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Deeds has just spent the last few weeks jonesing after a woman he only knows as Hotlips. Apparently pissing off a female can be rather entertaining from the safety of a text and their witty banter has left the President of Broken Deeds MC wishing for more. The annoying, yet funny, communication comes to an end when they meet face to face. Lynn is the sister of Zack, currenDeeds has just spent the last few weeks jonesing after a woman he only knows as Hotlips. Apparently pissing off a female can be rather entertaining from the safety of a text and their witty banter has left the President of Broken Deeds MC wishing for more. The annoying, yet funny, communication comes to an end when they meet face to face. Lynn is the sister of Zack, current president of Areion Fury MC. Brought up the daughter of an MC President, Lynn is hell bent on not being a biker’s bitch. When an enemy of Broken Deeds MC comes to play, Deeds is willing to give his last breath protecting what he claims is his. Deeds, a former MMA fighter, will need to revive his old fighter skills to protect his woman. Will it be enough to bring their enemy down or will he not only lose his only love but also his life? -- Approximately 200 pgs -- For a greater reading experience, recommended reading order: "Zack" Areion Fury MC book one "Deeds" Broken Deeds MC book one...

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deeds Reviews

  • XxTainaxX
    2019-04-26 05:30

    Not exactly my cuppa when it comes to MC romances but I give it kudos for being pretty raw in the prose and quite sexy. There's never any kind of formality to the characters. They cuss like sailors, talk shit, call one another names like "c*n*" and "@$$hole" in a way as to imitate endearments. Different enough, I suppose. Lynn, since I can't bring myself to call her "Hotlips", is a tough chick with some very jagged edges. She lands herself in some trouble when someone sees that Deeds has claimed her. Deeds, well he's downright sexy as described and he's got dirty talk down to a science. Their first time together was absolutely scorching. Let's just say I may or may not have been guilty of googling "hot guys in training masks". The plot was good but the execution had some holes. There was a level of detail that simply wasn't there. The made up "rules" surrounding MC membership were flaky at best. The concept of "tests" in the manner portrayed a little silly. Still, there was a spark of something that kept me reading. Although I wouldn't necessarily binge read the next, I will probably pick it up when I'm in a very specific mood. As far as safety is concerned, there are no others for either after they get together, even though some try. H is very possessive. Neither were virgins. No condoms. The way the characters interact verbally might be a trigger to some. Yes to elements of rape and abuse.

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-05-18 02:43

    The first book in the BROKEN DEEDS MC series, this is Deeds and Lynn's story (I refuse to call her Hotlips -- good god)Deeds is the Prez on Broken Deeds. He has been flirting via text with Lynn (sister of Zack. Prez of the MC Areion Fury) for a few weeks. Until one day they run into each other at the gym and it is GAME ON..."You own my heart, Hotlips. It might never be enough, but I’ll fucking fight for you until the last breath leaves my body."Since I just read BROKE (Book Two of this series) right before I read this one, there are going to be some comparisons made. Like with BROKE I think this author is really good at writing a very readable book. This one kept me interested and turning pages. It never dragged or bored me. The plethora of side characters are interesting. Especially GRAMS and I look forward to reading their books.That said, I HATED the heroine of this book. Again this is the case of an author trying to write a heroine that is feisty and badass. Alas, she was neither feisty NOR badass. She was shrilly and a total bitch. The way her and Blue spoke, throwing "c@nt" around and calling each other "bitch" came across as a couple of teenagers play acting at being badass. Not to mention her whole reluctance to get a "property of" patch, but being fine with tattooing MRS. on her finger before they are even married, just made me want to throat punch her. The ONLY time I warmed up to her, was her scenes with GRAMS.Her whole attitude was made worse by the fact that Deeds was such an AWESOME hero. I ADORED this guy. He was miles better than his brother BROKE (from book two). He was smokin HOT. OTT alpha, but still sweet. He knew Lynn was the one for him from the word go, and I HATED every time Lynn's refusal to get the "property patch" hurt him. He deserved a better heroine (like ROAN from book two of the series).So, overall I enjoyed this one. More for Deeds and the secondary characters and the author's style of writing. It loses a couple stars because the heroine was such douchnoodle. Also, I wanted more background info on the MC club and Deeds. What they really are is just skimmed over and we are not given any more details in book two. I am finding it a bit frustrating...

