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Tod Lockwood has never wanted to be anyone's knight in shining armor. In fact, he wants to avoid having anything to do with girls, at least for the present. But that's before Devonny Stratton steps into his life out of the nineteenth century.As for sixteen-year-old Devonny, she has no plans for marriage until her father arranges to wed to the contemptuous but well-connecteTod Lockwood has never wanted to be anyone's knight in shining armor. In fact, he wants to avoid having anything to do with girls, at least for the present. But that's before Devonny Stratton steps into his life out of the nineteenth century.As for sixteen-year-old Devonny, she has no plans for marriage until her father arranges to wed to the contemptuous but well-connected Lord Winden. Devonny has only one hope. Someone must rescue her. Can Tod Lockwood be Time's answer to her prayers? Life never seems simple to Devonny, but do the solutions to her problems await her in the future? Or will she only become a prisoner of a different time?...

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Prisoner of Time Reviews

  • Kayla Edwards
    2019-06-09 04:58

    Until running across one completely by accident a few weeks ago, I had completely forgotten these books existed. This is surprising since I was completely obsessed with them in middle school. I have always been a history buff so any tale where the heroine gets to travel back in time is right up my alley. I am no longer as smitten as I was back then (though middle school me is glaring over my shoulder demanding a 5 star review) but I still enjoyed this series. This time around, I found myself a little disgusted with Annie and her passive, whiny nature. It feels as though she always needs someone else (or Time) to push her into action or make her decisions for her. She even openly admits wanting someone else to call the shots on several occasions. The other characters, however, completely make up for her wishy-washy nature. They step up to the plate and take control of their own destinies in a time when they should simply keep their mouths shut and do as they're told. I love it. And, by the end of the series, I was beginning to warm back up to Annie too. All in all, I still enjoy these books!

  • Mandi
    2019-06-13 07:03

    Yes, a third book in the series! Sadly, this book was about Annie's brother, Todd, and Strat's sister, Devonny. I don't remember much about it because I was so disappointed that it wasn't about Annie ans Strat.

  • Annie
    2019-06-07 02:06

    Still not half bad, especially because I'm a big fan of Devonny- she's an interest, contradictory character- but overall I think it suffered as compared to the first few in the series. I kept getting distracted from it.

  • Eden Tyler
    2019-06-13 06:52

    Not a good as the first two.It lacked depth, and seemed an unnecessary part of the series. I hope the 4th and final book is more like the others - making it a trilogy in my mind.

