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Olivia LockhartCedar Cove, WashingtonDear Reader, You don't know me yet, but in a few hours that's going to change.You see, I'm inviting you to my home and my town of Cedar Cove because I want you to meet my family, friends and neighbors. Come and hear their stories—maybe even their secrets!I have to admit that my own secrets are pretty open. My marriage failed some yearsOlivia LockhartCedar Cove, WashingtonDear Reader, You don't know me yet, but in a few hours that's going to change.You see, I'm inviting you to my home and my town of Cedar Cove because I want you to meet my family, friends and neighbors. Come and hear their stories—maybe even their secrets!I have to admit that my own secrets are pretty open. My marriage failed some years ago, and I have a rather…difficult relationship with my daughter, Justine. Then there's my mother, Charlotte, who has plenty of opinions and is always willing to share them.Here's an example. I'm a family court judge and she likes to drop in on my courtroom. Recently I was hearing a divorce petition. In my mother's view, young Cecilia and Ian Randall hadn't tried hard enough to make their marriage work—and I actually agreed. So I rendered my judgment: Divorce Denied.Well, you wouldn't believe the reaction! Thanks to an article by Jack Griffin, the editor of our local paper (and a man I wouldn't mind seeing more of), everyone's talking.Cedar Cove—people love it and sometimes they leave it, but they never forget it!See you soon…OliviaBook club-published hardcover edition of the bestselling romance novel....

Title : 16 Lighthouse Road
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16 Lighthouse Road Reviews

  • Suzanne
    2019-06-02 00:52

    I have this really cool friend. She is known as the book whisperer.She willingly lugged the first 6 of this series – amongst probably 20 others – up to my city on public transport to lend me these books, and others, with her reading friends. I keep saying my reading friends are lovely..It’s such a sweet story – I can see the beginning of a very easy going series. Things fall into place very easily here!Sometimes I got an English feel as I read along, but it’s actually set in Washington. The matriarch is Olivia, a 50 something very likeable Judge, and from what I can tell so far, every book will centre around one character, and as the end nears, the next character is handed the baton.This looks like being a good series for this reader, very easy reading and nice good natured wholesome characters and settings. The first of this author for me, and due to my whisperer, I don’t have to source them as I go.Thanks Marianne!

  • Lisa
    2019-05-30 06:42

    Sometimes only Debbie will do. I just have to say it! I love Debbie Macomber! There's just something about these books of hers that is so darn cozy and comforting. My favorite characters are always "les femmes d'un certain âge". Sometimes the younger dames can get a tad frustrating. They're always doing this thing where they run back and forth to their dude like 25 times before they finally give into their burning lust and settle down for a life of love and commitment (Kandice, you know what I'm taking about here, right?). The "certain âge" ladies seem to keep it together a bit better. I especially liked Grace's story line. I'm dying to know what happened to Tom! Here's another 5 stars for my fairy god author, Debbie Macomber! I just can't help myself! :D

  • TL
    2019-06-27 02:04

    My last completed book of 2014:):What did I think?Welcome to Cedar Cove :) My new fictional hometown... I may spend my time going between there and Boonsboro..."A letter" on the back from Olivia welcomes us to step into her world and meet everyone. We open with a day in Olivia's courtroom where she's hearing a petition from a young married couple who want to dissolve a prenuptial agreement so they can get a divorce.Right away, we're plunged into the lives of Olivia and her mother Charlotte, her best friend Grace and her husband Dan, Olivia's daughters Maryellen and Justine, Jack Griffin, and Cecelia and Ian Randall. The stories aren't inter-connected exactly but they bounce off and glide through each other. It feels very smooth, I was never confused as who was narrating what and there was no trouble keeping up with the storylines and keeping track of/remembering all the players. Each has their own personality shining through. Charlotte was a quite a woman... have I mentioned I want to adopt her as my third grandmother? :) She's a strong woman who doesn't back down and isn't afraid to speak her mind if she needs to.Not going to go through the list of everyone in here since I'm tired haha, but I loved em all (except for a certain... person, didn't hate him... just would've preferred him off screen).. one character ends up doing something no one expects and it throws his family for a loop. There may or may not be answers for them.Secrets, love, family, nothing is simple. You root for everyone even though you don't agree with the decisions they make. Grace's story was the most emotional, I wanted to reach through the pages and hug that woman. Through it all, she found a strength and resolve in her and I admired her for that.There isn't neat endings for everybody, some things are left open-ended but it left me with a warm feeling inside. Life isn't perfect and we just have to make the best of things that we can... that's what these lovely/imperfect people are doing.Highly recommend, a refreshing book by one of my favorite authors :)*waves*(any typos lemme know, leaving for work soon)

