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The "New York Times"- and "USA Today"-bestselling author is back with The Most Eligible Bachelors, a tantalizing new series loosely connected to her successful Hot Zone series, featuring the most wanted men of New York City.He’s New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor…She’s just not interested!Sam Cooper (“Coop”) has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. AfterThe "New York Times"- and "USA Today"-bestselling author is back with The Most Eligible Bachelors, a tantalizing new series loosely connected to her successful Hot Zone series, featuring the most wanted men of New York City.He’s New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor…She’s just not interested!Sam Cooper (“Coop”) has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. After foiling a jewelry store robbery, and being rewarded with the ring of his choice, single women all over the city are fawning over the crime reporter. But Coop isn’t interested in the admirers sending racy underwear his way. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman in the city who claims not to be interested in his bachelor status.Instead free-spirited Lexie is more interested in Coop’s antique ring, and its (potentially scandalous) history in her family. But Coop is quickly becoming more than just her route to the ring But when Coop’s investigation starts to uncover the truth, will she trust her heart – and her family secrets – to this most eligible bachelor?...

Title : Kiss Me If You Can
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Kiss Me If You Can Reviews

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2019-03-27 21:17

    My first Carly Phillips and I hope I can read something a little bit more upbeat next time.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-23 15:43

    Cute little story. Somewhat light read, but I needed that right now. Sop far Carly Phillips has yet to disappoint. Characters were pretty likable. Heroine was a tad annoying at times but overall she was bearable. The resolution of the story was a little too easy, but it like I said it was a light read so I expected this.

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-03-28 19:33

    I loved this book. Nothing is better than reading a book from one of your favorite authors and discovering that she has adding something different in it for you. Kiss Me If You Can is a Romantic Mystery. I was not expecting the mystery and I really liked that in this book.Sam Cooper or Coop as his friends call him, is a writer for the local paper. He happens to write about the crimes that happen in town and his Dad and brother are in the police force....long line of cops. In his spare time he is a writer. Lexie Davis is a web designer and world traveler. When she is home she lives with her Grandma Charlotte not with her family. HUM long story there but you need to read the book to find out why. Coop, as you know comes from a family of cops so it should be no surprise that he is a very 'aware' person and he notices a man out of sorts at a Jewelry store across from where Coop was getting his lunch. Of course he goes and stops the thief after he leaves the store. This sets everything into place ...fate if you will was smiling down on him that day.I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to read. I had all the things I wanted in a good book, romance, adventure and Carly phillips even gave us a really good mystery too. I am looking forward to the next book in the Bachelor Blogs series.

  • Jae
    2019-03-30 16:34

    One word... boring. From the beginning, it failed to grab my interest. The pace was too slow, the dialogs were juvenile and not much of a story, really. Towards the end, I just skimmed through and didn't really care about the outcome of the characters.But the sex scene was HOT though.

  • Kahea
    2019-03-26 20:42

    ***4 Stars***I really enjoyed Kiss Me If You Can. I loved the whole mystery behind the ring and how everything unfolded and then came together in the end. The romance was a good balance of sweet, smexy and fun with just enough angst to keep things interesting and was filled with characters that kept me turning the pages to see what they’d get into next.I loved Lexie. She’s intelligent, honest, upfront, has a tendency to act before thinking when her emotions go all wonky, but has a really good heart. Unfortunately that heart has been bruised by those who should have protected and nurtured it the most but those actions turned her into a woman willing to take chances and live life on her own terms. And then there is Coop. I honestly liked Coop, a lot. He’s honorable, honest, sweet and is highly observant. But beneath all that, the man has a few issues that have kept him from even putting a toe over the invisible line in the sand he’s drawn for himself. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a rough time. He did a ‘thing’ ~ well a few ~ and I ended up snarling at him for it. In the end he does that the blinders off, but there was definitely a rough patch.From the get go, I knew their journey would be a rocky one with them being polar opposites when it came to the way they lived their lives, so most of the angst that happened between them was expected and easy to understand. But what made their journey interesting was how they balanced each other out and even though they may come at an issue on opposites sides, they could find a common ground and work through it all. The smexy was hot, neither of them were slouches in that department and were well matched. While I enjoyed watching Coop and Lexie trip over themselves as they made their way to their HEA, I was just as into the mystery surrounding the ring. I thought that little mystery was well thought out and executed and thought how it was resolved was practically perfect. The tie in with the Hot Zone series was a nice little touch and of all the secondary characters I adored Charlotte with all her moxie. Sara peaked my interest, so I’m definitely interested to see how things play out with her and Rafe in the next book.~ Copy provided by the author & voluntarily reviewed ~

