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It all starts with a text: Please, Wylie, I need your help.Wylie hasn’t heard from Cassie in over a week, not since their last fight. But that doesn’t matter. Cassie’s in trouble, so Wylie decides to do what she has done so many times before: save her best friend from herself.This time it’s different, though. Instead of telling Wylie where she is, Cassie sends cryptic clueIt all starts with a text: Please, Wylie, I need your help.Wylie hasn’t heard from Cassie in over a week, not since their last fight. But that doesn’t matter. Cassie’s in trouble, so Wylie decides to do what she has done so many times before: save her best friend from herself.This time it’s different, though. Instead of telling Wylie where she is, Cassie sends cryptic clues. And instead of having Wylie come by herself, Jasper shows up saying Cassie sent him to help. Trusting the guy who sent Cassie off the rails doesn’t feel right, but Wylie has no choice: she has to ignore her gut instinct and go with him.But figuring out where Cassie is goes from difficult to dangerous, fast. As Wylie and Jasper head farther and farther north into the dense woods of Maine, Wylie struggles to control her growing sense that something is really wrong. What isn’t Cassie telling them? And could finding her be only the beginning?...

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The Outliers Reviews

  • Emily May
    2019-07-13 07:26

    This book is nuts. Abso-freaking-lutely nuts. And it just kept getting worse. Like, laughably bad.We didn't start out on the best terms. I've seen variations of these YA crime/mystery stories many times and I've lost count of how many involve a missing/dead best friend, a hot guy who was involved with said best friend (a douche who turns out to be not so much a douche), a mysterious text, and two teens deciding to solve a mystery without telling any parents or police - and, seriously, they never have a good reason for doing this!In this book, Wylie's friend - Cassie - has gone missing. While her dad goes to help Cassie's mom, Jasper (Cassie's boyfriend) turns up at the door with a strange text from Cassie. They must go driving across state lines to find her! And they must tell no one! OTT, unbelievable thing #1.Despite suffering from agoraphobia since her mom died, Wylie takes a deep breath, grabs her coat and leaves her house for the first time in forever. As easy as clicking her heels together! OTT, unbelievable thing #2.Then they set out on this long road trip, which is a) boring, and b) when not boring, absolutely ludicrous. Near-death experiences, chases through the woods, and (view spoiler)[literally everybody is out to get them (hide spoiler)]. OTT, unbelievable thing #3. Plus, I started to hate Wylie for ignoring her poor dad's concerned texts for so long.Also - are these two TSTL or what? Cassie sends another mysterious text saying the people she's with are “not who I thought they were” and Wylie is worried. Oh, worried are you, Wylie? How's about calling the police instead of tootling along to where your friend is in trouble with an unknown number of people? There could be fifty of them with guns, for all you know. OTT, unbelievable thing #4.And then we get to the final stretch of the novel, which is so ridiculous it is actually funny. One twist after another after another. But they're not good twists. I promise not to give away any spoilers, but the only way it could be more insane is if Wylie was actually an alien with a mission to destroy earth and she'd been lying to us all this time (I'm only slightly exaggerating). It's also possible - though still undetermined - that the author may be taking us towards a complete genre change by the end. Who knows, though? It was so messy, I think I might have got lost.The novel jolts to a close with a melodramatic cliffhanger that made me snort with laughter. Everything about this book is so farfetched to the point of being farcical. I mean, let me just tell you the last word, just the single last word of the book (spoiler-tagged, of course, even though it doesn't give away anything): (view spoiler)[Run. (hide spoiler)]Sorry, I need to go laugh some more.Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  • Laura
    2019-07-08 07:13

