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Cherry Adair: “Temptation on Ice”When paranormal operative Sebastian Tremayne heads to the Arctic Circle to keep an eye on red-hot physicist Michaela Giese, the polar ice cap isn’t the only thing in danger of melting. This beautiful brainy woman could spark a nuclear disaster he cannot stop—even with magic—and ignite a fiery passion he cannot resist…Gena Showalter: “TemptaCherry Adair: “Temptation on Ice”When paranormal operative Sebastian Tremayne heads to the Arctic Circle to keep an eye on red-hot physicist Michaela Giese, the polar ice cap isn’t the only thing in danger of melting. This beautiful brainy woman could spark a nuclear disaster he cannot stop—even with magic—and ignite a fiery passion he cannot resist…Gena Showalter: “Temptation in Shadows”Tall, lean, muscular—and definitely rough around the edges—Sean Walker is not your typical nightclub bodyguard. He’s a controller of shadows, able to wield darkness at will. But when a mysterious woman at the club turns out to have powers greater than his own, he has no choice but seduction…Lorie O’Clare: “Hunting Temptation”A manhunter by trade, Seth is on the trail of his most dangerous prey yet: a living, breathing, man-eating werewolf. But the last thing he expects to catch in his trap is a beautiful, beguiling woman—with some wild animal urges of her own…...

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The Bodyguard Reviews

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2019-04-07 15:48

    3 stars-"Temptations on Ice" by Cherry Adair- this is part of her T-FLAC series and was incredibly interesting. I feel I may have lost a bit by not knowing the series. My main reason for rating this one a 3 was that they were being hunted by "tangos" (bad guys), they were in a small 2 man submarine the size of a SMART car, and had hot sweaty sex through their wet suits before being blasted by a torpedo. Now I know we suspend belief for shorts, but really? Really?!5 stars- "Temptation in Shadows" by Gena Showalter- Gena Showalter's story is a bit darker and grittier than her usual stuff, but man can she write! It felt like it could be added into her Tales of an Extraordinary Girl world...very similar vibe and I liked the hero/heroine.4 stars- "Hunting Temptation" by Lorie O'Clare- I loved this one, in fact it could have been my favorite story. The main reason I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 was that the ending was too abrupt. I would like to have seen this book as a full-length novel. I will probably read more of Lorie O'Clare after this one. A great werewolf story where a human bounty hunter is called in to help bring down a rogue werewolf...except the human doesn't know about the weres! It was great because we have a strong werewolf heroine and a strong human hero who have to find a middle ground of "is our hero strong enough to handle a dominant werewolf mate?" and "Is our heroine too dominant for her male, or is she willing to submit?" I loved it, and it's a 5 story that ended too quickly...

  • Kathrynn
    2019-04-18 22:38

    Three short stories were packed into this little read. For me, they were unoriginal and overdone. One had possibilities of a new series:1. Temptation on Ice by Cherry Adair (#16 in the T-FLAC series)An "OK" read, but nothing special. Another PSI T-FLAC (paranormal), so it felt like "been there and done that." Sebastian Tremayne's abilities were to absorb other's abilities. Kinda like Rogue on X-Men. He encountered Michaela Giese (T-FLAC--non paranormal--scientist agent) two years prior to this story. They had a chemistry together and when Michaela was believed dead then turned traitor it was Sebastian that was called in to take her out.For a short story, there was too much repetition of information already given. I hate that. Why retell me what I already read? Also, I'm sick of the paranormal element to this series. At least this one didn't have "great" powers on the fritz. 3 Stars2. Temptation in Shadows by Gena ShowalterThis looked like the kick off for a new series, and was my favorite in this anthology. Certainly left open a lot of possibilities. Nicely written. Funny, at times. Hot. Nice characters. It did, though, have a feel of another series--GhostWalkers by Christine Feehan. Young children (boys and girls) living on streets captured by mad scientist that altered their brains then let them go. Why? Another group, Rose Briar, were looking for the (now) grown children and also had "abilities." Sean Walker, controller of shadows, meets Gabrielle "Gabby" Hiut, controller of computers/electronics. His agency wants to bring her in or kill her if she's deemed too dangerous and won't cooperate. There's running and hiding, bad guys chasing them, action and suspense. 4 Stars3. Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'ClareWerewolf story. I struggled to get into the story, but it would not move along fast enough for me. A lot of narration. A lot. Felt like I was getting bogged down by details that were not relevant to the story. Seth Gere was a bounty hunter/private investigator. I didn't need to know he staked out another client all day and never found anything with all the details that went with that. So much that could have moved along, but didn't.Jenna Drury was a werewolf that fell in lust with Seth. Been there, done that, too often. Enough already.I didn't finish this one.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-23 20:35

    I purchased this book just to read Gena Showalter's Temptation in Shadows. I am a huge fan of Showalter and I could not resist buying it any longer. The story was good and I really liked the characters. I think that this short story really could have been a full novel like the Extraordinary Girl books. It shared a lot of elements that the EG novels had. i.e. Girl experimented on+ potentially dangerous "power"= being a target that is a danger to herself and the world. Girl is protected by man assigned to her with "powers" of his own. The story moved very quickly and the characters very quickly realized that they cared about each other deeply (and of course were intensely turned on by each other and have a really HOT scene together- it IS Showalter). The only thing I was sad to see was its quick end... as with all of Gena's work, I wish it would go on and on. I had never read anything from Adair or O'Clare and I am not sure if the stories in this book were enough to make me curious enough to look for anymore from them, but anything with Showalter's name on it is enough for me to purchase and I was not disapointed that I had the opportunity to read more of her work.

