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*The individual installments are no longer in publication. Please see Cold Mark (Mark, #1) .New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, captures the perfect last installment of The Cold Mark Saga, where trust is earned and love soars…Braita Valorn is a disaster walking. One mistake after another on the planet Triaz has landed*The individual installments are no longer in publication. Please see Cold Mark (Mark, #1) .New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, captures the perfect last installment of The Cold Mark Saga, where trust is earned and love soars…Braita Valorn is a disaster walking. One mistake after another on the planet Triaz has landed her in trouble time and again. Only Braita’s quick wit has kept her from complete ruin—and her cunning to blackmail the Plumas of the east.The Plumas of the west own Braita. She is their Soul. But when her ultimate freedom is so close she can taste it, Braita might just ‘own’ them…if her heart doesn’t get in the way.Or, perhaps, Braita should have followed her heart from the start—to one set of Plumas who are her perfect match.Will Braita obtain her freedom? Or will she finally accept a life she never asked for?...

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  • Marianne
    2019-04-02 15:12

    I demanded a large dose of heavy Pluma petting and that was exactly what I got. Needless to say, I'm extremely happy with the males she finally chose, although a part of me admits that it could have been way better. Still, I can't bring myself to rate it lower than five stars...Here are some reasons why I probably should. (But I won't... I WON'T! Because MY guys won, lol)1. It doesn't feel like the human-Mian story is concluded. The pair Braita didn't choose did deserve better than to have their memories (view spoiler)[ wiped.(hide spoiler)] Unlike some, I was not unhappy with Braita leaving them per se. After all, (view spoiler)[ Leo and Malik are true soul mates and the love they share is enough. They don't NEED a soul to complete their lives. Just my personal opinion...(hide spoiler)]2. I have another pet peeve as well: At some point Malik mentions that the Mian are part animals. Yes, well: unless you believe the Creationists, so are we all, human and Mian alike. 3. The small matter of the (view spoiler)[ harem women. Malik and Leo made it sound as if a Vaq pair cannot simply abandon their duties to the women whose rings they are wearing, yet Braita demands just that, and Killeg and Phila immediately comply.(hide spoiler)]4. We still don't know what it was that Braita said that made the Mian believe she was referring them as cows!Oh well, we'll be heading off to learn more about the mysterious Kireg next. Hopefully we'll get updates from Triaz as well.I just pray those novellas will be released at shorter intervals.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-04-06 20:05

    I loved it, but I had hoped for more :)Rate: 4.5 stars.

  • Dianne
    2019-04-16 16:12

    Perfectly titled, Scarlett Dawn’s Soar is the final installment in The Cold Mark Saga and Braita has grown into quite a young woman, able to use her quick wit and sometimes baffling line of thinking to get what she wants, freedom! Talk about using both her brains and beauty to their best advantage! Seriously, Braita has managed to trip herself up so often, that the new improved Braita is like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes! Is there more to her than has been revealed? Is it possible that she has more in common with her new world than meets the eye? Not always the nicest or most mature of heroines, Braita and company was always entertaining, comical and even smoking hot! Perhaps it was finding true soulmates? They say love sets one free, then again, this IS Braita we are talking about!Scarlett Dawn has created a wonderful ending, giving Braita a feeling of freedom and personal power while keeping it light and chuckle-filled! Each character brings their own personality to the table, and lends a quirky, fun feel to this last book in the series. Enter Scarlett Dawn’s wonderfully creative world, as each book unfolds to reveal another layer of intrigue, danger, and Braita’s own brand of charm. Quick reading, awesome fantasy entertainment and great escape reading! I received this copy from Scarlett Dawn in exchange for my honest review.Series: Cold Mark - Book 5Publication Date: June 19, 2015Publisher: Scarlett DawnISBN-13: 9781514631201 Genre: Fantasy romancePrint Length: 104 pagesAvailable from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble For Reviews and More Check out:

  • Mandi
    2019-04-15 22:15

    2.5 stars. Yay! Braita finally made her mind up about who she wanted to be with but I did feel a little cheated about how it all played out. I felt sad for the guys she didn't choose, even though they weren't my favourites I didn't find their ending satisfying at all. The duo and their complicated relationship with Braita had me hooked from the start and I can't help but feel these characters were wasted in this series.