  • Janie
    2019-05-02 06:34

    Reread 7/19/2017I loved this book just as much the second time around. Esther E. Schmidt writes heroes that are perfect for me. I also love her heroines which isn't always the case for me. She writes heroines that I would want to be friends with. Now onto a reread of Broke. 5++ stars. This is a new to me author. I don't know how I've never heard of this author before. This book was perfect for me and this author's books will be auto-buy for me from now on.Lynn AKA Hotlips seemed a little rough to me in the beginning. I just wasn't sure I would connect with her. As the story goes on and her relationship with Deeds develops we see more of her soft side. She is a total badass. She grew up around the Aerion MC, where her brother Zack is the President. She is independent, feisty as hell and doesn't take shit from anyone. The way that she treated Deed's Grams was so sweet and really gave us insight into the person that she is.Deeds, Deeds, Deeds. He is absolutely one of my favorite Hs. He knew that Hotlips was his from the get go and was not afraid to show it or say it. He is the President of the Broken Deeds MC and he wants Hotlips as his ol' lady. He is a badass alpha that also has a soft side when it comes to his woman. The thing I really loved about him was that he truly looked at Lynn as an equal and wanted her help with a situation they were handling. A lot of the time with MC books, they don't always treat their women as equals. It was very refreshing as she definitely brought something to the table. Broken Deeds MC is different than most MCs in that they work cases for the police when they can't solve a crime. I am not going to spoil anymore of that.I can't wait to read further in this series to see what happens to the other members of Broken Deeds but also the Aerion MC (which is a separate but interconnected series). I loved the bonus epilogue at the end where we get to see about 15 years in the future. No OW/OM crap and no cheating.

  • Denna✌
    2019-05-14 07:32

    I loved this book!!! I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. From the very first chapter I was hooked! It was funny and hot as hell! Deeds, fucking loved him very OTT alpha male. I loved the way he loved "Hotlips" lol. Hotlips aka Lynn was amazing, she was a badass chick. Now I'm ready for Broke's book!! Safety Note: 100% safe

  • ♡Tonya♡
    2019-05-02 09:23

    Where the hell did this come from?? I was so happy to find out this book was safe from cheating and OW/OM drama. Sometimes MC stories can be iffy when it comes to those subjects. Although there were some darker elements to the story, they didn't pertain to their relationship. They were 100% devoted to each other! I loved Deeds and Hotlips! -filthy talking sexy alpha MC president -filthy talking bad ass heroine -sizzling sex scenes practically right out of the gate-absolutely no cheating-heroine put up some fight but hero wasn't having it-one OW who wanted the hero but he wanted nothing to do with her and had never been with her (insignificant)-awesome HEA epilogue This book was such a great surprise. I can't wait to dig into the next book about Deeds brother, Broke!

