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A volume of literary erotica centered around the possibilities of sexual negotiation.Twenty complex, surprising, intense, and relatable stories from a spectrum of new and established writers explore something unusual in erotic fiction: someone saying no. Submissives—and dominants—safeword out of a BDSM scene. Couples (and one threesome!) discover the possibilities and bounA volume of literary erotica centered around the possibilities of sexual negotiation.Twenty complex, surprising, intense, and relatable stories from a spectrum of new and established writers explore something unusual in erotic fiction: someone saying no. Submissives—and dominants—safeword out of a BDSM scene. Couples (and one threesome!) discover the possibilities and boundaries of their new relationships. Past trauma rears its head. Personal preferences clash.Between the Shores shows respect for the boundaries people set as an integral part of sex, and highlights trust, communication—and mutual pleasure.Some call a halt to the action. Some proceed with care and caution. Some bare secrets to their partners that they’ve never before shared. And some find exciting alternatives. Through negotiation—whether serious or accompanied by laughter—they move beyond their “no” to reach what they truly desire: healing, growth, and fulfillment both sexual and otherwise....

Title : Between the Shores
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ISBN : 9781310275371
Format Type : Paperback
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Between the Shores Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-04-09 14:41

    I went on a liveblogging spree on tumblr, so I just copy-pasted my posts here. That way, I've said something about every story, and you get my immediate reactions to them.Between the Shores: Tether Me In LuxuryZippora imagines herself in a movie, and that’s exactly how it feels as the reader - like watching a movie; the imagery is that good. I also love the representation of non-sexual fantasies during sexual acts (partly in an “oh so I’m not the only one?” way :p)Between the Shores: Make Tonight A ShowOh but this hit all my buttons. An aromantic bisexual Domme topping the absolute hell out of bisexual man in an open relationship! Rather heavy kink! (Of the knifeplay and psychologically hard variety) A fascinating exploration of the morals/ethics of sexual sadism! The Domme liking pain too! Sexual personas! The sub safe wording out of a scene and the impact on the Domme being properly depicted, plus really good aftercare! The both of them agreeing to be in a friends + kink partners relationship! Whooo!!!Between the Shores: The Words, the Walls, and the Weaver’s SonI am always here for historical fiction, and ever since that Alison tour in the St-Peters abbey (Ghentian friends may know what I’m talking about) I have had a weakness for gay monks, so this was nice.Between the Shores: Donovan’s DoorGood critical exploration of BDSM within the context of race and gender, lovely fun description of a kink club, and made me discover toys and practices I had never hear of.Between the Shores: First DateReally good exploration of the relationship between an aromantic woman and an alloromantic one, the mutual expectations and compromises. Also really fun sex.Between the Shores: Little DanBut SF-y sex toy with lots of potential for creative sex, and I really liked the idea that a meaningful relationship doesn’t have to last forever.Between The Shores: The Best EntanglementsHello yes I still love sex games and role playing and sexual personas. This was really fun and then after a small hitch it becomes even more fun (ridiculous not-taking-themselves-seriously role play! Whoooo!!!)Between the Shores: BorderlineI was really really happy about seeing a character who genuinely likes sex but just dislikes having things done to her. This story shows that sex doesn’t have to be physically mutual in the strictest sense to be really really hot. Also it revived my theoretical thing for motorcycles.Between the Shores: VineAnother modern mythology story whoa I have been spoiled :D Subby non-binary Dionysos! A Domme who wears Uggs because of her bad back! Amazingly dry snarky humour! Super hot sex scenes with improvised BDSM accessories (I wanna tie someone up with shoelaces now), that don’t ignore Leda’s back problems! (I still haven’t figured out if Leda is actually the Leda…)Between the Shores: Rolling DeepIt’s my story again so uhm. But hey, disabled Dommes, confident subs! Cute kink! I did a good!Between the Shores: The Art of ImprovisationRight okay someone find me a way to live inside one of Pasi’s stories (…not the TVD kind. This kind.) Open poly lesbian triad! Two of them having a threesome with an adorable bisexual boy in a mesh shirt! (he’s called Gethin Pasi has the gift of foresight and I now want to see Andrew Scott in a mesh suit.) Them checking in with the third partner by phone! Everyone being disgustingly cute and concerned and fun! Absurdly hot sex that killed me a bit! ALL THE GIGGLING I laughed so much that Mum asked me what was so funny twice.Between the Shores: Crazy In LoveFantastic depiction of the impact of mental illness on sex, and mental illness in general. I really liked that Blake holds fast and refuses to have sex till morning - he’s taking care of Cary and himself. I also loved that Cary realises why he does it and doesn’t hold it against him, and that neither of them dismiss each other’s insecurities.Between the Shores: Waiting for the Light to ChangeOh my god. This was filthy in the absolute best possible way. Nghhhh. Still a bit woozy. It has knotting and begging and dirty talk and a completely fucked-out desperate sub (the subspace thing again, why am I so easy) and the Dom safewording out which is always a good, and just, unf.Between the Shores: How Can I Meet YouThis one was probably the one most focused on compromises, and I loved it. It’s very much pennypaperbrain’s style: honest, emotionally heavy, not always nice and fun, but so good. And so hot. I loved that it was the sub who wanted more and the Dom who didn’t, and I loved that they didn’t end up convincing each other, but found alternatives and learned to live without the bits that weren’t an option. Also very happy about the negotiations taking time, day by day, in short conversations and interrupted sex scenes. Felt very realistic. (I’m also still enough of a narcissist to be happy about protagonists who share my name :p)Between the Shores: Provided ForVery good exploration of the not-so-fun bits of being a vampire, not in an overly dramatic grimdark way, but rather “this is what I am and what I did and this is how I want to remedy that”. It’s also very refreshing to see a partner not swoon about sexy vampires, but rather ask himself what that means, exactly. I also loved that the negotiation wasn’t actually about something strictly sexual, even though it did turn sexual to make things easier. Also the “traipsing around naked except for absurdly expensive jewelry” really spoke to me :pBetween the Shores: Return to RopeWhoa. Really good. Really emotional and psychological - dealing with trauma when you can’t quite admit to yourself that it’s trauma you’re dealing with - but Val is also very confident and empowered and Iz is very sweet and supportive. I am also always here for subs who take the power while staying submissive. And God I love rope and knots.Between the Shores: UNDERCOVER COPS: EXPOSEDWhat a good!!!! Stripper cops, come on, how much better does it get? Funny as hell, very well-documented, characters you get really attached to, an incredibly solid plot, and excellent at sexual fluidity. I had a tremendous amount of fun reading this :DBetween the Shores: StarshineTruly lovely. Basil is lovely, Estelle is lovely, the dance scenes are lovely, asexual cuddling is lovely, the atmosphere is lovely, the tinge of magical realism is lovely, everything is lovely :3Between the Shores: Handcuffs Aren't Just For Bad GuysI had the pleasure of doing the first proofread for Freddie’s story, but I seem to have forgotten how great it is. It is so fantastic! A subby superhero letting herself be topped even if she knows very well she could escape at any moment (very into wilful submission and a bit of sexual acting :p). A supercool slightly self-conscious but terrifically competent Domme! Begging! Forced orgasms! Crying during sex! (I am a horrible person) And it’s all still so fun and loving! Also aftercare wheeeeee!!!Between the Shores: Two CaptainsRival pirate captain lovers! One of them a woman, the other genderfluid (and as absurdly hot as a woman as as a man). Really really hot sex! Good French used during sex! (*angel choirs sing*) All the good stuff!