  • Fiona Wilson
    2019-04-02 15:50

    I'm sorry to say I feel a little let down by this last part of the series. Don't get me wrong, it is a good quick read, but I just didn't see the Braita I had grown to love.Braita is almost childish in this part, and uses her womanly ways to get exactly what she wants, but I wanted the fighting, strong Braita back if I'm honest.I feel that the break between each part of this series was too long, I lost track of what had gone on previously by the time the next part came out. I would be interested in buying the series as one book, that way I can fully enjoy the story as it should be enjoyed. The series must be read in order, you can't jump in later in the series. All in all a good read but disappointing end for me.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-23 18:13

    Review—Soar by Scarlett Dawn“Let me get this straight. You have somehow managed to get all of the litigators of Triaz to grant you immunity from your guilty-as-hell treason. And with your newfound freedom, you’ve decided you want Pluma Kreob and me to move from our home and the safety of Belvar…to live here. In Center. While you live under the same roof as the Plumas of the east?” “Um…yes.” There—that was two words. “Have you lost your damned mind?”Once again, Scarlett Dawn has captured my mind in a tangled web of alien awesomeness. I don’t know which way is up and I loved every part of this crazy world she has created. And chapter 13…whoa. I knew this was the end of the Cold Mark Saga, but I do hope she will revisit Briata and the Plumas. I love her spunk, her hidden innocence, and the fact that she is completely “owned” by both the east and west…there has to be more!**5 Looking Forward to the Next Series, Stars**

  • Arianna
    2019-03-21 20:55

    I received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.This one made me so sad. The Braita of the first book hasn't returned and she is, as always, too childish for my taste. The ending wasn't satisfying at all. I was hurt on behalf of Malik and Leo, they weren't my favorites but I believe Braita would have grow to love them, so how she handled them was terrible. I absolutely adore Stiller and Jax. The Pluma of the west didn't shine (and yes, I did understand their boind with Braita since the first clue. Not a shocker, that one). The first book in this serial was exceptional, the others only good, but all in all I would recommend it.Vote: 4 stars

  • Grace's Potato
    2019-03-31 22:09

    What the hell just happened? This last book in the series lost all sense of direction... I expected so much more :( It just took the weirdest turn with no warning and zero character development ever since the second book. I'm so disappointed since I really enjoyed the first and second books in the series, it had so much potential....

  • kiki
    2019-03-27 17:52

    Really the final installment.If you add these books together you will get the normal size of one book.still i'm waiting to see where this will go.Somehow I expected more from this author I love her books but was very disappointed with this series.

  • Ally
    2019-04-10 19:07

    2.5 Stars

  • Jennifer Duman
    2019-03-31 22:06

    So damn short it makes me want to cry. I had high hopes for this series. The first book was amazing. The following books kept getting shorter and more lackluster as the series went on.

  • Jasmine Smith
    2019-03-30 18:01

    I dunno how I feel about this one. I loved the first book, but I feel like the further along in this series I get the less amazing it is. This book was good, not great but definitely good.

  • Lucy at Rain and Cupcakes Book Blog
    2019-03-27 18:03

    2.5 StarsAlas, the last installment of Cold Mark has arrived, I must say, I've hoped to find answers to all of my questions, sadly I was not nearly as satisfying with this one. While I was happy Braita was able to leaver her "Souls", but I didn’t particularity like how the hybrid Plumas could easily use their hybrid abilities to manipulates memories. The whole concept just seem too convenient, and too easy to me. Not to mention, I am not sure what happened to "Braita" in this book, she was bratty, spoiled and self-centered, I am sad to say, I didn't like her at all in Soar. I really wished the information and the background of the series was better organized, I thought the hybrid bit just came out of nowhere, and then there was that "mate" connection where Braita's body hair colors have changed to matched the Plumas of the east. Even though it was an interesting detail to learned, but I didn't think it was well explained. I was quite surprised and taken back some of the twists in this installment, specifically on how “Souls” doesn’t mean the same as "mates". To me, it completely defeat the purpose of "Souls", why had the supernatural connections in the first place, if it wasn't for the purpose of soul mate? It didn't help that the book didn't give a clear, elaborate explanation on the two connections. As for the new "mate" connection, it definitely felt like it was an easy set up, to give Braita and the Plumas of the east a perfect supernatural excuse to be together. Overall, I couldn't help but to be disappointed by this series as a whole, it had started really good, I've really enjoyed the concept and tons of ideas in the story. But as the series progressed, I felt the length of each of the installment was far too short for the story to be well-developed. While tons had happened, but I couldn't help but to think story had merely touched the surface. In the end I thought the ending felt incomplete, and the story never really explored the relationships between Braita and the hybrid Plumas. Then there was the "true mates" connection that just seem came out of nowhere, which almost felt like it was created for the convenience of justify Braita to leave her "Souls", and to be with the hybrid Plumas. Because the significant turnabout, I think I've rather the story focused on Braita and her "true mates" from the start, instead of spending so many pages of trying to "save" Braita's relationship with her Souls, which didn't mean anything in the end.