  • Barbara➰
    2019-05-21 08:30

    **5+ Broken Deeds and Hotlips Stars**I devoured this book in one day. I could not put it down. Everything worked for me. I don't usually read MC books because there are usually too many elements I don't like. But I really enjoyed this one and I'm glad I took the chance.Deeds is the Prez of the Broken Deeds MC. Lynn is the sister to the Prez of a neighboring club. She was raised in the lifestyle. The two meet after exchanging calls and texts to get her brother and Deeds to meet. It was on from there.Deeds is taken with Lynn 100% from the get-go. I loved how alpha and OTT he was. He would not take no for an answer."You own my heart, Hotlips. It might never be enough, but I’ll fucking fight for you until the last breath leaves my body.” I wasn't sure I would like Lynn. I was afraid she would be too alpha for me. I actually ended up loving her. She is tough and smart but she was also willing to submit to Deeds and there were times she showed a softer side as well. I was also afraid she would resist for too long but that wasn't the case. She came around and realized she needed Deeds and he was perfect for her. They are perfect for each other. I loved how she was with Deeds' Grams and how she took care of her. She was also persistent in trying to solve the mystery of the missing boys. She will go down as one of my favorite heroines.There were lots of side characters that I can't wait to read their stories. And of course, there was Grams. I loved her! Everyone needs a Grams in their lives.Loved, loved, loved the bonus scene at the end. I will definitely be reading more from this author and continuing her other series as well.

  • Hana ♡
    2019-05-08 05:51

    I really enjoyed this! Loved Deeds character <3

  • Emily
    2019-05-24 05:47

    Deeds has become infatuated with a woman he only knows as Hotlips through text. She is a smart mouth who wont be bossed around and tells him off every chance she gets. He knows though, the moment he sees that mouth who she is, Lynn sister to President of Areion Fury MC. Good thing she knows the structure of a MC because Deeds is President of Broken Deeds MC and he plans to make her his ol' lady. Lynn though is having none of it but when a threat comes to Deeds through her, Deeds pulls her close and doesn't plan to let her out of his sight. Problem is Lynn has plans of her own and she is not warming to the idea of being an ol' lady, at least she tells Deeds that even if her mind is telling her to claim him as well. Heads butt, sass is thrown, and a exceptional MC story is told.Loved this, it was hilarious and I am a sucker for sassy females with OTT alpha males. Loved the side characters and whole the story unfolded. Deeds is crazy, he knows how to get under Lynn's skin but she fights him at every turn. Had another side story that just added to the book, liked the whole concept of this MC series. New favorite MC. Can't wait for more.

  • Deetimes
    2019-04-30 01:23

    Esther E. Schmidt can really create dynamic memorable characters!This was Deeds and Lynn's aka Hotlips aka Lips' story. It started off with innocent text messages! Yes, I said it-- text messages. Her bff, Blue gave her a guy's number and for weeks things got a bit heated via text messages. When they actually met at Auerion's gym Deeds basically claimed her on sight but Lynn was just not having it! Why you ask---well sassy and dirty talking Lynn has lived the MC lifestyle and would never date MC members much less the President of the Broken Deeds who is also an associate of her brother, Jake who is the President of Auerion MC.“Deeds, good to see you, my man. You’ve already met Blue. This here is my sister Lynn. Lynn, meet the president of Broken Deeds MC.”This story is full of that funny banter feel from both the H/h as their 'relationship' begins in of all places the women dressing area of the gym. Deeds walks right in, locks the door then you get to see the first glimpse of MC Prez Deeds: the cockiest claiming caveman with a smirk! What I enjoyed about this couple was their internal talks. "He keeps looking into my eyes while he takes a step closer to me. Slowly, his eyes slide down my body and back up again, landing on my lips. That’s when I see recognition flash in his eyes. Fuck, no. A memory flashes through my mind of a picture I sent that dick that’s been texting me. A close-up of my middle finger in my mouth. Yeah, I sent him that picture to flip him off after he asked me to send a picture showing my tits." Lips honestly fought the relationship with Deeds from the start but her body and heart betrayed her every time. Deeds just knew that Hotlips was his equal and I liked his approach to handling her brash tongue even in front of Zack: “That’s where you’re wrong Zack. She was mine the moment she answered my call for a sit-down with you. That was your request; you’re the one who hooked us up in the first place. So…. thanks, I guess.” Hotlips was never a pushover to no man or woman in this story but with Deeds, Grams, Broke, DePay and those missing seven year boys, I really got to see how she passionate she cared about people The secondary characters were great from Blue, Jack, Broke, Goffa, Muffin, DePay, Chopper but my favorite character was Grams, Deeds and Broke's elderly grandmother and DePay! This woman was a hoot who gets the piercing she always wanted from Hotlips! DePay was just a gentle giant who would soon be raising his daughter and Lips gave him support on how the MC would help him out! I love when he got a tattoo of his daughter's name, Haley on his chest! BTW, DePay has a book in this series as well.So if you like both dirty talking, stubborn H/h, with a storyline of twists and turns abound, crazed enemies and dynamic secondary characters, well read Deeds! You will cheer for this book and this sexy couple including how Hotlips helps the Broken Deeds MC solve the case of the missing seven year old boys... I loved it!I'm looking forward in reading Broke and Roan's story book 2 in the Broken Deeds series.5 Memorable and funny as heck stars *****

