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In this all-new contemporary romance series, the five Elias sisters of Calypso Falls, New York, discover that love sometimes arrives in surprising ways...Jenna Elias was always the life of the party, coasting on her charm and beauty, hiding the shame of the scandal surrounding her absentee father, a corrupt politician. But the party ended all too soon with an injury that lIn this all-new contemporary romance series, the five Elias sisters of Calypso Falls, New York, discover that love sometimes arrives in surprising ways...Jenna Elias was always the life of the party, coasting on her charm and beauty, hiding the shame of the scandal surrounding her absentee father, a corrupt politician. But the party ended all too soon with an injury that left her partially paralyzed and a husband who simply left her. Now, at age thirty, she’s back in Calypso Falls. She leads a simple existence working in her sister’s coffee shop, but Jenna misses the joy she once had in her life. Then Cole Morrissey walks into the coffee shop.As idealistic as he is sexy, the local lawyer is running for mayor of Calypso Falls. Drawn to Jenna’s quick wit and radiance, he asks her to volunteer for his campaign. As the two start working together, there’s no denying the powerful attraction they feel for each other. A desktop makeout session leads to much more. But when Jenna’s dad returns to Calypso Falls and wants to be a part of her life again, the association could spell political suicide for Cole—and the end of a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love....

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life of the party Reviews

  • Irene
    2019-06-25 05:36

    4 stars Life of the Party was a sweet, fun and entertaining read. The storyline is well written, the characters are likable, relatable and I found myself connecting with them both.Watching Jenna and Cole's relationship unfold kept me turning the pages. They amused me with their banter, the attraction between them was felt right from the start and watching them connect and fall in love warmed my heart.Both Cole and Jenna had been hurt in the past and not interested or out looking for love. But try as they might, the attraction between them was too strong to ignore. Soon they were opening up and sharing their previous hurts and what they wanted out of life. I liked how the author paced the story, the drama was well done, believable and not over the top.Overall, Life of the Party is a lovely afternoons read, with smart, witty people finding love and happiness when they least expected it.I'm looking forward to the next book in the Calypso Falls series.Purchase Links~Amazon: B&N: iTunes: Kobo:*I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts*

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-06-21 04:29

    Java Girl's review:The hardest reviews to write are for those books I neither love nor hate, the books that are just okay. The Life of the Party is one such book, for me. I’ve tried to figure out why I was so ambivalent about this story. I found Cole Dekker very appealing—smart, funny, sexy, kind—he’s practically perfect, but a slight imperfection or two save him from being too perfect. I enjoyed Jenna’s family. Her sisters, mother, wacky Aunt Margie, as well as her black sheep father, were interesting and entertaining. I’d like to read more about them, there are definitely stories there to be told. I think my issue was with Jenna. I just didn’t connect to this character. I appreciated her straightforward approach, her honesty, and her career goals. She was obviously smart, had a great sense of humor, but she still fell a little flat to me. Maybe it was her single-minded goal of leaving town to start over where no one knew her and her history that just didn’t ring true for me. There just wasn’t anything compelling about her that made me want to know her better or made me care about her. I’m not sure I would have finished the book if I hadn’t committed to writing this review. But, I did finish it, and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the ending. I’m intrigued by Jenna’s father, Robert, a complicated character. I’m hoping for more on him, so I’ll give the rest of this series another chance. Review copy given for a voluntary review.