  • Lindsay
    2019-06-03 00:45

    Review originally posted on Tsundokuholic.Pre-Reread ThoughtsAh, back to the Time Traveler’s Quartet. You may remember the first two installments of this Caroline B. Cooney series from my reviews of Both Sides of Time and Out of Time, the first two tales of superficial Annie Lockwood’s love for 1890’s rich boy Strat. If you’ve read my previous reviews you’ll know how much Annie sucks, which is good news for Prisoner of Time because ANNIE’S NOT IN IT. This time, the best character of the series thus far, Devonny Stratton, takes center stage. I only read this book once because Annie and Strat weren’t involved and I didn’t like the flirtation between Devonny and Annie’s brother (spoiler, oops) as much as I liked the batted eyes and fancy dress-ridden romance of Annie and Strat. What can I say, I was in the midst of puberty and the hormones made me have really bad taste.So yes, I recall that this time around Devonny from the 1890’s catapults into the 1990’s instead of the other way around and meets Annie’s brother Tod and they crush on each other as she becomes accustomed to life in the 90’s. Obviously life in the 1990’s is a far cry from Devonny’s 1890’s existence and she’s in for a culture shock. That’s all I remember. Who knows, maybe I’ll like this more as an adult. I mean, I LOVED the other 3 books as a kid and now I’m like “these are crap”. When I was a kid I thought this book was crap so based on the trend this might get a 5 outta 5 this time around.Childhood Rating: 1 out of 5 Where the Hell are Strat and AnniesPost-Reread ThoughtsDevonny Aurelia Victoria Stratton is living it up in 1898, sassy as ever and exchanging love letters between her best friend Flossie and the Italian workman Gianni who is installing a new Italian fountain at Stratton Manor. Devonny’s petty engagements are interrupted when she is forcefully engaged to Lord Hugh-David Winden, who Devonny not-so-affectionately refers to as “Winnie”. Devonny has just overheard Winnie recounting to his friends that he is after Devonny for her money and plans to keep on his relations with mistresses because Americans are so gauche. Devonny’s complaints fall on her father’s deaf ears because Mr. Stratton is thrilled that anyone is willing to marry Devonny, let alone an English nobleman. Mr. Stratton reminds Devonny that someone is blackmailing them with the threat of exposing Strat’s insanity, dashing Devonny’s hopes of making a good marriage.Meanwhile in 1998, Tod Lockwood, Annie’s brother, is busy shilling “Stratton Point Spring Water”, a mix of tap water and water from the rusty pump at the ruins of Stratton Manor. Tod first encounters Devonny as he sips from the pump, while Devonny calls out to Strat for help across Time. Devonny tells Tod how she’s being forced to marry Winden, and Tod’s advice to Devonny is to just say no, and assures her he can’t save her. Devonny disappears, and both are rattled by their encounter. Devonny feels helpless, and Tod regrets not helping her.Devonny and Flossie conspire to have Flossie sneak out and elope with Gianni during Devonny’s wedding after Flossie’s mother finds one of their love letters. Devonny is happy to help her friend and to see her estranged mother at her wedding, which she otherwise isn’t looking forward to. Arrangements are quickly made for a speedy wedding, and right before she walks down the aisle her father tells her that he found out who’s been blackmailing the family with threats to expose Strat’s insanity. Mr. Stratton asks Devonny if she agrees that the culprit should be locked away for the rest of his/her life and Devonny agrees, not realizing the blackmailer is her own impoverished mother. Distraught, Devonny desperately hopes for an escape from her situation only to see Tod appear in the church and brings her to 1998.As word spreads that the bride is missing, her bridesmaids are upset that Winden will probably run back to England, meaning they won’t have a chance to snag him. They also finally notice the absence of Flossie, who, unaware that her parents discovered her plot and sent Gianni packing back to Italy, thinks she’s been stood up. Mr. Stratton declares that Devonny has been kidnapped. Winden, meanwhile, is genuinely concerned for Devonny’s well-being and suspicious about the kidnapping story. He sees that, much like his own parents, Devonny’s parents are more concerned about themselves than the fact that their daughter’s been kidnapped. This endears Winden to Devonny and he does everything in his power to find her.In 1998, Devonny is hysterical as she implores Tod to take her to Strat who will help her get back to the 1890’s so she can save her mother. While Tod reminds her that he doesn’t know any Strat, he sees popular girls from school coming his way, obviously amused by Devonny’s enormous wedding gown. He manages to chase them away by telling them they’re being filmed, and quickly gets Devonny into a pair of jeans and t-shirt and stuffs her into his car. He whisks Devonny back to his house so he can e-mail Annie, who’s studying in Norway, for help, and then brings her to the soccer games he’s coaching. Devonny is distracted by the differences between her world and Tod’s. Women in the 1990’s are allowed to have jobs, everyone has cars and phones, women’s dress has become incredibly form-fitting….but fathers still prefer to coach their sons in sports instead of their daughters. For all the progress that’s been made since Devonny’s time, she sees that some things are still downright Victorian. Tod warms up to Devonny as she enthusiastically cheers on his team, and starts crushing on her. Back in the 1890’s, idiot Flossie is wandering the streets with vagrants and considering suicide over Gianni’s absence while Winden offers his mother’s diamond necklace in exchange for Devonny’s safe return. How will Devonny get back to her time? What will become of her once she gets back? Will Flossie and Gianni be reunited? Does anyone care? Read the book if you aren’t already bored to tears.As I predicted, I enjoyed this book more as an adult than I did as a kid, and now I like it more than the previous two books in the series. Prisoner of Time has more substance than Both Sides of Time and Out of Time combined. Devonny and Tod don’t immediately make goo-goo eyes over each other like Annie and Strat did because they have more important things on their minds than wishing for a really hot significant other. Devonny is about to be married off to a guy who wants her money, and Tod is trying to save up money with different business ventures. Devonny’s time in 1998 allows her to see what women will one day be allowed to do, which adds fuel to her proto-feminist leanings. She also sees that even the future needs improvement, as a woman who just had a baby girl mentions that she and her husband were upset and are trying again for a boy, and in general fathers still give preferential treatment to sons. When she finally returns to 1898 she is emboldened by what her future could hold and now has the guts to go for it.The antagonists in this book were a weak spot. Just as Walk and Mr. Whats-his-face were in Both Sides/Out of Time, the villains are once again Snidely Whiplashesque in their subtlety. You can almost hear them cackle as they say things like, “When I kill him, I shall do it swiftly so he feels no pain”. It was kind of lame that after creating protagonists with more personality than the previous two novels, Cooney couldn’t come up with more developed villains. They were so cartoonish it was hard to take them seriously.Something I enjoyed about this book compared to the previous titles in the Time Travelers Quartet was the research Cooney obviously did about Victorian marriage arrangements. Fans of Downton Abbey are familiar with Lady Cora, an American who married English nobleman Lord Grantham, much as Devonny is betrothed to Lord Winden. From the late Victorian era into the Edwardian age it was common for English lords, desperate to keep their grand estates functioning while their pockets emptied due to social and economic changes, married the daughters of the American monopolistic captains of industry for their dowries. With their wives’ massive fortunes, nobles were able to continue their lives of leisure, being waited on hand and foot. This is exactly Winden’s purpose when he first gets engaged to Devonny. If you’re interested in this phenomenon I would highly recommend To Marry an English Lord by Gail MacColl and Carol McD. Wallace. Learning about the extravagantly petty lives of these wealthy denizens of Victorian America made me better appreciate Cooney’s research this time around, and I’m a little bit of a history nerd so it was cool to learn about the culture of High Society.This installment of the Time Travelers Quartet, while still kind of cheesy, was a vast improvement on the previous novels. The characters had more substantial goals and wishes and went through more character development than Annie or Strat did in two books. It kind of stinks that Tod and Devonny’s stories weren’t explored in a future novel. Guess I’m gonna have to re-read For All Time to finish this quartet…Adulthood Rating: 3 out of 5 blahs

