-pounding read that thoroughly entertains and provides a stunning and satisfying happily ever after. As soon as Bria steps foot aboard Nick’s boat, the Scorpion, the action never stops. Readers will be hard pressed to put down the book. Every chapter has a hook that won’t let go, compiled with revelations and suspicions that can keep a reader wide-eyed and riveted. This is the kind of story that can make time cease to exist. The adventure is that good. The romance is that wild and I had a grand time discovering the truth. Pick up a copy and see for yourself.

  • Laura
    2019-05-24 16:45

    What started out as a potentially hot read for me (hello, kiss scene page 78), quickly fizzled out. I've spent several days trying to get through this book and if wasn't for my OCD when it comes to completing books, I would've put it down long before now. I was a big fan of "Undertow" and the H/H in that story because I felt not only the chemistry between the two of them, but also the story was suspenseful. For me, this story didn't hold much suspense, at all. I wasn't on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen, I was more interested in when the next love scene was coming up or worse, when the book would be over. This is my third Cherry Adair book and the second one I've had trouble with (the first being "Hush). I see the potential in her stories and she definitely knows how to write some steamy scenes. Guess all in all, it's not my cup of tea. A disappointing two and a half stars.

  • Lynsey A
    2019-06-13 12:46

    Decent read. This was better than the first one. There were no crazy side stories popping out from nowhere like in the first one. All of the story flowed well together.There were times I wanted to crack Bria upside the head. She had such a temper that at times it got annoying. Not to the extent she goes on my "heroines who annoy me shelf" but still a bit annoying.Nick was not very trusting of Bria in the end but at least it didn't take him too long to come to his senses. I loved the surprise of (view spoiler)[Jonah as the new found Cutter brother. I liked the little surprise. :) (hide spoiler)]Not sure who the next one is about, either Logan or (view spoiler)[Jonah. Is it perhaps Jonah who has a history with the Sea Witch? He loved and lost a woman we learned in this one. Perhaps it was her? (hide spoiler)] Guess we'll have to wait until next summer to find out!

  • Jessica
    2019-05-27 18:33

    For the most part, I liked the romance. The h/h seemed to fit together well.What I didn't like was how the entire plot is based on the heroine being dumber than a box of hair. Which perhaps is a bit harsh to say, but she's shown being reckless, impulsive and completely incapable of thinking things through, and there's really nothing to counterbalance that. While I'm not completely opposed to having a dumb heroine (even though it's not my favorite thing), I am opposed to having, as I said, the entire story based on her unending series of poor choices. Because at a certain point, I just wanted the author to give her a Darwin Award and be done with it.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-30 11:47

    This was a very enjoyable addition to the Cutter Cay series. I was a little disappointed that more of it didn't take place in the water or on a boat like the first book. Majority of Riptide took place on land, and while that was fine, I was hoping for more dive scenes (only one in this book verses three or four in the previous book). A lot of it did take place on Nick's boat, the Scorpion, but a big chunk took place in the fictional homeland of the heroine, Bria. Aside from that, it was a really great story with an exciting mystery! I could cut the sexual tension between Nick and Bria with a knife it was so thick! I'm glad that the transition of him being frosty and emotionless"Mr. Spock" to a man in love was smooth and made sense (this was a problem for me in the first book with the heroine).Bria was a feisty, feminist, sassy, kick ass heroine! I loved her! Despite Nick being an emotionless ice king to everyone, Ms. Adair had enough internal explanation from him directed to the reader that helped me understand why he was that way and that he did feel emotion even though he rarely showed it. It made the transition to him falling in love smooth.There is excitement in this book from the first few chapters up to the very last one! A great fight scene in which our heroine gets to kick some ass instead of just be saved. Attempted murder by rock slide was a first for me! There's quite a bit of PG13 violence in this book.Five sex scenes total. Technically, I'd say 4.5 because the last one isn't very explicit, but it's sex just the same. Nick seemed to have a constant erection throughout the entire book. He must have been very uncomfortable. I get that men get them when they're aroused but describing his erection every single time he was aroused by Bria's presence was repetitive and redundant. The same way that Bria's nipples were always hard and aching for him. I didn't need to be told that every single time she got the hots for him. Another thing that annoys me about the sexual encounters in this book (and the previous one), is that neither person seems to be worried about protection. These are modern day stories, not historical's when they didn't have condoms or the pill, and every other book that I've ever read where the two characters have sex and aren't trying to make a baby, they talk about protection. Whether it's him putting on a condom or her mentioning that she's on the pill or him pulling out before he finishes. It kinda drives me bonkers that they don't talk about it or seem remotely worried about getting pregnant.There are many uses of the f word and other swear words throughout the entire book.

