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**FINDING HOME IS PART OF THE HOME SERIES, BUT CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE WITHOUT HAVING READ THE OTHERS IN THE SERIES.** Mandy Dalton has never thought of herself as anything but ordinary, less than ordinary in fact…the girl that makes everyone laugh and the girl guys don’t give a second glance. Born and raised in Carver, Kansas, she’s convinced she’ll die there, never**FINDING HOME IS PART OF THE HOME SERIES, BUT CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE WITHOUT HAVING READ THE OTHERS IN THE SERIES.** Mandy Dalton has never thought of herself as anything but ordinary, less than ordinary in fact…the girl that makes everyone laugh and the girl guys don’t give a second glance. Born and raised in Carver, Kansas, she’s convinced she’ll die there, never having done anything extraordinary with her ordinary life. Brandon Seaver couldn't wait to high tail it out of Carver the moment he graduated. The army was his way out, but two tours in Afghanistan and a horrific attack changed his life and he returns to Carver wounded and broken, suffering scars no one can see. He’d never let anyone know that though…until he finds Mandy there, just like she’s always been. Mandy is determined to help Brandon fight his demons until she is faced with her own struggles when her life takes a turn she never could’ve imagined and it’s Brandon’s turn to be the strength Mandy doesn't have. **Optimal reading order is: Last Train Home, Far From Home, Carry Me Home, The Long Road Home, Finding Home. ...

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  • Bobbi Wagner
    2019-06-06 03:57

    Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon and Mandy) by Megan Nugen Isbell is part of her The Home series. These characters have been seen a little in the other books, I am happy to see their story now. One of the things I enjoy most about this author is her creative of her characters and the situations they have been in. You will enjoy this one as she won't let you down with this one either. These characters will take you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions. They will pull on your heart strings and make you feel like you are right there with them. Find out what happens with these two as they go on their journey of life struggles and finding happiness.Mandy Dalton has never thought of herself of anything but ordinary. But in reality she is anything but, she makes everyone laugh and guys don't give her a second glance. She was born in Carver and convinced that she will die there too. She has never done anything that is extraordinary with her ordinary life. When her best friend comes home from Afghanistan, will she step up and help him fight the demons he has been fighting? What will happen when she is faced with a struggle she never seen coming? Will it put a stop to their relationship?Brandon Seaver couldn't wait to get out of Carver so he joins the Army. He does two tours but when a horrific situation happens he is left wounded and broken. He returns home to Carver, the one place he never thought he would go back to. He has scars that he hides from everyone until he sees her. She is the same as she always has been. Will he let her help him? Will he let down his walls to her? Will he ever find the peace he so longs to have?Mandy and Brandon's story starts when they are younger. They have always been best friends but things maybe a little different for them now. She has been his strength but when she needs strength will he be there for her? Will her situation change things for them or will it bring them closer? These are two strong characters for the most part. Mandy is a little timid but she grows through out this story and becomes the character she is today. Brandon is confident, hot and sexy but has some demons he must face. I give him lots of credit for doing what he has as PTSD is very hard to live with. The secondary characters are a great support to both of these characters and you will enjoy them in the story. I will say there are some situations in this story that may tear at your heart or even make you cry. Both characters have such life struggles that are so true to life that it makes it hard to read in parts. You will enjoy how these characters become stronger each page you turn. They connection is great and you will find a connection within yourself. Find out if these two will ever find their HEA, if healing is possible and what they do when life throws them a curve ball.I am not sure how many of Megan Nugen Isbell's books I have read but this is one of my favorite series. Each book I read of this story keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to read the next one. Megan was born in Japan and raised in Southern Arizona. She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, dogs and cat. She chooses to set most of her stories in New England as she can't think of a more beautiful place to live. She loves spending time with her daughter watching television and running. I so enjoy how she can create a story that will keep me engaged until the end. This story is no different, she will hold your attention and you will find it hard to put this book down. It is a fast paced story that will keep you turning pages and wanting more. I highly suggest you read this story as I know you will fall for this series and its characters as much as I have.

