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Following on from Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb and Sunkissed, Jenny McLachlan's next book is perfect for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.In a huge fantastic final hurrah to our lovable heroines - Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl - Jenny McLachlan's latest book tells Pearl's story. Pearl is the 'bad girl' of the group - she drinks, she smokes, she swears - and she's mean to BeaFollowing on from Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb and Sunkissed, Jenny McLachlan's next book is perfect for fans of Geek Girl and Louise Rennison.In a huge fantastic final hurrah to our lovable heroines - Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl - Jenny McLachlan's latest book tells Pearl's story. Pearl is the 'bad girl' of the group - she drinks, she smokes, she swears - and she's mean to Bea and Betty. But she did fly halfway round the world to rescue Kat in Sunkissed. If there's one thing Pearl knows deep down, it is how to be a friend. And now, more than ever, she could really use a friend.There will be laughter, there will be tears and there will definitely be kissing. Most importantly, Pearl will be keeping it fierce!...

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Star Struck Reviews

  • Sophie
    2019-06-05 11:48

    I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.This series soon became a favourite of mine last summer, and I was waiting with baited breath for the final instalment. Pearl, the MC in Star Struck, has been a cow for the past books, but she somewhat redeemed herself in Sunkissed when she flew to Sweden when Kat needed a friend. Well, it's safe to say I understand why she has been so abrupt and bitchy, when you read from her PoV.In Star Struck, Pearl wants to play Juliet in the school production of Romeo and Juliet. Her plan is scuppered when new girl, Hoshi, arrives from Japan, and 'steals' her role. Pearl, in her usual bitchy self, plans to get even, and make Hoshi's life hell. However, she soon becomes friends with Hoshi, and learns why she had to leave Japan.I loved Pearl. Her attitude in the previous books had been a bit grating at times, but after I read Sunkissed, I was dying to read more about her. Her home situation is not great - I mean, I was scared for her at times, it was that bad - and she had to put on this facade to deal with it all. She's just re-making friends with the Ladybirds, but they are still on egg shells, mainly because of her. The only thing I can say I wanted more of, was interacting between the Ladybirds, as there wasn't too much.Pearl's friendship with Hoshi was wonderful to read. It started off really bristle-y, as Pearl was jealous of pretty much everything about Hoshi - she was pretty, she was an amazing singer/actress, and she made friends with the Ladybirds really easily. In short, she seemed like Pearl x2. However, once they became proper friends, and Pearl stopped hating on her, they became really close, and Hoshi was the only person who she told about her home situation.Like the synopsis said, there is kissing in this book, and it was wonderful to read. No spoilers, but I was so happy with it! Really, it was definitely swoony :)Star Struck wasn't my favourite book of the series, but I think it was a close second. That title still goes to Flirty Dancing, because Bollie are the cutest! Pearl was nothing like I was expecting, she definitely had hidden depths that we're only just able to see. If you've loved this series, or are a fan of fun, but sometimes serious, contemporary UKYA, this is the book for you!

  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    2019-06-08 12:33

    The Ladybirds series begun as a fun and entertaining middle grade series, allowing the reader to grow with each character and now ending with Pearl's story. Pearl is a tough as boots girl, she's confident but underneath her almost abrasive facade, she's insecure. Pearl and her fellow Ladybirds have now reformed a delicate bond after drifting apart during their early teen years. Friends in childhood, they've all come to accept one another for their flaws and differences until Hoshi enters their lives.Hoshi is lovely. She's kind, articulate and represents a world in which the girls know little about. Originally from Tokyo, Hoshi is a caricature, fun, bright but she also felt like a cliche with her fashion choices. Regardless, I actually liked her character more so than Pearl. She never deliberately sabotaged Pearl but was able to see that Pearl had an ulterior motive. She was nothing but kind and patient and using her natural charm, tried to win Pearl over.I loved Pearl's character transformation. Although her home life is devastating with an older brother who was abusive and a borderline sociopath, she's always been the popular girl and isn't used to sharing he limelight. Under her fierce facade lies a girl who longs for acceptance and to be respected by her peers. As a genuine friendship forms between the two girls, Jake is quickly forgotten. Needless to say that I adored the surprising romance. It felt incredibly natural and only endeared me to both Pearl and Hoshi.Like previous books within the series, Star Struck left me snorting with laughter. The easy friendship between Pearl, Bea, Betty and Kat was so lovingly explored and one aspect that is lacking in so many of our young adult reads today.Star Struck is Jenny Mclachlan at her finest. Intelligent, diverse and a wonderful exploration of teen friendships, relationships and finding yourself. Wonderfully written and such a fitting finale to what has been an incredible series.

