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She has a chance to find something more precious than gold, if she is brave enough to trust her heart. . . . Her intense passion for unlocking the secrets of the past is what made Carter Wessex an archeologist. Now she had been given a chance to dig on Farrell Mountain where a doomed party of minutemen lost their lives as well as the gold they were carrying during the RevShe has a chance to find something more precious than gold, if she is brave enough to trust her heart. . . .Her intense passion for unlocking the secrets of the past is what made Carter Wessex an archeologist. Now she had been given a chance to dig on Farrell Mountain where a doomed party of minutemen lost their lives as well as the gold they were carrying during the Revolutionary War. Carter refuses to let the mountain's owner, Nick Farrell, rattle her, even though she is all too aware of his sexy yet sardonic presence. Her work on the mountain could be the most significant find of her career . . . if she can pull herself away from the smoldering attraction that is undeniably growing between them. Beneath the steely looks Nick Farrell wears like a well-cut suit, he is a man of hidden tenderness. From his first meeting with Carter, there is an immediate flare, hotter than he has ever experienced before. But no one is more surprised than Nick when his desire for her deepens into something enduring. Now Nick must find a way to convince Carter that the real treasure to be found on Farrell Mountain is a true and lasting love. . . ....

Title : Heart of Gold
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Heart of Gold Reviews

  • Pepa
    2019-04-17 18:47

    No soy muy dada a la contemporánea, pero tenía ganas de leer algo de esta autora y como no leo paranormal, ha sido la ocasión perfecta.Es una novela poco original, con un argumento bastante predecible y que sigue las tópicas pautas de chico millonario, duro, frío y-como el mismo se define- chico de una noche que harto de sus acartonados líos, cae rendido ante la primera mujer que le planta cara en vez de decirle a todo que sí. Aún así, está bien escrito, y la autora consigue una historia con ritmo ágil que engancha. El macho alfa tiene su punto, no traspasa límites (algo que me daba mucho miedo) y está bien equilibrado con escenas de ternura que lo "humanizan". Ella está a la altura, sus salidas son buenas y me ha gustado como le planta cara, aunque en algún momento le ha faltado un poco de sensatez y sobrado tozudez.Sin ser una historia trepidante, se mantiene un ritmo constante, quizás con un final demasiado rápido. Para ser uno de sus primeros libros, no está nada mal

  • Maria Clara
    2019-03-27 21:56

    Exactamente no sé qué decir de este libro, salvo que me hubiera gustado saber cuántas veces se ha ruborizado Carter jajaja... Ahora si, Corazón de Oro es una historia clásica, sin grandes quebraderos de cabeza, con unos personajes bien definidos, fuertes. ¿Un punto fuerte de la novela? No sé, según la autora, el final es uno de los mejores que ha escrito. Sin embargo, para mí, es el saber que Corazón de Oro es el segundo libro que escribió, ver cómo un escritor se hace y nace...

  • Iradai
    2019-04-09 21:06

    Me ha gustado, entretenida y muy amena. La parte de arqueología me ha resultado interesante pero con algo más de aventura explotando esa parte me hubiese gustado más.

  • ɴΘεɱí
    2019-04-07 18:51

    la verdad que me ha encantado este libro....Ha sido fácil de leer,entretenido,bien escrito... sólo había leído de esta autora los libros de la hermandad de la daga negra y me encantan,leer algo diferente de ella me ha gustado mucho.Nick y Carter me han enamorado y como se ha desarrollado su relación la verdad que están hechos para estar juntos.Y los personajes secundarios también como el sobrino de Nick.El final ha estado ha encantado todo.❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nefise
    2019-03-30 19:10

    It was quite engaging story for me. I like the mystery and attraction between hero and heroine.

