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Award-winning actress Drew Barrymore shares funny, insightful, and profound stories from her past and present told from the place of happiness she's achieved today.Wildflower is a portrait of Drew's life in stories as she looks back on the adventures, challenges, and incredible experiences of her earlier years. It includes tales of living on her own at 14 (and how laundryAward-winning actress Drew Barrymore shares funny, insightful, and profound stories from her past and present told from the place of happiness she's achieved today.Wildflower is a portrait of Drew's life in stories as she looks back on the adventures, challenges, and incredible experiences of her earlier years. It includes tales of living on her own at 14 (and how laundry may have saved her life), getting stuck in a gas station overhang on a cross country road trip, saying goodbye to her father in a way only he could have understood, and many more adventures and lessons that have led her to the successful, happy, and healthy place she is today. It is the first book Drew has written about her life since the age of 14....

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Wildflower Reviews

  • Diane
    2019-06-04 05:45

    Drew Barrymore has infectious enthusiasm. Her adorableness and zest for life have made her an appealing actress and an inviting storyteller.Wildflower is a collection of stories from Drew's life. There are a few chapters about Drew's childhood, but the book isn't in chronological order. The stories jump around and are randomly arranged, which was a bit confusing, but it also fits with Drew's free-spirited style.My favorite stories were about Drew's travels around the world, and some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about her movies, including E.T., Charlie's Angels, The Wedding Singer, and Ever After. Drew admits she had a wild youth, but she also had to grow up fast when she emancipated herself at 14. She wrote about how tough it was figuring out how to be an adult without a lot of guidance, and she shared her perspective on that famous sexy dance she performed on David Letterman's show. There was also a fun story about a rough camping trip Drew took with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, and another one about going stir-crazy and jumping off a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and swimming to a nearby island.Now at 40 and with two young daughters, Drew seems more settled and comfortable with herself. She has some moving chapters on being a mother, and she is determined to be more nurturing and loving than her parents were with her.I listened to this book on audio, and Drew is a charming narrator. The print version has some cute black-and-white photographs of Drew over the years. This is a warm, light-hearted read, and I would recommend it to Drew's fans.

  • Miranda Reads
    2019-06-02 06:47

    Such a down-to-earth book from a former wild childI really liked the tone she set from the very start of the book: Memoir seemed heavy to me and I wanted this to be light. This is a book you can dip into or listen to whenever you like. Very true. Her bookseamlessly wove back and forth in time as she connects her rocky childhood to her unstable teens to her free young-adult years until finally she reaches her solid and dependable adulthood. Much of her crazy-behavior was completely explained - and I'm not talking the "I can explain that" sort of reasoning. This was a genuine - "I was a kid with no idea how to live on my own thrown into an insane life" sort of explanation. I wanted to wrap little-Barrymore into one giant soul-crushing hug.As someone too young to have followed (or cared about)the Barrymore drama the first time around, I found myself shocked by her childhood. No child should have to deal with that much crazy at such a young age. I'm so happy that she is able to look back with grace & poise and firmly put the past in the past.Many inspirational, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps sort of quotes are scattered throughout the book but what struck me most was the way she talks about family. The way she described how she chose her husband: He is so wonderful. And he is door number one. And I know it. And he’s right here. Ironically, they are no longer married yet her words still ring true. So many folks are always wanting to see what is behind Door #2 that they fail to notice the wonderful contents of Door #1.Additional Audiobook Impressions: --She read her own book: Check. --She spoke with feeling and inflection: Check. --Pleasant to listen to:sometimes her voice would screech and yell based on what was happening to her younger self. Although entertaining, sometimes I would be spooked/jolted when the volume made such a sudden jump.