  • Shari Kay
    2019-05-20 08:44

    Read the sample. Not my kind of book. (view spoiler)[They meet in person and have sex within about 5 mins...bare. Literally. I shit you not. (hide spoiler)]

  • C
    2019-05-25 02:22

    3.5/5Hot, dirty, insta love, funny safe read! - I really loved the h in this book! He was a total badass and tough as nails and funny! -H was a OTT, alpha and loyal -very mild OW Drama with a club ho, but h was so bad ass that she took care of that, it didn't even bother her in the book, so in turn it didn't bother me. - kinda wished it had an epilogue, it's a HFN type of thing, the story continues with Brokes book ( witch I can't wait to read!!) A something I found a little annoying with this book was the swearing.... like with lips and blue always calling each other bitch.... annoying! and the excessive curse words in some parts was just ridiculous.... i'm not a prude or anything! This book I felt just had an unnecessary amount of swearing throughout the book and some sentences I think there are more swearwords than actual real words. Over all a good safe read!!!! I will definitely will be reading more for this author!

  • Neringa Neringiukas
    2019-05-15 04:36

    I so was looking forward to read this book after meeting Lynn and her sass. Not to mention the first interaction between her and Deeds. They first learned about each other existence through phone call. I guess the guy was all alpha bossy and Lynn being brassy, didn't took it so well. Reading that scene, I needed a second or two for myself, because I was laughing so much. And then theirs 'dating' through messages continued for weeks. Until finally, they meet each other in the true world. And find out who each other is.So, Deeds is starting with that scene. First face to face meeting. Lynn drooling and dreaming about his cum. Yup, you read it right. Lol. So, she's dreaming all about this guy, until he is introduced. Deed, the Prez of Broken Deeds. Then she runs. Or at least she tries. Because there is no way she can escape Deeds.So, after their's first encounter two things happens. One is 'OMG! It's so freakn HOT'. Second is 'WTF?!'. Here is just the beginning and Esther already grabs by the balls... um... pu$$y... uh... Well, you know what I mean. There's no time to be bored. Just to hold tight on your kindle and join for the ride.I enjoyed Zaks book. But I freakn FLOVE Deeds. I love 'the courtship' between Lynn and Deeds. It was hilarious. It was fucking hot. I love the stories dynamic. Every word, every sentence is just right and catchy. I didn’t noticed when I was already halfway through. I was so drawn into the ride.I love Lynn. She was great in Zack. But here Lynn is fucking queen. That everyone needs to bow to her. She's bold, smart, strong and dangerous. I liked that she's not afraid to use the gun she's carrying with her. To protect herself, or someone's she care about. I enjoyed her mouth. Now, don't let your mind go to the gutter. Lol. She just say the way she feels. No holding shit inside her head. What you see is what you get, with her.I loved Deeds. He's all alpha biker. The way he was with Lynn was hot and precious. He got her. He loved and appreciated everything about her. They fit each other like missing puzzle pieces. Be prepared for some interesting characters to meet. I enjoyed them all. Well, okay I will give a little spoiler here. I freakn love Deeds Grams. She's the shit! She’s some interesting and unique character Esther dropped here. Just for the Grams alone I would give 5 stars. Lol. I'm so hoping more to hear about her in the future books.

  • Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)
    2019-05-07 06:22

    '"Hotlips."He smiles brightly while his eyes now fill with hunger and satisfaction. Like a freaking dog who just found his favourite bone.'Deeds, the Prez of the Broken Deeds MC, is alpha male through and through. Born into the club life he's an ex MMA fighter who has taken control of his club and has a fierce reputation. Built, inked and screaming of sin he is every man's nightmare and every woman's wet dream. Having business with Areion Fury MC he has been texting a sassy mouthed unknown and when he finally meets her in person sparks fly! Deeds is balancing the need to keep the secrets of the club safe whilst protecting his old lady from a danger his club has unwittingly put her in. Can Deeds prove to Hotlips that he is different to the bikers she compares him to, can he convince her to change her opinion of being an old lady?Lynn is Areion Fury by blood. Her brother Zack is the Prez and having grown up as a MC princess she has bigger balls than most men. Raised to take no shit her mystery text sender stirs her blood but the man working out in her brothers gym blows her mind. Realising they are one and the same she knows her world has flipped upside when she learns he is the Prez of Broken Deeds. Lynn has always been steadfast in her belief of bikers - they are manwhores and cavemen who she just can't bend for. Raised with a backbone she is feisty and outspoken, a challenge many just can't handle. When she's threatened by an enemy of Deeds club she is put in a situation where she's no longer in control. Can she set aside her conceptions of the club life and let herself love a biker? Gramps and the other members of the club are all so intriguing and add layers to this story. I'm eager to read all their stories. More than an MC read the burning question of what Deeds is hiding is answered and left my jaw dropping. The tension, suspense and drama all make this a non stop read. The sexual tension and banter between Deeds and Lips is sizzling. Lips is so ballsy and I wish I had s friend like her. Deeds is a total loveable thick skinned alpha male that so completely falls for his Lips that his whole world changes for her.....swoon! This is my first story from this author but it won't be my last, loved it! A four and a half star kick ass read. ~*~ Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

  • CC
    2019-05-14 04:35

    I really enjoyed both Deeds and Lynn. Loved how she hated manwhore biker ways...Generally, I enjoyed the bit of humor and liked the action bit. I like this series better than Aerion Fury so far.

  • Danielle Marlowe
    2019-04-29 08:33

    Love this book. I could not put it down. Deeds and Lynn (Hotlips) are perfect together. Very Sexy. I highly recommend this book. Love how obsessed and protective Deeds is over Hotlips. Love how Sassy and Feisty Hotlips is. Esther E. Schmidt did an amazing job on this book. Love this story. Esther E. Schmidt is a Great Author. Looking forward to reading the rest of the MC books. 5 Stars! Thank you, Esther E. Schmidt :)

  • Gail
    2019-05-19 05:29

    ARC given in exchange for a honest review..WOW so this was my first from this author.. LOVED IT!! So we have Deeds & Lynn.. We got to meet them or you all did… in Zack ( I have it but read this one first..) I sooo loved the chemistry between these two.. Deeds is so totally Alpha.. but can have that soft side when the time comes.. Lynn has a mouth on her.. and she is not afraid to tell it like it is.. and Deeds.. well he rolls with it.. I loved how they stated out a just a text buddies.. and she is just oogling this guy at the gym.. then she finds out who he is.. and is like Oh Shit… I cannot wait to see what this author has in store for us with the rest of the books.. I would defiantly be willing to check those out..

  • Deb B
    2019-04-27 01:51

    really loved this one - Deeds is a full on alpha jerk that you just have to love and Lynn is awesome - such a great couple and i love the background story of the interesting writing style but thoroughly engaging and i am really looking forward to the rest of this series (15.02.15)re-read feb 2018 - still love this series ... the guys are sooo bad but sooo good and the gals are sexy, sassy & smart ... great background stories and although there is a lot of danger and despair their are some serious laughing moments too .. a great writer who just keeps writing great books

  • Celine
    2019-04-29 01:29

    I'm very happy that I gave this author another shot. I love this story! The main characters (specially the H) interactions and devotion to one another is really great. And the dialogue, so many laugh out loud moments. Hoping that the rest of the books show this kind of intensity as well as no third party like the first.

