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Title : Stone Age Health Programme
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Stone Age Health Programme Reviews

  • Ash Moran
    2018-11-14 07:23

    This book isn't entirely without merit. There are two unexpected, and worthwhile chapters, about hunter-gatherer societies, namely "The Natural Child" and "Woman the Gatherer". But this is fundamentally a book about paleo nutrition, and in that respect it falls down in two serious ways.First, the authors make the same old mistake that because wild game meat is lean, stone-age man ate less fat. NO. It has been documented by Western A Price that cultures as far separated as Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians eat only the fattiest pieces of meat. "Rabbit starvation" - eating excess lean meat - is known as a huge risk to all traditional communities.Second, and completely unforgivable, is the comment about grains and dairy. Possibly the only indisputable ideas about what paleo man ate are that he DIDN'T eat these foods. And this book makes that quite obvious. But then, on page 132-3:"Even wild grains, abundant in many locations, required such arduous processing that more easily utilized plant resources were eaten instead. But this doesn't mean we should refuse dairy products and grains. These modern foods are excellent and versatile nutritional sources."Woah, hang on a minute. That means nothing other than you SHOULD avoid dairy products and grains! In fact, if the authors had actually read the book they wrote themselves, they might have come to the same conclusion.This is the single most spectacular flaw in paleo reasoning in any book I've seen. On that basis, I can't recommend this to anyone as an introduction, and only hesitantly to someone who has done some reading already. There is value in this book, but you need to know more than it contains to be able to extract it.