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In a land where those with magic are esteemed and revered, Janir guards a secret that would send her to the headsman's block at a word. As one of the reviled Argetallams, she has the power to destroy enchantments and steal others' magic—an ability that has caused bloodshed for generations. Raised as the illegitimate daughter of an influential lord, she was determined to tuIn a land where those with magic are esteemed and revered, Janir guards a secret that would send her to the headsman's block at a word. As one of the reviled Argetallams, she has the power to destroy enchantments and steal others' magic—an ability that has caused bloodshed for generations. Raised as the illegitimate daughter of an influential lord, she was determined to turn her back on her heritage, but when her power manifests, leaving a nobleman dead, she has no choice but to flee her adoptive home. In exile with the help of a fearless young enchanter and an elf sworn to protect her, she finds herself entangled in a quest to hide an ancient artifact from the kingdom’s enemies. But they are not the only ones after the relic and soon their paths cross with a rival from Janir's distant childhood. With no hope of help or rescue, the fate of nations will depend on a fifteen year old girl and her mastery of powers she doesn't understand....

Title : The Key of Amatahns
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The Key of Amatahns Reviews

  • Justin
    2019-05-26 09:31

    I really enjoyed this book. It was the fantasy that I was looking for when I started it, but as with most Fantasy books I read I did have a lot of moments where I felt things were a little slow. I enjoy Fantasy quite a lot though, so it wasn't to big of an issue for me. Elisabeth is one of the youngest author that I have read a book by though, and I think she did an amazing job writing it. Just reading it, I would of never imagined she was such a young writer without having actually known before hand.The story is pretty stunning, she has fantastic world building. And was able to make the book truly feel like this epic adventure, and not just a mediocre fantasy. Being introduced to all the monsters, magic and other awesome things you will come across in this book was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the story though, even though there were a few pacing issues. I think she did a great job trying to make it all feel really fluid, and for the most part I would say she was able to accomplish that.The characters were another amazingly strong feature of the book. When you're dealing with Fantasy characters I feel like you tend to look for a deeper level of character building that you don't really see in other genres. And with that said, I feel like it is extremely difficult for authors to pull off amazing characters within Fantasy books. While I won't go as far as saying these characters were amazing, I would have to say that they were extremely good and very well developed. And also, as with most Fantasy books the character count can sometimes get a little overwhelming. While there is a lot of people that Janir comes across throughout the story, I felt like Elisabeth did a great job at holding back the reigns on the character count.In the end, I felt like this was an excellent book overall. I had very few issues with it, and the ones I did always tend to bug me when it comes to Fantasy. But it's a genre I love, and will never stop reading. Elisabeth really did a wonderful job writing this book, and I love how it all came to a close leading into the second book which I hope to read soon.If you enjoy Fantasy, then I would highly suggest checking this book out. Even if you don't, I think you might surprise yourself if you were to give the book a chance. I hope you all enjoyed this review though, and I hope you'll check out this awesome book whenever you get a chance.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-13 01:48

    (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)Janir is 8 when her father sends her away. She may be the Lord of the Argetallams daughter, but she is also half Brevian (another race who the Argetallams fight with). When her party is attacked and her mother killed, Janir finds herself taken in and raised by a man called Armandius Caersynn, who as it turns out is actually her mother’s husband! (Her mother was captured by Argetallams and taken as a courtesan for their Lord!)However, 7 years later, when a visiting duke tries to stab Armandius during a dinner party, Janir finds herself driven mad with anger, and snaps the dukes neck. Knowing that this act will unveil Janir as half-Argetallam, Armandius sends her off to the moutains with a small amount of provisions and a horse, and tells her that he will send someone to find her if he can get her a pardon from the courts.Janir goes off alone with her horse, but soon comes across a sorcerer in a tree (Karile) who she helps. He joins her and they travel along together. Karileis searching for ‘the key of amatahns’, a legend says that all the magical powers of a warrior tribe was locked in a crystal chamber, and sealed with a key – if someone finds they key, and enters the chamber, they will absorb all of the magical powers, making them nearly unlimited magical powers.Karile says that the Argetallam’s are looking for the key, and that he wants to find it first and keep it from them, as the Argetallam’s are a fierce warrior race, and if they get their hands on the power, it will lead to the end of the world as they know it!Thus is the start of an epic YA fantasy adventure, filled with elves, dwarves, seers, enchantresses, ghosts, and all manner of other strange mythical creatures.This book was a great YA fantasy, and I would say that it is similar to ‘the lord of the rings’, only much easier to read! Janir is such a brave girl, and doesn’t let anything phase her. She totally takes every obstacle in her stride, and keeps going even when the situation seems dire! She really does come across all sorts on this adventure though, and there’s never a dull moment! This storyline just keeps springing new surprises all the time!I also liked the characters of Karile – the slightly batty sorcerer, and Armandius – Janir’s foster father. I also thought that Lucan (Janir’s half-brother) was a fantastic adversary.This book is very well written, I don’t think I came across a single spelling mistake in the whole book! I would never have guessed that the fantastic author of this book was only 16 when she wrote this! This is truly an amazing achievement!My favourite quote would have to be this one from the seeress - ‘do not flee from who you are. You will never get away’ – so funny and so true!Read this is you’re looking for an epic fantasy, that isn’t epically long!6 out of 10(Book Length: 4132 kindle locations)

