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The third and final novel in the Dark Inside series.It’s been nine months since the earthquakes destroyed most of the world and the Baggers awakened. Now Aries, Mason, Clementine and Michael must fight the final battle for their lives. Only this time, the sides aren’t quite so clear. And it looks like the only people who can help, are the very killers themselves. There’s aThe third and final novel in the Dark Inside series.It’s been nine months since the earthquakes destroyed most of the world and the Baggers awakened. Now Aries, Mason, Clementine and Michael must fight the final battle for their lives. Only this time, the sides aren’t quite so clear. And it looks like the only people who can help, are the very killers themselves. There’s a new threat to survival. The Ferals. Baggers who have gone so completely insane, they will kill anything that crosses their paths, including their own kind. Mason knows he can’t trust Leon, the Bagger leader. He knows exactly what kind of monster Leon is. But without the Baggers help, they can’t stop the Ferals from killing all the survivors, especially the ones still being held hostage at the Plaza of Nations. And it doesn’t help that Daniel is back, determined to save Aries from everyone, including himself. With the Ferals closing in, the four friends must make tough decisions. Who can you trust in a world where everyone wants you dead? Trust nothing....

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Fury Rising Reviews

  • karen
    2019-06-17 05:13

    it took a complete stranger emailing me to inquire why i hadn't reviewed this yet for me to even learn it existed. thank you, stranger danger!

  • Brittany
    2019-06-25 03:25

    Oh my god! FINALLY!!!

  • TheBookBabe
    2019-06-10 04:09

    I am so pumped for this book! Now I will finally be able to hold it and cherish it when it comes out.

  • Jenna
    2019-06-21 05:12

    Ohh Wow what an ending, I kind off hope one day the author will change her mind and continue the series or a spin off series. I loved the books, the world building, the characters, the way they had their unique voice and story to tell. I was pulled me in, the books were action packed, fast paced and just a great series.

  • Pamem
    2019-06-13 09:19

    The release of the book was a surprise, and it was a pleasant one!A nice closure to the story, it left several open ends but otherwise it would have felt forced.

  • Demi
    2019-06-17 09:23

    lazy as hell ending but alrighty

  • Cristina Roock
    2019-06-10 08:09

    Amazing end to one of my favorite series. This book took longer to release because the author self published but it was well worth the wait.

  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    2019-06-24 04:08

    Hmmm.. I have no idea what to write. I have very mixed feelings on this conclusion, and it's hard to say why.I adored book 1, enjoyed book 2 a lot, but this one fell a little flat for me. It wasn't terrible. 3 stars isn't a bad rating, it shows I did enjoy it. But just, sadly, not as much as the previous books. I think the main problem was the time. I picked this book up but just as I was half way through, ACOWAR came out, and I HAD to start ACOWAR straight away. Then, after ACOWAR, I just wasn't in the mood for anything like this. I needed something completely new and different to stop me going into a slump. So this sat on my shelf half read for probably a week. Then when I finally picked it up again, I had lot a lot of the love I had for the characters and series as before. It just didn't feel the same. I also wasn't over keen on the way the "normal baggers" weren't that dangerous anymore. I loved the action and actual fear from thezombiesbaggers from book 1, so their newer, less fearsome version didn't pull me in as much. I did like the addition of the ferals, but by then I wasn't as immersed in the world.I really like the characters, and wish we'd had a bit more of an epilogue by the end. (view spoiler)[ like I wish we'd gotten to see Joy give birth, and how her and Jack cope as parents in this new world.(hide spoiler)]. I liked the romance, but the ending was sad. I wanted a bit more of a HEA for my favourite character. I did like that the ending was open for potentially more though. I can still hope. Definitely would still recommend this series to anyone who like Dystopian/Horror YA, and I will look into more from this author in the future.