  • Pennie Morgan
    2019-03-26 22:33

    Sam "Coop" Cooper is a crime reporter who was in the right place at the right time to foil a robbery of a jewelry store and his reward is any ring in the store. He selects a gawdy antique ring that just happens to have a story behind it. With the ring comes countless proposals from single women but he is not interested in any of them. No, he has his eye set on Lexie Davis, the woman who really wants the ring because it once belonged to her grandmother. This story comes with lots of sexy banter, intrigue, and adventure. Oh, and don't forget Lexie's grandmother and her friend who are a hoot and a half. This was a refreshing story and I cannot wait for more in this series!**Received this ARC for review**

  • Liza
    2019-04-01 18:24

    Carly Phillips gives her readers another winner with Kiss Me If You Can. Sam Cooper is a reporter for the crime beat who finds himself the center of his own beat after he stops a jewelry-store robbery. When he is given a ring as the reward for stopping the jewelry-store robbery, he becomes the most eligible bachelor in New York City for his own paper, on the run from all the women of New York City. That is until Lexie Davis contacts him about the ring he was given matching a necklace that belongs to her grandmother. Sam and Lexie are instantly attracted to one another, but soon find out they each live life differently. However, that doesn’t stop them from exploring their attraction. Sam and Lexie are so very hot together and it was so much fun to watch them fall for one another.I absolutely love Kiss Me If You Can and can’t wait for the next book in this series. I read this book when it was originally released and re-reading it only reminded me how much I loved this book all over again. Rating: 5 Stars (A)Review copy provided by publisher

  • Sarah Kirk
    2019-04-06 16:15

    Cute story about Coop and Lexus chasing down the history of a ring he get as a reward for thwarting a robbery attempt. Cute characters and I liked the book, it just didn't have that powerful, suck you in feeling. It was a fun read overall though.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-09 18:20

    Publisher: HQNPublish Date: 7/27/10How I got this book: NetGalleyPhillips starts yet another series with promise called The Bachelor Blogs! The first book, Kiss Me If You Can highlights Coop, the newest Bachelor to grace the blog. Coop gains semi fame status when he catches a jewelry store robber in the act. The store owner’s daughter is so grateful, she gives him the choice of any merchandise in the store. Coop, hating the theatrics, chooses something he things is gaudy and ugly and bolts as quickly as possible. The women of New York are thrilled at the prospect of the newest bachelor, and Coop soon finds himself the center of attention everywhere he goes. Lexie is a woman on the go, always traveling around the world. When she sees the news story about Coop and gets a closer look at the ring, she is floored to realize that it looks to be a match to a necklace her beloved grandmother wears. She sets her sights on Coop, hoping to be able to get a chance to see the ring, and potentially buy it off him if it is a match. After a strange phone call from the jewelry store owner about wanting the ring back, Coop and Lexie begin looking into the history of the ring, and discover that it was part of a stolen set. The two team up to discover what they can about the set. Once some of the signs point to Lexie’s grandfather possibly being involved, she starts becoming more and more suspicious. The closer Lexie and Coop come to the truth, they closer they come together as a couple. The two must find a way to overcome their differences, and the truth behind the jewelry.I really enjoyed Kiss Me If You Can, it is probably one of my new Phillips favorites. I love the premise of the bachelor blogs series, and can only imagine that there is probably an actual blog out there like this! (If not, I’m sure there will be soon!) I loved the differences between Lexie and Coop’s desires out of life, and their willingness to change for each other. Although Lexie always lives with that fly by the seat of her pants attitude, once she realizes that she is in love, she takes the time to notice how great life can be when you settle somewhere with someone. Likewise Coop, who is desperate to fulfill the white picket fence fantasy, comes to admit that maybe traveling around the world with someone who means the world to you, can be just as exciting. Charlotte and Sylvia kept me cracking up throughout the entire book! They truly are just like Lucy and Ethel from I Love Lucy! The hilarious stunts and antics kept the story interesting, and left me in stitches once the real culprit was revealed. As far as side characters go, even Coop’s family was great, reminding me a lot of my own. I’m super excited for the next installment of the Bachelor Blogs, featuring Coop’s next door neighbor, best friend, and local police office Sara, and her ex-partner Rafe. We met this pair briefly at the end of this book, and can’t wait to see how this one turns out! I absolutely loved Sara, and can’t wait to see her have to drop some of her barriers and let the super sexy Rafe in!All in all, I give Kiss Me If You Can 3.5 out of 5 stars!