  • Cecilia (rather barefoot than bookless)
    2019-05-13 02:36

    4.5 stars in my rating!It was a long time ago I read a real fantasy book and I can´t recall I have ever read a YA fantasy before! I LOVED THIS ONE! I was completely captured by the content of this book by page ONE. Some how I just think that fantasy should be written in third person. it works better some how and this book is. I usually give books a lower rating if they are written in third person because I like the books better in first person but with fantasy it works and always has for me so it was perfect!I loved Janir, she is strong without realizing it and she is very brave. And even though she is Argetallam she unbelievably kind and she is ashamed that she is Argetallam and that is something she struggles with.We also get to meet Karile who becomes a good but annoying friend to her. We also get to meet the mysterious elf Saoven who is a person I was curious of the entire story.This was such a great read with several interesting characters who kept the story intriguing and sometimes funny throughout the book. When I was finished with this I could not wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.If you want to read a great YA fantasy this year then you have to read this one. It was well written, with both action, humor and a sense of romance that hang in the air.

  • Sheri
    2019-04-29 07:45

    The Key of Amatathns (Argetallam Saga #1) Elisabeth WheatlyYA/FantasyThis is the story of a young girl named Janir. She is the daughter of the much feared Lord Argetallam, a cruel and sinister man. She leads a normal life until her powers are revealed and her father casts her out of the family. She is on her way to the mountains, to live in solitude.On her way she meets Karile, a somewhat wizard. They also meet Saoven, who happens to be an elf. Along the way they encounter an enchantress who gets them involved in a quest to find a lost treasure, the Key of Amatahns. Once committed to this quest, they embark on one of the most dangerous ventures ever.Fantastic action-packed page turner. I highly recommend to Adults as well as YA readers, or anyone who enjoys adventure stories with wizards, dragons and creatures of (dark) fairy tales.Well written story, young Ms. Wheatly is an Author to follow. Not many can say they wrote a fantastic book while still in High School.I also recommend the second in the series The Secrets of the Vanmars

  • Georgiann Hennelly
    2019-04-26 05:28

    I truly enjoyed this ya fantasy book . If you enjoy fighting, magic, dragons and other creatures than this is the book for you. The Key of Amatahns has a good plot and the characters are believable. I loved Janir she is brave and strong and even though she is Argetallom she is unbelievably kind.We also meet Karile who becomes a good friend who can be annoying at times.And we also meet the mysterious Elf Saoven. I was curious about him the entire story. I can,t wait for the next book in the series. If you want a great YA fantasy than i highly recommend you read this one. It is very well written, with humor, action and a sense of romance.

  • Rosie Amber
    2019-04-28 07:34

    I was very impressed that the author of this book is a teenager. The book is suitable for the teenager market. The theme is fantasy in a world of magic, dragons, elves and feuding nations. I enjoyed the first third of the book best, the storyline then drifted a little and I no longer felt I was there with the characters feeling, seeing and touching. Perhaps there was a shift from showing the reader what is happening to telling us about it. This skill will improve which is why the book remains a 4 star.

