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With crushed dreams and a heavy heart, Isabelle Walsh becomes the wife of New York City millionaire Sebastian Everett. On the surface, her rich and beautiful husband is the embodiment of every girl’s dream, but Isabelle will learn just how deceiving looks can be. By the time she discovers there is real danger hidden behind those captivating green eyes and thick layers of sWith crushed dreams and a heavy heart, Isabelle Walsh becomes the wife of New York City millionaire Sebastian Everett. On the surface, her rich and beautiful husband is the embodiment of every girl’s dream, but Isabelle will learn just how deceiving looks can be. By the time she discovers there is real danger hidden behind those captivating green eyes and thick layers of sophisticated appearance, it is too late to escape Sebastian’s cruelty. Without a thread of compassion, he shows her the true meaning of hell, making it abundantly clear her fragile feelings mean nothing to him. But life has strange ways of playing with one’s fate. In an intriguing turn of events, the same man who had once shattered her to pieces, suddenly starts treating her with extreme care and swears there will be no more pain. Isabelle has been tricked too many times to believe him, but the devil she bargained with refuses to give up on his mission to earn her forgiveness as well as her heart. While Sebastian unfolds from a monster into Prince Charming right before her eyes, Isabelle finds herself falling under his spell and getting closer to making a choice that might be fatal for both of them....

Title : virtue vanity
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ISBN : 27828444
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 528 Pages
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  • Alpha Possessive Heroes
    2019-06-19 04:34

    This is so sad because this book has everything I WANT! The plot was interesting, we have a cruel hero, hero who is inlove with ow, TSTL under dog heroine and they are in a marriage of convenience. Sounds promising yeah? Not really...It just didn't do it for me. As I mentioned, the story line was good.. first few chapters was engaging but it quickly went down after that. The drama was MEH. I feel like I was just reading it and it should have made me feel like I'M IN IT. The way it was told was a lil off, some scenarios was all over the place that my mind couldn't even process it. There were some revelations but the way it was delivered was chappy and boring. For me the whole thing was lacking of something. Everything just didn't sit right to me. I don't know.. I'm prolly not making any sense here again. lol! I'm all into underdog characters- heroine with no backbone? Fuck sign me up! But the heroine here annoyed the shit out of me! It seems like she cried in every fuckin chapter! I think the author was trying to make us reader feel sorry for her, but the constant whining, shaking, throwing up, passing out and the self pity bullshit was too much EVEN for me WHO LOVES THIS KIND OF SHIT! I've been reading this for 3 days, not even close to the end and It made me think.. "Why do I even bother?" So I gave up. I skimmed throughout and just read the ending. I can now cross this one out!BTW- I'm not sure why this one is labeled as dark, it sure didn't feel like anything dark to me!

  • KatieV
    2019-05-27 06:36

    I'm not going to rate, because I skimmed far too much to justify it. The soapy Unwanted Wife premise intrigued me, but I found I couldn't continue. It wasn't the disturbing content in the beginning (view spoiler)[ Hero rapes heroine on wedding night and later slaps her. (hide spoiler)] I knew going in this book dealt with controversial issues, although I realize it may be triggering to some readers and thus deserves a warning.MHO this could have worked had an editor condensed it into about half the length (The book is around 550 pages). That could have been done without losing any content. Also it's first person, which isn't my favorite (ymmv) and some of the phrasing was a bit odd and the dialogue stilted. There was so much repetitive navel gazing and if the heroine cried one more time I was going to scream.For fans of dark romance - this really doesn't fit that category. It had disturbing content in the beginning, but was more reminiscent of an old school Harley with a cruel hero than a "dark romance". It's not nearly twisted enough for that label, based on others I've read from the genre.