  • Emily Bray
    2019-06-12 05:10

    "I am speaking to you from the end of times."Oh man, where do I even begin?I've been a fan of this series ever since page one of Dark Inside. It was raw, gory, and downright hypnotizing in a way that I'd never experienced with a YA novel. It ushered me out of that obligatory paranormal romance phase that every middle schooler seems to go through and pulled me into the world of dystopian sci-fi. Jeyn Roberts is one hell of a storyteller, and her characters stuck with me through the years, their strength and bravery serving as inspiration as I waded through the muddy waters of high school.So...what the fuck happened?I waited aeons for this novel. I don't fault Jeyn for that – I know she had complications with her publishers and I understand that was a major setback, not to mention incredibly disheartening – but I do fault her for self-publishing a novel that reads like a first or second draft. Truthfully, I'm not sure whether or not this is a good book. The story is definitely there, but many of the characters are lacking their previous emotional depth and the dialogue is messy and unrealistic.And then there were the glaring inconsistencies, which were downright painful at times.Exhibit A:(The last lines of one of Clementine's chapters)"The baseball bat in her hands seemed like a stupid weapon. Why hadn't she been able to keep hold of her gun? Even if she couldn't shoot, it would at least look more menacing. [...] Clementine took a deep breath and pushed open the door."(The first lines of Clementine's next chapter, supposedly picking up exactly where the previous one left off)"The doors were bolted, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. Standing back, she fired the gun, effectively breaking the lock."Uhhh?Not to mention Martin, whose name suddenly became Marvin about halfway through the book, and then continued to alternate between the two for the remainder of the novel. How do you not notice that? Did anyone even bother to edit this?The glaring spelling errors, grammatical fuck-ups, and uncomfortably structured sentences were constantly pulling me out of the story, which was a damn shame because the main plot requires your full, undivided attention. Not because it's overly complex or anything like that, but because it would have been awesome if I'd actually been able to lose myself in it.WARNING: By about page 20, you will be so sick of reading the words "new world order" and "deranged mother nature" that you will want to hurl the book at a wall whenever they cross the page.Now, onto the characters. If you're looking to avoid spoilers, cease your scrolling now, because the rest of this review is basically just one big spoiler.Michael – I get that the reader should always be kept on their toes and that the main characters should never be safe and blah blah blah but he literally died within the first half of the book. Like...what? He got as many chapters as Colin. Colin. He doesn't deserve this. Colin – Speaking of Colin, fuck Colin. Clementine – Her character arc was actually quite believable and definitely one of the more interesting subplots of the novel. I cried at the end when her inner monologue began with Dear Michael. Raj - He didn't need to die? But at the same time, I feel like the book was improved by his heroic death? Despite the fact that I was in love with him? Unsure how I feel about this. Tears have been shed in his memory.Jordan - Two words: untapped potential. What the fuck happened to his brother? Are you telling me he followed the guy down from Alaska in the hopes that he could find a way to cure him only to immediately stop caring about him as soon as he encounters other teenagers? This brother is mentioned like twice and then completely forgotten about. Also, why does this kid constantly seem to be saving everyone else's ass? Deus ex machina much? Don't get me wrong, I did like him, but I have so many questions.Daniel – It's obvious that he's Jeyn's favourite character to write, and he's definitely my favourite character to read, but so much of his dialogue was I adore him, but his signature gallows humour came across as awkward and unnecesary at times.Mason – Pretty much the only consistent character in the whole book. His romance with Aries seemed a little forced at times (terribly timed make-out sesh, anyone?), and it just didn't really go anywhere. His moral ambiguity is always endearing though, and despite a few weird chunks of dialogue, I still love him.Aries – Aries was, arguably, the most disappointing part of this novel. In Dark Inside and Rage Within, she stands out as an intelligent, determined, and incredibly brave leader. In Fury Rising, she's whiny, makes incredibly stupid decisions, and is full of angst (the boring romantic kind, not even the good moral kind). One of my all time favourite female characters was presented in this novel as an irrational and lovesick teenage girl and I'm kinda pissed about it. I mean, I get that two hot, mysterious, and slightly murderous guys are into you and that's great sister but...chill. Ironically enough, the chemistry between Daniel and Mason (the two other points of this saucy apocalyptic love triangle) is like 45x stronger than their chemistry with her. Ugh ugh ugh.To conclude, I'm disappointed as hell. I know that with a little polishing up, this could have been an incredible conclusion to a fantastic series, but the author just didn't seem to give a damn about the final product. The quality is downright embarrassing and while it hurts me to say that, it's the unfortunate truth. You shouldn't have to make edits in your head while reading a published novel. Jeyn is an incredible writer, but this one was a miss for me. If you're a fan of the series, by all means give this novel a shot. But take heed my friend, lest you grow as annoyed as I did at the innumerable missing quotation marks and the weird, clunky dialogue.GAME OVER