  • Anne - Books of My Heart
    2019-05-22 11:23

    2.5 stars. Review at The Book Nympho:      Read It, Track It is a way  to track books for my reading challenges and they will be super short.  Riptide is my second read in the Cutter Cay series.  I am reading the series in the lead up to the fourth book being released in March. The genre is romantic suspense which is one of my favorites. I did enjoy the mystery and action in Riptide.  Nick Cutter was interesting in his ability to read vocal accents and his government work.However, the billionaire guy with the gal down on her luck is a trope I hate. Nick seemed to think he should have sex with Bria because he's attracted to her physically even though he sees her as a spoiled princess without skills. Bria is an actual princess who has been in exile. She is somewhat used to having her way but she has developed some real skill and is making her own way in the world. Overall,  it's not too realistic.A fun and sexy read, despite my issues. The fascinating part is Jonah. It's too much of a spoiler to say who he is, but I can't wait to learn more about him!

  • Danielle
    2019-05-30 18:45

    It's interesting how I got this book. B&L Books has a Valentine's event called 'Blind Date with a Book' and for $2 you got a wrapped book with a a raffle ticket to enter a drawing for more books. So for my wedding anniversary my husband bought me 15 'blind dates' (such a good man)! This book and it's author are fairly new to me, but after spending the last 24 hours with my date...I want more!!! I was so drawn into this story that my crazy self stayed up all night to read this book! I could not sleep because I kept telling myself, "Just one more chapter." I've already asked hubby to get the rest of this series. I'll definitely be adding this author to my favorites list.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-05-29 16:36