  • Julianna
    2019-04-01 17:00

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsHeart of Gold was another solid story from Jessica Bird (aka J. R. Ward). It's a contemporary romance with just a touch of mystery and suspense. Ms. Bird has a history of writing unique characters and elements. In this case, the heroine is an archaeologist and her latest dig is the centerpiece of the story. Having always been a fan of history and archeology, I enjoyed this part a lot, especially the mystery of the missing gold. The heroine also has an antagonist in the form of a fellow archaeologist, who has a track record of being unscrupulous and riding on the coattails of more talented scientists like Carter. He adds the element of suspense as he periodically menaces her throughout the dig. The main characters were likable and relatable. Both the hero and heroine are fairly intense, both having some past issues to put to rest before they can experience their HEA. Everything fit together perfectly to make this an entertaining read.I really liked that even though Carter grew up wealthy she isn't shallow. Money means nothing to her. She lives a relatively simple life immersed in her work. She's a very intelligent woman who is dedicated to preserving history. Carter has had a contentious relationship with her father ever since her mother's death. I initially appreciated and even admired her for selling all the ridiculously expensive gifts her father sent in an attempt to win back her love and giving the money to charity. However, we do eventually discover that some of the things she believed about her father are false, and she has to come to terms with that. Carter has a strong back-bone and isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with Nick who was pretty rude to her in the beginning. I love how earthy Carter is. She's absolutely nothing like the women Nick usually dates, and I think that is a large part of what drew him to her. I was a little frustrated by Carter not telling anyone about her rival, Lyst, showing up at the dig, especially since he was behaving in a threatening manner. She did finally tell her friend and colleague, Buddy, but not Nick, who could have offered some measure of protection. It just seemed like a rather foolhardy decision for such an intelligent woman, but she was pretty stubborn and independent.Nick behaves like as icy blast of Arctic air during his first meeting with Carter. He's very rude and condescending toward her, and initially sees her as a means to an end, thinking that he can make Carter's father a more loyal business partner by helping him to reconcile with his daughter. Nick is a relentless corporate raider who has enjoyed great success in business, but he can't find a woman who doesn't want him just for his money. Family is very important to Nick. He adored his sister and took in his orphaned nephew, although now that the boy is a teenager, they are about to start WWIII with each other. I thought these things helped to show a softer side to Nick. Writing a commitment phobic bad boy who often says hurtful things can be a very delicate proposition, but I think overall, Ms. Bird did a nice job with Nick. She showed just enough vulnerability in him to off-set his bad behavior and make his eventual turnaround believable. There were also some good moments when he had the opportunity to demonstrate that he did have emotions as well as the ability to get in touch with them, and wasn't just a cold, unfeeling businessman.Nick and Carter have an intense and angsty relationship, but they also have explosive chemistry. Even when they were fighting during the early parts of the story, I could feel the underlying attraction bubbling beneath the surface. It tended to drive them to moments of acute anger and jealousy which sometimes turned to passion. I had very mixed feelings about Nick already having a girlfriend at the beginning though, and her being present for a while when he was already starting to have feelings for Carter. It did add another dimension to their conflict, but it still isn't my favorite way for an author to raise the stakes for a couple. In some ways it makes Nick seem fickle, because he broke up with Candace mere days before sleeping with Carter for the first time. Nick and Carter's love scenes were sensuous, but still pretty tame for this author when compared to her more recent works. I also had a small issue with them not using protection or even discussing it. Overall, I liked Nick and Carter as a couple, and their first romantic scenes together were lovely, but I think having the contention last so long put a little too much emotional distance between them and drew away some of the romantic mood.Heart of Gold has a strong cast of supporting characters. I particularly liked Nick's nephew, Cort, and thought that Ms. Bird did a great job of rendering him as a sullen, moody teenager who develops a case of unrequited puppy love for Carter, but then turns his attentions to someone his own age. Carter's friend and colleague, Buddy, was a jovial foil for her and the voice of reason when she was being a little too stubborn for her own good. Buddy's daughter, Ellie, was the consummate good girl. There were other lesser players who also helped to flesh out Nick and Carter's characters. One of those is Carter's best friend, Grace, who also funds Carter's dig. She only appeared in a phone conversation with Carter at the beginning, but she becomes the heroine of An Unforgettable Lady. I wouldn't quite consider these books to be a series though (neither does the author or her publisher apparently), because the connections are minimal enough that readers wouldn't really be missing anything crucial or be confused by reading them out of order.Overall, Heart of Gold was an engaging read that held my attention quite well. The only thing that really kept me from giving it a higher rating was all that distance between Nick and Carter. I think having two characters with such intense personalities and so much emotional baggage was maybe just a tad too much. But despite that, I still felt it was a very strong 4 stars that I have no trouble recommending to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.

  • Mojca
    2019-03-31 14:50

    Heart of Gold Well, it was better than Leaping Hearts, but still not par with her latest work under the name of J.R. Ward (though we're talking about two completely different genres).Once again I found myself hating the heroine. Her reasoning was rather narrow-minded, she loved double-standards, she simply couldn't make up her mind about herself, her father, the hero...Everything. I simply couldn't stand the woman. I loved Nick (the hero, though). Despite all his flaws, his cold mask, and his temper, the guy quickly wormed his way into his heart and hasn't left yet. There's just something about a guy who plans his seduction rather meticulously and then ends up completely head-over-heels, mooning after the woman without exactly knowing how he got that way. I love these kind of storylines, because I'd give anything to somehow reform a bad-boy. Not entirely, naturally, he has to retain his badness, but reform him just enough to make him see that he doesn't lose his 'tude just by falling in love. And after this slight heart-outpouring let me tell you, this was a sweet, little contemporary romance, though the little jaunt into the suspense waters turned said waters a little to murky for my taste, making the story a little too genre-crammed. I liked it, though.