  • Kelley
    2019-06-07 22:53

    This is the first book in the Cedar Cover series and also my first read by Debbie Macomber. Let's just say that I am hooked. I adore Macomber's writing style. This is one of those books you curl up with on a cold night with tons of blankets and a cup of cocoa and just enjoy reading. I read this right after finishing Insurgent and it was perfect to clear my mind and lighten the mood.There are so many characters and stories told in this book and Macomber does an excellent job with each one. There were a few characters' stories I was into deeper (Ian/Cecelia and Grace), I loved every character. Charlotte was absolutely adorable! Macomber has such a way of making you love her characters and making you wish you could live in Cedar Cove and have friendships with these people yourself.This one is a little difficult to review because of the many different story lines, but if you enjoy a light adult contemporary with family, romance, friendships, and betrayls, I definitely recommend 16 Lighthouse Road.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-28 04:03

    Well my mother was right. I finally read the first of the Cedar Cove books and loved it. Debbie Macomber has created a memorable place full of heartwarming people.16 Lighthouse Road is the home of Olivia Lockhart. She is a family court judge. When Cecilia and Ian Randall seek a divorce in her courtroom, she denies them the divorce feeling they have not tried hard enough to make their marriage work. Sitting in the courtroom is her mother Charlotte. A woman who's heart is in the right place and loves to share her opinion.Justine is Olivia's daughter. She has a career and a boyFRIEND with the emphasis on friend. Jack is the local newspaper's editor. He enjoys a fun banter of a new friendship with Olivia but is looking for much more. Grace is Olivia's best friend. She is about to become a grandmother but in the midst of it all her 35 year old marriage seems to be over when her husband Dan disappears.I am not going to go too much into details as I would not want to spoil the book for others. It is a book for anyone who loves a series where you can be drawn in and feel like you are really in a small town watching the people there. I know this is now started as a series on Hallmark Channel. I do not get that here but knew that Andie MacDowell was set to play Olivia. What a perfect match with the character in the book. Who knows...maybe some channel in Holland or England will pick this series up...

  • Lynette
    2019-06-20 00:07

    I've never read Debbie Macomber before and one of my twitter buddies suggested that I try her Cedar Cove series so I requested the first book in the series from my library.It was interesting. The writing was emotional and compelling. When I opened the novel, I got sucked into the situation with Cecilia and Ian a young married couple having to deal with the loss of their child, their new marriage, and Ian's military career. I think those two resonated with me the most because when I was a Sergeant in the Army, I saw a lot of young couples going through the same thing (not exactly the death of a child, but all the others) while trying to adjust and fit into a military life. Even when Cecilia was annoying to me, blaming Ian for things, he couldn't change and her lack of maturity annoyed me, I still got her. I saw girls exactly like her (heck I had soldiers under me who were like her) when I was in the military.16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD has an interesting cast of characters. From Olivia, the judge who denied a petition from the divorcing Ian and Cecilia forcing them to work out their problems, her love interest Jack who has a murky past, her best friend Grace whose husband walks out on her after thirty-five years of marriage, her mother Charlotte, and her daughter Justine. All these stories were layered and I had a hard time trying to figure out where she was going with each storyline because it was so nuanced.Yet, despite all my praise, I had issues with 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD. My main issue, is because there were so many characters (the story is step up as a soap opera minus the millionaires and the implausible plot lines), it was hard for me to really focus on and root for the characters. I don't know if this will be addressed in later books, but 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD didn't seem to have an ending so you didn't get that satisfying happily ever after feel. It also took me a long time to read this book (about two weeks), because there were too many characters to focus on. 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD was the book I picked up when I didn't have another book handy to read.While I loved the writing and characters, I missed not having a main character or plot thread to focus on. However, since I did love the writing and characters, I will continue the series (through my library) but it's not something that I must read, nor am I interested in re-reading them.

