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Ex-cop Callahan Garrity was more than happy to leave the Atlanta P.D. behind her to start her own business -- the House Mouse cleaning service -- and to indulge in a bit of freelance private investigation on the side. However, she owes too much to her former partner, Bucky Deavers, to refuse his request that she accompany him to the department's annual St. Patrick's Day baEx-cop Callahan Garrity was more than happy to leave the Atlanta P.D. behind her to start her own business -- the House Mouse cleaning service -- and to indulge in a bit of freelance private investigation on the side. However, she owes too much to her former partner, Bucky Deavers, to refuse his request that she accompany him to the department's annual St. Patrick's Day bash. But the celebrating ends abruptly -- and badly -- when Bucky is shot during an apparent liquor store robbery while they're on the way home.Callahan is devastated -- and the talk that perhaps Bucky was "dirty" only intensifies her pain. Now, with the help of her feisty "Mice," she's determined to find the culprit and clear her friend's name, even if it means piercing the veil of secrecy surrounding an Irish fraternal police organization that might be brewing up something far more lethally potent than green beer....

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Irish Eyes Reviews

  • Julie
    2019-06-17 05:57

    This is the last if the Callahan Garrity novels by Kathy Hogan Trocheck (Mary Kay Andrews) still on my to read list, and I would rank it as the best in that series. I am a reader after a good character, and the ones in MKA's books from early in her career until today always pull me into the story. Over the past 10 years I have become a MKA junkie and always am excited when I can see her in person. I just saw today on Facebook that she has a short story featuring Callahan Garrity published electronically, so I suppose I haven't run out of material to read about this character yet. If MKA sees this, I hope she will remember I am one of her ladies from Tifton, and I hope to see her at Seaside Sisters very soon.

  • Annierose
    2019-06-13 14:09

    I loved this series, but figure that the author must have been in a really bad place in her life to have ended it this way. Relationships vague, like did she break up with Mac? she alludes to them never getting into a rhythm after he moves. It just seemed to leave loose ends and it left a bad taste in my mouth at the end. I bought the short stories to read, but they don't continue chronologically. Wish that the series could have ended on a better note, it's hard enough to say good bye to an awesome series, but you at least want to imagine the characters in a good place....

  • Marla
    2019-05-30 12:39

    Very enjoyable book. I liked the characters and Hillary Huber does a fantastic job reading the story. I will definitely read the seven books before this one. Hopefully as audiobooks. You don't know who was involved with all the crimes until the very end. Love the two 80-year-old sisters. There are some funny characters in this story. Definitely recommend this book.

  • Judy Collins
    2019-05-31 13:03

    Sorry to see the Callahan Garrity Mystery series end. Kathy Hogan Trocheck (Mary Kay Andrews)delivers an quirky and fun-filled series! To celebrate St. Patrick'sIRISH EYES--makes for an awesome read; highly recommend the audio version, narrated by Hillary Huber.IRISH EYESis suspenseful and hard to put down --keeps you guessing - who is a part of the murder ring. As usual, Trocheck truly understands the south and knows Atlanta. It is always nice to catch up with the familiar spots in Atlanta, and visit the array of colorful, and humorous eccentric characters with lots of twists and turns. Without giving away the ending, was expecting something different; however, was an engaging mystery full of humor and southern sass. Irish Eyes, Heart Trouble and Strange Brew my favorites in the series. A big fan of Mary Kay, will continue to buy anything she writes--she never disappoints!

  • Debbie Maskus
    2019-06-15 10:06

    This is the last of the Callahan Garrity series, Trocheck changed her name to Mary Kay Andrews and began writing about Weezie and Bebe. I must admit that the last 4 of the Callahan series are good. This is a Southern writer, but I think that readers in the 1990's were not ready for stories where blacks and whites were friends. Irish Eyes deals with the problems of police officers: the lack of salary and the need to work extra "security" work to survive financially. The sad news is the death of detective Bucky Deavers, Callahan's best friend, and Mac moving to Nashville for a new job. I will miss this series.