  • Amy Schmalbach
    2019-05-30 23:44

    This book is more a companion to Cooney's Time Travelers series than a proper sequel. Our protagonists in this novel are Annie's brother Tod and Strat's sister Devonny. I think that in comparison to the first two books in this series, I like this book better as an adult than I did as a kid. I was obsessed with Annie and Strat's romance as a kid, but as an adult I find myself more appreciative of the relationship between Tod and Devonny. They were certainly a relief from all the over-the-top Strat and Annie angst.Todd can come off as irritating, brusque to the point of rudeness, and self-centered, his foremost interest being to make a quick buck the easiest way he can. That being said, however, I had no problem with Tod - he's a teenage boy after all, and they are infamous for being difficult to deal with. I also appreciated how down-to-earth his is, as compared with his flighty sister. Because of this, I think this book is also the most humorous of the series.Devonny is my favorite character of the series, so I loved that she got to be at the center of this story. She's much more independent-minded and self-sufficient than Annie, while still being a bit of a dreamer. Her struggle as a woman trying to escape the confines of upper-class Victorian life is much more real and important than Annie's struggle to find the perfect man. I enjoyed watching her grow and gain confidence as the story progressed.I had two main complaints with this book. The first was the lack of time spent with both Tod and Devonny in the 20th century, the most fun part of the book to imagine. My most vivid memories of this book as a kid are from the parts where Devonny is learning about and adapting to life in the future. I wish Cooney had focused more on Devonny's adventures in the 20th century and less on the events leading up to that point.My second complaint with this book was the puzzling character development of Devonny's English fiance. He started out as an uncaring, arrogant, holier-than-thou gold-digger and somehow evolved into (view spoiler)[ someone that Devonny actually wanted to marry. The about-face was so abrupt as to feel entirely unrealistic. His fiancee goes missing and he suddenly turns into a good person? The ending of the book in general was odd. Devonny and Tod have a kind of slow-burn romance going (so much better than Annie and Strat's), and then, abruptly, just as they both are starting to admit and act on their feelings for each other, Devonny declares that she must return to her own time - thank you Tod and goodbye forever! How convenient that her awful fiance has redeemed himself in the meantime!(hide spoiler)]Despite feeling a bit gipped on the time travel and the ending, I did rather enjoy reading this book a second time. It's certainly worthy of the fond memories I have of it from my childhood.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-27 05:01

    This was okay compared to the first two books in the Time Travel series by Cooney. I like it, but it doesn't have the same level of suspense. I don't understand what she was doing with Tod and Devonny, and I wish that she had kept them in their own Times and made someone else travel, like Flossie and Gianni. It really didn't make sense the way she did it. I like the concept and the characters, and it was nice to see a resolution in the story lines of a few major characters from the first two books, but this one was definitely missing something for me.If you like the first two books, and you're interested enough, I would read this, but if you skipped it, you wouldn't be missing much. As always, one of the more interesting aspects of the book was the difference between American culture in 1899 and in 1999. That (skilfully weaving between the two Times, and in this book, making a 19th-century character note the differences between her Time and 1999) Cooney does extremely well.

