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A secret government unit, a group of renegade paranormal investigators... and a murder no one else can crack.Though haunted by the recent deaths of two teammates, Jackson Crow knows that the living commit the most heinous crimes.A police officer utilizing her paranormal intuition, Angela Hawkins already has her hands full of mystery and bloodshed.But one assignment calls tA secret government unit, a group of renegade paranormal investigators... and a murder no one else can crack.Though haunted by the recent deaths of two teammates, Jackson Crow knows that the living commit the most heinous crimes.A police officer utilizing her paranormal intuition, Angela Hawkins already has her hands full of mystery and bloodshed.But one assignment calls to them too strongly to resist. In a historic mansion in New Orleans's French Quarter, a senator's wife falls to her death. Most think she jumped; some say she was pushed. And yet others believe she was beckoned by the ghostly spirits inhabiting the house — once the site of a serial killer's grisly work.In this seemingly unsolvable case, only one thing is certain: whether supernatural or all too human, crimes of passion will cast Jackson and Angela into danger of losing their lives... and their immortal souls....

Title : Phantom Evil
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Phantom Evil Reviews

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    2019-06-16 12:04

    What I was after was a lighthearted fun paranormal book, an easy book to read when you are in need of something frivolous after some heavy dark books. What I got was a book that lacked any depth whatsoever. Characters that are not memorable, two main characters that at first doesn't seem to really go along, but end up in bed after a day or two. And, then they have some more sex during the book just because why the hell not. I mean they are working, trying to figure out if a woman was murdered or not, but nevermind that.I'm so completely sick and tired of books that make the main characters sleep with each other almost right after they meet. Of course, they must have a pretend we are a couple moment before that's not so pretending.In short, this is a stupid book. It lacks charm and it lacks an interesting story. It's also painfully slow to get through, and I read it is Swedish and I was skimming a hell of a lot of it and still I suffered.I have read a book in this series before and that one was better than this one and since then have I been curious about reading more. Now I don't have to be curious anymore. I'm also pleased that the book didn't cost me a dime.Will I read more? I do own an eBook in this series, but I will not read it anytime soon!

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-05-22 10:44

    Bourbon Street sign - note the Mardi Gras beads!★★★½☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) I like Jeff Cummings’s narration of this one. I’ve heard him before and have had no major complaints; however, I don't think he is quite as creative with the voices this time and his Southern accent is just adequate. *shrugs* He has nice pacing and inflection, but I found myself wondering if he doesn’t switch the voices/accents of the characters a time or two. Being a man with a deep voice, he doesn’t do a fabulous job on the female characters, but at least they aren’t falsetto. I haven't read a HG book in decades and I quite enjoyed this start to the series. So much so, I am tempted to jump right into the next in the series... There were times I almost gave it five stars, but I believe it needs a bit of tweaking in a few spots, and a bit more character development (there are some inconsistances), especially of the secondary characters, to get it that high a rating. (view spoiler)[Inconsistances in the abilities of ghosts, too. (hide spoiler)]I can’t say there was “insta-lust” in this one, because Jackson and Angela’s first encounter with each other was anything but romantic! It is so horrible, appalling, scary, and funny, all of which makes it very memorable. I can certainly picture it in my mind’s eye. LOL! But the lust comes relatively soon afterwards. And, lucky for us, there is certainly chemistry here between the hero & heroine.The ambiance and charm of New Orleans’s French Quarter - with its ghostly, historic mansions - in contrast with Bourbon Street’s rowdiness at night, is very nicely done. There is a lot of mystery, a hint of voodoo, plenty of phantoms, and a plethora of suspects in Phantom Evil. Though Jackson wouldn't like the label, his fledgling team are pretty much “ghostbusters,” AKA paranormal investigators. I don’t want to spoiler things for other readers, but (view spoiler)[I would have liked to see a bit more of a confrontation between the evil phantom and Jackson & Angela at the end. But maybe that will come in future books? (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Ariel
    2019-06-20 07:43