  • boogenhagen
    2019-06-21 02:45

    This book makes me deeply uneasy. Mainly because tho he does work to win her over, he is still abusive. Abuse and an abuser mentality happens when you refuse to let the other person act under their own agency. No matter what he thought she had done in collaboration with her mother, when he refuses to let her go - in spite of her clearly stated request, when he keeps touching her - in spite of her clearly stated request, when he continually tells her she has no choice - no matter how well he treats her or how nice he becomes - he is an abuser. Then he divorces her - again without consulting her. This woman is not a child and can act on her own agency and her own behalf. Yet this man consistently and persistently denies her requests and refuses to let HER decide what she wants to do. All of that is abuse.The appropriate action of a man who doesn't abuse is to A) not rape the woman, B) not hit the woman and C) when the woman asks for a divorce, to immediately call an attorney and accede to her wishes. None of that happens here, so what you have isn't a bad start then a slow courtship to true love - you have an intimidated and fearful woman who is affected by Stockholm Syndrome and traumatic bonding. No matter how sorry he says he is, if he was really willing to make amends, he would have divorced her the first time she asked. Instead he forces her to accommodate HIS demands to be in his presence and do what HE wants her to do. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth to see this in a contemporary current book. No matter how much or how many bodice rippers one has read in the past, it isn't 1974 anymore and romances are supposed to be better than this.

  • Melanie♥
    2019-06-10 05:40

    I really struggled to finish this one. I liked the concept, but the heroine was just too much...too much crying, too much introspection, too much lack of backbone. (And for a category romance enthusiast, that is saying a lot.) The rapid turn around for the hero from almost evil to lovey dovey was jarring. I liked the gothic feel when I started reading, but that quickly dwindled as there was too much of what felt like filler and the occasional odd word choice.

  • Astrid Jane Ray
    2019-06-21 01:48

    Virtue and Vanity is live!! You can purchase it on Amazon. And pretty please, leave a review if you haven't already. :)

  • Lizzie
    2019-06-11 00:24

    Wow...just wow!!!!! Never in my life would I have thought I would have loved a book like this!!!! To be honest I almost almost didn't read it because of the warning because It gave me the feeling it was going to be somewhat ...vulgar, something along the lines of Fifty shades of Grey (Even though I've never read that book, so I'm just basing that based on the book plot) I felt it was going to be one of those books that's really weird and trust me I don't read those types of books but there was just something about this particular book that just said "give me a chance, I'm not what you think. Don't judge me based on my cover." I AM SOOOO OOH GLAD I READ IT!!!!! Don't misunderstand, this book did have to deal with a strong subject but, even though I absolutely do NOT approve off, it was tackled in a real way because this happens a lot and the pain and suffering of the victim is real and it's not something that can just heal immediately. It takes time and that is exactly why I loved this book. The way the author handled the healing process was real. There were parts I just felt my heart break into a gazillion pieces for Isabelle, especially in the beginning after the wedding. Sebastian was a total idiot/jerk/bully/insensitive/no respect whatsoever for her feelings!!! Especially after what he did, he deserved all the bad things I envisioned in my head!!!!!! I was like "How in the freak is he going to be forgiven and redeemed himself. HOW?!?!?!" Poor Isabella. And don't get me started of a witch or more like witches called mom and sister in law from the opposite of heaven!!! I wanted both to just fall off a cliff, they were horrible horrible people!! Helena was awesome though, at least someone showed some compassion to Isabella in a time she needed it and so was Anne.While the story progressed I got a lot of The Unwanted Wife vibes (another book I really liked) especially the male leads. Once they both realized they royally fudge up and realized how amazing their wives are did the story really begins. I don't want to give too much away because the journey to forgiveness was my favorite part of the book. Sebastian is utterly repulsed with himself and only after realizing what an angel he married but how broken she was because of his doing did he start to win his wife's affections and boy did he really went far and beyond, but would that be enough? I would highly recommend it to everyone who like stories about second chances and honestly besides the f bombs that were said in the beginning and well one other thing you should read for yourself, this could almost be seen as a semi-clean romance. It was much more than I expected and I definitely know I will be rereading this wonderful heartbreaking book again!!!!!

  • Ashley Thomas
    2019-06-27 05:50

    Omg the main female character in this book is so annoying. I understand she's in a f*cked up situation but let's be clear she had a choice. And she made her choice. She agreed to marry this man did she really think he wouldn't want to have sex on his Wedding night?!?!! And yes I do agree he could have been more gentle with her but I also see it from his point of view as well. This book is extremely long I haven't finished it. According to iBooks it's 1700 PAGES LONG. 1700 pages of the same repetitive sh*t. In every scene she is crying. "Omg he's looking at me" *cries* "omg he coming in the same room as me" *cries* omg he's thinking about me" *cries*. I get the situation is tough but it is what she signed up for LITERALLY. I mean she decided to marry a complete stranger. Every scene is the same with her breaking down crying or throwing up. Or running away. Its like girl maybe you should of took more initiative to read over that contract instead signing your life away becuz your momma said so because at the end of the day it will be you in that marriage not your mother. Idk but this book has completely annoyed me. And I literally wanna punch ole girl in the face everytime a tear forms. It's like damn toughen up. Becuz the situation can be ten times worst. I've read plenty of dark romances and compared to those this book appears to b really tame.