  • Rainbowjay
    2019-06-24 06:05

    I remembered reading this author as a teenager, so when I chanced upon it and another one at a yard sale, I said what the hey. The book was the third in a series but not hard to pick up as most of the background was explained in brief early in the story. The story itself was well written and not bad for a YA book. There were moments I felt true passion but not for the characters. A portion of the story took place in the past before women's rights. This book had the girl from the last book come forward to modern times, instead of a modern girl going back to olden times. It made me feel sad for things that had been lost, like manners, chivalry, and social graces. The two stories and I'm sure the third that I am missing, have sown our whole society tends to extremes rather then staying in the middle of the ground. That doesn't bode well for us as a whole. Otherwise, it is a cute story. Good to read if you have an hour or two, depending on how you read.

  • Alyssa
    2019-06-27 07:00

    I'm torn between givng this book 3 or 4 stars so I'm rating it as a 3.5. It was hard to follow at first since this is the first book I read of this series, so I was like who the heck is florrie and Devoney (what kind of name for a girl is that in 1898?) So at first I was like big mistake why did I ever buy this book (It was a quarter, hardcovered, and looked interesting so I bought it.) The characters were the main problem with as you never really got to know anyone that well before things started happening and they were pretty shallow (Plus Devonney really got on my nerves the first half of the book). I did however like the ending and how the British guy changed to be a nice guy. So I don't know this book was ok, not great or wonderful, so if you like a confusing story line, fairly annoying lacking characters, and a good ending read this book.

  • Kay
    2019-06-27 03:55

    See what happens? You start reading books from your childhood, then realize there are more in the series. Digging in with gusto, though I'm immediately disappointed by how even the most independent women (Devonny, par example), are reduced to simpering messes that get on their knees to beg strange men to save them. Also said strange man (in this case, Tod Lockwood, Annie's idiot brother) is so uninteresting as to be thoroughly irritating [to me].I appreciate that Devonny learns (in the end) that she can and must save herself. No white knight bullshit for her. At the same time, it's not the tone that's set in the rest of the book, so overall I was a bit disappointed. Then remembered I'm reading 90s young adult and shouldn't have unrealistic expectations.

  • Samantha
    2019-06-08 23:44

    This is the only book of Caroline B. Cooney's that I've read so far. I would like to read more in the future because this book was so good. Prisoner of Time takes you back to when women were not equal to men. Devonny tells the reader that she wants to be a self made woman, much like her father is a self made man.When I read this book I feel like I'm there with the characters. I feel like I've developed relationships with Devonny, Tod, Lord Winden, and all the others. I recommend this book to people who like history, and people who like romance novels. I was sucked into this book very easily and I think anyone can.

  • Trin
    2019-06-10 23:37

    Much better thanOut of Time, although I still feel these books are getting sillier and sillier. I was also disappointed that Devonny-in-the-future took up so little of the narrative, but that’s more of a personal thing. What I did like: that Cooney doesn’t make the Devonny/Tod infatuation out to be more than it was, and the little redemption arc of Devonny’s cold, callous English fiancé. I am a sucker for that crap.Actually, apply that last sentence to my relationship with these books IN GENERAL, and it’s possible that truer words have never, at any time, been spoken.

  • Priscilla
    2019-06-16 01:37

    The third bookn in the series of three books. This book follows the tale of a girl who is 16. She is living in the past. Her father is forcing her into her to marry a very abnoxious, self absorbed man. She pleads for someone to save her. Mean while, in the present, a boy who is also 15 is etting water for his water bottle business. He decides to drink the water. And then suddenly he is very dizzy. Then, he finds himself there, in the time of the girl. Can he save her from this trechous life of hers, and go back to his time?, or will he be a prisoner of time?

  • Dana
    2019-05-31 05:00

    I really enjoyed this book, so it's surprising to see so many negative reviews on here. Then again, I actually read it as a young adult (and not an adult adult reading YA.) That can accound for some of it. And I remember thinking, if my hero Annie Lockwood can't be the star of the third book, at least let the slightly less-amazing-but-still-cool Devonny Stratton reign supreme. So...yes, I was definitely a fan of this book. I don't remember all of it, but a fond memory is reading about her first experience at a McDonald's. Awesome. :-)

  • Jessica
    2019-06-20 22:38

    Is it just me, or did anyone else find this book totally pointless. I actually read the fourth book before this one, because the school library didn't carry it. I was totally afraid that I missed something. When I finally read it, it was like, where in the world did this come from? Totally seemed pointless. I mean, was a pretty good book, but Strat and Annie weren't in it at all! And come on, Strat and Annie are AWESOME.

  • Nickie
    2019-06-24 22:51

    Probably my favorite book in the series because 1. it centers on Devonny 2. WeDdInGs!!! 3. finally brings a Victorian to the present time zone 4. no Strat/Annie drama. There wasnodevelopment on Strat and Annie, you could potentially skip this if you just wanted to follow their doomed love story. I enjoyed how people view our society today, and how much has changed (not all of it positively).