  • Ellen Peterson
    2019-06-08 12:08

    Picked up Irish Eyes as a St. Patrick's Day bargain not knowing it was a Callahan Garrity Mystery...#8I'm sure I would have understood the quirkiness of some characters if I had read the previous books. My personal take... I'm not a fan of cussing, and some of the words in this book made me wince even while jumping over them.The ending was rushed and wrapped up a little too neatly. I'm sure to give hints to story #9, which I doubt I'll be reading, even if it goes on sale.

  • SS
    2019-06-17 09:39

    Enjoyed this book...til the end. What a vague, unsettling way to end this book. I enjoyed almost all of the rest of this series, but not this ending.

  • L8blmr
    2019-06-18 10:09

    Thanks to a good friend who loaned them to me, I have now read every book in the Callahan Garrity series. Did it end the way I wanted it to? No! I fact, I really needed two rating scales so that I could grade high for the writing and grade really low for how I felt when I finished the book. Did Trochek intend for this to be the series finale or did she just...stop? I don't think it's the best send-off; in fact, the ending was a real downer. This story was much more about detecting and hardly anything about the House Mouse and its odd cast of employees. Therefore, very little if any humor could be found, and that also was a disappointment.I have enjoyed the couple of books I have read so far by this author writing under her Mary Kay Andrews pseudonym, and it has occurred to me that a crossover book including both her Atlanta and Savannah characters could be a lot of fun. Maybe Mac and Callahan could plan a long weekend and stop by Weezie's shop or stay in BeBe's motel...

  • Erin L
    2019-06-03 12:55

    Review of the audiobook.Well, that's it. It's over. End of series. And what an ending it was! As the cover blurb tells you, Bucky gets shot in this one and Callahan starts investigating as Bucky's own coworkers at the Atlanta PD start pointing fingers at him and calling him corrupt. She's sure that he isn't, but soon another cop is shot and things start getting more dangerous.I'm sad this series is done. It's one of my favorites and this installment didn't disappoint at all. I absolutely recommend this series, even if it is a few years old.

  • Natalie Shoaf
    2019-05-29 06:58

    I didn't really know this with in a series, I just happened to see it at a library book sale and got it because it was my favorite author! This was a great mystery! Such good writing! Callahan was really a good character. I liked her motivation, caring, sincerity, and no back down attitude the whole entire book. I recommend, great read!

  • Lael Braday
    2019-06-17 08:50

    Callahan's buddy Bucky Deavers drags her to a Shamrock party, and afterward stops at a liquor store, where he gets shot in the head. Callahan, against police instructions, investigates the shooting and uncovers a burglary ring.I'm really enjoying the Callahan Garrity series, with the main character remaining true to her flawed self, following her gut without communicating to friends or family, but always surviving the bad guys. Readers who like stubborn characters whose hunches come to fruition and save the day will like this series.

  • Amara
    2019-06-14 09:48

    Not the best Callahan book, and not the worst. I think this was the last full book in the series, and it came through as a library hold, so I went for it. It seems like every one of these treats a more serious issue as a sideline, in this one it was an underpaid police force. There was a little more humor in this one than the last one, so that helped it go by more easily.

  • Rachel Kappler
    2019-06-10 09:00

    A good mystery book, but very dramatic and a little dark, not my style of mystery. I like quirky and sometimes funny things in my mysteries. Had a lot of cop related topics in it, and also a side story about her relationships.

  • Colleen Vacha tuescher
    2019-06-06 11:07

    Sad that the series has ended, even sadder about HOW it ended

  • Patty
    2019-06-19 13:55

    I read this whole series recently. I liked each of the books - mostly light mysteries and a little family/personal drama thrown in with the setting of metro Atlanta. All around enjoyable.

  • Lillian Halseth
    2019-05-26 06:57

    Surprise's galoreHumor and suspense makes this a great read. The author writes so it is easy to visualize your characters and surroundings.

  • Donna Doyle
    2019-06-13 09:04

    Like any good who done it, couldn't put it down until finished.

  • Ada Iaboni
    2019-06-16 05:42

    Although the author here is listed wrong, it should be Mary Kay Andrews, the story is the one I read.This one is also part of a series. This particular one was pretty good. It involves a conspiracy of Irish cops that go off the deep end. And Callahan Garrity, digging in bits and pieces gets it figured out.Not a crazy horror story, but keeps one interested and moves along well.