  • Laura
    2019-06-22 04:36

    ***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley***3.5 StarsThis book was a little different than I was expecting. Although I am not sure entirely why, i think it has to do with the fact that more time was spent developing the relationship between Cole and Jenna outside of any influence of her returning father, which I liked. Cole and Jenna were both likeable, although I thought the character development for him was a little stronger than it was for her, this didn't make the book feel uneven, necessarily, but it did make me want to know a little more about her. It was, however, something I noticed. We saw more of the things that make Cole who he is, and what he values. But with Janna, it was a lot of the things that she was trying not to be. The writing was strong, and the pacing was also good. I liked the glimpses into the lives of the supporting characters and the lives that Cole and Janna had aside from when they were together. There were a couple of places in the book where I would have liked a little more time spent, but at the same time, the pacing worked, so the decisions to feature what was featured and mention in passing the other events does make sense.I do recommend this book.***This and other reviews also featured on “I’m A Sweet and Sassy Book Whore”***

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2019-06-03 05:48

    ☆☆☆ 1/2~Lynzi~The actions of a parent, does not and should not, affect how their children are treated. They are not the actions of the child, so why should that child pay? That's a hard lesson for Jenna to learn.Having her father as the Mayor of their small town, was her life for so long. Her daddy was the light of her life. Like it should be for every little girl. Until her daddy dearest, did the unthinkable. Leaving her family broken and unsure, her and her sisters have to try and stay strong. Growing up is a struggle, but with the amazing mother and aunt it makes it a little easier. But Jenna's life, isn't that easy. She has been put through the ringer. When you have been let down by the most important man in your life, and then the man you believe will be your happily ever after, it leaves you feeling like you are unworthy. So much so, that she doesn't see love, an amazing man, and what can be a bright future, when it slaps her in the face. All in the last man she would ever expect.Cole is a work-a-holic. His dreams and ambitions is all he ever sees. Which isn't a bad thing, unless it leaves him over looking the important things. The things he's missing and yearning for, even though he doesn't know it. Wanting to be mayor of his hometown, the town he moved back to so he could slow down, is so important to him. Helping people is the only thing he wants to do. So when Jenna comes to him with a plan, they strike up a deal. A deal that should better help both of them. A deal that can and eventually will, blow up in their faces. But it's not the deal that's to be worried about, but how they handle the backlash.I loved how strong Jenna was. With all life had through at her, she came out a little stronger each day. More than the one before. The men in her life haven't always been helpful, so of course she gets discouraged when thinking of a man, but boy does Cole change all that.Cole is in a league of his own. I easily fell in love with him. He was so easy. So honest. Everything you would expect from a guy who grew up in a small town and has a good heart.

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-06-05 22:34

    Jenna Elias has a past of being the life of the party, while hiding the shame of what her father, a corrupt politician, did. But when she couldn't keep up with her grades, she decided to marry a well to do man, becoming his trophy wife. Unfortunately, that all changed after an accident left her partially paralyzed, and a husband who told her not to come home when she was discharged out of hospital. Now she's back at home, Calypso Falls, at thirty, trying to finish her degree so she can move away where no one knows her. So she works at her sister's coffee shop while she goes to school keeping things calm, until Cole Morrissey walks in for coffee. The sexy local attorney is running for mayor of Calypso Falls, and their surprising attraction is the reason he lets her come volunteer for his campaign. But when Jenna's dad comes back to town and won't leave her alone, it could mean political suicide for Cole, not to mention a chance at real love. I LOVED this story so much, even though I really got mad at Cole from time to time. The character development is great, with an entertaining cast of secondaries that kept me laughing. Jenna and Cole has simmering chemistry that boiled over no matter how many times he tried to stop it, which led to some steamy sexy scene goodness that will fog up windows. I enjoyed Kris Fletcher's talented writing style so much, and her characters came off like real people with real flaws, that I fell hard in love with them. Her well placed humor, and witty banter, kept me laughing hard throughout, but I also could feel their sad emotions like they were my own. A few twists made for great f-bomb dropping moments, but I'm begging for more, as their ending seemed a bit rushed and unfinished! However, it's still a 5 Star read for me, and I'm super excited to read more by her, so I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Heather andrews
    2019-06-15 22:29

    Jenna sure knows how to get a reaction out of Cole, "sweet baby Jesus, what was he supposed to say? “I . . . yeah. That’s perfectly understandable.” Cole could be an eager man at times, “I think waiting until we get inside is a really good idea.” He swallowed. “But if it takes you too long to open the door, I can’t even promise that anymore.” I really liked this book, loved Cole.