  • Xan West
    2019-04-16 17:31

    Putting in trigger warnings as I read. I am not reading this book in order.Trigger warnings, by story: (view spoiler)[Make Tonight a ShowThis story included play w/an instance of Anti-Semitism (with a Jewish bottom) that was not explicitly negotiated or challenged in any way in the text. There was negotiation of the exclusionary sort (setting limits, everything else is ok) & it was never discussed. In my understanding of BDSM practice there are things you get explicit consent for & this is one of them. Consensual kink: bondage, D/s, gagging, knife play. Donovan's DoorConsensual kink: exhibitionism, pain play, play with vibrators, blindfolds, bondage. Returning to RopeAn incident of racist misogyny from a stranger during public play. Difficulties with safewording & consent creating trauma. Consensual kink: Bondage, exhibitionism. (hide spoiler)]

  • Dee Maselle
    2019-03-27 18:44

    Such an absorbing, colorful, exquisitely textured collection. It's uplifting fun, too, even the encounters that aren't typically "my" thing (e.g. hard S/M and blood drinking). The dynamics are still so thoughtfully and sensually described, and between such likeable characters, that I was moved. I enjoyed the realism of sexual boundaries, reluctances, fears, disabilities, and honest (sometimes awkward) communication. I've stayed up past midnight reading just a bit more, just one more story!, and I've been crabby with my family the next day. :-S