  • Barb
    2019-03-25 18:34

    Sam Cooper ("Coop") has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. Now that he has foiled a jewelry-store robbery and has been rewarded with the ring of his choice, single women all over the city are fawning over the crime reporter. But Coop isn't interested in the admirers sending racy underwear his way. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman in the city who claims not to be interested in his bachelor status.Instead, free-spirited Lexie is interested in Coop's antique ring, and its--potentially scandalous--history in her family. But Coop is quickly becoming more than just her route to the ring. When his investigation starts to uncover the truth, will she trust her heart--and her family secrets--to this most eligible bachelor?A great sexy story, with awesome writing, a plot that keeps you guessing and a love that you actually root for! 5 stars.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-04-19 14:24

    A couple of characters with a bit of depth and background to them, decently written dialog, a bit of mystery, and nobody who is TSTL. Combine those ingredients and what do you get? A decently written light contemporary romance that earns 3.75 stars from me. Well into the 'Really Liked It' range.Coop is the crime beat newspaper reporter who is a bit of a homebody. Lexi is the world traveler with daddy issues. And yet they somehow manage to work it out in the end.

  • Donna
    2019-04-08 17:33

    I liked this book at the beginng, then it got a little irritiating. I didn't like the grandmother at all, she was manipulative and unremorseful. Lexie and Coop's miscommunications and hang-ups were too exaggerated to be believable. In fact the whole "poor, misunderstood Lexie, so different than her family" was just lame.

  •  Marla
    2019-04-09 14:30

    3.5 stars. Cute but mindless, sexy story about Lexie Davis falling for the gorgeous crime beat journalist, Sam "Coop" Cooper. Very light reading, with a slightly annoying heroine and a smoking hot hero falling in and out of bed. First sexy playaway that I've listened to and I find listening to sex was more awkward than reading it, because there was no way to skim over it and it seemed more personal. But this is too fluffy a series to actually read, so I will listen to the next book too, but it doesn't come in the playaway format, so I'll have to be careful of who is in my car.(view spoiler)[ When Coop foils a jewelry store robbery, the grateful owner's daughter insists that he take a reward. He selects an gaudy antique ring and Lexie sees the matching ring to her grandmother's necklace. In trying to buy the ring from Coop, Lexie jumps him and falls hard. All the women of NY hunting Coop was amusing, but I think they should've kept turning up throughout the book.Lexie is a rootless, travel hound and Coop's ex was an unfaithful, flight attendant who was never home. Despite trying to resist her, Coop falls for Lexie. Interesting to occasionally hear Coop's thoughts. Their after love making arguments were tiresome, but I only wish happiness for Coop.The crazy history of the ring and the thief were strange storylines in a sizzling romance novel but gave the plot more substance than just Lexie running away from commitment and Coop trying to resist her.Loved Coop's sexy, feminine, tough cop neighbor and best friend, Sara Rios. And Coop's relationship with his father was cool. Retired cop owning a NYC bar was a little cliche, but it worked. Lexie's stuffy family was a drastic contrast to Grandma Charlotte's crazy, bohemian ways. (hide spoiler)]With-reservations:some language, steamy sex scenes, stealing

