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After tragedy strikes New Jersey University's Sheridan Hall, freshman quarterback Ben Riley’s stable, normal life is turned upside down. Sidelined from playing the game he loves and on the verge of losing his scholarship, Ben wants nothing more than to escape the chaos of college and return home to rural Pennsylvania and his family. Yet, there is something that keeps him fAfter tragedy strikes New Jersey University's Sheridan Hall, freshman quarterback Ben Riley’s stable, normal life is turned upside down. Sidelined from playing the game he loves and on the verge of losing his scholarship, Ben wants nothing more than to escape the chaos of college and return home to rural Pennsylvania and his family. Yet, there is something that keeps him from running. Or someone. A cute blonde he had a chance with but blew off for all the wrong reasons. Megan Smith has secrets. Secrets that have burned her in the past. Secrets she’s unwilling to share with anyone at Sheridan Hall—especially Ben, her sexy, rough around the edges floormate who broke her heart in a matter of days after moving into Sheridan. Meg decided early on that it’s easier to live life on her own than to share her secrets and let people in. Meg runs and Ben follows, but sooner or later the clock on their chance at love will expire. With inner demons dragging them both down, they must find a way to stop running and trust one another, or risk losing their perfectly-matched love forever....

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She Runs Away Reviews

  • Natshane
    2019-05-28 00:26

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of She Runs Away courtesy of the author and the publisher. Thank you, Jessica and BookFish Books for the opportunity! Once again I fell through the rabbit hole and was whisked into the lives within Sheridan Hall. She Runs Away is a gripping story that gets you emotionally invested to the point where getting up for mundane chores were not an option - I finished it in one happy sitting. After She Laughs in Pink comes the anticipated sequel to the series which picks up from the aftermath of the tragedy that struck Sheridan Halls, this time through the point of views of Megan Smith and Ben Riley who both have something to run away from. I personally am looking forward to this book because I needed a happy ending for Ben, especially for what happened in SLIP. Ben and Megan are a catastrophe waiting to happen. Intense and unavoidable. Although Megan is Ben's ninety-fiver in the ACME matchmaking test, but Ben doesn't know that and Meg intended to keep it that way. So she bolted. For every time she was dealt with a handful of difficult cards, she ran because that's the only thing she knew, and Ben would chase after her. Every.single.time. But will Ben ever catch up? or will Megan finally stop? To be honest, all these running made me mentally exhausted, whew! But I wouldn't have it any other way. The pent up frustration of having to deal with their explosive chemistry to Megan's hot and cold tug of war with Ben had me scrolling through the pages with such ferocity, Calla's writing has a way of driving the mad reader out of me because I couldn't get to the ending fast enough. I could never hate on Meg because I somehow see bits of myself in her character, therefore I understand her struggles as she embarked on the journey of self-discovery. Meg was also afraid of a future with Ben because he represents the promise of stability. On the other hand, Ben and his hero complex just made me want to be a damsel in distress. "One thing I know about Ben, from Juliet, from November with Frank, is that he saves people."I love Ben's persistence and determination, the fact that he did not give up on Meg time and time again just solidified my opinion of him, he's almost perfect. Ben always asked the right questions that forced Meg to confront her fears. Calla really outdid herself, she made me fall in love with an entire floor of college students with her writing. She created a home and welcomed the readers into the family, I love the sense of familiarity! So here I am now, still reeling from the aftereffects of the book while waiting for the next book to come out - and I got a good feeling of who it's going to be!Posted by,Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