  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    2019-06-16 22:46

    Now that she's single, working in her sister's coffee shop and living back in Calypso Falls, Jenna Elias wants more out of life. But she knows she's not going to get the fresh start she wants, not with her last name being Elias. Her father's political scandal caused enough trouble in her past, but she's not going to let it rob her of her future. But when Cole Dekker strolls into the coffee shop, there's an instant connection between them. Helping him with his campaign to run for mayor seems like a good idea, but the closer they get, the bigger the trouble brewing. Will they let the past wreck their chance at forever after, or will they fight to prove that Jenna is nothing like her corrupt father?When I read the blurb for this book, it captured my attention immediately and I couldn't wait to read this story, even though I've never read anything by Ms. Fletcher before. From start to finish, this story was riveting, fast-paced and a book I couldn't get enough of due to the main characters, especially Jenna. She's been through so much lately in her life with her accident and then what her husband did, so I was surprised that her outlook on life was still to reach big. She's definitely a fighter, determined to go after what she wants whether in her personal or professional life and all I can say is Cole doesn't stand a chance when she eventually makes up her mind on something she wants.The dialogue was well-written and intense due to the main characters back stories, especially that of the heroine. Her dad being back in her life isn't easy. Will she give him a chance? What will the heroine do to protect Cole from her past? The decisions she has to make throughout this story are also not easy. Can she and Cole achieve happy ever after when there's so much at stake? His political career and her wanting to leave town are completely opposite goals, which made me sympathize at those moments when it seemed they're being together wasn't going to be possible. Because Jenna is always going to be reminded that she's the daughter of a corrupt ex-politician, even though she's never done anything wrong herself. Jenna made this story a worthwhile read, especially the way she handled everything thrown at her. She mixed well with Cole's friends, so much so that the secondary characters entertained me almost as much as the main did. Jenna had a way of winning people over, and really proved how good she is when it comes to public relations; a career she was made for. While Cole, I really liked him. He's smart, confident and I liked getting to know more about his past and his reason for moving back to Calypso Falls. It wasn't surprising that his past led to him pursuing a career in politics. Moreover, he's so open and honest and I liked how far he was willing to go to fight for his and Jenna's happiness. Because they both deserved it, especially after a relationship they've each had in the past left them a tad wary of getting close to someone of the opposite sex again. Still, in saying that, their strong chemistry spills over onto the pages nicely. Overall, this was a fun, delightful and engaging read that encompassed wonderful banter that left me wanting more from the two main characters as well as the secondary ones. The way this story ended was endearing, as Cole had some major groveling to do and what he did to win Jenna back had me smiling through a shine of tears because I was happy for the pair. What a speech he made! However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up perfectly, as I discovered whether Cole won the mayor position. I would recommend Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher, if you enjoy the forbidden romance trope, or are looking for a book where the hero is pursing a career in politics.

  • Isha Coleman
    2019-05-28 05:50

    It takes an excessive amount of energy to play the clown. To paste on a smile and put on a compelling show, when the world is falling apart around you. Oh, to be that girl. Kris Fletcher gives a front row seat to the roller coaster drama that Is Jenna Elias' life. From the good time girl who can turn on the charm. To the broken woman working to bounce back after numerous heartbreaks and tragic circumstances. To the woman on the verge of starting a scandal, Jenna is never dull. Jenna, may be a wild child but her spirit and heart are what I liked most about her. Cole was the spark that lit the fuse that brought joy, laughter and some of that fight back into Jenna's life. Life of the Party mixes wit with drama and delivers a gritty story of scandalous love and redemption.