  • J.L.
    2019-04-27 03:44

    How could I help but love this tale of adventure, mystery and fantasy? Right, I couldn't! So, what did I love about it? The characters are well developed, the family mystery is intriguing and the plot drew me in early on. I especially enjoyed the addition of a humorous sidekick. I highly recommend The Key of Amatahns to any one who enjoys a a well written fantasy.

  • Eli Hinze
    2019-05-15 03:41

    Read this review and more on my blog!Be warned! Spoilers, (though minor), lie ahead!High fantasy isn't a genre I'm typically interested in. In fact, I have little to no interest in it at all. (With the exception of The Lord of the Rings, but that should be obvious.) Something about the named swords, elves, goblins, etcetera doesn't do it for me. That being said, I found The Key of Amatahns to be highly enjoyable! I have a very busy day-to-day life, and often collapse on the bed after each day, unconscious. But not when reading this book! I set aside time every night to read some, which for me is quite the feat.The cast was interesting, diverse enough for just about everyone to find a favorite. (Mine would be either Lucan or Saoven, if anyone was wondering!) While I've found pace to be a common problem in fantasy novels, (they usually dip half way through), this book didn't suffer from that. There might've been one or two sections where things were a little slow or confusing, but not significantly at all. It still made for a very enjoyable ride. Despite finding the entire story engaging, my interest piqued the most near the ending. Janir being referred to as “fledgling”, being stronger than her brother, members of the Argetallam's royal line being plucked off, and the mysterious elvish figure. I feel like, seeing as this is a series, this book might've been setting up the framework for an even grander story to come.I enjoyed this book more than I have any other in a long time. I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 for the small lull, a need for a tad more polish in a few areas (but that can be said of any writer), and a couple grammatical errors. Overall, fun, imaginative, and a good story that I would recommend to just about anyone.

  • Intisar Khanani
    2019-05-16 06:41

    What a fun, engaging, quick read! In her debut novel, teen author Elisabeth Wheatley delivers up a wonderful first installment of what promises to be a fascinating series. Janir is a likable and compassionate heroine–and while many heroines manage to be likable nowadays, compassion isn’t something we see modeled that often, so she proved to be a wonderful find. I also enjoyed the fact that, although she can hunt, she is not a ninja, nor does she attempt to turn into one. Janir fights when she has to, but she’d rather not, and she certainly isn’t a wizard with a blade.Speaking of wizards, I would like to personally thank Ms. Wheatley for giving the world the young enchanter Karile. He is the most wonderful depiction of obnoxious but lovable younger brother material I think I’ve ever come across in this genre (note: he’s not actually Janir’s brother, he just has that feel. Janir has a younger brother and lemme tell you, he’s a piece of work!). Karile is the perfect comic relief, and yet he comes through in more serious moments, gets Janir into the best of scrapes, and then, sometimes, out of them, and…well, you’ll just have to read The Key to enjoy him yourself.Ms. Wheatley’s writing is generally very strong. The characters are well-rounded and each have their own unique voice, the plot has a few twists that will surprise you, and for as evil as a villain as we meet, we’re left with a sense of complexity when it comes to understanding him. I did notice some passages that were awkward, and a couple places where the pacing was off, but it was not enough to take away from the read. I am looking forward to reading the next books in this series.

  • Karen
    2019-05-01 08:38

    If you like dragons, fighting, magic and other creatures then The Key Of Amatahns is something for you!This book was really good, the plot was fantastic and the characters were well-done. Elisabeth's writing style is great, it's formal but she has also put some humor in it. The plot is as I said, fantastic. The whole finding the key and the journey was cool. The book contained a lot of fights and mysteries, a nice mix if you ask me.The characters are amazing, we follow Janir, and she is great. But I have to admit that I liked Saoven best, since he was just so mystic, and I really want to know his thoughts. Karile was clumsy and had such a cute and yet annoying personality, and he is also one of my favorite characters.I finished the book within three days, but I have been away, so I have been unable to publish it. I read it fast, since it was very exciting, but at some parts confusing. For instance, Elisabeth mention a black haired girl sitting with something in her hands (can't remember what) and that was all. I was wondering who she was and why she was just sitting there, and why she sat there. Nothing made sense, so I had to re-read that, and I still didn't get it.The author is good at different words describing same thing. I'm amazed on how many different words she use with the same meaning, it was a bunch of words that I have never even heard of. But it wasn't confusing at all, I understood what she wrote.I was really pleased with this book.The ending was fantastic, I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Miss Clark
    2019-05-02 08:53

