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LaVyrle Spencer, known for her "heartrending slices of Americana" writes of how love can be more special the second time around... It is 1916 and Roberta Jewett is surprised that her hometown of Camden, Maine, considers a divorced woman little more than a prostitute. She nonetheless perseveres in her struggle to forge a new and better life for her daughters there. Behavi LaVyrle Spencer, known for her "heartrending slices of Americana" writes of how love can be more special the second time around... It is 1916 and Roberta Jewett is surprised that her hometown of Camden, Maine, considers a divorced woman little more than a prostitute. She nonetheless perseveres in her struggle to forge a new and better life for her daughters there. Behaving like no "respectable" woman would, she gets a job as a county nurse, learns to drive, and buys her very own Model T. Embittered by her painful marriage to an unfaithful husband, she has no intention of being any man's victim again. So Roberta is taken aback to find the widowed carpenter Gabriel Farley has somehow found his way into her heart. And in the ultimate test of will and devotion, she must depend on the man she has grown to love-and summon the courage to stand up to an entire town....

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That Camden Summer Reviews

  • MAP
    2019-04-30 08:29

    LaVyrle Spencer is one of the few romance novelists I can enjoy. Her characters are normal people going about their normal lives -- they're not great beauties or handsome young rakes. Often the two main characters dislike each other or just plain don't notice or care about each other at first. And she does a good bit of historical research about the times and places she sets her stories.I was a bit disappointed with this one. It's obvious she did a LOT of research on the time (1916), the place (Maine), and on the ridiculous amount of crap you had to do to keep an old car running, but that was about it. It lacked the subtlety I've seen in other books. The characters are all exactly as they seem. Roberta is a divorcee who is independent and stubborn and these characteristics are beaten over your head constantly. Gabe is a widower carpenter, a man of few words. And Elfred is a sleaze. I don't really feel like you had any more knowledge of these characters, or learned anything new, by page 388 that you hadn't learned by page 38. The plot points are also fairly predictable and typical.It just didn't have that certain something that I liked so much about The Gamble. Everything just felt a little forced, a little loud, a little predictable. It wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't a great one either.Trigger warning: There's a somewhat explicit rape scene in the book. I'm sorry I'm not hiding this behind spoilers, but that kind of ruins the point of posting a trigger warning, doesn't it? ;)

  • Judie Dooley
    2019-04-27 06:43

    this is the story of a very strong woman who divorced her wayward husband. She returned to her home town of Camden Main where she met with scorn by everyone including her mother. These were the days where a divorced woman was seen as nothing more than a prostitute. She proved them all wrong by doing everything she could to raise her 3 daughters by buying a car and learning to drive. She got a job as a traveling nurses which gave more fuel to the the rumors that were spread about her that were not true. good story line. believable characters--and setting. I recommend this book who likes a good love story and a strong woman who overcomes all.

  • Sharon Huether
    2019-04-30 07:50

    A very capable and independent woman, Roberta Jewett returns to her home town of Camden Maine. Newly divorced with three daughters. Roberta was different, she had many struggles with the townspeople. She held her head high while teaching her daughters and all their friends new things, making it a very happy time.When romance comes into the picture, Roberta is very reluctant. Finally she gives in to a wonderful man who had been remodeling her home.The book is so full of unexpected and happy moments. It was hard to put it down.