  • Kim Smiley
    2019-05-29 05:20

    I had to reread the first two books in this series since it was 5 yrs. ago that I had read this amazing story. I think it may have been even better the second time around. I had always wished for a third book in this series and I was thrilled to find out that one finally existed.And it left me very happy, to revisit Aries, Clementine, Michael, Mason, Daniel, Jack, Joy and the others that followed in this group of survivors.The only one I wasn't happy to read about was Colin. An ass from book one, some things don't change. That's all I've got to say about that.We come back to this group with Mason still at the Plaza of Nations, along with a lot of other prisoners, held by the Baggers, Leon being the leader of the pack. He won't leave and rejoin the others, even though they took off his ankle bracelet. The threat of killing Casey, the little girl that adopted him as her father after hers was killed was enough to keep him in place.What he doesn't know, is that Aries and the others found out where the existing children are being kept and they plan to rescue them, and then bring Mason back as well. But not only are the Baggers a threat, but there is a new breed in town, the Ferals. They're worse than the Baggers; they have no conscious and no thought process. They only know how to kill, tearing their victims apart by hand, and they don't care if their victims are Baggers or human, they have only one mission and they travel in packs of 100's.Can the Baggers and Aries gang all work together to free Vancouver of the Ferals, or will everyone perish once the Ferals make it to the Plaza of Nations and surrounding area?Loved this book. Some lived, some died, (of course it was bound to happen that we would lose some characters that we loved) but all in all, this was a very enjoyable story to read. I could even wish for another book in this series, but I don't think I'd be that lucky

  • ♥ Marlene♥
    2019-05-27 04:18

    Finally finished all 3 books. Perhaps because I had to re read the 2 other books again and then immediately (okay 1 book in between) began reading this I am not loving it as everybody else does.There were weird jokes being made constantly while they were in danger. I think what is the biggest flaw of the books especially this one, is people do not act this way.Someone who was on the verge of death and was not able to walk cannot beat an entire crew of meanies 15 minutes later. People do not make such silly jokes when their lives are in danger. Afterwards they will. I know because I love gallow humour.What I liked was that some favorites died. Not many authors dare do that so I give a star just for that.The ending was fine. 3.5

  • Filippa
    2019-06-14 05:11

    It's been so long since the last book came out that I've had time to go to university and get a literature degree. But man, am I ready for this.