  • Leah
    2019-04-21 17:42

    ~ PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED, PARANORMALLY SKILLED, PERFECTLY IRRESISTIBLE ~I have to say that I found it highly ironic that the heros in all three of the stories had names that started with "S"."Temptation on Ice" by Cherry Adair - 3.5 StarsI loved Sebastian: sexy, smart, loyal, dedicated. I loved Michaela, too; she was smart and determined. I love that she changed the bomb so that it wouldn't affect everyone in the world. I felt like I was missing some of the story, though, because I haven't read others in the series."Temptation in Shadows" by Gena Showalter - 5 StarsSean was totally awesome and I loved him, and he had an awesome ability. He was funny, loving, caring, intelligent. And, I have to say, I would pick him over Rowan, too, so way to go, Gabby. He had a sad past of abuse but he overcame that and was a total badass.I loved Gabby, too; she was funny, smart, and determined. Despite the side effects, she also had a cool ability. Her past was extremely tragic: sexually abused, dead parents, living on the streets, abducted, operated on so that some kind of device was put in her brain.I thought it was hilarious that Rowan's skill was charm and he was stunned when Gabby went for Sean instead of him. To be honest, I originally suspected him as the "traitor". I have since seen the error of my ways and love him completely.I think this would make for a great series. I mean, Gena Showalter has a fantastic start with this story. It leaves many unanswered questions, especially with regards to the doctor who operated on Gabby and the other kids."Hunting Temptation" by Lorie O'Clare - 4 StarsI absolutely loved Seth from the start. I love that he's a bounty hunter. I was sad, however, when he freaked over Jenna and Jeremy being werewolves, but I love that he ends up accepting it.Jenna was awesome. I love how she went after Seth because she wanted him even though her brother forbade her from seeing him.It chafed at me that Jeremy was so demanding towards Jenna and expected her to follow everything he said.I do wish, though, that this story could have been longer so that it could have been a little more developed. I felt I was missing some of the pieces to the story.

  • Michelle Tempted By Books
    2019-04-06 14:47

    All thropughtout I thought this anthology was a winner. Cherry Adair's Temptation on Ice was the 14th story in the TFLAC series. I liked the concept of these two having some background with one another. I didn't much care for the lack of communication but the steaminess more than made up for it. In typical TFLAC fashion, we have an expiration date/time on this story so things are very fast paced. Gena Showalter's Temptation in Shadows reminded me so much of her Alien Huntress series that I thought I had read it before. There were some key differences but all the things I have come to expect from Gena were there. HOT, HOT men, plenty of action and so much sexual tension you can't imagine why they haven't buckled under the pressure of it sooner. Lorie O'Clare's Hunting Temptation also had plenty of action and some good kink. I think this story had the most rush to it for me. I felt like the Werewolf reveal and fallout was very rushed, a little hokey and the overbearing brother was WAY TOO much, I wanted to choke him. It was a fairly entertaining story though.

  • Katrina Hodges
    2019-03-26 18:40

    I only read the story by Gena Showalter and I loved it. She is such a good author, she'll hook you on the first sentence and keep you entertained throughout the whole book with no dull moments. This book does not seem to be apart of a series, unless it is a prequel to a new series? If it is, I will continue with the series. The book was about a girl who has the ability to hack into computers with her mind and the danger she is in because of it. It was an interesting storyline and I was hooked from beginning to end.Though I didn't find the climax all that climatic... it was still entertaining and overall I give this book 4 1/2 stars.

  • Cindi
    2019-04-02 19:35

    I enjoyed the final novella in this anthology the most. I believe that Lori O'Clare is new to me; she writes about werewolves and I look forward to checking out more of her work!

