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No one knows more than Kinsley Lane that nothing good happens when the dead walk free. A year ago, she was possessed by a ghost and her life forever changed.Luckily, on this All Hallows’ Eve, the witches of Harker Heights have offered her protection from the dead spirits who will roam free. Mac Harker is appointed her guardian and everything goes smoothly, until a mysterioNo one knows more than Kinsley Lane that nothing good happens when the dead walk free. A year ago, she was possessed by a ghost and her life forever changed.Luckily, on this All Hallows’ Eve, the witches of Harker Heights have offered her protection from the dead spirits who will roam free. Mac Harker is appointed her guardian and everything goes smoothly, until a mysterious guy arrives on the grounds. One that only Kinsley can see. Mac is determined to protect her from Charming, leaving Kinsley torn between wanting his protection and the strong pull to a guy who won’t even tell her his real name. She must make a choice; the one she makes leads to the biggest heartbreak, and greatest love she’s ever known. All over the course of one night....

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the night Reviews

  • Rainy Kaye
    2019-04-24 15:25

    The Night seamlessly confronts some pretty deep topics while leading you through an amazing paranormal adventure. Kinsley is a flawed, raw character that you can't help but love. While the story had a potential of becoming a love triangle, it managed to stay away from that trope. Instead, Mac and Charming both play significant roles outside of being just eye candy. It's no surprise, though; Larry excels time and again at developing realistic, layered characters. Even the supporting cast reminded me of people I actually know.One of my most favorite aspects of The Night is how it effortlessly moved from nearly chick lit, to Ghostbusters, to Tim Burton-esque as the story progressed--skillfully illustrating the changes to Kinsley's world. The Night is bittersweet and, like Kinsley, you won't be able to sleep until it's over.

  • Monica
    2019-04-02 21:22

    This book is absolutely AMAZING! In exchange for an honest review, this book was sent to me in the afternoon and once I started I couldn't stop reading. I tell you nothing got done at my house that day, and after the third or fourth "I'll cook supper in a minute" they finally gave up and ordered pizza. This book takes place over the course of one night, and it is definitely one hell of a night. This book put me through so much. One minute I was frustrated, ready to pull my hair out, and then I would be ready to cry. So many times I was like "Aww so sweet. ♥" "What a bitch!" "Punch her in the throat!" "Gah what are thinking?!?!" "Noooo don't go!" "Idiot!" "YES!" SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. I really felt like I just went through everything right along with Kinsley, and really I did because I was so sucked in to the story. I highly highly recommend this book! It is hard to even put words together to fully express how incredible this story is.

  • Leslie
    2019-04-09 19:36

    This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and I absolutely loved it! The book is about one night in the life of a very flawed and easy to like character named Kinsley. It is a night full of laughter and love as well as excitement and danger that will challenge Kinsley like nothing ever has before. There is a great cast of characters that you will meet on your journey with Kinsley - her family, friends, witches and even a ghost or two. They all help to weave one amazing story that you will leave you wanting more.

  • Lindsey
    2019-03-26 18:13

    This was my first Natasha Larry book, and I knew on page one that it wouldn't be my last. Ms. Larry expertly weaves complex, realistic characters into a magical story that spans only one night with gorgeous writing, rich, detailed settings, and unexpected bursts of humor that made me snort. After reading The Night, it will stick with you for much longer than that. I loved it.

  • Susan
    2019-04-23 18:27

    I enjoy books that delve into magic, made-up places where ordinary people become extraordinary, & have happy endings without being too unbelievable, complicated, or complex. This novel hit on pretty much everything I like!This was an exciting read. I didn't want it to end. It made me smile and it made me cry. Novels rarely get me to smile & pretty much never get me to feel so much for a character that I cry, but this one did. I feel like I am being overly critical, but this novel could've used a bit of editing, especially with regards to time. The events occurred during one night & time is critical & mentioned many times, but numerous things would happen, but only a few minutes would have passed. Perhaps the author was trying to convey how fluid time is, but I just felt frustrated. I kept going back a few pages to check the time in the story to see if I misunderstood. Naturally this ruined the flow. It makes me wish I could proofread for some authors as they have so much talent & little things, like the length of time it takes to eat dinner, run outside & into the vast garden, gets overseen & puts a little bump in the road of an excellent novel. Or maybe its just me being nitpicky & my odd sense of logic. Regardless I want this author to write many more stories, please!

  • M. C. (MagsTheBookWorm)
    2019-04-14 19:16

    I read this as part of the Shattered Worlds book bundle. Up until the ending, I would have given this a 4 star review. The story was well written, the characters realistically flawed, the foreshadowing subtle yet excellent, and the pace steady. It was a bit predictable at times, but good enough a tale to overlook that fact. Unfortunately, the ending just completely ruined it for me.