  • Erin Burns
    2019-05-20 09:43

    I remember reading this first on one of those rare breaks during college where I could not stand to write another paper but felt like I had too much to do and couldn't go home. So, I found myself on the second floor of the library where the scanty fiction section was. I wasn't expecting much because this wasn't an author that had ever interested me, but I was instantly captivated and re-read this book several times over the next several years, naturally I was pleased to find a copy of this on OpenLibrary. As with most books you can check out through open library, because they are scanned your best bet is to use Read Now or download PDF using Adobe Digital Editions.In 1916, Roberta Hewitt returned to her former hometown newly divorced from her philandering and gambling husband, with her three daughters and a job as a nurse and a tendency for independence. The residents of the town are dismissive and critical, even her own family, and her brother in law is worse. Gabriel Farley is the town's handyman and jack-of-all-trades ACS he works on her house. Initially he is as crude as her brother-in-law, but over time they develop a friendship that sets tongues wagging.So first things first on this. There's a trigger warning. (view spoiler)[There's a moderately graphic rape scene. It isn't gratuitous and is integral to characterization and plot for several reasons, but may be distressing to some readers.(view spoiler)[Now on to the more pleasant things. I loved how much information we got about cars of that time period, the way they were run and serviced and the way people felt about women owning and operating them. It's a big part of the story, and while I was fascinated, and in the end, it actually did turn out to be integral to the plot, I can see why some people might get bored or frustrated. However, what I loved most was the characterizations and how the people changed throughout the story, or how our perceptions of them changed. Rarely have I loved and hated characters in such equal measure throughout a story while still feeling they were believable characters and not merely caricatures. Roberta was no Mary Sue; she was a strong and determined woman who even by her own admission was overly stubborn. She wasn't always as tidy, reserved or circumspect as women of her era were expected to be, but she was joyous and true to herself. Gabriel wasn't perfect either. He was just as crass and crude towards a divorcée as one might expect from men of that era, and he wasn't a perfect father either, being more reserved than a motherless daughter might need. But it didn't take long for Gabriel to open his eyes and take another accounting of the situation. And it was so lovely watching these two very different individuals first learn to be friends then to integrate their lives, and finally for Roberta to learn to lean and Gabriel to open up his emotions and play. And while Elfred, her brother-in-law was ultimately unredeemable, it was clearly his own choice. I despised him unreservedly. Myra, Roberta's mother, on the other hand, while I certainly couldn't like her, I did learn to understand, just as Roberta did.So, I'll rate this as 4 stars for a touching and realistic journey into love the second time around.Cross-posted http://erinsburnsbookshelf.blogspot.c... (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Deana
    2019-05-08 06:28

    I saw that someone I follow added this to her bookswap. Recognizing Camden as a town in Maine, I checked first to be sure it -was- in fact referring to that town, and once I was sure of it I requested the book. I did enjoy the Maine-specific parts of the book, it was kind of cute to read a book with a setting so familiar to my life. It was clear that the author did some research and knew the area. I must admit, though, I was surprised that more people didn't seem to remember Roberta from when she was a child there. Small towns in Maine don't have much ... turnover ... as it were, and I imagine there was even less in the early 1900s. As the book alludes to, most of them grow up staying in the same down and working in "the mill" (or the factory, or whatever). She should have known most, if not all, of the townspeople but there were a lot of introductions, typically as "Grace's sister".The main character annoyed me. Why, because Roberta was a so-called "independent" woman, does that have to also mean she is a total slob?! I know that was a departure from the norm, but I think you can be independent, get divorced, drive a car, etc, and still keep a decent house and appearance. Maybe not immaculate, especially with three children and no husband to help with housework. But her dirtiness annoyed me. Also I thought the author could have done more with the children. They aren't really individuals, especially the middle one (and I don't even remember her name, as proof). Lydia I suppose was precocious, and Rebecca got a little bit more air-time because she was the oldest, was dating, and understood what her uncle had done to her mother. [And as an aside, that scene between Roberta and Elfred affected me more than any scene of that nature that I've read in any book previously. I had to put the book down for a moment.] And of course, I sensed what would come between Roberta and Gabriel within a page of his introduction. But that's ok.I didn't find the book to be anything really special. It wasn't bad, in fact it was a cute book, an entertaining read. But nothing I'd want to read over and over.