  • Ashleigh
    2019-06-22 23:47

    Finding Home is the fifth instalment in the Home series by Megan Nugen Isbell. This time, we follow Mandy and Brandon’s story, picking up when Brandon returns home after being injured while overseas. We first met these characters in Riley and Jesse’s story, but this time we get to see things in first person from Mandy’s POV. I’d enjoyed getting to know these characters during the previous books but I was not prepared for how much I would fall in love with them!Mandy Dalton is ordinary. At least, that’s how she’s always seen herself. She’s the girl that tries to make everyone happy, not the girl that guys give a second glance to. Born and raised in Carver, Kansas, she’s resigned herself to an ordinary life filled with un-extraordinary events. Brandon Seaver’s life took a totally different path. The moment he graduated, he left Carver for a life in the military. But a horrific and life-changing event forces him to return to Carver, a shell of the man he used to be. He doesn’t want anyone to see the person he’s become but can’t deny how much happiness his childhood friend Mandy brings to his life. She’s determined to help him through this, once again being the one that always holds things together. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. Then it’s Mandy who needs support, meaning Brandon must find it within him to step-up and be the man she needs him to be. While part of the Home series, Finding Home can definitely be read as a standalone. During the last couple of instalments, we learnt that Brandon and Mandy had started a relationship, so when I found out they we’re’ getting they’re own book I was really interested to read it. I wanted to know how everything had started and whether there was more to Brandon than the cocky person we’d seen so far. I can safely say that only chapters in, I was convinced Brandon was the new man for me. I will always love Jesse, but Brandon just brings something more. As for Mandy, I think I relate to her so well as I see a little bit of me in her. She thrives on making people happy and this just made me warm to her immediately. Her and Brandon are just such a perfect match and their story is just right; I could quite happily read about them for years!As for the actual storyline, it was fun to see a number of different events from a totally new perspective. We see the whole ‘will Riley and Jesse get back together’ saga unfold again, but from the viewpoints of two characters who are starting a new relationship themselves. This story also deals with a number of sensitive subjects, involving Brandon’s return from combat having lost his leg. So, be prepared for some really heart-breaking and emotional scenes that will have you close to tears, if not shedding them like I was! The difficult situations they had to deal with only made me love them even more as I was wiling them to make it through them. Once again, Finding Home has become my new favourite read; I just cannot get enough of this series. There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about this book, except that I never wanted it to end! The only good thing about finishing this book is that there are more to read! Thank you to the author for such an amazing series. Love from, your biggest fan, Ashleigh.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-05 05:57

    Finding Home ( The Home Series: Brandon and Mandy )By Megan Nugen Isbell 5/5 StarsFinding Home by Megan Nugen Isbell is the fifth book in the Home Series. In my honest opinion, I do think they should be read in proper order. Just so you can understand the events that lead up to this book AND to get to know the characters much better!! You will NOT be disappointed in any way, I promise you that!! I finished this book yesterday, early afternoon. It's taken me some time, to gather my thoughts and figure out what I want to say. This series has touched me in a way, like no other!The way Megan writes, you feel deeply connected to the characters. You feel absolutely EVERYTHING they do! It's almost like they're your friends, like you are there , in the book with them. I'm not gonna lie, each book has made me cry. The characters are so amazingly real to me. I couldn't help , but cry, when they did! Sometimes, a series ( and characters ) will just stay with you. You'll never forget… This by far, is one of my favorite series of all times!! I have been patiently waiting to read more, since I finished the fifth book a couple weeks ago. I wasn't disappointed either. It was definitely worth the wait, for sure!!Mandy Dalton and Brandon Seaver have been friends, since as long as they can remember. Their friendship started when they were kindergarten together. That was the very beginning of their little group of friends.Mandy is known as an airhead.She has no flier, she just says whatever she feels like;Even if it gives her smart Aleck responses or dirty looks. She is smart, funny, caring and has the biggest heart ever. She is always looking out for everyone else's well being. She rarely ever puts herself first ! She is convinced she'll die in Carver, Kansas, never having done anything extraordinary in her very ordinary life!Brandon couldn't wait to leave Kansas once he finished high school. He had bigger and better things to do. Like the Army, that was his way out of the small town he grew up in. But after two tours in Afghanistan and a horrible attack, he ended right back in Carver, Kansas. He came back wounded and broken, suffering from wounds no one could physically see. He became a pro at hiding his feelings and emotions. Until he finds Mandy, there… right where she has always been.Mandy is determined to help Brandon through his personal struggles and demons. But when Mandy is faced with her own struggles , the tables are turned. And Brandon is the one there for her. But will she push him away? Or will she be able allow him to help her with her own issues ?You HAVE to read this series. I fell in love with all the characters in their own way. Every time I read a book by Megan, I can't put it down!!Now I gotta wait for the next book. Outstanding job, Megan… once again, you hit a homerun, with this book!!xxx

