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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo is back with a brand-new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone's magical ancestor, the Red King!Timoken is a prince born in a secret kingdom. At his birth, a forest jinni bestows magical gifts upon him: a cloak made by the last moon spider and a potion called Alixir. When the peaceful laNEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo is back with a brand-new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone's magical ancestor, the Red King!Timoken is a prince born in a secret kingdom. At his birth, a forest jinni bestows magical gifts upon him: a cloak made by the last moon spider and a potion called Alixir. When the peaceful land is attacked, Timoken and his sister, Zobayda, must find a new kingdom to call home. Together, with only the magical gifts and a talking camel, the siblings set off.In this brand-new series, bestselling author Jenny Nimmo takes readers on an extraordinary quest with one of her most powerful and mysterious characters, the one who started it all for Charlie Bone and the children of the Red King....

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The Secret Kingdom Reviews

  • Jace
    2019-04-03 17:10

    I was quite surprised by this book, but not in a good way. I really love Jenny Nimmo's stories. Even though they aren't always the most beautifully written, the stories have been pretty fun. However, I found myself struggling to get through this book. It's pretty short with only two hundred pages, but about halfway through I had to force my way to the finish. (I really don't like to stop reading a book party way through). It started off well, but I felt that the entire story was bogged down by some pretty boring characters, and explanations to things that I feel should have been left alone. And maybe that's one of the main problems for me. I knew that Nimmo would be explaining more about the Red King, when I feel that she should have left this character as mysterious as he was in the Charlie Bone Books. I am glad I gave it a go, but I don't think that I will be reading the sequels.

  • M.C. Crocker
    2019-04-02 21:00

    Having read the entire series of Charlie Bone's adventures as he learns to understand his special powers and the powers of those who go to school with him, it was perfectly logical to want to read about his predecessor, the man from whom all endowed children of the series came from. I admit, when I approached this book I was a little cautious, considering I had only recently finished reading another book by Jenny Nimmo and was less than enthralled by it. Yet with this book, I was not disappointed.After reading and enjoying the story of a small African boy named Timoken, and his flying camel Gabar, I have concluded that Jenny’s earlier works are not as good as her later works. I’ve heard it said that an author’s first published work is quite possibly their best, as they had to prove themselves to be published and once there, the effort to do better is not much. Jenny Nimmo though, is the opposite of this adage, her work has vastly improved over time. The characters are amusing, and have depth. The story is just fun, as it follows Timoken as he learns of the magic he has had since shortly after birth, and quests for several hundred years trying to find a home, as he had lost his.One of the best parts of the story was how well it tied in to the series that it was designed to precursor. When it came to a long span of time Jenny would recap and move on, which was nice to keep the pace of the book going without rushing things too much that I felt lost. The progression of relationships and interactions made sense and flowed very well and I would have to say that I would happily recommend this book, particularly if you are a fan of the Charlie Bone series which was written before this book. Overall, I would give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating.

  • Brenda
    2019-03-29 17:14

    The Secret Kingdom is Jenny Nimmo's first installment into the origins of Charlie Bone's ancestor, the Red King. Some aspects were alluded to in the Charlie Bone series but it was nice to have them all fleshed out in a story of their own. While the pace of the story was good, I felt like the ending was a little flat for me and didn't really leave me with the feeling that most sequels do of having to read the next book in the series.