    This is primarily a romance novel. When the two main characters fall into bed within 48 hours of meeting and there are two explicit sex scenes it is easy to see what the focus is on. I wish I had realized Mira is an imprint of Harlequin before I bought it.I picked this book up for the paranormal mystery that the blurb promises, in post Katrina New Orleans no less. There is upfront an emphasis on the Senator's wife being in a locked and security alarmed house when she supposedly jumps from her balcony committing suicide. This newly formed team with varying expertise are assembled and it becomes clear she was pushed, but the security system shows nobody came and disabled the system so it must be the ghosts that haunt the place drove this woman over the balcony. Much is made of the security system. Yet, when the confrontation with the killer occurs - no explanation at all of how the security system was gotten around without some record - it is just dropped. This book seems quickly written. I felt like the team lead would say, "in the morning your assignment is..." but then in the next paragraph say "before you go to bed you'll do that..." There were a few instances of that lack of continuity. The paranormal is there along side human manipulation. The biggest question is, how much did the Senator know was going on? The paranormal had some tense moments and a few good chills. But to be honest, I think the story would have been better served to just have romantic tension between the two lead characters and focused on the murder mystery.The team idea has some real potential, but the focus is so on the two leads slipping off for a roll in the hay that the rest of the team doesn't get developed much. This team has a lot of potential but I felt the characterization was lacking, even with the two main leads. Overall some good paranormal chills, otherwise a lot of missed potential. I doubt I will read any more in the series.Mysteries and My Musings Blog.

  • Keri
    2019-05-28 08:50

    I knew if I kept giving HG enough changes that eventually I would find one of her books that I liked. She writes paranormal with romance and that is a winning combination for me. Unfortunately in the past it didn't always work out. Really liked Krewe of Hunters and thought Jackson was a good fit. He came off as arrogant sometimes, but for an alpha male that isn't all bad. I think him and Angela jumped into bed a little quick, but I thought this Krewe was going to span several books, but it looks like that isn't quite how it works. The romance part of the book was ok. I wasn't really looking for that in here, so I didn't expect much and in fact was pleasantly surprised by what was there. There was one part I was reading about the ghosts and my phone went off in my pocket and I almost fell out of chair when I jumped. Then I had to laugh at myself. The mystery was good and I didn't have all of it figured out and was kind of surprised that it played out like that in the end. I will for sure be up for the next book in the series.

  • The Book Maven
    2019-06-15 10:57

    I wanted to like this book, I truly did. It has some great potential: a crew of ghost hunters! Set in New Orleans! But somehow, the author's matter-of-fact rendering of NOLA makes you feel as though you may as well be reading about Peoria, Illinois. Descriptions of scenery and local color are sterile, rather than evocative. The story goes too fast to build up an effective feeling of suspense. And two of the main characters hop into bed pretty quick, when frankly there was very little believable chemistry. How about some Scully-and-Mulder angst, plz!Just, simply, the epitome of "meh."Oh! I will say this. One of the characters evoked shades of Remy LeBeau. Almost like he served as a model! I found myself looking forward to him at first. But then he got annoying.

  • Kirsten
    2019-05-26 08:03

    A good story, but certainly not one of Heather's best. I'll keep with the series, though, since I really like Heather Graham.Part of my antipathy with this book is that it was set in New Orleans. No offense to New Orleans, but I really don't think the town is a tenth of what people say it is. And, I get really tired of books set in New Orleans that read like part of it is written by the NO Tourist Board.That being said, I really like the characters in this book. She is very good at mixing supernatural themes with mystery and romantic suspense without going overboard.

  • Michelle♥
    2019-06-19 07:01

    So I saw this in the library under the "Hot Picks/New for May!" banner. And I picked it up. Man am I sorry I did!Ok, so the prologue really creeped me out. Like that was just plain SCARY! And I am not one for the horror genre at all!This kind of reminded me a little of The Shining and The Haunting, you know that moviewith Catherine Zeta-Jones? Yeah, totally cheesy, right?So what actually drew me in was the fact that the federal government sets up this investigation team, like an advanced tech-savy modern day ghost busters to investigate the New Orleans Senator's wife killing/suicide. The Senator swears up and down that it's not possible for the wife to have killed herself even though she lost their son just recently and could not get over the death of their child.So I read the prologue while inthe library and was hooked! And then it became so cheesy and it kind of felt like a high schooler's imagination and writing style, with exclamation points at the end of every sentence or conversation. Also, the whole romance was just kind of thrown in there for the readers. I don't know who Graham was trying to appeal to, but it didn't work for me.There was a bit of a twist at the end, but after awhile I was getting tired of the characters. And to be honest, I was grateful that she kept identifying the characters as Blake, the bodyguard, because I was not connecting with them in ANY WAY! I would have forgotten that Blake was the bodyguard and not the chauffer. And also, the dual narrative drove me INSANE! It was fine when there were breaks in the middle of the chapters, which were monotonously and unremittingly long, whne you can actually tell the difference of whose head we were looking out of, but in the middle of paragraphs and conversations, floating back and forth between the two, Angela or Jackson? Not cool.I do have to say that I am kind of creeped out with the ghost story though. That Mad C. Whatever did freak me out and I'm wanting to watch like cartoons right now, because you know those suction cup shelves you can place in your shower to hold all your soaps and shampoos and whatever? Yeah mine just totally fell after I walked by the bathroom after I finished this book and yelled "man this sucked!" Yeah, now I'm officially creeped out by ghosts and all their stories, especially now that my cat, who is BLACK by the way, it just staring at the corner in my den where I am.I am spooked so I have to give her credit for that, and I was interested in what happened and how Regina ended up being dead. But overall I was more curious about the beginning of the house and how Mad C. Whatever came to be. I wanted to know more about those killings and missing people than what was actually going on with the politics and that crazy cult church and Aryans. Uh...random! I am no way interested in what happens with the team or Jackson and Angela from here on out so I will NOT be picking up the next one in the series, let alone any other book written by Heather Graham.Whatever. Done with the book and now onto much better, better things!

