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Genius, wealthy and life regenerated, Adam Spenceworth is living the dream aboard his custom spaceship run by Mum, his first designed AI, protected by Gort, his first robot, and occupied by Eve, his sexbot. With each regeneration he returns to start over as a twenty-five year old man ready to enjoy the pleasures of his success. What could go wrong? Except, maybe, planetaryGenius, wealthy and life regenerated, Adam Spenceworth is living the dream aboard his custom spaceship run by Mum, his first designed AI, protected by Gort, his first robot, and occupied by Eve, his sexbot. With each regeneration he returns to start over as a twenty-five year old man ready to enjoy the pleasures of his success. What could go wrong? Except, maybe, planetary wars, territorial space battles, alien invasions, and the disturbing fact that each regeneration is taking exponentially longer than the one before bringing him into one galactic crisis after another. A frolicking space drama filled with references sure to strike home with any science fiction aficionado....

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I Am Reviews

  • Dianne
    2019-06-25 22:05

    He had Genius, Wealth and a life regenerated - Was he becoming Obsolete?============================Enter two win One of Three Copies! 2 eCopies - INTL 1 Print - US/CANClick on Banner to EnterAs an old man Adam Spenceworth left behind proof of his genius, his growing empire, vast wealth and a world surging into each new century with the greatest of inventions that man had to offer. No, Adam didn’t die, he entered a regeneration chamber, only to return at his peak, a twenty-five-year-old hyperactive, hyper-brilliant cocksure young man ready to take on all comers and win. The problem? Each regeneration took longer, thousands of years and the only beings waiting for him were his first AI robot Gort, his companion robot Eve, and his greatest creation, Mum, whose capabilities were beyond imagination as she ran his ship, and watched over him. The universe is in constant flux, constant chaos, battles are waged, empires rise and fall and the human race is facing total annihilation with only the super-advanced AI robots to carry on.Retaining all of his knowledge and able to play catch up on the eons he has missed, he is like a MacGiver of the future, a Mr. Gadget with an attitude until he universe begins to crumble around him and he feels the loneliness of his existence and he becomes like a god to the robots remaining. Is this the life he wanted to keep coming back to? Is it time for Adam to finally see the world isn’t always about him rushing in like a superhero and riding off into the sunset for another regeneration? Maybe it’s time for Adam to grow up and take care of the future he helped create and ultimately destroy.Michael Drakich’s I Am is a brilliant space opera about one man’s journey through eons of time in a futuristic world where worlds and galaxies collide in war, join in peace and may only survive through Artificial Intelligence that almost believes it is alive. With engaging characters, a lot of snark and attitude and some devilishly quirky dialogue, Michael Drakich brings our wildest dreams to life and shoots us to the moon and beyond. With warp-speed pacing, deceit and the machinations of the power-hungry, Mr. Drakich’s imagination seems to know no bounds as he grasps fantasy and science fiction by the horns and wrestles them into a riveting and extremely entertaining tale of a true space cowboy! Highly entertaining, highly recommended!I received a review copy from Michael Drakich in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date: December 14, 2015Publisher: Michael DrakichGenre: Science Fiction | Space Opera | YAPrint Length: 244 pagesAvailable from: Amazon |  Barnes & NobleFor Reviews & More:

  • Tori (InToriLex)
    2019-06-04 18:04

    Find this and other Reviews at InToriLexEverything I love about science fiction was in this book. The aliens, the robots, the advanced technology and the humor make this book an enjoyable and engaging read from start to finish. Adam Spenceworth is a genius who embraces his talents and uses them to his advantage. In the beginning of the book I was not a fan of Adam, his smugness and self serving actions turned me off. But every time Adam regenerates he adapts to his new surroundings and makes better decisions to benefit humanity and the galaxy. Adam uses his genius and is able to put aside his ego, as he learns what matters most throughout the book. Adam, Mum, Gort and Eve evolve throughout the story and take on many roles beyond what they are first described as. The alien invasions, and space battles described keep the action of the plot going strong. I was concerned at first that the book wouldn't mention diversity within the human race, but that's not the case, different people and races populate the galaxy. The short chapters, and the jumps through time that happen when Adam regenerates kept me excitedly reading and wondering what new future would await his return. The science fiction and pop culture references, were done well and added some extra umph, that I appreciated. The book addresses religious and psychological themes, but in a light hearted way that leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions from it. The technology is described in a accessible way, that will resonate with everyone. Artificial Intelligence becomes sentient with Adam's inventions, so what separates humans from machines becomes murkier and is uniquely explored in the book. If you enjoy science fiction, this is definitely a worth while read that will lead you through suspense, emotion, humor and to imagine all that space and the future has to offer.This e-book was provided to me by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