  • Christine Mize
    2019-06-05 22:27

    Funny with a slightly snarky, realistic heroine and a hero that will tug at your heart strings, Life of the Party is not a book to be missed. My heart hurt for everything that heroine Jenna Elias goes through in life to get where she is currently standing, a little worse for wear but not beaten. Cole Morrissey may be the best book boyfriend ever - loyal to a fault to those he loves, a man of character and honor in a profession where neither is prevalent. It has been a long time since I have pulled so strongly for two people to find their happiness. Such a wonderful beginning to a new series.... I can't wait to see where we are taken next!

  • Jody
    2019-06-22 04:55

    After such an exhausting presidential race I wasn't sure I wanted to read a book set in the world of politics, but the premise drew me in and in many ways it charmed me. From its appealing main characters to its colorful cast of secondary ones who soon felt like family, this romance depicted the toll being in the public eye has on people. It's a romance that kept me fully immersed in the connection between a woman running from her past and a man looking towards the future under the watchful eyes of his constituents.Jenna's family once had a prominent place in the world of politics until her father absconded with money, and faked his own death to hide it, before landing himself in jail. Along with notoriety from her father she earned her own reputation for being a Party Girl. After an engagement with a seemingly perfect man ended in disillusionment, along with a life-changing car accident, Jenna's left feeling a bit lost and desperate to start fresh. Meeting Cole couldn't have happened at a worse time but he's too good to ignore despite her fears over his being a politician. Jenna's a strong-willed woman who doesn't let her disability hold her back. She's sassy and outspoken and doesn't hesitate to let Cole know what she wants in and out of the bedroom as they undertake their secretive romance. With her sisters she's playful and mocking as only sisters can be which made their interactions highly entertaining. Jenna was ultimately a likable heroine who let fear rule her, until realizing how valuable true love is, to work her way towards a hard-fought HEA.Cole's a rare man when it comes to politicians as he values honesty and transparency. He would never judge someone on acts they had no control over and believes in what he sees and hears as opposed to what comes from the outside. He's a true White Knight who stands strongly alongside Jenna, a quiet support as she deals with her recently released father. Cole's a sweet and sexy hero, charming in everything he says and does, and he definitely gets my vote. He's quick to admit he's wrong and quick to prove his love in a Grand Gesture that had me swooning. His interactions with his political team were entertaining and had a familial feel to them as they all had each other's backs throughout good times and bad. On a whole I'm proud to announce that he's the latest addition to my list of book boyfriends for all his goodness and charm.From start to finish I found this to be a satisfying read with a slew of appealing characters and a romance that fully invested me in its outcome. The romance between Cole and Jenna was sweet and sexy, as well as scorching. As her disability was also addressed it made their connection more realistic too. The secondary characters, especially the Elias sisters, were strong with unique personalities that allowed them their own moments to shine and it has me excited for their own stories to be told. With so many good qualities making up this romance I still felt like something was missing, something holding me back from loving it. Although I'm not quite certain what that "something" is, I can say that I felt as if the story dragged in the middle and the background story of Jenna's father was a bit over-the-top. Despite that I still recommend this book for its timeliness to bring us all back from the ledge of a devisive election!