  • Karen
    2019-04-08 21:34

    Sam Cooper, aka Coop, is a crime reporter whom just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was able to stop a would be jewel thief. The owner of the jewelry store offers Sam any piece of jewelry he wants in the shop, but Coop doesn't want anything, but after pressure from everyone around, he takes a gaudy looking ring that he thinks is not that expensive. Little does he know how much hassle this ring is going to cost him.Lexie Davis is a web designer that likes to travel the world. Since her job is able to let her work from anywhere, she does just that. She is back in New York for her Grandmother's birthday, whom she stays with when she is back in town. Lexie sees the newscast about the would be jewel thief and notices the ring matches her Grandmother's necklace that she wears all the time. Could this ring be part of a set?Lexie tracks down Coop to try and buy the ring from him, but Coop has uncovered that the ring is actually stolen. Now he has a mystery on his hands and he wants to solve it. So he lets Lexi down by not selling it. Lexie tells Coop her plans of why she wants it, once he finds out it is part of a set, his creative writing juices get working. Coop doesn't know if he wants to write the story as fiction or real crime for his paper.Lexie and Coop have an instant attraction to each other and it doesn't take long for the two of them to ignite those sparks into flames. However, there are a few things holding each other back, Coop does not want to fall in too deep with someone whom has no roots and likes to leave on a moments notice, and Lexie is running away, but she does not know that she is until she faces her parents and has a heart to heart with them.Then there is Lexie's Grandmother and her best friend. The two know more about the necklace and ring then they want to let Lexie or Coop know. Does Lexie's view of her Grandmother change after she finds out the truth and in turn make her guess her own life? Can Coop overcome his aversion to Lexie and her nomad ways? Is love going to win? Is the ring going to find its rightful owner?Loved this book, really enjoyed it. Some witty characters, some funny antics, another robbery, hostage situation, and an old thief ring back at it again...maybe.

  • Sue Galuska
    2019-03-28 18:22

    I forgot what a fun story this has such great laugh out loud moments in it mostly from the heroine's grandma....and such great swoony moments from the hero, Sam "Coop" Cooper.Sam Cooper tried to be a cop like his father and older brother but because of an old injury he wasn't successful. Instead, Coop is a crime reporter for The Daily Post in New York City. It pays the bills but he would prefer to be a successful author. When Coop is able to stop a robbery at a local jewelry story, he is rewarded with a ring of his choice, which he reluctantly takes. This ends up earning him the title of The Most Eligible Bachelor on the online blog at his New York City newspaper and brings him a lot of unwanted attention.When Lexie Davis sees the story about Coop on TV and eyes the ring he ends up with, she realizes it looks like the ring that matches the necklace that her Grandma Charlotte has. With her grandma's 80th birthday coming up, Lexie wants to see if she can buy the ring off of Coop. When Coop and Lexie first meet, sparks instantly fly. When Lexie explains that she'd like to buy the ring from him, Coop is instantly curious because that is the second person who has expressed interest in the ring. As Lexie and Coop realize that there is a past history to this ring, they both agree to investigate the ring's past. Of course this means that they must spend more time together and quickly find themselves in each other's arms. As the mystery unfolds, and romantic feelings quickly form, family secrets also come to the surface. This was a fun and entertaining ride. I really loved the character of Coop. He was sweet and caution, having been burned before but he was really drawn to Lexie. Lexie lived her life based on certain things that she always thought were correct, but found herself questioning those things as secrets were exposed. It took some changing in both of their lives, but these two finally got to their happy ending. I also just adore Lexie's Grandma Charlotte and her best friend, Sylvia...those two were a hoot! Overall, this was a fun and sexy story that I really enjoyed.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-29 17:20

    Another great throw back from Carly Phillips! This is one of my favorite books that I have re-read this summer, it is always fun to go back and find old characters again.In Kiss Me If You Can, crime reporter Sam Cooper is in the right place at the right time, and stops a theft at a jewelry store. For his bravery, the owner lets him pick anything he wants from the store as a reward. Sam doesn't know that what he thought was a cheap, gaudy ring, turns out to be something else all together!Lexi is a web designer, and sees the news report about the hero with her grandmother. When her grandmother notices the ring, she seems to have some secret to hide. Lexi wants to find Sam to talk about getting the ring for her grandmother, but he has somehow become the most eligible bachelor in town and isn't interested in meeting with anymore women. What he wants is to find out the history of the ring, and Lexi might just be the one to help him. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but once they find out more about the ring, can Lexi trust Sam with family secrets?This was a fun book to read again! It is sweet and sexy and one you don't want to miss. This book was the perfect end of summer read, something great to take to the beach and spend the day loosing yourself in.