  • HFK
    2019-06-13 04:47

    It is hard to say anything about Wildflower without comparing it to Goldie Hawn's A Lotus Grows in the Mud because these two are very similar works from women who have more in common with each other than they may realize.Both of these women decided to tell their story through mini stories, through people they have met, through incidents in their lives, small and big, instead of writing an memoir with strict rules and demands. It worked extremely well with ALGinM but made Wildflower look like a cheap and less felt copycat act. Hawn was able to tell interesting, heart wrenching stories with a style that made me feel as if being inside a trance trip, smoldering me with her hypnotic voice and calmness, which made me believe she has reached the spiritual levelness of a goddess.Not so with Barrymore. She has had a different, interesting, and troubled life. There would be a lot of stories to tell, a lot of things to learn from, but she decided to tell stories that were less interesting, less meaningful and offered less "something" that most would expect from a work as such.Barrymore is a wild child, a flower girl. She has so much personality in her but I never felt she let herself go, let herself be free. Her reading felt as if she acted her life. It was overdone and too dramatic, too excited, too artificial. Barrymore is a great gal, but she has a long way to go before reaching the same awareness with the goddess Hawn.

  • Helene Jeppesen
    2019-06-03 01:47

    This autobiography both gave me what I was hoping for, but it also disappointed me in some parts. I was interested to read this because I admire Drew Barrymore and think she must have had quite an extraordinary life so far. Also, I had to get it because of that stunning cover - let's be honest. This book was a mix of very different chapters. They differ in length, content, honesty, and chronology. I didn't really mind because it kept the book fresh in a way, but I did feel like there was an inconsistency in how deep Drew goes into her emotions. Some chapters are bare anecdotes, while others are very emotional. For instance, there are two chapters that are letters for her two children, and for me that became a bit too personal. However, I loved her chapter about Flossy and her feelings for that dog. All in all, I do feel like I got an insight into Drew's life which has been nothing but ordinary. I love reading books like these that allow for me to look into a person's life which is so very different from my own, because they always leave an impact on me and widen my horizon. Despite my small disappointments, I still think that this is definitely worth a read; and once you've finished it you can always stare admiringly at the cover :)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-06-16 00:34

    http://melissa413readsalot.blogspot.c...I have always loved Drew Barrymore so I was excited to read this new book. Drew says in the preface that she didn't write the book in any particular format, it's not a sweeping life story but an elaboration on times in her life as she remembered them. I thought the way it was written, with the back and forth from different years of Drew's life was awesome. In the beginning chapter of the book, Drew talks about having an avocado tree in their tiny backyard and a cascading bougainvillea flower out front. She felt close to nature with these flowers and tree. She was especially sentimental about the avocado tree....•••••In fact the significance of the avocado tree is still as strong as can be for me. I even have it in my will that I want to be buried under one, or have some of my ashes put there. Some avocado tree preferably on a hill that is nowhere near anything this time. Just up on a rolling mountain, preferably with an ocean view. I can dream!•••••Let us all be wildflowers!•••••Drew talks about different friendships through out the years. She talks about her business "Flower" with her best friend, which makes movies, a cosmetic line and many other ventures. Drew talks about how her mom wasn't really a mom to her and she was emancipated at a young age. Her dad was a hippie with another story you will just have to read about. I loved the story she told about her dogs! Being a dog lover, this would appeal to me. She spent many wonderful years with three dogs she rescued and had a most wonderful bond. They were her family until she made another family of her own. The dogs were Flossy, Templeton and Vivian. Flossy outlived all of them and it was sad hearing about them passing away, even when Flossy passed. They all had a wonderful life, I can tell you. I love that she has dogs with her daughters, they named them Lucy (my dogs name!) and Douglas. Drew says:The house is chaos sometimes when the dogs are trying to eat the kids' food or jumping into the tub with them. But it's worth it. Life with dogs is better. I just wouldn't have it any other way. They say that dogs can give and receive love through their eyes. The unspoken ability to lock in and actually feel love between human and animal is an extraordinary thing.•••••I love when she talks about her beautiful girls, Olive and Frankie. I would say for her this is her best moment of her life, having those girls and bringing them up to be strong women. There is a little section called Dear Olive and Dear Frankie. They are so sweet, I will add some words Drew said to each of them. DEAR OLIVEI love you in the way where you discover the most selfless true love that one can experience. You are the keeper of my heart. The love of my life. You are trying to just figure it all out right now, but the truth is, I can't wait till you will just collapse in my arms and stay for a while. Like forever.DEAR FRANKIETo say I love you is the understatement of the world. To show that I do for the rest of my life will be my honor and my pleasure. As I sing to you the tune of "Rubber Duckie" ... "Little Frankie, you're the one, you always make my day so fun. Little Frankie, I'm awfully fond of you."I thought is was a great book...