  • Andrea Hussey
    2019-04-10 18:46

    Temptation on Ice:I liked the strong feelings Sebastian had for Michaela as he watched her. “He sucked in an inaudible breath, his heart manic with lo--lust. With unrequited hunger. Beating fast, because just looking at her turned him on like no other woman ever had, nor, he knew, ever would.”I just hated that she had been the fiancé to his best friend, and they had kissed while she was engaged to another man. That said something about her, well both of them, that I didn’t like. I really didn’t care for Michaela either. The comment she made about missing sex the most since her kidnapping was distasteful. The comment about Sebastian earning a reputation for being a hotshot in bed was also distasteful. And Michaela just wants to try sex out with him. She’s really coming off as a slut.I really didn’t care for the f-word used so frequently. That is the most crude, trashy, and classless way to refer to the act of lovemaking. And I was so shocked that that had been Sebastian’s mission, to make love to her just to get her to trust him, and to stall for time while Cohen disabled the computers.I really thought Michaela would feel hurt and betrayed, because that’s clearly the emotion that Sebastian’s actions would cause. But Michaela is joking with him, wanting to see his face and naked body, and turning her mouth up for a kiss afterwards, because life “was too short to waste on anger.” No, the book’s too short to express realistic emotions. I guess since this is a short story the author didn’t have time to go through the motions of giving Michaela realistic reactions, and so made her instantly okay with it. Hello, he thought you betrayed your kind and willingly worked with your enemies, and he had sex with you to distract you. Who the heck forgives something like that? Michaela is an idiot, I don’t care how smart you insist she is.The first story was completely stupid. I don’t know why you’d choose such a complicated plot for a short story. This was the most rushed and unresolved short story I’ve ever read. Why put suspense in here if it’s really going nowhere? The plot was ridiculous, as were the names. Tongpan and Gangjon? Seriously? What did you pick them out of the most loser-y and nonthreatening name book? There were submarines, scientific mumbo jumbo, a team of paranormally gifted individuals, evil men trying to blow up the greater part of the world, and rushed sex scenes. What a failure. Temptation in Shadows:It was pretty annoying to learn that this story’s relationship started out as a trick too. Sean and his partner were supposed to get Gabrielle to trust them so they could pump her for information about her ability. Rowan was the one that was supposed to seduce her, while Sean acted as bodyguard, but it was still a betrayal.“Sean Walker studied the female’s photo on the wall in front of him. Thick brown hair, straight as a pin. Big brown eyes, olive skin, no freckles that he could see. She was utterly nondescript. Totally dismissible. Unless you concentrated on those eyes.”What the heck? He sees her for the first time, and his thoughts are she’s totally dismissible? That’s messed up.“Rowan laughed. “We’re talking about the mouse you just showed us, right?”She’s not a mouse. Those eyes, Sean thought again.”Oh, that’s just rich. The only thing he likes about her are her eyes . . . because people can be attracted to each other based solely on the other’s eyes. Geeze.The author tried to spin it like Sean wasn’t really tricking her; he was doing it for her, so he wouldn’t look bad, but he was tricking her. She used this instant attraction bullcrap that I absolutely hate. He wanted to know what she ate, what she liked, what she didn’t like and all that, and they’d only known each other less than a week, and even then nothing really happening. They kissed once and that was it, the rest of the time he just followed her home and crept into her house to check her locks and stare at her while she slept like a complete stalker. Yeah, that’s not romantic. That’s creepy. These two men come to her house, luring her out with a computer file, and Sean just uses the tranquilizer dart on Gabrielle once it’s over, and goes ahead with the faked-rescue mission to get her to trust him. Yep, he’s a good guy.And just like the woman in the first story, Gabrielle is briefly mad, if you can even call it that, before she’s over it, admiring Sean’s looks and looking forward to sleeping with him. What a freakin idiot. She’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. She’s supposed to be this tough woman who can kill if she has to, yet when someone abducts her to find out about her and get her to work with his organization, she’s as docile as a kitten.I really didn’t care for how they had sex, just suddenly and when they didn’t know each other. And Gabrielle just acted like it was inevitable, and she really looked like an idiot when she said “I don’t trust you,” and “I’ll probably hate you afterwards.” That is the dumbest thing you could possibly say. Why have sex with someone willingly, and then get mad at him afterwards, like it’s his fault?I hated the little comment he made about loving sex, ever since he had been 15 at a girlfriend’s house “studying.” That’s disgusting, and I don’t want to hear about that crap.Gabrielle was a pathetic idiot who couldn’t do one thing on her own, and had to have Sean protect her and do everything for her. They all get captured, and her old boss Thomas is slapping her, trying to get information about Sean. And she was being the most pathetic weakling I’ve ever come across. Case in point:“Do you think I enjoy hurting you?Hell, yes, he did. “How do you know I even like Sean? I might hate his guts.”&:“Because I’m asking you.”“Why?” she insisted. “Maybe he didn’t tell me anything. Maybe he’ll be willing to talk to you.”Seriously? Your captor asks about his powers and you say “maybe he didn’t tell me anything.” Commendable evasive skills there. That’s really gonna save his life. What a blockhead.One other thing made her even more unlikable, something I didn’t think was possible. When she saw Sean’s nice car, and realized that he had money, she said he was going to buy her one in yellow. What a gold digger, thinking she’s entitled to his money.The ending was just perfect, sickeningly so. She insists she can handle the shadows, and she’s accepted into Rose Briar and will work alongside Sean. How sweet.Hunting Temptation:This story was over in the blink of an eye, and I’m actually having trouble remembering the names. There was a mild threat from a rogue werewolf that was easily dealt with. Jenna, who kept insisted she could protect herself, never made one move to actually protect herself. She got scared, shaken up, and barely fought her way away from the bad werewolf. Yeah, you’re super strong! And she was a slut to me, even though both her and him said she wasn’t. Any woman that goes to the home of a man she doesn’t know to seduce him, well, there’s really not another word for it. I mean, seriously, she had sex with him I think on the second day she saw him. And she basically threw herself at him. Their relationship was instant attraction that I hate. Also, Jenna used extremely bad language, when there wasn’t really a reason to do so, and that’s unattractive in a woman. And using the word “f***ing” in reference to sex is completely trashy, crude and classless. That’s the worst way you could possibly refer to the act of lovemaking, and it makes it crass instead of romantic. Strikeout!Her brother was weirdly overprotective, and he was getting on my nerves. He was interesting at first, but all the growling and protectiveness just turned me off. When he stripped naked in front of Sean to change into a werewolf, and Jenna was out there too, I felt weirded out. What brother lets his sister see him naked? I don’t care if you’re a werewolf or not.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-02 18:32