  • G.G.
    2019-06-13 19:56

    Disclaimer: I won this paperback in a Rafflecopter draw.Where to start…This book was a fun read. We follow Adam in his numerous adventures across time. No, Adam isn't a time traveler. He uses a machine that regenerates him after he's grown old. The hic is that it takes the machine more and more time every new cycle.At first, it annoyed me. Following Adam just to start all over again? What was the author thinking? Apparently, further than I was. The story makes sense in the end: the years in between and all. And what an ending! I surely didn't expect it. It's the kind of endings you don't see coming until it's there and then it kind of all becomes clear. The story is written in first person POV, present tense. While I am a huge fan of the first, I was a bit concerned by the latter, yet, the choice actually made sense.The characters are well developed, from Adam to his ship (Mom) his sex bot (Eve) and Gort (his personal robot). You can't help but fall in love with some of the characters. I won't mention which ones, but you'll know what I mean. If you like sentient robots, aliens, fights, and gadgets (Adam is the master of new inventions), you will love this book.

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    2019-06-15 20:41

    Review Excerpt: I AM works on a peculiar, exponential time-scale that actually works in its favor when it comes to the characters being believable. Drakich gives fun nods to the things that have made science fiction so fun, from the original space-bot to star trek phasers, and – of course – the mothership. He also covers evolution and religion in a way that makes you laugh as you realize how silly it sounds until you sit back, think about it for a second, and find yourself thinking “Uhm…y’know…actually… I could see it working this way. That would make a lot of sense.”For a full review of this fantastic read, please click here.

  • Ben Dongen
    2019-06-27 18:52

    Classic space opera filled with robots, lasers, ships, and empires at war. I Am, follows a hero on his own path, clashing with those who try to keep his vision and ambitions in check. A fast paced read with lead character who will make you cheer on one page and doubt his sanity on the next. While there is a bit of graphic content not suitable for children, anyone who enjoys a fun adventure with some underlying depth will like this book.

  • Patricia Hamill
    2019-05-30 19:01

    I Am is a book I’ll find hard to forget. It starts off in a way that doesn’t shed the main character, Adam, in a particularly good light, but as his regenerations cast him further and further into the future, all that changes. Instead of using his inventions and monetary clout for his own interests, he’s increasingly forced to consider the welfare of others and the consequences of choices made centuries, even millennia ago.I love how this story spans time and space beyond the point one can truly imagine and with that comes insane new inventions and developments in the evolution of both man and robot. Beyond that, the experience was immersive and the descriptions fantastic and mind expanding. It was also heartbreaking. Sure, the guy lives countless full lives, but each regeneration catapults him further beyond everything he knows until, well, I can’t say… You’ll have to read it to find out. There’s also a deeper story going on, beyond Adam’s own drive to survive even as he begins to realize it’s only going to get worse. Fans of stories about the evolution of AI will love this deeper story, its implications, and its relevance to humanity itself. Adam’s robotic and AI companions are as central to the story as he is, although the whole thing is told from Adam’s perspective. I won’t go into any details here, except to say I found them all relatable, likeable, and, in many ways, tragic. Overall, this story meets all my criteria for an excellent science fiction. Its epic scale, rich world, plausible futures, and focus on the people (both organic and not) make this one for the bookshelves, definitely worthy of reading over and over again. I’d highly recommend this to folks who love science fiction: hard, epic, space opera or otherwise.I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review. This review was written for the blog at

  • Rebecca Finlayson
    2019-06-04 22:58

    Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. This book certainly does what it says on the tin - space battles and galactic politics galore - with a hefty dose of physics and engineering thrown in, kept just realistic enough to make the reader think that this technology could be mere decades rather than centuries away. Due to the protagonist's regeneration, the novel itself almost reads like a series of short stories,. Adam Spenceworth wakes up after each regeneration further and further into the future and has to deal with the latest problem that seems standalone, but by the end of the book, strands that were introduced early on are woven back altogether. As time passes, Earth itself becomes virtually unrecognisable as humans have gradually left and AI has taken over dominion of the planet. The religion that has been introduced to the Robots - the followers are called 'Adamites', after the protagonist, is kind of comical at first but it later seems deliberate. Adam has to face enemies he once called friends, and his character - in my opinion, pretty unlikeable for most of the book due to his too-often touted 'genius' and ego - is more rounded as he actually starts to care about what happens rather than exploiting the situation. A pretty enjoyable science fiction on the whole. The depth in Adam's character lacking in the beginning is made up somewhat by the end, and the host of supporting characters - Mum and Gort are my particular favourites - balance the story out nicely.