  • Paula Radell
    2019-06-08 20:21

    If you're looking for a sweet, hopeful love story, with humor that offsets a touch of tragedy; a lovable cast of quirky, relatable characters; and a storyline that will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the night, do yourself a favor and pick up the Sheridan Hall series by Jessica Calla. It's one of the most refreshing new series I've read in 2016, and I'm already craving the next one.The first book in the series, She Laughs in Pink, introduced us to the small group of freshman students who occupy the basement dorm rooms in Sheridan Hall. It also nearly killed us with an unforgettable, tragic twist near the end. She Runs Away begins a few months after the tragedy that changed their young lives forever, and gives us a realistic, painful look at the way it affected each of them. Although you might be tempted to read it as a standalone - and you can - you will appreciate it so much more if you read She Laughs in Pink first. Both are effortless reads, thanks to the author's seamless, engaging style. She Runs Away tells a powerful new love story - a second chance romance - that develops in the aftermath of their experience. Ben, whose college football career has been cut short by an injury during the incident, is struggling with multiple losses and a heavy dose of survivor's guilt. Megan, who had a brief and painful fling with Ben before the tragedy, has feelings for him, but feels it's hopeless to pursue him after their short fling went south. Megan is also hiding a secret from her dorm mates, which leads her to withdraw -- and literally run away -- whenever the going gets especially rough. The tragedy has left her with a deep fear of attachment - or so it appears. But is there more? You'll have to read it for spoilers here.You will fall in love with Ben - the boyfriend to end all boyfriends. In a desperate effort to protect Megan from what he perceives as a threat, he makes some serious missteps, which, combined with Megan's determination not to trust anyone, makes for a frustrating, up and down relationship from beginning to end. Sometimes I wanted to shake Megan. Sometimes I wanted so smack Ben in the back of the head. But mostly I wanted them to heal - and heal together. And that, my friends, is the heart of this story --- beginning to heal, finding yourself after a devastating loss or the death of a dream.Is it hopeless? No way. This book, if anything, is full of hope and opportunity. There are no cliffhangers and although I won't give away the details, you can always expect a happy ending in each book in the series. There are more characters to explore, more stories to tell, and I can't wait to read them all.

  • Nadine
    2019-06-01 03:25

    5 stars!I love this series. 'She laughs in pink' (No.1 of the'Sheridan Hall' series) was one of my best reads in 2016 and will always have a special place in my heart. The second book is a real winner, too. This is NA at it's best. It's a shame that this series is not more popular.

  • Marjorie
    2019-05-31 00:33

    I read the first Sheridan Hall book and was very excited to get the opportunity to read the second book. In this book, we come back to Ben Riley. If you remember from book one, this was the guy that Juliet was pining after and the reason she came to the college. Ben had dated another girl in book 1 - Megan. So here we return to Sheridan hall a short while after "She Laughs in Pink" concluded. It was great to see how everyone in the hall was dealing with outcome from the events of the first book.I liked the character development for these books. and will look forward to future books from the author.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Pam
    2019-06-17 00:19

    I am so happy I discovered Jessica Calla and her Sheridan Hall series. I have devoured both books and I cannot wait for more from these amazing college characters.This book centers around Ben and Sweet Meg. Last year they tried one lone date that did not end well. But after a few months and some serious negotiations they create a no strings attached contract. Twice a week and no cuddling. Well little does Ben know just how perfect his arrangement with Meg oh my did this arrangement give me all the feels.Meg is hiding a lot about herself and Ben is so patient and so kind and wants to help her work out whatever she feels she cannot share. But Meg is also stubborn. So stubborn in fact she cannot see what is in front of her and through her path of self destruction tries to throw away everyone who should matter to her. This book has it all and I hated to have to put it down. There are so many moving parts that add layers and layers to these characters I absolutely love Jessica Calla's writing style and cannot wait for more!!!

  • Karin
    2019-06-17 03:08

    This was my first book by Jessica Calla, I enjoyed it very much for the most part. This takes place after a tragic event that took place in book 1 and everyone is still trying to heal from the aftermath. I loved all the supporting characters in this book and amgoing to go back and read book 1. I was still able to follow though even without reading the first book. In the beginning of this book I understood Megans hesitation to Ben, but they had such a strong pull it annoyed me that she kept running. I just couldn't really get into Megan cause of that. I understand the whole I have my reasons to run and all but she was to much for me and it was just getting so repetitive. But Ben chased every time. I absolutely adored Bens sweet nature, strength, compassion and understanding to Megan. He truly wanted to save her. Jessica Calla writing style is great though and the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is only cause I found Megan annoying, I know these characters are young, but she was to childish for my taste.I was gifted a ARC copy of this book for a honest review

  • Paula Ortiz
    2019-05-30 23:11

    ###RECEIVED ARC ON EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW### Loved this story! The characters come from a tragic moment one of those life changing situations and are trying to move on and heal. Ben is a good guy who blames himself for not trying harder to save his friend Frank and is also dealing with his injury that has taken his football dream away. Megan is a nice girl with trust issues since she is a famous football player's daughter... They had a chance before the tragedy and Ben chose his best friend Juliet and Meg got heartbroken now he is paying for the consequences... Simply a wonderful story filled with hot hot scenes... and a couple of big secrets...