    Temptation on Ice – Cherry AdiarSetting: old Russian submarine station under polar ice capTheme:Defeating evil; love;Characters:Sebastian Tremayne – can observe sorceror’s magic and use it himself… 2 years earlier, he fell for his friend’s fiancé when an innocent kiss turns passionate…she breaks her engagement, and apparently dies in a single plane she was piloting; Sebastian has not forgotten her, and when her name comes up in conjunction of a terrorist attack to implode a nuclear bomb in the south pole, melting ice, flooding cities with her name involved, he volunteers for the mission.Michaela Giese: a physicist, kidnapped by the bad guys, tortured, and forced to help in the creation of a nuclear bomb; she has sabotaged it so that it will not detonate properly, minimizing it’s danger; she has managed to not be raped by any of the men on the base, barely; Summary: Sebastian and Connor teleport in, are invisible (Sebastian for an hour)… Connor goes for the bomb, Sebastian goes for Michaela – under the assumption that she defected… she is to distract her, and does it with sex… but she quickly convinces him of the truth (he sees the scars on her body), and that she has a plan… they execute it… they get his partner killed… they escape in a 2 man submarine… the bad guys gets them, teleporting them back to the base with minutes until the bomb goes off; the bad guy wants her to correct her sabotage (yeah, right); Sebastian touches the bad guy, takes his power, and teleports them out in a nick of time… they are spending a week in the island resort of T-FLAC, in the sun. ahhhhTemptation in Shadows – Gena ShowalterSetting: nightclub; on the run; Theme: trust; love; acceptance of his darkness and the power to counter itCharacters:Sean Walker – part of a paranormal fighting group; he can draw the dark shadows to himself – they are like his pets, and want to be with him always…his father beat him to toughen him to control the dark; he is attracted to Gabrielle Huit; has had a few liaisons but they are risky;Gabrielle Huit – parents died; lived with aunt and uncle; uncle started to touch her inappropriately; she ran and lived on the streets; she was kidnapped and taken to a secret place where her brain was opened up and computer components placed in her head and after healed let go (she was one of 10 children); she can transfer all electronic data into her head – and learned to control it; she went back to living on the streets, and hid, and moved around a lot; she now waitresses, not staying in the same city for more than 4 months; Rose Brier wants her; they found 3 others like her, and no matter how they were treated, they died – an auto destruct in their brains;Summary:Sean and partner Roland sent to seduce Gabrielle into joining them… Roland’s talent is charm, and he usually can give a woman what she wants to seduce them… they send the owner (drug dealer) of the club where Gabrielle works away, and Roland is her new boss… after a week, Roland getting no where with her, but Sean and her end up in a kissing hug; he insists on following her home… and does so for a week – and he breaks into her place to watch over her… And they decide to up the stakes, and set up a kidnapping of Sean and Gabrielle, where Sean rescues her, but when they get out of the room they come across his boss, dying, and he realizes something is wrong – he wraps her in the shadows, and they escape… and to a car in the woods, where he has the keys… and they are tied together until the threat is defined… and he starts to tell her only the truth – about the fake kidnapping and the Rose Brier… And trust grows between them as she sees his power… as he makes love to her without his own satisfaction… and he protects and accepts her… they get to his bosses’ computer and she uploads his information that is encrypted… and they hide… and the bad guys (which bad guys?) find her… and they figure out she has some sort of tracking device in her head… And they make love… and she figures out the encryption, and of Sebastian’s full powers and history… and she tells him she can handle his darkness (and she does)… and her old boss is after her… but then decides he wants Sebastian because his powers are more awesome… they are kidnapped… he escapes, and finds her, and takes out the bad guys… and she agrees to join them.Hunting Temptation – Lorie O’ClareSetting: woods; his home; bar; den (were home); Theme: love; mates; passionCharacters:Seth: bounty hunter; friend of Jeremy who helps him out; a loner;Jenna: werewolf; living with her brother, pack alpha; bristling under his controls.Summary:Jenna watches as Jeremy and Seth meet in the woods and she is fascinated with Seth.. he knows he is going to a club (where Jeremy sent him) so she shows up … Seth and Jeremy are after a rogue werewolf who was released from jail (he had killed 2 women) and 2 more women are dead… Jeremy does not want to go after him directly, as not wanting to offend another pack he might have joined.Jenna captures Seth’s attention in the club… he sees the bad guy grab her… she is doing an admirable job of holding her own, but Seth goes to her rescue… the bad guy runs, they chase, they lose him… She tells him who she is and her brother’s name, but not where she lies… he takes her home, and calls her brother… she kisses him, because he wants to and because she want his smell onher when brother shows up… and what a kiss…And the next day she goes to him, she is fascinated by him, she wants to be with him… she runs into a bad guy, escapes; she goes to him… she is honest about her attraction – he can’t resist… they have wild sex… she goes home… Seth shows up the next day to talk to Jeremy – Jeremy shows him the werewolf, wanting him to break up with Jenna if he can’t handle it now rather than later… he is shocked, leaves… tracks the bad guy, Jeremy shows up, kills bad guy wanting Seth to take the credit, Seth won’t (he takes men in alive)… he gets his next man… and a week later, sitting outside his house… sees something at the fence line… and Jenna comes to him as a were… he overcomes his fear, and approaches her, asks her to change… they talk (a little)… they kiss a lot… and they are both ready for the other.

  • Amber Daulton
    2019-04-22 15:39

    I borrowed this book from my local library and my review is not paid for or compensated for in any way. Overall rating: 4 Stars Temptation on Ice ��� Cherry AdairI���ve heard of Cherry before but this story is the first I���ve read by her. While a good story, I feel that the history/purpose of the T-FLAC team wasn���t as detailed as it should���ve been for a newbie reader to pick up the book. It���s evidently in the middle of a series and the books before it should be read for a better understanding.Sebastian was a great, sexy character and I respected Micheala so much but the torture she suffered was hard to handle at times (I normally don���t mind reading about a main character who was abused but I think I just wasn���t in the mood for something depressing). I loved that wizards, magic and psychic abilities played a big part in the book.I feel that the characters jumped in bed together too quickly but I understand their urgency so I���m able to overlook it. What I didn���t like was the second time they slept together. Being stuck inside a tiny sub tank, hidden in an ice cave with Russian and Chinese terrorists searching for the sub, along with a nuclear bomb ready to denote in a few minutes a few miles away is not a proper situation to get busy.Overall, I enjoyed the story. I didn���t find any typos and the writing flowed beautifully. I hope to read more books in the T-FLAC series in the future.3 StarsTemptation in Shadows ��� Gena ShowalterGena is one of my favorite authors and she���s the reason why I picked up this anthology.The first chapter really grabbed me as we watch Sean and Gabrielle escape their kidnappers, then learn that Sean orchestrated the whole thing. I didn���t like that chapters two, three and four were flashbacks to weeks before to explain why Sean kidnapped Gabby. Luckily, chapter five picked up where the first chapter left off.Abused and experimented on as a child, Gabby���s psychic gift is amazing but it���s horrible that she has it. Sean was abused, too, but the non-government agency he works for has helped him overcome his pain and trauma, which is what he wants to do for Gabby.I don���t think this novella is part of a series but I hope Gena starts one. I���d love to read more about the side characters, like Rowan and Bentley, and Rose Briar sounds like a kick-ass paranormal agency.I found a few typos which we annoying but not enough to for me to put down the book. Gena often writes in fragment sentences to better show the emotion of a character and, while that used to really bother me, I���ve gotten used to it because the plots of her stories are just so good.4 StarsHunting Temptation ��� Lorie O���ClareLorie is another new author for me and I really liked her werewolf story. I���m more a vampire type of gal, so I don���t read wolf stories often, but I���m glad I picked this one up.An evil rogue werewolf is released from prison and killing people. Seth is a bounty hunter and relies on Jeremy, a mysterious man who baffles him, for help in some of his tougher cases. Sparks fly when Seth meets Jeremy���s younger sister, Jenna, and then he���s drawn into the dangerous world of the werewolves.An interesting twist of wolf lure, I really liked how the werewolves��� eyes turned silver instead of the normal gold as I���ve read about before and seen in movies.There were more typos in this story than I usually find acceptable. I don���t know why the author or editor didn���t catch words like ���gave��� when it should be ���give��� or a few words missing altogether in the sentence. I continued to read it because I was totally engrossed in the characters and I want to read more in Lorie���s werewolf series in the future.3.5 Stars