    I liked it, the second version a lot more. Karile was by far my favourite character. The series has a lot of potential, so I shall be picking up book 2!Version 1 from 2011: Ok. Clunky. No scene breaks. Hackneyed phrases, etc.Version 2 from 2015 (current version): Much better. Cleaned up and polished. Proper scene breaks. No more mindless drones/converts. Now the soldiers with Lucan have free will and gamble and dissent. Some are actively working against Lucan, like Caman who attacks Janir in the stables instead of the sailors as in version 1.The Argetellams find them not feral men from Ralissia.There are also substantial changes to the plot/characters. Karik knew all along who Janir was - actually searched for her because he needed her help to get into the Temple. Janir lets Lucan go at the end! He doesn't just escape. She chooses to let him go and he knows it. In general, things are clearer and more concise.The trial scene before Remian the King is gone entirely and we never see Aryana's father and brother at all. Or hear the King's verdict about Janir needing to present herself for trial. The karkatons are a bit more explained, but not in what manner the Argetellams can take over others? Is it only magical others? Or anyone?And the "beautifully" dark Malkalar? What?

  • Dana
    2019-05-25 04:55

    I won this book on good reads give away and was really excited when it arrived. It sounded really interesting from the description and I always like to read books from new authors. This really was a good book. I probably would rate it between 4.5 and 5, but I gave it 5 because I felt 4 stars too low. I don't usually give out five stars unless it is a book I enjoy enough to buy and re-read. The Key of Amantahns had a good story plot and development. The characters were believable. I liked how the author showed the difference in upbringing between a family that was cruel and abusive to one that was kind and the struggle the main character underwent to discover herself. There were a few parts where I wished things were explained a little earlier, but it flowed well, anyways. The book was very clean and would be appropriate for advanced younger readers. My ten year old daughter would enjoy reading this book and I would have no hesitations letting her read it. I really enjoyed this first book in the series and I plan on buying the rest of the books, if the author writes more. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys magic, adventure, and fast paced books. It's a great read and well worth the time.

  • Melissa Sasina
    2019-05-01 05:49

    The Key of Amatahns is the beginning of a very promising series. I seriously read half the book in one day because I just had to know what happened next to Janir. While her early childhood is painful to learn, Janir finds a happy life for many years with her foster father. Unfortunately, that peaceful life is ripped from her with the death of a nobleman. During her flight from home, she encounters a young enchanter named Karile. I quickly agree with what Saovel did to him and wished I could do it myself many times. The world in which Janir lives is stunning and rich in history and magic. The Key of Amatahns is fast paced with hardly a dull moment and pulls you in mercilessly, making you lose hours just wanting to read what happens next. The best kind of book! On top of it all, this stunning story was written while the author was only sixteen years, a completely amazing feat! I highly recommend it!

  • Elly Gard
    2019-05-12 07:28

    I very much enjoyed this book, and it was one of my favorites out of this genre- I'd call it medieval fantasy?The reason that I gave this book three stars as opposed to five is this;I am not a huge lover of medieval fantasy. I just isn't my favorite thing to read. Now, if I did like medieval fantasy, this book would be five stars hands down.I am definetley glad that I read it and I hope you will too!

  • Julie Powell
    2019-05-08 07:31

    I was asked to read this by the author for review.A great beginning to an epic tale, full of magic, myth, enchantment and mystery. The characters are realistic and bring the story alive in the 'magical mystery tour'.This story has all the right ingredients for a good fantasy, and perfect for a YA audience.Well worth a look.

  • Read for your future!
    2019-05-21 09:44

    Read Mechele's review here: Cindi's review here:

  • Mechele
    2019-05-14 01:28

    Review coming soon to :)