  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    2019-06-20 00:56

    This type of light, contemporary romance isn't my normal type of reading material but, after stumbling upon and enjoying the Cedar Cove television series on the Hallmark Channel and then discovering it had been cancelled, I decided to get a copy of 16 Lighthouse Road from the library. I was hoping to find that the television series is true enough to the book series that, at some point, the loose ends left dangling in the television series may be tied up in the book series. For the most part (at least in 16 Lighthouse Road) the television series does follow the books. There are some differences in characters and events, mostly minor but the good nature and quaint atmosphere of the book are evident in the television series so I have hope of getting some closure.The book follows a group of characters who live in a small town in Washington state called Cedar Cove. Cecilia and Ian Randall's pending divorce is the overriding main focus of 16 Lighthouse Road, although several other subplots run close behind. The story opens with the young couple being denied a divorce by the family court judge, Olivia Lockhart. Her decision is unusual and gutsy but she believes the couple is still in love and is being rash in ending their marriage, a marriage fractured by their loss of their child. Perspectives are told from several different POVs but Olivia and her best friend, Grace Sherman, the town librarian, are the heart of 16 Lighthouse Road. Grace's story as an abandoned wife is a large part of the book as is Olivia's burgeoning relationship with Jack Griffin, the editor of the local newspaper. Olivia's daughter, Justine, plays a big role, as she wrestles with her heart and mind on her relationships with her less than agreeable boyfriend and with a man from her past who throws her for a loop.Macomber has several other subplots weaving in and out of her novel but those I mentioned are the ones that have the most interest for me. I think she does a good job of juggling and transitioning between all the plots and characters. Her writing is very pleasant and breezy. Knowing this is a series, I wasn't surprised that a few of the subplots were left without a conclusion but I can see how that would be an issue for other readers. I enjoyed the book and have few complaints - except for Grace's daughter, Kelly. If only it were possible to smack a character in a book upside the head. For an adult, she is childish, selfish and ridiculous. I hope she doesn't make too many future appearances... All in all, a nice read with some interesting characters. I won't rush to read the rest in the series but I do plan to revisit the town of Cedar Cove in the future.

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-06-26 06:57

    This is a review of the audio version of this book. Note: Narrator Sandra Burr does a good job on all the various voices necessary for the first in this small-town series.I selected this book to fulfill a “Featured Author” challenge read. I fell into the B category: Familiar with her work, and wouldn’t mind reading her again. After finishing this sweet story, I would say I’m in the A category: Would definitely look at her other books, since I've enjoyed this one very much.This is a nice story, with realistic dialogue and relationship situations. I though Ms. Macomber was a “one-foot-on-the-floor” romance writer, having the few, if any, sex scenes which would only happen off camera or summed up in one paragraph; however, she’s spiced it up a smidge for this one. I’ve also cried once, and that surprised me.The story that held my attention was a young couple whom a Cedar Cove judge refuses to grant a divorce just after the loss of their newborn. There’s a nice little mystery about a disappearing husband, a woman being courted by an older man while she is in “lust” with a man from the wrong side of the tracks, a forgotten celebrity’s legacy, a cute dog and many more. If it is a little syrupy, that’s okay with me. Sometimes I need to cleanse my pallet after all the massive amounts of darker romances out there.Yup, I’ll definitely listen to the next one, 204 Rosewood Lane, in Ms. Macomber’s quaint Cedar Cove series if only to...(view spoiler)[to find out what happened to the vanished husband! (hide spoiler)] And, I’m probably inclined to select one outside of it, especially if narrated by Ms. Burr.P. S.This prolific author had plenty to choose from at my library, in various formats, so I selected this one before committing to it, only to find I was suddenly on a ‘waiting-list’. What?! I suspect there are many more people who are members of GoodReads in my vicinity than I know about! Some of whom were lurking on the thread I posted on. Either that or more and more people are downloading from the library to their computers, MP3 players, or other electronic devices of which I know nothing about. Which is a good thing, right? No library fines and the library will surely order more titles in audiobooks.