  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    2019-06-10 07:22

    (This review may contain spoilers).I've read (and now re-read) the previous two books in this trilogy. Even after reading this one, though, I would still consider book one to be my favourite.While I did still find this book to be really engaging and I cared about more characters than just the main ones, while I was reading this, I felt like all I was doing was waiting for the real end to come.I'll be honest. I liked Aries, Mason and Daniel as separate characters, but I was really off the love triangle by the end of this final book. I liked seeing the survival of the characters, but I was kind of disappointed in how many of the characters seemed unable to organise themselves. I would have liked to see a bit more of the attitude in the base, rather than just being told that all of the adults didn't really trust Aries and the other teenagers to know what they were doing.I did feel that the characters had become complacent. I would have liked to see more details about how the plans were made, rather than just the aftermath and what seemed like characters making really poor decisions they shouldn't have, given the world they were in at that time. I couldn't believe one character risked an entire mission to feed a dog. I actually assumed they were lying about it at first.I was with Clementine towards the end of the book. I couldn't believe so much had been crammed into a day, two at the most. The appearance of the ferals was really creepy... and that was saying something. I wasn't sure which was the worst threat: the mob of psychos, or the Baggers still able to think, feel, reason.I was kind of disappointed there wasn't more of a resolution. While this book was the final one in the trilogy, I felt there was still a lot of the story to be told and not enough answers. For instance, why was Aries able to bring back a Bagger's conscience, however temporarily? And what was the whole deal with Daniel? I did enjoy seeing the friendship growing gradually between Daniel and Mason, though.I would definitely be interested in reading more books by this author in the future; and also any more books set in the Dark Inside universe.

  • Mona Lisa (ForestGreenReader)
    2019-06-12 09:02

    I don't like series/trilogies that have endings that feel incomplete, rushed, or leave me with more questions than answers.There were inconsistency and tons of grammatical errors.1. Jordan was such an interesting character, and he followed his brother across half the country. But by the end of the book, we don't hear anything else about him or his thoughts on his brother. After following his brother for so long and hoping there was a cure for him- he just forgets about him?2. We've seen Clementine hoping and vying to meet her brother again throughout the whole trilogy; constantly talking to him in her head and going back and forth wondering if he was dead or not. And they finally meet two pages before the last page of the book? And all we get is them running together and hugging. I need more! Her looking for her brother is one of the main things that kept her going, we can't get more than that?3. The ending with Mason. After all they've been through, he's still moping around about how he still feels incomplete and how he believes he can't just be happy with Aries. (Feels like such an unsatisfying non-ending).4. The love triangle between Daniel, Aries, and Mason is so weird. Daniel is assumed to be dead, so Aries kind of settles for Mason. But! By the end of the book, there isn't really a romantic relationship between Aries and Mason. So all the jealousy and fighting, was for... nothing. Daniel and Mason have more chemistry together, than Mason and Aries does. Those are a few of the things that made me feel incomplete by the end of this book. I wish there could be more. I want to see if the baggers find a new leader, will the ferals continue to pillage and destroy (and where else could they go), what about the other communities spread out through the country, Joy's baby, is Daniel really dead, and soo much more. I didn't dislike the book at all, I actually wish there was more of it because it feels like there's still loose ends.

  • Amy Braun
    2019-06-03 03:14

    A pretty good conclusion to an action-packed series. There were definitely some suspenseful moments and lots of emotions, and no one was safe. The story flowed nicely and the characters were back doing what they did best. I really liked the introduction of the Ferals and almost wish they'd been more involved in the story somehow. I would have loved to know a little more about them! I'm totally going to miss Daniel and Mason's interactions, Aries's strength, and Clementine and Michael's romance. There was a ton of action and some pretty wild treachery near the end, and the characters had to make some choices that I'm sure will haunt them. Well, will haunt the ones who survived, anyway. I think I was a little surprised at how everything ended, but it was by no means a bad ending. All the plot holes tied up nicely and I didn't do too much nitpicking. On a whole, this was a pretty good take on a post-apocalyptic horror story and it was a fun series to read through for the summer.

  • Maggie
    2019-06-18 03:15

    Yes!!!! I wanted another book in this series ad it happened. I was so pumped when I saw Fury Rising was published and I couldn't wait till I had time sit down and read it. I wasn't disappointed. I was confused this whole trilogy who NOTHING was but that was solved with the last insert of the book, which just gave me a smile. It's sad that there were so many deaths in this installment but those I loved the most did survive, and some even went beyond that. I am extremely satisfied :)