  • Melody
    2019-05-16 01:45

    I did something that I usually don’t do, but it was a special occasion. My birthday is two days after my husband’s birthday. As a special treat, we both went down to a B&N clearance sale and just went crazy! We got a box full of books plus what we could fit into a book bag. It was awesome! I strongly suggest that you go to a clearance sale sometime. It’s not a good place to find specific books, but you can easily wile away a few hours shuffling past tables covered in stacks of books, talking about books with complete strangers, grabbing a good find off the table before anyone else gets to it, and, my personal favorite, starting a new book while you wait in a check out line that wraps around the whole building.Between both of us, we spent about $50. I’d say that over half of that was mine, but I still got a pretty good deal. For my 30 or so dollars, I got 15 new books. Out of those, there was one I’d already read and I just wanted to add to my personal library. There were five books that I’d heard about and knew I wanted to read. The remaining nine were books I’d never heard about. I don’t usually like to buy random books, but they were $1-2 dollars a piece, so I decided to take a chance on them.The first book I picked up out of the box when I got home was The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley. The book’s name was the first thing that captured my attention. It seemed like an interesting story and I loved that it was written by a high school student. You don’t see that a lot.Here’s a basic synopsis of the story: Janir is born as the heir to a kingdom that is ruled by the ruthless, bloodthirsty Argetellams. When her traveling convoy is ambushed by a group of people from another kingdom, they almost kill her just because of her heritage. A knight takes pity on her, however, and decides to take her into his home. They manage to keep the secret for many years, but she is forced to flee to the mountains when someone finds out that she is an Argetallam.Along the way she meets a young (and foolish) wizard who convinces her to go on a quest to find the fabled “Key of Amahtans,” which is said to have the power of an entire magical race locked inside it. Before she knows it, Janir is caught up in a quest that involves an elf, her Argetallam half-brother, and an ancient race of magical beings.Will Janir be able to save herself and her friends with her emerging Argetallam powers? Who will end up with the key? Will the power inside of the key be unlocked? These are the questions that will be racing through your mind while you read this book.Now, while I love Wheatley’s story, I don’t love this book. I’m sure some of my opinion comes down to a dislike of the author’s personal writing style. That can happen in any circumstance. Sometimes a writer’s writing style, or quirks, just don’t sit right with a reader. For instance, the sheer number of run-on sentences that occurred when Wheatley was describing something or the chapter/paragraph breaks. They didn’t take away from the awesome story line, but they did annoy me at times.One of the biggest turn offs for me was the repetition that occurred throughout the book. I really don’t like it when an author shows or tells you something twenty times. I get it. I see the connection. You don’t have to spell it out for me by repeating the meaning behind something again. Also some of the descriptive words or phrases became a little repetitive.I don’t think the pacing was ideal. This can be a rather touchy subject. I work in publishing house. I understand the importance of jumping straight into the action and getting the reader’s attention. When openings are too slow, you can lose readers. However, I’ve read a lot of manuscripts recently where I think the story could have benefited from a little more background or world building in the beginning. (Or more time in the “ordinary world,” if you will.) I think “The Key of Amatahans” could have benefited from more time spend in the “ordinary world.” After the first chapter, Janir was all grown up. On top of that, she was a completely different character in a completely different place. There are a lot of questions about Janir’s background that were left unanswered. I want to know more about Janir and her world, which is a good thing, but it did take me longer to get “the feel” of her as the main character.The characters were relatable and well-rounded. I found myself becoming emotionally involved with them all. I even felt sympathy for the “bad” characters, which is saying a lot. It’s wonderful whenever an author can cause readers to feel something for her evil characters. Except when repetition showed up, their interactions were quite genuine.Through all of that, I got to the end of the book. The ending was perfect! Wheatley knew how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats. Just when I thought her denouement was starting to draw out, she added a twist that left the character’s hanging in the balance.All in all, I love the story! I’m kind of “eeh” on the book. I haven’t decided whether it has earned its place on my shelf yet. I don’t think I’ll go to any extremes to look for the rest of the series, but I might check out the next book if I can find it at my local library.I’d love to see if this author is still writing, because her writing style might have changed. I’m sure she’s grown in her craft since high school. I’m in no place to judge her first book, because I’m embarrassed to read my old attempts at writing. I’m just amazed at the character and world building skills that she already possessed. And she knew what she wanted! She went out there and she found someone who would publish a book written by a high school student! That fact alone might be enough to get me to check my library for more of her books. We’ll see :) .