  • Easton Groskreutz
    2019-04-09 20:19

    Personal Response: I enjoyed this book and truly did not stop reading it once I started. I loved the fact that there was adventure and plot twists. I felt like I was transported into the book when there was a bad situation. This made me feel like I needed to figure out a way to solve a problem before the story revealed it. Plot Summary:Timoken and his sister, Zobayda, were the son and daughter of the king and queen of The Secret Kingdom. When they were young a forest genie gave their parents two items, the cloak of the last moon spider, and Alixar (a potion which made the consumer never age). These items were to be given to Zobayda and Timoken for if the king and queen were attacked. When the kingdom got attacked, the king and queen were killed and Timoken had to take on the role as king. Timoken and Zobayda were then lead on a journey to find a new palace. Along the way, they made friends with a camel, Gabar, who decided to join them on their quest. The problem that loomed was that they just couldn’t find what they were looking for. They spent hundreds of years trying to find a new palace fit for them. They crossed many people’s paths and gained many friendships along the way. An issue that occured was that Zobayda had gotten kidnapped and Timoken had lost his Alixar and now could only live his life as a mortal. Timoken finally found his sister in a town called Castile. She had gotten married since the last time the siblings had seen each other. Timoken chose to live out his life adventuring with Timoken after a fight with his mortal enemy, where Zobayda and survived.Characterization:Timoken is the main character in The Secret Kingdom Chronicles of the Red King. Timoken was born a prince. Everything was great until the kingdom was attacked by the Viridees. Timoken spent over two-hundred years searching for a new home to live at. With him on this journey was his camel Gabar. Gabar developed into another main character in chapter three. He was welcomed into the family by Timoken and Zobayda. They found him running from a sandstorm but was protected by the Last Moon Spider blanket. Zobayda was Timken's older sister that ventured for decades with Gabar and Timoken. She also had a ring that gave her powers of healing and kept her protected.Setting:This story may start centuries in the past due to it showing references to slaves in Africa and having a Blacksmith in most villages. The story’s setting began in The Secret Kingdom. Timoken had lived there for his entire life of eleven years until every resident died from the attack of the Virdees. Timoken and Zobayda ventured through the desert for a while to find a new palace, since theirs was destroyed. They stayed mainly in the desert because the camel had lived there. After Zobayda was kidnapped, Timoken finally found Castile. They have spent over two centuries on this planet because of the help of the Axilar. His sister has made a life there and after the big clash between Timoken and his mortal enemy, Timoken decided to leave with Zobayda. They decided to go to Britain where one of Timoken’s friends lived.Recommendation: I recommend this book to nine to fifteen year-old boys and girls who love adventure. This book is a fantasy and the narrator is a twelve year-old boy. This book also has an ever changing plot and never leaves the reader bored. This book’s reading level is easy and readers never have to read over to understand. I also recommend reading the series that follows this book. I gave this book a five star rating because I could not put it down once I got into the story, and I think others will not be able to put it down either.

  • Eleonore Caron
    2019-04-17 21:21

    I thought Chronicles of the Red King, The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo, John Keating, narrator was quite an adventure . Timoken and his sister who were orphaned literally flew from their castle home to escape being killed like their parents , the king and queen. Timoken has magical gifts that help protect his sister and him from the evil Viridees. Zobayda has a special ring that is magical , it has the little face and voice of the bestower of the gifts. The magical forest jinni told the king and queen that the cloak made from the web of the last moon spider would protect their son from danger and the Alixir if one drop were taken at every full moon would ensure that the brother and sister would never grow old.The Alixir was the water of eternal life. The camel Timoken befriended became his only family after Zobayda disappears.The author has a great imagination and sense of adventure as I found myself hoping the two children would survive the evil Viridees and be reunited and live happily ever after.I enjoyed the trip around the world and the adventures of the Red King.

  • Ashley Chen
    2019-04-10 16:14

    I'm very disappointed about this book. I was so happy that Jenny had written a prequel to Charlie Bone, and I was too excited. This book just lay flat! Yes it did reveal some of the beginning to CB but the plot was just weak. But I will read on this series.

  • George
    2019-03-19 18:21

    Very good opening chapter, brings a whole new dimension to the Red King that I don't remember being as explored in the books. One way that this book succeeds in my eyes is that whereas many "origin" or prequel stories that go into excessive detail explaining the origins of every last little thing in a series, this instead revels in the mysticism and wonder that the main series had and almost bathes in it, bringing new elements and tying in old ones to create a fresh and familiar story that's only just beginning. Anxiously looking to find a place so I can buy the goddamn next two.

  • Emily
    2019-03-30 23:08

    Personal experience: 2 Stars. But I feel like this is probably a decent book -- if you're in the mood for it. I just wasn't. In fact I was intending to listen to the second Charlie Bone, but I didn't pay sufficient attention to my selection. That said, I'm still looking for a repeat of the particular magic Jenny Nimmo cast on me with the Snow Spider trilogy. Sadly, this didn't even begin to approach it. I won't read any more of the series, although I'll likely revisit Charlie Bone himself.

  • Lauren White
    2019-04-19 20:51

    Husband described this to me as ‘there’s a magician and a flying camel’. What’s not to like?! Thought the characterisation was good and the ideas were great and original. The only possible negative was that the trials seemed to be too easy to overcome. Look forward to reading the next book.