  • Beth ~ Panda & Boodle
    2019-05-31 03:27

    “Tell the truth. You don’t want to be mayor. You have a burning lifelong desire to be Prince Charming.” Here's my truth: the hardest reviews to write are for books that you neither loved nor severely disliked. The ones that fall in that murky middle ground, where there's nothing wrong with them, per se, but they just… don't stick. And sadly, that's Life of the Party for me. I was actually quite excited to get into this book. I liked the novella that kicked off this series—The Bridesmaid and the Bachelor—enough to want to come back for more, and I was intrigued by Jenna, the Elias sister recovering from an accident and a severe injury. However, I found fairly early on that I wasn't quite able to get invested in her story, and more, that I didn't sympathize with her as much as I expected to. While I enjoyed her strength and her smarts, I also felt her a little too hard and obtuse at times. That's not to say, however, that there wasn’t anything about this book that I liked, or even loved. Because there was. The fun, smart banter, and the strong relationships between the women of the Elias family being just two examples. The Elias sisters are a good group of girls—and though I don't feel like I know them as well as I perhaps should, having now read a novella and a full-length book in this series, I enjoyed seeing their interactions. Another thing I really liked… maybe even loved? Cole Dekker. The lawyer-slash-Prince-Charming-slash-up-and-coming-politician was a big win for me. I got a kick out of his passion, his honesty and kindness, his awareness of Jenna and the way he treated her—as an equal, never as someone to be pitied. His relationships were strong and true, and I had no trouble warming to him, to Ram, to the campaign. Cole certainly has my vote. And as for this book and series… well, I fall squarely in the undecided camp. Am I interested in the Elias sisters and their town enough to pick up more Calypso Falls books in the future? Yes, most likely. Was Life of the Party a book I'd have absolutely no qualms recommending? No. But I would recommend at least giving it—and this series—a chance. “You’re no desert, Jenna.” His fingers trailed down the side of her face. “You’re the oasis. The life in the middle of the barrenness. The water that bubbles up in the most unexpected places.” ~ THREE STARS ~

  • Jess
    2019-06-24 04:28

    50%- DNF simply out of pure boredom. Nothing grabbed me about the story. Not the leads, not the romance. Nothing.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-30 00:37

    *This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*This is the story of Jenna Elias trying to hide from the shame of her father a convicted and corrupt politician and her past marriage as a trophy wife.After her divorce and a car accident Jenna is now living in her sister’s apartment and working for her in the coffee shop. Where she meets Lawyer and candidate for Mayor Cole Morrissey. He doesn’t care about her past and agrees to have her join his campaign team as a volunteer (to bump up her resume). They are both drawn to each other and the attraction they feel for each other but they know it won’t or shouldn’t last.Jenna’s father returns to Calypso Falls and it starts a downturn, gossip goes around that could lead to political suicide for Cole and job interviews for Jenna. Can their love hold true.I enjoyed this instant attraction between Cole and Jenna, Jenna’s witty comments were hilarious.Although this is not my type of genre, I found it funny, witty and humorous and look forward to the next instalment of the Calypso Falls Series by Kris Fletcher.

  • Sascha
    2019-06-13 02:54

    4 1/2 starsAs a native to the DC metro area, I tend to steer very clear of any novels with a political bent as it sometimes seems that I am forced to breathe politics 24/7. So my first inclination was to pass by Kris Fletcher’s Life of the Party, a romance about a man running for political office. There was something different in the synopsis though, probably the description of Jenna’s past and her current state, that intrigued me enough to ignore my usual “no politics” rule.After having not read many romances in years, this past year has brought an onslought, many of which have been very good. Life of the Party falls into that category. While the topic of a political candidate whose election may go south because of his romantic involvement has been done countless times before, Kris Fletcher breathes new life into it with her fresh more:

  • BookSnuggle
    2019-06-18 23:42

    Life of the Party by Kris Fletcher id book number one in the Calypso Falls series. This is Jenna Elias and Cole Morrissey's story.Jenna is back home working in her sister's coffee shop after a bad injury and a divorce. Cole is campaigning to be major of Calypso Falls.Cole gets Jenna to help out with his campaign. As they spend time together the attraction between them grows. Will they give in to this attraction or will they allow the pain from their past to stop them from a chance at love? Jenna's dad's was a corrupt politician and has served his time. Will Jenna's dad come back to Calypso Falls? Will he cause problems with Cole and Jenna?I enjoyed the book even though the pace was a little slow for me. Still it was an enjoyable read.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Tracy's Place
    2019-06-21 06:28

    3.75 out of 5

  • Kaetrin
    2019-06-19 00:46

    pre-order from Amazon.

  • Lynzi Nguyen
    2019-06-25 00:56

    ☆☆☆ 1/2Reviewed for Nerdy Dirty & Flirty