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Imagine Smidge's delight when, one day, a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window! It's Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof. Soon Smidge and Karlson are sharing all sorts of adventures, from tackling thieves and playing tricks to looping the loop and running across the rooftops. Fun and chaos burst from these charming, classic storiesImagine Smidge's delight when, one day, a little man with a propeller on his back appears hovering at the window! It's Karlson and he lives in a house on the roof. Soon Smidge and Karlson are sharing all sorts of adventures, from tackling thieves and playing tricks to looping the loop and running across the rooftops. Fun and chaos burst from these charming, classic stories....

Title : Karlsson on the Roof
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ISBN : 9780749710378
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Karlsson on the Roof Reviews

  • Manny
    2019-06-29 10:09

    The Great Karlsson ExperimentHaving read the Swedish original and the English and German translations, I had to get the French one too. (I wish I could read it in Russian, but my command of the language is insufficient). Out of the four I can appreciate, it seems to me the relative quality is pretty clear. In Swedish, it's a masterpiece. In German, it's nearly as good. In French, it's okay but not really anything special. And in English, it's disappointing.Not, who's read it in English, pours scorn on my opinions. How can I know it's funnier in one language than another? I just know, it's bleeding obvious, but as usual with humor it's hard to justify my claims. Things don't get funnier when you explain them.So, here's the Great Karlsson Experiment. (World's best experiment in comparative translation studies, guess what that is?) If you have read Karlsson in at least two languages, please message me to say what your ranking is. I will compile statistics and find out how well people agree. I predict there will be good correlation... but experience tells me that you are often surprised when you actually look at the data! If you want to read it for free online, here are links for Swedish, German, English and Russian. It's nice and short - I just read the French version, which certainly didn't take more than a couple of hours. And if you've got kids of an appropriate age, pretty much everyone says it's a great bednight book.Data! I want data!

  • Manny
    2019-06-20 07:08

    Our Russian friend K, like me a hardcore Karlsson fan, came round for dinner tonight. As it inevitably does these days, the conversation turned to the dismal subject of Lyin' Crooked Donald Trump. It appeared that we were going to rehearse the same tired old arguments yet again, but K suddenly had a blinding flash of insight: TRUMP IS KARLSSON!!!Of course... as soon as you see it, nothing could be more obvious! The incessant boasting! The naked greed and manipulativeness! The shameless, almost psychotic lying! All delivered with a mischievous twinkle in his eye that makes everyone (well, almost everyone) happy to forgive him his many flagrant transgressions! Damn it all, he even LOOKS like Karlsson! Anyway, now we know how to stop him. Some brave person just has to get close enough to poke his comfortably rounded paunch in the right place. Then, ZAP! we'll see the propeller come out of his back, and he'll fly back into the story to meet Lillebror, who must be missing him horribly.I wonder if Hillary's figured it out as well? She looked almost too confident in last night's debate...