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2019-05-27 00:26

    Ben is suffering from what could be a career ending injury. He's very close to Megan, but he'd love to be closer. The only thing is, he had his chance. He dumped her to give his best friend the relationship she'd wanted for years. Now he has a choice to make; chase Megan as she runs, or find his 95% match.Megan is a runner. She has secrets she won't share with anyone. They've destroyed every relationship she's ever had. She doesn't want her friends looking at her differently. She values her relationships with everyone in Sheridan Hall. She's fierce and loyal, but she doesn't trust easily. Ben is her best friend and they have everything in common. She has to decide if a relationship is worth the risk, especially when they all find out who she really is, or if she'll continue to run. Ben was a saint in his patience and persistence with Megan. He was amazing and so easy to fall for. Even though he had his own obstacles to overcome, he was sure in what he wanted. He was a rock and oh so easy to fall for. Who could resist the strong, protective, sweetly romantic Ben? Megan drove me a little crazy with her running. Even when you think things are finally going well, Megan runs again. I was ecstatic when she finally got her stuff together. Sometimes we have to lose what's most precious to us to realize what we can't live without. She Runs Away is the second book in the Sheridan Hall Series. While it can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading She Laughs In Pink first. Jessica Calla writes an amazing story of second chances. I loved watching everything unfold and following Ben and Meg through their journey. She has good character development and includes the other students in the hall in both books. I'm in love with this series and I can't wait to read everyone else's stories!

  • Joel Bain
    2019-06-09 20:25

    "She Runs Away" is the second in the Sheridan Hall series, and it was easy to jump right into this one after having read its first installment, "She Laughs in Pink." Ben Riley was already a character I was familiar with from the first book, but I didn't really remember much of anything about Meg. I am struggling to decide which of the two books I liked better. Overall, I think the story had better pacing in She Laughs in Pink, but I preferred the pacing of the ending in She Run Away more. The reveals are better in She Runs Away, but the shock event in She Laughs in Pink was much more memorable and emotionally jarring (in a good way!).What stands out after having read the first two books is that Jessica Calla has a firm understanding of each of the characters in Sheridan Hall. Their interplay works well, and I was surprised with how well she continued to use Juliet and Chase in this book as secondary characters after knowing them primarily as main characters in She Laughs in Pink.The Sheridan Hall series is very approachable storytelling that focuses on what is important to move a story forward without getting caught up on the dull, minute details that ultimately don't add much to the drama or storytelling. It makes for a very enjoyable read and I can see myself reading whatever is next in the Sheridan Hall series. I would recommend giving the Sheridan Hall series a good read if you are into New Adult romance. It is funny, entertaining, and engaging!

  • Siobhan Davis
    2019-06-03 23:37

    Charming, romantic and full of heart, She Runs Away is a great second installment in the captivating Sheridan Hall series by Jessica Calla.We were first introduced to Ben (and indeed Megan) in She Laughs in Pink. Something very traumatic happened in Sheridan Hall at the end of that book and as we start into this one it is clear that everyone is struggling to cope in the aftermath of the tragedy. Ben was injured and that injury now threatens his future football career. But it's more than that. He is actually suffering from PTSD and running away from his problems instead of tackling them head-on.Megan has a habit of doing the same, but it's more of a defensive mechanism for her. While she grew up in a loving environment, it was less than traditional and her self-esteem suffers as a result. Ben blew her off back in September and she still feels the shadow of Juliet hovering in the wings, so she's reluctant to start anything with him again.But they have a really strong attraction to one another and soon they are agreeing to a sex contract in a feeble attempt to protect their hearts.I adored Ben in this book, more so than the first one (even with that beard - not a beard lover!) He was such a nice guy and he genuinely cared for Megan but she has so many barriers up that it was difficult for him to break through. Megan grated on my nerves a little, even if I was sympathetic. Her actions in relation to that "person" who showed up irritated me no end. How she could doubt her father was beyond me. For an intelligent girl, she acted like a right idiot at times.There was no doubt in my mind that Ben would grow tired of trying so hard, and he did, but Megan stepped up to the plate in spectacular fashion and I loved the end of the book. It gave me such a warm and cozy feeling, aww!!The main reason I've rated this book four-star rather than five-star rating is because I felt it dragged a lot in the middle and my mind started wandering. The sub-plot involving that mystery person that showed up (being vague to avoid spoilers) lacked depth and I never felt any real tension or conflict as a result. I think this could've been fleshed out to add more to the story.The writing was superb, as I've come to expect from Jessica, and all the characters are well-developed. I enjoyed the setting especially the sojourn to Miami! I love how much care and attention Jessica pays to her secondary characters and it was great to see Juliet and Chase again and to get to know Maggie (I'm guessing the next book is about her and Dave.)While I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first book, it was still an excellent read and I'm very much invested in this series. Can't wait to read book three!Thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.This review will appear on my blog in due course -