  • Stephanie Young
    2019-04-10 16:07

    Another unique story!! Witches and ghosts, but they are not the typical stories one would be used to hearing. On All Hallow's Eve, ghosts are permitted to walk among the living...only it is not a good thing for those alive. Ghosts possess people, and make them do all sorts of crazy stuff. We Kinsley, who like most women has curves. Let me start by saying Size 10 is not freaking fat!!! Kinsley has a pill problem, and spends most of her time high...She is awoken by her mother. Her mother lets her know she was granted passage at a coven house. A coven house is the house of a witch family.The witch family only allows a select few enter the safety of their home. They use spells, and rituals to prevent the dead from being able to possess anyone within the home. It is there that we meet Charming. Only, Kinsley is the only one who can see him. Let me ask you, do you believe in true love at first sight?Would you risk your life to save someone you just met?The book covers all emotions, and I promise you will relate to Kinsley...if not, then suck it up anyway!The book seemed to be a quick read, less than eight hours. It definitely sucked me. I did not want to stop reading. The book is full of action, love, hate, and so much more. Pretty awesome book!

  • Heather Abbasoglu
    2019-04-10 14:17

    This book is unbelievably amazing!! The second book by Natasha Larry that I have had the pleasure to read and this one knocks it out of the ballpark! Believe me when I tell you you will not be able to stop turning the pages. Larry has a gift of storytelling and engulfing you into her world that holds you with a spell binding tenacity. To me this was so much more than a paranormal story of witches, All Hallow's Eve night of the dead, possessions and spell protection. The undertones of battling ghosts of the past, dealing with guilt after a tragedy and the culmination of drug addiction to suppress hurt and numb the pain are subjects that are all too real in this day and age to many. Add the charm and sass of a little paranormal and you have a riveting book to say the least! I am writing this review differently than I normally do because I want to give nothing away to the reader. I want to allow readers to savor every page as I did. You will laugh and you will cry. And you will believe that true love, overcoming obstacles, and forgiveness can all be achieved in the span of a NIGHT. And that the human spirit only needs to be TOUCHED to thrive again.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-26 16:36

    I stayed up late on a Friday night to finish this book in one setting, so I'm rather sleep deprived as I write this review.Ms. Larry has written Kinsley as an extremely flawed character, one who is damaged and has weaknesses. It's not to say that's she's a weak character, far from it. She's done somethings that she's not proud of, and in her efforts to assauge her guilt, she's fallen into a trap so many of us do, and it's heart breaking to as she deals with it.There's a lot going on in this novel that spans one night. I was concerned at first with the fact that it does only span one night, so how in the world would we get all that the blurb promises? I won't spoil anything, but I will tell you that she delivers all that is promised and more.Again, I won't spoil anything, but I will say I bawled. I cried ugly tears a few times during my first read-through of this book. I say first because I can guarantee this is one of my favorite books and I'll be reading it over and over.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-08 14:32

    One night will change her life forever.....From the first page, you feel for Kinsley Lane. She is a broken woman, haunted by events that were out of her control. The overwhelming guilt that follows, leads her down a very rocky path of self destruction.The Night is set in a world where the existence of the supernatural is not hidden. I actually prefer that as I find the flow of the story is more gradual. Mac and Charming become the love interests for Kinsley as her night of protection begins on All Hallows' Eve.... Everytime I thought I knew which way this story is going, it changed completely, I absolutely loved the fact that I was kept guessing until the very end. This book is definitely about the journey for me, one night completely destroyed her and one glued the pieces back together.I actually wish this wasn't a standalone book!I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nikki Brooks
    2019-04-23 18:24

    The Night deals with the action packed, nailbiting adventure over the course of a single night. Paranormal flavour to some deep themes with Kinsley, our flawed, but courageous heroine. Whilst there was 2 main male characters that she could have chosen to entangle herself with and become a compact love triangle, there was never any real doubt who Kinsley would be with. Mac and Charming are more than just fluff to fill the pages, they each have a definite role to play in the unfolding adventure. There are more layers than in an onion to this story. With kick ass friends she can rely on when her less than supportive mother shoehorns into her life, Kinsley is a really lovable character who you will be rooting for.With a bittersweet ending it may not be the HEA you expect but it will certainly pack a wallop!

  • Scott
    2019-04-08 17:07

    After reading two novels, I am completely sold on Natasha Larry. The Night is a beautifully crafted mix if adventure, romance and danger. You can’t help but to fall in love with Kinsley as you take this crazy ride with her.

  • Natasha Larry
    2019-03-25 14:15