  • Winnie
    2019-06-20 04:29

    This is an amazing book. My friend recommended it to me and I just thought, ugh! This is another billionaire story! But it really wasn't, it was so much more. All through out the parts I've read so far, I was captivated and enthralled with finishing it. This book takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, and fills your heart with excitement, tension, a will for the love within the book. You feel as if you are the character since it is so well written. definitely a 10/10! A must-read!I have received an ARC version of this book,My previous review which you can see above this one was based on the version of the book I read on Wattpad.However, my opinion has not changed. It still remains an amazing book with a fantastic author. Re-reading the book made me feel another rush of emotion and completing it made me so happy. Isabelle's struggle was conveyed so well in the writing, I could feel her pain so well. I cried every tear along with her. And Sebastian's internal struggle became mine. I felt like a character in the book. And I related to so them all in a way. This book is a work of art. And I am so glad I got to finish it. The rating from me once again, is 10/10. My favourite character I have to say is actually not our main protagonists (Isabelle and Sebastian) but Helen. she notice something was wrong with her friend and made amends to help that friend and I relate so much to her, in the aspect that she was the odd one out in her family. My least favourite is obviously Isabelle's mother. A selfish and Godless woman, no matter how much of a God fearing woman she said she was. She used the bitterness from HER mistake to trap her daughters and make them pay a price that wasn't theirs (but hers) to pay.All in all, it is an amazing book, now I'm just waiting to read the rest of the dazzling treats the author has for us.

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-06-06 02:28

    Ok you got me interested...

  • Alexandreia
    2019-06-06 22:45

    "Why did the devil had to be so beautiful?"Isabelle, beautiful, smart, loving woman about to fall into the darkness of life that will change her entire life into nightmares.Sebastian, handsome honorable green eyed and powerful man who live with a high expectation and always gets what he wants in his life is about to do something that he never think he was capable of and that something will change his personality from a good man to a very bad man.Will the devil be tame by the angel? or the angel will turn become the fallen angel?There are always something that needs to be sacrifice in life....always!!!At first, i'm not surprise about Sebastian character but...i'm very concern about Isabelle, i wonder why on earth was this author created such a weak, pathetic character who even can't stand to defend her self?.I was mad with both of them, until i just want to jump into the story and hit both of them because of their personality!!!But the more i read, the more i understand the meaning behind the character personality. Astrid was taking me to another world in this story. A world that never cross my mind.The story is making me speechless, i can't stop reading it or event thinking about Isabelle or Sebastian next move. What will they do next?For me this story is really making my emotional upside down!!!Thx for the great story Astrid!!!

  • Halima Miah
    2019-06-24 03:21

    I have received an ARC of this book for an honest review. I don't know where to start! This has now got to be my favourite book ever! And funnily enough, I am a reader of 'hearts and flowers' but the way the author has written this has got me moving onto the darker side of romance. This book has many twists and turns with a whirlwind of emotions that will have you crying in one part and screaming in joy in another part.The different feelings that it evokes from deep within you- feelings that I hadn't known existed! It had my feelings contradicting from being absolutely devastated and livid to having my heart melt into a puddle at my feet. The characters in this story captivated me into another world, a world full of everything that is bad and good. The fiery connection between Isabelle and Sebastian is so different compared to those you would read about in a different book. Sebastian is her worst nightmare, but he is also her safe haven. No one will ever make her feel as terrified as he, but no one will ever make her feel as safe and as loved like him. This is a book that shows us that anything is forgiveable, by the powerful but strange emotion that is love.