    Bria just wants her brothers money back after his foolish decision to bankrupt their country in a gamble for buried treasure. She may not have seen him in years but that doesn’t mean this California girl isn’t still passionate about her home country. Convincing the stone faced Nick Cutter to give the money back is proving to be a lot more then she bargained for though. He is dead set against hearing her out. Her anger management is put to the test just being in the same room with him.Nick isn’t sure what the princess wants, regardless of what she claims. Is she a part of someones master plan or just a very bad coincidence? He isn’t sure. Until he knows he will have to keep her closer then he’d like. She is slowly cracking his stoney exterior with every snipe, quip and retort. Revealing her true nature might result in him revealing some emotions. Something he has kept under lock and key for a long time.When an international smuggling ring focuses on Nick’s luxurious diving boat, everyone becomes a suspect. Could the fiery princess be out to lead him astray? Or ultimately lead him home.Riptide was a excellent book that I couldn’t put down! I enjoyed the vivid imagery that Cherry Adair excels at with every book of hers I read. She truly makes you feel as if you are right in the middle of the action! The characters of Bria and Nick were well rounded and completely made for each other.Bria has been through way more then she ever lets on. Her friends don’t know she is a princess of a small island off the coast of Italy. That’s how she likes it. Her parents were murdered and she was whisked away to live in hiding by her personal bodyguard. She was taught to fight as well as how to be a lady in case she ever needed to return to claim the throne. All Nick sees however is a overly sexual, completely in charge woman that won’t take no for an answer. He himself has layers that no one ever sees because he keeps every emotion under tight lock and key. Just the sight of this woman is making his blood boil. He knows he has to get her off his boat, the sooner the better. Especially after she is attacked in her own cabin by one of his employees.No one but he and his captain Jonah know about the smuggling of diamonds and the people that have stashed some on board his ship. Well, him and TFLAC operatives that is. Ok, and the bad guys that are posing as employees…but even Nick and Jonah don’t know WHICH employees. Now Bria shows up with her legs and flawless body and Nick has to ask himself, is this a trap?Nick was a character I really loved. He was stoic and emotionless and downright mean at times. I love watching the evolution characters like him go through. I love watching their shells crack wide open and the revealing of their true self. Bria was just the girl for the job. She is slightly over the top and completely “in your face”. I think they meshed excellently together and complimented each others traits. She was a girl that never gave up. She wrapped her mind (and her legs in a few scenes) around something and went all in. Her dedication to a country she had virtually nothing to do with was heartwarming. Together these two were combustible. I found myself laughing through their snipes at each other. Bria being a incredibly sarcastic person gave me the opportunity to connect. I saw a lot of myself in her attitude. Ok, and her anger issues. Shhh don’t tell anyone, but I’m a total thrower when I get mad.I wasn’t happy the other two brothers, Zane who we met in Undertow and Logan whose book is the next out, in Riptide. I felt there were several instances where their input would have been great and welcomed. Since Nick made a appearance in Undertow I was hoping for the same here. I like to be introduced ahead of time and so in that aspect I felt a bit let down. I also don’t really like middle eastern terrorist plots. I wasn’t keen on the middle eastern guys simply because I have a hard time reading about them. I don’t know if its the names (can’t pronounce for the life of me), the imagery that usually comes with them (desert, boring, plain) or if it’s just me. Since they really weren’t in it much it didn’t take away from the story for me…so I was glad. Once a book gets to much into the terrorists plot and away from the action/romance, I tend to lose interest. Obviously it’s good for the plot but some get to heavy into it when all I want is the action, thrills and romance. I didn’t find that here even though there were a few scenes I thought lagged a bit and could have been actioned up (it’s a word I swear..ok, maybe not swear…).TFLAC once again makes a appearance in this book, although more so then in Undertow. I love seeing characters and situations from other series pop up in new books. Its nice to revisit old characters and this gives me the perfect balance of new and old.I really enjoy the world building, the diving aspect since I haven’t read many of those, and just the brothers themselves. Each one slightly different in how they have dealt with their fathers passing. Logan will be interesting since he was actually present when the father died and I'm sure harbors a ton of guilt over that. He is gong to need a patient woman indeed.Cherry Adair does a remarkable job of putting a reader right into the thick of the action! Riptide is a whirlwind, action packed thrill ride from the bottom of the ocean to the sandy isles of a small Italian island. Packed with twists and turns and a few surprises, Riptide will pull you under and engross your mind and imagination.

  • JM
    2019-06-06 19:50

    Enjoyed it!

  • Nelle
    2019-06-11 11:22

    I love Princess stories, even modern day ones! Nick was so cold... until he met Gabriela! Yummy chemistry, and lots of suspense and action!

  • Sharon
    2019-05-25 17:40

    www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comRiptide by is the second book in her Cutter Cay series.The story follows Nick Cutter a sexy, arrogant, emotionless treasure hunter and owner of the Scorpion who as a low-risk favor to his T-FLAC Operative friend Max Aries agrees to transport smuggled diamonds to Cutter Cay, a small island on the Caribbean owned by the Cutter brothers Zane, Nick and Logan. Dressed in disguise and doing a deal with the Morrocans as part of his cover, he is surprised by the arrival of Princess Bria Visconti, she is everything he desires but could also mean trouble for him so he sends her on his way; all the while she believes him to be someone else.Principessa Gabriella “Bria” Visconti was a Princess of Marrezo until she was 7 years old; her parents were brutally murdered and as a result she was separated from her brother Draven and raised in the USA by her personal bodyguard. After being reunited with her brother, now King of Marrezo and seeing him make numerous reckless investments, the latest being five million euro to Cutter Salvage she sets out to retrieve the money from Nick Cutter to pay back a bank loan due within 30 days.Nick isn’t all that thrilled to see Bria, her arrival leaves him questioning her motives and possible involvement with the diamond smugglers but when a threat is made against her life whilst on board his boat, he begins to wonder who on-board can and can’t be trusted.Not only do Nick and Bria have to deal with their chemistry and attraction to each other but they also had to continue with the current salvaging efforts and work against a threat from the Moroccans and the linchpin from the diamond smuggling operation – each wanting to take possession of the diamonds and putting all of their lives in danger.I loved Nick and Bria together, she was fiery and determined and he was cool, calm and collected; nicknamed Mr Spock by his brothers because of his icy demeanor they balanced each other well. He has trust issues stemming from his fathers infidelity and she was able to gain his trust and bring out a different side of him.I also enjoyed the storyline focusing on Jonah and the reasoning behind why he was so keen to stay close to Nick; I actually found it really sweet (a major spoiler so I wont reveal what it is). It’s always nice to see an appearance from the T-FLAC team as well.Riptide is a fast paced, thrilling read with plenty of action and suspense. As with all Ms Adair’s romantic suspense novels, she takes you on a non-stop, exciting ride of mystery and intrigue with plenty of plot twists and turns, you can never be certain of the true villain right until the end.I look forward to reading the next book, Vortex in the Cutter Cay series which has an expected 2012 release date.Ms Adair also has the most wonderful website which features a detailed outline of each of her series, the operatives and their missions. Check it out at