  • ☆Tweety ☆
    2019-05-22 00:13

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.The book I'm reviewing this week is another new adult tome which is part of a series, "Sheridan Hall", although you can read it as a standalone - in fact, that is what I did. It is by author Jessica Calla and it can be a 'coming of age' book as well and more Young Adult, since the characters are eighteen and are at university, but there are 16+ scenes as well. After what happened a few months ago in Sheridan Hall, everything changed. The guys living in the basement are trying to get back to their everyday lives, even though it seems impossible. For Ben Riley, who was involved directly in what happened [I don't want to spoil you] things look tough because he hurt his shoulder and he can't play football for a while, leaving him hanging and anxious this could cost him his scholarship. Yet, among all this tragedy, there is a light. Megan Smith is his floormate, a mysterious girl who's keeping secrets that don't let her open up completely with her friends and that instead push her to run away not to face reality. But when she and Ben start getting close after a failed encounter months before, things start to take a different shape and maybe she can finally start anew.Like I said above, this book is part of a series that I imgine is still not finished. But the story is clear even though I haven't read the previous book, so I believe you won't have any problem either. The protagonists of this book are Ben and Megan. Ben is the classic good guy, the dreamy quarterback of the University team, and a down-to-earth person who loves to help whoever in need. He was easy to like and I think he was realistic. When he said something or acted in a certain way, I reminded myself he's supposed to be 18. He was mature to be a 18 year old character, to be honest, but this is not a problem for me because I appreciate when young and male fictional characters are not always jerks. Same it goes for Megan. I couldn't quite agree with her on a lot of matters, but I can't blame her. She is just a teenager who is approaching adulthood and life and I can see that she's afraid. But in the end I'm glad she makes the right choice.On the story part, it was okay. I mean, I liked it and all, it was a simple story with its twists and turns and it was enjoyable but it wasn't anything exceptional. I was glued to the book, though, so this is telling. I like reading books with light stories with not too much drama, they give me a break from life. This is the perfect book for those who want a romantic story with young characters and a calm mood. The characters were developed and I liked the floormates as well as the protagonists, so this adds to the laid-back tone of the book. There wasn't anybody to despise or anything to fear, and I liked that.RATING: 4.5/5 stars

  • Hanne
    2019-06-09 23:15

    4.5 -- Ninety-Fiver -- starsThe students of Sheridan Hall are still recovering after a horrible incident (that happened in She Laughs In Pink). They still can’t believe what happened and some have guilt about what happened. Ben isn’t the same anymore, but Megan makes him laugh again. They like to spend time together and they have the same interests. Ben and Megan went on a date a few months ago, but that date didn’t end well. Ben and Megan did stay friends, but Ben wants more now. He has always been attracted to Megan. Megan wants to stay friends with Ben, because his rejection hurt her and she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Ben will do anything to prove to her that they are great together.I loved this book much more than She Laughs In Pink. To be honest, that surprised me because I didn’t really love Ben in the previous book. I fell hard for him in this book! Ben is such a sweetheart! He’s different than I thought he would be. He is caring, strong, protective and sweet. He’s a little damaged, but he’s also a fighter. Ben has always loved football and is devastated that he has hurt his shoulder so he can’t play at the moment.The title fits Megan perfectly. She is a runner, as in she runs away from Ben a few times. I normally get frustrated when someone keeps pushing the other person away, but I understood Megan each time. The author did an amazing job with describing the characters and their feelings. Megan is hurt and insecure. She’s afraid to get hurt again and tries to avoid this. She doesn’t let people in easily. Ben doesn’t let Megan push him away and is willing to fight for her.I loved Ben and Megan together! They are perfect for each other. It won’t always be easy to get to their happily ever after, but every struggle is worth it at the end. Ben and Megan want each other and they are so hot together. The other students of Sheridan Hall also appear sometimes and I loved reading about them. They are all great friends and support each other. At the end of the book, I’m really hoping for Maggie’s story next in this series. Maggie is the best friend and roommate of Megan. I liked her a lot in this book. I can’t wait for the next book!-- My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book. --

