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Ultimate Spider-Man artist Stuart Immonen rejoins series regular Brian Bendis for this all-new blockbuster Avengers story. One of the Hood's gang has found a way to power drain the New Avengers and it turns the tides of the Dark Reign in ways no one would have expected it. Plus, the new Sorcerer Supreme has a lot to learn, and they're going to learn it from...Spider-Man?CoUltimate Spider-Man artist Stuart Immonen rejoins series regular Brian Bendis for this all-new blockbuster Avengers story. One of the Hood's gang has found a way to power drain the New Avengers and it turns the tides of the Dark Reign in ways no one would have expected it. Plus, the new Sorcerer Supreme has a lot to learn, and they're going to learn it from...Spider-Man?Collecting: The New Avengers 55-60...

Title : The New Avengers, Volume 12: Powerloss
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ISBN : 9780785145752
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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The New Avengers, Volume 12: Powerloss Reviews

  • Jeff
    2019-06-22 05:06

    A bargain find at the local thrift shop right between that Sidney Sheldon book I’ve been dying to read and a Romance with a cover depicting a Fabio and a cleavage-bearing heroine in a clinch, on a balcony. It’s somewhere tropical……and on the fifth day, darkness reigned down upon the Marvel world and Norman Osborn approved, smiling: “H.A.M.M.E.R.” it is time for some bashing.”After a few consecutive missteps by our heroes in Marvel continuity, Osborn was put in charge, and to keep up public confidence he came up with his own psychos-in-heroes clothing faux Avengers.The plot mechanism that ties this volume together is a machine that can de-power people with super-abilities. Used by the New Avengers against the Hood’s army of goons and seemingly destroyed; it was re-configured by this guy……who got his start via this old-time comic book advertisement……which is all the proof your mamma needed that comic books will rot your mind and turn you into a drooling, evil perv.So the New Avengers get de-powered leaving Mockingbird all alone against the Wrecking Crew.Go, Bobbi, Go!!!During the fracas, a de-powered Luke Cage gets punched in the heart and he’s in big trouble.Who’s going to step up and help out? Why Luke Cage’s friends?Dawww and…Elsewhere, the hot-babe version of Loki, proves that the Hood might not have a pair of balls but, now, he certainly has a nice collection of stones – the Stones of Norn, that is.Bottom line: Dark Reign wasn’t everybody’s cuppa when it came to Marvel crossover events, but this one is penned by Bendis, so it’s worth a look. If you like a good Luke Cage/Jessica Jones and Baby Danielle story, I’d highly recommend this.

  • Gavin
    2019-06-12 05:51

    This story is about unity, family, love, teamwork, and one man who everyone shows up for...Luke Cage. What Osborn's avengers will never be, is a family. This team is finally getting there, ragtag group and all...aww warm fuzzies.Guest stars? Dr. strange and brother voodoo, hellcat, thing, daredevil, iron fist, misty knight, Valkyrie, and Hank Pym!Wow.It really is a wonderful life George Bailey!(Also, the Pym does micro surgery is apparently old as time, Now at least 3 times over I see it...DD and Hulk were the others?

  • Anne
    2019-06-11 00:45

    Loved the story, loved the art, and Spider-Man kept me giggling through the whole thing!

  • Brian Poole
    2019-06-07 02:41

    During The Hood’s extended absence, his gang made a deal with Osborn. The New Avengers debated Hawkeye’s desire to kill Osborn, with Spider-Man especially opposed to the idea. The villains lured the Avengers into action with a brazen attack in Times Square, during which they incapacitated them with a power dampener. Only Mockingbird was unaffected and managed to hold the villains off. Meanwhile, Loki guided The Hood and Madame Masque to the Asgardian Norn Stones as a new source of power. Mockingbird rescued her incapacitated teammates, but there was a problem for Luke, who went into cardiac arrest.With his invulnerable skin preventing necessary treatment, Luke surrendered to Osborn, allowing his teammates to escape. Osborn had a medical team save Luke, then a varied band of heroes, all Luke’s friends, joined the Avengers to rescue him, though the explosive Osborn implanted in Luke’s heart was a big problem. In the aftermath, Osborn ordered the Avengers to be hunted down and killed.This was another solid arc, with the team dealing with the consequences of past choices. The clash with the Dark Avengers worked as well here as it did anywhere, though at times “The Canonization of Luke Cage” got to be just a tad overblown. But Luke was probably as likeable here as he’d been in ages and having most of the heroes on the same side again was a relief after the Civil War/Initiative era. The debate over Hawkeye’s plan to kill Osborn was one of the more interesting “talky” sequences, though not bringing up how Hawkeye’s judgment of Mockingbird allowing her rapist to fall to his death years earlier had ended their marriage was a puzzling missed opportunity. Stuart Immonen came aboard for this stretch and did some nice work, splitting the difference between the cleaner, more classical style of Billy Tan and the moodier, shadow-drenched work of Leinil Yu. Overall, it was a decent way for New Avengers to end the decade, but will be most of interest to fans who’d already read the earlier collections.A version of this review originally appeared on

  • Jedhua
    2019-06-26 02:49

    ABSOLUTE RATING: {3+/5 stars}STANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>For most of his run up until now, Bendis has been able to write four-star material. Now, and since the last arc, he loses a star. Sure there's lots of action and some fun, but at this point, I just can't wait for this to end. He's been including a lot of tedious action scenes involving the New Avengers, Hood's gang, and the Dark Avengers, but I can't help but feel that nothing important is really happening. There are now too many characters involved, meaning that Bendis cannot possibly focus on characterization with all this craziness in the background. The differences between characters is now so slight that any serious dramatic element the series initially had has been greatly reduced. And the dialogue is just driving me insane. I hope Siege will end things on a more positive note.