  • Dianna Stratmann
    2019-05-29 12:45

    This was an interesting book, not the happy ever lasting type of mystery. Callahan does solve the mystery, but loses a dear and trusted friend and partner. This book touches on bad cops, but does in the end have a good ending. They are handled and justice is served.

  • Corinne
    2019-05-30 14:08


  • Marleen
    2019-06-03 07:42

    ***3,5***Over the years I've enjoyed the Callahan Garrity series and I’m a tiny bit sad that this is the last in the series. I heard that the author isn't planning on writing another one.What I like about this series is the contrast between the harsh, dark reality of the Atlanta streets and the lightness of the quirky characters. It’s actually a relief that Callahan and her entourage e.g. House Mouse Cleaning service bring some color to these gloomy stories. In this last entry, Callahan’s very good friend and old partner, Bucky Deavers gets gunned down in a liquor store. Callahan soon suspects that corrupt cops are behind this – cops that hide behind an Irish fraternity called the Shamrocks. They take security jobs on the side while robbing these places of business during their ATM deposits. When another police officer is shot, and then the only witness to Bucky’s assault disappears, Callahan understands this is way bigger than she thought and actually doesn't know whom she can trust within the police.I have to mention that the author’s attempts to raise awareness about the low income of cops and about how things are deteriorating in Atlanta don’t go unnoticed.I don’t know how to better describe it, but this book made me feel very melancholic. With Bucky being in a coma, and then being transported to a hospice (to die…), and Callahan being the only one at this bedside to read to him in his state of unconsciousness. It was all so bittersweet. I could just picture it.And IF Irish Eyes is the last book, then I think that Callahan is right where she should be. She has finally made the necessary compromises to be more happy in her personal life. She finally agreed into marrying Mac; I strongly believe that’ll give them both security and assurance of their commitment (and she can enjoy his great benefits). Mac will live mostly in Nashville because he works there and he’ll visit every other weekend. With Callahan being so fiercely independent and rooted in Atlanta, … yes indeed, this is the perfect ending.

  • Sheila DeChantal
    2019-06-02 11:42

    Ex Atlanta Cop, Callahan Garrity, sometimes wonders why she gave it all up to be owner of the House Mouse, a house cleaning service to those with means in the Georgia area. Then, when she finds herself at the scene of a liquor store crime that involves the shooting of one of her dear friends who is also a cop… she remembers why…the job just isn’t worth your life.Yet, when Callahan does not see the police taking the direction they should in the case, Callahan can not help but let old instincts take over. As she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong, things get a little dangerous…This was my first Callahan Garrity book and probably won’t be my last. With a little whimsy of a cozy mystery (the House Mouse workers and Callahan’s own mother keep the book light and fun), and a small likelihood to Janet Evanovich, this book was a treat to read.One thing I liked about this protagonist is that she is tough, a little rough around the edges (she can drink with the best of the boys), and she doesn’t give up. She does not take on the ditzy female role that other books like it tend to and I appreciated that.A fun quick listen (I went for this one on audio!) that I thoroughly enjoyed enough to explore more of these books.

  • Grey853
    2019-06-16 13:46

    As always, this book is well written and the characters interesting. The downside is that one of my biggest pet peeves as a reader is that I hate when a regular character gets seriously wounded or killed off as a plot point. I usually quit reading a series when that happens, but since this is the last of the series, well, that makes my reaction a moot point.At any rate, when Bucky Deavers, her ex-police partner, asks her to attend a St. Pat's party, Callahan gives in and goes. On the way home, they stop at a liquor store and Bucky is shot twice in the head for no apparent reason. The rest of the book is trying to figure out what really happened. The facts of the so-called robbery don't add up and Callahan is being shut out by the cops in charge. She figures out the conspiracy that stars bad cops and Bucky eventually dies. I have to say, I wasn't pleased with the ending even though I suppose with two bullets in the head, there wasn't much of a way around it. Boo. I liked Bucky.