  • Maria
    2019-06-25 22:24

    I received an Arc for an honest review. When I started to read Vanity and Virtue after a while I started to get a bit dubious about the storyline and was quick to judge Sebastian, a opinion I was glad I rectified. It is a dark and beautiful story of love with its ups and downs. I just loved the way he realised how much he had wronged Isabel and how, after all they had been through and he had done, she had forgiven him. Isabel is a great character, full of love and a very brave young lady. I absolutely love this book and would highly recommend it, it is well written and executed. An absolute page turner, in actual fact I was saddened when it endedThe romantic side of me likes to think that the moral of the story is "Love conquers All" and I believe it does

  • Mojo_Mama
    2019-06-13 06:46

    Holy fuck this shit was bad.The premise was great...for a Regency Romance. There was hardly any content that grounded this story in modern times and TONS that made me think Johana Lindsay could have written this shit better. 93% and the only sex scene was the H raping the h at 10%.Believe the bad reviews. They’re not lying.I’m still on the hunt for a great angsty-trainwreck...

  • Alisa
    2019-06-13 05:42

    UGH. This is hard to rate.I hated it.. in a way. A lot of what he does or says, I don't think a woman should ever be able to forgive him for. It was almost like The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders, but MUCH worse and he was much more cruel.

  • Bwmurf
    2019-06-20 04:44

    WellThis was an ok read for me. I had anticipated it being a lot worse because of reviews about cheating. The hero did kiss his ex after the wedding but it didn’t bother me because at that point the heroine still didn’t want him and they were basically strangers. The wedding night was the hardest to get past but I soldiered through to get to the end. I won’t be reading this again but it was ok for a one time reading.

  • Mariam Elabd
    2019-06-16 22:42

    I just couldn't finish it. I reached half the book, and then thought why am I doing this to myself.

  • mad4rombks
    2019-06-17 03:33

    Heroine's mother basically sold her daughter to this rich family for money. In the contract, that the heroine never read, were some things she didn't know. Hero assumed she did and evil mother never admitted the truth. On their wedding night, his MIL taunted him that he was now married to her daughter and not to the lady he really loved. Add the heroine later asking for time before they consummated their wedding and the hero rapes her because it's "his right."He finds out later, much later, that the heroine did not know the true facts about the contract or their marriage and he sets out to fix what he broke but by then the heroine is scared of him, flinches away from him whenever he's near and has nightmares about their wedding night.Heroine was nineteen but at times, to me, she came off as much younger. Freebie from Amazon from last year.

  • Nuki
    2019-05-26 22:40

    3 starsI think I dived into this book with overly high expectations. A Marriage of convenience, hero being an absolute bastard to the heroine & then learning to redeem himself to her and all that angsty goodness to expect in between; I was looking forward to giving this one 4 stars at least.The first half of the book was not bad and I must admit I enjoyed the author's writing. But from 35% onwards the heroine was having a verrrrryyy looooonngg pity party with mind numbing introspect added in that I was quite frustrated at the end the book. Luckily the writing style kept me going to the very last although I did skim a few pages in between and lost my juice the last few pages which included the sex scene which i found rather boring.The story had a good plot to begin with and the characters were not too bad but Sebastian grovelled for more that 60% of the book. IMO Isabelle didn't do anything to deserve that amount of grovelling except just feel sorry for her self & have a major pity party. A classical TSTL heroine. She didn't have the backbone to fight back or be selfless or strong that normally would look attractive to the hero. It felt like the heroine was almost like stringing him along with no give and just excepting him to do all the work. Didn't think I'd find a book that I could shelf as Over grovelling but this one is! Half way through I was wondering why Sebastian was infatuated with this girl cos she was serious boring and childish!I guess Ms. Astrid was trying to show the effects of rape and how it affects individuals in coming to terms with it blah blah and I commend her for that. I just didn't like that Isabelle just kept giving hot then cold signals to Sebastian who was not really that bad in terms of Heroes I've read in similar genres. I felt that although she was somewhat threatened and coerced to this situation, she didn't show character depth in trying to fight back or trying to move forward with acceptance. IMO, you can't help someone who don't want to help themselves! This read can be classed as one that has a slow built to it and very very long. Too long to my tastes so that was part of why I didn't enjoy it as much. However I'm giving this 3 stars as I gather this is Ms. Ray's debut novel & I sincerely wish her a success!! :) Grain of salt theory applies!