  • Debra Smith
    2019-04-17 17:35

    This was a great read. Sam "Coop" Cooper is a crime reporter that happens to stop for a hotdog from his favorite vender on the corner near a jewelry store where he notices a robbery in progress which he stops. The woman is so grateful she offers him a reward at first he doesn't want to take it but a local reporter sees this and gets its all on camera so Coop takes a ring. Lexi is web designer that lives part time with her grandmother when she is state side. Lexington loves to travel and can design a website anywhere.. she is home for while due to her grandmother's up coming 80th birthday. Lexington and her grandmother Charlotte happen to catch Sam on the news for his heroism and notice the ring he accepts looks like a match to her grandmother's necklace. Lexi decides to get in touch with Coop to see if she can buy the ring for her grandmother as a gift.In the meantime Coop has been named New York's most eligible bachelor so he is receiving all kinds of attention he doesn't want... and now 2 people are interested in this ring he didn't reply want to begin with... he does an internet search soon realizes that the ring was reported stolen in the 1950's. These two are in for a wild ride of mystery and mayhem... This is a really great read that keeps you and laughing at the antics of her grandma and her bestie.

  • Julia
    2019-03-30 19:42

    Dnf 21%

  • Laurel
    2019-04-10 21:39

    I didn't really enjoy this book as felt it was a bit too slapstick and not what I anticipated from this author.

  • Shelly
    2019-04-14 15:40

    It's been quite some time since I've read anything by Carly Phillips, not because her books are awful, but because her books for me are just fluff. They're nice to read them if you have them or get a chance, but I don't think you're missing anything ground-breaking or super exciting by not reading them. On that note, this was available from the library as an audio book, and the one thing I remember from previous Phillips books is the dialogue is usually very quick witted and sexy, so I thought listening to the audio would be fun while toiling away at work. I was so wrong.At first I was going to give the book itself only 2 stars, but I don't think it's fair to take away a whole star just because the audio was terrible. In fact, one of these years I plan on finishing the series, but will be reading it, not listening to it, unless it's a different narrator that is. This narrator, Sherry Slater I believe her name is, did an okay job for the main characters, even though there wasn't much difference in voices between them, it wasn't terrible. No, what was so terrible was the voices she did for Lexi's grandmother Charlotte and Charlotte's friend Slyvia. They both were so shrill and annoying, what is a lovable character in Charlotte is ruined by the high-pitched, can't-make-up-her-mind-to-do-Jersey-classic-New-Yorker-or-even-slightly-British-at-times accent!! And Charlotte has a lot to say in this book, she's a very essential character, particularly since the heroine has no friends in the book and doesn't get along with her family, and lives with her grandma Charlotte when she's in town. The narrator also does Slyvia in the same voice, and when Charlotte and Slyvia bicker, which is quite a lot, it's nothing but a shrill, ear-splitting mess. The other men characters in the book besides the hero also sound equally bad. In fact, the only other character's voice in the book that isn't horrible is Coop's sexy neighbor/best friend Sarah. And the narrator tries so hard to do a Jessica Rabbitt impression with her voice, it comes off sounding way too weird. So totally avoid the audiobook on this one!! It's too distracting!As for the story itself, I really didn't mind it, although I felt it could have been fleshed out a bit more, some holes missing, but really it's a fun story line. One of my beefs with the whole jewel heist story is when Charlotte and Slyvia are explaining why they stole in the past, it was plausible and even understandable. But when they steal the last time in the 50's, it's simply because they were bored. No reason, they weren't financially strapped, it wasn't a matter of life or death, they were just bored. It just seems bad form for a lovable character like Charlotte to stoop to something so low just to relive the boredom while her new husband was away serving in the Korean War. But here it's kind of blown off, no real consequences and it appears they have no real regrets for it, well that's not true. They regret anyone finding out, but that's it. They do agree to give up the jewelry to the family's foundation anynmously, but only because Coop and Lexi guilt them into it.The whole push-pull relationship between Coop and Lexi is unoriginal, but it's not unbearable and even cute most of the time. I like that there's not a lot of bickering going on between them, they have their disagreements, but quickly resolved them as they come up (with exception of the BIG disagreement, but that's to be expected) and they go on growing closer to each other. Their pasts hang over their heads, but instead of deciding they can't be together because of the pain, they agree to have a fling, see where it goes, and let the relationship die of natural causes. I really like this, as it's different from the I-want-to-but-I-can't-because. . . . Instead they are open to the possiblities and are very realistic about where this thing between them will likely end up. Fortunately for us, they really like each other and don't want things to end. For them, it's sheer terror realizing this, but for us it's kinda neat to see. Ultimately, they are a pretty cute and HOT couple!I do want to keep reading the series, if only to see Sarah, Coop's neighbor/best friend have a happy ending. She's very complex already and I like that. A female cop who is no-nonsense from the get go, but once you get to know her, she lets her guard down and she's a total girl, with all the frills, lipsticks, and sexy clothes. I can't wait to see how she handles falling in love!If you ever want a light and fluffy read, then by all means, grab this! Whatever you do, just don't listen to the audiobook! I beg you!