  • Clarissa Ward
    2019-05-17 04:35

    So I don't know what first drew me in. It started off fairly interesting then boom everything changed and it was like I don't some awesome cross between Lord of the Rings and The Shannara Chronicles and I don't know what.I have no clue why but for some reason , I loved it. My only real problem was the timeline. I was a little confused in someplaces in how much time had past in between chapters but then a character would mention it later and I would understand. But I can't wait to read more :)

  • Mallory Farnham
    2019-05-21 01:26

    The Key of Amatahns by Elizabeth Wheatley is a spellbinding fantasy adventure! The story starts off with a prologue, a very good one. I know prologues aren't to everyones taste, but when it comes to fantasy I think they add so much to a story. I feel like they're necessary in a way. Wheatley's prologue is executed to near perfection, at establishing the story and introducing her world before the main action begins. There is something very special about this story. For starters it is very well-written, especially considering how young the author was (only 15 when the first edition was published, I believe.). It reminds me of older fantasy stories, such as the Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. It has the same sort of quirky, realistic, indirect path of the quest. It doesn't just jump from confrontation to confrontation, there's some stopping, some snacking, and some treasured restful moments. An occasional interruption to the quest. There's a realness to that, that makes the quest more believable and gives the characters more depth. Janir was a captivating main character, very contemplative and thoughtful. She has very strong heart, despite all the trials of her life so far. Like most teenagers she is trying to figure out who she is, although in her case this is made more difficult by her circumstances. However, my favorite trait that she possessed is mercy. Janir has the opportunity to abandon someone who has hurt her numerous times, but she makes sure he makes it out of danger and speaks up against killing him.Janir's friends and allies are no less engaging. Her best friend, an elf called Saoven, is cool just for the simple fact of being an elf (elves are automatically awesome). But he is a good friend, especially considering the negative view that most of his people have of Argetallam. Janir's most unlikely ally is Karile, who is...unique. Okay, so he can be really annoying, but after while he grows on you. And he is a loyal friend, even if he doesn't seem like it at first. Armandius, Janir's adopted father is everything a dad should be, kind, and compassionate, and supportive. I love how he treats Janir with as much consideration as he would his own daughter. Now onto the villains of our story. Janir's brother, Lucan is a jerk. A big jerk. And yet despite the awful things he does, the reader (and Janir) still feel sympathy for him. After all, having the Lord Argetallam as your role model is bound to screw anyone up. Speaking of the Lord Argetallam, grrr...I really, reaallly don't like him. Dude is straight up evil. Wheatley's world is so enthralling, I love all the details and the intricate history of the different lands and peoples. Also the creatures, like the Mazag, who are scary. Nothing worse than a creature that wants to have a conversation before it kills you. That being said they are very interesting and I hope to see more of them as the series continues. A favorite scene of mine was the market, reminiscent of Hellboy, with all sorts of various creatures and wares, I loved it! This story has plenty of magic, loyal friends, and exciting quests to captivate fantasy fans! (Especially if you like Eragon or Merlin!)~ This review was originally posted on

  • Sherry Fundin
    2019-05-19 03:32

    The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley is her debut novel, and part of a trilogy. I have read her Fanged novellas and they blew me away, so I asked her for a copy of The Key of Amatahns. I am excited to embark on another adventure with this amazingly talented young author.Janir and her mother were sent away from Adasha, but they never made it to their destination. Janir was saved by an elf and Amandius took her in. She is now a member of the Caersynn household, even though she is the daughter of the ruler of Argetallam.The Argetallam are the Invincible. They feared and detested by all, because of their ruthlessness and powerful magic.Lucan, Janir’s brother hated her. She is older, therefore would inherit the role of leader. He is mean, jealous, arrogant and self serving. I don’t think he would make a very good ruler. Lucan would do anything to find the Key and the Temple.An unfortunate incident and she is on the run again, this time into the forest on her own. She meets up with Karile who appears to be a bumbling enchanter.Saoven, an elf, is sent by Amandius to protect her and the three of them bond together to hunt for The Key To Amatahn.The Key could lead to the world’s end if it were to fall into the wrong hands.Once they have the Key, the pace picks up as they are chased through the woods, dodging evil and magic at every turn.We have elves, wargs, mazag, dragons, enchanters… A cornucopia of magical creatures. And, of course, some mortals.It took me a while to get into the swing of this fantasy adventure. As I figured out the different characters and the fantasy world Elisabeth Wheatley built. The characters became friends of mine and I cheered them on in their race to find the Key and the Temple it will unlock. I enjoyed the journey and would recommend The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley to all you fantasy lovers out there.Janir, and Karile’s journey was a long, ugly, torturous one and it will not end here. The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley does not end with a cliffhanger, but leaves the story open for more fantasy adventure.I received a copy of The Key of Amatahn by Elisbeth Wheatley in return for an honest and unbiased review.To see more visit