  • Sina
    2019-03-25 16:45

    Inhalt:Manchmal muss man den Mut haben, auf sein Herz zu hörenDie Archäologin Carter Wessex zieht es zum Farrell Mountain, wo sie ein jahrhundertealtes Rätsel lösen und kostbares verborgenes Gold finden will. Doch eine Sache steht ihr im Weg: Nick Farrell, ein berüchtigter Investor, der es gar nicht gerne sieht, wenn man sein Land betritt – und der einfach viel zu sexy ist. Schon die erste Begegnung ist explosiv, und Carter verwirft ihr Projekt … doch Nick ist ihr auf den Fersen.Gestaltung:Das Cover ist auf den ersten Blick nicht spektakulär, aber wenn man sich das ganze Buch anschaut gefällt es mir immer mehr. Es passt sehr gut zum Buch und die Blumen setzen sich auf dem Cover immer weiter fort, was mir sehr gefällt. Die Frau, die auf dem Cover ist soll anscheinend Carter darstellen, was aber sehr verwunderlich ist, da Carter im Buch ganz anders beschrieben wird. Trotzdem finde ich das Cover sehr passend für einen Liebesroman. :)Meine Meinung: Ich habe genau das bekommen, was ich erwartet habe. Einen tollen Liebesroman mit sehr liebenswerten Charas. Carter und Nick sind 2 Personen, die wirklich wissen, was sie wollen und sich deswegen oft selbst im Weg stehen, weil sie nicht nachgeben wollen. Zwischen den beiden herrscht von Anfang an eine Spannung, die man als Leser zu spüren bekommt. Eine andere Person im Buch ist der 16-jährige Cort, welcher der Adoptivsohn von Nick ist. Nick hat ihn bei sich aufgenommen, weil seien Schwester bei einem Autounfall ums Leben gekommen ist und Nick seiner Schwester einen letzten Wunsch erfüllen wollte. Cort verliebt sich am Anfang in Carter, obwohl sie 11 Jahre auseinander liegen. Das fand ich sehr süß, da Cort immer sauer auf Nick war, da er Angst hatte, das Nick Cort, Carter wegnimmt. :)Außerdem ist dort noch eine Person, die Nicks und Carters Beziehung zerstören will. Im Buch kommt die Person ein paar mal vor, aber am Ende spitzt sich die Situation zu und etwas sehr schlimmes passiert. Im großen und ganzen hat mir dieses Buch sehr gefallen, obwohl ich mir an manchen Stellen ein paar mehr Seiten gewünscht hattem um die situation abzurunden. :)Fazit:4 von 5 SternenMeine Video Rezension:

  • Natalia815
    2019-04-03 17:52

    Me ha gustado leer algo de J. R. Ward, que no sea algo de la Hermandad, es de agradecer leer cosas nuevas de J.R, aunque sigo echando mucho de menos a los hermanos (espero que no tarden mucho en editar algo nuevo de la saga).La historia te atrapa y se lee con mucha facilidad. La única pega, por criticar algo, es que la escritora se centra mucho en lo romántico de la historia y deja un poco de lado la expedición, cosa que no pasa con los Hermanos de la daga negra. Aún así, merece la pena leer esta historia.

