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Title : Sailor Moon, #8
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ISBN : 0645573003470
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 216 Pages
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Sailor Moon, #8 Reviews

  • Chelsea Gouin
    2019-07-18 06:13

    Another gorgeous cover! This volume was slightly longer than the others but there was quite a bit packed in here. The primary focus was on Haruka and Michiru. They are revealed to be Sailor Uranus and Neptune but their loyalties are still called into question. Haruka's gender is also called into gender and Bunny doesn't really get a straight (ha!) answer. Haruka does tease Bunny and they share a kiss which just devastates Bunny. The Sailor Scouts discover Delta College is the homebase for the enemy the Witches 5 and Master Pharaoh 90. Rini makes friends with the Professor's daughter, Hotaru who seems very sick but is healed when she touches Rini's Imperium Crystal. Rini also crafts the Purity Grail that she saw in a picture at her Mom's palace. Neptune and Uranus reveal they have two of the talismans that the enemy is searching for. Setsuna arrives on the scene however and reveals herself to be Sailor Pluto at the very last page.I enjoyed this volume for the character arcs presented. Unlike the anime, there is no mention of pure heart crystals and the talismans aren't explained other than Raye's vision of destruction involving them. It was a great volume! Only 3 more of this main series!

  • Iva
    2019-07-08 10:10

    I loved the cartoon when I was a teen I got my hands on the episode 8 of the Sailor Moon manga and enjoyed it very much even though it's episode 8 BTW it's cool to have something that says Made in Japan on it.Slucajno sam dobila ovu mangu, a buduci da sam voljela crtic koji se prikazivao na jednoj od nasih tv stanica kad sam bila klinka bas sam se razveselila. Moram priznati jako je cool imati mangu na kojoj pise Made in Japan. Bilo bi bolje da sam krenula od pocetka tj. od prvog sveska, ali i ovo je bio vrlo ugodan povratak u djetinjstvo. Preporuka svim ljubiteljima ovih stvari

  • Tahlia C
    2019-07-08 04:29

    Sailor Saturn yesssss

  • Rosalynd
    2019-06-30 12:32

    Déjame las estrellas en el cielo

  • Lauren
    2019-07-19 05:13

    Story: Like a fine wine Sailor Moon R gets better with time from it's predecessor Sailor Moon. The Black Moon Arc introduces the same cast of characters are back with new villains to fight. The series arc split in two with the first part having the Doom Tree aliens appear, Ann and Alan. The second part of the series introduces the Black Moon villains. This time there is a little surprise waiting for Serena and Darien, Rini, there are also three new scouts that are found: Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn.Drawing Style: The drawing is in the same style as in Sailor Moon. Simple, realistic and for the time period. Characters: The characters and story continue to be developed as the mystery of what happened in the Crystal Kingdom is revealed and the destiny of the characters is foretold. The new characters (Especially the corresponding villains) are a good foil for the characters that were already introduced. Overall: I thought that the second series arc of Sailor Moon was better than the first. The whole entire plot development takes on a new step in the second series making the volumes irresistible and the characters more lovable that before.Note: This review was completed after reading volumes 4-10.

  • Wrenaria
    2019-07-01 10:28

    Oh Sailor Moon, so formulaic. Collect the energy! We must get the Imperium Crystal! Overconfident minions! More energy! Rawr! But the little details and character developments outside of the repetitive enemy themes brings me back for more. That and probably the nostalgia factor. In this installment, we get deeper into the Infinity College story and find out a little more about the mysterious Michiru and Haruka. We also meet the tragic and delicate Hotaru, and see Darien and Bunny deal with some jealously followed by some cute family bonding with Rini over a school project. Also: more scouts (!!!) and a shocking reveal to close out the book.

