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Big bad wolfLike the skilled predator of the hunt, Harper Beaumont cornered Nikki Ashton and offered her the biggest opportunity of her career. While his domineering manner left her cold, his demanding kiss warmed her considerably.Nikki knew Harper was the only man who could unleash her passionate nature. Unfortunately, he saw her as a gentle lamb to be protected--not as aBig bad wolfLike the skilled predator of the hunt, Harper Beaumont cornered Nikki Ashton and offered her the biggest opportunity of her career. While his domineering manner left her cold, his demanding kiss warmed her considerably.Nikki knew Harper was the only man who could unleash her passionate nature. Unfortunately, he saw her as a gentle lamb to be protected--not as a partner who could match his fierce passion... ....

Title : Cry Wolf
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ISBN : 9780373115969
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 189 Pages
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Cry Wolf Reviews

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-06-10 08:50

    Although I wouldn't call this book unputdownable, I enjoyed it. It had a deep element that I don't always see in Harlequin Presents. I liked the way that Nikki could see there were two aspects of Harper that were fighting each other. The part of him that was a protector, sweet, and loving; and the predatory, domineering, take no prisoner part of him. She saw that he was in conflict, feeling like he needed to supress one over the other, and that this would be an issue in him accepting his love for her, instead of pushing her away altruistically. Nikki was young, about 23, but she was pretty mature and insightful. I loved that she was an artist. She reminded me of my mother, in fact. She was a pretty layered character. Harper was also deep and rich in characterization. I liked him from the beginning. He has that tough, strong, intense nature that I love in a hero, but also the warm, sweet, loving, caring personality that is equally irresistible. And he was a British hero. We need more Brits in the HP books! Another thing I liked about this book was that Harper was a family man. He was raising his nephew since his parents died when he was a baby. He was also close to his mother. I think Ms. Carpenter wrote this book with some elements that enriched it in a way that I wish I saw more in this category of books. This was a good book, and I wish I had read it fast, but I kept picking it up near bedtime when I was too sleepy to enjoy it as much as I could.If you want to sample a Harlequin Presents that veers away from the whole Mediterrean/Latin billionaire playboy with the arm-candy heroine, you should check this out. I hope to find more of Amanda Carpenter's books since I enjoyed this one and The Great Escape.

  • boogenhagen
    2019-06-03 11:37

    Re Cry Wolf - Amanda Carpenter's tenth HP outing is a study in adjective laden verbosity. But it is a pretty lyrical verbosity that is reminiscent of a slow drift down a lazy river on a sunny English day.The h is a 24 yr artist. She is the daughter of a deceased US Senator and comes from a very sophisticated background. She has left her family behind in the States, as her mother remarried another narcissistic power broker like her late father and she got tired of the pretenses of high society life. She now works in advertising and in a certain respect, she limits herself to the here and now and earning a living. She meets the H as she is running with badly cut hands after she got lost near Soho and was attacked.The H is a 36 yr old Captain of Industry and a renowned art collector himself. He rescues the h when she literally runs into him and because one part of him is amused and wants to capture and conquer the feisty but gamine h and the other part wants to protect her from all harm, he soon maneuvers her into staying at his Oxfordshire manor home. He does this by going to the ad agency she works for and holding out the chance for a lucrative contract if the h can come up an overarching logo and theme for his vast conglomerate of businesses. The h is very wary at first, they have a huge mutual attraction, but she has been around power brokers before and she is not impressed by the callousness they have for other people. The h doesn't want to be used and cast aside, but the H also has a very cute six year old nephew that soon becomes the h's bosom beau and the care and love the H has for his nephew goes a long way to reassuring the h that the H is relatively harmless.Then the H challenges the h to spend six months on a painting, of any subject, and he will subsidize her and then purchase it for a healthy sum. He sets up a studio for her in his country home and there is a lot of back and forth as the h and the H battle their intense attraction for each other and the H battles the conqueror side vs the protector side of his inner nature.Throw in a long time family friend who is a wanna be OW with marriage in mind, a really good verbal showdown between the h and the wanna be OW after the h and H become lovers and an overheard conversation by the h where she thinks the H is dumping her because she isn't elusive enough and we get ourselves a nice little lazy afternoon melodrama.Things come to a climax when the H goes to ask her family's permission to marry the h. While the h is making plans to leave because she believes she failed to make the H love her and he is kicking her out, the h's brother flies back with the H to ask his sister to return to the family fold in the States. The little nephew is very irate that the h is leaving and those are the first words that greet the H and the brother when they show up at the Oxfordshire home. The h is so wrapped in misery, she can't even see straight, but she did manage to finish the painting the H commissioned. The h's brother then spills the beans about the H wanting to marry her cause he loves her and all is right again as the h runs to find the H and give him a piece of her mind about not telling her he loves her before he announces it to all and sundry.There are big shouted "I love you's" in the midst of their argument about their inner natures and we get a lovely wedding with the h at her most gamine and feisty best, a besotted H who still retains his boardroom predator image and a lovely portrait of the H as a wedding present that shows both sides of his personality. Thus proving that the h is not only a great artist, but the one woman that can see all of the H and loves him for it anyway. As the H sees and adores her and all her wisdom and winsomeness just as much, we leave the two planning to sail down the Nile on honeymoon for a truly sparkly happy sunny HPlandia HEA.This one is cute, the prose is absolutely lyrical and relaxing, but not a whole lot happens and the angst is more from the over use of the adjectives rather than any real drama. On the whole give this one a go when you are in a whimsical beach mode for a more relaxed and fairly cute HP excursion.