  • Nur
    2019-04-02 15:50

    3.5Corazón de oro ha sido una lectura rápida y entretenida que es perfecta para leer entre libros pesados o en épocas intensas. La trama es sencilla y se va desarrollando sola, es decir, no hay que romperse la cabeza para saber qué está pasando. Hay algún que otro punto de misterio, pero no requiere un gran esfuerzo mental.La historia en general me ha gustado: si bien empieza de un modo bastante lento, luego va cogiendo ritmo hasta que llega el momento de tensión máxima, al que sigue el final. Corazón de oro es uno de los primeros libros que escribió J.R. Ward, así que la manera de hilar tramas no tiene nada que ver con la de los libros de La Hermandad de la Daga Negra (tampoco hay tantos personajes que introducir, así que bien), pero sí que se aprecian los diferentes puntos de vista narrativos y la cocción a fuego lento de la trama. Lo que también me ha gustado ha sido que la autora ha añadido algo de misterio y acción a lo largo de toda la historia.Los personajes en general me han gustado mucho, pero el que se ha ganado un lugar en mi corazón es Cort, el sobrino de Nick. A pesar de ser un adolescente, tiene un aire inocente en cuanto a lo que es la vida más allá de las normas que le impone su tío: no es tonto, para que nos entendamos, pero tampoco es capaz de medir las posibles consecuencias de sus actos y eso lo hace bastante inocentón… Por no hablar de su enamoramiento pasajero de Carter adorable. En fin, que es un amor de chico y de personaje. Carter, la protagonista, me ha gustado mucho, pero su fuerza de voluntad para “mantenerse alejada de Nick” deja mucho que desear. Si de verdad quieres perderlo de vista, ni te le acerques, mujer. No obstante, me ha interesado muchísimo conocer sus habilidades de arqueóloga… Casi más que el romance con el cabeza cuadrada de Nick. Nick, el protagonista masculino, me ha dado infinitos dolores de cabeza: no entiendo cómo Carter puede enamorarse de él si va hot and cold dejad de cantar la canción de Katy Perry, pls cada dos segundos. Además, no es más borde porque no se entrena. Sí que es verdad que cuando quiere es bastante cuqui, pero cuando no… Sin comentarios.Si os gusta la contemporánea y los libros de J.R. Ward, éste también os gustará. No es la gran historia, pero los diferentes puntos de vista complementan la trama de una manera muy rica y la convierten en algo diferente. Los personajes, en general, me han gustado mucho a pesar de que Nick se me ha resistido bastante. Por lo que tengo entendido, Corazón de oro forma parte de una especie de “serie” en la que se entrelazan personajes de diferentes libros autoconclusivos y, según he podido comprobar, dentro de poco se publica el que sería el predecesor a este libro, Corazones desbocados (es el de la prima de Carter, a quien se menciona en las primeras páginas muy de pasada lo que viene siendo una línea), así que tengo ganas de hacerme con él y leerlo.

  • Fátima
    2019-03-22 22:00

    3,5-4*primer libro que leo de la autora fuera de la daga negra y tendiendo en cuenta la gran nota que hace al principio del libro sobre que es de los primeros que escribió, lo empecé a leer con algo de miedo de que ella después de revisarlo lo viera como un libro flojillo, pero no defrauda. Tiene una forma de escribir que te engancha. Muy buena ambientación, buena historia de la arqueología y muy buenos personajes tanto principales (enamoran) como secundarios (te quedas con ganas de saber de una historia por ahí).

  • Natalia
    2019-03-27 17:53

    Esperaba una novel empalagosa, pero me ha sorprendido, la trama está muy entretenida y me ha gustado mucho, hay bastante acción