  • Kathleen
    2019-06-17 07:40

    Another suggestion from my local library’s summer reading list is a book that was published twenty years ago when the author was using a different name (I can never understand why.) The novel has been reissued as “originally written” according to the author, which meant, to me, racial, ethnic and gender stereotypes that made me wince a bit. In Atlanta, Georgia, the protagonist Callahan Garrity, a former cop now turned P.I., is a smart-mouthed woman in her 30’s, living with her mother, running a house cleaning business (House Mouse) that employs a number of female characters. The plot involves cops gone bad, really bad, and the challenges Callahan faces defending her former partner who appears to be caught up in an illegal, deadly scheme. A fast read, and I understand why Callahan Garrity was beloved by readers years ago.

  • Kemi
    2019-05-22 08:57

    I think this book merits 3 1/2 stars.A few months ago I read "Midnight Clear" and I really loved the story and the characters. "Irish Eyes" didn't disappoint, either, but it seemed much more serious and sad than the first one. I was surprised at how it ended. While the story wrapped up all the loose ends, it certainly wasn't a happy ending for any of the characters, which surprised me. I missed the flamboyant characters from her earlier book. Aside from the Easterbrooke sisters, the rest of the House Mouse employees barely got a mention. They are fun characters, and I think they would have provided a nice comic relief to balance out the heavy plot.Now that I've read two books in the series, I think I'd like to start at the beginning and read Callahan's story from the beginning, in order.

  • Ruth
    2019-06-08 05:43

    Callahan Garrity is an ex-cop who has opened a cleaning business, The House Mouse with her mother. She has found a great guy but they have kept their lives parallel rather than joining together their households. When her good friend and former partner, Bucky shows up on St. Patrick's Day Callahan is bullied into going to a big shindig with him put on by the newly formed Shamrock Society a fraternity of Irish police officers. When Bucky ends up shot in the head that evening, Callahan feels that something is not quite right so she begins her own investigation into the matter.I have read many of Mary Kay Andrew's books but I was not aware of her Callahan Garrity mystery series. The characters drew you into the story and she was able to keep you guessing about what really did happen that evening. I would certainly read another book in the series.

  • Connie D
    2019-06-12 09:08

    I jumped right into book 8 in the Callahan Garrity series, which wasn't a problem. The plot was good, the criminals twisted, the main character was smart and caring, the secondary characters appealing. A few of the recurring characters are a little like milder versions of Stephanie Plum's crazy friends; in other words, quirky but believable.At this point in her life, Callahan is not working for anyone else; it's a personal issue. She's trying to find the person who shot her best friend, her former Atlanta police partner, so there are plenty of heart in this too.The audio narrator, Hillary Huber, was fine, but rather slow for my liking. I know the idea was to use the southern drawl, but she still could have sped up a bit.

  • Mary
    2019-05-28 06:04

    Page turning mysteryI love Mary Kay Andrews but did not know about this series until I was looking at ebooks. Since my husband is Irish, I had to read it. I am never a fan of stereotypical Irish characters, esp since my my husband's family are not like what is usually portrayed of Irish in books and films in anyway. I know these characters are Irish/American, so in that respect, it was more like my days in Southie.Callahan is a likeable woman, the story, while obvious, still had me flying through so I could read another. While my favourite MKA book will always be Savannah Breeze, or look forward to reading more of her mystery series.

  • Linda
    2019-06-18 10:51

    Callahan Garrity is out with her old partner Bucky Deavers when he stops at a liquor store. Minutes later, a clerk runs out the door of the liquor store screaming that a man had been shot. Callahan runs in and finds Bucky has been shot twice in the head. Police are called and the clerk disappears. As Callahan looks for the clerk and investigates the shooting, she hears rumors of cops being involved in ATM robberies. She believes that Bucky saw something he shouldn't have and she is determined to find out what he saw.

  • Pr Latta
    2019-05-20 07:42

    #8 in the Kathy Trocheck (AKA Mary Kay Andrews) Callahan Garrity Mystery series -- finally not feeling quite so dated or so artificial (i.e., Andrews is coming in to herself). This wacky mystery series (former Atlanta police woman turned owner of a housekeeping company still does the occasional private investigating job) takes on St. Patrick's Day and the Irish police organization. Audio: Hillary Huber does a fine job creating the humor and personalities without inserting herself into the story.