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2019-05-29 23:56

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog story is decently written and the artwork clean and easy to follow. This is pretty much an in-between volume - I wouldn't say a whole lot happens and I finished it in 30 minutes.But you have to like a twist where the man with unbreakable skin develops a heart condition. How do doctors give him open heart surgery if they can't get to the heart? That is the plot of this particular volume and the New Avengers use old friends and a host of different powers to save their friend Luke Cage.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-06-12 03:58

    A typically desperate situation, full of chaos. It got a little long to the end, but was still a fine volume.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-18 01:48

    Another good Marvel series. dark without being misanthropic or overly violent.

  • Sr. Lado Brillante
    2019-05-29 03:47

    Bendis al igual que Eric Clapton se vuelve conformista dependiendo de quién lo acompañe, y sube su calidad si su dibujante tiene la capacidad suficiente de resolver lo que se le ocurra y después de Alex Maalev, nadie reta mas a Bendis que Stuart Immonen.La historia lidia de nuevo con The Hood, pero Immonen le da un elemento de frescura que hace disfrutable la historia, a pesar de que sepamos que vaya a pasar al final.Después de esto hay un otro arco que sirve de tie in para Siege, que realmente no aporta nada a la historia de los New Avengers, pero regresarían con un nuevo volumen, con John Romita Jr y, adivinaron, The Hood.

  • Matt
    2019-06-26 02:04

    Collects New Avengers (2004) issues #55-60In this collection one of the Hood's villains figures out a way to drain superpowers, and this leaves the New Avengers incapacitated. Osborn and his Dark Avengers get involved, and there are tons of cameos as other heroes join the fight.

  • Eric Mikols
    2019-06-23 00:02

    I don't like this series and I know that's because of Bendis' writing but this volume wasn't the worst. Plus, the art is stellar.

  • Valery Tzvetanov
    2019-06-05 03:50

    In this trade paperback we have another good and interesting plot from Bendis. With the Hood gone missing, all his villains are searching for alternative way of making profit. Doctor Jonas Harrow was able to salvage the de-powering device, used by our beloved Avengers in the previous volume. With his help the villains are able to defeat the Avengers and make a deal with the new man on charge – Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, Luke Cage suffered heart attack and he was in need of surgery. The only way to perform the medical assistance is with the de-powering device and Cage needed to go to Osborn for help. The ex-Green Goblin made a move against the Avengers seizing this opportunity, but Doctor Strange and Hank Pym where there helping them. The hood has his powered restored in a way with the help of Loki and the stones of Norn. We see glimpses of the madness of Norman Osborn and how it is going to lead him to Siege. I didn't like the art. It is bearable, but almost all women are looking ugly in the face.

  • Neil
    2019-05-28 03:50

    Bendis never fails to shine when he is focused on his Avenger's stories. Even a straight up plot involving dozens of villains at each other's throats, more Norman Osbourne machinations, and our favorite "heroes on the run" protagonists... he keeps the pace going, the dialogue sharp, and manages to move his metaplot forward.It really is too bad that there were so many crossovers throughout all of Bendis' long run. If he'd been able to focus on two or three books only, and not had to worry about editorial fiat pushing him to involve every single element of the Marvel Universe, his Avengers/Civil War/Dark Avengers epic would touch on the greatest of all time.That he can do so much in the constraints of corporately controlled characters and editorial shenanigans, is a testament to his immagination and writing execution.

  • Dean
    2019-06-16 23:58

    I never quite know what to make of Bendis as a writer. Sometimes he's great, writing cracking dialogue, fantastic action, and with a nice dose of humour and nods to comic history. Other times, he's overly verbose and too simplistic and prone to lazy writing.This time round, we get good Bendis. Truth be told, the story in here could have been told in half the page count, but it's enjoyable enough that we don't really care. The main plot is the throw down between the two teams of Avengers, the good ones and Norman Osborne's bad ones, involving Luke Cage and The Hood along the way, as well as a female Loki cameo. There's a lot going on for sure, but it kind of all makes sense by he end.The art by Stuart Immonen is nice, he's got quite the eye for a good action scene and manages to do the many many characters justice.Well worth a read.