  • Beth C.
    2019-05-24 03:31

    This was a great follow-up to "She Laughs In Pink" in the Sheriden Hall Series. This book focuses more on Ben and Megan, but the other characters from the dorm floor are also features quite prominently in the book too. It's the Spring semester following the tragedy that happened last fall. It left them all searching for some normalcy again. Ben, a scholarship quarterback on NJU's football team was especially affected, as he was shot in his throwing shoulder. Now his whole football career and potentially his scholarship are in question.Ben and Megan have some good and bad history together that left them both confused. But Megan felt very rejected and already had some self-esteem and commitment issues, so was left very hurt and bitter by her one and only "date" with Ben. Even though she was raised with lots of love and attention and wanting for nothing monetarily, she longs for that conventional "family".So given her family history and all that happened last semester, Megan just can't trust that Ben really wants to be with her. So every time she starts to open up or get close, she freaks and runs away. Ben in unbelievably patient with her, due partially to his obsession with trying to save everyone and fix everything. But his patience just has to run out with as difficult as Megan is being and with all the secrets she's keeping. He is an eighteen year old boy.I really enjoyed the book, thankfully it wasn't as heart wrenching as the first one (it made me cry). But there was still plenty of "drama" in this book. There were a lot of deeper topics here than what the story itself focused on. It was very well written, as I would expect from Jessica Calla. I didn't put it down once I started reading it. And I am looking forward to more books in this series.I am very appreciative to the author for providing the book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Heather Roonan
    2019-06-16 21:19

    I was a little worried about this book because it's titled "She Runs Away," and boy do I get frustrated when girls in books constantly run away from love. I know it's necessary to add that sort of conflict, but it drives me nuts. However, I LOVED She Laughs In Pink so there was nothing that was going to keep me from this book. And while Megan frustrated me many times throughout the book, I still really enjoyed this story.In the first book, Ben was one of those guys in love stories that you are really bummed about the main character not picking. I mean, you know he's not the one she's supposed to be with, but you still feel bad for him because he's genuinely a great guy. So when I saw this book was his story and his chance to find love, I couldn't wait to read it.What is so great about this series, and Calla's writing, is the characters. She does such a great job of developing them, making you relate to them, root for them, and want to be friends with them. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this Sheridan Hall family? I wanna go to Frank's Sunday dinners! So, to sum it up, I really enjoyed the second book in this series. Megan and Ben are both great, and their story felt real and exciting. While the books in this series could be considered standalone, what I love most about them is that you still get to read about the characters from the previous book, and what I can only assume will be the characters in future books. I'm guessing (okay, not guessing as much as hoping) that the Sheridan Hall #3 will be Maggie and Dave. Please?I definitely recommend giving this book a read, but first, check out She Laughs In Pink if you haven't already! (See my review)

  • Jennifer Acres
    2019-05-26 21:32

    I'm super harsh on sequels (I've read too many bad ones), but She Runs Away was the perfect extension to She Laughs in Pink!This story picks up after the tragedy at Sheridan Hall. Ben is still trying to recover from not just his physical wounds of that day, and Meg's pain came from before the incident that shook the Sheridan Hall crew - when Ben dumped her after one date to hook up with their floormate Juliet. But when Meg learns that the matchmaking test put her and Ben at a 95% match, she swears not to tell him. She refuses to let him break her heart again. Despite this, Ben seems adamant about trying again with her. Some bad advice and hidden feelings lead them straight to a mutual agreement doomed from the start - a casual hook up with a contract.What starts off as a sweet will-they-won't-they love story turns quickly into a gripping story about family and how far you'd go to protect your own heart. I loved seeing the Sheridan Hall crew again - this time through Ben and Meg's eyes - and how each of the characters responded to the November incident. These characters are so well fleshed out and they are a joy to read.The farther I got through the book, the harder it was to put it down. Jessica Calla knows how to build suspense (and how to write swoon-worthy book boyfriends!). I can't wait for the next book!