  • Kim
    2019-06-12 05:56

    Book number 3 in the Dark Inside seriesThe group has grown since the last book still trying to survive and those Baggers which are still around.I enjoyed this book its tied up loose ends, and the ongoing story in the series finally comes to a climax! The story is told from different perspectives so you can get a rounder and more in depth story. The chapters are varied but quite fast paced. Definitely will keep an eye out for other works by this author

  • Cassie W
    2019-06-17 10:12

    Perfect Ending to a Great TrilogyI’ve been waiting for this book for a while. I couldn’t find it in the library, but I had to get it so I could find out what happened to all the characters I fell in love with in the first two books. And boy, I was not disappointed. This book was action packed and full of emotion. I might have cried a little, too. But I’m glad it was a fairly happy ending.

  • Bri Taylor
    2019-06-23 09:05

    I am so sad that the series is over. I loved the world that Jeyn created, and I loved the characters. For most of the time. I did have a few issues with this book, a lot of them being the fact that I felt it was like a second draft with many typos, but I’m still giving it 5 Stars because of how well the series captured my attention and tugged my heart strings.

  • Erica Patricia
    2019-06-15 10:11

    Meh seemed a bit rush and choppy. Wasn't as smooth as her last 2 books were. The chracters are the same but I really didn't care about them this time. Maybe? Because it took 4 years to finally get the last novel??Also I think the version I got was not the completed consumer copy. It had wrong words and sentence required restructuring.The ending is meh nothing special. I don't know if the publishers rushed Roberts to close the series. It didn't have the same excitement as the other 2.

  • Kaleb Simpson
    2019-05-26 02:18

    Good endingIt was a good ending to the trilogy. The ending was a little expected and obviously foreshadowed although their were definitely a couple surprising deaths.

  • Sandra Almryd
    2019-06-23 08:09

    Okay, so I finally picked up the last book with a high expectation that the ending would be great. The end was beyond expectation. The content was not as scary as the previous books, but the tension was constant. The characters continued their struggle for survival and found both new friendships and love along the way. But the big question was: Who can you trust when nothing is right? Can love overcome all the loss of friends and family who have been transformed into Baggers or killed? This box series made me think how different situations affect your choice and I hope the author thinks about and continues on the series or makes a spin-off.

  • Robin Wings
    2019-06-08 05:09

    As usual with Jeyn Roberts, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I found it worth the (long!!) wait. I do wish a little more was said/done with Aries' "gift", but otherwise, I felt it was a solid finish to an addictive series, and I was more than happy with the sense of closure I felt when I finished the last page. One thing though... Maybe it's just me, but it felt as though this novel entirely skipped the editing process. Oh well. Still great.