  • Cody
    2019-05-24 18:39

    The Ladybird series is about four best friends and their journey of self-discovery and friendship through adolescence. Star Struck focuses on Pearl, the more temperamental member of the group. Throughout the series Pearl’s bad reputation precedes her, she’s bitchy and mean but while from the outside it looks like Pearl would rather be alone the truth is anything but. Star Struck shows a completely different side to Pearl and valid reasons for her actions and behavior. Pearl dreams of being on stage so when her school puts on a production of Romeo & Juliet she knows the part of Juliet is perfect for her. However when new girl Hoshi transfers from Japan and manages to snag the lead role, Pearls vows to steal it back; by whatever means necessary.I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pearl but I was able to appreciate her given her background and home life; I truly felt sorry for her. Pearl's character arc was slow but eventually I was able to admire her bravery and independence. What started as a strained relationship between Pearl and Hoshi soon turned into true friendship and I was happy that Pearl finally had someone to talk to and rely on. The romance was slightly messy, I had my predictions but there was a lot of back and forth that made it confusing. Overall Star Struck remains to be the light and quick read that Sunkissed was but it was also missing that spark that usually keeps me engaged with the story. While I enjoyed the characters the plot dragged a lot in the middle and I also found that the ending to Star Struck left me with more answers than questions and I’m not a big fan of open-ending’s, especially when they’re the last in a series. Plus after becoming concerned for Pearl and her circumstances at home I would have liked to have known what happened afterwards or if certain issues were ever resolved.Literary-ly Obsessed (Blog) | Twitter | Instagram

  • Luna
    2019-05-23 12:31

    Warning: This review contains book swooning...First things first: I love(d) Star Struck. I completely admit that I have sparkly rose-tinted glasses when it comes to Jenny McLachlan’s books because they just make me happy when I read them. I’ve given up counting on just how many times I’ve re-read Flirty Dancing and I think that one and Star Struck are my favourites in this series.I read Star Struck in one sitting and upon finishing Pearl’s story proceeded to completely twitter-spam Jenny’s, Bloomsbury and the wonderful publicist feed with emoji’s/gifs processing my love for Star Struck and The Ladybirds books in general. I am not going to spend this review trying to find fault in a book that ended a series on a high for me.But I am going to try and review it a little bit:Star Struck is the final book in The Ladybirds series and it’s Pearl’s story. I have been looking forward to this story since we first met Pearl in Flirty Dancing (Ladybirds #1). Back then Pearl was the “mean girl” and while Jenny McLachlan has very gradually been chipping away at this being Pearl’s only image it wasn’t really until Sunkissed (Ladybirds #3) that that we got to see her being a friend.Pearl’s story had to be the last in the series and while I’ve said before that the order of these books doesn’t tend to matter in this case it does. Do not read Star Struck as your introduction to The Ladybirds because you’ll miss out. I think you need to get to know Pearl through the other books first.One of the things that I love so much about all the books is how there is always more to each of the girls then the surface. The new girl ‘stealing’ the role of Juliet is Pearl’s coping strategy being taken away. All bets are off. Hoshi has to pay but all of Pearl's usual methods don't seem to work. I’m not going to say much else because I really don't want to spoil anything. Just that don’t watch Finding Nemo before you read this book.I will miss Betty, Kat, Bea, and Pearl but I can't wait to see what Jenny McLachlan treats us to next.