  • Laura Furuta
    2019-06-20 04:06

    Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon & Mandy)By: Megan Nugen Isbell5 out of 5 starsThe story Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon & Mandy) by Megan Nugen Isbell is a contemporary romance. This is the next book in the Home Series and it is amazing. It tells the story of Mandy Dalton and Brandon Seaver. They have always been best friends. Now that Brandon is back home from Afghanistan with scars both physical and emotional he finds Mandy there, just like before. Then their feelings for each other begin to change. Will this couple embrace this change and let their hearts lead the way?I was so excited to read the next story in the Home Series. In the previous books, the relationship between Mandy and Brandon was touched on and I am glad they now have their own story. Mandy is someone who always thinks of others. She volunteers to help out and is self-less. When her best friend Brandon enlisted and went to Afghanistan she was the one that kept in touch with written letters. When she hears that he has been injured she is determined to be there for him. Then her feelings start to change towards Brandon and Mandy finds herself falling for her best friend. Then Mandy finds herself in a situation that she is not prepared for. How will this affect the newfound relationship between Mandy and Brandon?Brandon has come back to Carver, Kansas a different man than when he left. He now has scars and it has changed his outlook on life. He finds that he can lean on Mandy and as they spend time together he finds his feelings for her changing. He wants to be more than best friends. Brandon is a strong-willed person who has been through so much. His family is always there for him and they along with Mandy see him through the tough times that he is having. Then events happen that change Mandy’s life and Brandon is determined to be there for her as she has for him. Can he convince Mandy that she can lean on him the same way he has on her?I absolutely love the Home series! The author has written a series that has me hooked. I love the attention to detail regarding the characters and the storyline. All of the books had me quickly turning pages to find out what happens next. While the road is not always smooth, just like life, these books make you believe in soul-mates. This book also shows how hard it is for those who serve our country to make the transition back to civilian life. Mandy and Brandon’s story touched my heart. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Katie
    2019-06-09 04:57

    5 stars!!So this author has done it again with another amazing story in ‘Finding Home’ which is the fifth book in the Home Series by Megan Nugen Isbell. I have read all of the books so far in this series and loved every single one of them so when Riley and Jesse’s story finally concluded in book 4 I was gutted! Then along comes book 5 and I find out one of my favourite secondary characters in the previous books, Brandon, is getting his own story – and what an amazing story it was! This book could be read as a standalone but in all honesty I would highly recommend you read the other four first! This book had me on one giant emotional rollercoaster! I laughed, I cried, I got frustrated but more importantly I fell in love with Brandon and Mandy! What an AMAZING couple! I will be honest I didn’t think they would be able to beat Riley and Jesse’s story but these two are right up there with them! Brandon for me was that cheeky friend who likes to play jokes on people, likes to say sarcastic things about his friends to make them mad but in this book I saw a totally different side to him. I thought that the author did a wonderful job at describing Brandon and how he changed after he returned from Afghanistan and army life. His story felt very real to me and I think that one of the reason why I loved him so much. He was suffering but desperately trying hard to keep that from his family and friends. The only person who saw through his act was Mandy! In the previous books I really liked Mandy – she was a really good friend to Riley and her indeed all of her other friends but you could tell she wasn’t happy deep down. She didn’t think that people took her seriously. As soon as she saw Brandon again, and even though he has been mean to her in the past, her instincts as a friend and genuine nice person took over and she was determined to help him through his dark days, especially when she could see how he was suffering. She really is one of the nicest characters I have read about and I think that this shows even more in this story when something in her life doesn’t go the way she planned and her genuine nice side just shone through! I absolutely loved this story – the issues raised in it were very emotional but so well written about. I absolutely loved the characters – Brandon and Mandy were just so perfect for each other! I am really looking forward to reading the reaming books in the series!