  • Lynn Aoude
    2019-05-31 15:37

    Book 2 of Cutter Cay series by Cherry Adair.WARNING: spoilers ahead.The plot in this book is way better than the previous one: Undertow. Nick, the middle brother, is at the end of one of his dive trips. He has an affinity for languages and accents, and he had promised his friend at T-FLAC, a counter-terrorist organization a favor in order to retrieve blood diamonds. Enter Princess Gabriella (Bria) Visconti, Principessa of Marrezo, a tiny island on the coast of Italy. Bria wants her brother (the king) Draven's investment back to save Marrezo from reverting back to Italy. Of course, it's not that simple. (view spoiler)[Someone tries to kill Bria on board the ship, then her killer ends up thrown overboard. When Nick tries to get her on Marrezo to stay at her brother's palace for her own protection, an attempt is made on both their lives. Bria ends up on the ship with Nick again. Wonder of wonders, the real king is already dead, and the person impersonating him is the terrorist trying to sell the blood diamonds. (hide spoiler)]I absolutely loved Nick with his sang froid and his ability to handle the deadly situations as well as the out-of-control princess. As a matter of fact, the princess is the reason my rating dropped from 5 to 4 stars. She's a spoiled brat, with a perpetual air of entitlement and expecting everyone to fall at her feet. Well surprise!! Nick doesn't, which upped my respect for him. What's worse is the temper tantrums she throws when she doesn't get her way. Can you say 5-year-old? First, she smashes the contents of Nick's cabin - total meltdown - then she tries "redecorating" it in order to irritate him (not that it works). Follows her attempt to beat Nick to death just because he doesn't do things her way, which makes her furious - another total meltdown in less than 24 hours). Nick manages her just fine, but then ends up sleeping with her right after he throws her in the shower to calm her down (irrational but hey it's not my book). And let's not forget her final tantrum that got 2 factions of terrorists right on the ship, making Nick's only choice is to sink it with all the treasure for them to get away. Totally irrational, irresponsible and brainless if you ask me. I didn't like her at all.Finally, we get to know who the new brother who's trying to connect with the Cutter guys is. That's for you to read and find out.I don't know if I'm going to continue reading this series. The heroines of the 1st two books leave something to be desired. Teal in Undertow was bitter and judgmental. Bria is spoiled and wants her way or no way. Maybe I'll come back to this series later, who knows.Cheers!

  • Meryl
    2019-06-10 13:30

    I loved Nick and Bria together. The plot was a little far-fetched, but that's what fun reads are all about, right?

  • Tina
    2019-06-17 11:38

    Cherry Adair does it again, she doesn't disappoint this book is great. This is the second book in the Cutter Cay series and I have to say so far it is my favorite. I liked Zane and Teal's story in Undertow, but something about the relationship with Nick and Bria had me rooting for them to figure out the danger chasing them and get together. Princess Bria Visconti is determined to get the money back from the Cutter family that her brother, the King of Marrezo has invested in a lapse of judgement. She doesn't understand why he would risk so much money on something so reckless, but she is willing to do almost anything to get the money back before Marrezo is reverted back to Italy. Nick Cutter, along with his two brothers own a very lucrative salvaging company that they allow highly respected investors to put money into their treasure hunts deep in the ocean. The investors know before the invest that there are no guarantees and absolutely no refunds. He is determined to make Bria understand that he will not put the hunt on hold or give the money back, but now that she is stranded on his ship can he keep his hands off her long enough to prove it. Meanwhile Nick is transporting diamonds to help his friend Aries, an agent of T-FLAC find the leader of the blood diamond smuggling network. After a few attacks onboard the ship that has put the whole crew in danger, Nick is determined to protect Bria any way he can--even if it means sending her away. The only problem is that the danger is following them where ever they go, but Bria proves to Nick that she can protect herself very well and he winds up with no other choice but to keep her with him. Together they have to find out who their enemies are and how to get out of the situation they have found themselves in.How much are they willing to trust one another? Can they get through all the problems that they are confronted with, and try to figure out what their feelings are for each other before it's too late?