  • Kirsty
    2019-06-18 11:54

    Oh this book. I can't say I was all that fussed initially when I found out about it. I've never been a Pearl fan and now I've finished it I can honestly say it was my favourite book of the series so far.Pearl is one of those girls we all know, I'm pretty certain I went to school with a couple and I can definitely think of a couple I've taught over the years. Pearl is the bad girl. She's tough because she has to be and it means she's really misunderstood. The more I learned about Pearl over thee course of the book the more I wanted to go into her life and take her away from all the rubbish she was dealing with and look after her. I think the thing this book did for me, more than anything else, is help me to understand Pearl and why she was the way she was and I'm so glad I had the chance to see that for myself.The story over the course of the book is really interesting. In addition to seeing our favourite ladybirds again and getting more about Pearl and her background I really enjoyed how it focusing on the developing relationship between Pearl and the new girl Hoshi. I won't say too much but Hoshi's story is a really interesting one and I learning more about her fascinated me.All in all my favourite book of the series and definitely worth a read.

  • Anna Branson
    2019-06-13 13:48

    I loved this book. So far I think it is in the top three best books of 2016. The plot was realistic yet surprising and being a reader of all of Jenny's books was surprised to see Pearl in a good light. I love you Jenny and write more!

  • Serendipity Reviews
    2019-05-30 11:45

    I love this series! This book just finishes it off perfectly. Pearl is now one of my favourite Ladybirds and I would never have said that at the beginning of the series.

  • Jemima Osborne
    2019-05-28 14:32

    Oh my gosh I think this might be my most favourite of the Ladybirds!!! I love Pearl so much and seeing just why she acts the way she does just made me want to give her a ladybird wave!! I was kindly sent a copy of Star Struck by Bloomsbury Publishing in exchange for a review. Pearl in the previous books has always been a bit of a bully and has targeted Bea and Betty however she's been friendly with Kat. Now throughout the previous three books you learn that all four used to be best friends but fell out one day. Gradually they all become friends again and in the last book you learn that they hang out again. In this book the school show/musical is Romeo and Juliet and Pearl wants the role of Juliet. As a drama fan I am a total Pearl here. Always want the lead (getting the lead) so I was obviously routing for her until Hoshi appears and just her description sent waves of my K-Pop love back into my head. Hoshi auditions for Juliet and gets it which sends Pearl into nightmare city and she starts off trying to be mean to Hoshi. But after tricking her onto the wrong train home in London and having to get her off it, the pair miss their train home and end up with a few hours together in London. This helps Pearl realise just how nice and sweet Hoshi is and a fortnight later they're friends with no hostility between the two.But back at Pearls home her brother, Alfie who is the main reason of why Pearl is horrid at school. Hits her with a controller and kills Oy, her fish. She tells her mother but she fails to believe her, insisting that Pearl caused it. But all is not lost, Hoshi becomes her saviour and one night before the opening night and after Pearl stands up to her brother in defence of Hoshi, THEY KISS. TOTAL SHOCKER AND TOTAL OMFG!! Absolutely loved this bit. So so loved it!Anyway, Pearl goes home to tell her mum just how bad her brother is when she finds her fish tank and the remaining fish, destroyed. Killed by Alfie's golf club. This helps Pearl to convince her mum how bad Alfie is and he is sent to stay with her dad for Christmas. Pearl then falls asleep in her mums bed only to wake up to an emergency text from her friends. Something is about to ruin the school show. Pearl then rushes to the school thinking that Hoshi has abandoned her and gone back to Japan only to find that the leading male can no longer play Romeo and as Pearl knows all of Romeos moves/words/actions the play is transformed and so is Pearl. I absolutely loved this book. Read it in one sitting and completely love love love love love it. I want more. I'd love for Jenny's next book to maybe be about Hoshi and her point of view of this book. But either way I need more Pearl and Hoshi!To sum it up in one quote;Now this doesn't happen in High School Musical