  • Manny
    2019-07-16 12:00

    The early Astrid Lindgren books are hysterically funny, and work equally well for both child and adult readers. The problem is that the two audiences don't find the same things amusing. My Swedish wife said that her grandmother sometimes read this book aloud to her when she was a very small girl. Every now and then, Grandma would have to stop, she was laughing too much. Elisabeth tells me she'd glare at her and say "Shut up and READ!" In this book, Lillebror (literally, "little brother"), is about seven years old, and the youngest of three siblings. 17 year old Bosse just sits in his room and practices on his damn guitar, and 15 year old Bettan has discovered boys, so no one wants to play with him. The family isn't surprised when Lillebror makes up an imaginary friend called Karlsson, a little man who lives in a house on the roof and can fly around with a handy propeller that he has attached to his back. Except, as you no doubt guessed, Karlsson actually exists. He's just a bit shy about letting other people see him. Karlsson is one of Lindgren's finest creations, and that's saying a good deal. He's an appalling egotist, shamelessly manipulates Lillebor in the most transparently obvious ways in order to get food and other treats, and immediately goes off into a sulk if his wishes are crossed. He's also a pathological liar, and doesn't even seem to understand the concept of responsibility. Somehow, it's done in such a clever, ironic way that you can't help loving him all the same, just as Lillebror does. You have to admire the author's skill.Karlsson is always getting Lillebror into various imaginative kinds of trouble. My favorite episode is the bit where Bettan has invited her new boyfriend, Pelle, back home for the evening. She's cajoled the rest of the family into going out (it's completely clear that she's planning a make-out session), but Lillebror's too small, so all she can do is offer him a reasonable bribe to stay in his room. But she's reckoned without Karlsson, who cross-examines Lillebror about the exact wording. He's just promised that Bettan won't see him for the rest of the evening, so if they both go into the living room, covered by a blanket, he's keeping to the letter of the contract, right? So they sneak out quietly and find that the lights are turned down real low, and Bettan and Pelle are on the couch with their arms around each other. As they come in, Pelle is just asking her if she likes him, and Karlsson seizes his chance to join in the conversation."Bettan likes all the boys, so why wouldn't she like you!" he says triumphantly. And Bettan gets very satisfyingly mad as she chases the pair back to Lillebror's room, shouting that she's going to kill that horrible little kid. If you've got a little brother or a big sister, you're going to love this book.

  • lita
    2019-06-22 07:27

    Pasti ada hal yang memancing tawa saat membaca buku anak-anak. Kepolosan mereka dalam memandang sebuah hal, yang sering kali luput dari perhatian orang dewasa, sering tercetus dalam celetukan dan pertanyaan mereka yang sulit untuk dijawab.Lillebror, misalnya. Bocah berusia tujuh tahun yang bernama asli Svante Svantesson punya pertanyaan dan pernyataan yang membuat saya tertawa terbahak-bahak saat membacanya. Misalnya ini:Boleh tidak aku menikah dengan Ibu saja?” tanya Lillebror.“Rasanya tidak bisa deh,” kata Ibu. “Ibu kan sudah menikah dengan Ayah.”Benar juga ya…pikir Lillebror dalam hati.“Aku benar-benar tidak beruntung, kenapa sih Ayah dan aku harus jatuh cinta pada orang yang sama?” tanya Lillebror dengan agak kecewa.Atau ini:Ibu, memangnya aku lahir di Stockholm sini, ya?” tanya Lillebror.“Ya, benar,” kata Ibu.“Kalau Bossed dan Bettan, mereka lahir di Malmö, ya?”“Ya, mereka lahir di sana.”“Dan Ayah, Ayah pernah cerita Ayah lahir di Göteborg, kan?”Ya, aku anak kelahiran Göteborg,” kata Ayah.“Dan Ibu, di mana Ibu lahir?”“Di Eskilstuna,” kata Ibu.Lillebror merangkul leher ibunya erat-erat. Beruntung sekali ya, kita semua bisa bertemu!”Layaknya kebanyakan anak bungsu yang usianya terpaut jauh dengan kakak-kakaknya, Lillebror selalu dianggap ‘kecil dan tak akan pernah jadi besar’ oleh orang tua dan kedua kakaknya. Semua yang ia ungkapkan selalu ditertawakan (yang saya yakin karena memang betul-betul lucu), atau dianggap khayalan belaka.Cerita Lillebror tentang Karlsson Si Manusia Atap, misalnya. Karlsson dianggap hanya seorang teman khayalan Lillebror, teman yang biasa dimiliki anak kecil. Karakter Karlsson memang unik. Ia memiliki baling-baling di punggungnya, yang akan berputar bila ia menyalakan tombol saklar yang terletak di pusarnya. (Jadi ingat baling-baling bambunya Doraemon)Karlsson memang bukan teman yang menyenangkan. Ia rakus sekaligus pelit, jahil dan licik, serta pembual besar. Tapi bagi Lillebror, Karlsson adalah segalanya. Bersama Karlsson, Lillebror bisa mendapatkan petualang yang paling menyenangkan, dibanding bersama Kirre dan Gunilla, sahabat yang seusia dengannya. Karlsson tidak pernah menganggap Lillebror sebagai anak kecil, dan menanggapi omongan Lillebror dengan serius. Satu pelajaran bagi saya, untuk menerima orang lain secara terbuka dan apa adanya mereka.Berbagai usaha Lillebror untuk meyakinkan orang tua, kedua kakak, dan teman-temannya tentang kehadiran Karlsson Si Manusia Atap yang rakus dan jahil itu selalu sia-sia. Tak ada yang percaya. Lillebror bahkan harus adu jotos dengan Kirre, sahabatnya, hanya karena Kirre mengejek Lillebror berbohong tentang keberadaan Karlsson. Kemahiran Astrid Lindgren memainkan daya khayal anak-anak telah menyihir saya sejak saya mulai bisa membaca. Fantasi-fantasi yang ia paparkan tentang manusia yang tinggal di atap gedung apartemen ini, atau cerita tentang bocah berkaus panjang bernama Pippi, atau persahabatan kakak beradik Madicken dan Lisbet, sama sekali berhasil menyingkirkan kesan menggurui atas pesan-pesan moral yang terkandung dalam cerita-cerita yang ditulisnya. Cerita yang aslinya berbahasa Swedia ini pun diterjemahkan dengan apik, menggunakan bahasa yang mudah dimengerti oleh anak-anak usia menjelang remaja. Meskipun begitu, ada yang menganjal bagi saya: to have butterfly in my stomach adalah kiasan untuk menggambarkan rasa mual kan ya, bukan berarti kupu-kupu beterbangan dalam perut :P.