  • Carol Storm
    2019-06-07 12:49

    I really tried to like this book. But I just couldn't get into it! Basically it's like a very long, slow and boring episode of SCOOBY DOO, without the humor and the Scooby Snacks. The Nicest Ghostbusters in the World go to New Orleans, where there's a house full of Evil. The head ghost is named Melvin C. Neutron, or Milton B. Marshmallow, or something. He murdered a bunch of little kids with an axe back in the 1870's. And over the years, dozens of people have wandered into the house, slipped on banana peels, and died mysteriously. Recently a beautiful Senator's wife, grieving for her child who died fielding a line drive in a heated Wiffle Ball game, met a similar tragic fate. (Slipped on a banana peel, fell of the balcony, and accidentally impaled herself on her son's Wiffle Ball bat.) So the Nice Ghostbusters are on the case!The main couple in this case are the boss man Ghostbuster, Jackson Crow, and a pretty lady named Angela. He's a hunky Native American (is there any other kind in these books?) and she's a blue-eyed lady cop with the face of an angel. They like each other sooooo much that there's zero tension as to whether they'll get together. Even the dumbest Harlequin Presents works better than this. You know, she's a super model, and he's a billionaire. He thinks she's stuck up and spoiled. She thinks he's ruthless and heartless. The story always sizzles because the internal conflicts heat up the sexual tension. But Angela and Jackson just sort of . . . like each other. The "tension" in this story, such as it is, comes from the scheming and semi-supernatural antics of a ridiculous random grab-bag of villains . . . living, dead, and in-between. Talk about the usual suspects! We've got them all. Sinister religious cult full of nubile runaway girls serving as sex slaves? Check. Mean redneck church filled with neo-Nazi leg-breakers? Check. Sleazy politicians? Beefy dimwit chauffeurs? Delusional skank in high heels killing for her horny boss? Overall, I'd say this novel misses big on a number of levels. If you're looking for real Stephen King style horror, tons of blood and guts, hair-raising chills, you won't find it. If you want a steaming hot love story with tension and sexual fireworks, you won't get that either. But if you want to hang out with some really nice ghost busters who know lots of cool night spots in New Orleans, and share great recipes for Jambalaya and Hurricanes, then this might be the book for you!

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-06-16 06:49

    2.5 Adam Harrison, an investigator who worked for "the government where the government could not act officially", gathered a group of special individuals and formed a team whose task would be to investigate strange cases. Angela Hawkins, Whitney Tremont, Jake Mallory, Jenna Duffy and Will Chan are part of that team and he called Jackson Crow to lead them. Crow doesn't refuse to believe in supernatural, but he would rather carefully check everything else first. Adam knows that Jackson Crow won't rush into accusing the supernatural elements right away only because that would be easier. So, the team:"The first woman, at least, was coming from a Virginia police force. Whitney Tremont had started out life in the French Quarter; she had a Creole background and had recently done the camera work for a paranormal cable-television show. Jake Mallory—musician, but a man who had been heavily involved in searches after the summer of storms, and been called in as well during kidnapping cases and disappearances. Then there was Jenna Duffy. A registered nurse from Ireland. Well, they’d be covered in case of any poltergeist attacks. And Will Chan—the man had worked in theater, and as a magician." You don't get a lot of info about most of these people except that even with the first book feel to it. Most of the attention is on Jackson and Angela, their lives before this case and supernatural things they have experienced. Their first case is the death of a senator's wife. The pair had lost a child earlier and most people think Regina Halloway had killed herself. Since the house has tragic history, there is a lot of talk about ghosts. It used to be the killing ground of a Victorian-era serial killer who was later hanged. The senator pulled some strings and Adam Harrison formed the team to investigate. It is actually a great story full of twists.Romance is definitely not the focus of the story and I hope the rest of these books will follow the lead.