  • Logan
    2019-06-12 03:10

    Stunning conclusion to a masterful series. It has been a privilege to spend 5 years with this series.The book offers character building and world building that is rarely seen in YA. The book shines brightest in it's slowest moments, when readers are left with descriptions of scenery or descriptions of emotions. Or simple interactions between characters. The action sequences are perfectly balanced and not too rushed, as often happens with series finales.The ending was heartfelt, raw, and pure and does not disappoint. As the overall root problem in the series does not have a plausible solution, the solution offered is a satisfying way to deal with the issue and does not close too many interpretive or imaginative doors.I could not recommend this book and this series more highly. 5 stars.Just a few details to note edit-wise. The book does come with noticeable editing and grammar errors. While I feel they do not detract from the book at all (and they are kind of expected to some extent since the book was released independently), but I figured I'd list them here:1. The most obvious one is grammatical and spelling mistakes throughout: letters being left off words, extra letters added to words, ex: "word" instead of "world", "and" instead of "an", and the most jarring I noticed being the use of "causalities" throughout when the proper word seemed to be "casualties." The latter is the only one that significantly detracts from the reading of the book, as well as a few areas where entire words were accidentally omitted, affecting the overall readbility of the sentence.2. The spelling of character "Larisa" changes from one s in book 2 to two 'S'es "Larissa," in book 3.3. The character Martin switches names throughout from Martin to MarvinNumbers 4 and 5 contain content spoilers *SPOILER ALERT*4. As Raj, Daniel, Mason, and Jordan flee the Mall, their car rolls and Daniel instructs Jordan to drop his gun. He does so, and it flies out the window while the car rolls several more times. However, right after Jordan exits the crashed vehicle, he aims his gun and starts shooting at the Baggers, as if he had kept a hold of it the entire time. There is no indication of him moving back up the street to retrieve the gun from when it had flown out several feet back.5. Larissa seemingly disappears during the final Plaza attack just to magically appear safely on the yacht at the end. She is not in the first group that boards the vessel (that being just Karen and the children), and when Clem and Aries go back to the Casino, Aries tells Clem to try and find Joy, Jack, and Larissa. Jack is found outside and is instructed to go to the boat and send any others he finds there as well. Joy is later found inside the prisoner area of the casino as Aries frees a large group of people, and there is no indication made that Larissa is in the large group freed. However, several minutes later when Mason, Clem, and Aries board the Yacht, Larissa is magically there, safe and sound. Although it can be assumed she was found by Jack outside or even freed with Joy and the rest of the large group, it is nonetheless jarring to be worrying about her as the characters are searching the compound, being devastated when the characters finally leave and she hasn't been found, just to follow them back to the yacht and see her there as if she'd been there all along and we'd always known about her whereabouts. She just jumps up and demands the keys and starts the yacht and drives away and the whole thing is kind of unexpected.However, none of these issues is anywhere major enough to lessen my love for the book and the enjoyment I felt while reading it.

  • Megan
    2019-06-03 06:09

    Oh, how to express my love for this series in a review. I read the first book in the Dark Inside trilogy a couple years back. Then after awhile I reread the two books that were out. Then I waited. And waited. And emailed Roberts because I couldn't let her give up on this series. I don't know if she even read my email, but after what felt like ten years of checking Goodreads for an update, I saw it while I was scrolling through Amazon (I believe). I bought it immediately to say the least.Some of you who Dark Inside three, two, or even one star might be wondering why on earth I'm so enthusiastic about this series, out of all of the series out there. Well, I personally love these characters. They aren't anything like those in Six of Crows that are super interesting and different. However, this isn't fantasy. This is science fiction and these are normal teenagers who went to high school and ate dinner with their families. That is, until the world ended. So yes, maybe they aren't the most charismatic people to read about, but I found myself forming a bond with all of them and feeling fear for them when they were in scary situations.In this book, we're introduced to a couple new secondary characters, and I found myself loving them too! Jordan is a sharpshooter whose brother turned Bagger and he is waiting for a cure as he tracks him across the country. Raj is a charming guy with an English accent who almost got himself killed over a poor dog he saw on the side of the road. These characters made me smile, laugh, and almost cry. Jordan and Raj defense squad.Okay, okay, the main reason I read this book is for a completely different reason than the likable characters. It's primarily for the romance between Aries and Daniel. I know they're probably not the happiest and healthiest for each other, but when they're together my heart just can't help but warm. The ending made me super happy, and I'm so glad that Roberts didn't end this series in a way that I feared she was going to. It's not a Happily Ever After, but it's optimistic and that's all I can ask for when this book is about the apocalypse.My only complaints would be that sometimes I got a bit confused on who was speaking because the narrative voices are so similar. The description of the setting would get a little sparse at times leaving me confused and trying to flip back to no avail. There were only a few times where I felt like this though.But seriously, this series is a solid four star series all around (which is good for me, because I've been told I'm a stingy rater), and they only get better from the first one. I'm so happy that I saw that this was released and picked it up very quickly after I received it. It kept me flipping pages for a whole day and on the edge of my seat when the final battle started to unfold. Would definitely recommend to those people who liked the first book and don't know whether to continue the series or not.