  • Francy
    2019-03-28 20:00

    Da http://leggerefantastico.blogspot.comJ.R. Ward è un marchio assoluto di garanzia. E potrei anche finire qui la mia recensione. Ho detto tutto. Non so davvero come faccia, ma ogni cosa che scrive, ogni frase, ogni romanzo si trasforma in un piccolo e prezioso gioiello. Tralasciando la serie della Confraternita, oggi parleremo invece di Un Cuore D' oro, il terzo contemporary romance targato Leggereditore e scritto dall' autrice sotto lo pseudonimo di Jessica Bird. Dopo Una Donna Indimenticabile e Colpevole d' Amare, la Ward ci porta a conoscere una giovane, determinata e grintosa archeologa, Carter Wessex e un uomo d' affari, sexy e tutto d' un pezzo, il duro e fiero, Nick Farrell. Carter sta cercando di convincere Nick ad avere il permesso di scavare sulla sua montagna dove, si ipotizza, si nasconda il tesoro nascosto da alcuni soldati durante la Guerra d' Indipendenza. Scontroso e rigido, Nick Farrell è un uomo che non ha nessuna intenzione di cedere alle lusinghe di una donna come Carter, tantomeno cedere all' arrivo prepotente quanto improvviso di una bollente attrazione per lei. Ma come sappiamo bene, all' amor non si comanda e l' attrazione dirompente tra i due, si trasformerà ben presto in un sentimento incontrollabile. Ma non tutto filerà liscio come potremmo pensare. Oh no. La Ward si diverte a complicare le cose. Giocando con fantasmi del passato, relazioni tormentate e la minaccia di un nemico pronto a tutto pur di avere l' oro tutto per sè, Un Cuore D' Oro diventa un romanzo ricco di sorprese, ritmo serrato e tanta, tantissima carica passionale. La Ward traccia per Carter e Wessex un sentiero denso di pericoli e sensazioni nuove e loro, sino alla fine, dovranno percorrerlo alla cieca. Nel grigiore della loro vita dovranno scardinare porte e portoni, abbattere muri di diffidenza, esitazione e paure, per trovarsi liberi e felici uno tra le braccia dell' altro, pronti ad amarsi senza barriere e costrizioni mentali. Il cammino sarà molto lungo e in molte occasioni entrambi decideranno di arrendersi. Ma l' amore, che non smette mai di sorprenderci, troverà un modo per far capire ai due quanto sia flebile e sprecata una vita da vivere a metà.Devo dire che, proseguendo con questi romanzi peraltro tutti auto-conclusivi ma legati l' uno all' altro da alcuni personaggi, la mia ammirazione per questa scrittrice va continuamente aumentando. Ero già innamorata della Ward, ma leggendo questi romance ho notato come la stessa autrice sia cresciuta ad ogni romanzo. Se Una Donna Indimenticabile era stata una buonissima lettura, sicuramente consigliata ma non completamente all' altezza del nome Ward e Colpevole d' Amare sia stata un lettura ancora più gradevole, Un Cuore d' Oro è andato a migliorare, se possibile, ancora di più questa già imperdibile serie. Un Cuore d' Oro è una lettura che ti cattura grazie alla scrittura perfetta e alla trama avvincente, grazie alle esplosioni di travolgente passione disseminate nel corso del libro e narrate in modo sublime e dirompente, e grazie ai personaggi magistralmente caratterizzati e privi di una qualsiasi sfumatura negativa. Il bello della Ward, secondo me, sta anche nel fatto che riesca a modellare i propri personaggi rendendoli vivi, attribuendogli paure e incertezze in modo da renderli accattivanti, interessanti e teneramente familiari al lettore. E la bravura della Ward sta, oltretutto, nel saper costruire personaggi maschili completamente devastanti, ormonalmente parlando. Nick Farrell è un uomo inaccessibile, inflessibile, bravissimo a rinchiudere le proprie emozioni a doppia mandata in un cassetto del suo cuore. E' caparbio a nascondere le sue incertezze e i suoi timori al resto delle persone, ma con l' arrivo di Carter vedrà smarrire questa chiave e riversare ogni sensazione, emozione buona o cattiva che sia, ad ondate inarrestabili. La sua rigidità e l' amore incondizionato per il nipote diabetico, lo renderanno fragile e adorabile agli occhi del lettore. Cuore d' Oro alla fine vorrà rappresentare proprio questo. Dietro ad una facciata di incrollabile durezza, si nasconde un animo buono e generoso, un cuore da amare. Questo romanzo è una lettura estremamente consigliata alle lettrici di romance perchè contiene tutto ciò che una lettrice vorrebbe trovare: amore a palate, avventura, screzi, amicizia e passione.

  • Linda
    2019-04-06 15:04

    Jessica Bird is a pseudonym for J.R. Ward of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Heart of Gold was published in 2003 and it has an alpha male and some of the wit and tension of the earlier Brotherhood books. A contemporary romance, it is the story of Carter Wessex and Nick Farrell, two strong professionals who rattle each other verbally while trying to figure out emotionally what each means to the other.Outwardly gruff and curt, Nick Farrell handles everything better in black and white. Respected as a sharp businessman he has trouble showing emotion with people who become close to him. He has custody of his teenage nephew Cort who loves to bicker with Nick. Add Carter to this mix, someone who does not back down from his blunt manners, and this intrigues him.Carter, a young archeologist, is working on some land that Nick owns. She has her own predicaments: she has almost severed her relationship with her father because of some issues and a co-worker is giving her trouble. These are the two weaker areas of the book that drag the storyline and caused me to give the book three stars rather than four or five. Carter is a strong heroine and a smart individual; I found it hard to believe that she would have not have dealt better with each of these complications.Still, Ms. Bird has a written a sweet romance that tugs at your heart. Read this fiction if you want a nice romance. The chemistry between Nick and Carter is appealing. Cort is endearing as a 16 year old who has a crush on Carter and lends some believability to the older characters' relationship. Nick loves Cort but has a hard time figuring out how to manage this obstacle. Just don't expect an abundance of suspense with Carter's problems and you won't be disappointed.