  • Kate
    2019-06-10 19:35

    Pearl isn’t above some dirty tactics to get what she wants. And what she wants is to be Juliet in the school’s modern production of Shakespeare’s classic play. When the part is given to new girl Hoshi, Pearl resorts to some interesting schemes to get her new nemesis to quit.Since starting the Ladybird series, Pearl’s story is the one I was anticipating most. She’s a bit of a self-proclaimed bad girl yet throughout the series she has shown to be quite complex. In Star Struck, Pearl really shines.When Hoshi arrives and becomes Juliet, Pearl is livid. She wanted to be the one wowing the audience and sharing stage kisses the class heartthrob. As Pearl launches her plan to take down Hoshi from behind the facade of being the transfer student’s BFF, she finds that Hoshi is tougher than she seems.I loved how these two characters contrasted each other. Pearl hides behind her tough girl exterior. The smoking, swearing and bullying are part of Pearl’s armour to protect herself. Her family relationship is difficult (that’s a bit of an understatement) and there are times when Pearl feels her only friend is an exotic fish. Hoshi on the other hand is outgoing and quirky and open to new friends. Pearl’s idea of being frienemies with Hoshi falls apart as the two girls find common ground in their love of performing and being outsiders.There is a romantic storyline in this book and I loved how the relationship grew over the course of the novel. The course of true love never did run smooth and that definitely applies to Pearl. I was really rooting for Pearl and adored how she accepted that she deserved love by the end. I also enjoyed the friendships between all of the girls in Star Struck. The events of the previous books haven’t been forgotten but rather Pearl’s story brings them all together.Star Struck is a great conclusion to the Ladybirds series. Much like the previous books, Star Struck is a brilliant combination of fun, romance and some more serious issues.Star Struck in ten words or less: Brilliant story about self-acceptance and friendship.

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-06-17 18:40

    The ladybird series focuses on a quirky group of friends. Each as different from the other that one can be, yet it is their undisputable friendship that binds them together. I stumbled upon the series when Bloomsbury India had sent me a review copy and have been following the series since.Star Struck focuses on Pearl, a girl who has intrigued me from the beginning. She is the ‘bad girl’ of the group and fills that role awfully well what with her mean attitude that shows up from time to time. Towards the beginning I really did not understand why she was a part of this group. It was in Sunkissed that she actually makes a mark as a friend. Pearl was focused on landing a role in the school production but the role is given to the new girl, Hoshi. Hoshi seems to be worming her way into everything that Pearl holds dear, including her group of friends. Of course, Pearl isn’t a girl to be sidelined so easily and so she plans her revenge. But then she gets to know Hoshi… And well, things take a turn. The storyline was as usual quite predictable though the dynamic between Hoshi and Pearl did surprise me at a point. The author’s style of narration maintains uniformity and meets my expectations from the previous books – I do not see much of a change there, whether good or bad. The easy to get into and upbeat language that the author uses is really a plus of the series. There were spots, especially in the middle where the story seemed to hold the pace a bit and there were certain issues that remained unanswered which is a bummer since this is the last book in the series.However, being the story of the ‘bad girl’ of the group also has its perks. It is totally fun and this installment is now my favourite in the series.

  • TheCosyDragon
    2019-05-31 12:28

    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Pearl is the bad girl. Rough, swearing, in trouble at school. It turns out that she has some really good explanations for why that’s the case – you’ll have to read on and find out.Oh yeah, who’s going to cheer for that entirely surprising ending? Uh, that would be me. I didn’t see that coming at all. Should I have? Were the signs there? I can’t remember.This is the 4th book in the ‘series’. Four friends, four books. There is absolutely no need to read the first three though. I have a feeling that they all centre very firmly on the main girl, and so I think I could go back and read them even having read this novel without having had too many spoilers.No no no. This is not the right book cover! Well it is… But it’s so much more vibrant in real life. Part of the reason I reviewed it was because I was sick of seeing the fluro pink on my bookshelf… No honestly, it’s BRIGHT.Look, I wanted to give this 4 stars, but then again I thought I wasn’t quite absorbed enough by it to justify a strong reaction. Good teenage storyline and characters, just not enough real depth for me.I registered a book at!