    Why are the bad things always so much easier to believe?I readWhere They Found Her and loved it.Reconstructing Amelia has been at the top of my TBR ever since. When I heardKimberly McCreight would be writing a young adult series, to say I was excited would be an understatement. The beginning was what I would expect out of McCreight and it had me excited until the book kind of flipped on its head in the last quarter.Wylie is sixteen, lives with her dad and twin brother Gideon in Boston, and lost her mom in a car accident four months ago. Ever since her dad has been a bit on the overprotective side understandably so because Wylie’s anxiety has gotten much worse since her mom died. It’s been a problem for years making it difficult to make friends, but has ramped up to agoraphobia in the last few weeks.So when Cassie, Wylie’s former best friend, goes missing and Wylie receives a text saying Cassie needs her’s finally enough to get Wylie out of the house. They may not have spoken in a week..hell, things may not have been normal between them for months, but let’s go save my friend! Jasper, Cassie’s boyfriend that Wylie doesn’t trust, shows up to help because Wylie can’t drive. And thus begins a road trip full of danger and suspense. This part of the book was actually my favorite. It had me on the edge of my seat. They venture up north through the middle of nowhere and things only get creepier the closer they get to Cassie.For the first ¾ of the book I was intrigued. The suspense and tension really kept me going. I needed to know what happened to Cassie. And I enjoyed reading about Wylie & Cassie’s friendship. The dangers that lurked on the road trip Wylie and Jasper went had my heart beating so fast at one point. But then the last ¼ of the book just went some place completely different. For whatever reason the story went from this psychological thriller that focused on grief and friendship to something else entirely…and I’m kind of left wondering what genre book I was even reading? All these revelations came out of left field making it turn into a science fiction sort of book that just felt impossible and unbelievable. I think if you don’t go into it expecting just a mystery, you might be better off.This is the first in a series, so it was bound to have a cliffhanger. I’m just not sure I’ll be reading the sequel. If I do, it's truly a testament to McCreight's writing.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via edelweiss.

  • Wendy Darling
    2019-06-26 09:17

    Hah hah hah, what. This book is looney tunes. ETA: I can't even make enough sense of it to write a review, I'm just gonna refer you to Emily May's instead.'m fascinated by how random books like this manage to hit the bestseller list. FASCINATED.

  • Taneika
    2019-06-21 12:09

    I received this book for free from HarperCollins Australia in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.When I first got my hands on this, I was SO FREAKING EXCITED. I'm always on the lookout for YA mysteries/thrillers and this sounded like exactly what I was looking for. The synopsis sounds AWESOME. Unfortunately though, it didn't deliver.The Outliers is the story of a girl names Wylie, whose friend named Cassie, goes missing. Cassie's mum rocks up to their house in a panic and while Wylie's dad goes out to help her, Wylie ends up driving across the state with Cassie's boyfriend (Jasper) without telling anybody, to try and solve the mystery and figure out where Cassie has disappeared to. This all sounds pretty damn simple, right? Well guess what. Wylie has severe anxiety and agoraphobia. While Wylie hasn't been able to leave the house for weeks on end, SHE JUST GIVES HERSELF A SMALL PEP TALK AND JUST LEAVES THE HOUSE TO TRAVEL ACROSS THE STATE???? WHAT? She just leaves the house as if this is the easiest thing in the world for someone with agoraphobia. It came across as unbelievable and a little frustrating too. Once Wylie and Jasper miraculously leave the house in the first place, they end up having near death experiences, wild road trips with complete strangers, get chased for pretty much the entirety of the novel and it just doesn't stop. While there is always something happening and is very, very fast paced (seriously, the action in this book did not stop), I found it exhausting at times and super unbelievable because it's like, every crazy thing that could possibly happen, happened. There was no suspense or build up at all, you could just tell that shit was going to go down at one point because you couldn't go a single chapter WITHOUT any crazy shit happening. It kinda just made the whole thing more predictable rather than thrilling. While there was a lot of random, weird stuff that happened, I did actually like the pace as I found it super easy to pick up and read a big chunk in one go. Also, while the ending was super farfetched (lets be real, the entire book was), it opened up a lot of possibilities as to where this story could go and I'm curious to see where this series ends up.One of my main issues apart from the craziness, was the characters. I did not like them in the slightest. I found it so so hard to connect with any of them and I honestly think this was my main issue. Had the characters been easier to connect with and had a bit more personality, I would have found the story as a whole much easier to deal with.I really wanted to love this as it had such a fantastic premise and I loved how easy it was to read, however it just wasn't for me unfortunately. I will be picking up the next in the series because I am very curious to see where this all ends up (and I have a few questions too) and this entire novel just felt like it was a set up for the bigger picture. So yeah, not for me and I was disappointed, however I think this series has potential and I look forward to see whether the next instalment improves on it's predecessor.