  • notgettingenough
    2019-06-23 08:00

    In 1942, Crockett Johnson created the cartoon Barnaby, in which we see Mr O'Malley through the eyes of a boy who wishes for a fairy Godmother, but instead is presented with a short, fat, flying, conceited and not altogether competent fairy Godfather.The cartoon was a big hit within the Left intelligentia in the US. Dorothy Parker adored it, Duke Ellington was chuffed to be part of one of the strips. He even wrote a letter to the editor of PM to say so. The Roosevelts were avid followers. It was syndicated - not a big syndication by US standards, but nonetheless to newspapers which had a combined readership of 5.5M or so. It was a cartoon strip for adults that kids read. Johnson was a cartoonist's cartoonist, original - perhaps radical - in his technical vision of the strip and highly influential on those who came after him in the US. The influence of this cartoon was, however, by no means limited to that country. When the editor of The Daily Mail in the UK saw it, he wanted one like it. This led to the creation of Flook, an indispensable part of the cartoon scene in the UK for over forty years. However much Flook may have been inspired by Mr O'Malley, however, and despite its subversive role as a cartoon for adults read by children, Flook is different enough in looks and character that one needs to have the inspiration pointed out.Not so in the case of Karlsson. Here Astrid Lindgren has taken the figure of Mr O'Malley in a way that one could say is nothing short of brazen. It has prompted me to write to an expert on Johnson, curious to know what he had to say about Lindgren's take, a word I use advisedly. Mr O'Malley even has the stock phrases that are so important to the nature of Karlsson. Different ones, of course - Cushlamochree - an exclamation of surprise meaning 'pulse of my heart'.Same physical qualities, though they fly by different methods, and same character. That is not to say, however, there is no difference in output. Barnaby is an intellectual cartoon with a sophisticated take on the politics of the period, (which is not to say that it was always political). Perhaps that is why Barnaby has been the influential publication whilst Karlsson has been the popular one. Lindgren has taken the intellectual content out of Barnaby and created something that is straightforwardly for children. Rest here:https://alittleteaalittlechat.wordpre...