  • ⚜️Trea
    2019-05-21 09:40

    I was surprised to find I had a copy of this book when I saw that one of my groups was going to do a group read on it, so I hurriedly squeezed it into my schedule. While I am not much of a Paranormal Romance reader these days, there was enough of a suspense angle to keep me interested in it.However, I did find some of the book unbelievable. The group meshed together too quickly for me to easily believe it, and likewise Angela and Jackson's relationship moved forward too quickly to be believed. There was also conflicting actions that served to confuse me even more. For example, the group meshes quickly, and yet they're always wanting to cut Jackson out of things, even though he's the de facto leader of the group.While I didn't care much for the characterization in the book, I did really enjoy the mystery/suspense angles of it! A bit of it reminded me of an episode of Castle and I was left guessing on some aspects of the mystery right up until the end. However, the ending came about very abruptly, and we're not really privy to what brought it all about, just a bunch of hunches and circumstantial evidence. That part of the book was a bit of a let down!All things considered, I'm interested enough to continue the series for now. Here's hoping things only improve from here!

  • Criticalmick
    2019-06-07 05:55

    Pheeble!*The Heather Graham who writes bestsellers may be "The Original Heather Graham," but I am willing to bet that Heather Graham the actress could toast generic white bread with more style and engagement than this sorry excuse for a thriller.Graham has churned out an average of five novels every years for the past thirty years. How much originality is left? Imagine a high school junior staggering down Bourbon Street. "Gee whiz, I shouldn't have drank those six hand gernades. And all those shots! And that Cajun food was so, so spicy... it's churning arouund like I'm going to be sick!" Yep, Phantom Evil is as cliched, common and perdictable as that- and about as much fun if you stick around to watch if this little story will turn out like you think. The writing is bland, repetitive, implausible, predictable, repetitive and about as scary as a DVD box set of Touched by an Angel Season Three that has never even been taken out of its shrink wrap. Mystery fans, romance fans, paranormal fans- take it from me. Skim the cooking instructions on a box of red beans and rice. That'll deliver equal flavor, satisfaction and information as Phantom Evil, and will save you countless hours of wasted time. *Alternate review title: Peeville.

  • Beanse
    2019-05-27 05:56

    I read this book but because I had previously read Heather Graham's "Flynn Brothers Triolgy" A series that I truly enjoyed. (Until the very end of the last book. Where it appeared to me that Ms. Graham smoked a fat one and wrote the ending. Not a true story... just a theory.) That part aside, it was fun to read.Te plot was not interesting at all. The characters are constantly over explaining everything. And the ending was just really terrible.When I was reading this book, I swear with my right hand to the gods, I was waiting for one of the main characters to adopt a dog that said "SCOOBIE-DOOBIE-DOO!!!" No really, it was a book version of the Cartoon. Instead of being "The Scoobies", they are "THE-KREW-OF-HUNTERS". P-P-P-Please! I don't know what was worse, the lame plot, the non scary g-g-g-ghosts or the fact I was waiting for someone to say "ZIONKS" when something bad happened!So, now I have committed myself to this series, I am hoping that it flies by. Somehow, I don't think I am going to be that lucky though. Maybe in the second book the main characters get the mystery van. Does anyone know?

  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    2019-05-25 07:55

    When I got this home from the library, I noticed that it's published by a division of Harlequin. Oh dear... I read the blurb and was all "Huh. Secret government agency hunting ghosts. Could be interesting." The minute I saw who the publisher was, my estimations went downhill.But it wasn't as bad as I expected. Sure, there was the obligatory "I've only known you 24 hours but I feel like we're soulmates, let's boff" side to it, which did very little to advance the plot. Also, there's not enough money on the entire planet to convince me to stay in a house where a serial killer lived and killed a whole lot of his victims. So, you know, kudos to the characters for staying in a bad juju house...At the end of the day, it was a crime novel - complete with cult-y church and white supremacists - with some ghost-y stuff thrown in for good measure, even though it had nothing to do with the murder that was supposedly caused by ghosts. Oh well. It kept me entertained for a day, what more can you ask for?!

  • ShoSho
    2019-06-04 07:40

    3.5 starsIt could have been much better it was just messy. It needed a lot of editing!