  • Brittany
    2019-06-14 14:42

    Not bad, not one of my favorites, but not bad. It was slow to start and a rush job finish. Nick, Spock, and Bria, the Princess, meet in an unconventional way – to get her country out of debt due to an idiot decision made by her brother. Not bad of a plot line, and I enjoyed the banter between them. The sad reality of blood diamonds, and small monarchies falling to less than honorable means of finances was a nice touch. - Spoilers-The plot ending twist (an apparent trade mark of Adair’s) was LAME in this one. I’ve enjoyed them in the past but this one was bad. Bria’s brother was dead all along, and because Nick – linguist extraordinaire – didn’t talk to him personally he never knew that Draven wasn’t. Ok, I’ll run with it except for Bria also not picking up on it at all, nor her cousin Tonio. I figured when there was the big family dinner at his coronation someone would have said “gee you look different”. Guess not. The plot line of the mysterious extra Cutter kid is what I don’t understand. It made no sense in Zane’s, had no place in Nick’s and I doubt will have any purpose in Logan’s stories respectively. In “Undertow” we learn there is a mysterious brother, living proof of Poppa Cutter’s infidelity. In “Riptide” we meet the mysterious brother, Jonah, living a lie for two years with Nick on his boat…. Nick who can in a heartbeat figure out where you grew up, went to school, and spent more than 6 months was fooled by colored contacts. Really? I find that suspect. So now what; we have the happy couples, the happy family plus one and Logan will host the family reunion of a life time by bringing a date? I don’t see the reason behind this plot, it’s superfluous especially because there was to malicious intent nevertheless, Jonah may get his side of the story ( perhaps he finally tames the “Sea Bitch”????

  • ILoveBooks
    2019-06-01 19:35 is the main character in this novel and what made it truly phenomenal. She is a strong female character, great to see in a romance novel *cheers! No wimpy female here*. She is sarcastic, witty, brave, and intelligent. She is also a compassionate, hot-tempered Italian Princess. When she discovers her brother's potential mistake in sinking a large sum of money in the hopes of finding buried treasure, she naturally has to go see if she can recover the money. What she finds or who she finds is Nick. Nick is the perfect balance for Bria. He is cool, aloft, enigmatic, and often silently seething on the inside. They balance each other perfectly. Their connection and chemistry is instantaneous. The reader will love following their relationship and seeing it develop. The author puts in all the ups and downs, not everything is peaches and cream, but it seems much more realistic as well. What can be better than dynamic characters and a steamy relationship? How about we throw a smuggling ring into the plot. The smuggling ring targets Nick's ship, which is suspicious as only he and Jonah are supposed to know about the cache of diamonds on board. Will the Italian Princess be an asset or a pain in the you-know-what?This book was terrific, I finished it in one day. I loved the characters and I loved the fast-paced events and large amounts of action. The ending was perfect and a strong female character in a romance novel clinches the deal. This book is recommended for adults.

  • Anja
    2019-05-21 13:41

    The moment I read that Nick Cutter was nicknamed Spock I thought that this guy must be right up my alley. I really like and adore Vulcans and characters that have similar features. So I had my hopes up for this next book in the series and I wasn't disappointed. I totally like Nick and Bria definitely was a right fit even if I wasn't sure that I'm gonna like her, cos I thought she was a bit exhausting in the beginning, but her temper and the way she threw her tantrums at him make Nick react towards her made me laugh and hardly ever laugh while reading a book. So thumps up for that. But when both started to warm up to each other I even started to like Bria, and I had to agree with her that she was the fire to his ice.The tension between those two made me turn the pages and kept me edge. When they both finally gave into it, it was an explosion and I guess their future relationship will have a lot of explosions.The story itself was good and kept me guessing even if I knew after a 100 pages that Bria's faux brother had something to do with it. The one thing that really surprised me was who Jonah really was. The whole book I hoped that he had nothing to do with the whole killing and I was glad he was just who he was. Would like to read a book about him.The story itself was also good and didn't felt es disjointed as in the 1st book, one story put all the pieces of the puzzle together.Oh and big plus, none of them talked about getting married. It's my pet peeve and I really dislike the fact that so many romance couples wanna get married after a couple of days of passion and falling in love. Thumps up.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-03 11:51