  • Matt
    2019-07-05 06:02

    Eine entzückende Geschichte von der großen Astrid Lindgren. Irgendwie ist es mir gelungen Karlsson in meiner eigenen Kindheit zu verpassen. Vermutlich flog er gerade woanders herum. Karlsson ist nach eigenem Bekunden der beste Kunstflieger, Dampfmaschinenaufpasser, Motorenaufpasser, Gockelhahnmaler, Schnellaufräumer, Fleischklößemacher, Baumeister, Ausdenker, Schnelläufer, Streichemacher, Kinderaufpasser, Feuerlöschmann, Hundeaufpasser, Zaubereimacher, Tortenesser, und außerdem der Guteste der Welt! Das muss wohl stimmen, wenn er es selber sagt, denn Karlsson ist zufälligerweise auch der beste Aufschneider der Welt.Ganz harmlos sind seine Streiche dagegen nicht und sein Charakter ist auch nicht eben einwandfrei; er schlägt des Öfteren über die Stränge. Seinen Freund Lillebro zum Beispiel übervorteilt er, wo er nur kann. Ich denke aber, die eigentliche Zielgruppe, nämlich die Kinder, wird das sehr wohl erkennen und einzuordnen wissen. Es wäre mal interessant, ein psychologisches Profil von Karlsson zu erstellen. Seine Handlungen erscheinen mir teilweise als eine Art Überkompensation. Für was? Einsamkeit–womöglich–oder einen Minderwertigkeitskomplex?Im Rahmen von Mannys Great Karlsson Experiment habe ich die deutsche Übersetzung von Thyra Dohrenburg gelesen. Im Großen und Ganzen finde ich die Übersetzung sehr gelungen. Bei einigen Stellen jedoch musste ich feststellen, dass das verwendete Deutsch irgendwie "verrutscht" erscheint.Zum Beispiel:[Lillebror] stellte den Teller aus der Hand."Krister hat mich mit Steinen geschmissen" (diese Formulierung kommt mehrfach vor)Sie krochen in der Regenrinne entlang.Alle diese Formulierungen sind zwar grammatikalisch in Ordnung, aber ich denke, deutsche Muttersprachler würden sie so nicht verwenden. Leider habe ich zu der Übersetzerin keine weiteren biographischen Informationen finden können. Ich kann daher nur vermuten, dass Deutsch nicht ihre erste Sprache gewesen ist. Vielleicht wurde sie zweisprachig erzogen, oder lernte Deutsch erst später.Dies alles sollte aber niemanden abhalten, Karlsson zu lesen, oder natürlich auch vorzulesen.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  • Katerina
    2019-07-18 12:16

    My co-worker bought it recently for her 6 years old daughter and we started to reread it out loud in the middle of the office, laughing and cheering like kids. Our boss portrayed Karllson and our office manager managed to be Freken Bok. Just 20 pages of this book and bunch of so called ‘adults’ returned to their childhood. Brilliant, kind and humorous book.

  • Klinta
    2019-07-15 04:25

    This was the first time I read this book in English and I certainly did think that the translation changed it. It didn't make Karlson's personality as charming and cute as I knew him to be. It seemed clumsy and sometimes awkward. I used to like Karlson more than Pippi, but now, once I have read it I feel like in the English versions I like Pippi more. This book made me think about stuff though. A lot of the story shows the value adults (and children sometimes) give to things, while they are nothing of importance really. What joy is it to have the most wondrous things if they are never used? It's like having a beautiful book, but never opening it to see the pictures and read the tales. And this book talks about it - savouring things for special moments - is not for Karlson and that is a great lesson to have from this book. It did bring back childhood, but I so disliked the translation, I can't help but believe that in a different language this book would score more from me. Oh, and I didn't like the illustrations either.

  • Alina
    2019-06-20 12:06

    This has been my favorite growing up, and I will definitely read it to my children. It's a shame that it's virtually unknown to American audience.

  • Evgeniya
    2019-06-26 04:07

    Мразех го като дете, успя да ме изнерви и сега. Карлсон със сигурност е най-дразнещият персонаж в историята на световната литература.