  • Carly - Resident Supergirl
    2019-05-30 07:04

    I hadn't actually heard of this series until I joined a challenge group and this was proposed as a new series read for the group to all start reading, and I liked the idea of trying out something new that I just hadn't ever considered reading before. Paranormal ghost story/detective whodunnit/romance/set in New Orleans...sounded like a good ride! And it was...partially.There were a lot of really good moments in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed picturing the New Orleans backdrops that were eloquently described in the book and attempting but more than likely failing to pronounce the Cajun accents in my head as I read. (thankfully not out loud)So the story settles around a mysterious death that could or could not have been caused by ghosts told to be lurking around this really old house in New Orleans where murderous crimes had occurred some years back. The husband of said mysterious death victim hires a detective who brings together a rag tag team of people to conduct the investigation. These people come from all walks of life...a detective, a lady who can see the ghosts (as she claims), a magician, a nurse...just all sorts of people and no one really knows why some of them are even there in the first place. The story mainly focuses on two characters: Jackson and Angela. They are described as being in their 30s where as the rest of the crew as they often refer to them as "kids" are all in their early 20s or even younger. Jackson is actually an intriguing character with an unfortunate past and a clear knack for being a natural born leader. He is SO flipping stubborn however that I found myself at times being like oh for crying out loud, it is page 300, I have under 100 pages left give up the stone wall, Jackson your first name is NOT Andrew! But...he made up for it in his charm and it is something that I look forward to seeing develop more as I read more of this series (yes I did like it enough to continue the series!)And then there's Angela...who has this uncanny ability to "see ghosts" which is more than likely the reason she was chosen to be apart of the team because the mysterious death was blamed on such things. I liked Angela actually...a lot. She is a strong, independent, witty character that is also not afraid to admit she likes not only the company of a man but also unabashedly will accept help if she needs it and not feel that she's lost a bit of said independence.If you're a fan of slow burn romances...this is not one of those stories. Where as there is romance in this book, it is not the focus and considering this is also a series with 20 some odd books I would've hoped for a MUCH slower burn of a romance, pretty much as if I were watching a TV series. With that being said the romance in this is super cute and I hope further blossoming occurs as the series continues. Did I do something that woke you? - If you call screaming like a banshee something that might wake me, yes.My major gripe with this book is that yes there were a lot of "typos" not blaming the author on that one but I finished the book and I am still not 100% of what actually happened in the end, and I don't like that feeling when I am reading a mystery thriller, who does? I need sufficient closure OR leaving it open ended enough that I can make it up on my own but the author did neither of those things. I felt I guess... a little cheated. The whole team of Hunters was very fun to read though with each having their own unique personalities, the camaraderie they all shared and relished in the friendship they were developing kept my interest. Overall I liked the first book enough to give the next one a chance as well, I've read reviews that sound like the first was not as good, but as the books go on they get better so I am game still for now. There were a few descriptions that I could have done without being described in the book (you'll know when you get there), and more paranormal involvement would have been better for me, but the characters, environment and the heroine are what appealed to me the most.

  • Marlene
    2019-06-19 13:04

    Originally published at Reading RealityAfter reading The Hexed last week, and loving it, I couldn’t resist going back to the beginning of this series and trying to figure out how the author got here from there.Besides, I’m a terrible completist and it was driving me a bit nuts that I had so much fun with book 13 in a series and hadn’t gotten around to books 1-12. Now that I’ve read book 1, I can see that this series is going to be my “treat” reading for a while.Phantom Evil is the first book in Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series, and it establishes both the series and the group in a way that set the bar high for the rest. (The Hexed lived up to that bar!)There are so many marvelous paranormal series set in New Orleans. There is obviously something about the long and storied history of that melange that inspires writers to do their spine-chillingest. (If you like New Orleans’ set paranormals, try Suzanne Johnson’s River Road.Although there is a definite ghostly vibe to Phantom Evil, the story also establishes that evil is an act of the living. The ghosts are either icing on the cake, a distraction or possibly an influence, but it is living humans who choose the path that leads to the dark.The mysterious Adam Harrison puts together a team of elite investigators under the leadership of Jackson Crow. Every member of the team has solid credentials, and experience in dealing with things that go bump in the night.Not that there isn’t some bumping in the night together, but that’s not the main thrust of the story.Harrison sends his team on their first mission; to investigate the death of a prominent State Senator’s wife--in a house that’s just chock-full of evil ghost stories.The death has been ruled a suicide, but the Senator doesn’t believe it. He’s sure that the ghosts killed her.Crow and his team go in with an open mind. Yes, one of New Orleans most notorious serial killers committed his crimes in the house, but State Senators have plenty of modern day skeletons in their closets.And the victim didn’t fall from the balcony, she was thrown.On the very first day, investigator Angela Hawkins finds a century old corpse in the basement. She’s led to the bones by a ghost. More and more evidence piles up that the house really is haunted.Which still doesn’t mean that the 21st century victim wasn’t murdered by an equally 21st century killer.The task before Crow’s task force is to determine who had the best motive (and opportunity) to want to relieve the Senator of his marital burden, while putting all of the 19th century ghosts to rest.It’s especially difficult when there are murderers in both eras who equally want the investigation stopped--dead.Escape Rating A-: This series seems to be paranormal romantic suspense, with the emphasis on the paranormal and the suspense. The story is chilling because there is both 21st century evil and 19th century evil, and both mysteries have to be solved to get a complete resolution.That the ghosts don’t commit murder does not make the story any less chilling. Angela Hawkins is particularly sensitive to the ghostly hauntings, a sensitivity that both puts her in danger and saves her.It’s also a sensitivity that brings out the protective instincts in Jackson Crow. Neither of them expected to find a relationship in the middle of the investigation, but it definitely adds to the story without taking anything away from the suspenseful elements.In addition to the central mysteries, we also see the team develop. The scene where they decide on the name “Krewe of Hunters” made me want to cheer, but we also get to see the group form into an effective team. Every member has their particular strengths, and their growing partnership is fun to watch.The investigation was absorbing as the team worked both the ghost angle and the political angle until they were able to solve all the puzzles.Phantom Evil is a terrific start to the series, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading my way through the rest.