  •  ♡♡~Cyborg-Scifi-Lover~♡♡
    2019-05-05 04:28

    Wow just wow. I really loved it. It was very well written and fast pasted.Also HOT HOT HOT!Not a dull moment in there. I love grams she is unique!I can't wait for Broke's story!

  • Bookbytch5 janet Gray
    2019-05-21 07:36

    This is the first book I have read by this author. I was gifted a copy of this book. Deeds was a great read. Love it can't wait for more in the series. i couldn't put it down once I started I highly recommend this book. Grab your copy today

  • Teresa Lara
    2019-04-28 03:48

    I love this series.Deeds and Lips are hot and so funny.I love Esther she rocks too.Recommend

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-05-11 04:42

    Lynn is the tough sister of the Areion Fury MC's President, Zack. She grew up in the MC, which has made her violently opposed to letting any man, especially bikers, claim her. Deeds, the president of the Broken Deeds MC, has been half in love with "Hotlips," a woman he's been texting with for the past couple of weeks. The communication comes to an abrupt end, when they meet face to face, and he discovers it's Lynn. And while the texting has been addicting, the real fun is just beginning, as they struggle against each other for dominance. Deeds claims her the minute she opens her mouth, but she's not going for it it, and sets out to make his life a living hell. When Lynn is caught in the crossfire of a dangerous enemy of his, it gives him the excuse to move her into his house despite her loud and dangerous objections. He will do anything to protect her, even pick up his mad, MMA fighting skills again, but will it be enough to keep her safe? WOW WOW WOW! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE ESTHER E. SCHMIDT?! This story started out with a bang, and I never caught my breath! The character development is fantastic, with one of the best cast of secondaries that I've read. Lynn put herself on my top 5 female leads instantly, as I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED her bad ass self! And Deeds was no slouch with his mouth watering alpha self! Flammable chemistry IGNITES instantly into FIERY FLAMES of sexy scene goodness that should have a panty destroying warning label attached. Esther E. Schmidt throat punched me with her super talented writing style that had me hooked from the beginning paragraph, while happily holding me hostage to the last word. Her diabolical twists and turns had me screaming f-bombs continuously with the OMG moments, and in the next breath, flipped my dramatic girly girl emotions switch leading to some leaking of my eyes, and yet, I swear to all that is holy, I laughed just as hard. In fact, her brilliance with well placed humor still has me laughing hard while I write this review. She's hit the trifecta of EPIC with the hilarious dialogue, panty meltin' goodness, and suspense for days in Deeds, and I will be screaming from the roof tops for everyone to read this book! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Kathy Wideman
    2019-05-22 01:32

    This is the first book in this series however it should be read after reading Zack (Areion Fury MC #1) to fully understand it and before the second Areion Fury book. This book was just as fantastic as the Areion Fury books. You get to meet a whole other bunch of bikers. Their MC is different from Areion Fury’s MC. Their rules are stricter and they are into different things. This book focuses on Broken Deeds Prez, Deeds and Lynn (who happens to be Zack’s sister, the Prez on Areion Fury). Deeds and Lynn start texting each other in the first Areion Fury book and meet at the very end of the book. Deeds knew the moment he heard Lynn’s voice over the phone that she was the one for him. Lynn grew up around bikers; her father was the Prez of Areion Fury after all. She knows what bikers get up to and how they act. She swore she would never end up with one. But, you can’t help who you are attracted to. When Lynn to attacked because of her link to Deeds things change. Deeds is hell bent on Lynn becoming his Ol’ Lady and he will stick with her until she admits her feelings as well. Lynn fights hard against what she feels for Deeds. Her loyalty will be tested by Deeds fellow brothers. Will Lynn pass their tests? How long until she admits that she can’t live without him either? This book was so funny at times. Lynn is feisty and stubborn; but so is Deeds. They are perfect for each other. Deeds needs someone who will stand up to him and be his equal. This book also has a sad aspect to it and that aspect is what makes Deeds MC different. That was a nice twist. You get the sense that they are into something different but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Then bam the cat is let out of the bag. I can’t wait to read more about both these MC’s in the future. Esther I love your books so much. Now hurry up and release the next one ;)I was given this book in return for an honest review.