  • Saly
    2019-06-14 05:44

    Despite the prose of the book filled with adjectives, I loved this book. There was something that pulled me in. The heroine comes from a privileged background and is a 24 year old artist who doesn't challenge herself much. Then she meets the hero when he rescues her from bad men. The hero sees through to her. He is 36 and successful and pushes her art. They are attracted to each other but the hero could be passive aggressive sometimes, pushing her away because of her innocence but the heroine gave as good as it got. They didn't want to pressure on each other, hence the holding back which almost caused misunderstandings before the HEA.

  • Melanie♥
    2019-05-31 12:45

    **** 4 1/2 stars *****Something about this book just appealed to me. The language at times was a bit flowery and OTT, but in the end, I just plain liked it. I might even give it a re-read down the road!

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-06-01 08:43

    Ok this is her last book I am reading of her!!! They just piss me off! Firstly, how is she responsible for birth control asshole your the one with the experience and also they are both two very selfish self centered people!!! God help me but they pissed me off!!! It's like no one else was in this book but two very boring selfish people who could read each other's motives and bore oh bore they went to bed together only when it was convenient!!! Omg that's not passion that's not love!!! It's just I don't like her writing I think she makes me mad and I want to just yell!!! In fact I just did!!! Never again.

  • sbf20112011
    2019-06-08 10:36

    I really liked this one, though it was probably more like 4.5 stars. Way melodramatic, and I felt like half the time I couldn't really follow whatever deep, intense points they were making in conversation. Nonetheless, it kind of worked for me -- I do like emotional angst anyway. And I think I just liked this hero -- very strong, but also gentle -- you really got the feeling he was going to take care of her. Not the most modern relationship, but still nice in a romance novel.

  • Domino
    2019-06-05 05:54

    This book was ALL about the chase and without it the H lost interest.

  • Tristen
    2019-05-21 10:58

    Three and a half stars I read this when searching out Thea Harrison books. Set in the early nineties I found the draw very compelling. The ending was a little too sweet for my tastes but matches the time and publisher.

  • Hortensia
    2019-06-05 05:57

    El aullido del lobo (título en español). Novela ligera, completamente blanca. Me gustó, aunque es bastante predecible en algunas partes.

  • Maysam
    2019-05-23 05:50

  • Mona
    2019-05-20 10:55

    Full of the standard misunderstandings between the H/H, but nonetheless, it managed to keep it interesting.

  • April Brookshire
    2019-06-02 08:40

    It's really sweet how much the hero loves her, but there wasn't an actual plot outside of that.

  • Tia
    2019-06-02 07:42

    Read Dec 2011.The hero treated the heroine like a fragile piece of glass until she stepped up to the plate. Honestly, I adored this novel.

  • Bungluna
    2019-06-06 12:56

    Nice story with elements that give it more depth than is usual for series romance. Towards the end the story fell back on the usual tropes, though, which lessened my enjoyment a bit.