  • Cindy
    2019-05-13 08:24

    Loved this heartwarming book. It was really interesting to read about the turn-of-the-century traditions, inventions and morals of the people back then and I loved the New England setting during my favorite season. As usual, Spencer writes a sweet love story amidst important personal issues.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-27 02:33

    Another winner from Spencer! I saw this book at a local library used book sale and snatched it up, given the great experience I had with Morning Glory. I was not disappointed!First off, I adore Roberta! I find her fantastically independent, caring, and vulnerable when she needs to, as well as un-domestic, just like me. There were times where the claims to independence were a bit much with multiple stressing of the point, but I can forgive that with how much I love her character. I also loved Gabriel. He seemed like a truly caring man, who is mourning for his lost beloved wife, loving towards his daughter if a bit exasperated by her teenager-ness, and just trying to build a strong and steady life for his family. He’s the kind of man that truly seems to balance out Roberta’s wild ways.And boy do I love the love connection between Roberta and Gabriel! They are perfect bookends for each other; high energy meets placid calm, fiery temper meets even keel. I adored the slow burn we got to the relationship, with the emphasis on emotions rather than the sexy times. But then from Spencer’s previous book, I’ve grown to expect that. Another point of awesome is the older age for the leads. I liked that they were more mature than your usual couple, which added a nice bit of difference to the book.I also liked that the author wasn’t afraid to explore some very serious issues among the sweet romance. While not as emotionally fraught as the previous book I read, the issues in this book still make for some very heavy reading. The author doesn’t get explicit enough to be gratuitous, but the events have true weight with abundant consequences throughout the latter half of the book.I was so thrilled to get this book and so engrossed by it, that I read the whole thing in 21 hours. Started as soon as I exited the book sale and read the whole way through. Sweet romance, fantastic characters, and some heavy material to balance out the fluff make this a winner historical romance. I look forward to more from this author and recommend the book highly.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-02 02:38

    I have forgotten how I used to LOVE LaVyrle Spencer! I am not so much into "love" stories (romance novels) anymore..but it's nice to go back and read occasionally! I loved the era in which LaVyrle wrote about and the woman (Birdy) well before her time! Birdy is a woman in the 40's, divorced with a nursing job and three girls to support. In a time that women stayed home and cooked for their husbands and raised families...Birdy lived her life on her terms. She raised her girls with imagination and open minds, while the town prosecuted her! Dubbing her the town "whore". Wonderful story about perseverance and self a time when women weren't allowed to have those characteristics without being married! Sheez!

  • Caca Venthine
    2019-05-07 05:29

    Long time no see Goodreads :D Setelah saya bertapa di kaki pegunungan sekarang saya muncul lagi.Lagi dan lagi dan tentu aja di bikin terharu sama cerita si oma yang 1 ini. Ngenes, sedih, jadi 1 semua. Bikin bacanya juga agak miris banget.Tentang Roberta janda beranak 3 yang dikucillkan oleh orang2 di kampungnya dan keluarganya sendiri. Hingga dia bertemu dengan Gab, yang adalah seorang duda juga.Manis dan masing2 tokoh berkarkter kuat. Suka dengan cerita ini walau memang bisa dibilang agak ngenes. Tapi ada juga beberapa hal yang bikin senyum bahkan bikin gue tertawa. Berharap Gagas Media mau nerbitin novel si oma yg lainnya.

  • Paula
    2019-05-15 02:24

    Roberta has returned home after 18 years with her three daughters. It is early 1900 and Roberta is apprehensive. She has divorced her husband which is frowned upon and will suffer not only the stares and accusations of Camden, Maine itself, but her mother and sister as well.Roberta is very self reliant and buys herself a motorcar. She is a trained nurse and intends to support herself and her daughters without anyone's help. Her brother in law starts with snide looks and untoward touches on the very first day. She meets Gabriel, a carpenter and he agrees to fix up her house that her brother in law got for her.Now the rumors begin.

  • Elizabeth Kissner
    2019-05-17 08:23

    This was the first book I ever reread and over the years have read it probably twenty times. This is the only book of Ms. Spencer's I have ever read, so I cannot compare it to her others. I just know that I love the simplicity of the tale, the ferocity with which Roberta loves her daughters and life, and the creative spirit with which she approaches everything. I find the main characters to be inspiring and entertaining, without being snobbish or outlandish. For me, this book brings a comfort and a sense of going home every time I read it and always makes me feel as though I am in the company of greatness.