  • MB Taylor
    2019-06-11 03:51

    Good story, pretty good art. A little Doctor Strange, some Hank Pym, some Loki, and (unfortunately) a lead in to yet another of Marvel's ridiculous events ("Siege"). Well, for all I know it might just be a continuation of an existing one. I try to ignore them as much as I can; Marvel's (and DC's) big events are mostly boring and just seem to get in the way of interesting stories being told about their characters.I enjoyed the Luke Cage story-arc (continued from The New Avengers, Vol. 11: Search for the Sorcerer Supreme), but I'm way tired of the Hood and Norman Osborn. The book left a huge dangling story line that I suppose was resolved in the next volume, but I'll never know, because I'll never read it...

  • Lissa
    2019-06-15 01:49

    The outlaw Avengers make a mistake and leave a piece of valuable equipment for Hood's gang to find. The bad guys use it to their advantage, of course, and the Avengers find themselves without their powers. During that time, Luke Cage suffers a heart attack and must seek treatment from Norman Osborn. Of course, we all know that Norman isn't going to just save the guy's life.This was actually a pretty decent arc, especially when compared to the last several in the New Avengers title. I liked Mockingbird's role in this; she kind of saved the day more than once. Altogether, this was much more enjoyable than the last few trades in this line.

  • Silas
    2019-06-23 00:52

    This was really well handled. In the aftermath of the selection of a new Sorcerer Supreme, the Hood searches for a new source of power while his organization suffers a coup that traps and takes away the powers of the New Avengers. During that time, Luke Cage suffers a heart attack, and has to take desperate measures to survive to see his child grow. It's very well written and has a lot of moving parts that come together really well. This is New Avengers at its best, and is well worth reading.

  • Holden Attradies
    2019-05-31 05:49

    This series is by far the best of the modern series I've read to date. And the Hood is by far the most interesting of villains that are "new" (or at least newer, not sure how far he goes back).The ensemble cast really manages to carry it's well in this whole series, but in this volume particularly. A big part of that is that villains like The Hood and Norman Osborn are as much a part of the cast as Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.

  • Mairi
    2019-06-15 06:56

    The Hood's gang falls apart as he loses his powers (and goes off with Loki to regain some). The Wrecking Crew manage to get some tech from the New Avengers and use it against them and Osborn, to their (apparent) gain. The Avengers are forced to turn to Osborn for medical treatment in the fallout, and then stage a heroic rescue with the aid of a bunch of allies. It would've been nice if the latter scenes with everyone staging the rescue had been a little longer, but all in all a good story.

  • Mark
    2019-06-27 01:00

    The Hood loses his powers and his control over his army of henchmen.While the Hood seeks a new power source, his henchmen seek out a new boss.With the accidentally help of the New Avengers, the henchmen find a way to get Norman Osborn’s attention: by defeating Sentry.NotesLuke Cage is hospitalizedLearning CurveModerate: Some knowledge of the Dark Reign story line would be helpful

  • Phillip Goodman
    2019-06-05 03:56

    Suffers from a shocking lack of wolverine, the only glimpse we get of Mr Logan is pudgy and disheveled, passed out on the sofa in a sea of filth, with a very angry looking captain america garbed to the hilt Bucky Barnes standing over him, i feel this situation was not exploited to its fullest potential.

  • Brian Cambra
    2019-06-07 02:10

    This is a re-read, but it is great. Bendis is one of the greats in my book. He writes the Avengers in a way that you can't help but love every character. But Spider-man does get the best line in this whole book. Do your self a favor and pick up with Avengers Disassembled and read all the New Avengers/Mighty Avengers stuff up to present day.

  • Soňa
    2019-06-12 01:52

    Interesting reading, need to get my head round, nice twist for bad guys, expected moves from good guys and some great fights. Some guys are losing it and some are winning it. Good read, great art work, looking forward to siege. Just need to fill in some holes in the story which makes it only 4 starts but would put it on side that I still don't know Avengers Universe that well :-)

  • Chompa
    2019-06-19 22:58

    I did a reread of all the New Avengers recently. This is a standout in comics for me on so many levels. It has the best roster, best heart, best dialogue, best writing and phenomenal art. Bendis really nailed this story line and this entire run. ----I enjoyed The Hood storyline. Osborne and his Dark Avengers are getting old though.

  • Jen
    2019-06-24 06:55

    Just like the last volume, this one has a few great one-liners between Cage and Spiderman. Love those two. Wish I knew more of what is going on with Doctor Strange and Doctor Voodoo, and I'm starting to get over the Hood character/villain.

  • Jamil
    2019-06-26 00:43

    Stuart Immonen totally needs to be the lead designer/art director for some Saturday morning superhero cartoon. Extra points if it's a Nextwave cartoon.

  • Arturo
    2019-06-13 07:10

    The gang of villains, that include the Wrecking Crew, are without their boss The Hood. But they still go after the Avengers. The Dark Avengers show up. And Cage has heart problems. The whole thing is a big melee.

  • Sharath Gopal
    2019-06-18 03:00

    This was a fantastic volume. High stakes action, drama, and some really trippy science. It also felt good for the heroes to be on the up for once.

  • Ernest
    2019-06-02 01:51

    This was a solid read. One would either need to be familiar with the then state of the Marvel 616 Universe or be willing to spend the time to familiarise oneself with it.

  • Grant
    2019-06-08 01:54

    Solid story and improved art ...