  • Alinarudenko
    2019-07-01 05:16

    My favorite childhood book

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    2019-06-27 08:21

    I read this a number of years ago and hated it. What bothered me--appalled me, really--was that this young boy is being encouraged to disobey his parents and sneak out with a strange man who is his neighbor. Granted, this book was written in a more innocent era, and what is allowed in European children's books seems to be rather different from what is allowed in children's books here in the U.S. I notice that in the new illustrations Karlson is depicted as younger, rather than as a little old man with a mustache, as in the original illustrations. I wasn't aware that there are 2 other Karlson books. I love Astrid Lindgren's books generally, and grew up with Pippi Longstocking. However, this book, in my opinion, has to be her worst!

  • Belinda
    2019-07-03 08:13

    Heerlijk boek een mannetje met een propeller op zijn rug. Echt een boek om je fantasie te laten gaan. Een avontuur om met hem mee te reizen. Ook een personage waar je meerdere verhalen bij kunt verzinnen. Ik had namelijk dit boek bij mij op een vakantie met mijn kinderen. Omdat het toen meerdere keren regende hebben we nadat dit boek was uitgelezen gewoon zelf een verhaal verzonnen met karlsson in de hoofdrol.

  • Cheryl
    2019-06-30 07:17

    Stupid in English. Reading reviews of those who have read it in other languages, I can tell that the original has more word-play, more heart, more humor... and probably more episodes.Just one example. In Swedish the boy is (iiuc) Lillebor/ Little Brother. Elsewhere he's apparently Smidge, which also means little. In English he's just plain Eric.

  • Christel
    2019-07-03 04:24

    Hilarious and adorable.