  • Cait • A Page with a View
    2019-06-17 05:49

    Ok, I honestly picked this up because of the photogenic cover. I'm not really huge on autobiographies or lives of celebrities, but Drew Barrymore seems cool. I mean, I like some of her movies. Why not check this out...This book was more of a collection of individual short stories that skipped around Drew's life instead of some grand life story, which I loved. You can totally tell she wrote it and there's a sense of her free spirit in the organization. I liked hearing her own reflections of a lot of events seen in the media, like her work with the UN and WFP. I guess I kind of thought Drew was yet another celebrity getting her photo op helping kids in Africa, but you can tell that she genuinely cares and wants to learn. It's just inspirational to see what a big heart she has despite all of the struggles she's faced throughout her life. She was surprisingly honest, genuine, and just has a great outlook! I really didn't expect to like this book so much, but was totally charmed.

  • Snotchocheez
    2019-06-26 23:27

    I have much respect for Drew Barrymore the actress, producer, entrepeneur, humanitarian, etc. Not only did she co-star in one of the first movies I lined up for--and loved---at the movie theater (of course, "E.T"), but also produced (and cameo'd in) one of my favorite movies ever: "Donnie Darko") Though I knew she had a rough time growing up (I haven't read her first book of her childhood travails), I was glad to hear she was happy and relishing her new role as the perfect mom to her two daughters.Something about this book, though, just didn't work for me. Every one of these roughly 4-10 page "stories" seemed choppy and incomplete. And it's not just because the yucky bits have bit excised (perhapa because she's already written about them). I wasn't expecting literary excellence from her, just some cohesion and clarity. By her own admission, this took seven years to write and compile. You'd think (even with a busy lady like Drew) that would be plenty of time to amass enough material for a complete, compelling set of stories . Even the best stories (like her friendship with Adam Sandler) seemed pithy and puny compared to all the stuff shecould've written about (like, say, funny "Wedding Singer" production dirt, maybe?). Some stories (like the one devoted to her three dogs) seemed too long and out of place. One story (named "Todette") started promisingly enough with a cross-country RV trip with her Flower Films co-founder Nan, that screeched to a thud in Texas. (Drew intended it to be high-larry-us; it was just dumb dumb dumb, funny for her and her friend, maybe, but hardly funny for her readers.) A story about her philanthropic efforts in Kenya seemed more a self-congratulatory celeb publicity stunt.(an idea Drew despises) than enlightening.. A story of her trip to India (ostensibly to get in touch with her spirituality, but really seemed more a pretentious voyage to scatter her dog's ashes) was a head- scratcher. Ditto one about an Outward Bound trip and bonding exercise to Utah with her fellow "Charlie's Angels" gal pals Cameron (Diaz) and Lucy (Liu). (Drew seemed more pissed off at her friends than having a bonding experience.) A account of three-week long Mediterranean cruise showing off vestiges of her spoiled girl insolence made me yawn.I will never begrudge Drew's success, but this just made me shake my head. She probably needs to stick with the stuff she excels at.

  • Lala BooksandLala
    2019-06-17 23:42

    It's not the greatest writing you'll ever encounter...but Drew Barrymore has been my spirit animal since I was 5, so...