  • Trina
    2019-05-23 14:05

    3.5**A little romance, a little mystery, a lot of plot twist. I like it...

  • Jeff Barber
    2019-05-26 08:58

    I hate to not like a piece of art, whether it be a book, a painting, or music. But sometimes, the art just doesn't touch me. Or worse, the piece will feel contrived, or mundane, or even feel like the artist didn't put a lot of effort into it.I'm not going to blame Heather Graham of not putting effort into this book, but I will say that it didn't really ever grab me. From the start we get some interesting characters, but sadly, the more we learn about them the less interesting they become. We have our main protagonists Jackson Crow who's part Scottish and part Native American (Cheyenne), which struck me as a great combo for a paranormal stories main character, the other is our heroine psychic Angela Hawkins, who has a painful and traumatic past, not due to one awful event, but two!Then, she throws in an interesting murder mystery and a handful of secondary characters who are also interesting. Unfortunately, that's about where my interest pittered out. The characters are just original coverings on stereotypes, and the ones who seem to not be stereotypes aren't explored very much.The story switches tunes quickly from paranormal investigation into romance with a side of murder and politics. The paranormal is almost an afterthought. Or at least that's how I felt. The ghosts aren't ever explained and the story could have gotten to its conclusion just fine without them.Jackson and Angela's relationship is the forefront of the story, and it too seems like dimestore harlequin quality (again, in my humble opinion.)In closing, I think I disliked this book because I was expecting something much different. But I think if I'd known what to expect I wouldn't have read it either. If you want a paranormal murder romance, I'd go ahead and say this book is probably what you're looking for. Though it could have been a little more original, it wasn't too bad.

  • Bonnie
    2019-05-31 07:01

    3.5 starsPhantom Evil is the first in a new series by Heather Graham; the Krewe of Hunters.The StorylineWhen the Louisiana state Senator’s wife is found dead after an apparent suicide, her husband requests a closer investigation of sorts when he suspects that ghosts were involved in her death. Jackson Crow heads the paranormal investigation team which consists of him and 6 other members who each have their own psychic abilities. The investigation seems to show that the Senators wife didn’t in fact kill herself but whether or not ghosts were the reason for her death have yet to be established.Best PartsThe best part about this book was the overall character development. I first had a feeling that by having such a large number of new characters in an introductory novel that you’d either lose track of who’s who or learn more about some and the others simply fall off the map. Heather Graham did a great job at keeping all the characters straight and making them all a valued part of the story.The storyline regarding the ghosts was what initially interested me in the book. As for it being my favorite ghost story it was not; however, it was interesting and even sometimes a tad bit scary!ThoughtsThis is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in ghost stories or mystery type thrillers. I enjoyed the blending of the different genres, even with the added dash of romance thrown in; the author didn’t make it seem like overkill. Predictable, yes, but still nonetheless enjoyable. I’ll definitely be willing to invest more into this series.Interested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!