  • Andie
    2019-05-19 23:16

    I love a well-written, well thought-out new adult romance romance, and if the hero is a quaterback, that's even better. She Runs Away delivered what I expected from it, and to my surprise, so much more.Even though I haven't read She Laughs in Pink, I certainly will in the future, just to know more about the side characters and the background story.I liked Ben and Megan and rooted for them to find each other. I'm curious and excited to meet Juliet and Chase, and Maggie and Dave.

  • Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd)
    2019-06-12 02:11

    Really solid second book that I really enjoyed! Full review to come closer to the release date. :)

  • Taryn
    2019-05-30 20:35

    Jessica did it again! If you likedJules and Chase then you will FALL IN LOVE with Ben and Meg... this picks up right where the first one left off and just when you want to scream and yell at the main charaters, you just wanna gather em up and love em! Great book!! A MUST READ!!!

  • Malissa
    2019-05-27 21:08

    She Runs Away is my first book from Jessica Calla and I am happy to have found her. I will say that while this can be read as a standalone it would have been better if I had read book 1, She Laughs in Pink, first. There is a rather significant event that occurs in book one that play a large roll in book two. The author does a great job of explaining what basically went on in book one, but reading how the entire situation came to be and went down would be ideal. Just something to keep in mind before you head into this book. She Runs Away is the story of Ben and Megan, two characters that you meet in book one, in fact Ben plays a major role in book one. All of the residents of the Sheridan Hall basement are reeling after a tragic event changes their freshman year of college and their lives forever. Everyone one is struggling to find there place in this new reality. Ben is essentially fighting the effects of PTSD from the tragic event, he's been injured and his football career is now in question, his heart has been broken, his reality shattered...he's lost and drowning under feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Megan has secrets, secrets that if discovered could change everything she is trying to find for herself at New Jeresy University, this secret when discovered has ruined friendships and romantic relationships and she fears that it will happen again with her ‘basement’ family and especially her budding relationship with Ben. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters from Sheridan Hall, even the ones outside of the basement, hello Second Floor Dave, I am looking forward to seeing you again. *giggles* Having not read the first book I didn’t feel like I connected much to Chase and Juliet but Ben, Megan, Maggie, and Rocco I just want to be their friend. I want to go back to college and live in unisex dorms. Go back to that time when you are thrown together in a tense situation with strangers and a find life long friendships. I will say that while I liked Megan she also wasn't my favorite character. I think her constant pushing away of Ben eventually begins to wear on the reader. I understand her fears and her desire to have something (I won't go into that and tell the secret) that she has subconsciously craved her entire life, but I will say I can't blame Ben at all when he finally says he's had enough. She forgets that she is not the only one with problems and concerns, I just wish that it hadn't taken her so long to figure that out, it makes her harder to connect to than the other characters. I also wish we had had a bit more closure when it came to certain events. When parts of Megan's past come back they feel as though they get resolved a bit to easily considering the years and years of heartache that past caused. When the Carly tries to essentially become Megan to date Ben, the circumstances surrounding that, I wish it had been taken where it needed to go. This girl is presumably studying to be a psychologist and blatantly ignores every ethical code she will be held to as a psychologist and no one really does anything? I think that will sit in my head for a while so I can seethe properly over it. I loved the chemistry between Ben and Megan, even when I wanted to smack Megan over the head I never wanted them to not become a couple. They are a 95% match after all. Their moments of passion were totally steamy, their fights relatable and understandable, their snarkiness hilarious, their love for their family and friends sweet. They are all in all simply a great couple. I think in the case of Ben at least I could have had another book or two revolving around them. Ben needs more help than he gets in this book, but I have faith that as we saw quite a bit of Chase and Juliet in She Runs Away we will see more of Ben and his progression in future books. She Runs away is a feel good romance with a lot of heart and soul. The emotions in this book run high, there is so much going on for this group of men and women. They are making the choices now that will shape who they become after college and where they will go. They are struggling with heartache, loss, love, family, and friendship. They are discovering who they are and are building the foundation that will hold them up as adults outside of college and carry them into their future. If you are looking for a sweet, emotionally charged read to curl up with as the weather gets cooler look no further. Jessica Calla has done an excellent job bringing her characters to life and giving us a place to escape to that is firmly rooted in reality. These women and men of Sheridan Hall are who we are or who we have been. Their lives may be a bit more explosive than ours but they are characters you can connect with, feel for, and understand. Keep in mind, as I mentioned in the beginning of my review, that I suggest reading She Laughs in Pink prior to She Runs Away. You can read them out of order but I promise you will be able to immerse yourself into this world more easily if you start at the beginning. Fans of Rachel Van Dyken's Wingman Series, Cora Carmack's Rusk University Series, or Abbi Glines Rosemary Beach series will enjoy Sheridan Hall!