  • Kungkang Kangkung
    2019-07-14 05:05

    Awalnya saya ingin sekali membuang buku ini di bab-bab awal. Bagaimana tidak? Ini buku anak-anak dan saya mempunyai pemikiran sebagai berikut.Kalau saya punya anak dan membaca buku ini kemudian dia mengikuti jejak kenakalan Karlsson, saya takkan habis pikir. Semisal pada saat anak saya merusak mainannya atau hampir membakar seluruh rumah, anak saya akan beralasan yang melakukan adalah Karlsson (atau bisa saja kelak bernama lain, tergantung khayalan anak-anak saya kelak), atau menjawab seperti Karlsson “Itu semua hanya barang duniawi, tidak apa-apa”. Well, rasanya saya bisa gila. Membayangkan punya anak seperti itu saja saya sudah sangat gusar. Hahaha...Ada juga tentang kelicikan Karlsson dalam hal bertaruh. Karlsson terus-menerus menipu Lillebror, tapi pada akhirnya Lillebror berhasil juga makan sebuah permen karamel. #ikutsenang =)) Yang paling saya suka itu bab yang menceritakan petualangan Lillebror dan Karlsson di atas atap. Seru sekali, soalnya mengingatkan saya yang sampai usia 20-an masih suka main ke atap. :p Di sini, kebencian saya pada Karlsson agak berkurang. :DApa pun bentuk kenakalan dan kelicikan Karlsson, akhirnya semua termaafkan oleh saya (loh, kok saya yang maafin? yah, karena Lillebror sudah memaafkan Karlsson tanpa syarat sejak awal :D). Suatu hari datang dua pencuri ke rumah Lillebror dan berhasil diusir oleh Karlsson yang sedang bermain hantu-hantuan. Apa sih arti beberapa kantong permen karamel dibandingkan dengan uang belanja ibu, bros ibu yang diberi oleh nenek, juga peralatan makan yang terbuat dari perak? #kokkesannyaperhitunganyah? =))Saya lebih sedih saat Lillebror dijahili kedua kakaknya dibanding saat Lillebror diperdaya oleh Karlsson, mungkin karena saya yang sama-sama anak bungsu seperti Lillebror mengerti bagaimana rasanya. :p Di sini Lindgren berhasil bikin saya mengenang kecengengan saya semasa kecil dulu. #sekarangmasihpadahal :pDari segi cara bercerita saya suka cara Lindgren menyisipkan pesan moral yang ringan untuk anak-anak. Tentang kesopanan, tentang kejahatan tidak boleh dibalas dengan kejahatan, entah bagaimana, Lindgren berhasil membuat saya tetap nyaman membacanya meski sesekali mengulang-ulang beberapa kalimat untuk menegaskan isi pesan tersebut. Beberapa kalimat di bawah ini saya kutip yang menyiratkan pesan moral dan yang membuat saya tergelitik ketika membacanya. :D“Ibu tutup mata sebentar saja!” kata Lillebror ketika Ibu selesai meletakkan baki kopi di meja kecil di samping perapian.“Kenapa aku harus menutup mata?”“Ya, karena Ibu pernah bilang tidak mau melihatku makan gula dan sekarang aku ingin mengambil satu,” kata Lillebror sambil mengambil satu kubus gula. p.34Seandainya saja semudah itu bicara sama ibu saya dulu. Hahaha.. “Jangan bertopang dagu di meja makan. Itu tidak sopan, tahu?” kata Bettan.“Urus saja dirimu sendiri,” jawab Lillebror.“Turunkan sikumu, Lillebror!” kata ibu. “Apa kau mau tambah kembang kol lagi?”“Tidak, lebih baik aku mati daripada harus makan kembang kol lagi,” kata Lillebror.“Huss, jangan menjawab seperti itu,” kata Ayah. “Akan lebih baik bila kau menjawab, ‘Tidak, terima kasih’, begitu!”Apakah begini caranya memerintah anak bernilai seratus ribu juta kronor? pikir Lillebror dalam hati.“Kalau aku bilang ‘lebih baik mati’ bukankah kalian sudah tahu yang aku maksud ‘Tidak, terima kasih’?”“Tetapi orang yang punya sopan santun tidak akan bilang begitu,” kata Ayah. “Kau pasti ingin jadi orang yang sopan, kan?”“Tidak mau ah, aku pilih jadi seperti Ayah saja,” kata Lillebror.Ibu, Bosse, dan Bettan tertawa mendengarnya. Lillebror tidak tahu sebabnya, tetapi ia tahu mereka menertawakan Ayah, dan ia tidak suka itu.“Aku ingin menjadi seperti Ayah karena Ayah baik hati,” jawabnya sambil memberi Ayah tatapan sayang.“Terima kasih, Sayang,” kata Ayah. “Jadi bagaimana? Kau mau tambah kembang kol lagi, tidak?”“Tidak, lebih baik mati,” kata Lillebror. p.99-p.100Bwahahahaha... #gedubrak Lindgren cerdas sekali di sini. Mampu memberi pesan moral di antara lelucon. Saya benar-benar tertawa puas dibuatnya. =)) #lanjutngakakTadinya saya beri 3 bintang. Tapi setelah dipikir-pikir, kecerdasan Lindgren tidak layak dinilai sebagai sekadar suka, jadi saya naikkan jadi 4 bintang. #laluhilangdisulapKarlsson

  • Radostina
    2019-07-19 08:23

    Макар да е сред класиките в детската литература, Карлсон, който живее на покрива е книга, която, незнайно как, съм пропуснала, въпреки че четях много. И тъй като не съм я прочела, когато е трябвало, за да мога да я оценя по достойнство, сега се наложи на стари години да я чета заедно с дъщеря си. Е, не ми хареса толкова, колкото очаквах, но не смея да дам нисък рейтинг, защото все пак аудиторията на тази книжка е поне с 20 години по-млада от мен :) Затова давам четири звезди /след консултация с дъщеря ми/. През по-голямата си част книжката е сладка и доста забавна, но Карлсон е едно безкрайно дразнещо, самовлюбено, егоистично, прецакващо приятелите си същество--накратко казано--откровено неприятно човече, което, незнайно как, е станало любим герой на толкова деца. Да се застраховам, това не е само мое мнение, споделя го и 6-годишната ми дъщеря, която искрено се възмущаваше всеки път, когато Карлсон се обявеше за "най-най" в нещо. Но пък покрай него винаги се случват забавни неща, а Дребосъчето изглежда направо го боготвори, така че явно си има и своите силни страни. Дребосъчето, от своя страна, е едно симпатично детенце, което направо ти изпълва душата с по детски невинната си мечта--желанието да има свое кученце. На моменти даже ми беше малко жал за него--сигурно не е много лесно да си най-малкото дете в семейството. Но, в крайна сметка, историята свърши щастливо-и дълго-мечтаното кученце беше получено. Сладка книжка, която вероятно щеше да ми се хареса много повече, ако я бях прочела на правилната възраст :)