  • Julie
    2019-07-07 05:32

    One of my all-time favorite series. The gateway series to getting me into anime and manga! The artwork impressed me so much, and the story was fun. It is still one of my favorites both because it's well-done, and for nostagia reasons.This is the version that came out during the middle age of manga: before they stopped flipping the artwork, but right as TokyoPop was starting to emerge, and the volumes got cheaper. Unfortunately you could see it in the quality, as there were a lot of typos and sometimes the edges of pages would get cut off.

  • Brilliant Hermione
    2019-06-30 06:25

    Gambar sampulnya cantik, salah satu dari kover Sailor Moon yang saya suka. Sayangnya, tokoh-tokoh baru yang bermunculan bikin hilang feeling. Karakter anyar yang paling parah tentu Haruka Teno yang pada awalnya ditampilkan sebagai pembalap muda tampan, kaya dan berkharisma. Ndalalah, nggak ada angin nggak ada hujan, Haruka tiba-tiba menjelma menjadi wanita sekseh saat berubah jadi Sailor Uranus. Whattt, nggak jelas banget nih komik!!!

  • Beatriz
    2019-06-24 06:09

    La verdad es que si éste fuese otro manga cualquiera le pondría notas más bajas, porque el guión es muy brusco, saltan de una cosa a otra sin orden ni concierto. Entre eso y que la traducción parece que la ha hecho un mono, pues...La historia me sigue resultando muy interesante, sobre todo el arco de Infinito porque no tiene casi nada que ver con el anime y me desconcierta todo mucho.

  • Robin
    2019-06-22 07:21

    I know that this manga is far from the best... the story can be cliche in places, and the art is horrible in spots... But it has a special place in my heart - it was one of my very first introductions to anime and manga, and there's something empowering about Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts. I don't think it matters how old I get... I'll always find my way back to this manga.

  • Annie
    2019-07-02 07:33

    OMG!!!Por fin tenemos a Sailor Saturn! casi grito cuando salió y además la bebé Hotaru es hermosa <3Pero lo que más amé de este tomo fue la aparición del circo Dead Moon y la llegada del hermoso Pegaso al que he amado desde mi infancia, el final me hizo soltar una carcajada por que se viene uno de los momentos más divertidos de Sailor MoonTomo #9 ¡Llega ya!

  • M.M. Strawberry Reviews
    2019-07-15 12:29

    In volume 7, Sailormoon R ended, and we saw the very beginning of the next story arc. In this volume are the Witches 5. You also see Hotaru (who eventually is revealed as Sailorsaturn) and her treatment in the anime and manga are quite different. Overall great manga.

  • Solace Winter
    2019-07-17 09:04

    It's been years since I read the Sailor Moon series, and decided I had to re-read them. I almost like this particular book better than I did the first time around. But, as a big Hotaru/Saturn fan I guess that isn't a complete surprise.

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-07-06 09:10

    More Sailor Scout goodness. We finally see the end of the Infinity storyline which, frankly, is not my favorite. Glad to put it behind me and move on. The Dead Moon Circus storyline looks promising. We'll see where it goes in the next volume ...

  • Michael
    2019-07-05 09:25

    Another strong installment.

  • Juanita Tejeda
    2019-06-30 11:30

    By far one of my favorite series from my childhood. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Sadly now it is really hard to find but if you manage to track down the volumes more power to you.^_^,

  • Marco
    2019-06-24 12:15

    La historia de "Inifinity" es tan perturbadora O_O

  • Daniela
    2019-06-23 12:27

    Rini es mucho más soportable y en cierto punto es mucho más buena con Serena. Haruka a mi parecer esta chiflada (? Y por ahora la prefiero en su versión anime.

  • Rachael Graham
    2019-06-23 12:04

    favorite manga of all time!

  • Steph
    2019-07-17 04:24

    A great manga. My gateway into anime and manga!

  • Tori
    2019-06-27 06:30

    Sailor Moon Vol. 8 by Naoko Takeuchi (2001)

  • Catalina
    2019-06-30 10:29

    Me pone nerviosa el amor de Chibiusa por Mamoru, espero que todo sea una broma ahora que cambiaron cuerpos?¿?