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    2019-07-04 06:26

    Find all of my reviews at: This book is brought to you by . . . . WARNING: THAR WILL BE SPOILAGELike many of you, I read Reconstructing Amelia and was quite satisfied with it – enough so that I recommended it to other mystery/thriller lovers. Where They Found Her didn’t quite live up to the hype, but it was still decent. This one though???? Good Jeebus! The premise is that Wylie became an extreme agoraphobe after the death of her mother. Said agoraphobia has caused her friendship with her former best friend Cassie to become strained. When Cassie’s mother comes to her house desperate to find her daughter and Wylie and Cassie’s boyfriend Jasper start receiving text messages asking for their help, Wylie knows she has to respond. And that’s where things started going south. Not only was Wylie’s fear of the outside world cured instantaneously, but the duo began making such questionable choices even Bill Cosby would give them this look . . . To begin with of course they ran off without telling anyone. That’s typical thriller fare so I gave it a pass. I could even forgive them running to help without really getting any info about what exactly they were helping with or where to go. But then the car broke down and they hitched a ride with some randos from a gas station right after receiving a “they’ll kill me” type of message????Seriously. Not only are you two idiots going to go save the day, but now you’re going to do so on foot with no ride back from Maine to Boston. FFS!Then when the shit 100% hits the fan, your reaction is . . . Damn. With friends like these two who needs enemies????Finally we learn (because it wasn’t glaringly effing obvious, apparently) that things weren’t what they appeared to be, but by that point I was all . . . The only things I confirmed? 1. I am 100% unable to DNF anything and 2. It’s important to use a secure e-mail server at all times when dealing with supersecretshit. Isn’t that right, Hillary????This was a one-way ticket on the hot mess express. Recommended to: NOBODY. Well, maybe that one co-worker who I really dislike . . . .

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-06-20 08:07

    DNFreally sad about that, this book was just so weird to me

  • Dannii Elle
    2019-06-27 10:15

    I received this book on a read to review basis from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Kimberly McCreight , and the publisher, Harper Collins, for this opportunity.Wow! Well this book absolutely blew me away! I am writing this fresh off finishing the book and my mouth is still gaping at the shocking, cliff-hanger ending that has left me feeling utterly despondent that I have to wait a whole year or more until the next installment of this series is released!If you like action-packed reading that leaves you holding your breath for chapters at a time, is full of prevarications, misrepresented characters and false clues to bar the path to enlightenment and has a whole cast of unreliable and unfathomable characters, then this book is for you!This story is told through the eyes of teenage Wylie who suffers from a sever case of anxiety and has become recently agoraphobic, following the death of her mother. When her best friend, Cassie, disappears and her new boyfriend turns up at Wylie's house, she must decide whether to grit her teeth and overcome her fears or let them swallow her and refuse to help her friends. She chooses the former and is led on a wild chase including stabbings, gun chases, abduction and imprisonment following the directions left in Cassie's cryptic text messages as they attempt to find her.This book deals with the problems of teenage friendships and pubescent relationships in a turbulent and ever-changing modern world, grief and how to deal with the loss of a parent, the impact our parents and our peers have on our individual selves, technological advancement, warfare and the pros and cons of using them and emotional intelligence and how it defines us as a person. This book is full of false endings and I had no idea of the dark turns the plot would take. Every character has something to hide and reading this becomes one huge puzzle to learn the truth. On parts it became a little too knotty and I had trouble dissecting where exactly the story was leading me. It seemed that as it progressed we veered further from the psychological thriller I had expected. I did not dislike the ending at all, but it was vastly different to what had been iterated and what the majority of the book had set-up and led me to believe.

  • Lala BooksandLala
    2019-06-29 08:06

    This turned into a totally different story than I was expecting but I kinda dug it. Definitely a good set up for a series.