  • Karen
    2019-05-26 09:47

    In the summer of 1916, Roberta and her three daughters arrived in Camden, Maine. As Roberta tries to rebuild both her life and a ramshackle house overlooking the harbor, she endures violence, betrayal, and pain. But she also finds love, friendship and acceptance from the most unlikely source.From People:"A modern fairy tale, complete with a deserving heroine, a prince of a guy, and a happily-ever-after ending."This is the perfect description of this book!

  • Fayley
    2019-05-06 07:30

    Usually when I read romance I tolerate and excuse unlikely and unrealistic characters, situations, conversations, personalities and reactions because the predictable happy ending makes me feel good. I didn't have to do that here, it was so honest. I loved it.

  • Yuli Pritania
    2019-05-25 01:44

    Udah dua kali baca ini dan after taste-nya masih tetap sama. Manis. Suka banget sama semua interaksi tokoh di dalamnya. Dan setting-nya, Maine, selalu jadi favorit saya.

  • Gaby Franz
    2019-05-01 04:43

    La amé.

  • Marleen
    2019-04-27 08:42

    ***3,75*** - Another truly enjoyable historical tale by talented Mrs Spencer. This one is set in a beautiful coastal town in Maine, in 1916, and we meet spunky Roberta Jewett, a strong 36-year woman, rather plain, mother of three most endearing daughters, returning from Boston to her hometown after having divorced her cheating and deceiving husband. Roberta is a most wonderful character; she's quite independent (considering it's 1916)and she's so generous with her love for her daughters. Roberta's put herself through college and works as a nurse so she can provide for her family.I often got very mad at the town's small-mindedness and petty mentality, where most of the people thought conventions were more important than the true nature of one's character. So everyone in town is dead-set of thinking the worst of a divorcee, including Roberta's own mother, sister, and especially her sleazy brother-in-law. Well it is early 20th century after all and that’s how it was in those times. Luckily times have changed.And thankfully there’s Gabe, the town’s carpenter, who becomes Roberta’s best friend and defender.Roberta's independence will carry you along through trials and tears to a glorious conclusion full of family love and harmony at last. This is a light but also a beautiful read.

  • Cindy
    2019-05-08 05:50

    Buku pertama di tahun ini... Dan sangat memuaskan...Kemana saja kau selama ini.. Kenapa numpuk di book shelf gak kebaca baca sampai nguning. Harusnya saya bakal tahu kalo Lavyrle Spencer bakal menghibur saya dengan tangisan sendu di awal tahun. Sial banget buku ini keren mampus. (red : saya masokis,you know lah ceritanya pasti gimana) Ceritanya masih semi HR gitu sih (awalan 20th century) soal janda yang cerai dengan suaminya lalu pulang kampung sama 3 anaknya. Dia maunya pulang itu minta perlindungan ke ibunya yang super religius itu, tapi naaslah dia malah dihujat sekampung. Sumpah ibunya kolot minta ampun, jadi benci banget sama dia, jatohnya bukan religi tapi malah sok suci. Apalagi pas dia malah salahin Roberta pas dia dirape ... Yang selalu unik dari cerita bu Spencer ini cara nulisnya yang pangkai pendekatan perasaan. Tokohnya sederhana dan kayak orang kampung biasa, jadi berasa dengar cerita sahabat atau saudara sendiri pas bacanya, karena dekat dengan kehidupan sehari hari. Dan Camden digambarkan dengan begtu apik sampai saya terbawa suasana. Kayak Serenity di booknya SW, berasa idup... Baguslah pokoknya. Bakal re-read kalo lagi mood bagus. Gak cocok dibaca kalo lagi bad mood ...