  • Wendy Hodges
    2019-05-04 01:38

    reviewer was given an early copy for an honest review.all is not what it seems with this story, an underlying mystery. I was riveted to this I could not put it down, it picks up where "Zack" ends and I personally feel you need to read that first. you get the background and relationship of some of the main characters as they follow through into "Deeds", and a feel for the story. this is MC with a difference, on the surface its what you expect. there's still fights, rules, bikes, drinking and competition. the sex is very intense and hot, almost consuming. you also get the inking and piercing side, the patches. Deeds is a hot alpha with an MMA background but he has a reaction to Lynn that sees his softer side, you almost expect this couple to combust the spark is so strong. there is a very good background mystery to this which gives it an added edge, its a subject that's horrifying but oh so true of things that happen in this day and age. reading this are on the edge of your seat at times, ducking to miss bullets because the author truly brings the scenes to life. you can see and in some cases smell them, the writing is very vivid, the colours, the sounds and smells are described so well. I loved this book, it made me think and feel, I was almost as consumed as the characters I was reading about, to the point of having a headache when I finished because I was just so in the story I couldn't stop to take a break. it followed me for a while into sleep, the story going round in my head. so good and I cant wait for "Broke" he's up next

  • Judy Miracle
    2019-05-05 01:24

    So totally worth more than 5 stars in my book!!! Since reading Zack i've been waiting (impatiently i might add) for Deeds book. We got a little taste of Lynn and Deeds towards the end and you could tell great things were to come!!!And GREAT they were. WOW!!! Freaking loved this book. Lynn or as Deeds calls her Hotlips is on hell of a ball buster. That mouth on her makes her nickname fit her to the T. and Deeds yeah he is all alpha male, club president, caveman but he rolls with Lynn's ball busting giving it right back to her. They start off as just text buddies that started from one phone call of Deeds looking for her brother Zack. After that there was no backing down from Deeds. he has to have Lynn. He claims her the first moment he sees her... Lynn yeah shes not having that. How long does it take for Deeds to get her to break and become his? Can Deeds make Lynn his?Find out today when you get this book. The banter between the two of them and some of things Lynn says will have you literally rolling on the floor with laughter. This book has it all its funny, sexy, has a bit of a mystery going on as well with the "case" and Deeds enemy going after Lynn. How does it all end??So ready for more of the Broken Deeds as well as Areions Fury. Dams book is next for Areion then Broke will be book 2 for Broken Deeds!!! SOOOOOO Excited to read those books. **Advanced copy kindly provided from author for honest review **

  • Jennifer Lessard
    2019-04-29 06:40

    I need to start by saying that I was fortunate enough to read Ms. Schmidt's debut novel and I said in the review for that novel that I could see the potential of an amazingly talented writer in her first book, Zack! Well, in reading hers second book Deeds, that new writer has blossomed! This book was amazing and the growth that I see in this book is exactly what I said Ms. Schmidt would gain with experience, time and tutelage! But to be honest, I really did not expect to see that amount of growth, that quickly! I absolutely LOVE the direction she went with the story line in this book! It is not like "all the other MC romances" out there. It definitely has the same vibe that makes it an MC romance and it has the same "hot as hell" sex scenes, that just about melt the screens off your kindle, but there is an amazing hook to the story that makes it new and fresh. The development of characters is very well done and I definitely felt like I connected with them but I also feel that she left just enough "meat on the bone" for the future books in this series. She left us hanging in a few directions and hopefully it's not going to be long before we get to find out what she has been holding back from us, and I can't imagine what to expect because she has amazed me with her growth and has proven exactly what I predicted. I just didn't realize she was going to do it all at once! Congratulations Ms. Schmidt, you are on your way to the best-seller lists with your books!