  • Anna
    2019-07-09 10:07

    it might be bad taste to bring up a cartoon when reviewing a book - но кто ещё из бывших Советских сразу слышит голос Ливанова при одном взгляде на обложку?I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't read this (why is it so rare in English!?!?) This book is just .. soo.. AWESOME!! Forget a lame imaginary friend - this kid has a chubby lil troublemaker glutton who has a lil propeller on his back and start-button on his tummy! ♥♥ inner 8-year-old is filling up with glee from only looking at that line

  • Alex
    2019-06-20 07:16

    My mother used to read this to me (Russian translation) before bed when I was a kid. The amount of times I laughed hysterically with her. This is such a great children's book, as much as I love Disney and fairy tales, if you ever wanna read something to your kids before bed I seriously recommend this story. Not only will your kids laugh, but your stomach will be sore as well. And everyone will go to bed in a good mood. Astrid will always be one of my favorite childhood authors.

  • Христо Блажев
    2019-07-07 11:15

    „Как може на света да съществува такъв красив и умен, и прилично дебел, и храбър, и прекрасен във всяко отношение мъж, какъвто си ти, Карлсон!“ Ето и го и него – топпакостникът, достоен за сравнение само с Емил от Льонеберя, а по начин на мислене неоспоримо брат на Пипи Дългото чорапче. Но ако тя е щедра и сияйна, Карлсон е нагло и лакомо хлапе, което някога ме разсмиваше, а сега ме повече издразни с безкрайния си егоизъм.

  • The Twins
    2019-07-04 05:27

    Funny what you remember from your own childhood...I wanted to read this book to my boys as I remembered reading and hearing it as a child. Somehow I remembered it differently with Karlson being kinder and less self-obsessed but once I started reading it to them it all came back especially his little sayings! The boys really enjoyed the story!!

  • Lote L.
    2019-06-27 05:26

    Vienkārša, īsa pasaka par jocīgu vīreli, kurš dara palaidnības un iegrūž Brālīti nepatikšanās. Sava jaunā amata kontekstā kā bērnudārza audzinātāja gan par visiem šiem nedarbiem milzīgā sajūsmā nebiju, un trūka arī kaut kāda dziļuma tam visam apakšā. Bērnībā garšoja labāk.

  • Yi
    2019-07-01 12:06

    Really really enjoyed the copy I read in Grade 6, translated into Chinese with absolutely wonderful illustrations. Now, after finally finding a copy in English, and so many years later, I started reading it and didn't share the same feeling.

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    2019-07-12 04:13

    Lately I've run across new translations of several non-English children's classics so I am giving this one two stars. As another reviewer has said, a lot of how good a text is depends on the language used. There are things you simply can't do in the target language, sometimes. As a former translator, I know this.That's why KOTR is getting two stars instead of just one. Because, as that revewier said, the English version is disappointing. Lillebror (literally "little brother") has become Eric, so who knows what other liberties were taken.Aside from that, though, I simply disliked the figure of Karlsson. Thinking back to elementary school, I can imagine that loads of my classmates would have loved him--he's brash, greedy, selfish, boastful and irresponsible, hiding his ignorance under a mantle of arrogance. He seems to enjoy getting Eric in trouble for "lying" about his "imaginary friend." Everybody has known a kid like this at some point, and many find it funny. Unfortunately for me, I didn't. Guess I knew too many of them (I was a youngest sibling too, and rather bullied); even in elementary school I found kids like Karlsson tiresome. I also disliked the repetition of the Where's Karlsson? scene. Three--or is it four?--in such a short book is too many. Yes, I also know that a certain sector of kids likes repetition in their stories and looks forward to it. Again, it must be me. But it's me that rates my reviews, and at least this translation of this book is a very shaky two stars.For kids aged 5-7, if they like this sort of thing. Personally though, I wouldn't read this to a child I loved.