  • Mirta
    2019-06-01 18:50

    Set in the future, this Sci-Fi story has some slapstick comedy which was pleasantly surprising. Reading about the relationship between Eve, the sexbot and Adam was a first for me, and this peeked my interest further. In addition, the author did a fine job of utilizing the first few chapters to draw me into the story by revealing back story about the AI on Adam's ship including: Eve, Gort and Mum. Adam, the protagonist, has been regenerated and once again in his mid 20s. Once on Earth he is able to converse with his future blood line (awesome concept). Focusing on the readability and the interest level of this book, I will not offer a summary of I AM, but only a review. At times the concepts in the story were difficult to wrap my head around, but positively pleasing to ponder the possibilities the future can hold. The story was more than just Sci-Fi. It oozed ideas about new technologies and a new genre or sub-genre needs to be born from stories of the like. The content places an interesting spin on immortality and its consequences. Furthermore, the story possess philosophical and moral questions to be considered. The storyline is well developed and the obstacles Adam faces keeps the pace of the book interesting. I do believe that any Sci-Fi aficionado will enjoy the multi-faceted story Michael Drakich has created. -M. Espinola

  • Ashley Tomlinson
    2019-06-23 00:51

    I love space books. Space fascinates me so of course I wanted to read this one. I am so glad this book was given to me for an honest review. To be honest with an awesome cover like this I probably would have gotten it myself. I've never read a book by Drakich before but if they are all like this I will definitely read more from him. This was definitely different and I thought that from the way the synopsis was worded. I mean the word sexbot is in the freaking synopsis and that is a first for me. Being a big fan a sci-fi I knew I would enjoy this book a lot. There were some humorous moments that made me giggle. There were some unexpected moments that made me just stare at the book until I composed myself. This is one of those books that makes me think- like sit there staring off into space questioning everything type. I love books like that and this is no exception. I liked all of the technology in this, I knew since this is a sci-fi book it would have some technology but I didn't expect this. It was so great. I highly recommend this to all the sci-fi lovers out there, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • Melanie
    2019-06-07 18:00

    *This Book Was Given To Me In Exchange For An Honest Review*This is the first book I have read by new to me author Michael Drakich and I have to say it was certainly different.The synopsis intrigued me, I mean who could resist "A frolicking space drama filled with references sure to strike home with any science fiction aficionado" when it is offered up for a review. Certainly not me, but I am not sure that little blurb really lets you know what you are in for.Yes, there are lots of laugh out loud moments, especially for a sci fi fan like myself. Nods to many of the well known exploits and shows etc, but what starts off quite light hearted and tongue in cheek takes a turn somewhere along the way until (without giving spoilers) by the end you find yourself really thinking about things you didn't expect to and certainly have a new perspective on the protagonist.Overall this was well written and enjoyable and earns 4 stars from me. V""V***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: ***

  • Christian Laforet
    2019-06-13 23:59

    When I grow up, I want to be Adam Spencworth!Why?Where to begin? He has a super rad spaceship named Mum. A powerful robotic bodyguard named Gort. And my personal favorite, a sex-bot that can change her appearance to best suit Adam’s, er, ah…needs, named Eve. Oh yeah, he also travels the stars getting involved (both intentionally and by accident) in various galactic wars.Adam’s story stretches across a vast period of time. This is accomplished thanks to something he himself invented: a regeneration tube. The only catch, each times takes progressively longer than the last for his youth to be restored. This is really the key point in I Am. During these epic slumbers, the universe around Adam changes greatly (usually because of something he himself set into motion before regenerating). When he wakes, he has to figure out just what exactly has been going on (and who the hell is trying to kill him this time!)I Am is my kind of sci-fi. Big ideas, intense action, sexy women and lots of spaceship battles!

  • Rachel Pieters
    2019-05-29 00:57

    The stuff I loved: the first half of the book - definitely! Space opera with an homage to an abundance of sci-fi classics such as Iron Man, Isaac Asimov and Independence Day radiate off the page like so many gamma rays. The characters are interesting and the author seems to have a firm hold of the science and/or scientific theories of which this story boasts so many of. The language is funny and bold and easy to read.Stuff I didn't love: I really thought that the character of Eve was going to go in a different direction. She had so much potential, but centuries later is still angry at Adam, taking this anger out on him in such extreme actions. Most girls would have moved on by then. Sorry, but no man is this special. I thought she would really transcend her sex-slave past. Also, I fell out of love with Adam Spenceworth. I felt like he really didn't learn or change much and everything was too easy for him to solve. :(Overall, a fun book, though I would have done something different with the second half.

  • Michael Drakich
    2019-06-07 21:48