  • Debi
    2019-06-09 03:06

    Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon and Mandy) by Megan Nugen Isbell 5 StarsThis is my first book by this author and although I wish I had read this series in order I never felt lost while reading this book, but I do now crave the history of all the characters because I can tell with this group that there's a lot I want to know, so I'll remedy that as soon as possible and get caught up :)21 year old Mandy Dalton still lives at home with her very strict and proper parents, a waitress while finishing school to become a respiratory therapist. She lives in Carver, Kansas where she was born and raised, has a really great group of friends that have pretty much been together since kindergarten but so many have moved away to start their lives and although she felt like she would never do anything great with her own life, she was happy in her hometown and had no urge to leave. She disliked almost everything about herself and felt like she always said the wrong thing, like she had a disease or something feeling like such an airhead most of the time.Brandon Seaver left Carver as soon as he could after he graduated and joined the army and after serving two tours and surviving an awful attack he was back home. He couldn't talk to anyone about what he had endured and was dealing with PTSD and feeling broken. Back at home with his amazingly supportive parents and his friends would hopefully help.Being best friends for so long Mandy tries so hard to help Brandon fight his demons. She wants so bad to try to understand but knows that just being there for him would have to be enough until her feelings start to change when she realizes that Brandon was starting to look at her different. Just as she thinks that it might be possible that they could take their relationship to another level she is dealt some news that changes everything. Feeling like her life is over she pushes Brandon away, he has enough to deal with and she will not put more on him. Although dealing with his own demons can Brandon get Mandy to open up and allow him to help her as she always has him? How will this affect a possible future that these two both held out hope for?I loved this book, the story flowed perfectly and the twist and turns were a surprise that I completely enjoyed. Can't wait to read all of this series!!

  • Kristan Anderson
    2019-06-21 03:02

    Finding Home by Megan Nugen Isbell is book five in her Home series. Though the series has been following Jesse and Riley, this story focuses on two of their best friends, Mandy and Brandon. I was so excited to read about how these two opposites fell in love! So yes totally read all the others before this because seeing all these kids grow from their senior year of high school and beyond is amazing and satisfying. This story starts the summer Brandon comes home from the Army from his accident.Mandy Dalton is the funny, kind of ditzy girl that everyone loved. She is the friend that goes above and beyond for all others. Always making sure that everyone is happy and not thinking of herself. She doesn't think she deserves the love that two of her best friends Jesse and Riley have. But what she doesn't realize is that she has more than enough for someone to love because of her capacity to love and care for others. She is selfless, kind and well a little crazy. Brandon Seaver was the clown of the group. He always made inappropriate jokes and comments but everyone stayed friends with him anyway. After getting in an accident in Afghanistan, he lost his leg and was sent home with a prosthesis. He has been having a rough time adjusting to his new life but it has been made easier by Mandy. She comes to visit and talk and make him feel normal again. But then they catch those pesky feelings and things could go well or disastrous,He is suffering from PTSD and Mandy has a situation. A situation that she thinks will cause her to lose Brandon before she's really had a chance to have him. Will the two of them be able to get through this unharmed? Or will their baggage be too much for the other to handle? Brandon and Mandy are honestly so adorable. He is so different with her and he keeps telling himself and her that he doesn't want to mess this up. I liked seeing this side of him. The side who can be in love with someone, be sweet and swoon worthy. I truly had to keep covering the pages just so I'd stop reading ahead. But I just wanted to know what was going to happen before it was happening! And I cried, okay, I ugly cried. Darn you Megan and your way with words! I love this series and I am so happy I didn't give up on it. I CANNOT wait for the next book, can't say why though, find out for yourself!

  • Mom's Guilty Pleasure
    2019-06-26 22:50

    Finding Home Brandon~The Home Series Written by Megan Nugen Isbell5+infinity starsWow~have a box of tissues handy. You are going to need them. I am emotionally drained after reading Finding Home. After the last chapter I had my fingers crossed hoping that Megan continues which certain (not naming names) characters and I was not disappointed when I read her author notes. I'm going to get my emotions under control and then crack open Close to Home. I truly am in love with the characters and Megan’s writing style. She takes serious and relatable issues and addresses them in such a raw and respectful way. Megan gives you a new perspective on issues so many people are living with or struggling with and doing their best daily just to survive. Others around them have no idea, because it is not a visible condition they are enduring. Brandon joined the Army as a way to escape his small hometown. He was known for his his stupid jokes. He was crude, inappropriate, and tactless, but also totally hilarious. Brandon was one of those people you don’t know why you’re friends with, but also can’t imagine not having in your life. After a few tours in the Army Brandon found himself back in the small town he was desperate to leave. Everyone thought they knew why he was back and what demons he was fighting, but nobody really knew what he battled on a daily basis. Mandy loved her hometown and couldn't imagine a life away from it. She wished all of her high school friends were still around and part of her daily life. Mandy was known to say the wrong thing or be a little ditzy. She never made hurtful comments intentionally. Her friends meant the world to her and she hated seeing them hurt. Mandy would do anything to put a smile on their face or to support them. Not surprisingly when Brandon comes home he was able to hide his struggles from most, but not Mandy. She wanted to break down his walls and help him. Little did she know she'd face a life altering situation of her own and turn to the most unexpected source for strength. ““Are you okay?”“Yeah. I’m fine.” “This isn’t what you signed up for. This wasn’t in the cards for you.” “Same could be said for you.” “But, we play the cards we’re dealt and I’m glad you’re in my hand.””