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-04-22 14:28

    Sebastian Tremayne is a paranormal operative who can turn invisible. Sean Walker is a secret agent who can control shadows. Seth Gere is a bounty hunter searching for a murderer. In this collection of enjoyable short paranormal stories, these men go to great lengths to protect the women they love.“Temptation on Ice” by Cherry AdairSebastian Tremayne is a T-FLAC operative who’s current assignment is to find nuclear physicist Dr. Michaela Giese, determine if she is a threat, and exterminate her if necessary. Fiery passion ignites between them and the only threat Michaela poses is to Sebastian’s heart.Enjoyable paranormal romance. with plenty of action and passion packed into a little package. The chemistry is hawt and the plot engaging. It was short but satisfying. I did have a problem with Sebastian being able to have sex with Michaela all the while thinking he was going to kill her.Rating: 3.5/5“Temptation in Shadows” by Gena ShowalterSean Walker has the ability to exist in the shadows. When he is ordered by the PNR agency he works for to find and secure Gabrielle Huit, he has no problem doing his job until he begins to fall for her. Gabrielle Huit is able to access any computer and download it’s information. When she is suddenly marked for murder she and Sean begin a journey that takes them from loners to lovers.Reading this it felt like a full length novel. The powers they both weld are interesting and a nice break from the normal PNR stance. Their chemistry was BLAZING hawt. They are both a little “freaky” in the bedroom and the fact they are up front about it was fun. Gena keeps us guessing to the villain's identity and reasons to the very end. The suspense intertwines with the romance perfectly.I have to admit I felt Gabby should have been more upset about Sean’s lies. I have a problem with the whole, “Ok I lied and betrayed you but if I keep ignoring the problem and have sex with you every ten minutes then you will fall in love with me and forget my obnoxious behavior.”Rating: 3.5/5“Hunting Temptation” by Lorie O’ClareSeth Gere is a man hunter who is currently tracking a dangerous serial killer. When his reliable “source’s” sister -Jenna-suddenly shows up on the serial killer’s radar, Seth will do anything to keep her safe and in his life forever.Seth was one dimensional in his dialog and actions. Jenna Drury and her brother Jeremy were just annoying. Jenna’s repeated remarks about...”I’m not a slut..,” and her odd speech patterns were distracting. Her brother’s high handed attitude didn’t invoke any feelings of protectiveness-rather is made me want to slap him.The chemistry between Seth and Jenna felt contrived and flat. The evil serial killer was more a bumbling idiot who just happened to have some great luck.I just could not connect with this book or it’s characters.All in all I recommend this book as the first two stories are a nice little foray into the smexy paranormal romance world.See review Smexy Books-

  • Jackie
    2019-04-01 18:33

    Temptation On Ice by Cherry Adair is "hot"! This novella set in the T-Flac series features operative Sebastian Tremayne who is a chameleon able to absorb and channel other supernaturals powers for his own use... Michaela Giese is the beauty who caught his eye 2 years prior as she was engaged to his best friend, a fellow T-Flac agent.....The story is dynamic and full of intrigue, espionage and very steamy scenes that the author is known for throughout her books... I enjoyed this Paranormal Romance with an edge of brutal danger, fast paced action, classically evil villians and male and female lead characters whose fiery passion for each other add spice on every page!Temptation In Shadows by Gena Showalter is "hotter"! The second novella in the anthology once again is a Paranormal Romance with supernaturally talented male and female lead characters.. Sean Walker is in no way your "average" male, his ability to harness the power of shadow is not only a very handy talent but also something that has over his life time forced him to choose solitude over friends and companions... Until meeting Gabby! Gabrielle Huit is a young woman with an even more unique ability, one forced upon her as a child, which has caused her to become hunted by people who wish to use this same talent for their gain... Her past has also taught her never to get close to anyone, trust can only get you hurt in the long run... That changes when she encounters Sean! This one is a deadly race to see which faction gets to Gabby first, Sean and his group of covert operatives or the bad guys who want her for their own nefarious purposes... Truth be told this was not the best story have read by the author but enjoyed the unique characters she created nonetheless!Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'Clare was "okay".. The fact that this novella shifted gears somewhat and featured a young female Werewolf, Jenna Drury as the main heroine was not bad.. The human male, bounty hunter Seth Gere was sexy as all get out and one that would make any woman proud to take him home... My problem was the repetitive use of sniffing in the story line... They would sniff out the scent of lust, or rage, or bewilderment or whatever emotion! Just like others have talked lately about the overuse of someone in a book having a love of all things pink, when an author keeps on and on with one phrase it turns me off what is actually a good story... While I did read the entire story and enjoyed the plot, the sexual content, the characters in the story that overuse of certain words just about drove me over the edge by the end of the book!All in all The Bodyguard was fast entertainment but is not something that I will reread!