  • Tracy Supple
    2019-05-04 01:22

    Holy fuckin hell I absolutely loved Deeds .I love the fact esther had a bit of a rough edge to this story.I love the chemistry between Deeds and Lynn and how they balance each other out. Deeds is all alpha but also lets his softer side show when the situation called for it. He's a man that goes after what he wants and won't give up until he has it.I'm not going to lie I found my laughing a lot at Lynn's carry on some of the things she would be thinking or saying are brilliant.But to be honest it's so hard not to be girl crushing on her she is strong sassy independent and says what's on her mind and very rarely makes apologies for it. While there is a serious side to this book. Esther found the perfect balance by keeping things hot with Deeds and Lynn yet sometimes fun so the story doesn't take to much of a dark side. You'll get to meet some new characters that you can't help but be excited about especially Grams that woman rocks seriously I want to be like her when I reach her age. loved this so much definitely 5+ star read for me. If you enjoy Mc reads then this book is definitely worth checking out. Looking forward to Dams story book 2 of Areion Fury Mc. Congrats to Esther on delivering a Brilliant read.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-29 09:41

    4.5 StarsI was so excited to finally see Deeds' book on my kindle!! I have been not so patiently waiting for it!! Deeds and Lynn have never met, or at least they don't think they have, until they both figure that they have been texting each other for the last few weeks. Lynn can't believe that the hot guy she was just oogling and has been texting the last few weeks is the Pres of Broken Deeds. But she can't deny the pull to him.Deeds knew as soon as he saw Lynn "Hotlips" that she was his. Nothing and no one was going to get between them. When Hotlips is attacked Deeds goes all Alpha male and moves her to his place, no questions asked, but of course she has to open her mouth and tell him how she feels...that's ok...Deeds gets turned on by that..Hotlips and Deeds were made for each other!!! She pushes and he takes...I LOVED them!!! Both of them have such big hearts and I loved seeing them become a couple, trust each other, and grow together stronger!! It doesn't hurt that Deeds has an awesome Grandma and a hot brother! I can't wait for Broke's story!! Another great book by this author!!

  • Marika
    2019-05-05 07:22

    Couldn’t wait to start this book as I was very curious about Hotlips aka Lynn, Zack's sister, and Deeds.Their messages exchanges and phone calls were hilarious so I couldn't wait to see what would happen.Deeds, president of Broken Deeds MC, is helping Areion Fury MC with a common enemy and that's how Lynn and Deeds start talking..and if their banter and chemistry was hot before..When they meet is explosive!Lynn found her mystery man and dream man all rolled into one in Deeds but no way she's going to be with a biker..She has enough having grown up in a MC and watching her brother with Belle.Deeds has other plans..He can't get her out of his head and after meeting her there is no chance he'LL leave her be.These two are so mad lol..They both have a strong character and they butt heads continuously.I loved the's very fast paced and lots of unexpected situations happen.Love Broke and Grams even more!!!Can't wait for Broke's story.

  • Diary of a Book Addict
    2019-05-26 07:48

    Arc received for an honest review.This is the first book I have read by Esther E. Schmidt. Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I love MC and I Love alpha men. Deeds had both of these.Deeds is the first book in the Broken Deeds MC Series and follows Lynn, The sister of the president of the Areion Fury MC and Deeds, The president of the Broken Deeds MC.The characters are really likeable and there were times when I caught myself giggling at some of the stuff Lynn said. I really enjoyed this book but I did find the clubs background hard to believe which is why I've marked it as a four star.Overall a really enjoyable read with really great characters and a good plot.