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McKenna Raine may be softball's awkward girl extraordinaire, but when she heard baseball's devilish star pitcher, Trip Butler, declare he would never marry, she responded, "You haven't met me yet."In a seven year stretch, she still hasn't made it out of the bullpen to meet him, but the game's still on.Just before McKenna hands in her softballs for good, Trip slides into thMcKenna Raine may be softball's awkward girl extraordinaire, but when she heard baseball's devilish star pitcher, Trip Butler, declare he would never marry, she responded, "You haven't met me yet."In a seven year stretch, she still hasn't made it out of the bullpen to meet him, but the game's still on.Just before McKenna hands in her softballs for good, Trip slides into the locker room as her new coach, making him completely out of reach, according to the playbook.Then Trip shatters her game plan by being an insufferable ass, showing her he isn't her home run.Or is he? This may be the game she can't win....

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balk Reviews

  • Cheril Olmsted
    2019-06-19 04:29

    Balk is the first book I've read by Joy Eileen and i really enjoyed it. Ever since junior high, Kenna has had a crush on Trip, the starting pitcher of the Pappies. Okay, it was definitely more then a crush, since she swears she is going to marry him. Now 5 years later and in her last year of college, she finally gets to meets him. But only problem is he is now off limits since Trip is the new pitching coach for her softball team. Instead they form a friendship and become inseparable. And even though, her feelings for him grow more and more each day, she continues to be the best friend he deserves. But does Trip feel the same for Kenna and what's gunna happen when he is no longer her coach?? One click and find out

  • LaDonna
    2019-06-12 02:43

    I love Joy Eileen, and I would never dreamed of not reading any release of hers, let alone consider for a moment turning down an ARC. That said, while I love baseball, in the form of my Royals, I don't LOVE baseball the way I LOVE rockstars, if you know what I mean (and if not, well, you wouldn't be the first to have difficulty following my train of thought, especially in writing - which is why I review rather than write...the lengths of my digressions (not to mention the amazing lengths of run on sentences) would be longer than any story I attempted to tell.) And I digress...I absolutely love this book! Yes, it is oriented around baseball and softball, but it is so much more than that. The friendship between Kenna and Renee is completely heartwarming. Maybe because I have a BFF who is more family to me than anyone I am related to by blood or marriage, and she happened to be a teen mom, and I love my nieces by her like no one except my own kids. So I understood their relationship to a large extent. And the posters covering my walls long after they should have been replaced by "real" art were rocks tars rather than baseball players, there is still a similarly I just "get." Renee's walls I know intimately. Kenna's social ineptitude and general awkwardness I can identify with much more than I am willing to admit to. But what brings it all together in a 5 ☆ fashion, is the incomparable voice of Ms. Joy Eileen. Her humor resonates with me every single time, as do all the other emotions she manages to drag out of my jaded, blackened, little heart. She just simply rocks, no matter what she is writing. (And, by the way, I absolutely loved - and *may* have squealed a bit - at the mention of the JackholeS. If you are not familiar with them, pick up Ms. Eileen's Faith trilogy (and hopefully more soon!) I think I mentioned I have a thing for rockstars- she writes awesome Ones!But back to Balk- yes, I am enough of a baseball fan to understand the term as it applies to the sport, and a big enough vocabulary to appreciate the double entendre - highly recommend for romance fans in general, a must read for sports romance fans, and definitely in the single digits for my recommended "summer reads." Oh yeah, for Batman fans too. ;-) Seriously, a great read for adult audiences. Grab it absolutely as soon as it is available.

  • Kim Ginsberg
    2019-06-18 03:39

    This is one of my favorite books so far this year. Joy NEVER let's me down with her awesome writing/books. McKenna is a softball pitcher in high school. She got into sports to try to find something she was good at. She's been crushing on her favorite big league pitcher since middle school. One day she ends up in the bathroom, and what she finds changes things for her life, and her newest friend joins her family. She ends up at college with her new friend as her roommate with her daughter, since the dad has nothing to do with the daughter. She's getting her PHD in physical therapy and is on the softball team. What she doesn't expect is her new pitching coach... Trip Butler. Trip was injured in a car crash and is at his old college helping his old coach with her pitchers. what he doesn't expect is the backup pitcher wanting to throw balls... at him. He makes Kenna so angry she wants to get back at him somehow. This book had me laughing in so many places I nearly peed myself, multiple times. This book is a MUST READ!!!!!!

  • T.J. West
    2019-06-15 02:31

    What a refreshing little story this was! It was sweet, funny, and endearing. I've loved Joy since her JackholeS series. Bringing their music into the storyline was awesome. I love when authors do that. I loved all the characters in this story. Strong emotions played out in the entire book, I really couldn't put the book down. Joy knows how to play with those emotions, leaving you wanting more. Drawing out sexual tension is her evil side, making the readers yelling for those main characters to break down their walls. She's good at that. LOL. Well done Joy. Loved this book so much!