  • Sarah
    2019-07-02 06:31

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“You were right. About everything, I just wasn’t ready to hear it. But I’m ready now. For whatever happens.”This was a YA mystery/thriller, but it was a bit weird in places.Wylie was an okay character, and I could understand why she would want to help her friend, even if they hadn’t spoken in a while. I actually felt pretty sorry for her because of the way she had so recently lost her mother, and it seemed like everything was against her.The storyline in this was quite convoluted in places, and it seemed that no matter who Wylie tried to trust, we’d get a twist and they would turn on her! I did feel a bit on edge at the way that things kept getting worse and worse for Wylie, but the explanations as to what was going on got a bit heavy at the end. I did find this story a bit weird in places though, and it did lose my attention in places.The ending to this was really open, so it looks like Wylie is still in for some trouble.6 out of 10

  • Sammy
    2019-07-17 11:30

    (1.5 stars)I did not enjoy this book, at all.Firstly, why the bloody smeg would you put a plot spoiler in the blurb!?!????!And secondly, you can't define your character with a panic disorder/anxiety/agoraphobia, and then just forget about it when you want to move on with the plot. 'Oh, Ill just take a few deep breaths and now I'm magically cured of my condition?'*snorts* okay.There are a lot of other things I want to discuss (rant) about, so I will write up a proper review on my blog soon.

  • Amanda Minnock
    2019-07-08 05:19

    Thank you to HarperCollins UK, Children's & Kimberly McCreight for my copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.What the actual?! This book is crazy, and not the good kind of crazy it's the crazy that should be locked up and tended to by professionals! I have been sitting for a couple of days now wondering how to write a review on it because nothing stuck in my mind about the characters that I liked, the only thing that stuck was they need some serious therapy.Wylie's best friend Cassie turns into one of the girls who are finally popular because they love to get wasted and have a good time but Cassie has hit rock bottom due to a car accident and loses her mother. Just when things can't get any worse Cassie's mum turns up at Wylie's door (with no shoes on?) looking for Cassie or trying to find out if Wylie had seen her, Wylie explains they don't really talk anymore and haven't in forever...(which has only been a week) then Cassie's hot (meant to be an ass) boyfriend Jasper shows up at Wylie's door and they hatch a plan to get Cassie back.Ok so I don't get it, Wylie has meant to have the worst anxiety ever, (view spoiler)[she cut all her hair off herself (hide spoiler)] and hasn't left the house in 3 weeks yet she can leave within seconds? Why was she taking all the camping gear? Why are they going to drive somewhere they don't know instead of calling the police? Why are they not wondering why she still has a phone to text? I have a lot more why's as there are so many in this book because like I said the book be cray cray!The second half of the book had me in a total what the actual?! mode I had to put it down a few times before I could read it again. I didn't get any of it the whole thing was messy and I didn't really understand where some of it was even coming from so I tried to skim read hoping to god it would make some serious sense.One thing I also don't get is why the hell did(view spoiler)[ Cassie set herself on fire?!(hide spoiler)]It's completely bizarre that someone would do that to themselves, the girl seemed more unhinged than Wylie at times. The book ends on a cliffhanger but I won't be reading on, the first was enough for me.Check out my blog thanks!“The point is sometimes it’s not what you believe that’s the problem; it’s how you believe it.”

  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
    2019-06-27 12:14

    Este libro me gustó tan poco que me da hasta pereza escribir la reseña. Aquí el punto es que Cassie está desparecida y enviándoles mensajes extraños a Wylie, su mejor amiga, y a su novio. Ellos van a tener que ir a buscarla, a pesar de que Wylie está traumatizada y le cuesta muchísimo salir de casa tras la muerte de su madre, y van a terminar enredados en una trama que cuesta un montón entender y a la que no puedes evitar ponerle cara de WTF todo el rato.No sé ustedes, pero a mí me parece una pésima idea hacer que un thriller se vuelva una trilogía. ¿A quién se le ocurre esa barbaridad? ¿No se supone que los thrillers tienen un ritmo rápido, giros por doquier y un misterio que no te suelta ni un segundo? Pues bueno, Extraños es un libro que siento que se alarga innecesariamente. La autora le da tantísimas vueltas a todo que el lector, o al menos yo, se desinteresa en la trama, en los personajes y empieza a sentir verdadero fastidio. Hay libros en los que nada de lo que lees tiene sentido y aún así te enganchan y te interesa saber qué es lo que esconden los personajes, las organizaciones secretas y los diálogos crípticos. Extraños no logra nada de eso. De hecho, me dieron muchísimas ganas de abandonar el libro. Pero ganas locas de hacerlo. Si no es porque me duele un montón dejar un libro empezado, de verdad que habría invertido mi tiempo en leer algo más de los cientos de libros que tengo pendientes. Y, bueno, supongo que lo único bueno que puedo decir de Extraños es que la última frase del libro es flipante. Pero, vamos, que eso no lo salva.