  • Nikki Sheehan
    2019-05-21 12:50

    I haven't read the other books in the series (yet), so with the word 'Hilarious!' on the cover I was expecting a funny, light read. This *is* a funny book, don't get me wrong, but there is SO much more to Star Struck. The problems which the main character, Pearl, faces (many of which she causes herself!) also make this book both tragic and touching at times, and give the story and the characters real depth. I was quickly hooked and kept sneaking off to read more when I should've been working. The best bit was the ending, which I didn't see coming, not until the last minute and even then I thought, 'She won't, will she?' And I was so pleased when she did! (you'll have to read it to find out *what* she did).In short, I totally loved it. And now, lucky me, I have the rest of the series to catch up on!

  • Perdita Cargill
    2019-06-06 14:33

    Star Struck is the last in Jenny McLachlan’s much loved Ladybirds series. This series has grown up with Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl without losing the sweetness and warmth at its heart. Pearl is a brilliant character all attitude and vulnerability and I ached for her in her home with the locked doors where not even her fish are safe. But with skill McLachlan keeps us laughing even while we worry – not least with her school play backdrop (a musical version of Romeo & Juliet with the rousing numbers, Capulet it Go and Aint No Balcony High Enough). I don’t want to be guilty of spoilers but the love story is fresh and real and kind. I love these books.

  • susan murray
    2019-06-17 15:37

    Won from goodreadsPearl is used to getting her own way and has set her heart on playing Juliet as super hot jake is Romeo. Pearl is not the best behaved rather rude and intimidating and when in middle of trying out for the part in strolls a new girl puts pearl off her stride.Pearl decides this new girl hoshi is competition for the part pretends to be friends saying what will help in school but exactly opposite will get hoshi in trouble.The story is excellent read so quickly as thoroughly enjoyed the book

  • Kelly
    2019-06-03 15:30

    Read more like a middle grade book with your typical mean girl turns into good girl plotline.Love the diversity though and the direction the book headed towards.