  • Lizzy
    2019-05-12 07:25

    "O afeto é um alimento singular. Abre as bocas quase com a mesma facilidade com que abre os corações" (tradução livre)Este é um daqueles raros livros que declamam um hino e louvor aos direitos femininos, especialmente em se tratando da época, 1916. A heroína Roberta Jewett é uma mulher totalmente à frente do seu tempo. Ela escandalizou o pequeno povoado de Camden ao retornar divorciada, com três filhas e um diploma de enfermeira. Aos dezoito anos ela saiu de casa contra a vontade de sua mãe e foi à universidade, algo raro na época. Sofreu anos com um marido infiel e pródigo. Ela decidiu seguir em frente e retornou a sua cidade natal e enfrentou de forma audaz os comentários hipócritas das mulheres, o assédio indecoroso dos homens e a violência sexual. Roberta colocava a vaidade feminina em segundo plano, mas inspirava segurança e independência em um mundo dominado pelos homens. Mesmo sem esperar, encontra uma segunda chance para o amor. Gabriel, o herói, se vê aturdido e sem palavras diante de uma mulher que descarta qualquer dependência masculina. O preço a pagar por tanta intrepidez é alto, algumas relações jamais poderão ser reestabelecidas. Adorei as lições de vida e aprendizados desta nobre e valente personagem. Recomendadíssimo!

  • Becky
    2019-05-09 09:30

    Roberta Jewitt is going back home to Camden, Maine in the year 1916 after divorcing her philandering husband. Women that were divorced back then were labeled and out-casted. Roberta is a very independent woman who is now raising her three children. Some men in the town think she is easy prey, but she shows them otherwise. Gabe Farley lost the love of his life when his wife died years ago. He keeps all of her things like a shrine to her. Two totally different individuals, in the way they think, live and raise their children. How can two such strong, independent people come together? I really love LaVryle Spencer books. I really enjoyed the romance in this book. I wish though that she would have done more of a historical romance. I would have enjoyed reading more about the time and events of that time. More about the women and lifestyle than what she portrayed. But it was still a wonderful read.

  • Beth
    2019-05-05 03:34

    In 1916 a divorced women was treated as an outcast in society. Roberta and her 3 daughters moved back to her hometown in Maine, only to discover that she is not welcome by her own family or the community as a whole. Being a self-reliant woman, Roberta is determined to make a home for she and her family. Leaving behind an unfaithful man and starting a job as a county nurse, Roberta also learns to drive and soon buys a Model T. Her progressive and modern ways raise many eyebrows and captures the attention of her "Womanizing" Brother-In-Law and a widowed contractor who begins working on her house. After a brutal attack on a country road, Roberta is devastated as the attacker is seen as a model citizen and the blame is cast on her. Threats to take away her children and destroy everything she stands for, Roberta must take a stand. Courage, healing and discovery, bring Roberta to a place of hope and possibly a chance to love again.

  • Sara Pauff
    2019-05-21 02:48

    Another good Spencer novel. The writing isn't as subtle as some of her other books, but once again the main characters absolutely shine. I loved Roberta Jewett. She's the kind of parent I would like to be if I ever had kids: fiercely independent, imaginative, a bit messy and not at all enthralled by housework, but she never lets her daughters forget they are loved -- kind of like a 1916 version of Lorelai Gilmore. And Gabriel is sort of like the 1916 version of Luke Danes -- a gruff carpenter/handy man who is alternately frustrated and captivated this woman. They're two people who don't exactly need each other, but they want each other and that makes it a good love story. The main villain is a bit cliche with all his cigar-twirling, but the rest of the characters make up for it. I'm gonna keep seeking out more of Spencer's novels.

  • Christine
    2019-05-01 03:51

    An easy to read book that sometimes dragged a bit. I liked the characters and the way they developed. I still find it hard to believe how ostrasized a divorced woman was back in the early 1900's. Now adays divorce is everywhere and we don't think it's the womans foult (it was the man! haha jk) I loved the spunk of the main character, how she managed a raggedy house, 3 kids and even her own motorcar!I was surprised how quickly she fell into marriage again, but then she was miserable her entire marriage and hearing how wonderfull Gabe was as a husband lured her in. (Never believe them at 1st! They tell you what you want to hear!) hahaha It was a nice, safe story with a bit of rough and tumble sex but only once. (dont want to be a spoiler) I am not sure I would seek out this author again as her story was too slow and not as exciting as I like.