  • Angelina Frazzini
    2019-06-20 02:00

    Finding Home by Megan Nugen Isbell is book five of The Home Series. It is suggested that you read the first four books before reading this one. A lot of the story makes more sense to me since I've read the other books in the series. This book is Mandy and Brandon's story. Mandy and Brandon were significant characters in the first four books of the series and book five tells their story from the beginning. Mandy Dalton has a skewed sense of self. She's never felt anything more than average. She knows sometimes she gets too excited but she's always good at making people laugh. She's never really had a boyfriend because no one spares her a look. Especially when compared to people like Riley. Mandy has spent her entire life in Carver and hasn't really traveled much at all. Mandy is sure her life isn't going to amount to much past the ordinary and she will forever be stuck in Carver. Brandon Seaver made sure he got out of Carver. He wasted no time enlisting in the army and getting out of Carver as soon as he graduated. After serving in Afghanistan, Brandon is the victim of an attack and finds himself back in Carver suffering scars that are both physical and emotional. He keeps that to himself until he realizes what he has in Mandy. She's there just like she's always been. Both Mandy and Brandon have struggles to overcome. Mandy is determined to help Brandon through everything that troubles him until an unexpected turn of events gives Mandy her own struggles. She's got some decisions to make and she's not sure she can let Brandon deal with Her issues when he's got his own to deal with. I loved this book so much. This is pretty close to one of my favorite books of the series. Because I read the first four books in the series, I was able to notice the way Mandy and Brandon's characters grew. I didn't really like Brandon much at first until I read his and Mandy's story and my opinion changed drastically. I absolutely recommend reading this book!

  • Angela Shirley
    2019-06-28 04:07

    Finding Home is the fifth book in the home series and this follows the story of Mandy and Brandon, from when they were young they have always been best friends, but as they are older and with them spending more time together will the love blossom.Mandy has always believed that she is ordinary, she is one of the gang making them laugh at her jokes and never really feeling that boys took her seriously. Mandy has lived her whole life in Carver and believes that she will never leave and spend all her days in this small town. Until one day she fears for her best friend, Brandon has been injured and she is not sure what the damage he has sustained but al she knows is that she will by his side as long as he needs her.Brandon once leaving school can’t wait to leave the small town he has grown up in so he wants to serve his country so he enlists in the Army. Years go by and two tours of Afghanistan has left him broken in more ways than one. On his last tour he and his team was hit by an IED and Brandon unfortunately did not make it unscathed. So he returns back to Carver to start his life with his injuries. As he is sitting at home he puts on brave face that everything is fine and it has not affected him but as soon as he sees Mandy will his walls stay standing or will this woman he has known all his life blow them away like the bomb he has escaped from.The story is beautifully written and like the other books brings you into the small town of Carver and the people who live in it. This story covers some in depth stories and touches on the true damage of war with the injuries sustained by Brandon but also the invisible scars from the PTSD. The true love between these two characters is my favourite story out of the series. This book can be read as a standalone but I recommend you read the series you will enjoy it immensely.

  • Lucy Berson
    2019-06-26 04:57

    A 5 star read for Finding Home, The Home Series: Brandon and Mandy, by Megan Nugen Isbell. This is the 5th book in the series. We met Brandon and Mandy all the way back in the first book in the series when they were seniors in high school.Brandon Seaver was always the one cracking jokes, teasing people and just the clown of the group. His senior year of high school, he enlisted in the Army. During a tour in Afghanistan, he was injured and not sure how he will go on with his injuries. Now back home in Carver, he wonders what his life will be like now. Mandy Dalton was born and raised in Carver and couldn't see herself living anywhere else. When all of her friends left after graduation, she was the only one that stayed. When she got the call that Brandon was cloning home after getting injured, she was so happy that he was coming home alive. Brandon and Mandy were always close growing up and since he has been home, and they are the only ones in Carver , they tend to spend most of their time together. Mandy knows Brandon is struggling with his memories from war and vows to help him get through, no matter what. When Mandy finds herself in need of support, Brandon is right there to hold her hand and help her through. I can honestly say that this has been one of my absolute favorites. Watching the relationship between Brandon and Mandy was heart warming. Seeing them support each other and help each other was emotional. This book can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading all of the books in the series to become familiar with the characters. You won't be able to stop yourself from falling in love with Carver and all of the characters. I truly hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have.