  • Tracy Roberts
    2019-03-28 14:21

    This was a great book. At first I wasn’t sure if the story line was something I would enjoy but because I love this author I went ahead and read it. I was pleasantly surprised that I did enjoy this story line. It was something new to me but still had the love connection that I crave.Grandma Charlotte was funny as heck. She was awesome in this book. I love characters that can make me laugh.Overall, this book was really good and I really enjoyed it.

  • Crystal Singer
    2019-03-31 22:20

    I always love it when Carly Phillips re-releases a series. It gives me the chance to re read and fall in love all over again. I love Lexie and Coop's story. Little bit of mystery, drama and a whole lot of sexiness! Their chemistry is undeniable from the moment they meet and the ride that Carly takes us on from the first page to the last is a great one! Highly recommend this one!

  • Alyssa Edmonds
    2019-04-06 20:20

    This book had a bit of a rushed ending but it also definitely became one of my favourite reads throughout the story. Several different stories intertwined together making it an interesting read nonetheless. I wish this story had more pages though because I definitely want to read into the future of Coop's and Lexie's story! The suspense of this book has moved me into the second and final book in this series however. Win-Win!

  • Elaina
    2019-04-19 21:36

    This book was a nice change from many of the books I've read lately. There is still the romance and steamy encounters, but the storyline was something new and fun to follow with its twists and turns. The mystery behind the ring captured my attention and kept it through the end. And the secondary characters of Charlotte and Sylvia were so much fun. Can't wait to start book 2 in this series.

  • Angie Reed
    2019-04-08 16:19

    Sam Cooper is a crime reporter and hopeful mystery writer and has become the next newest victim of the Bachelor Blog. Lexie is a web designer interested in purchasing the ring Sam was given for her grandmother. Lexie’s Grandmother and her friends are up to something and I love their antics. Soon it is discovered that the ring is stolen property. The twists in this story made it a fun book to read.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-07 16:15

    A hot bachelor. A unique and caring woman. And a mystery to solve. How could I not want to read it? I delved in expecting a typical contemporary romance, but I got so much more. This was a rare instance when I found myself loving the secondary characters even more than the two main characters. I could easily see myself becoming best friends with Grandma. I have a few suspicions on who might be writing the Bachelor Blog as well, and hope I find out for sure in future books.

  • Angie Reed
    2019-03-28 21:44

    Sam Cooper is a crime reporter and hopeful mystery writer and has become the next newest victim of the Bachelor Blog. Lexie is a web designer interested in purchasing the ring Sam was given for her grandmother. Lexie’s Grandmother and her friends are up to something and I love their antics. Soon it is discovered that the ring is stolen property. The twists in this story made it a fun book to read.

  • Nicki Holt
    2019-04-13 14:36

    This was a cute story filled with stolen jewelry, hot bachelor blog and a grandmother who used to be a thief. Even through the twists and turns, Coop and Lexie find love and acceptance. Overcoming the need to run and learning to stop concentrating on your past failures made this book a great read.

  • Cathie
    2019-03-22 14:36

    I really like this book, it had a little mystery and romance all wrapped into one. Sam and Lexi's characters were very enjoyable, and the crazy grandma and her friend were a little sneaky and funny.

  • Melissa B
    2019-03-23 17:30

    I always enjoy Carly's books and this one was no exception! The story line had me intrigued and I couldn't put it down. This book was a fun, sexy read and the characters chemistry was off the charts hot! Coop and Lexie will pull you in and not let go until the very end!