  • Lynn Spencer
    2019-06-15 01:51

    This book is pretty much the literary equivalent of dinner at my in-laws' house. What do I mean by this? Well, my MIL has a tendency to go on and on for hours at a time telling stories about her neighbors, fellow church members, etc... in minute detail. Often she is the only person at the table who knows any of these folks. So, while the tales might be marginally interesting, it's basically a lot of gossipy news about strangers so it doesn't really grip the emotions or imagination.And that's what this book is. Macomber doesn't just tell the story of one couple here; We get several plotlines involving a relatively large cast of characters. Cedar Cove sounds like a nice enough town and the various players going through romantic entanglements and other issues of varying sorts all appear to be decent people. However, while we get the details of their lives and situations to an extent, not much time is spent getting to know them well as people. This makes the book seem like a series of random vignettes giving the reader little peeks into the lives of complete strangers. And since these are fairly ordinary, humdrum lives (meant to be relateable to readers, I suspect), they hold my attention only to a limited degree. I didn't wish ill on any of the various main characters, but I can't say I felt all that invested either.

  •  PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
    2019-06-14 03:39

    What a gem of a book this was! I enjoyed reading this book so much that I finished it in 2 days! Debbie Macomber truly has a gift in novel writing. I was emotionally attached to this story for many different reasons. This is the first book in the Cedar Cove Series and I am super delighted that I finally got around to reading it!. I loved the town of Cedar Cove and the residents in it! I also loved that the storyline had Navy in it! Being a Navy Wife myself, I can relate somewhat to the deployment issues Cecilia had to face when Ian would leave on the ship.I loved Olivia's character. She was a strong woman. My heart went out to Grace. I hope to find out the mystery of what happened to her husband as the series progresses. I have to admit that Justine and Cecilia got on my nerves at times with their indecisive selves! This was especially the case with Cecilia. She was not being fair at all to poor Ian. I was surprised he stayed with her! I enjoyed the ending. I just wish I knew what happened to Dan!I recommend this cozy read to all the ladies! I can't wait to read the rest of this series very very soon!

  • Booklover
    2019-06-20 05:45

    Wonderful emotional story of love,betrayal,pain,loss,friendships,confusions,anger and second chances.Each character's emotion was brought out so beautifully.I was really happy Cecelia-Ian both did not throw away their marriage the second chance that they got they made an effort and got their HEA,Grace my heart goes out to her after 35 years of marriage such loneliness pain anger but looking forward to see why Dan went away,Olivia glad she and Jack cleared out their misunderstanding.Looking forward to read second book of Cedar CoveOverall a good read