  • B.K. Harrell
    2019-06-17 06:55

    This was another wonderful book by Joy Eileen. The story line flowed from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire read. It kept me so engaged that it ended up being a very short read.While the story that plays out between our socially awkward heroine and superstar pitcher is fun, enlightening and sweet, the story reminds us that we have to fight for our love and our happily ever after. The story also reminds us that life through the eyes of a five-year-old is humorless and filter less. As always I look forward to more works from this great author.

  • madpharmd
    2019-06-09 01:47

    Well, this was my first try of a story by this author, and if this is a sample of her work....then sign me up!I absolutely loved McKenna and Trip's story, an evolution of growth, respect, finding one's true self and the strength within to do what is right. The love and sex part were great too :). I used to play softball when I was younger, so that drew me in immediately, but the characters and their stories captivated me and pulled me along on their journey. Even the other characters had definite roles throughout the book and were not just window dressing. Great job!

  • Gracie
    2019-06-09 05:25

    Favorite sports romance of the seasonWhen your life-long fantasy crush becomes your real life softball coach. Kenna is awkward and endearing, filter-free, intelligent, and a pitching phenom. She's also had an obsession with Trip Butler since puberty. An injury from a car accident has Trip on the DL for rehab. It also has him assisting with coaching the softball pitchers as part if his community service. Loved these two together from the first meeting. Loved the slow and steady build up, the humor, the drama, the side characters, the everything. Excellent read, and my favorite sports romance of the season!

  • Linda
    2019-05-28 22:27

    4,5 ⭐️

  • Ellen
    2019-05-28 00:35


  • Shelly Couch
    2019-06-04 04:30

    Too cute for wordsThis book was too cute. I laughed a lot. As a person who loves their softball (go Oklahoma girls) this book was a winner.

  • Carol
    2019-06-02 05:54

    3 1/2 starsI won this ARC for an honest review.. I enjoyed reading this book as I hadn't read any books by this author before..

  • Kelley
    2019-06-10 00:51

    Such a great book. I couldn't put it down. Loved it!

  • Heather Ambrose
    2019-06-03 02:53

    I really enjoyed this book! McKenna is the perfect mix of quirky and adorable. I loved her personality so much. Trip is well Trip!! lol You kind of love to hate him in the beginning!! These two characters were fun to read about. I also enjoyed the side story with McKenna's best friend. If you love romantic comedies I highly recommend getting this book.

  • Debbie Hanson
    2019-06-26 05:55

    BalkJoy Eileen🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐ magnificent stars.This book so good I started and rated my review before I was even finished. I knew very early on in the story that I would love its storyline, what I didn’t expect was to fall for not only McKenna and Trip but also Renee, Brian but most of all little in size but huge in life, Miss Nora.McKenna is a strong woman with a world of useless knowledge, she has no filter is a very refreshing character for this story. She met Renee while in high school, the girls play softball and are preparing for college when Renee finds herself knocked up with the coaches baby. Running from her current life, Renee moves in with McKenna and her family, becoming honorary sisters. McKenna has forever been in love with Pappies softball team, and has a goal in life... marry Trip Butler, world famous softball player with the longest list of females he has bedded. But that’s ok, Kenna is happy to wait, she will change his mind about staying single....Fast forward 5 years and little Norah has joined the world and us 4 yrs old, but acts like she’s 14. Her quick wit, and sense of humour added another element to an already great story. Now as a college softball pitcher, she cannot believe her luck when a new coach shows up, and it is none other than Trip Butler. The chemistry is undeniable from their 1st meeting, but his smart mouth and want to change from the ultimate bad boy, Trip and McKenna strike up a friendship, that blurs do many lines... But with strategically placed partners, the paparazzi, and the softball matches Trip and McKenna prefer the “friends, or best friend’s “ thing. Under the radar, and away from the cameras they become closer... Being a sport superstar is a huge feat on its own, secretly seeing another woman, while the world sees something different is inky asking for trouble. While Trip and McKenna play hide and seek from the world, her best friend and sister Renee discovers that being a teen mother isn’t the end of the world. Her life took a very unexpected turn when she found she was pregnant, suddenly her worst day ever, turned into her best day ever – because that was the day McKenna Raine walked into her life. Trip spends a lot if time with McKenna, and with him comes his best friend, Brian. A broken sewing machine and one look and the pair become inseparable. All of a sudden 2 women and a girl turns into 2 hot men, 2 sisters and an adorable 4 yr old. Together these 5 will stand the test of life!Whether it be the life of a professional baseball player, a single mum, a bad boy or the socially awkward pitcher, life will throw hardballs, will make you balk, but the future is what you work for. These 4 from different worlds will walk through fire to have a future – one they really want. This us a must read if you like some steam with a great storyline, as a 1st read from Joy Eileen, it certainly won’t be my last. I do believe I’ve found yet another great author. This win was perfect for me.