  • Karen Wapinski
    2019-03-27 21:33

    I was very disappointed in this book. I'd heard a lot about Cherry Adair, and Gena Showalter is one of my favourite authors, so I had some high hopes.Maybe that was my first mistake.I'll start with what I liked:Gena Showalter's story: Temptation in Shadows. I would've been happy if this had been a full-length novel; I hope Showalter revisits these characters if not in a full novel at least in other anthologies. I love Gabby and Sean's powers; and the set-up was pretty funny. The 'hot guy' of Sean's supernatural squad is set to seduce her and completely fails, so they send in Sean whom she's at least willing to talk to. To gain her trust, they set up a fake kidnapping for the two of them in which he'll save them, get her to use her powers, and hopefully seduce her to their side. Problem is, someone's making it real and now the two are in very real danger and not sure who they can trust. The chemistry was amazing, the plot was intriguing, and the writing was, as always, hilarious and fun. I won't say more, but this story is a gem.Now to the less than great.Cherry Adair's story wasn't bad actually: Temptation on Ice. The writing wasn't excellent, but it was enjoyable enough, and the characters were all right. The plot seriously stretched your belief--such as hot sex in a completely cramped little sub while torpedos shoot at them....Yeah, because when that happens to me that's all I'm thinking about. That and moaning that I'll never find out what Barrons is. Anyway; while the characters caused me to raise my brow more than once and the villians were a little to evil mwahahaha for me; it wasn't a bad read. But, god, the third story: Hunting Temptation by Lori O'Clare. I haven't read anything else by this author, so maybe her books are better than this. I hope so.Terrible from start to finish. Terrible, dry, boring, completely UNREALISTIC characters and a plot line I could balence on my shoelace. At one point, the female were whose curiosity is peaked by Seth says (and I paraphrase here): although she'd never had sex with a human, she wondered what it would be like. Did they like their sex wild and passionate like weres did?No. We humans like our sex dry, stiff, and boring. And then we make tea.I forced myself to finish this story, waiting in vain for it to pick up. To borrow the term from the Smart Bitches, our main hero was a complete Alphole; and the heroine was one of those feisty I stamp my foot and through myself in danger to prove how tough I am idiot. Insufferable story: SKIP.

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-04-07 22:32

    You'd never guess from the name, but surprise, surprise, The Bodyguard is a paranormal romance anthology. "Temptation on Ice" by Cherry Adair is a T-FLAC short. Time is running out for kidnapped scientist Michaela when Sebastian, the man she's dreamt of for years arrived to 'rescue' her. But Sebastian's assignment is to take out the sexy woman, he believes faked her own death and is working for the enemy on a bomb that will destroy the world - While I liked the characters' back-story and thought that Sebastian's ability to borrow others' paranormal powers was pretty cool, I had a hard time getting past Sebastian boinking Michaela when he intends on killing her later. "Temptation in Shadows" - Showalter's was my favorite story of the bunch - Gabby is a survivor of an experiment that has left her with very dangerous powers. Sean is an operative in a paranormal agency undercover trying to get close to Gabby to determine if she is a threat which needs to be neutralized - it seemed almost like this story should be connected to Showalter's Extraordinary Girl series, because of the superpowers, but I didn't recognize any character overlap. Sean is a great character, I loved his power of manipulating the shadows and the chemistry between him and Gabby is really good too. Even though I would have loved more, Showalter did a really good job of telling their story in this short space. “Hunting Temptation” by Lorie O`Clare - The bounty hunter hero, Seth, tracking down a serial killer goes to his favorite 'source' - who unknown to Seth is a werewolf - for info and catches the attention of his informant's sister Jenna. Jenna is intrigued by the human and decides to evade her protective pack to entice Seth to scratch her itches - and inadvertently sets herself up as the next target for the killer - I have never read anything by O'Clare before, so fans may not agree with me, but I really did not like story. Seth was pretty good character but my like for him just wasn't enough to overcome my dislike for his leading lady. Jenna was annoyingly TStL (too-stupid-to-live) most of the time but she's "not a slut" - awk, Jenna thinks this repeatedly and for some reason that phrase irked me big-time every time I read it. I liked Showalter's offering enough to override my dislike of O'Clare and give the book three stars.

  • Robin Priddy
    2019-03-26 18:30

    Temptation on Ice: Cherry Adair Michaela Giese was a member of T-Flac, that is until she dissapeared when her small plane went down over the ocean. Everyone belived she was dead until two years later they learn she is alive and well. It seems she is at the Arctic Ocean working on a nuclear bomb that will melt the polar ice caps. T-Flac agent Sebastian Tremayne is sent to find out if she is there, if she is he is to take her out after they stop the bomb. The problem is that Sebastian has always wanted Michaela and her "death" almost destroyed him. Michaela belives he is there to save her. Temptation in Shadows: Gena Showalter Gabrielle, Gabby, Huit was a teenager living on the streets when she was kidnapped by a strange droctor. He experments on her by inserting comupter chips and wires in her brain. Now Gabby is able to download the contents from a computer that is left on without even touching it. Sean Walker is an agent with Rose Briar, a group of people with sepical abilities who help out where ever needed. Sean and his partner are sent to gain Gabby's trust in order to get her to agree to work with them. When a unknown group goes after Gabby it is up to Sean to protect her. When Gabby finds herself falling for Sean will she be able to trust him after she learns the truth?Hunting Temptation: Lorie O'Clare Seth Gere is a bounty hunter looking for a man who skipped on his parole and is wanted in the deaths of several women in the area. When he gets information from a friend about where this man will be, Seth goes on the hunt for him. Jenna is the sister of Seth's friend but they have never interduced before. When they meet for the first time there is an instant attraction between the two. The man that Seth is haunting is also after Jenna. Seth will have to protect her and try to fight his attraction to Jenna at the same time. But Jenna has a big secret. When Seth finds out what it is will he be able to accept Jenna for what and who she is?

  • Su Halfwerk
    2019-04-16 18:49

    More like 3.5 stars but Gena is here.There are 3 stories in this book:1. Temptations on Ice by Cherry AdairThe good:I liked the premise and idea of the book. Cherry had a good command of the description, making each scene sound and feel plausible (this influenced the Not-So section below.) The author also endowed the main character with a kickAss power. Cool.The Not-So:Because the author was very vivid in her description, I had a problem with the suitability of the intimate moment in the tiny submarine. No matter how hard I tried to imagine it, it didn't work. In addition, I have a problem accepting a guy who'd sleep with a woman knowing he would off her later.Rating: 3 stars2. Temptation in Shadows by Gena ShowalterThe good:Showalter wrote it, that's one plus :-). Gena Showalter's sense of humor is evident all over the place. it wasn't humorous, but subtly smirk-inducing. Know what I mean? There is an array of imaginative super powers that I enjoyed reading about. We always read about this handsome hero and this gorgeous heroine, but Gena manages to show us that they might look average in someone else's eyes but are incredibly attractive to their partners. I like gives the rest of us hope of finding that special someone one day.The Not-so:Gabby was too forgiving, too trusting, too fast. However, looking at the length of the story this is justified.Rating: 4 stars3. Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'ClareThe good:Seth's character was well developed. He is a strong minded, strongly built bounty hunter.The Not-So:Jenna was trying too hard to prove her independence to the extreme that she came across as reckless and irresponsible at times, which went against what she'd been trying to prove.In addition, the ending came all of a sudden and out of nowhere.Rating: 3 stars