    Riptide is the second book in the Cutter Cay series and it's Nick "Mr. Spock" Cutter's story. At first I didn't really like either of the main characters (Bria is a bit too "fashionista smartass" for me, and Nick is Mr Iceman). Aside from some intense sexual heat, Nick and Bria didn't really like each other at all at first - they got on each other's nerves big time and neither one wanted to be anywhere NEAR the other. I prefer when at least one or the other of the main characters has it bad for the other. But I'm so glad I struggled through the beginning parts, because it definitely picked up. As with most Cherry Adair books, there is an unbalanced ratio of action and romance... the action and mystery and intrigue definitely take center stage with Nick and Bria's sexual attraction closing in on the edges. It took a long time for them to admit, even to themselves, that they were actually having feelings for the other, but there was definitely a softening on both sides, and the adventure aspect.... I felt like I was reading Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone meets Die Hard. There is buried treasure and diamond smugglers and haughty queens and dead bodies on top of a sizzling romance. Cherry Adair - you got me! I was almost hyperventilating from panic while reading the climactic scene (chapters of it!). It was almost over-the-top with the way everything happened, but still so, so good. How can I possibly wait until next YEAR for the next story? Thankfully there is a long lost brother, so that means TWO more Cutter books.

  • Kristina
    2019-05-20 12:32

    What I LovedAnother Cutter BrotherI do love it when books follow a set of siblings and each book features the next sibling. These Cutter men are so delicious, ripped, tanned, dark hair and have these amazing blue eyes.Nick aka Spock: Yes he is nicknamed Spock because he lack of emotions and cool exterior. I personally like him a little more than Zane (the brother from bk 1 Undertow), Zane is a fun guy but I really love the broody type that likes to keep their emotions very controlled. Nick also has some other really amazing talents and he does some undercover work as well too due to his ability to place accents and speak like 6 languages. What a man!!Bria aka Princess Gabriella: Where Nick is cool Bria is fiery. She is a very fun character a little vixen that is use to getting her way, but she also knows how to kick some ass when she needs too. Not a little whiny princess at all, she can take a few punches and deal with it all. RomanceOh Cherry, boy can she write some amazing steamy scenes. These two are amazing for each other and the provide a lot of entertainment with just their interactions with each other.ActionAlong with the bedroom action there is plenty of near death action, bullets flying, rocking falling and blood diamonds.What I Didn't Like. . . I still can't think of anything.Recommendation Second book in the series of romantic suspense. Must read

  • Trudy Miner
    2019-06-02 18:22

    Nick Cutter is in charge of a the Cutter brothers latest and greatest treasure hunt but, he's also running an undercover operation hoping to bring down a blood diamond operation. The last thing he needs or wants is some spoiled, rich princess crashing his undercover op with the bad guys in Morocco demanding to hire his undercover persona to take her to his ship so she can get her brother, the king's, money back from his investment in the salvage operation! But arrive aboard the Scorpion she did and from that moment, Bria Visconti made Nick's life very interesting indeed starting with the murder attempt on her life. Nick had no choice but to keep Bria by his side in order to protect her and his crew in order to ferret out the traitors onboard while still conducting the salvage operation. Trusting no one but his captain, Jonah, Nick and Bria are thrust into a game where the stakes are life and death. As the bad guys get closer and closer, Nick and Bria discover truths about each other that neither expected. What will become of them when it's all over?The story was fast paced. The opening chapter grabs your attention to keep you reading. The relationship between Jonah and Nick is very close but the surprise is even more shocking to everyone! Bria has major shocks in store too. I really liked this story and will look for the other books in the series.