  • Once Upon a Twilight
    2019-05-04 08:55

    I loved this book from the beginning to the end. The whole story flowed from scene to scene and it just kept getting better and better as the story went on. Janir the main characters father is well hated in her village because he is a Argetallams. Janir father and mother send her away because her brother Lucan is being mean to her and making sure he makes her life miserable plus his mother wants Janir killed. So after she is sent away she finds out that her mother has been killed and Janir is rescued by Armandius. He was a friend of her mothers and he has to inform her that her mother has died. After staying with Armandius for years she ends up killing a duke that wanted to kill her master Armandius. So for Janir not to be killed Armandius has to send her away also. Along her journey she meets a wizard named Karile and he wants her to help him find the key so his people can gain all this magical power. Well she goes along for the ride and they end up meeting monsters named madzags, almost die from quicksand and almost drown. Then after a little while in the story they come across this army which contains Lucan Janirs brother. He thought she was dead and when he finds out he makes her life miserable again. The best part is he wants to find the key also. Along the way Janirs masters elf Saoven finds her and tries to rescue her but ends up failing and ends up being Lucans prisoner also.I would love to keep going but I don't want to ruin this wonderful story. After reading this book I go to the credits and it was written by a high schooler from from Texas. I couldn't believe the writing and the story telling. If your into books that go on and tell a great story you will love this one very much. I highly recommend it. I can't wait to start the second book of this saga. Its almost like the Twilight Frenzy..

  • Intisar Khanani
    2019-05-16 02:27

    What a fun, engaging, quick read! In her debut novel, teen author Elisabeth Wheatley delivers up a wonderful first installment of what promises to be a fascinating series. Janir is a likable and compassionate heroine--and while many heroines manage to be likable nowadays, compassion isn't something we see modeled that often, so she proved to be a wonderful find. I also enjoyed the fact that, although she can hunt, she is not a ninja, nor does she attempt to turn into one. Janir fights when she has to, but she'd rather not, and she certainly isn't a wizard with a blade.Speaking of wizards, I would like to personally thank Ms. Wheatley for giving the world the young enchanter Karile. He is the most wonderful depiction of obnoxious but lovable younger brother material I think I've ever come across in this genre (note: he's not actually Janir's brother, he just has that feel. Janir has a younger brother and lemme tell you, he's a piece of work!). Karile is the perfect comic relief, and yet he comes through in more serious moments, gets Janir into the best of scrapes, and then, sometimes, out of them, and...well, you'll just have to read The Key to enjoy him yourself.Ms. Wheatley's writing is generally very strong. The characters are well-rounded and each have their own unique voice, the plot has a few twists that will surprise you, and for as evil as a villain as we meet, we're left with a sense of complexity when it comes to understanding him. I did notice some passages that were awkward, and a couple places where the pacing was off, but it was not enough to take away from the read. I am looking forward to reading the next books in this series.

  • Erik Nelson
    2019-05-04 01:29

    Whenever I read a book, I can visualize what I'm reading. This book was no different except for one thing; I felt like I was literally watching a film. The book was so visual to me and so adventurous, I wish that one day, a film director translates it into a film. Maybe Peter Jackson or Chris Columbus. But anyway, "The Key of Amatahns" by Elisabeth Wheatley is an adventurous tale about a young girl named Janir who is the daughter of Lord Argetallam. One day when Janir's powers are revealed her father bans her from the family and she leaves to find a new life away from her family. Along the way, she meets mysterious characters which one of them gives her an assignment to find a lost treasure which is actually the title of the book. The quest may look simple to them but as they get farther and deeper into it, more challenges awaits them. As I said before, Eliseabeth Wheatley did a phenomenal job with creating the world of this book. She was so visual with her characters and settings. I also like how she was about to provide us with a lot of detail with the scenes without making it boring. Every single page had an exciting event on it. I can't wait to continue the story by reading the sequel. To find out more about Elisabeth Wheatley follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Kaitlyn
    2019-04-25 06:43

    It was surprisingly captivating and I really enjoyed the book. Can't wait for the sequel! :)