  • Cali Teer
    2019-06-12 08:18

    I have loved every second of this series; the concept was refreshing, the characters were likeable and their development throughout the series was great. I loved how brutal this series was and how no one was safe.HOWEVER, I have some issues with this book and that's why I can only give it 4 stars. 1.) What the fudge is up with the formatting of this book? It looks like it never went through the final editing stage, I didn't run across many errors so that was nice but the way this book was set up seems really half-assed to me compared to the first two.2.) SPOILER- don't read if ya don't wanna know- I felt like Michael's death was really rushed/unexpected (I know no one is safe in this series, we've seen that time & time again) but he was a main character and the way he was killed just didn't seem to do him justice. we get two whole books with his perspective only for him to go down like that? he deserved more of a flashy death in my opinion. 3.) SPOILER- Leon's death, I was super happy he was dead but again- the main villain gets taken out that easily? He needed way more of a brutal death. I hated him. oh well at least he's dead now4.) This book seemed to drag out the impending doom and that bothered me cause I found myself skimming some pages, I didn't care much for some of the pointless rambling and I definitely think the end battle scene could've been soo much more epic. I mean this is the fight for salvation people!!! & wtf Daniel isn't with Aries? Why? I loved them.Overall the book was a good conclusion to a great series but it left me wanting more. The first two were action packed and this one lacked some of that and then it didn't really tie things up in the end.

  • Spinning Jenny BB
    2019-06-05 08:06

    Well, all's well that ends... well??I find the release of the finale of the Dark Inside trilogy a tad confusing. It's only (to my knowledge) available as an e-book on Amazon... I also got the feeling (from some answers Roberts gave DI fans) that Roberts was more interested in her other books rather than wrapping this one up... (There are also some typos...) Who knows the inner-workings of the publishing world, though. Not judging, just happy to have some closure!!Roberts wraps the trilogy up well. There's lots of gore and guts to be shed, and some surprises I didn't see coming! She also avoided some cliches that sometimes haunt taking on the Big Boss. Other parts were a tad vague. Mason keeps remembering "being tortured" but there's no specifics. And the trilogy is rife with blood and harsh descriptions of murderous Baggers, so it's not like Roberts was keeping us in the dark to keep it PG!I do feel like the last 20 (or so) pages are halfheartedly tied up, and I didn't feel immensely satisfied... But that's just my opinion!Overall it's a great trilogy, and I love that it's a Canadian writer that bases most of the action in Vancouver.Violence-wise I would recommend it for the older YA reader (15+) as it's pretty gruesome! Loved the characters and the plot ideas, just feel it could have gone a little deeper...

  • Mash
    2019-06-19 08:20

    “Are you saying people aren’t evil? Look at your history books. Time and time again. Humans always destroy everything they create.” I have some issues with the editing of this book but the author does not disappoint. She gave a not so perfect but satisfying ending. The last few pages felt like a bit rushed though and something about Aries' so called ability was not explained clearly (or it is just me lol) but still, I liked how it ended. I think it was an open ending. To be honest, since I read the previous books of this trilogy I was really curious on how the author will finish them. The ending turned out to be not what I expected, it was realistic and it made me love it more.

  • Bronwyn
    2019-05-29 07:07

    Omg this book series was my fave ever. I'm pretty mad that Michael died, but u know. Plot twists. I really hope you continued the series and write a fourth bc u kinda left a lot of things iffy. Like eve still hasn't had her baby. What will happen with that? Will they survive? And Aries didn't chose between mason or Daniel. Sorta hard when Daniel lady but sill. You could always find a way. Also we don't know a lot about this darkness and will happen with that? Can it be destroyed or removed like Daniel will try to do? What will happen next. Please write another. Please please please.

  • Joy
    2019-06-03 03:21

    After waiting so long to finally finish the trilogy I was worried it was going to be bad, but I was instead very happy with it overall. Unfortunately, a lot of plots went unexplained and the closure the characters got is incomplete. Honestly, the author should have made room to make a fourth because the plot lines included could have carried on to a great *real* finale.