  • Banu
    2019-06-02 23:34

    DIRTY BSTRD ALRT!!! 5 STARSWhat the fuck did I just read?!!OMG where do I begin.. first I loved the heroine and felt sad for her poor thingnot to mention the wicked mother of hers wtf is wrong with her!!Anyway so our heroine isaccording to her wicked mum poor and is basically (view spoiler)[sold to a very rich and powerful household, her husband is a mega dick to her(hide spoiler)] she had no idea like any other innocent heroine we read so far..just ughhh..And for our hero he is a mega dick and I mean it (view spoiler)[ after you read the first chapters you will understand why (hide spoiler)]You got to love him at the end but first you need is patience he is a cold stone person and doesn't trust people. As a couple they had insane chemistry even when he told her dirty things you could feel it was more because of his inner fight toward his feelings .. he liked her but misunderstandings made difficult to him show his true feelings.. [image error] I really loved the storytelling part (view spoiler)[ it was their story, he was trying to make everything right after all that mess he did to her(hide spoiler)]It was a beautiful long story I enjoyed it very much!! (view spoiler)[ He made a super cute daddy ending was awesome (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sönïa Dhillion
    2019-06-15 22:41

    This tale is about a sinner and a saint. As we all know the sinner must have sinned . Done terrible, unimaginable things to earn that title. Just like the sinner the Saint would also have done something to have earned their title.But like in other tales where the Saint sacrifices for others . Although they know the pain and consequences they will face. This tale is different the Saint is a a saint due to their artibutes and sacrifices. But they are unaware of the consequences, the pain. Naive from it all and in some grounds so is the sinner. So what does the Saint and sinner have in common? Which makes this tale different? Their both DESPERATE to be free, to breathe. Their desperation morphs 2 normal helpless souls into pawns in a game of chess.They loose their artibutes of just simply being a man with success, power, intelligence, ruthfullnes, loyalty, control freak and love.To just being a women of compassion, nurturing, Bookwarm, dreamer, helpless romantic, innocent and with scars/tears but not yet broken. To a sinner and a saint .The author makes us think in this book. About questions that we might think but never speak . Like were someone wronged you all you want is a apology. So what if you get it ?What if your broken by your predator. But then left in their care to be put back together?my view of the charactersSebastian as: as:

  • Yvonne
    2019-06-10 04:46

    The book could be easily be shortened and be more interesting if the author didn't mention Isabelle crying all the time. According to the book description :WARNING: This is not your typical "hearts and flowers" romance story. It will contain strong language, disturbing situations and in some parts non - consensual sexual content. Please don't read this if you are under the age of 18, or find such things disturbing.It is definitely "hearts and flowers" boring romance story.Only 1 scene non-consensual sexual content.You Can definitely read this even if you are under the age of 18 as there's no sexual contents compared to other dark romance books. Surprised that Sebestian hasn't die of fucking blue balls at the end of the book.

  • Vanessa Ryan
    2019-06-23 03:41

    I've received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is definitely the book that worth the read. Every scenes are detailed, and sweet in its own way. Might be too harsh on some people because of the beginning, but soon it developed to such a beautiful written love story. This book really do not leave my mind for days. Great job, Astrid. Life isn't all about kindness and roses, but it will get better. And the Author nailed this book.

  • Lyns
    2019-06-24 00:23

    DNF at 40%. Just wasn't feeling it. I usually love these types of stories but I felt nothing towards these characters other than annoyance.

  • Nithu
    2019-06-27 06:22

    Can a book really be this beautiful????? YupI loved itThe only reason I gave this book four stars is because there were few incidents in which there was no proper justification for the behaviour of the hero........because a book must be in a way where a reader must get answers to all the questions in ones mind but if we keep that part aside then it was a book which was awesome