  • Trader (RedHotBlueReads)
    2019-06-05 03:08

    I wasn't sure about how I was going to feel about this title. This is the first book I've read from this author, and it's the second in a series. I'm very happy to say that I enjoyed She Runs Away and that this book works as a standalone if you are interested in trying it out.Ben and Meg have some not-so good history after Ben dumps Meg for another student in their early days in Sheridan Hall. When she finds out she matches Ben in a Valentine's matching experiment, she runs away so he doesn't find out that their questionairre answers make them a good match, even though she's really attracted to him. She can't take that chance with her heart again.When Ben realizes his 95% match didn't show, he works with a friend to try and find out who she is, although he does realize he still wants Meg. He tries to convince her to give him a second chance, only she's not going for it even though she really likes him. Ben doesn't give up and it's a slow dance for these two to get together and I really enjoyed that part of the story. Ben is so sweet, it's impossible not to love him.In addition to her being Ben's match, Meg is keeping other secrets. Her father is a famous athlete and she's keeping that from her friends and especially the guys. When a relative she thought was dead re-enters the picture, she could be in trouble. Ben isn't about to let anything happen to Meg and that becomes a major source of conflict between them. 4.5 StarsI really liked this New Adult title. I thought it captured college life quite well. I liked that there were multiple facets to the story too -- the romance between Ben and Meg, Meg's home situation and then there's the loss of their friend and roommate, Frank which I assume happened in the previous book. There's a lot about Frank in this story, and what happens to him is the impetus for some of Ben and Meg's decision making. Sometimes the references were just too many and got on my nerves a little. That's really my only complaint about this story. Your mileage may vary, as they say.Overall, I recommend this title to readers looking for a sweet college romance with a light sports theme. It works as a standalone, but I'm finding myself looking at my reading schedule to find time to read the first book in this series. I liked these characters, and I want more!ARC provided for review.

  • Alison
    2019-06-15 23:25

    This is the second in the Sheridan Hall series. I read She Laughs in Pink and you can see my review Here I do recommend you read them in sequence to gain the most enjoyment and understanding.Following on from the events previously there is a lot of angst and guilt complexes.Ben is still the hero of the group in my eyes, even though his football career has been interrupted by an injury he still has so much patience with Megan. They have history but seem to pull in opposite directions.Megan, has so many blocks around her heart and obstacles in her head will she ever relax and trust enough? At times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip instead of being a drama queen but one has to remember she is a college kid. Luckily Ben has enough maturity for them both or maybe I am just biased!Again the supporting characters are well developed and I suspect this is an opening for book three. The writing is super easy to follow, it flows nicely and holds attention. Suitable for any one who likes a good story which goes in several directions but ultimately portrays hope. Great as a coming of age book or if you want to re-visit your youth!I have enjoyed both books as light entertainment and look forward to what may come next.I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC and this is my honest opinion.

  • Romance Readers Retreat
    2019-05-19 23:29

    3.5 Stars This must be one of the most challenging reviews I have had to write this year. On one hand I loved the story and on the other hand not so much so I had to go somewhere in the middle with my review.You have to read book one in the series to understand who everyone is and to follow the story in book 2. I found the story a bit lacking and I think I expected a lot more from it. Don't get me wrong it's such a sweet story but the immaturity kind of shone through for me. Now I know they are all in their late teens but for example Megan for me was really repetitive and whiny at times leaving me rolling my eyes time and time again. Ben was a sweet heart and had the patience of a saint at times. I just think the story would have rolled better had they been presented more mature. I think a lot more could have been done with the plot line with Megan's Mum and Dad, in my opinion it didn't have much of that wow shock factor.Now the positives. The writing as usual with Jessica was good and the story did deliver by the end. Again as I was with book one I was more championing on what was going on with a couple of the side characters and so would like to see more from Pooja or Maggie. I did prefer book one to book 2 but all in all this is series is really worth a read.