  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    2019-06-04 09:46

    This was an interesting paranormal romance/murder mystery about the unsolved murder of a Senator's wife. I've always found New Orleans a fabulous setting for mysteries and especially stories containing supernatural elements. Unfortunately, I found the execution of Phantom Evil to be rather sloppy and difficult to follow. There were certain aspects of the book that I enjoyed, such as Angela's ability to speak with the ghosts and their willingness to aide her in the investigation. I just felt like the plot was rushed and that I didn't really get to know the characters as well as I wanted to know them. The ending was very exciting, but an epilogue might have done wonders for cleaning up some of the plot holes and overall rushed feeling of the story. It is worth the time to read (otherwise it would be in my 2 star territory) and I do plan to move on with the series. I've found that many amazing series start off with a book that doesn't exactly reach out and grab my attention. Perhaps Heart of Evil will be more to my liking!

  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    2019-06-13 07:02

    3.5 Stars rounded up...I enjoyed this first book in the Krewe of Hunters Series. I did think the first part of the book which introduced the team and the current case was a bit slow and plodding and at first I had my doubts if I would enjoyed it.It picked up steam more around the half way point and I started to get pulled into the plot and the characters. The team itself looks to be a good set of characters although the only ones you really get to know are the team leader, Jackson and Angela who he develops an insta-relationship with. On this team it's OK for team members to mix business and pleasure which I'm not overly thrilled with. The plot of how the senator's wive died was a good one introducing both a paranormal aspect and real live suspects. It has a nice mix of real criminals and the ghost paranormal element.I will continue to read more books in this series.

  • Cynthia
    2019-06-07 09:53

    Pass the beignets and latte please.This a light hearted book about a grim topic…..murder. Jackson Crow heads a team of uniquely talented paranormal investigators. They head to New Orleans to solve the murder of a local senator’s wife. The local police have ruled her tumble from the upstairs balcony of their reportedly ghost infested mansion a suicide sighting her grief over the recent death of her young son. There is also a love story between Jackson and his co-worker Angela. The book is entertaining and moves quickly though the paranormal parts don’t ring true, the denouement though satisfying feels simplistic. The best part is the New Orleans setting especially the descriptions of the food and the architecture. If you’re looking for a light, fast moving story you’ll enjoy “Phantom Evil”.This review was based on an egalley provided by the publisher.2.5/5

  • Oleander
    2019-06-16 12:48

    The introduction of characters and world building was very long. I was ready for some action. There wasn't a lot of action but the mystery got so thick and deep I was intrigued and couldn't put it down. There are some writing errors where stories were repeated...Jackson's childhood experience was retold at least 3 times in the book, but over all it was a good story. I'm willing to give book 2 a shot. I think the series has a lot of potential. Hopefully, the editing will be tighter next time out.

  • Gawelleb
    2019-06-10 08:48

    J'ai beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup aimé!On suit la mise en place d'une équipe du FBI chargé d'élucider les affaires entourées de paranormal. Ici, une mort non élucidée dans une maison hantée. C'est un mélange Criminel minds et "les chemins de l'étrange" pour celles qui connaissent. La romance est anecdotique, j'ai préféré l'esprit d'équipe qui commence à se dessiner.

  • Kyla Zerbes
    2019-06-17 12:45

    Light beach type read. Romance was a little quick but I enjoyed the paranormal aspect so will try a second.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-06-04 11:50

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read a book that I didn’t want to put down, and then thought about when I couldn’t read it. “Phantom Evil” is that kind of book. It called to me, tempting me to stop doing those things I must and instead sit and read. I read late into the night and resented the fatigue that finally caused me to set the book aside. I was simply intrigued by this book, both by the premise and by the characters. Ms. Graham first and foremost did a great job with her group of six investigators, all of whom were both distinct individuals and truly interesting people. Though they all had the commonality of a belief in the paranormal due to brushes with such throughout their lives, they were not all deeply into “woo-woo”. In fact, their belief in the truth of ghosts and such made them more skeptical of claims of haunting. Fascinating. The circumstances surrounding Regina Holloway’s death – did a ghost push her or did she jump? – were only one of several mysteries this book tackles. We have a dark evil, ghosts of children, a cult, and so much more. All these threads are deeply interwoven and, when our investigators tug at one, sometimes others came unraveled. I absolutely loved trying to puzzle together the clues as they were uncovered. Which were real clues? Which mattered to the case and which were red herrings? I was so pleased that we were only given the points-of-view of our investigators and weren’t allowed to see into the minds of others. I dislike reading mysteries when we’re allowed to either know whodunit or see into the mind of the antagonist. The connection between the six investigators was instant and believable and I truly hope Ms. Graham has future books planned for all of them. In this book, the main protagonists are Jackson, the team leader, and Angela, the investigator who seems to trigger all the paranormal events that occur. They’re the first two to meet, and it’s evident there is an attraction between them, one that I hoped they’d act upon. This book never quite crossed the line into “horror”, but had its moments of evil and terror. Still, the focus remained on the investigation, and it’s primarily a mystery with romantic elements. Well written, well plotted, evenly and quickly paced, “Phantom Evil” hit all my happy buttons and left every part of me well satisfied: the mystery lover and the romantic. I do admit that the ending felt a smidge rushed, but it didn’t dispel my feelings of good-will toward this book, and certainly won’t keep it off my keeper shelf. If you’re looking for a strong mystery that’ll keep you guessing to the end, if you like your romantic suspense with a touch of “woo woo” and a satisfying ending I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Phantom Evil. Originally posted at http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