  • Mary Kubica
    2019-07-01 04:24

    From one of my favorite authors comes this spectacular YA release, which will easily appeal to teens and adults alike. Gripping from the get go, I read THE OUTLIERS over the course of a single weekend; I couldn't put it down, and was shocked by the twists and turns the novel took as well as the jaw dropping ending. This one releases in May 2016 - well worth the wait, but preorder now. You'll be glad you did! I can't wait for the next installment in this series.

  • Anita Vela
    2019-07-03 11:28

    Reseña completa: sabe muy mal decirlo, pero no me ha convencido mucho este libro. Tenía MUY buena pinta y la promo mantenía una intriga increíble, pero cuando he empezado a leerlo no era lo que me esperaba, porque la historia no tiene mucho sentido, me esperaba algo más elaborado, más intriga y menos lioso todo. Y no tiene mucho sentido por varios motivos: · El primero son los personajes, no te dicen nada y hacen cosas que sin pensar en las consecuencias, van a lo loco y llega un punto que te pierdes con ellos.· Y el segundo es la trama que cojea un poco e intenta engancharte a base de giros, pero tantos giros llega un punto que la historia marea: ahora esto, ahora lo otro, ahora esto y ahora lo otro… Y tengo que decir que cuando empiezan el “viaje” me tenía muy enganchada e intrigada, esa primera parte me ha gustado, pero luego se vuelve todo extraño, nunca mejor dicho.En fin, no quiero desanimar a nadie a no leer Extraños porque puede que a muchos de vosotros os guste y mucho, pero no a sido mi caso (insertad carita triste). Igualmente os animo a que le deis una oportunidad si os gustan este tipo de historias.

  • Srta Books
    2019-06-24 06:07

    Ha sido un libro que he devorado, desde que me puse ayer con él no lo he podido soltar. Me ha gustado esta primera parte. Los personajes son lo único que me han fallado un poco, me esperaba mucho más de ellos. Aun así la historia ha estado bien y me ha entretenido bastante. Lo recomiendo :)

  • Kelli
    2019-06-26 07:22

    I wasn't the intended audience for this book, though I'm not sure the intended audience would love it either.

  • Juan Vorágine
    2019-07-02 12:09

    Un libro muy en la línea de "Veinte preguntas para Gloria".No he podido disfrutar de él porque me he encontrado con personajes planos, con los que no he podido conectar en ningún momento, ya que los he sentido siempre distantes; la historia no engancha prácticamente en ningún momento; y, en conclusión, le falta mucho desarrollo. Me ha parecido un libro que sería bueno si se hubieran pulido esos detalles a tiempo, puesto que afectan mucho a la percepción global de la obra.Reseña completa:

  • Jay G
    2019-07-13 11:31

    Want to see more from me? Check out my Youtube channel:'s friend Cassie has gone missing. Jasper, Cassie's boyfriend shows up at her house and then she receives a text message from Cassie saying she needs help. Wylie and Jasper decide to get in his car and go rescue Cassie themselves. The scenario of the book was DEFINITELY unbelievable and far fetched, which has been the major complaint for many people reviewing this book. In my opinion, it's not that big of a deal since it is a story, not a real life event. The book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and that's what I want from a thriller novel. Kimberly McCreight is one of my favourite authors and she did not disappoint. The book is so fast paced and action packed I did not want to put it down! There were many plot twists I didn't call at all which was exciting for me since I usually am able to call everything that goes on in thrillers, they all seem so predictable these days. This was definitely a great set up for the rest of the series! The cliffhanger makes me want the second book ASAP, I need to know what happens next. Personally, it was a fun read and I liked how far fetched and ridiculous it seemed.