  • Mery
    2019-06-25 09:19

    Ya ampun baca ini bikin geli-geli gitu. haha. Sebel banget ama si Karlsson yang narsisnya ga ketulungan. OMG. hahaha. Tiap dia ngomong aku selalu rolling eyes.salah satunya: *hal 24*"Mereka akan senang sekali bertemu denganku karena aku begitu tampan dan cerdas! Berat badanku pas! Orangtuamu beruntung sekali bertemu denganku."*ngakak*kasihan banget Lillebror. Jadi sasaran kejailan Karlsson. ;DLillebror ini polos banget deh. hihihi dasar masih 7 tahun kali yah. ;DPaling ngakak pas dia bilang ke Ibunya:"Ibu tutup matamu sebentar saja!""Kenapa Ibu harus menutup mata?""Ya karena ibu pernah bilang tak mau melihatku makan gula dan sekarang aku ingin mengambil satu."*ngakak* =))catatan: selama baca, aku nyebut Lillebror dengan Liberdor... dan baru tahu namanya Lillebror pas nulis review ini. *errrrrr*

  • Kammy
    2019-07-05 09:26

    I despised Karlson when I grew up hearing his story... an obnoxious, flying, pudgy man who wrecks this kid's room, steam engine, takes his candy. He's so greedy and petulant. As an adult, my husband read the book and thought it was fantastic to have a quasi-adult figure who breaks all stereotypes of who should be well behaved. Plus, he points out that Eric is so happy to see Karlson, no matter what kind of mess awaits. It's a little like "The Cat in the Hat." That book also made me uncomfortable as a child because the Cat caused so much trouble and anxiety for the kids. The difference in my rating now vs. when I was 6 would be that I can accept Karlson's selfish personality. This leaves me open to hear what he's saying... and he's HYSTERICAL.

  • Thanh Nguyen
    2019-06-27 06:25

    "Các con phải làm sao bỏ được cái thói quen đánh nhau đi chứ," mẹ nói. "Thay vào đó hãy cùng đem mọi chuyện ra bàn bạc! Nhóc Con, con biết không, chẳng có gì mà không giải quyết được, nếu ra biết cách đưa ra bàn bạc tử tế."[...]"Đấy là mẹ tưởng thế thôi," cậu nói và cau có nhìn mẹ. "Krister nói với con là: 'tao sẽ cho mày nếm đòn,' nó nói thế, và con trả lời: 'cứ thử đi.' Chuyện ấy thì làm sao đem ra bàn bạc có tình có lý được? Mẹ giải thích cho con nghe xem nào!"

  • Masha
    2019-06-25 07:10

    This book is a children's classic for Soviet offspring of a certain age, yet oddly completely unknown to most American fans of Lindgren's other works, such as the "Pippi" series. Involves a short, fat, meatball-loving male fairy-esque character that lives on the roof of an apartment building in Stockholm and wreaks havoc with Mme. Freckenbock, the nanny. What's not to love?

  • Suvi
    2019-06-26 06:04

    Again one of those gems in my grandmother's shelf. I kind of disliked Karlsson when I was a child but at the same time he was a hilarious character and I always looked forward to him appearing through the window. The book made me look up on our roof just in case if we had a chubby little man living in there.

  • lazycalm
    2019-07-09 10:03

    If you really love this book, you should also check out its animated short film adaptation called Malysh i Karlson, directed by Boris Stepantsev.