  • Lauren
    2019-05-27 09:00

    Phantom Evil3 StarsSynopsis:A secret unit of six paranormal investigators, each with their own unique skill, is called following the mysterious death of a state senator’s wife. Regina Holloway allegedly fell to her death in a house reportedly haunted by the victims of a post civil war serial killer. As the investigation progresses and the team grows closer both personally and professionally, they must determine whether Regina was the victim of a malevolent ghost or the more insidious machinations of someone closer to home. Review:The underlying premise of a haunted house is intriguing and the opening chapters are well written and engaging. Unfortunately, this trend does not continue and the writing becomes excessively descriptive and the dialogue forced. There are also one or two editorial slip-ups that create some confusion. For example, one character’s involvement in a nefarious group is revealed through conversation before the event exposing his connection actually occurs. The characterization is unrealistic. It is extremely difficult to believe that six individuals from such diverse backgrounds will come together so cohesively in a relatively short period of time with absolutely no friction or conflict – this goes against human nature.The romantic leads lack both tension and chemistry in their relationship. The hero is completely cold and unsympathetic, and the heroine’s initial dislike for him changes almost immediately into an incomprehensible attraction. Finally, the conclusion is convoluted, and while some aspects of the mystery are solved others remain unexplained, which leaves the reader with a less that satisfied feeling.Notwithstanding the above, this is a good ghost-hunting story with some interesting twists and turns. Moreover, readers with a passion for New Orleans history and culture will be entertained by the setting and atmosphere.

  • TheGeekyBlogger
    2019-06-06 08:58

    Bought for MyselfBook Club PickOverall Rating 4.00Story Rating 4.25Character Rating 3.75NOTE: Phantom Evil is classified I think as a Romantic Suspense. I would classify it more as a Mystery/Thriller with some paranormal leanings. There is some romance but it is not the main focus of the story.What I Loved: This was one fantastically twisty tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was never quite sure if it was the ghosts or real-live evil people that committed the murder that the "Krewe of Hunters" was investigating. While it didn't take me the whole book to figure it out, the way that Heather Graham wrapped up the end was done brilliantly. As a mystery/thriller fan, I was highly impressed.What I Liked: The "Krewe" Team was excellent and I have a feeling I will grow to love them over the course of the series. The different personalities, backgrounds, races, and experience seemed to set the stage for there to be conflict and yet they worked together as a cohesive team. I had a blast watching them lean on each other and accept each others differences.Complaints: NoneWhy I Gave it a 4.00: Phantom Evil was an excellent mystery/thriller that had a bit of romance and a unique concept. I will be reading the rest of the series.

  • Lara
    2019-05-25 10:38

    This was a quick and creepy book. A state senator's wife dies, and he asks a new task force to investigate the possibility of ghosts killing her. The house has a horrible history, and there are plenty of creepy things that happen during the investigation. I would not have wanted to stay in that house.So, the real question is whether the death was a suicide, and if not, who did it? The team is new, and there is a bit of getting to know and trust each other that goes on. The two senior members hit it off in an odd way, with a bizarre meeting and plenty of attraction to each other. The investigation into the senator, his staff, and potential enemies raises a lot of questions. That situation gets rather twisty and I felt there were a couple of plot discontinuities along the way. However, the story was a very good mix of real and supernatural, with the history of the house playing an important role.I thought the author did a great job of making a creepy book light as well with the enthusiasm and personalities of the team. While there were some scary moments, and the histories uncovered were awful, the book is not dark or depressing.1st read: Oct. 11, 2015

  • Anna
    2019-06-01 10:47

    Heather Graham has been on my authors to read list for a long time now. I wish I would have started earlier than I did. Phantom Evil is an excellent story. It's a wonderful mixture of paranormal, romance and mystery. I admit the "secret government unit" almost put me off, but the Krewe is exciting mix of people. I look forward to reading more of the books. I definitely recommend this one. I know some people might be put off by how many books are in the series, but just by reading the first book - I can see it's gonna be worth it.