  • Emmy
    2019-06-19 14:37

    oh my god guys im gonna write an actual review for this very soon but i'm currently screaming. this book is so goodEDIT:Read the full review on my blog!’ve already written a review for Flirty Dancing, the first of Jenny McLachlan’s Ladybirds series, earlier this year. I didn’t think I’d be reviewing another of her books so soon, but Star Struck took my breath away. I adored each book of this series, but this one is my absolute favourite. It’s been days since I finished it, and I can’t stop thinking about it!The plot is this: Pearl wants to play the lead in her school’s musical production of Romeo and Juliet, but her plans are dashed when new girl Hoshi arrives and aces the audition. Pearl then plans to get even, but making Hoshi’s life hell proves to be more difficult than Pearl initially thought.In this review, I’m gonna talk about the three main things I loved/appreciated about Star Struck!First of all, Pearl’s backstory! Throughout the rest of the series Pearl has been a side character, and not a very nice one. She’s the mean girl at school, an outsider to the main group of girls. Everyone knew a Pearl, didn’t they? Someone they were afraid of, with a tiger glare that meant Business. But mean girls always have a story of their own, and ever since Flirty Dancing I’d been aching to know more about Pearl. As the books went by, and the author’s voice got stronger and stronger, and she began tackling more difficult topics, I started to get excited. Pearl’s story is gonna be incredible, I thought. And I was right!Pearl has a tough home life in many ways. Perhaps the most prominent is that she experiences verbal, emotional, and physical abuse from her older brother, and her mum is turning a blind eye to it. This explains her hardened exterior at school. The best part is that the abuse, and its effect on those involved, wasn’t romanticised. Neither was it played down. In my view, it was perfect.The romance. Speaking from experience… when you’re not straight, you don’t have many characters to look up to growing up. Even now, when asked to think of a happy queer character on TV, my mind goes a bit foggy. Nowadays we actually do have a few examples. But generally, representation is a little thin on the ground. Especially in books, and especially in books for young people.When you’re not straight, you tend to look for representation everywhere. Which sometimes means you’ll end up seeing it where it’s not there, and hope that the creators will throw you a bone. I do this a lot with the books I read, so when love interest Jake started taking a major backseat in Star Struck, I wasn’t too surprised. In Sunkissed, I shipped Kat and Pearl pretty hard, knowing that chances are, it wasn’t gonna happen.Boy, am I glad it didn’t!In one way, I saw Pearl/Hoshi coming, and in another, truer way, I totally didn’t. It blew me away. Their relationship is wonderfully written. It’s a slow, natural build, working towards an incredible end to the series! The smiles, the “I miss yous” the oh-so-obvious stares across dance studios… As someone who has eyes like a hawk for these kind of interactions, I saw them, I hoped and prayed, and I was not disappointed.Also, get a loada THIS: {“I get out my phone. Good night, good night…I text. Then I stare at the screen. Almost immediately Hoshi replies: Parting is such sweet sorrow! Attai. It’s funny how a few words can make you feel so much better.”} This took me RIGHT back to how I fell for my first girlfriend. It’s so GENUINE and PURE. (I may have cried over Pearl/Hoshi within the past 24 hours. Excuse me.)And finally, the characters! As always, Bea, Betty and Kat are delights. Their interactions with Pearl make me laugh, and it’s so good to see them all being friends again.But in the end Pearl is, as I thought she might be from book one, my favourite of the Ladybirds. Mean, but with a soft gooey centre. Oh, how I just love “mean” girls! Come to think of it, Pearl is perhaps one of my favourite characters of all time. There’s such depth to her!Then there’s Hoshi, the new girl. Hoshi is super adorable, articulate, and patient. The way she and Pearl interact is so fun to read! She fits in with the other girls amazingly well, so much so that it seems like she’s always been there. I really hope there’s a book about her someday…That said, this book makes for a perfect ending to a wonderful series. Star Struck is one of my favourite books of 2016, and I’ll definitely be rereading it soon to see everything I missed of Pearl and Hoshi’s early interactions!Thank you Jenny McLachlan, for writing such important, heart-warming stories! This book is gonna be life-changing for SO. MANY. GIRLS.

