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Jonathan Goddard is a bear shifter with three problems: 1, he doesn’t like shifting and has ignored his bear for years. 2, his family is pushing him to find a partner and settle down. 3, he’s just lied to his overbearing mother that he’s bringing a boyfriend to his grandparents’ wedding anniversary to stop her from setting him up with random guys. The solution? Bring a fakJonathan Goddard is a bear shifter with three problems: 1, he doesn’t like shifting and has ignored his bear for years. 2, his family is pushing him to find a partner and settle down. 3, he’s just lied to his overbearing mother that he’s bringing a boyfriend to his grandparents’ wedding anniversary to stop her from setting him up with random guys. The solution? Bring a fake boyfriend and pretend to be in relationship for one weekend, then go back to his happy, single, bear-free life. Eric Warden has recently broken up with his cheating ex-boyfriend, and a weekend of pretending to be someone else sounds like the perfect distraction from his heartbreak. Pretending to be the boyfriend of a fun, attractive guy like Jonathan will be easy — so long as Eric can ignore his growing, genuine attraction to the other man. From the moment Jonathan meets Eric, he starts to wonder if maybe they could have more together than just one weekend. But first, he’ll have to deal with his bear who doesn’t want to be ignored any longer and a family that’s already planning their wedding. Surrounded by dozens of nosy family members, a terrible thunderstorm and an aggressive inner bear, can Jonathan and Eric find a future together, or will they only be bear-ly dating? This is a 45000 word stand alone bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers....

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ISBN : 31826293
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  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-06-25 00:45

    I liked the Dual POV.Otherwise, nothing else really worked for me. The slow burn was boring, the fake boyfriend premise didn't really work for me here, maybe because I felt like the characters were not really multi-dimensional.It literally took me several days to get through this one, and I was in a myriad of I know the reason I didn't enjoy it wasn't my mood.But I know I'm in the minority. If you like the fake boyfriend trope, and shifters, I think you should check it out for yourselves.

  • Meep
    2019-06-03 00:45

    I found the dual povs repetitive, didn't entirely engage with this and couldn't get past 60%.Giving it generous 2* as it's an okay light read, nothing standout but most will probably enjoy it; but honestly you know how little details can make you fume? Well this had me stomping about ranting. I'm aware it may be an over-reaction. Laugh if you must, we all have different bugbears:''You look better with your glasses off.''*spitting mad* from here on is a rant!I wear glasses, are you saying I'd look better careering off walls and covered in bruises? Because I don't so contacts and I'm blind as a the proverbial Bat without them!Worse than the boorish ignorant comment was that the character then gazes at his big baby blues in a mirror and thinks of leaving his glasses off. A little issue in the grand scheme of things, but are you going to tell a wheelchair user they look better without the wheels? We're not talking fashion accessory.As a shy kid who had to suddenly start wearing glasses to school and endure the attention - I do not thank you Ms Hunter. On behalf of any number of people who've been made to feel self-conscious about needing glasses, I again don't thank you.Too many teen films present the notion that removing glasses is all it takes to make an ugly duckling a prom-queen or princess, adopting them is all it took to hide Superman's superness (totally a word!)Well [bleep] you - I'm no oil painting but I'm super as I am. Glasses on.

  • Dutchgirl
    2019-06-16 23:45

    This is a fun easy no angst read.

  • Sierra
    2019-06-22 03:46

    This is a light, sexy uncomplicated fake-boyfriend-story with the twist of Jonathan being a shifter. One thing I enjoyed about the book was the way that the author showed us the guys getting to know each other and including plenty of dialogue to make it seem real. They both definitely came across as real guys, very likeable, especially Eric, who is the hot nerdy type. The book had the feel of having a lot of sex but was accomplished by a great deal of fantasizing/daydreaming about each other before the actual fact. It managed to be funny, cute, and sexy all at once. Although the story takes place over less than a week, there's the feel of a slow burn to it since the guys are all pent up over each other and agonizing the whole time. I enjoyed the setup for Eric learning about Jonathan as a shifter and thought that it was more natural than others I've read. There were times that I felt the book was moving a little slow--surprising in a such a short novel/novella. This is a longer piece than usual for the author (I've enjoyed her shorter works as well) and I think she did a great job of creating a cute couple and a story that put a smile on my face.

  • Deirdre
    2019-05-29 05:05

    The bane of a single person's existence: So when are you going to get married?Settling down is a mother's wish for every child. And when she's not asking about a serious relationship, then it's another family member or a family friend. When you're happily single others have a hard time accepting it. When you have ambitions beyond those of your small town, as well as very close, though quite large family who are all happy remaining close to one another. Everyone is a shifter who enjoys living near a wooded area, where they can shift regularly. Their young cubs grow up surrounded by doting and protective family members. Why would someone choose to leave such a nurturing environment? How about the excitement of a city? The larger size and more possibilities for careers, a social network, and not being smothered by the care and concerns of multiple relatives. What about a job or career that isn't viable in such a secluded location? What about the terror of letting out an uncontrollable beast? How do you dodge a family invite that is impossible to evade? How do you prepare for the barrage of unwanted personal questions from everyone? How do you keep your "matchmaking" Mom from throwing every gay shifter she can find oh so "subtlety" at you? How do you keep a beast that had been hibernating from becoming fully awake and endangering unsuspecting others?Is it ever a good idea to try to fool your Mom? Especially one that is extremely nosy and has others helping her out? How do you keep your peace of mind while trying to enjoy a long overdue visit home? Well you can always invent a fake boyfriend. Then people should leave you alone. But what if your family is very intrusive? How do you keep them from driving you crazy with questions about this guy? Bring him to the family gathering of course. But where will you find someone to play the "victim" / boyfriend? Especially with only a short window of time to find him. And how do you convince him to be your weekend fake boyfriend? What are the parameters? What about PDAs? How do you keep from tripping up when someone asks a question one of the two of you should know? How do you keep yourself from falling for the guy? How do you keep the fact that everyone is a shifter from him? How do you keep your Bear from hurting him? How do you protect him from others seeking to harm him?This is the premise of this great and very entertaining shifter tale by an author new to me Calandra Hunter. I really enjoy shifter stories involving Bears and this one was chock full of them. I like when it's a Human and Bear shifter paired together, this book has that too. There is friendship, ex- drama, family dynamics, desperation, fear, trepidation, concealed mutual attraction, and Bears. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is most definitely a re-read.

  • Moomba
    2019-06-17 04:03

    3.5 stars

  • andrea moran
    2019-06-10 01:54

    BearsLoved this short read about a reluctant to shift bear finally getting his act together and figuring out the man he's convinced to be his fake boyfriend is really his mate add a touch of domineering family and a rain storm and mix for a sweet story on KU

  • Sarah
    2019-06-06 02:11

    Cute quick read.

  • Ashley
    2019-06-06 07:07

    A cute read

  • Lorraine
    2019-06-13 02:43

    Sweet version of "pretend boyfriends", both guys were cute, Eric especially and I was pleased with the ending