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    2019-03-22 15:48

    ANH! Cherry Adair's story was pretty good. I have the TFLAC series yet to read & I didn't know it was paranormal. Great surprise!! A gifted guy who is on a mission to stop a nuclear missile or whatever & runs into the woman he was obsessed with… At one point I thought he was an ass, but I got over it quickly! It's a complete short story, so it isn't adding on to a past relationship that you wander in the middle of…Gina Showalter's was the longest & I'm not sure if it's part of an existing series… If it was… I would definitely read it. It's about 2 specific people, but it's an organization who hunt paranormal people down & either kill them or get them to a safe haven. The whole mission goes to hell when the head honcho is shot in the head & the 2 people go on the run trying to find out whodunit as well as keep safe & have lots of sex. What's new!Last Lorie O'Claire's story about werewolves hiring a bounty hunter to track down and kill a crazy werewolf while not knowing of their existence while he falls for one hot female. The bad part was that to me the description of said bounty hunter sounded exactly like Dog the bounty Hunter but bulkier… maybe. Although my 10 year old son loves the show & I think they are very entertaining people & I wish I could run in the heels Beth does… He does not get me all hot and bothered… sorry.I was entertained by this book & it gave me insight to the authors who wrote the story. I like anthologies so I can decide if I'd read the author or not. This one passed, but all in good faith I would not recommend buying it full price… Mine was $1 at the flea market.One last thought. This book has absolutely NOTHING to do with bodyguards… WEIRD!!!

  • Paranormal Suspense
    2019-03-27 19:41

    Temptation on Ice" by Cherry Adair is a short story in T-FLAC series. Time is running out for kidnapped scientist Michaela when Sebastian, the man she's dreamt of for years arrived to 'rescue' her. But Sebastian's assignment is to take out the sexy woman, he believes faked her own death and is working for the enemy on a bomb that will destroy the world I liked the characters' back-story and thought that Sebastian's ability to borrow others' paranormal powers was neat, the next thing I know Sebastian is having sex with Michaela and then plans to kill her afterwards. (3 stars) "Temptation in Shadows" by Gena Showalter was my favorite story of the bunch. Gabby is a survivor of an experiment that has left her with very dangerous powers. Sean is an operative in a paranormal agency working undercover as a bodyguard in order to get close to Gabby - his job is to determine if Gabby is a threat which needs to be neutralized. Sean is a great character and I loved his power of manipulating the shadows and the chemistry between him and Gabby is hot. (3.5 stars) Hunting Temptation" by Lorie O`Clare is about bounty hunter hero, Seth, tracking down a serial killer goes to his favorite 'source' - who unknown to Seth is a werewolf - for info and catches the attention of his informant's sister Jenna. Jenna is intrigued by the human and decides to evade her protective pack to entice Seth to scratch her itches - and inadvertently sets herself up as the next target for the killer. Seth was a good character but Jenna was naive and never listened to her brother - she always found herself in situations. (3 stars)

  • Brutally Honest
    2019-03-25 21:25

    "Temptation on Ice" - ****This story was intriguing, I really liked the second chance at love scenario, and their hooking up was made really believable. Also, it was hot."Temptation in Shadows" - ****I loved this one as well, cool abilities and I was immediately sucked into this world. I love how they developed a trust for each other over time, and how they both grew as characters in such a short story!"Hunting Temptation" - **What a disappointment. I was bored out of my mind in the beginning, and the story totally failed to grasp my attention. It's just way too short to discuss the doings of a serial killer, and on top of that there was some other case he was working on that we knew nothing about but somehow the author felt it necessary to mention it? Ugh. Also this serial killer/rogue werewolf made absolutely no sense. And the nail that sealed the coffin: the whole "man dominating the woman" stuff, the fact that Seth had issues with her strength at the end of the story and was worried she was stronger than him, and the fact that nothing was resolved at the end of the story.Seth was inconsistent in his views the entire length of the story. He went from admiring her strength ("a woman with spirit" bullshit - what men mean when they say this is "a woman with spirit - but not too much spirit, I wouldn't want my authority to be challenged!") to complaining about it, then back to admiring her self-confidence. Dude, stop it with the stereotypes. It was like he had this ideal woman in his head and was constantly comparing the heroine to her. Yuck.

  • July
    2019-03-26 19:42

    The first story in this book is by Cherry Adair. Temptation on Ice. Sebastian Tremayne works for T-Flac as an Agent and is going to the Artic Circle to find out if the the polar ice cap in in danger of melting and it is true that physicist Michaela Giese is alive and well there. This beautiful woman whom he went to her funeral along with his best friend who was soposed to marry her two years before. Now there is a danger that she could be responsible for a nuclear disaster in the making. The problem being that his best friend has moved on and has married and has a child now. He cannot stop thinking thinking about Michaela.The second story is by Gena Showalter. Temptation in Shadows. Sean Walker is a bodyguard at a nightclub. But also a undercover agent with paranormal abilities of controling shadows. He has been sent to bring in Gabby Huit. She has been on the run all of her life and has special abilities with computers that puts her life in danger. From the moment Sean and Gabby meet they are drawn toward one another. Things do not go as planned by Sean's agency and people get killed. Gabby has to run for her life again. Sean follows to protect.The final story in this book is by Lorie O'Clare. Hunting Temptation. Seth Gere a bounty hunter is after a killer Tray Long who has set his sights on Jenny Drury. Jenny is his friend Jeremy sister. And unknown to Seth they are werewolves. So he is in for some surprises.