  • Perch
    2019-03-19 20:56

    A prequel to the main Charlie Bone series, but written post the main books this one is a bit hampered by having the plot and universe already set up and it shows, but it was still nice to read about the childhood and origins of the progenitor of Charlie's line.

  • Rachel Naegele
    2019-03-24 17:53

    The first half of the book was arduous and if it wasn't an audio book I'm not sure I would have finished it. The second half of the book, while better, was not enough to redeem it to three stars in my opinion.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-04 19:15

    I really liked this book and I think that 6 graders or higher would love this book. It has a lot of mysteries in it.

  • Brandy
    2019-04-18 21:16

    A fun new world and characters. A camel that flies and the possibility of living forever after losing all family. It was a fun read, I look forward to hearing what my 10yo says about it as well.

  • Dean Haywood
    2019-03-19 23:06

    Not the best book I have ever read,but still an enjoyable little story I shall read to my grand daughter when she,s a little older.

  • Misty
    2019-03-20 23:16

    I enjoyed the Charlie Bone series a lot more, but this was a fun book.

  • Jeff
    2019-04-07 17:07

    Fine. It was fine.

  • Emma
    2019-04-06 14:51

    Review by Shelly - review of the trilogyWow Jenny Nimmo knows how to tell a cracking story. The Secret Kingdom books are my first taste of her novels and I have to say won’t be the last. The trilogy follows Timoken, a young boy who is enchanted by a magical moon spider web cloak when he is born and leaves him with one foot in this world and one in the realm of enchantments. When he is just eleven tragedy strikes and his parents are killed by evil viridees who are after the cloak and to survive Timoken and his sister Zobayda have to leave the castle. It is only when his Mother advises him to fly from the Castle that Timoken learns of his magical powers.The first book then follows their journey as they try to find another home where they can live as a family. Along the way they have some fantastic adventures and meet Gabar, a talking camel who helps them and then becomes part of the family. Timoken can speak to all animals so the reader finds out what Gabar is saying and this brings some very humorous passages within the book. It is within this first book that he learns of most of his magic and how both the elements and animals will help him in times of trouble.The second book – The Stones of Ravenglass follows Timoken and his ever growing family to medieval Britain where he desperately wants to find his own Kingdom so that he can find a place of his own. Unfortunately he meets Osbern D’Ark and the Damzel of Decay who both want to harm him. He does meet some new friends along the way though, a magician called Eri and his dragon Enid. Can I just say that I loved the relationship between Gabar and Enid with Enid being the flirt and Gabar trying not to fall for her charms.The last book – Leopards’ Gold jumps ahead to a place where Timoken has his family and Kingdom but all is not well within the magical walls. So follows a plot to overthrow the King and create disharmony between his children. In this book we are told the story by Petrello, one of Timoken’s younger children, who has not yet learnt of what his magical talent might be. I think that out of all the books this is the weakest as we are not hearing Timoken’s voice and so feels a little disjointed compared to the other two.These are truly magical books that explore the love of family, loss and the need to truly belong somewhere. The books are extremely descriptive and it feels as though you are in the plains of Africa or the deep dark forests of Britain. Jenny Nimmo creates such great characters throughout all the books that by the end you feel as though they are friends and you are deeply committed to find out what is going to happen to them all. All in all a great trilogy that I think would make any young readers want to dip into Jenny Nimmo’s world again.