  • Jenny
    2019-06-22 03:45

    Devonny's brother Strat is missing or dead, making her the sole heir to a fortune. Her father is blackmailed into a quick marriage for Devonny, to a useless Englishman with a title. The whole match is about money, and nothing but money. Devonny's only chance is f a knight comes to her rescue. Instead, she gets Tod Lockwood and a chance to visit the 20th century. Now Devonny must decide whether to go back and face her family or stay with Tod in future.

  • Bethany
    2019-06-19 02:46

    3.5 starsGood story but not needed for the series I think. More of a novella than a book in the series. Novella was about Tod and Devonny travelling time, escaping things and people, and then end up liking each other only to be reunited with their normal time periods. I don't think you need to read this novella to add any thing to the series other than Devonny gets married and Tod is sad. Annie is in Norway and Start is in Egypt.

  • Olivia
    2019-05-29 05:38

    Well this was a twist. Instead of the book being about Anna it was about her brother. He isn't mentioned much in the other books, just enough for you to get a feel for his character. This 3rd book however, he is the main character. Tod slips through time and finally realizes that all those "stories" his sister has been talking about are true. He meets Strat's sister and they hit it off amazingly well. The ending I found quite sad because what I wanted to happen didn't.

  • Caroline
    2019-06-28 03:05

    This book was pretty good. I liked it because it showed what life was like for some girls in the Victorian era. The book had really good imagery, and kept an even pace of suspense for what would happen on the next page. The ending was a little plain and stereotypical with the princes Happily Ever After closing. I have read other books by this auther and liked them a lot, but this book happened to fall short of my expectations.

  • Mrs.
    2019-06-10 00:00

    I love time travel books. Caroline Cooney's time travel series is engaging. In the third installment, Strat's sister Devonny is pulled into the future by Tod Lockwood just as she is preparing to walk down the aisle to marry a titled Englishman chosen for her by her unsympathetic father. I especially enjoyed reading the Victorian girl's impressions of the twentieth century. She is horrified by eating dinner at McDonald's. I look forward to reading the fourth and final book in the series.

  • Linda
    2019-06-07 06:38

    I love time travel books. Caroline Cooney's time travel series is engaging. In the third installment, Strat's sister Devonny is pulled into the future by Tod Lockwood just as she is preparing to walk down the aisle to marry a titled Englishman chosen for her by her unsympathetic father. I especially enjoyed reading the Victorian girl's impressions of the twentieth century. She is horrified by eating dinner at McDonald's. I look forward to reading the fourth and final book in the series.

  • Chelly
    2019-05-31 00:39

    HATED HATED HATED this book (not as much as Romeo and Juliet, mind you) but it was nearly as stupid...this book is basically "oh hey, strat and Annie are together and their siblings are lonely, let's throw them together, and when that doesn't work, we'll give the sister to another dude and other random crap that NO ONE cares about"...and that was sugar-coating it

  • 133megan
    2019-05-29 23:37

    This book was a really good book because I had no idea what was going to happen next.It made me not want to stop reading because i wanted to know what happened next. This book had three romances that were forbidden and forced.It was full of romance and violence. it was a great book with all of the twist in turns and time travel.

  • Julia
    2019-06-20 23:52

    I was obsessed with the name Devonny after this book. I remember naming all of my sim characters Devonny.I was a little disappointed it focused on the siblings and not the main couple, but I did like it.I read this back in grade school. I loved the time travel element.

  • Donna
    2019-06-14 05:04

    It was interesting to see Annie's brother experience some time traveling for a change. He is a bit of a scam artist though. There doesn't appear to be much depth to Tod's character. Overall, it was a nice easy read. I am looking forward to finishing this series.

  • Mariah
    2019-05-29 02:59

    The book was okay and it had a lot of discription but I just sort of didn't like it. It was kind of cheesy at some parts but overall the book was okay. It was pretty cool how a guy from the present met a young woman in the past... quite interesting.Mariah

  • Melody
    2019-06-11 04:41

    Great story cant put it down, wish the library had the other two in this series that actually came before this one, I'd read those first because there are references to them in the story and they are kinda spoilers.

  • Tatra
    2019-06-12 23:55

    Oh, wow. This one follows Devonny and Tod rather than Annie and Strat, but it is just wonderful. I love the two times and the ideas on how women are treated. And I love how the characters turn out. <3

  • Stacy
    2019-06-05 05:47

    -sigh- another great book in the time travelers series. this is the first time todd realizes that annie has been back in time and its also the first time someone from the past has gone to annies time (devonny)