  • Kumorihiru
    2019-06-19 00:40

    This book is just how I rate it; It was okay.Sadly, this book leaves so much to be desire. The plot everything is nice but I can't help relating this book with Natasha Ander's The Unwanted Wife (a more subtle version of it in terms of sex ) and Wattpad Ninya Tippett's Virtue & Vice with the male lead named being the same: Sebastian AND the title almost the same (okay sorry I'm being judgemental, probably the author inspired her story from that)Don't start me with the book being classify dark. To say it's dark, I don't think so. ( Maybe it's because I read a much darker novel than this) but this book...THIS BOOK is not as dark as I wanted it to be. Probably because of the slapping only and a little torment BUT THAT'S ALL! (sorry, that's because I have been abuse before to the extent it instill so much fear than this ) but that's because the impact of the story is not enough for me to actually say: YES! I would like to read this story over and over again and etch it in my brain or even make me emotional ( from the beginning to the end, I was reading it like an emotionless person or I'm reading it in my heart monotonously)The heroine... I can get so frustrated with her until I feel like going into the story and do some bitch-slapping at her. So much angst reading just about her only.Intimidate her a bit, she starts shedding tears and stuttering. (OMG I CAN DIE! Someone! Quick prepare pails! We have free tears!). In truth, when I was abuse, I didn't even shed tears or some tears forming in my eyes as I knew the consequences of crying.(Okay, maybe because I'm used to the abuse until blue black bruises forming all around my body I didn't even care anymore as long as I'm used to it and get through this ordeal as soon as possible) But majority of the chapters I've been reading in this book is all about her tears and her panic attack on and off. I was like, when is she going to be strong enough to endure all the hardship she's been through? I was looking for a reprieve from all the free flowing tears.Not only that, Astrid didn't even help me explain HOW did he discover the truth about Isabelle being innocent from all the charade? It was like being all of the sudden he treated her kindly. I mean did the lawyer explain to Sebastian that she did not read the contract ? Or did Isabelle's mom admitted to him all the stuff she put her daughter through? Or even anyone saying she's innocent? I was waiting and waiting for him to discover until chapter 41, it only explain a little or... none.And how the HELL did Isabelle's mom knew about the Everett's history and found out about this will that the great grandpa made? BAM! NO EXPLANATION.But overall, this story does have it's nice part to read, just not memorable. It does keep me on my toes until I finish reading it. (because if it's not nice, I wouldn't even bother finish reading it and probably rate this book 1 star). All in all, I am happy for the cute ending.oh wait wrong gif.

  • Tigerkitten
    2019-06-10 23:33

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review2 this felt like the longest book in history stars What a ride of a book and to be honest, that's me right now:Why?Because this was a really exhausting read.It was loooong- and when I say long, I mean long. I received this as pdf formate of approx. 330 pages- but considering the format and the font size, compared to normal book format, 1 page pretty much equaled 3 pages meaning this story was like 1000 or so pages- at least that's how it felt.The thing is- there wasn't enough story for so many pages.The story dragged on, a lot of parts were repetitive, the characters were dancing around in circles andI unfortunately more often than not literally had to force myself to keep reading. Another reason for this was Isabelle. She was really getting on my nerves and I couldn't connect to her beyond chapter 20 (of 50+ chapters).She was dense, overly dramatic and really slow.I could relate to her and her inner turmoil in the beginning, but through the story her constant doubts were really getting on my nerves,felt repetitive and stopped the story from really evolving.I know, there is nothing that makes what Sebastian did to her, just go away, and I despised him for what he did, but he was a character that could redeem himself- at least for me- and it felt like his redemption- and with this the end of this story - could have happened 20 chapters or so earlier, becauseand Sebastian's story was evident and right there before the reader's eyes- only Isabelle failed to see it, which was really frustrating.I do like a slow burn, but even a snail is faster than this slow burn of a story.To finish this review with a positive note:I actually did like the writing style of this author. The story was filled with great metaphors and glimpses into classic literature, but this needs professional editing, erasing the problems of missing pace as well as shortening it by ca. 40% to really concentrate on the core of the story - which in its premiseISa great story. I for myself am just really happy- almost proud of myself- that I managed to actually finish this one.