  • Becky
    2019-04-13 18:00

    The Secret Kingdom is a fantasy adventure with mixes elements of the traditional and the modern to give it a surprising twist.When I first started reading The Secret Kingdom, I was a little hesitant. Nimmo breaks many rules in the first chapter (which I’ve been learning about in my writing class) and it put me on edge. I certainly admire the author for telling the story her way and by chapter 5 I was ready to let go of my disbelief and become part of this story.The novel begins with the Queen of the Secret Kingdom worried about her pregnancy. She has been having terrifying nightmares yet when she awakes she cannot remember them. She only has her growing fear for her unborn son. The novel’s viewpoint is a third person narrator (almost omniscient) rather than following the main character. In fact it took me quite a while to be sure that the main character was Timoken – the Queen’s son. You see the Queen also has a first-born daughter Zobayda. They are chosen by a forest jinni to be the keepers of his great magic.Nimmo does an excellent job of setting up the tension and raising the stakes for the children because the reader knows that Zobayda is not as well protected as Timoken. There is a huge sense of foreboding. Brother and sister leave behind their beloved kingdom and set out on a journey across an unfamiliar world. Timoken and Zobayda lived many many years ago and Nimmo gives them rather unchild-like dialogue. It seemed a little risky to me at first, I didn’t know if it would appeal to the current market. But it did all make sense in the fullness of the story.Now I’ve finished the book and I know The Secret Kingdom is chock full of action, I am much more confident that the target audience will stick with it. There are many dangers faced by Timoken and Zobayda when they are forced to flee the Secret Kingdom. There is also the ever-present fear of the creatures of the shadow world who hunt them for their magical gifts. There is a vibrant fantasy world jumping out of every page of the book. The creatures, the setting and the growing evil all give this book a sense of exciting magical adventure.I preferred the latter half of the book once the other child characters were introduced. I loved their personalities and their more contemporary voices. I certainly think the next book will have the perfect mix of traditional and contemporartry children’s fiction to make it a rip-roaring adventure. The Secret Kingdom is sure to capture young fantasy fans’ imaginations.

  • Dandelionsteph
    2019-04-16 16:56

    The events felt arbitrary, but that might be because their significance is better explained in the Charlie Bone series. (which I did not read.) I would have appreciated enriching details of the characters and why they acted as they did. However, if this was only made from an outline of the ancient characters' importance in the Charlie Bone series, the sparseness of characterization is understandable. The story itself largely felt more like a history book with some trappings of narrative.None of the female characters are as important as the male ones, or even characterized much. There are four female characters important to the plot: Timoken's mother, who is partly responsible for Timoken's and Zobayda's magical powers. Zobayda serves as a companion early in the book, doesn't do much, seems useless in comparison to Timoken, and seemingly dies early in the book and is shoved aside by the narrative as she ages. (Zobayda also does nothing important in the years between her separation from and return to Timoken.) The mother of Harken is insignificant to the plot other than producing Harken and giving him his part-human resistance to cold. Beri, who has little characterization and is more distinguished by her parentage than her personality, is responsible for Timoken going to Castile and does nothing else.I expected Zobayda to have some protective, important role early on; just because she wasn't as magical as Timoken didn't mean she had to be put aside. The narrative glosses over long stretches of time, over which something worth telling should have happened. (Over hundreds of years of travelling among settlements, absolutely nothing worth telling in detail happened? Really? Those settlements can't be that humdrum and isolated.)While I understand Timoken is supposed to be really magical, later in the book he seems a Gary Stu in his level of convenient magical ability. Yes, he can make rain. Yes, he can fly. But using the secret language to arm his followers with great weapons by converting natural objects---along with invincibility---is too much. There's no limit to his powers, which makes his failures inexcusable.Despite the book's shortcomings, I must note that there's an person of African heritage (indeed, pure African) in a fantasy book. That's refreshing. Fantasy books don't often take place in Africa. (other than Egypt)The book isn't worth reading unless one has already read the Charlie Bone series or has low standards.

  • Rin
    2019-03-19 18:20

    To sort of explain my feelings about this, I have to begin with why I read this book. I love the Charlie Bones series, which this book and series is a prequel to. So when I found this book, I had to read it, just because I loved what I'd already read.This was very, very different. It's the story of the ancient Red King, the ancestor of all the endowed children in the Charlie Bone series. It takes place hundreds and hundreds of years before the original series and the story is styled differently to reflect that, with the writing taking on a more fairytale-like feel. Normally I'd love that, but this time it left me feeling a bit too distanced from Timoken (the Red King). He was this person, but he wasn't a character. That was what threw me the most, I think, because what makes the Charlie Bones series so good is that you had this small ensemble of characters who were so alive and individual that you love them all, and that was missing from The Secret Kingdom. It needed something more to make Timoken feel like more than a fairytale, because this wasn't just a single book telling a tale, but it's a series and the first book lacked a character that could be developed as the reader followed the story. I didn't feel very interested in any of the characters until Timoken meets his raggedy band of kidnapped children and that's near the end of the story.I did like reading this book. Gabar, Timoken's camel, is a fun character, and I loved the forest-jinni. I liked reading about some of the fantastical things happening and I actually really liked the villain, so I'm looking forward to reading more about Harken.