  • Ginny Deffendall
    2019-06-05 02:19

    **ARC received in exchange for an honest review**The description says that this book is a stand-alone novel. While I made it through ok without reading the first book in the series, I think I would've enjoyed She Runs Away much, much more if I had read the first in the series.Much time is spent talking about the "events" the floor mates experienced in November, but we don't learn what those events are until more than halfway through this installment. The characters are all grieving for a lost friend, but we don't know anything about this character and I found that frustrating.Ben Riley could TOTALLY be my new book boyfriend. But his openness and honesty only made Megan irritate me. College guys do not so readily speak of their feelings. Yet she constantly rebuffed him. And I just don't think her reasons are valid ones. If she were my roommate, I would've grabbed her by the shoulders and shaken her into reality.That said, I did enjoy She Runs Away and I would recommend it, but would suggest that you read She Laughs in Pink first (I'm doing it backwards and reading it next). :-)

  • Jessica Petrucci
    2019-06-05 19:24

    Let me start out by saying I did not read book 1 and now I know I need to go back and read it! I loved this book from start to finish, part of what gets me is how much of a real world type of book this is. Everything could happen to you or someone you know in this book and you can relate! I loved the characters and can only hope my daughter has a support system like Sheridan Hall when she goes off to college!! I will know be a follow of Jessica Calla for life!!!

  • Nicole Ortiz
    2019-05-27 02:32

    I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of She Runs Away courtesy of the author. This is a great continuations from She Laughs in Pink. This is Ben and Megan's story. This is a sweet love story with humor and tragedy. I love all the characters in the story. Even though its Ben and Megan's story Juliet and Chase are included in here. I recommend reading the first book to get introduced to the characters.

  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    2019-05-28 20:26

    3.5review to come...

  • Tracy Beth
    2019-05-24 00:17


  • Pat
    2019-05-29 02:37

    *Received a free copy from the author for an honest review*This is the first book I've read that was written by Jessica Calla so I was excited and since it says that I could read it as a standalone, I took the chance. Please take note that I haven't read the first book, She Laughs In Pink.When I read the synopsis, I got even more excited and I've read other reviews and said that it was a good book. But around 10%, I got confused. There were so many questions in my head and it feels like everything in my mind is a mess! Like what really happened in November? Or who was Frank to Megan? I mean Jessica wrote the basic gist of what happened but the curiosity and the confusion just eats away your brain. I finally got what really happened on November at around 60% but some things were still unclear. As for Ben and Megan's relationship , it was like a roller coaster ride and it WAS SO CLEAR that Megan still has feelings for Ben and she denies it, Although I do get her at that time. As for Ben it took him so long to realize that he can't save everyone that it was starting to get frustrating and the fact that he basically sold out Megan to her dad was soooo uncool even if he is worried about her safety. There were also loose ends like what happened to Carly? Did they tell the ACME people that they're the ninety-five percent match and that their research was good?Overall, I didn't enjoy the story that much. Even though it says that its a standalone novel, I would recommend to read She laughs in Pink, first to get a better understanding of this book.

  • Katharine
    2019-06-16 22:33

    So this is the first Jessica Calla book I read and I really enjoyed it. It centres around two members of a tight knit group of hallmates in their first year at University. Both Ben and Megan are main characters I could get along with. They weren't perfect but their flaws were believable and relatable. Even Megan being someone who runs away from love repeatedly didn't annoy me (and this kind of storyline often does!) so I think that's down to the character development. The author did a great job of character development with the wider cast too, both friends and family. The only thing that I found slightly annoying was that much of this story is based on what happens in the previous book in the series when it is clearly labelled as 'standalone'. I persevered through the early part of the book where I was trying to get to grips with what had happened but I would recommend reading She Laughs In Pink first.This story was fun, warm and engaging and I will be sure to look out for further Jessica Calla books in the future. I received a copy of this book for free in return for an honest review.

  • Melissa Chambers
    2019-06-07 03:25

    Another fun book in the Sheridan Hall series! Lovable, bearded Ben is one of those heroes you are just dying to wrap your arms around, while Sweet Meg is one of those heroines you root for. She's lived a life of lonely privilege, having lost two mothers and being raised by a famous traveling football player dad and her Uncle Pisser. (Smiled every time I read that name.) Calla is clever and laugh out loud funny with so many of her quips. Sexy, stormy, and sweet, She Runs Away is a light read with enough substance to keep it real. Keep 'em coming, Ms. Calla!