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-11 22:13

    This review was posted at Under the Covers There is a pretty big distinction in the writing when I read a Jessica Bird book as opposed to a J.R. Ward book. It also shows how much the author has grown into her own voice as a writer. With HEART OF GOLD, her second book ever published, I found the story to be a thrown together. Don't get me wrong, it was still cute but there was no originality and the conflicts were weird and felt like they were building up to something big that never came and the resolutions were just...too easy.Nick Farrell is a sexy hero. Hot, young, rich and very much the brooding and grouchy type. Used to always getting his way and quite often rude to others. His sister died recently leaving him in charge of taking care of his teenage nephew. He's had archaeologists asking to dig on his mountain looking for gold for a long time and it's not until beautiful and young Carter Wessex asks him that he agrees. And that has everything to do with his attraction.First the issue of Nick's nephew having a crush on Carter, then the reason why Carter hasn't talked to her father since her mother's death, then the fact that Nick is apparently in love with this woman without actually spending any time getting to know her just a few small conversations and well of course sex. There were just so many things that could've blown up into something more and given depth to the story but never did.I thought the book was an enjoyable, light read. Although I have other authors that I enjoy more than this to read when I'm in this kind of mood, HEART OF GOLD was still sweet with a touch of sexy enough to like it.

  • Manuela
    2019-03-21 17:00

    La Ward dei migliori romanzi della Confraternita è ancora molto lontana, ma rispetto agli altri due precedenti contemporanei pubblicati, questo è indubbiamente un passo avanti. A rendere il romanzo almeno piacevole è sia la parte "archeologica", interessante e non noiosa, sia il personaggio femminile, non banale e ben caratterizzato. Il personaggio maschile è in stile Ward, sempre molto virile e determinato.La storia tra i due protagonisti parte bene, ma poi un po' si ammoscia. L'innamoramento di lui è un po' troppo fulmineo, l'approfondimento del suo percorso emotivo è praticamente nullo. Anche il suo continuo insistere su una fantomatica assurda relazione tra Carter (che nome è per una donna?) e Buddy, è infantile e messo lì giusto per creare tensione e fraintendimenti. La parte finale, del salvataggio di lei, molto (troppo) inverosimile, con la polizia che permette a Nick, un civile, sia di portarsi la pistola, sia di intervenire per primo nella stanza.Le scene passionali sono ridotte all'osso, e non è certamente un male visto che il romanzo è basato su altro. Certo è che la Ward svilupperà l'aspetto hot solo più in là, con la Confraternita. Qui le scene di sesso sono una specie di piccolo riassunto e niente più. Insomma, qualche scelta ingenua della Ward nello sviluppo della storia, ma in generale arriva alla sufficienza.

  • Cindy
    2019-04-09 18:03

    The second book of this author has been re-released after the success of her two series. I am very happy with that, because it is a wonderful book that is easily and fun to read. I could hardly put it down.Nick and Carter are matched against each other. The discussions between the two are well written. The other people in the book are written down as real persons. Like people you can just walk into in real life. Also funny to see people come along, whom in later books will be the main characters.Carter doesn’t like rich men after the death of her mother, she doesn’t want to talk to her father. But Nick has a mountain on his land where probably a historic find place is hidden, but nobody is allowed do dig there. Carter neither, but then Nick changes his mind and allowes her to do the job.She thought that Nick would not be at present, but he is. The attraction between Nick and Carter is causing fireworks between them. Both find it difficult to trust the other. Will they trust each other at last? For that you have to read the book, you also discover what is found on the mountain that way.

  • Sara Herreras Castel
    2019-03-21 18:50

    La autora J.R.Ward es conocida por su saga de La hermandad de la daga negra principalmente, se ha hecho un hueco en el mundo de la literatura por sus romances paranormales, una mezcla de fantasía y romance pero para los que están cansados de estos géneros y buscan un libro que no tenga continuación, Corazón de oro es una buena elección de lectura.Tiene los mismos elementos que sus libros excepto que no hay fantasía de por medio. La historia de amor entre una arqueóloga y un hombre de negocios. Lo mejor de todo es que es una novela que tiene un final cerrado, sin continuaciones. Si estás harto de sagas interminables, aquí tienes un respiro.

  • Ker
    2019-03-19 18:15

    Amo a J. R. Ward, como Ward o como Jessica siempre escribe de manera única que atrapa. Me encanta.Tiene un trama distinto, un poco complejo pero lo explica tan bien que te metes en la piel de la protagonista. Nick un amor. Y los personajes secundarios muy bien desarrollados. Siento que me quedé con ganas de más, sobretodo de Ellie y Curt.

  • Lara
    2019-03-20 21:47

    Le riescono decisamente meglio i fantasy anche se in questo almeno la protagonista é decente così come i dialoghi tra i protagonisti

  • Mareli
    2019-03-27 14:58

    I liked it a lot. Normal people (even if he's a sort of supermillionaire), fun and romantic. A very relaxing reading.