  • Zarinah
    2019-04-21 18:29

    This was 3 lovely stories of strong women being protected or comforted by 3 strong males. The first story was really detailed and lovely about a woman stuck under the ice in a submarine and is not expecting to leave but is expectantly rescued by an old acquaintance. This story was easy to read and I enjoyed it 2 maybe 3 stars. The whole reason i picked up this book is because I m a fan of Gena Showalter and I wasn't disappointed. Her love scene was better than the first and she had a strong woman that was capable of taking care of her own but the man being a man wanted to keep her safe. story gets a 3 star.The best story was the last story I had not plan to read the last story and I would of missed a great writer if I did not. This last story was truly amazing. The author really shows you a very strong female werewolf who was used to defying authority and getting into trouble. There were some repetition of wording or a thought but it did not take away from the plot. Her love scene was so intense and I thought the author really told a believable male's perceptive when the story switched to his point of view.

  • Missy Jane
    2019-04-11 20:27

    For the most part I really liked all three of the stories in this anthology. All three had strong heroines and heroes who wanted to guard their bodies. However, each story had a little quirk that kicked me out of the flow unexpectedly.In Cherry Adair's story the heroine wouldn't say the word "fuck". This isn't necessarily a problem except she used the word "fricking" instead...a lot. It got to the point of being ridiculous.In Gena Showalter's story the format of going from present to past to present threw me for a few paragraphs.In Lorie O'Clare's story the heroine didn't come off as nearly as strong as she could have simply because of how she fell at the hero's feet so quickly.However, all three were hot, fun stories that were well written with memorable characters and steamy sex.

  • Donna
    2019-04-03 22:24

    I find it hard to rate anthologies when I have widely different opinions of the stories. I loved one novella, really liked one, and really didn't like one at all. I loved Temptation on Ice, and this is the novella I bought the bbok for. I loved both characters and really liked Sebastian's "power". I thought this was a really clever premise. I really liked Hunting Tempation. Initially, I thought both the writing and Jenna's charater was somewhat juvenile, but I ended up being absolutely charmed by the love story. I disliked Temptation in Shadows. I was bothered by the explicit sex and use of the "F" word. I never really enjoy explicit sex scenes but I'm okay when the romance balances out the sex. I didn't really feel there was any romance in this story and I think the inclusion of this novella in this book was detrimental to the other two authors.

  • Linda
    2019-04-12 19:28

    As reviewed on Read Our Lips:Loved this anthology, three shortstories with alpha males, hazards and mortal perils.Cherry Adair´s Temptation on Ice, special agent Sebastian is on a mission to interogate his old flame, now turned rogue, Michaela, learn all her secrets and then terminate her. She´s been disappeared for two years, supposedly dead and he wants to know why she did it. Wizards, paranormal and hot smexin.Gena Showalter´s Temptation in Shadows, Sean´s mission is to earn the trust of Gabby and get her to join their company. It gets harder than they thought when someone is out to kill her. Paranormal and temptation.Lorie O´Clare´s Hunting Temptation, Seth the bounty hunter is tracking a murderer and gets help from an unexpected source. Shifters and fluffy smut.

  • Loraine
    2019-03-26 15:35

    This book had so much potential. I picked it up because there was a book club here on Goodreads that was reading it and I thought, "sure, why not?" I was in the mood for some short stories, since I've been reading some long, intricate ones, lately. I honestly felt like this book had a quota of raunchy sex that HAD to be in it in order to be put in this anthology. The language was crude, the situations were contrived... most of each story read more like a Penthouse write-in than something from the fingers of a NY Time Bestselling author. I pray the other books these ladies have written were better, otherwise I'm losing faith in the NY Times to know the difference between a good book and trash.

  • Mae Hanley
    2019-03-25 14:44

    1st Story - Temptation on Ice by Cherry AdairTotally not my thing. I'm just not into subterfuge type stories. And it was a bit preditable for me. 2 stars.2nd Story - Temptation in Shadows by Gena ShawalterSlightly more to my liking. I have no idea if this is part of another series of hers, and I'm not quite intrigued enough to pursue it if it is. But I really like the gathering of shadows, that piqued my interest.3 stars3rd Story - Hunting Temptation by Lorie O'ClareI was interested in the pack dynamics, though given it being a short story they weren't as fleshed out as I would have liked. I seem to have more questions about the pack than about the main couple. 3 stars

  • Bethany
    2019-04-22 19:22

    I skipped the first short story as it could not catch my attention in the first chapter.I really liked Gena's short story, but not just because Gena wrote it. I know I'm a fangirl, but this was different. Completely new characters and storyline. Also, it had a little more of a gritty feel to it than the rest of her work. Also, parts kind of started to sway toward the erotic romance genre... and it was just fine! The last story was good. It was nice to read about a confident, sexy woman instead of the normal shy character that eventually finds herself throughout the course of the story. Might have to find more stuff by her.

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders
    2019-04-02 21:32

    Far and away the best in this on was "Temptation in Shadows," by Gena Showalter. A good balance between very likeable characters, good action, and sexy times. My second attempt at a Cherry Adair story ("Temptation on Ice") was eh. (The first one I tried Hush was a DNF).Lorie O'Clare's story ("Hunting Temptation") was also a miss for me. Overbearing men and a dumb heroine. Eh. I do own Play Dirty and Get Lucky in her bounty hunter series, so I do plan on reading more (some point in time).

  • Allison
    2019-04-01 22:28

    Read all three stories although I only wanted it for Showalter's. I give Showalter's story a 5/5. The emotions were great, story awesome, and I hope she writes more in this world she created.The first story by Cherry Adair was confusing, but I've never read her series before. I found the story really jumpy. She has a tendency (unless it was just for the page limit) to stop a chapter when the action intensifies, and start the next chapter later on. She'll summarize briefly what happened, which was really annoying.The third story wasn't either way for me. It was kind of bland.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-29 21:37

    I don't normally like anthologies because the stories are too short. The Cherry Adair and Gena Showalter stories were pretty good. I have always liked the T-FLAC setting & liked both Sebastian and Michaela. The "paranormal" aspect of Showalter's book was weird... someone who controls the shadows & someone who can hack into a computer without touching it. Seemed like a weird combo, but somehow it worked for the most part. The Lorie O'Clare book did nothing for me. I didn't like the characters or the storyline, and it went way too quick. No development at all.