  • Krista Wright
    2019-06-04 03:26

    Drew Barrymore is just so lovely and charming! I have always been a huge fan of her movies, and now I just want to go marathon every movie she's ever done! This is a light-hearted memoir about moments in her life that stand out to her, or changed her in some sort of way. Through all of the experiences she shares, she doesn't take anything too seriously and this book just comes across as being genuine.

  • Marla
    2019-06-26 02:42

    I've always liked Drew Barrymore and thought she was a quirky person. I'm glad I got to listen to this book with Drew reading it. I learned so much about her and the struggles she went through as a child actor, becoming an emancipated adult at the age of 14 and not knowing how to do anything including laundry and now as a Mom. She is a beautiful soul and I like her even more knowing what kind of person she is, is the person I thought she might be. I think she would be a lot of fun to hang out with and swap stories.

  • Holly
    2019-06-07 01:44

    Some chapters I liked better than others but one thing remains true, I have & will always be a fan of Drew Barrymore.

  • Eli
    2019-06-12 06:19

    As I've stated several times before, there is always an intimacy with listening to memoirs, read by the author, on audiobook. Sometimes they can be heartbreaking and uplifting, almost as if you are having a personal conversation with the writer. Unfortunately, for me, Wildflower fell just short of this.While filled with funny, touching, heartwarming, and heartbreaking stories, Ms. Barrymore's performance was just that. A performance. I never felt as if she were telling me the stories she wrote down but more putting on a dramatic performance that felt strained and unoriginal, as if she were reading someone else's script.While the story had a few touching moments (the story about her dogs, the crying woman and her father) that hit me hard, the rest felt like bragging moments of celebrity privilege. There was plenty of name-dropping and talk of spontaneous trips around the world. It was difficult for me to relate to someone who thought, I need to go to India for a month to find myself. I would have much rather preferred what she discovered about herself, how she felt, how she changed than a description of all the cool places she went to while there.The story lacked a deep connection that was so openly marketed. I was hoping to learn something about her, instead of the things she's done or the people she hangs out with, as was marketed. I was just looking for more.If you want a fun memoir with wacky stories and hilarious dialogue, then this is the memoir for you. It is my opinion that it doesn't necessarily have to be absorbed through audiobook form.

  • Wendy MacKnight
    2019-05-28 05:39

    Okay, so I love Drew and I expected that she would be charming and sweet in this book and she is, but it is a difficult read in places. Some of the stories are actually kind of dull and while there is a thread running through this book - emotionally abused and neglected girl works harder than anyone else and is insecure and wants to be loved - her editor should have helped her sort some of these out more. Drew is the ultimate success story, and she has a tale to tell, about the difficulty of shaking off insecurity and I would have liked to have seen that explored more. I think she could really help other women. And I think she does, but this book lacks a focus for me.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-22 03:41

    I’ve enjoyed many of Drew Barrymore’s films throughout the years. I even decided that she would be the one to portray me in a movie about my life. When I saw she had a book out, I was definitely interested in reading it, so I did what I do with most celebrity memoirs: I listened to the audio version.Drew is a delight to listen to from beginning to end. Her voice is friendly and easygoing. She’s able to laugh at herself and make her listeners feel like they’re in on the joke. Her stories range from childhood acting experiences to her dogs to her global travels to love and family to working with Adam Sandler, etc. She even details a crazy incident involving an RV at a gas station in the middle of nowhere on her way to New Orleans. I enjoyed her love letters to her daughters and how she’d get choked up while reading them out loud. And I love that she gave Jill Kargman a wonderful shout-out (she was married to Jill’s brother, which means they got to hang out a lot. I’m still not sure who I’m jealous of more!). I enjoyed learning more about Drew. I love how she’s come out on top after her rough childhood and teen years. She is a kind and giving woman who inspires me to dream big and take charge of my destiny. And now I really need to watch Miss You Already!Warning: Do not listen to the audio version with children around.