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2019-04-12 15:59

    Copy received from author for an honest reviewThis is the 5th and final installment of the Cold Mark series, and a lot of questions are finally answered.I have enjoyed this series right from the start, and have been wondering where things would end up with Braita, her Vaq, the Plumas...I was glad that Braita finally made a decision about who she wanted to be with - though at times I felt she devolved a bit from the strong woman we first met. She was all about using her feminine wiles to get what she wanted, rather than just going for it like she had always done. But then at other times she asserted her feelings like she always had.I was happy with the decision she made, though I did feel a little sorry for the other guys :(We also got a glimpse of what will be the start of the Moon Mark saga, which I know I will be reading when it comes out!The ending did feel a tiny bit rushed, but I was happy with how things ended.

  • Lillian
    2019-04-07 19:58

    Perfect ending!!!Full Review to come....Updated 6/22I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.Perfect....FANTASTIC ending to this series!!!Soar by Scarlett Dawn is the last book in her Cold Mark series and I'll be honest I was worried how it would turn out. I was worried it would be rushed, answers to questions would be missing, but above all I was worried I would be disappointed after investing so much time into the series. My worries were unfounded! Soar is fantastic and a great ending to the series :DPlease Note if you haven't read any of the prior books there are minor unavoidable spoilers in this review.Braita Valorn is one of my favorite characters. Yes, she's a bit naive and doesn't think beyond her own wishes to be free, but she's also a force to be reckoned with. She's strong, courageous and brave. She faces her fears head on and doesn't bat an eyelash. I love this about her!And the Plumas....Oh my!!! I love them :D In this last book of the series, Braita finally makes her decision between the Plumas of the East and the Plumas of the West. I can tell you now I wasn't disappointed with her choice ;) Both Plumas are unique and have their own appeal so I don't think I would've been disappointed with either choice.The mysterious Madeline who is mentioned in book three makes a brief appearance in this book and we get a few answers plus a promise of a spin off series!!! I'm so excited for Moon Mark now :DOverall this was a great conclusion to the serial series. I adore Braita and all the other characters as well. The world-building is phenomenal and I love learning about the Mian culture. If you enjoy new adult, science fiction, and of course some romance, then I highly recommend this series!!! I promise it won't disappoint!

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-19 16:05

    ***I received this ebook from the author in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own.***Holy cow batman!!! For those of us who have religiously followed Braita's quest for freedom as well as love, you will be greatly excited to find out....what you find out!!! HAHA you really thought I would tell you what happens? Crazy if lol. I will tell you, that while this is the conclusion of Briata's story, that you will either be happy or disappointed in the choices that she makes. I personally have been going in this direction for awhile but I do so love being difficult. I have loved this story and all the excitement and trouble that Braita seems to find herself in. I have been sad with her and I have been extremely happy with her. I am a hardcore Scarlett Dawn fan as I have been since I accidentally found her and read King Hall lol. The characters she creates and shares with us have the ability to bring us into their worlds and their problems. It isn't like reading a book where you get bored and just rush through it to finish, no, with any and all of the books by her I've read, I cannot put the dang thing down. I have never been disappointed nor have I felt as if it is repetitive as with some other authors I have read. It is always a new journey with new and exciting things in store for us. I am rating this fabulous book in at five hearts and as always I cannot freaking wait to read more by her!!!!

  • Faye
    2019-03-22 14:59

    I have some mixed feelings with this book. I admit that I was voting for Braita's Vaq but we don't always get what we want.Soar is the finally installment of the Cold Mark series but it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the other characters which is for another time.Anyway, continuing on Soar, there's a bit of revelation about Braita and her peeps. It's nothing bad but I probably should have expected it with this scifi. I'm happy that Braita chose whom she wanted to be with at the same time I felt that what was the point of all the Vaq and all and that there was that itty bitty twist of another form of bond with the other Plumas she chose. Don't get me wrong but I felt that how it played out was not entirely satisfying and I felt bad for her Vaq. I just really wished there was more. It might have a happy ending but not entirely contented with it. Also, I really was hoping she would choose her Vaq. I was holding on to that throughout the whole series. Now, even though it ended differently, I hoped that they would have their own HEA and someone who isn't childish like Braita (which she was throughout the whole book). The next book isn't about them but another character. Still, I'm interested to read it. I can't wait to see how their story will unfold.I received an arc from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cassie Zavala
    2019-03-26 17:09

    Five novellas later and I am still in love with every character! I don't even know what else to say, I r eally loved this series of novellas. Briata is as awesome as ever. I loved her assertion to her freedom, despite the ways everything seems to be working against it. I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to such an awesome character! The plumas are great- though I won't spoil it by saying which ones - I will say the heat is turned up in Soar and man oh man, it does not leave a girl disappointed. There is a bit of action, fighting (duh! These are the Mian we're talking about), and, of course, some laughs - would it be Scarlett Dawn if we didn't laugh? I will say there are times it felt a little rushed. I found myself wishing it was longer because though everything tied together, it did so in a manner that just kind of brushed over things instead of taking the time to really explore them. Because of that, I found myself a little disappointed. I wanted more detail, more explanation... more. When it ended, I simply wasn't ready to let go. Even though I wasn't ready to say goodbye, Soar was a wonderful end to the Cold Mark Saga.