  • Katherine
    2019-03-20 21:09

    RATING: 2.5 Out Of 5A prequel to the Children Of The Red King series, as the Children of The Red King, follows the decendents of the magical Red King from Afria. This boook and the other two to follow in the Chronicles of the Red King series will focous on Timoken, who is the Red King but when he is little. The novel is about Timoken and his older sister, Zobayda, who parents would have done anything to protect them. When they were babies their parents met a Forest Jinni who gave the children magical gifts; he gave a ring to the daughter that would give her magic in her fingers and the boy a magical moon spider cloak, that will protect him, but will also give her the power of flight, the ability to speak with animals but the cloak is also a curse as there is the Viridees are after the cloak and will do anything to get it. So the children are on the run and must escape these monsters.I must say that this book is a bit more childish than the Charlie Bone novels, and would recommened readers read this book first as it is a very easy read, and the Charlie Bone novels are for a bit of an older age. But it is not essential to read before hand. Though on the other hand this novel does have some themes within it that arnt very childish (a person gets their head cut off, a town is poisened, another is slaughtered) not very good themes for very young readers to read about.A slow but easy read (finished it in a day), honestly a tad boring which made it quite dissapointing, but it was very interesting to find out how the Red King started out.

  • Luciano
    2019-03-21 16:04

    Oh this book was amazing. I loved it. Timoken was an amazing character. It was sad that his mother and father were killed by a rival army and Timoken and his sister were left to leave with a bottle of elixir and powers of their own with a cloak made from the last moon spider. During the middle of the book they meet a camel who was called Gabar and he joined them on their journey until Timoken’s sister fell into the river over a hundred years later after taking a drop of the elixir. Of course they found each other late in the book and his sister was already older then he was since she didn’t take the elixir. The journeys that they both had where amazing. There was a group who was trying to get their equipment but they failed to find them and grab their stuff for the past 100 years. I loved it when Timoken and his sister found out that the red cloak that he was wearing had once belonged to a great magician and that cloak gave Timoken the ability to fly. Of course Gabar was an angry camel but he was also a loyal one too. Timoken and Gabar land in a town where he saw these slave traders took this batch of kids and he went after them to free them. All of them soon became his allies after a long time of untying them and helping out this little girl who is lost in thought. This book was a great adventurous journey. When Timoken and Gabar leave the south to cold temps the thieves who couldn’t catch him could not be able to go after him anymore. To me this book is well worth reading to move on to the next book.

  • Ava
    2019-03-23 22:06

    I'm glad the author did a background story about the Red King but the book could have been better. There wasn't enough details for me to really imagine the characters or the settings and there wasn't enough action.

  • Liana
    2019-03-28 22:56

    Interesting read. I loved the setting of this story and the events that took place in it. I have no idea why it's called 'The Secret Kingdom' though. It wasn't about the kingdom at all, but about a boy with a camel who is constantly running away from bad guys. XDMost of the book was like a blur... Everything happened SO quickly that I don't remember much of the details that took place... (I guess I'll have to read it again? Whelp. 8P) It's kinda funny though. Things were happening so quickly in chapter 1 that I thought it was a quick, exposition filled prologue. *laughs*Now I don't mean to sound mean or anything, but I don't really understand why the main character, who is all powerful and mighty (and is probably a god) doesn't just deal with the viridees and do something about them right away...? Instead, he runs away and hides from them constantly... It bothered me because I don't believe in running away from your problems and fears, unless you truly ARE powerless but Timoken was obviously not. I didn't think it was the best message...While the book was fast paced, it did have an interesting adventure. And that ending? BEAUTIFUL! :) I love endings that leave a sweet feeling inside my heart, and this book definitely did that for me.~

  • Linda
    2019-04-08 17:09

    I tried this because I liked the Charlie Bone series, though it was uneven, and probably two books too long. It was an easy sell to kids looking for something similar to Harry Potter.This series is supposed to provide the back story to the Charlie Bone series. Who was the Red King, and how did he get his powers? So far, so good... Except that it read like the world's longest African folk tale. One incredible thing after another happened, but it was all related in a very matter-of-fact fashion. It was rather like listening to a four year old tell a story-- "...and then the elephant had tea with the jellyfish, and they took a bath with grandma."This is a strange thing to say about a work of fiction, but as I was reading, I kept thinking, "Oh,come on. You just made that up!"I'll probably read the second volume in the series, because by the end of book one, we are at least heading for more familiar territory for fans of the Charlie Bone books. I did like Timoken's camel Gabar-- sort of a dromedary Eeyore. And for anyone who listens to the audio version, riddle me this: why would a sub-Saharan forest djinn speak with an Irish accent?

  • Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee
    2019-04-19 18:10

    3.5 STARSI haven't read the Charlie Bones books yet, but this book was suggested by a librarian friend for my son and myself.It's an interesting enough story about a boy and his sister. How they come 'into' magic and how they seek to escape the dreadful creatures that destroyed their family and kingdom.The story's tone is very much that of a fairytale. You won't find first person here, or truly much character development in the normal sense. But there is action and things of interest for children who are in the mood for a fairytale.Written at nearly the 5th Grade reading level, I think this book might work very well as a read-aloud for younger elementary-aged children. There's a few sad developments, but not anything unsuitable. Plus, there is a flying camel!I give it 4-Stars for Tweens, some middle-gradersm and some younger children, if they are in the mood for a fairytale type adventure.At best I'd give it 3-Stars for adults. Though well written the plot devices are a bit forced, and since this is a younger person's book, there's not much character development to sweeten the pot.So when you're in the mood...

  • Teresa Gonzales
    2019-03-30 21:13

    Chronicles of the Red King - The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo 228 pagesHaving read all of the Charlie Bone books I was excited to find there was a set of Charlie Bone prequel books I never knew about. While reading the original series I had questions about the Red King. I wondered where he came from, specifically, and how the endowed began. The Secret Kingdom was the first of the prequel books and although I had many questions answered, I still have more answers to find. In true Charlie Bone style, the book was a quick read. With an introduction which includes Charlie and his uncle, the reader is quickly whisked into far away lands in the tale that begin the journey of Charlie's ancestor, the Red King.In a time when magic was scarcely seen we follow the Red King, still a boy, in adventure after adventure. As quickly as this book was started it seemed it ended. Ready for book 2.

  • Tanner clark
    2019-04-06 14:58

    in the book "the chronicles of the red king: the secret kingdom" by jenny nimmo there is a kid named timoken who is magic. All because a bird flew into his parents kingdom when his mother was pregnant with Timoken the bird gave them a cloak made out of the last moon spiders web. the cloak was guaranteed to keep him safe as long as he had it with him. But, the queen wanted to keep her daughter safe as well and her daughter had already been born. so the bird gave the queen a ring to put o the girls finger and then she would be magic as well. the bird also gave them a bottle of elixir that would make them never age. when Timoken had grown up the veridees attacked their kingdom and Timoken and his sister flew away to safety where they met a camel that Timoken could understand and talk to but his sister couldn't. later in the book his sister gets attacked and when she is about to be killed she jumps off a cliff and then Timoken finds his sisters ring in the bottom of a river and it becomes his.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-29 15:18

    The secret kingdom is about two sibling a boy and a girl named Timoken and Zobayda and they are the heirs to a secret kingdom.But the evil people in the next kingdom over wants something really rare that was given to them when they were born. They invaded the kingdom and killed everyone in it but Timoken and Zobaya.They manage to escape and with the elixer of life they take every month, they live and run around everywhere trying to find a home again and to defeat the evil people who invaded their kingdom. After Zobaya dies and Timoken loses the elixer will he be able to find a home again?I picked this book up because it sounded interesting and I've read other books by jenny Nimmo.I finished this book because... well I didn't really finish it. It got a little boring.I would recommend this book to Michelle Tang because there's some swordfighting and I think that she likes swordfighting.

  • Kevin
    2019-04-11 19:54

    I enjoyed the book but I think I've out grown Charlie Bone's world.I just wanted to get a little background too see the "roots", even though they were kids it didn't have any of the classic cliche crap with being kidnapped and used against the other person. The violence wasn't hidden either(which American Kid Authors sometimes cover up)and they did what had to be done, instead of subjecting oneself to pain and torture and destruction because of "will not harm others who are harming me even if it costs me my life" cliche(view spoiler)[(although the "kid" is 200+ years old) (hide spoiler)].Great book all in all, got to see the origins of the cats and shields and it's obvious who Timoken is going to marry and be Charlie's Great Great something and then some grandmother..... so Charlie I think this is the end for us.Would have given it 3 stars but I wanted to drop the book on more than one occasion.