  • Anya
    2019-03-19 15:11

    Una historia de amor hermosa...aunque prefiero el estilo directo y brutal de JR cuando el amor y la pasión se unen...sin barreras, sin prejuicios y sin miedos...

  • ALPHAreader
    2019-04-10 15:08

    Carter Wessex has just had the dig of a lifetime dangled before her. A promising young archaeologist, Carter loves a good mystery and a challenge. But she’s going to get both, in spades, with Nick Farrell.Nick owns a good parcel of land, including Farrell Mountain which, legend tells, is the final resting ground of Revolutionary War soldiers and the gold that got them killed. But Farrell, a renowned businessman, has never given permission for authorities to dig on his mountain. He has even gone so far as to chase money-grubbing archaeologists off his mountain, with the help of his gun-wielding grounds keeper.But recent evidence has, illegally, come to light confirming that Farrell Mountain holds the key to a Revolutionary mystery and possible gold, and Carter Wessex is determined to dig.Normally Nick Farrell would flat refuse any offers to dig on his mountain – but Carter Wessex is the estranged daughter of one of Nick’s business partners. Not to mention she’s also disarmingly beautiful, and not afraid to put Nick in his place. He is intrigued and willing to let Carter and her team dig on his mountain if it means getting to the mystery of her. . . ‘Heart of Gold’ was the 2003 stand-alone romance novel written by J.R. Ward (under the name Jessica Bird) which has recently been re-packaged (along with ‘Leaping Heart’), following the crazy success of her paranormal ‘Black Dagger Brotherhood’ series.Before the crux of the plot starts to unwind, Bird introduces readers to two fairly complicated individuals in Carter Wessex and Nick Farrell.Carter is a smart and gutsy archaeologist, one of the youngest and most celebrated in her field. She can usually be found knee-deep in dirt, wearing tatty clothes and jet-setting all around the world – if only to avoid her estranged father’s pleading devotion. Carter and her father have not spoken since her mother’s death, and while we don’t know the reason for the prolonged silence, Carter is adamant that it’s all her father’s fault. When the gold on Farrell Mountain is dangled before Carter (though she’s far more interested in the bones of the Revolutionary soldiers) she is reluctant to follow the dig, for more than just the reasons of Nick’s infamous refusal to permit people on his mountain. She knows that Nick and her father probably travel in the same business circles, and she cringes at the idea of bumping into him. But the bones on Farrell Mountain call to her, and Carter takes a chance. . . Nick Farrell, meanwhile, is at the end of this tether. His young sister died a few years ago, leaving Nick as the sole guardian of his teenage nephew, Cort. The boy has some medical problems and unaddressed issues concerning his parent’s death. But worst of all, Cort is a teenager and rebelling against his uncle seems to be his number one hobby at the moment. The two of them seem to constantly be at loggerheads, at a perpetual impasse. But when Nick decides to let Carter Wessex and her small team dig on his mountain, the experience of helping out on the dig opens Cort and Nick’s struggling relationship up and gives the boy a new purpose over the school holidays.Nick’s motives for letting Carter dig are somewhat selfish. Yes, she is beautiful and feisty and he is intrigued – but Nick is also thinking of business prospects with her estranged father, if he can be the peace-maker that brings these two together again, surely the old man would owe Nick a favour or two. . . She took a deep breath, wrapping her arms around her body. “So I’m supposed to believe you’ve asked around, read my curriculum vitae, and suddenly decided the sum of my virtues is sufficient to justify changing your mind? I don’t get it.”“Perhaps conversions happen,” he murmured, “even in people like me.”“I’ll believe that when I see it.”“Maybe you just need to get to know me better. I could have a heart of gold under this gruff exterior.”“That would be fool’s gold, no doubt.”He laughed, a low, husky sound. I bought this book on a whim – curious to read J.R. Ward when she was Jessica Bird and before her Black Dagger Brotherhood’ series. I read her ‘Moorehouse Legacy’ series and ‘The Billionaire Next Door’ book for the same reason, and got some enjoyment out of them.‘Heart of Gold’ is just ‘okay’ by comparison. The entire storyline is pretty predictable from the blurb alone, and as far as the sexy stuff goes – this is probably the tamest Warden book I've read.Carter and Nick’s romantic appeal rests in their sparking chemistry and witty parrying. It’s there, but it’s not particularly clever and reads sort of like paint-by-numbers for romantic conflict and tension. Actually the most interesting thing about this book is reading the escalating drama, when a rival archaeologist called Conrad Lyst starts making trouble on the mountain, and threatening Carter. The storyline is as outlandish as it sounds, and I didn’t find it interesting so much for the cheesy plot-twists, but because I really started to see how Jessica Bird could be slowly drawn more towards the urban fantasy/paranormal romance side of things . . . I really felt like ‘Heart of Gold’ started out as a stock-standard romance. Rich millionaire who can’t commit is intrigued by a made-her-own-way millionaire’s daughter who likes to (literally) get down and dirty. For a little while Bird follows the suspected trajectory – but then she seemed to get a bit bored. She threw a spanner in the works with Conrad Lyst, and suddenly there were threats and kidnappings. The plot just seemed to suddenly explode into this completely different action book. With the BDB series in the back of my mind, I thought I could definitely see why the more outlandish paranormal romance genre would appeal to the Warden – because I truly felt like she wanted to stay with the fast-paced and dangerous kidnapping/action plot for longer. All in all ‘Heart of Gold’ is so-so. If you’re reading this hoping to fill the ‘Black Dagger Brotherhood’ void between releases, you’ll probably be disappointed. This is thoroughly contemporary romance, and while the Warden (as Bird) herself seemed to be a bit over the strictly lovey-dovey stuff, judging by the sudden careening action plot-twist, fans of her paranormal work will probably just be bored. As a contemporary romance it’s okay – not great, not terrible, but if this had been my first encounter with Jessica Bird I probably wouldn’t have been moved to read through her backlist. 2.5/5