  • Tara♥
    2019-06-05 23:40

    DNF at 45%I hate DNF'ing. I swear it physically pains me to DNF but mother of god...I was in the mood for something a little different and the mother likes this stuff so I decided to give it a shot. Not. For. Me. The characters were just so rigid and a bit too proper. I mean there is a 22 year old women who uses the word 'vehicle' and wears slacks and reads like a 102 year old. To be fair she goes through something horrendous that would age anyone but she sounds just like our family matriarch who is 70 odd and oh my goodness annoyed the heart and soul out of me. Actually pretty much everyone in Cedar Cove annoyed the heart and soul out of me. If they weren't being ridiculously churlish or unreasonable, they were all also almost child like with how they dealt with their problems. Christ on a bike I like a bit of the miscommunication trope but how can a whole town be suffering from the same thing? People there needs to check the water or something. And the cherry on top of this low fat soya ice-cream Sunday? Lots of kids dying. Starts off with one in fact. Now, I knew what I was getting into with this genre, pain and suffering is the norm but lads!! This be too much!! Misunderstanding and heartache followed by HEA be my crack for a reason. Pain and suffering followed by what feels like non stop misunderstanding, heartache and death be a way of making Tara, who is already a bit too fond of the vino, all the more fond of it. Anyways. I'm off too OD on some KA and will maybe try to get the mammy to read her. Although I don't know if I want her asking about alpha males and falling my Tate and Tack. Actually on second thoughts it's probably best she stays where she is. She don't like change much.

  • Sabrina
    2019-06-04 04:55

    I will admit I'm a latecomer to Debbie Macomber and her Cedar Cove stories. I was lucky enough to pick one up to read on our community loaner library shelf, and I discovered a writer with a sweetly sentimental contemporary voice. When I'm in the mood for a straightforward romance with warm feelings of home, I now reach for one of Debbie's books.16 Lighthouse Road is my first foray into the lives of Judge Olivia, her mother Charlotte, and her selection of friends and family. I was very happy with the audio recording and the voice work done by Sandra Burr and the story was everything you should expect from Debbie.The character Olivia is very interesting and as the story goes on you want to see more and more into her past and her future. I really connected with Olivia and was rooting for her relationship with local newspaper editor Jack to take off. Olivia's mother Charlotte adds just the right mix of humor to lighten the mood when the darker parts of the story threaten to take over.The story of Cecilia and Ian Randall was both satisfying and slightly annoying to me. At times I felt so sorry for them, and at other, I wanted to yell at them just to sit down and talk and they might be able to work things out. I thought their romance was naively sweet and their hardships make their miscommunication understandable. Even so, I just wanted them to listen to each other!The side story of Grace and her husband was surprising and that's why I loved it. Today i'll check out Debbie's Website to see if Grace has her own story since her story as the most compelling to me. I really want to know what happens to her and her husband.Fans of Debbie and sweet contemporaries, will love 16 Lighthouse Road. With great characters, a very personal and memorable setting and great writing, this book will satisfy your need for a charming romance.

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-16 22:54

    I have many issues with this one. The only reason it is a 3 starrer and not 2 stars is I finished it rather fast and Debbie Macomber happens to be one of my favourite authors. The storytelling was good but the story or rather the characters fell flat. The only lady who got some admiration from me was the Judge Olivia. Grace's story was incomplete and all wrong. (view spoiler) And I was tired of Cecilia and her hubby's incessant tifftaffs over nothing.Basically I don't like books with incomplete endings stating the reason that it's part of a series. And I loved the Blossom Street books so much.

  • Jane(Janelba)
    2019-05-30 00:38

    Wow I have just finished reading this book for the second time ! I would happily give it 6 stars if it was possible.I found I could really relate to all the characters and liked them all too. Based on 4 families and 5 pairs of characters it was a pure delight to read.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-06-19 02:56

    Miniseries: A Cedar Cove NovelCategory: Contemporary RomanceWhat do you think about the new cover? Are you excited it will be on TV?