  • Susan Johnson
    2019-06-18 01:34

    This is not really a autobiography or a memoir but a set of short stories of memorable moments in Drew Barrymore's life. Some are interesting and some I've heard more than once. I was actually watching David Letterman on the night she climbed on his neck and showed her breasts off to him as a birthday present. You feel sorry for her and her lost childhood. You applaud Steven Spielberg for stepping in and providing a father figure. You admire her apparent lack of bitterness towards her parents although it creeps in now and again and really why shouldn't it? Still she has chosen a path of gratitude and not bitterness which in itself is a wonderful lesson. It's bitter-sweet at the end as she exalts her marriage and in-law family and the reader knows the marriage is over. All in all, spending time with Drew Barrymore is worth the afternoon it took to read this.

  • Deborah Cottrell
    2019-06-17 05:47

    Beautiful child star who shinesI choose this rating not only because I knew any Drew wrote would be awesome. But I awestruck on how she made it out of the Barrymore family, that had such tragedies,t to become this awesome,wonderful,soulful woman. This book brought me closer to understanding who she is and how she became a great mother, wife, actress,director, writer and own her own successful production company. A MUST READ, NAMASTE to this wonderful woman who tells her story with respect to her family's tragedies.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-30 00:21

    I still like Drew but this was so boring & bad. The chapters were not done chronologically which really annoyed me. Her chapters dealt with different topics. So she kept jumping back and forward in time and I had no idea which Drew we were dealing with. There was innocent child Drew, working child Drew, messy teenage Drew, wild child Drew, sensible Drew, working Drew, single Drew, Mommy Drew and more that I can't remember. She would tell a story (always about the most random things) and I would have no idea what age she was/what period in her life she was at and it was hard to put things into perspective. Her chapters also focused on really random things. A lot of the topics were pointless to be honest whether they were random things like a chapter on making pancakes one morning or whether they were dedicated to someone. I don't mind reading about how much someone loves someone else but so many of her chapters were about someone else and not Drew herself. She also didn't make herself out to be a good likeable person in my opinion. It was like in books where authors sometimes say something like "Jane was so funny and charming and likeable and girly" but the author doesn't really show how Jane is all these things and so the reader is left thinking "well, you say she's all these things but I don't see any examples". I think Drew has such a charm and that translates really well when she is in films but it didn't translate well in this memoir. That or she's a fabulous actor who can act charming. She seemed likeable to me before reading this but now I'm not so sure. I was desperate to finish this and I just wanted it to be over. There was hardly any drama in this. I expected a lot more from Drew about her love life and her wild times but there were only teeny tiny snippets. I was not satisfied. I think Drew wanted to be quite private with this but in my opinion you need to be comfortable with sharing more about your life with your readers or what is the point in writing a memoir about your life? I feel like I got tiny little glances into her life and so I am really disappointed with this book. I would not recommend this.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“To realize that we can be conditioned to believe that things are one way, and then later be set free to understand they can be different."“No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.” [From Eugene O'Neill]. OH AND I CRIED LIKE A LITTLE BABY AT THIS CHAPTER.

  • Gina *loves sunshine*
    2019-06-11 00:34

    I listened to this on audio and Drew narrates it herself which makes the story as cute and bubbly as she is! A really fun collection of stories about her adventures as a child actor, a business partner, a friend, a mom. Big gushes about her love for Spielberg, Adam Sandler, Her business partners, her daughters and her husband and in-laws....and her love for flowers :)