  • Leslie
    2019-06-30 06:03

    Very different 'feel' than the author's first 2 novels--both of which I enjoyed a lot. This one seemed discombobulated & hazy with a sort of aloof vibe throughout. Dropping my review to 2.5 stars as the narration of the audiobook was quite irritating/grating; I hate to say it, seeing as how I am a fan of her other novels, but am almost tempted to give this one 2 stars. However, the story was pretty interesting if not somewhat confounding.

  • Tessa
    2019-07-01 06:15

    2.5* - This book just wasn't for me and I was quite disappointed with it, it was not what I was expecting. However, I do think this series has potential and look forward to seeing if it improves with the next instalment

  • Maggie
    2019-06-30 07:18

    So I didn't understand this book. And now it's going to be a series. No, thank you. Terrible book.

  • Grace {Rebel Mommy Book Blog}
    2019-07-01 09:14

    Review I always love a good mystery/thriller. I find it is harder to find really good ones in the YA genre in general. I liked Reconstructing Amelia from this author so I was pretty excited. Overall, I think it did a fairly good job of delivering.Wylie hasn't left her house in a really long time. After her mother died things got really bad for her and deteriorated over time despite seeing a therapist. When her best friend Cassie who she hasn't spoken to in a while goes missing Wylie is worried. Cassie's boyfriend Jasper comes to get Wylie to go find Cassie on their own. While Cassie is texting them to help her and telling them where to go, Wylie can't help but have a growing sense of uneasiness. What is Cassie not telling them? What will happen when they get to her?This started off a little slow and I wasn't really sure where this was going. I mean I am all for a road trip but Wylie and Jasper on this really long, dangerous mission to save Cassie while avoiding parents and not alerting authorities was silly. Maybe not at first - like I get it you want to save your friend. But then it started to get ridiculous. It seemed from the beginning there was something fishy with the whole scenario and the fact that Wylie and Jasper didn't seem to get that puzzled me. Still I was super into the mystery of where Cassie was, whether she was in on it or not, whether they would find her.Without giving any more away, I will say things got weird and a little out of genre after a while. It kind of got sci-fi-ish. Honestly, I liked the post-road  trip part more and the genre switch worked for me. Even if it was a little out there I thought there was a lot of good tension, action and twists that kept me flipping the pages.I kind of loved the ending so much, even if a bit predictable and cheesy (sometimes that is how I roll) and am actually sad to see this is a series. Sometimes I think things are better left alone. With that said I will totally read the next book whenever it comes out so I can find out where the story goes.This review was originally posted on Rebel Mommy Book Blog

  • Erin Clemence
    2019-07-01 11:29

    I am a huge fan of “Reconstructing Amelia” and was looking forward to reading Kimberley McCreight’s new YA novel, “The Outliers”. I was, once again, pleasantly entertained. Who are the Outliers? Well I certainly can’t tell you that without revealing major spoilers. What I can tell you is this novel is a mysterious, suspense-fueled delight. Wylie receives a strange text from her once-estranged best friend Cassie. When Cassie’s boyfriend Jasper shows up at Wylie’s door, her worst fears are confirmed- something terrible has happened to Cassie and it is up to Jasper and Wylie to piece together the clues left behind in order to save their friend. But of course it is not as simple as that, there are dangerous people also looking for Cassie and for Wylie- but why are they looking for them? And what do they plan on doing to them if they find them?This novel was unpredictable and absolutely delicious. There is no other word to describe it, since I totally digested this novel in a matter of days. The plot is full of suspense and danger, and has unexpected twists that you would not expect in a YA novel. However, McCreight leaves her readers guessing to the very last page (and beyond- since it is quite clear there will be more to come in this saga). Wylie was a fascinating creature, and I completely empathised with her, being an anxiety sufferer myself. Wylie not being able to leave her house after the death of her mother, needing things to be in a certain way, her “monster, out of control” brain were all aspects that contributed to Wylie’s “eccentric” yet lovable personality (and relatable, for me at least). Cassie starts off as completely unlikable, and then redeems herself in a most unfortunate way at the end of the novel. This novel will stick with you. McCreight’s writing is a double-edged sword- you want the novel to end (so you can discover the outcome) but the thought of putting the book down for good brings you physical pain. This is a challenge for an author to accomplish- and McCreight does it beautifully.