  • Becky Monsivaiz
    2019-06-17 01:50

    I believe this book was not worthy of a 4 or 5 star rating. I will admit, I score harshly. Nonetheless, my analysis leans towards the skill and artistry not the author’s popularity, and the entertainment value influences a minimal portion of my decision.The storyline was original and a nice read. However, too nice, the blurb was misleading and the story lacked the edginess I expected. Though the heroine had a traumatic experience, Astrid Jane Ray failed to deliver enough action and tension necessary for such subject matter and I'm afraid most dark romanticism enthusiasts may agree with my assessment.Too much storytelling and not enough showing, the storyline was overwhelmed by internalization and repetition, seeming more like someone's diary instead a novel. Ray provided slow character development, which I enjoy. Still, I was unable to effectively connect with them, because the lack of action, I could not picture or empathize with characters' movements, senses and emotions.The turning point did not transition well. One day Sebastian was horrid and the next he begged for forgiveness without an adequate build-up leading to his change in behavior, confusing me to what was the actual rising conflict in the story. Sebastian's despicability or his redemption?There were a few grammer flaws that could be overlooked by some readers, however, an able editor would have caught it before publishing the book, in addition to, the other major mishaps. For example, the description of Sebastian's facial expression while Isabelle buried her head and cried lacked sense. The entire book was in Isabelle's point of view, unless she had eyes in the back of her head, the passage should have been edited or cut.As I mentioned, the book storyline was original, but I wished it had more oomph so I could have given a better rating.

  • Booker132
    2019-06-14 22:40

    The author'w writing style is very nice. I say this, because I actually DNF'd this around 70% and still am giving this 3 stars. A lot of the elements didn't work for me in this story and the plot is pretty much given in the cover. But I still kept on reading up to about 70% and that's like two whole books because this book is ridiculously long.The heroine keeps on crying and crying and flinching and having panic attacks and crying and trying to hold back tears and shivering and shaking and trying to not break down and having nervous breakdowns. Oh God it went on and on! The hero starts off as an uber asshole and seems to hate the heroine's guts and then does a complete 360 degree overnight and becomes the world's most patient Knight In Shining Armour. His patience with the heroine's constant tears does not match his ruthless, impatient, I-always-have-my-way cold business persona we are introduced to in the beginning of the book.Having said all this, I still kept on reading (albiet skimmed a lot) because the author has a way with her words and keeps the readers engaged. I believe she is a very gifted story teller and would do very well in the Dark Romance genre. This story started out in the dark department but abruptly switched to some type of weird Harlequin grovel-romance. I will be on the lookout for her future works. I'm pretty sure her next book will be much much better because she really is quite good.

  • Sielle Lynx
    2019-06-13 05:45

    I received a ARC in exchange of an honest opinion. Jesus, what could I possibly say that could further solidify what will be looming in your heads after you read the book yourself?In this story of Sebastian and Isabelle, the true meaning of pain, love and forgiveness is accentuated in the most hauntingly beautiful way. The exquisite writing had me melting. This book packs a emotional punch to everyone who reads it, and you wouldn't want it to stop. Truly, the dynamic characters is this book and the transformation in their natures is clear and interesting. The complexity of each characters adds on to the beckoning beauty of the story. Sebastian Everett is portrayed as a hard man with definite rules, and his tireless attempts to seek forgiveness for his mistake makes him admirable. The portrayal of character-building and strength of Isabelle's part too is laudable. It's almost terrifying how you, as a reader, can feel every emotion stretched across the page, that crosses every character. The full review for the book can be found on I'm going to ask you all give this book a read. Virtue and Vanity will tear at your heart and mind, prevent you from keeping the book down. You'll want to cry, laugh and sometimes, do both! This book is one of those nail-biting beauties that will keep you wanting more.

  • Lavande Anglaise
    2019-05-30 02:44

    Enter your review (optional)I have recieved an ARC of this book for an honest review.Hey!First let me take a moment to thank you for producing such an amazing piece of work. This was worth worth reading. It had provoked all emotions around. I had visibly travelled through the entire plot,inhaling the pain,happiness,sorrow, love, everything around. This was Amazing! Characterisation was mesmerising. The way you took them with much power was above threshold. Choice of words were mesmerising. I couldnt help but to fall in love with"Virtue and Vanity". This book holds a very very special place in my heart. "Sebastian and Isabella" is my most favourite couple around. Trust me, the end part of the story still give me goosebumbs. You are a "Blessed Writer". Im so happy to read THIS.This is my very first book to complete on 2016 and Im very much glad, I had chosen an Amazing Book. Comgratulations for "Virtue and Vanity". Thank you so much! Stay Blessed:-)