  • Ed
    2019-05-05 09:27

    Romantic novel - At the turn of the century in New England, an independent divorcee, progressive before her time, returns to her provincial hometown of Camden, Maine, in order to build a new life for herself and her three daughters. Braving adversaries such as her lecherous brother-in-law, condemning mother, and a community that considers a divorced woman little better than a prostitute, Roberta Jewett behaves "scandalously," securing a job as a county nurse to support her children, learning to drive, and buying a "Model-T car." Roberta is embittered by her humiliating marriage to an outrageous philanderer, but not surprisingly she "finds love" with Gabriel Farley, the gruff yet inwardly sensitive widowered carpenter retained to renovate her home

  • Kathryn
    2019-05-18 03:21

    This was better than I thought it would be. It was fun to be reading about Camden and the area around it, as that is where I am staying right now. :-) The title is misleading, it isn't really about a summer romance. It's about a young woman who brings her three children back to Camden, near her family, after her - unheard of! - divorce, back in 1919. The author did a good job of making her characters seem real. I'd really like to this this a 3 1/2. It's better than average, but not good enough that I'm likely to recommend it to my friends. Unless they are spending a summer in Camden! :-)

  • Jennifer Gelert
    2019-05-07 08:27

    The story is of a woman in the early 1900's who defied society and got a divorce from a husband who cheated, left all the time and was not interested in her or their 3 daughters. She returns home to Camden where she is hoping to raise her 3 daughters around her family. She has a job as a traveling nurse and is the first women to ever get a motor car! All no no's during that time. But the love for her girls and her desire to give them the best love, affection and enjoyment of music, plays, etc is the center of this book. And what happens when small town prudes try to take away her children because is divorced and therefore considered an unfit mother. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-13 02:25

    What a well written book and well executed plotline! I absolutely loved Roberta and her independent nature and how she carried herself. Spencer has the skill of character development and leads the reader to really engage with the lives of these characters. I have to admit I thought it was going to be a sappy romance novel but I'm glad I was wrong. This was a novel that mirrored the struggles women faced in the early 1900s. Roberta broke all of the rules by getting a divorce, an education, buying herself a car, standing up for herself while raising 3 daughters to be independent, educated and cultured. I really enjoyed this book and was saddened to have finished it!

  • Kate Lawrence
    2019-05-03 06:45

    Summer is here, and time to read something light and undemanding, although "light" in this case doesn't exclude some serious subject matter. The main theme here is sexism that goes beyond annoying to life-damaging for the heroine, a spunky divorcee and single mom in the early 20th century. This isn't only about women, though; we get an in-depth look at a male character too, as we progress to a satisfying ending.Before her retirement in the late 90s, several of Spencer's novels made the New York Times bestseller list. This one, the first I've read, reminded me of the fiction of Sandra Dallas, although in an Eastern instead of Western setting.

  • Darla
    2019-05-07 01:29

    I loved this book, it took me no time to read it! I LOVED Roberta; she was a tough cookie who spoke her mind for better and for worse, and who took the knocks life gave her and kept moving with a positive attitude. She was a great character that I had no issues at all with, over-independent streak and all. Gabe and all their girls were great characters too. So was the storyline of two opposites, who despite the odds, manage to come together and be exactly what the other needs to fill that missing space they both had.

  • nurmawati
    2019-05-18 06:40

    awalnya menjajikan..makin ke tengah makin miris...apalagi tokoh utamanya , si roberta yang super ceria dan janda anak 3....di perkosa sama kaka ipar nya sendiri..sampe di sundut rokok pula...kejam banget :(mana nyokapnya sendiri malah menganggap dia yang bersalah menggoda ipar nya....makin sebel.....roberta bener2 berjuang banget....kasian sih....unrung ada co nya duda keren anak 1 yang selalu bela dia dan menghajar si pemerkosa.....endingnya happy...mereka menikah dan anak2 nya juga pada akur...but tetep aja.....adegan perkosaan nya menyebalkan.....:(

  • Courtney
    2019-04-26 04:30

    This was an alright story. The characters were a bit 2-dimensional for me, so I had a hard time relating to them. I felt like they were plucked from a bucket of generic characters and then thrown together into a story. If the people I was reading about had had more depth, I think I could have appreciated the story a lot more. There were some very powerful and well-written scenes; the rape scene, for example. It just wasn't enough to make this something I'd want to reread or recommend to someone else.