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2019-06-14 16:35

    I received a copy of this book this week, and since I loved the other books in The Ladybirds series so much, I just had to read it right away. I picked it up yesterday afternoon hoping to get a taste, and finished this morning. So, yeah, just like the other three books: I was instantly hooked.Pearl isn't a very nice girl and a lot of people are scared of her. She smokes, drinks, makes out with boys, and doesn't have much respect for anything. She's a total troublemaker, so she's always in trouble at school. She's also good at manipulating people, and somehow manages to get herself out of most things. Well, except for the troubles at home.That's why she's so interested in being in the school musical, so she can be away from the house and concentrate on doing something she loves. The school will be performing Romeo and Juliet, and she's convinced she's going to be Juliet. No one else will be as good for the part. Plus she'll get to cosy up to Jake Flowers.But on the day of the auditions, when it looks like the part is pretty much hers, a new girl waltzes into the auditorium. Hoshi Lockwood is different. She's cute and quirky, she has pink hair and a dress style all of her own. She also happens to have recently moved from Japan to live with her English father. Everyone likes her instantly. So much that she practically steals the part of Juliet from Pearl.Of course Pearl is so angry that no matter how hard she tries to be good--so she can once again reconnect with her old friends--she attempts to sabotage Hoshi whenever she can. But no matter what she does, Hoshi is just too lovable and worms her way out of everything. Plus she insists on being nice to Pearl. Is this new girl adorable enough to melt Pearl's cold exterior? Or will Pearl's awful home life keep her trapped in an endless cycle of trouble?Okay, I didn't expect to like Pearl as much as I did. And to be honest with you, I still pretty much hated her at the beginning of the book because she's truly awful. Some of her mean girl traits are so frustrating, but when she meets her match and nothing she tries works, I found myself getting really comfortable with the story. This installment was written very well. I mean, the transformation of Pearl is a gradual and awesome one. It sneaks up on you, as the truth about her life is revealed: that she's embarrassed about the condition of her home, that her mother is pretty much absent, that her brother is an abusive jerk, and that no matter how hard she tries to be good, it just doesn't seem worth it. I loved how this book explained a lot about what made Pearl behave the way she did, and why she lashed out at her childhood friends.Sometimes, circumstances change people so much that the only way they know how to live is by lashing out and being defensive. Which is totally how Pearl was at the beginning, so it was nice to see her realise that not everyone or everything is awful.And Hoshi. Well, what can I say about this awesome character? She's nice, smart, talented, kind, loyal, confident, and has her own secrets. Even though Pearl manages to treat her badly at the beginning because she's downright jealous, Hoshi somehow sees through the hard exterior and sticks by her new friend. It's adorable, really.Star Struck is not just another awesome installment to The Ladybirds, it's the perfect way to end this super cute series. Pearl is very different from her quirky friends, but she still managed to make me smile and somehow managed to worm her way into my heart. I went from not being able to stand her, to actually feeling sorry for her. And in the end, I was very happy with how her love story turned out. I loved this story as much as the other three! Can't wait to see what other tales Jenny McLachlan will share with us. :) Thank you Bloomsbury Australia, for introducing me to this super fun and quirky series.

  • Jenna
    2019-05-30 19:51

    3.5 stars. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for providing a review copy of the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Star Struck, the fourth book in Jenny McLachlan’s companion series, is a very fast-paced and easy contemporary read. If you’re looking for something quick to read, with some good character development, you should check out these companion novels. I’ve previously read Sunkissed (The Ladybirds #3) and also enjoyed the character development and female friendships in that novel.This book is about Pearl, a tough girl who causes lots of trouble for her teachers and friends at school. She loves musical theatre and almost always gets the lead female role. But not this year. In her school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Pearl is pushed to the side when a new girl, Hoshi, comes to her high school. And it isn’t just her drama teacher who seems to love Hoshi – it’s all of Pearl’s friends and her crush who seem to love Hoshi more than Pearl as well. Having no one to turn to, Pearl decides to take matters into her own hands.I liked the character development that was in this book. Pearl goes from being a bit of a bully to becoming a great friend. Hoshi really brings her out of her shell and makes her a better person. However, I did have some problems with the character development, which I also remember having when I read Sunkissed last year. I felt like Jenny McLachlan purposely made Pearl very, very dislikeable at the beginning of the book so that whatever character development she had would seem a lot more profound than it actually was. I found her to be really nasty and vindictive in the first half of the book and I’m not sure that making her normal at the end is sufficient character development. However, I am glad that she learnt to respect others and herself by the end of the book. I just wished that she hadn’t started off as such a terrible friend and human being in the beginning of the book.In addition to being a fluffy contemporary read about friendship and high school, this book also explores domestic violence and physical abuse. Pearl’s older brother is a little bit of a psychopath and loves to take his anger out on Pearl. There were some really sickening scenes where he physically abuses her and destroys her belongings (and in particular, one scene that is so disturbing that I can’t even think about it). I’m glad that the author tries to explore this issue in Star Struck because domestic violence and violence against women is such a big issue today. However, I don’t think that it was properly resolved. The book ends with a temporary solution to the situation and I would have liked a little bit more resolution to the issue. A lot of people who are going through the same situation aren’t going to have the same solution as an option and I don’t think that the book did the issue justice. Another aspect of the book that I really liked was the LGBTQ+ aspect of the novel. However, again, I didn’t think that it was explored enough. It kind of came out of nowhere and I’m not sure that it was necessary to have included it in the book. But I did really appreciate the gesture and the message that it conveyed.Even though there were some things that were a little bit underdeveloped for my liking, I still really enjoyed Star Struck and finished it in one sitting. It’s a great book about female friendships and I enjoyed the characters in this book for the most part.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-10 17:45

