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s/t: The Amazing True WWI Story of a German-Light Cruiser and Her Courageous CrewThe true story of the most extraordinary and little-known escapades of a German light cruiser called into the thick of battle during World War I....

Title : The Last Cruise of the Emden
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ISBN : 9781585743827
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The Last Cruise of the Emden Reviews

  • Keith
    2019-04-01 15:09

    An excellent story of naval warfare and high adventure in the early months of World War I. Based at Tsingtao, China, as part of Germany's East Asiatic Squadron, the EMDEN was detached from the squadron and allowed to go commerce raiding in the Indian Ocean, which she did extremely well. In addition, EMDEN bombarded Madras in India and sank two Allied warships at Penang on the Malay peninsula. Her exploits became world famous and caused the Allied powers to assign something like 80 warships to track her down. The Australian cruiser SYDNEY ultimately found and largely destroyed EMDEN when she stopped to destroy a wireless station and cable crossing at Cocos Keeling Island. However, that was not the end of the story. EMDEN's landing party escaped and made its way first to a port on Java and, from there, across the Indian Ocean to Saudi Arabia where the group, under Lieutenant von Mücke, avoided the British blockade in the Red Sea and then made its way up the coast of the Hijaz by land and by sea before finally reaching the railroad that would take the men to Damascus and finally to Istanbul. Hoyt tells this interesting and exciting tale very well in a clear, fast-paced style and a good eye for various subplots and story twists that make this a truly great story.

  • John
    2019-04-18 18:00

    This is a very interesting story about the Emden, a German cruiser that terrorized the Indian Ocean during WW1. After capturing and sinking many ships it was finally sunk, but not before a shore party had escaped. This group had a separate set of adventures sailing to Sumatra, across the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and finally making their way by boat and camel to where they could catch a train back to Germany. Quite harrowing stuff!

  • Matt Bowden
    2019-04-10 17:10

    Great book.. all of Hoyt's books are addicting and read very fast and intertaining.

  • Juniper Shore
    2019-04-19 19:07

    The Last Cruise of the Emden follows the adventures of the His Imperial German Majesty's ship by that name as it crisscrosses the Indian Ocean at the beginning of the First World War, capturing or sinking enemy merchant shipping. The latter half of the book tells the story of the Emden's landing party and their incredible voyage after being separated from the ship.It's a competent telling but it suffers from an excess of irrelevant detail. Hoyt's focus is on the daily life of the men in the crew, rather than on the immense events which give the story so much excitement. Thus, we have charming tales about the ship's cat and her four kittens (each named after one of the Emden's prizes); pranks played upon the surgeon; an examination of the bathing opportunities in port, etc. Somehow, the tone is just a bit too cute.The book also lacks any sense of larger scale. With the tight focus on the Emden itself, there's almost no discussion of the actions of the enemy forces seeking her and little examination of the effects of her cruise. The author states in his acknowledgements that he relied heavily on the first officer's account of the trip, and that bias seems to have carried over somewhat into this book.For a more comprehensive (and better written) version of the story, see Dan van der Vat's The Last Corsair: The Story of the Emden, which covers the same events but also includes information from British sources and fits the Emden's narrative into the larger picture of the war.

  • David Vanness
    2019-04-03 19:52

    As a History Buff, one has to find this an enjoyable read.

  • Janet
    2019-04-13 18:13

    Boring!! For WWI enthusiasts only.