  • Olga Kowalska (WielkiBuk)
    2019-06-21 11:23

    An intersting beginning of a new series. I am positively surprised by the plot and outcome of this novel - it is a fast-paced story of friendship, sacrifice and transgression of ones fears and phobias. It is filled with action, intriguing choices and an ending that may be shocking for some readers, or just unexpected for the others.I should mention that this is a series meant for younger readers, for teenagers, because the choices of characters and the plot itself is constructed for a younger mind to pursue.---Pierwszy tom serii „Outliersi” to intrygująca powieść sensacyjna dla nastolatków, która idealnie sprawdzi się dla młodszych czytelników spragnionych pędzącej akcji, skrajnych emocji i trudnych wyborów, między odpowiedzialnością a strachem, między tym co można by zrobić a tym co zrobić należy. To historia o poświęceniu i przekraczaniu granic, także swoich własnych. Bohaterowie, wciąż niedojrzali, pozbawieni dystansu dorosłości, zostają wplątani w coś, przed czym nie potrafią uciec, bo problemem są oni sami, a od siebie przecież nie sposób się uwolnić. Powieść Kimberly McCreight to ciekawy wstęp do serii, w której nic nie jest takie, jak może się początkowo wydawać i nikt do końca nie jest tym, za kogo się podaje, ale przede wszystkim – nikt nie jest bezpieczny, gdy w grę wchodzą wielkie pieniądze i jeszcze większe ambicje.

  • Colleen Oakes
    2019-06-21 05:03

    A book that carries itself with a certain kind of intensity is always deserving of a good read, and that's what I recommend for The Outliers...time. Find a good couple of hours, cozy up and lose yourself. You'll want that isolation. There was one scene in the book that was so scary and unnerving that I had to put the book down because I was getting freaked out in my hotel room. (The baby. SHIVER.) Kudos also to the lovely Kimberly McCreight for creating a truly flawed heroine, a girl whose anxiety has paralyzed her in every sort of the word. Her relationships are jagged edges, and her thought process isn't always sane. I was happy to read about a girl whose looks never really came into play in a YA book. That's rare, and it made this dysfunctional story of terror and discovery in the dark woods all the more enjoyable.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-07-07 11:01

    This was fucking ridiculous. I was so annoyed with Wiley and the way her agoraphobia just magically "got better" when Cassie needed her. I suffer from this and yeah, I would have totally texted "Still can't leave the house. Call the police. Good luck!" She also made the worst decisions ever. Sure, I'll go to a place I'm not sure of with a guy I don't really know because my BFF sends me some cryptic texts. I'm not gonna tell an adult, though, because CLEARLY I can handle this all on my own. And the reveal? I rolled my eyes SO DAMN HARD. This book was just utter shit. Also? I HATE when books just switch genres on you all of a sudden. I wish writers would stop doing this! I like realistic thrillers, not this drivel.

  • Stacy
    2019-07-14 06:19

    This is why I read YA!Great pacing, great dynamics, and edge of your seats plot drives this novel that you cannot put down. I asked myself several times, "What the hell is happening?" and not once did I guess correctly. The inside of Wylie's head is fascinating and weirdly comforting. I love this plucky heroine.

  • Daisy
    2019-06-29 12:04

    I have read all of Kimberly McCreight's books. I have enjoyed all of them. I think this was the best so far. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat and my heart was racing throughout the whole book. Whenever I picked this book up I didn't want to put it down. There were many twists and turns. The ending left me hang and I'm so excited for the next book to be released.

  • Suzanne Leopold
    2019-07-05 08:11

    The book is $1.99 today 11/21 -digital platforms . Book 2 comes out May 2017

  • Kim Kaso
    2019-07-11 12:01

    Fast read, fun, good characters, good pacing...very predictable for me, but with nearly 60 years of reading under my belt, it takes some work to surprise me. Good concept, but needed tighter editing. When cell phones are so key to plot, readers notice when characters lose them and wonder how they magically reappear for dramatic message. Rookie mistake which made for let down and head scratching. Am reading next in series and hope author & writing team improve. 3.5 stars for unforced errors rounded to 4, this book could easily be a 5 with a little attention to the details. Upon mulling, I am changing it to a rounded down to 3 for what feels like sloppiness that could have been quickly fixed. Could easily be so much better.