  • Amy Davies
    2019-04-01 18:18

    This is book 5 in the series and again you are drawn into the book from the start. In this book you see progression with Braita and the men in her life, you see her grow more and more each book. With each book she grows into a stronger women who is loved and treasured. Information is revealed that makes sense to certain things that has happened.Braita is still the feisty human that knows what she wants. With her best friend Jax at her side she pushes for what she wants and needs all the while abiding the violence that may accrue. While still connected with Malik and Leo, Braita is falling for Killeg and Phila who want to give her what she wants. They see her as a lover not someone who they can control. They both help her find herself even more. I still love that throughout this series Braita is still the same strong human from book one. The friendship between her and Jax is still solid. The love and loyalty between Braita and her men is evident through the story. I'm looking forward to see where book 6 takes us as more characters are introduced.

  • Eye Candy Bookstore
    2019-04-11 15:53

    This is book 5 in the series and it pulls you in from the start. In this book you see progression with Braita and the men in her life. With each book she grows into a stronger women who is loved and treasured. Braita is still the feisty human that knows what she wants. With her best friend Jax at her side she pushes for what she needs all the while abiding the violence that may accrue. Still connected with Malik and Leo, Braita is falling for Killeg and Phila who want to give her what she wants. They see her as a lover not someone who they can control. They both help her find herself even more. I still love that throughout this series Braita is still the same strong human from book one. The friendship between her and Jax is solid and the love and loyalty between Braita and her men is evident through the story. I'm looking forward to see where book 6 takes us as more characters are introduced. 4 starsReviewed by Amy Davies @ Eye Candy Bookstore

  • Tanya Vought
    2019-03-29 21:52

    I loved all of these novellas! With this 5th installment.. I'm still in love with them all. I enjoyed Briata just as much as before. I love seeing her want her freedom and those she has in her life to help her get what she wants/needs despite it all. And those Plumas... oh man.. those hot sexy guys... the heat is turned up... and you'll definitely enjoy them that's for sure! In true signature style you'll see laughs incorporated in this novella just like the previous ones... it wouldn't be a Scarlett novella without her unique sense of humor. I was honestly shocked with how the book ended. I had thought of something else... but I did enjoy it. It was exactly how it should have been. And that being said, it was sweet and I look forward to reading more of Madeline's story! 4 stars from me. * Recv'd a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-27 17:04

    What a fabulous ending by Scarlett Dawn!! I <3 this author so hard!!!The things that these characters do for and to each other is amazing, I gotta tell ya. I loved all of the turns Scarlett took with this final installment, I mean who would have thought?! I suggest you read this, like now. Unless you haven't read any of them... In that case one-click all five, find a quiet room and devour the entire series. Right now. What are you waiting for?! GO!

  • Tammy
    2019-03-29 16:13

    Now i kind of understand why Scarlett Dawn release Cold Mark in a small series. I would want to read full story in one book but i know the effect will be different. What i like about Scarlett's Cold Mark is that she can put romance into sci-fi with dash of drama, a little bit of action and pinches of quirkiness combine with humors. Cold Mark is an entertaining dish for an " in between" read.

  • Nekeisha Ryce
    2019-03-19 19:05

    I love Scarlett Dawn writing style and I loved Braita story! However I was a little disappointed that she didn't end up with her vaq. Overall it was still great!!!!! Can't wait for the next one Moon Marked series!!!!

  • Dena
    2019-04-02 21:55

    What a story?I like the idea of have many races and the human interacting with them. I like the female heroine she is independent and fearless. I hope there are other stories like this

  • Susan Davis
    2019-03-28 17:06

    Perfect endingLoved this serial tho it has been hArd to wait for the installments as I'm really not used to the serial style but if anyone were to pull me into one it would be Scarlett Dawn!!

  • Christie Yamada
    2019-04-12 16:52

    I was disappointed with the way it ended. All the action was pretty much finished by this book. There didn't seem to be enough closure between the characters and a lot of questions were left hanging.

  • Consuelo Keel
    2019-04-01 22:10

    Satisfying conclusion w more to come!!Loved this final book! Tied up all the threads, and set loose a new thread for the Moon Mark series to follow!! 2016 can't come quick enough! Scarlett, u sure know how to tease and entice!

  • Lauren
    2019-04-19 16:03

    Briata seems so demanding and super spoiled in this one. This would have worked so much better as one story instead of having to be broken up into little pieces, it just made it drag on and become boring.

  • Runningrabbit
    2019-03-22 21:15

    I was disappointed with this frankly I ultimately found it anticlimactic.