  • Katherine
    2019-05-30 00:38

    ”Let us all be like them and defy tradition, and yet create our own traditions at the same time. Let us all be wildflowers!”Celebrity memoirs have always fascinated me, because it’s a chance for stars to tell their own side of the story without any interference from the press or paparazzi. They have control over what’s being shared and what they prefer to keep private. Drew Barrymore’s memoir (?) is no exception.To be honest, I haven’t seen many of Drew Barrymore’s films. I refuse to see E.T. because E.T. creeps the fuck out of me with his shriveled raisin appearance (no judging). I’ve heard good things about Ever After and Never Been Kissed, but have yet to make the time to see them. And from what I know about Drew herself, she seems like a down to earth person, if a little hippyish.Instead of one big, long, memoir, Drew’s book is spread out over certain events in her life, written in short vignettes. This is a very hard concept to execute well, and in Ms. Barrymore’s case, it fell mainly flat. Some of the stories were funnier than others (Domestic Bliss, Dear Olive, and Dear Frankie were my favorites), but most of the other vignettes were just “meh”. They weren’t events that I was particularly dying to know about. Drew herself seemed like a pretty cool cat, if I do say so myself. Of course, I heard the rumblings about her tough childhood and numerous falls from grace at such a young age. But in her book, I found her to be a very sweet, mother earth type person. I imagine if I did meet her in person, she’d be one of those people who would greet me like a long lost friend or relative. I would’ve given this book a three stars just for the decent enough stories, but there was one overarching flaw that prevented that three star rating from happening. The writing was atrocious.When a celebrity writes a memoir or any other type of book, there’s usually a ghostwriter behind the scenes to clean up after their mistakes and make it pretty, so to speak. To my knowledge, Ms. Barrymore didn’t have a ghostwriter. And if she did have one, they ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of writing to be published. Put as kindly as possible, the overall general writing is something I would expect out of a second or third grader. For example, there were a lot of sentences like this...”Joanie and David moved out when I was around four or five. I was sad.” And this... ”I am the Seagull. That’s my nickname.” I could see a six, seven, eight year old writing something like this. Or something you’d see in a Dick and Jane storybook. I didn’t expect this to be in a memoir written by a fairly intelligent adult with an editor and publisher looking over it. **For the record, I read the sentences to my mom and dad to see if they could guess the age of the writer. They estimated between six and eight years old as well.**Furthermore, some of the sentences in this book just didn’t make any sense at all, or were grammatically incorrect. ”For starters, I will have so many thousands of dinners with my kids.” I had to read this sentence about five times before I was finally getting what she meant. ”’Girls want to do what boys do without losing the idea that they want love at the end of the day! They also love each other as women and they are stronger together. They want to kick ass and have fun.’” This could’ve easily been condensed into one sentence, in my opinion. From a non-writer’s perspective, it just sounds awkward to read and speak aloud,”Now I feel like a woman. A mom. I own a cheese board!” So because you own a cheeseboard, you’re an adult. At that rate, I should’ve been an adult at around age seven, when my family took the plunge and bought a cheeseboard...So was this book interesting? Somewhat. I liked very few of the stories, to be honest. I would only recommend this if you’re a die-hard Drew Barrymore fan.

  • Rissa
    2019-06-19 22:27

    I have always loved Drew and getting to "know" her on a more personal level was so fun. I loved her childhood stories i think my favorite is that she moved out when she was 14 and got an apartment but didnt know how to do laundry. I really liked the book and all the stories she decided to share but i do wish that the book was more chronological. I found myself asking when did this happen? she talked of her kids and then past boyfriends, first movies and i would have preferred a more uniform setup of the book but overall i really enjoyed it.

  • Lisa
    2019-06-27 05:36

    Drew is such an inspiration. I have grown up with her and loved her my entire life. A lot of people will be disappointed that this is not some kind of tell all, but that's exactly why I love it. Each short chapter is a love letter, and Drew and the word love go hand in hand. There's no dirt in here, only love. I can relate to her so easily (the chapter about her dogs had me bawling). You can tell the book was written BY her (unlike the last one) it's totally in her voice. That Sherman Oaks valley girl voice I have too. You have my heart Budgie.

