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A prodigal son is left in a coma by a car accident. His father, a devout Nebraska farmer, visits him in the hospital and discovers they are able to communicate telepathically. Through a week of mental conversations and time travel, they revisit the events and secrets that drove them apart. A dog with two names shepherds them through the path of betrayal, abuse, and — eventA prodigal son is left in a coma by a car accident. His father, a devout Nebraska farmer, visits him in the hospital and discovers they are able to communicate telepathically. Through a week of mental conversations and time travel, they revisit the events and secrets that drove them apart. A dog with two names shepherds them through the path of betrayal, abuse, and — eventually — reconciliation. Told with devastating simplicity and magic, this small novel will change the way you look at rainbows forever....

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rainbow s edge Reviews

  • Lynne Cantwell
    2019-04-22 18:39

    Rainbow's Edge - Leland and Angelo Dirks Rainbow's Edge is about family, and secrets, and redemption.The book opens with a Nebraska farmer rushing to the hospital to see his youngest son, who was severely injured in a car accident, and from whom he has been estranged for some time. When he arrives, he finds Buddy in a coma. But the two men discover a mental connection that allows Buddy and his dog from childhood to take the father on a trip down Memory Lane. During that week, we learn the reason for the estrangement (it's not a spoiler to tell you that Buddy is gay), and Dad has the opportunity to rethink some things -- and maybe even come to a greater understanding about his own life.I've been a big fan of Leland Dirks's writing since I read Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog, and I've read several more of his books since then. This one felt a little rushed to me. A great deal of the book is, of necessity, dialogue, and of course it's not taking place in a physical space, so some of the things an author might use to help with pacing aren't plausible -- body language, for example. Still, I wished for a momentary pause now and then.But that's a minor quibble. Dirks handles a difficult topic with his usual stellar sensitivity. And I learned a few things about rainbows along the way. Recommended.

  • Rich Meyer
    2019-04-02 22:26

    If there is one indie author you can never go wrong with, it is Leland Dirks (and his partner Angelo, of course). Leland's work can be easily compared to the best of what the "traditional publishers" can put out, now or anytime - he's that rare independent author that stretches beyond mere genres and is readily capable of producing true literature. Leland has a handle of making his characters so human and so believable that when you start reading one of his books, you get so drawn in you don't want to put the book down.Rainbow's Edge is definitely one of those books. This is just a simple story of two people finding themselves again after years apart. But the way it is written, well, it draws you into a special world - a time long gone with both the bad and the good of any era - and the journey you will take into these lives will surprise you, especially when you get to the end. Like all of Leland's books - like any truly good book - you get a little angry when it's over because you want more. After a bit of soulful review about what you just read, you realize it was just right amount of story - you've read just what you need to read about these characters. That's what made them like people to you. Definitely recommended!

  • Nicole Storey
    2019-04-09 18:43

    Leland Dirks is one of my favorite Indie authors. His work never disappoints, and Rainbow's Edge is no exception. The descriptions are beautiful, the characters are real, and the story pulls you in from the very first sentence. What I love the most about Dirks' books is the warm, familiar feeling they give me – like slipping into a favorite pair of comfortable pajamas – yet holding my breath and waiting for the unexpected twist I know will come. It's a rare combination.

  • Greta Burroughs
    2019-04-06 18:44

    Rainbows are special. I often search for a rainbow after a summer rain shower. On the rare occasion I find one, I take it as a sign that the big guy upstairs is watching out over me and everything is going to be alright. When I learned of "Rainbow's Edge" by Leland Dirks, I had to read it to see if the author shared my view of the significance of the rainbow. He did.I have read several of Mr. Dirk's books and have enjoyed every one. He has a way of drawing the reader into a story by his wonderful style of writing. In this book, I could feel the pain, anguish and joy as Buddy and his father revisited their past. This book was written from the heart; a work of fiction with, I think, some personal experiences mixed in to make the story come alive. It was beautiful.

  • Ed Drury
    2019-04-08 17:18

    A highly original story about difficult transitions. Life, death, aging, acceptance are all viewed through the different colored lenses worn by father and son. The touch of a paw, the memory of a gravely ill mother, the echo of bitter words spoken in the anger that comes from fear. The story is told in an honest and yet nonjudgmental narrative that includes fascinating historical and scientific information about light and life using the physics and metaphysics of both. Carefully researched and lovingly told, this story will reach your heart, challenge your head, and at times moisten your eyes. You will never look at rainbows in quite the same way. Entertaining, captivating and essential reading from a thoughtful and gifted writer.

  • Brenda Perlin
    2019-04-12 16:19

    Rainbow's Edge by Leland and Angelo Dirks is a surprising tale of judgment, loss, grief, and acceptance that touched me, pulled on my heartstrings and moved me from the inside out as it delivered an ultra-strong message. Relatable in some way or another.A wise, sharp tale told in a startling yet pure way. There is beauty in the dark places the author takes you and he doesn't hold back. Full of life, dispair, spirit and emotion.Quote ~"Small talk didn't come easy to me, and we'd had our share of father/son disagreements. Maybe more than our fair share. I closed my eyes against the sight of my broken son."

  • Terri Rowe
    2019-04-07 22:19

    I loved this book! Once I started reading this, I read it straight through. This is a very intimate look at family relationships and I learned a lot about the expectations we all carry for love and forgiveness and the hope and healing that can be found for each of us when we embrace these attitudes.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-03-24 18:34

    "Rainbow's Warm The Heart"This novella is very moving and is also quite an adventure. It is the fictional story of a father's son who survived an auto accident, but he's in a coma. However, the boy's father is able to communicate with his son via telepathy. Through this communication they are able to revisit events and secrets. A dog helps them through the hard past events till reconciliation. There is enlightenment and magic in this short story ... one will find this story will live in their hearts forever. Leland Dirks is a very thoughtful and kind-heartened author. He's taken the time to add notes of research which are addressed in this novel. Also included is a Field Guide to Rainbows. Well done, Leland and Angelo! Highly recommend.

  • sheiladonaldson
    2019-04-03 20:20

    WonderfulThank you Leland. Jimmy mender is one of my all time favorite books-so I decided to read more from you and Angelo. You did not disappoint I hate to think that your own life might have been so difficult but it seems that you write from the heart. I am grateful to find that you share my belief that dogs are a supreme being that help mortals navigate the ridiculous complexities of life that we force upon ourselves.

  • Mary
    2019-04-10 18:44

    Reconciliation through a rainbow.

  • Laurie Boris
    2019-03-31 19:30

    I’ve been a fan of Leland Dirks’ writing since I read Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog, and I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Rainbow’s Edge. And I could not stop reading it. I was completely pulled into the world of this story, a journey of a father and son unspooling the truth of a troubled past as the son lays comatose in his hospital bed. It would have been so easy to push a story like this into melodrama and sentimentality, but in the hands of this skilled author, it is neither of those things. If you enjoy magic realism and tales of redemption and forgiveness, I highly recommend this moving and beautifully written story.

  • Leland
    2019-04-12 15:16