  • Sarah Smith
    2019-06-09 02:56

    16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, the first novel included in the Cedar Cove series, is the first novel that I have ever read by Debbie Macomber. Because I consider myself an avid reader, of course, have heard Debbie Macomber's name, but I have not had the pleasure of looking into any of her works until now. I was looking for a light, playful romance novel to read in order to balance the tone of the last 6-8 novels that I have read lately. And... After having finished 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, I was pleased to find that this novel was precisely the novel that I needed to read right now. Therefore, I would like to thank my friend, Meleah Jensen, for introducing me to Debbie Macomber and for recommending that I read 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD. I truly did enjoy reading this novel. For this reason, I awarded 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD a rating of 4.5-5 stars.Immediately, I found the town of Cedar Cove, Washington, to be a delightful, picturesque community. Also, within the pages of 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, I found the town of Cedar Cove, Washington, to be a delightful, picturesque, waterfront community filled with numerous interesting people. I truly enjoyed meeting the following principal characters: Judge Olivia Lockhart; Stan Lockhart, Olivia's ex-husband of 15 years; Jordan Lockhart, Olivia's oldest son; Justine Lockhart, Olivia's daughter; James Lockhart, Olivia's younger son; Charlotte Jefferson, Olivia's mother; Grace Sherman, Olivia's best friend; Daniel Sherman, Grace's husband of 35 years; Maryellen Sherman, Grace's older daughter; Kelly Sherman Kelso, Grace's younger daughter; Ian Randall; Cecilia Randall, Ian's young wife; Andrew Lackey, Ian's best friend; Cathy Lackey, Andrew's wife; Jack Griffin, newspaper editor; Eric Griffin, Jack's son; Warren Saget, Justine's boyfriend; and Seth Gunderson, Jordan's best friend. Then, I was intrigued to become acquainted with the many other friends and neighbors who also called Cedar Cove, Washington, their home. I felt that Debbie Macomber did a great time fashioning a charming, heart-warning, and interesting plot that intertwined the lives of all of Cedar Cove's residents. As a result of Debbie Macomber painting beautiful descriptions of Cedar Cove in the background, I found myself becoming attached to each of the principal characters from the first time that he/she was introduced into the plot of 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD. No matter the circumstances that surrounded each person's individual situation -- of which there were many described throughout the course of the plot in 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD -- I felt a distinct connection with or formed a specific opinion about each person. Without question, I was convinced that Debbie Macomber possesses a talent for evoking emotions from her many, many readers. From the first page to the last, I just had to know what would happen in the lives of each of these characters, and I was fully emotionally invested in their lives. So... Having said that, I am looking forward to continuing the journey with these memorable, unforgettable principal characters through the streets of Cedar Cove, Washington, in the future. There were some questions that Debbie Macomber posed in 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, but she purposely left them unanswered. Therefore, I hope that Debbie Macomber will answer those mysterious questions in 204 ROSEWOOD LANE, the second novelincluded in the Cedar Cove series. I just wonder what twists and turns Debbie Macomber might have for the citizens of Cedar Cove in 204 ROSEWOOD LANE. What other circumstances could possibly be in store for this community and its citizens in the future? Who may have secrets that he/she may be hiding secrets throughout the course of the plot of 204 ROSEWOOD LANE? I am anxious to strengthen those numerous connections and opinions that I have with each character who was introduced in 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD as this series continues. Hold on, and stay strong until we meet again, my new friends...

  • Tammie
    2019-06-24 02:49

    I enjoyed the TV series Cedar Cove on Hallmark Channel and was disappointed when Hallmark decided not to continue with the series, so I decided to try reading the books to revisit the characters and see how they differed from the TV series. I had heard there were quite a few differences and so far, after finishing the first book in the series, there are some minor ones compared to the TV pilot. I will say that I liked the TV series better, but maybe that's because it's what I knew first. It was a nice fluffy escape for me on Saturdays and I'll miss it. The book lacks some of the charm that the TV series had. I think the author could do a better job of describing the surroundings, but I think the main problem with the book is that there is too much telling and not enough showing. There are things that are glossed over, events that are mentioned, but then skipped, and the book jumps forward in time a week and sometimes a month.As far as the characters go: -I liked Olivia as much as I did in the TV series and I had no problem picturing Andie McDowell as I read the book.-I found Jack to be a bit wittier in the book and I liked him better than the Jack on the TV series.-Justine was hard to like for a while and I didn't think her relationship with Warren really made any sense. She was very different from the Justine I knew from the TV series. I definitely liked the TV Justine better.-Warren was pretty much the same Warren; he just seemed a little older in the book…and impotent? I never pictured the Warren on TV as impotent. I liked the scheming Warren on TV better.-I loved Seth. He was better in the book than on the TV series, but I thought his romance with Justine kind of came out of nowhere and progressed too quickly. -Cecelia annoyed me with her immaturity and the way she blamed Ian for things he couldn't help, and I wasn't any more interested in their story than I was when I watched the series. I got tired of the back and forth in her relationship with Ian. They should have just talked to each other! I did find that their relationship played out much better in the book, especially the emotions, which seemed glossed over in the TV pilot.-I liked Ian and I mostly felt sorry for him because of the way Cecelia treated him, except for the part in the hospital, that seemed to come out of left field and I didn't really understand why he acted the way he did. I liked him better in the book.-I thought Grace was likable except for the fact that I wanted her to stop being a door mat. I think she was pretty well portrayed in the TV series, and I liked her the same here. I was glad that she moved on in the end.-Charlotte was the real surprise here. She wasn't this well developed in the TV series and I liked her personality better in the book. I wish she had stayed on the TV series longer.One thing I am wondering is if Moon exists in any of the books. He ended up being a favorite character on the show. Overall this was an ok escape-type read. It was nothing spectacular, just light fluff, but sometimes that's what I need. I will most likely be reading more of the series.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader

  • Julia
    2019-05-29 23:41

    I found this book really weird and certainly not what I was expecting. It follows the love lives of several women linked by circumstance and friendship in an idyllic medium-sized community. It starts when Cecilia, who is trying to get a divorce after less than a year following the death of her baby, is told by the presiding judge that she will have to go to a hearing, and in the meantime they should try mediation. The Judge, Olivia, is falling in love with the local newspaper editor, a newcomer with a shaded past, while her daughter Justine dates a creepy older man and pretends not to be love with (oh I love you so much!) Seth just to spite the whole dammned world and their obsession with family. On the positive side, Macomber's characterisation is beautiful. I really fell in love with several of her characters, especially the uncomplicated Seth and the haunted Cecilia. No one was exactly as you expected, and the same went with the plots - in particular the plot line involving Olivia's friend Grace, which was really well handled. The pacing was something I had to get used to. The plot didn't move in a linear progression, it was more a meandering stroll through a park than an action-packed motorway. But what really bugged me was the constant use of passive voice. Now, I don't mind some "telling". It gives writing a feel of oral tradition, you sit down there and I'll tell you how she felt, acted, what she thought etcetera. But really parts of the writing were so text-book bad in terms of passive voice that I just burst out laughing. It was obvious that the writer was very conservative, but honestly most romances are. Marriage is THE goal, regardless of whether you think it is or not, and divorce is not for 35 years of unhappiness, only for 6 months of desertion. (Sorry, I get a little bitter thinking about that plot line.) However it doesn't really ram your face in it, it's more just a story about people with conservative views. This book is like a warm cup of home-made cocoa on a cold, grey day. For technique you'd probably do better going to a cafe, but that doesn't change the fact that it's warm, sweet and really, really comforting.

  • Shelley
    2019-06-18 00:06

    I enjoy Macomber's works in general, but this one had one huge flaw that I simply could not understand - the prenuptial agreement/divorce issue between two of the main characters. Perhaps it's because I practice family law, but that was downright ridiculous. There is no reason at all that a judge's not allowing for the recension of the agreement would block the divorce. Since both parties agreed to rescind the agreement, even though the judge was not in favor of it, they could have just moved forward, had the divorce decree written with one party (or both) being awarded all debts and then one or both of them could have paid the debts regardless of who was awarded them in the decree itself. Very easy. Macomber should have done her homework and found a better way to present this issue. Her objective was to block the divorce of the characters, but she should have found a more realistic way of doing things. The characters even mentioned a couple of times that they could go to the Dispute Resolution Center to hammer out their "issue." THEY HAD NO ISSUE! They were in agreement. There was nothing a mediator or anyone else could have been helpful with here. It was all just ridiculous and it irritated me that Macomber used such a crazy plot line to keep the characters together. She would have been better off having them argue over the debts or creating an actual issue for them to argue over to keep the divorce from moving forward.

  • ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ
    2019-06-11 05:58

    This is not a typical Macomber book. After reading it, I'd be hard pressed to recommend it. It's not bad, but it's not great either. It's just what is it, which felt like a soap opera. She had too many main characters with active storylines. She flipped to each person's point of view, so you were inside nearly everyone's head at some point. It took a long time for the book to get going. In the beginning it was just too confusing. I didn't care about any of the characters til halfway into the book. It was like an ensemble cast tv show with tons of drama, divorce, etc. Not that I've gotten to the end of the book... only half of the storylines were wrapped up, so just like a tv show, it's.... to be continued! Since I already own the series and I do want to know what happened to Dan I'll keep reading but I don't think this measured up to Macomber's standards. This is her first series that has disappointed me. And with so many characters in this book either divorced or thinking about it, it's hard to call this a romance novel, which is what it's classified as. I had to force myself to keep reading the first 80 some odd pages before I finally wanted to see what happened, so I wouldn't blame anyone who gave up on this one.

  • Jill Robinson
    2019-06-04 03:02

    This is my new night time reading series. Not violent. Not too much action or drama. Just like a sweet Hallmark movie to send me off to sleep!

  • Marleen
    2019-06-23 22:55

    From the synopsis I thought this was going to be a series that I’d enjoy. Unfortunately, this book was a bit too superficial, and dare I say, simplistic for me. I like to connect with characters but most of them here lacked depth and reach. I didn’t give up though and gave Judge Olivia Lockhart, her daughter Justine, her mother Charlotte, and her friend Grace Sherman a chance. Out of all of them, I think I liked Grace best. As for Cecelia, I could definitely not relate to her, or to her husband Ian. They gave up on each other so fast when the book started, I was a bit disappointed. In general, the story-lines of the more mature, older women were better scripted.I’m not sure yet if I’ll continue this series. I am curious though what will happen with some of the people of Cedar Cove, but overall the writing is so vanilla, it starts to annoy me after awhile.

  • Lili
    2019-06-09 04:56

    Pretty interesting book, when I started reading it and learned about the characters I wasn't very excited about it since the main characters are divorced who are about 50 years old.I thought it was going to be a very very boring story about old people... it wasn't quite that.There were several main stories and they all were developed aside from each other but also connected since everybody lives in Cedar Cove).I'll be reading the next one soon since I am curious about Dan.

  • Carla/mom
    2019-05-31 01:37

    I enjoyed reading this book. It's the first book I've read by Macomber, it was recommended to me by the peolpe at my favorite used book store. Said to be be clean and fun. The first in this series with many other books and series to read. Definately a great recommendation. It is fun to read a little slow paced in parts but interesting at the same time. I will read the rest of the series as I come to find them at the library or used book store.

  • Michelle Burgard
    2019-06-14 02:37

    LoveI am an adamant lover of this tv show, so I figured I would give the books a try. Needless to say, I am not disappointed by my choice! The story was wonderful. Full of light drama and loads of humor. Not full of sex - which is sometimes refreshing anymore- but an all around family tale. I will definitely be reading more.

  • Lynne Spreen
    2019-06-20 01:53

    I'm hooked on the Cedar Cove series. They're pretty addictive. I'm up to the fourth one now. I'll review them later, but for now, it's like a guilty pleasure, a soap opera. Fun!

  • Robin Kempf
    2019-06-12 23:00

    This is a book about people's lives. Nothing really happens as relationships develop and end. There are some interesting ideas that you want to keep reading about, such as the storyline where a woman's husband of 35 years walks out, but it's really just so mundane. I could see the attraction of a light read, but it's not an escape from everyday life, because it is everyday life.

  • N
    2019-06-02 05:37

    No narrative thread felt particularly well developed, but this book served the purposes of creating a community of characters and launching a series committed to their ongoing stories.

  • Bree
    2019-05-31 06:40

    Loved this!