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Dare you step inside? All is not what it seems at Scarborough Fair, a world of illusion, thrills and danger…5* "suspenseful and sharp" - Rosemary A. Johns, Fantasy Rebel Limited.1899: Seeking sanctuary in the seaside resort of Scarborough, Alice discovers she is not safe from her fiancé’s jealous clutches. She jumps at the chance to run away with a man she truly loves, butDare you step inside? All is not what it seems at Scarborough Fair, a world of illusion, thrills and danger…5* "suspenseful and sharp" - Rosemary A. Johns, Fantasy Rebel Limited.1899: Seeking sanctuary in the seaside resort of Scarborough, Alice discovers she is not safe from her fiancé’s jealous clutches. She jumps at the chance to run away with a man she truly loves, but when a plot to help Alice escape goes dreadfully wrong, she finds herself in terrible danger.2016: Forced to spend the summer in Scarborough with her mother and grandmother, Rose doesn’t think her holiday is going to be much fun. Especially when she’s almost killed by a Ferrari driver on the first day. Things start to look up when she meets Dan and he asks her to go to the fair with him. But Dan’s father is mixed up with a criminal gang and Rose and Dan find themselves drawn into a life and death situation.For both Alice and Rose, the fun of Scarborough Fair soon turns into the nightmare of a Victorian lunatic asylum. They must both escape if they are going to survive.Scarborough Fair is the first in an exciting new young adult series blending historical and contemporary thriller. Are you going to Scarborough Fair?...

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scarborough fair Reviews

  • Jennifer Holzapfel
    2019-07-20 12:22

    Excellent first in a series book. It takes place in Scarborough, England in the summers of 1899 and 2016. Rose and her mum are taking holiday from London to visit her nan in the seaside resort town of Scarborough. Rose's mum wants to make nan move to London after she had a fall and bruised her face and sprained her wrist. Her mum can be a real force of nature, trying to get nan to move in with them.Rose is cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs for nan and is helping by bringing things to the donation shops. Nan gives her a scrapbook that he nan had given her. The book belonged to Alice and Rose's great great grandmother Mary had it because she had worked as her lady servant. they were more friends than employer and employee.Dan works for his dad at the arcade for the summer. He is never allowed to go on holiday because it is their busiest season. some unsavory guys come in looking for his dad and want him to tell his dad Max is looking for him. When his dad is told, he slams on the gas in his Ferrari and nearly runs down Rose who is busy looking for a text from her boyfriend, who has ignored the texts she sent him.The next day, Dan sees Rose in a shop that has wi-fi and he stares through the glass and she glares back at him. He goes in to apologize for his dad nearly running her over. They begin talking and feel an immediate attraction. He invites her to the Scarborough Fair.The rest of the book flashes between 1899 and now between the perils of Alice and Mary and perils in the same places for Rose and Dan. The book has excellent flow from past and present and is a real page turner, definitely one of the best new series I have read this fall. Pick up your tablet, kindle, or laptop and you will not be able to put it down

  • Steve Morris
    2019-06-23 04:00

    Scarborough Fair is a gripping Young Adult novel set in the seaside town of Scarborough in the North of England. Margarita Morris is a brilliant writer, and this is a well-written book that’s exciting to read and a real page-turner. It’s hard to pigeon-hole the genre of the book, as it combines elements of mystery, thriller, historical and romance.The plot is carefully crafted and very satisfying, split between two time periods – the present, and the Victorian age. There are plenty of characters in each period, some teenagers, and some adults, including some thoroughly bad villains.The book captures the setting well, painting a richly detailed picture of Scarborough both in Victorian times and now (with interesting contrast between the two.) I grew up by the seaside, and this made me feel quite nostalgic. I could almost taste the salt on the breeze.The book is tightly plotted with plenty of twists and turns and a good few surprises, but it isn’t all action by any means. There are many poignant and moving moments in the story too, as well as flashes of humour.I won’t give anything away here, but will just conclude by saying that once you begin this book, you’ll be hooked right to the very end!

  • Rosemary Johns
    2019-07-04 09:15

    This is an unusual and powerful YA novel. Its beauty is the setting and the reality of the characters - both in the past and the present. Rose and Dan are teenagers, whose drive to solve an old mystery puts them in peril. Alice is the Victorian Lady, whose disappearance is at the heart of that mystery.In both timelines love weaves through even the minor characters' stories in many forms - how it can free or control. For girls - this is an important novel. Within the thriller plot, it shines a light on the changing role of gender. And the dark truth behind the walls of both marriage and madness. It's suspenseful and sharp. And I hope the start of a series.

  • Katie K.
    2019-06-29 09:15

    I really enjoyed reading this novel. Fast-paced, and hard to put down. Comprised of two stories, only marginally related, but the seaside setting was the same, just in different centuries.

  • Hillary
    2019-07-13 10:13

    I liked this book and looking forward to other books in the series that are to come.

  • N.A. Granger
    2019-07-11 05:08

    Four and a half starts! I love time shift fiction (thank you, Diana Gabaldon) and am quite content to read a book classified as YA – there is a basic simplicity to these books that appeals to me. I think Scarborough Fair will appeal to adults, too. This is a smashing historical mystery, alternating with a modern day detective story with young sleuths.In 1899, Alice comes with her personal maid Mary to the seaside tourist town of Scarborough to find freedom and relaxation. She is escaping for short time from her older, demanding and overbearing fiancé, Henry Blackwood, who has been forced on her by her family because of he is an aristocrat. Alice does not love him and does not want to marry him, but she has a large inheritance that Henry wants and needs. While in Scarborough, Alice meets a young painter and they fall in love. Henry will do anything to own Alice, including sending a man to follow her and report back to him. The prologue of the book recounts the hospitalization of Alice by Henry in a horror of an insane asylum, to keep her isolated until she is old enough for them to marry.In 2016, Rose comes to Scarborough to spend the summer with her mother and grandmother. She is not happy to be there, since all of her friends are spending their summers in exotic locations and her boyfriend has apparently dropped her. Then she meets Dan, who comes to apologize to her when his father, driving his red Ferrari too fast, nearly runs her over. She and Dan hit if off right away and make a date to go to the Scarborough Fair together. Dan’s father is mixed up with a drug dealer to make money to keep his failing arcade business going, and Dan comes face to face with two menacing men looking for his father. Dan is determined to find out who they are and drags Rose along as he follows them.The author does a fantastic job linking these two stories, with lots of tension and well-drawn, interesting characters. Even the two thugs looking for Dan’s father are carefully and distinctively limned. There is enough description for the reader to feel at home in Scarborough in both eras, and the relationship between Rose and her grandmother tugs at the heart. The huge building, once a manor house that was an insane asylum, looms menacingly as a character in itself in both story lines.The only real drawback I noted was the jumping back and forth between eras in the same chapter, without warning; I would have preferred these two story lines to be separate chapters. And Dan’s apparently willingness to drag Rose into danger with him, leaving her behind when they are being chased, seemed a little forced, especially since he didn’t know her all that well.Those considerations aside, this book is a page-turner and I read it straight through. I highly recommend it and have a few YAs in my family who will get a copy. There is a sequel to this book in the works, and I plan to grab it.

  • Margarita Morris
    2019-07-09 08:57