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The rhino Topper draws on the living room wall with his magic pencil comes alive, causing a great many complications....

Title : Otto is a Rhino: Story and Drawings
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ISBN : 9780201037548
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 96 Pages
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Otto is a Rhino: Story and Drawings Reviews

  • Книжни Криле
    2019-03-29 18:20

    Оле Лунд Киркегор е писател, който е хем датски, хем детски. Може би вече го познавате? Ако сте имали щастието да се родите навреме и да хванете изданията от Библиотека „Смехурко” може би дори си спомняте и неговия носорог Ото, който се появи в книгата „Гумения Тарзан”, по която има и филм. Ред е на едно ново поколение да се запознае с Оле Лунд Киркегор и Ото, а на се пада дори още по-голямото щастие родителите – да си опреснят спомените от детството и да си създадат нови! Благодарение на издателство „Дамян Яков” до нас достига „Ото е носорог”, заедно със своите шашави и будещи усмивка илюстрации, дело на самия автор. Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Криле":

  • Camilla Tilly
    2019-04-12 16:17

    My autistic son's teacher recommended this book, to read aloud to him. I did like the book and I think my son did as well. It is very funny and crazy!Topper lives with his mother in a big red house full of quirky people. On the top floor, lives the man who is in charge of the house. A pipe smoking elderly gentleman named Mr. Holm. Topper lives on the second floor and on the first floor, lives Miss Flora who is very hard of hearing. She listens through an ear trumpet but still hears most things wrong and she manages to never hear every time Mr. Holm proposes to her. On the ground floor, lives Topper's best friend Viggo Lejon whose father runs a fish restaurant. One day while out walking, Topper finds a pencil stump and writes a message on the wall, for the girl he likes. But when she shows up, he is too embarrassed to show it to her. Cilla is not a girl to be stopped though. But when she tries to read what he has written, the letters are not there anymore. He writes a new message, but it also disappears. Topper goes home to show Viggo the pen and together, they go to Topper's flat, where he decides to draw a rhino on the yellow wall. Only, the rhino drawing does not disappear. Instead it comes alive and steps out of the wallpaper. And starts eating everything in sight. The boys name the rhino Otto and decide that they must go find food for it. They buy as much bread as they can but nothing is enough. Mr. Holm finds out what is inside the flat and orders hay for him from a farmer. Soon Miss Flora has discovered what they have in their flat. While Mr. Lejon is spying trying to understand why so many mysterious things are going on in the house. He phones the police. Who arrives about at the same time as the boys and mr. Holm carrying food for Otto. The police at first, does not object to Otto, until the rhino eats his hat, then he wants the rhino out of the house the next morning. The floor could hold Otto, the boys and Mr. Holm but not an angry stomping policeman, so the floor gives way and they all land in miss Flora's sitting room. But the potty old lady is just excited about the guests and treats them to coffee. Mr. Lejon's lamps in the restaurant are now rattling and he goes to complain. But the policeman will not listen, so he phones the fire brigade. They arrive, but not finding any fire, they join the party and the floor once again gives way, everyone landing in the restaurant. Lots of people join them and the party goes on all night. When things have calmed down somewhat, Topper's sailor father arrives and comes up with the best solution to the problem with the yellow rhino. He knows a chief on an island who would love a yellow rhino. He has even been offered three wives in reward, for such a gift. But since Topper's father already has a wife, the policeman offers to go with Otto and accept a wife from the chief. The next day Otto is lifted on to the ship and it sails off. Mr. Lejon names his restaurant "The Yellow Rhino" to attract more customers. Miss Flora has moved in with Mr. Holm, so he can look after her. And the boys have new plans. To draw a red elephant with the pencil. I wish all Kirkegaard's books were this innocent and funny!

  • Ditte
    2019-03-27 17:10

    En ægte klassiker.Topper, Viggo, hr Løwe, Hr Holm, Frk Flora, Sille på den lille gule cykel, og så selvfølgelig Otto.En børnehistorie, der bare holder. Har lige læst den flere gange for den 5-årige, og hun er begejstret, hvilketjeg også selv er. For 4. gang i mit liv. Hvor mange bøger kan prale af det?

  • Larissa
    2019-04-01 16:00

    I love Ole Lund Kirkegaard. His books--okay, at least the two I've read--are delightful: tangential, imaginative stories about mischievous children whose everyday, hum-drum lives get shaken up by crazy adventures--if only for a moment. In Otto er et Næsehorn (Otto is a Rhinoceros), Topper, the son of a sailor who spends most of his days on the high seas, finds a magic pencil. At first, it seems that everything that is written with the pencil disappears. So Topper decides to draw a huge, yellow rhinoceros on his mother's living room wall. But this time, instead of disappearing, the rhino (who Topper names Otto) comes to life and starts eating all the furniture. Hilarity, as you might expect, ensues. Finishing this book was doubly satisfying because it was one that I had tried to read not that long ago, with little success. During one of my first Danish classes, I asked the instructor if she could recommend any Danish children's books that I could look for. My logic was that I essentially learned English by reading a lot--why not try the same thing with Danish? I didn't expect to understand everything, simply get a sense of the way sentences are constructed and maybe learn some whimsical vocab on the way. Anyway, when I asked, this instructor looked at me oddly and then just said No. She said it would be too advanced and wouldn't do me any good. A little pressing on my part and she finally told me about this book, and to her credit, even let me borrow her own copy--although when I returned it, she simply said, "It was too hard, wasn't it?"So it is with no small amount of a satisfaction that I can now say that, no--Otto er et Næsehorn is not too hard. It might be peppered with very old-fashioned Danish sayings (the sort of things that little old grandmas exclaim on occasion) and Kirkegaard has a weird way with punctuation (no question marks?), but it is another mischievous, imaginative, ironic offering from a wonderful storyteller, which is, again, simply delightful.

  • Seetha
    2019-04-18 19:00

    Great Danish kids book about Topper, whose drawings can come to life, including Otto the rhino. Silly and charming, as are the illustrations.

  • Gwenyth
    2019-03-28 17:04

    A lovely small book recommended to me by Jan. Not very hard to read in Spanish, although I think it's been translated from Dutch (?).

  • Benedikte
    2019-04-12 20:15

    Absurd fun.

  • Oliver Skou-due
    2019-03-21 22:19