  • Tina ( As Told By Tina )
    2019-05-31 23:23

    This was a pretty decent read. It jumped around a bit which confused me a lot and I found myself spacing out from time to time. I loved her stories of motherhood and working with Adam Sandler the most.

  • Candice
    2019-06-04 05:42

    OH DREW!

  • Darcy
    2019-06-13 00:23

    I've always liked Drew Barrymore, even though at times she was a bit crazy. So when I saw this book at my library's site I quickly requested it. I really liked that Drew narrated the book herself, it made for a more interesting read. There were times you could tell that she was reliving what she wrote, often sort of laughing as she spoke or seemed so ashamed. Drew didn't make excuses for her actions, instead she owned up to them and even said at times she wasn't sure how she is going to explain them to her daughters. At the point she is in her life she finally seems settled, something she seems to have worked for her whole life.

  • Gaby
    2019-06-26 00:32

    4.5 Stars.

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-26 01:32

    Wildflower was truly inspirational. I have long admired Drew as an actress, especially her aptitude for comedy, but through her writing I learned what a beautiful person she really is. Her optimism and perseverance have carried her through some tough life circumstances that would have crippled many others. She has turned her life around several times, and come out stronger on the other side, always striving to be better. She has accomplished so much, and yet is so humble. I would recommend this book not just to fans of her acting, but to anyone interested in inspiring stories about never giving up and always working to be the best you can be in all areas of life.

  • Sean Kennedy
    2019-06-04 06:26

    I have loved Drew Barrymore ever since we were both seven and I saw her in ET. She is one of those celebrities I feel strangely like I kind of know, because we have grown together, I watched her go through her turbulent teen years and saw her emerge stronger. This book isn't as linear as "Little Girl Lost" but it's great to see the changes between there and now - Drew sounds settled and happy. This is an easy book to read, as it feels like Drew is sitting you down for a long conversation over coffee, tackling everything and anything. If you love Drew, you'll love this.

  • Angela
    2019-06-20 02:46

    This book is for true Drew fans only. Especially those of us that grew up in the 80's. Each chapter is a love letter and felt genuine although I would've liked less profanity(matter of taste). It made me smile and laugh alot but the chapters about her dogs and saying goodbye to her Dad at Joshua Tree brought me to tears. She's lived an interesting life to say the least. The flow was a bit disjointed but I listened to this on and Drew's performance is SUPERB(yes-she narrates).

  • Heather
    2019-05-30 22:22

    I already thought Drew Berrymore was a adorable and admirable woman and this book only made my respect and love for her grow like the beautiful and crazy wildflower she is! It was wonderful hearing more about her life in her own words and voice (since I listened to the audiobook). She is a klutz, a workaholic, a rebel and often times a complete mess, but she is also fierce, a nurturing mother and amazing feminist. Thank you Drew for all you do and being such an amazing role model to girls and women everywhere!

  • Loran (Algonquiins)
    2019-05-28 06:34

    I, like many other people, know Drew Barrymore from her many films and think of her as an adorable, innocent and playful person with a big heart and smile. This collection of essays really hit that image home making Wildflower such a fun little read. I learned a lot about Barrymore, her thought process, and her motivations behind making certain films which was really fun to read about. She talks about her childhood and her family and shares personal stories and anecdotes that are totally relatable and hilarious. I also loved learning about how she developed friendships with actors like Adam Sandler (as I unabashedly love 50 First Dates). I love how Barrymore was brutally honest about mistakes she's made and how she turned those around in her own journey as a wife and mother. I didn't know about how rough of a background Drew Barrymore came from and learning about that and how she overcame so many things while still being such a sweet and lovely person really gave me a lot more respect for her and what she does. If you are a fan of Drew Barrymore or you just like reading fun little personal memoirs with really great messages I highly recommend checking this one out. I had fun reading it- at times I wanted to laugh and at others I wanted to cry and overall I just really liked what Barrymore brought to the table. She was completely herself and honest in this book and it was awesome to see that, especially from a celebrity.