    Fifteen year old Pearl Harris lives with her mum, and older brother, Alfie. Her dad left and now has another family. Pearl loves musicals and has been taking in part in them at school since Year 7. When new girl, Hoshi, arrives and ruins her chance at a lead role, Pearl decides to ruin Hoshi's life in return.Out of all the girls in Jenny McLachlan's Ladybird series, Pearl was the one I least liked. She's been horrible all the way through, until we got a glimpse of what a good friend she could be in Sunkissed. Star Stuck, the final book in the series, is our chance to see the real Pearl.What we find out is that Pearl's home life is awful and only getting worse. Alfie has an explosive and unpredictable temper, sometimes he's joking around and within in instant, he turns violent. To make it worse, her mother often laughs it off, blames Pearl, or ignores what's going on altogether. The one solace she has at home, are her fish. She loves her tropical fish and takes a lot of pride and care with their environments. She has to keep her room locked just so Alfie can't come in and ruin her hideaway.While none of that is an excuse for being a bully, it sheds light on why Pearl has treated the other girls poorly in the past, something she's trying to make up for now, by hanging out with Bea and Betty and trying her hardest not to tease them. Instead she sets her sights on Hoshi because of her jealousy.Star Struck is a really beautiful story of friendship and forgiveness, and while the scenes in Pearl's home made me feel sad and scared for her, the friends she has made me hopeful and happy. This series has been a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what Jenny McLachlan writes next!Ableist language: dumb, dumbass, midget, plus Pearl and Tiann seemed racist when discussing Hoshi, though later Pearl tells Tiann off.Thank you to Bloomsbury for my ARC via Netgalley.

  • Naruto4Hokage(Jessica)
    2019-05-28 11:51

    This. Was. Perfect.What a great way to end such an amazing series! I can't wait to see what McLachlan will be writing next, because I will be first in line.The Ladybirds has the same swoony feel that Geek Girl has except ever book is told from a different member's perspective. Ever since I read Bea's story, I had been SO SO SO excited to finally get to Pearl's. She just...ugh, the feels. I can't even right now - this series is THE. BEST.

  • Layla Batchellier
    2019-05-25 11:34

    I wanted some light relief from the normal type of book that I read so I choose this book filled with the typical teenage girl drama. I expected it to play out much like the rest eg. girl likes boy, new girl arrives boy fall for her but it was much more. It contained an excellent twist at the end where the two girl protagonists fell in love which was different and a breath of fresh air.Overall it was an enjoyable read.

  • Bobbie
    2019-05-31 13:54

    This one wasn't quite to my personal liking. I haven't read all the other books in the series, but this one sounded interesting. However I found it more of a real YA book, that I think young adults would enjoy, but adults who like YA (like me) wouldn't get much out of. There was just too much school stuff, bitchy girls and giddy dramatics. Not my style. I did very much enjoy the way the story turned out, but it ended a bit too abruptly for me.

  • Molly Sweeney
    2019-05-29 17:45

    Completely lived up to my expectations and more. I loved it!

  • Caitlyn
    2019-06-15 12:54

    Loved it. Probably my favourite in this series. This and Flirty Dancing

  • Bex
    2019-05-29 17:47

    This book started like a Louise Rennison, had a middle like a TV soap and an ending like a Juno Dawson. Solid B, full review to follow at

  • Gabby
    2019-05-24 19:44

    Check out my full review over on my blog;

  • ✿ cassandra ✿
    2019-05-25 13:55

    I just adore everything about this book/series. And there was such a pleasant surprise towards the end of the story~ *happy sigh* And my ship became canon...