  • Shannon
    2019-03-22 21:00

    I cannot even begin to tell you how terrible this book is. I think I should just list the infuriating things I encountered. Lack of character development. Misogynistic, sexist (bears repeating), not at all likable male lead. Bumbling, idiotic, not at all likable female lead. Way too many tangents to the story. Weird supernatural element that is just kinda barely talked about. Seriously this heroine is a moron. She finds one of the biggest discoveries in her career and then takes a day off to go on a boat ride? She is threatened with rape and bodily harm but tells no one, not even the father OF THE 15 YEAR OLD GIRL IN HARMS way. That being said rape is treated way too lightly in this book. You aren't assaulted and the shake it off to never think of it again. The lead keeps calling Carter "woman" and talking down to her and she just takes it. This book is a sexist nightmare. And to top it off there is not an ounce of chemistry between the two and the romance is non existent.

  • Dekaydreader
    2019-03-21 17:10

    Started out very promisingly, and Bird is one of the rare romance authors who doesn't depend on spell check to pick a homonym out of the hat at random, and knows her grammar. I enjoyed it at the outset, but it simply got too sweet and gooey as it went along. Plus, I never could figure out why Carter kept lying about Lyst. It simply made no sense, except insofar as it helped the fox into the henhouse, as it were. I'm not a fan of the idea that some character has to do something monumentally and inexplicably idiotic, flying against all common sense, to punch up the story line. (The basis for all teen slasher flicks...) Anyway, I much prefer her J. R. Ward persona, all full of grit and edge. If you like it more on the sentimental side, this is for you. If you like it dark and rough, go for Ward - but start at the beginning of a series for the best kick.

  • Amber
    2019-03-25 19:05

    This is the first book I read that was outside of the BDB universe. I enjoyed the development of Nick and Carter a great deal. Bold, feisty Carter is so relatable. Her independence and fire is admirable.Nick, well, he's intimidating to most, but not Carter. Their interactions were fun to read. I felt the progress of the story was a great pace. Nothing felt rushed. I had wanted to know what happened with creeper. Good book.

  • Literariamente Obsesionada
    2019-04-10 22:51

    (Explícito). Muy buena historia pero me enfadó un poco el ir y venir de los protagonistas con eso de que no querían hablar sobre sus sentimientos y toda la cosa. Muy recomendable, historia de amor con drama y misterio pero con un final feliz.

  • Puri Perez Gomez
    2019-04-15 18:04

    Me costó terminarlo, Carter me aburría siempre poniéndose colorada y con sus dudas, por el contrario Nick me gusto al igual que los personajes secundarios. La parte relaciona con la arqueología y la historia es lo que más me gusto del libro por ser lo original. Entretenido.

  • Ivelisse Muniz
    2019-03-26 19:11

    Very goodI like so much this writer, is so interesting, romantic and I like the drama here. I recommended them, also her series.

  • Carmilla Marciano
    2019-04-15 14:57

    Carino, semplice, scorrevole, bla bla bla... indubbiamente prevedibile ma, la Ward si fa leggere con o senza confratelli. Consiglio la lettura a chi non cerca un romanzo impegnativo poiché questo sicuramente non lo è. Buono per rilassarsi :)