  • Angelique
    2019-06-15 22:55

    Brandon Seaver and Mandy Dalton have been best friends since they were five. They grew up together and have seen the best and worst in one another. They're family life is very different. Mandy's parents are very conservative and not easy to talk to while Brandon's parents are more flexible and approachable.When Brandon goes into the Army, Mandy spends a lot of time with his mother Melissa making sure she is handling her empty nest. Unlike the rest of her group Mandy loves her hometown and has no desire to leave. She is the one who puts everyone else's needs before her own even though she has a tendency to speak before thinking through what she is about to say. She has been providing emotional support for Melissa while they have waited for Brandon to return home after being injured in Afghanistan.Finding Home is the fifth five star book in Megan Nugen Isbell's Home series. It's the story of friends becoming lovers. Brandon and Mandy are finally seeing more in one another than the characteristics that they have taken for granted in one another. Their looking past the surface and seeing into one another's hearts as they face different aspects of healing and acceptance. Being home in Carver means something different to each one of them but they can agree that there is no place like it. Home becomes more to them than a location on a map. It becomes the place where their hearts are. They learn through their various experiences that it’s the place where you find solace when the storms of life manifest in your world and your uncomfortable being vulnerable with everyone. Mandy and Brandon discover a strong friendship provides a perfect foundation for building the lasting loving relationship that they both yearn for.

  • Robin Rankin
    2019-06-22 00:56

    Finding Home is the fifth book in the Home Series and it was as good as the first four. We know Mandy and Brandon from the first books, but this is their story and it was everything I was expecting it to be. There were some very happy parts but there were some heartbreaking moments too and I found myself in tears once again.As you know Mandy and Brandon have known each other since they were five years old and have been friends since day one. They are now twenty-one and trying to figure out where they fit in the world. Brandon is home for good after being injured and losing his leg while serving in the Army. Brandon has some PTSD surrounding his time in Afghanistan and losing his leg but the one person who seems to be able to calm him down is Mandy.Mandy wrote Brandon once a week the entire time he was away and is spending time with him as her recovers both physically and emotionally. They grow closer and closer until they finally kiss. As they are starting to figure out where they stand with one another other their world gets turned upside down. Mandy tries to convince Brandon they are better off apart but he refuses to listen and shows her how much he loves her and will do anything for her. I love this series and even though Riley and Jesse were in it they weren’t the stars of the show and I was totally okay with that. I have always enjoyed Brandon and he snarky ways and it was nice to see him find happiness. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series which features the next generation and see how not only the kids turn out but to also see where their parents end up.

  • Lyndsey Fairley
    2019-05-31 00:10

    Finding Home (Book 5 in the Home Series) by Megan Nugen Isbell4 StarsFinding Home is the fifth book on the Home Series by Megan Nugen Isbell, but can be read as a standalone. Finding Home is the story of Mandy and Brandon, who have been friends since they were 5. Told in Mandy's POV, I was drawn in quickly to this story and what a story it was. Mandy has always been the one in her group of friends that is always there for everyone, the one who says what she's thinking, but also she deems herself the ditzy one. Her parents are strict and orderly. Mandy is excited because one of her best friends is finally home from the war, after an awful accident. When they start to have feelings for each other, things move at a fast yet also slow pace that works for them. Mandy is determined to help Brandon fight his demons, even as she finds herself in a situation that will change her life forever. Mandy and Brandon were friends first, and because of their great friendship they're able to read each other pretty well. As their feelings grow for one another, they decide to see where a relationship will take them. Through all the struggles they face, they're there for each other no matter how many times they try to push each other away. When Mandy faces a life altering decision, Brandon is right by her side helping her make the decision that is best for her also while letting her know he supports her. This book hit me right in the heart. I was laughing and crying throughout the entire book. This author took two very delicate subjects and did them justice. I will be reading more from this author, that's for sure!

  • Maura
    2019-06-01 04:04

    Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon & Mandy) by Megan Nugen Isbell – 5 starsA note from the author: Optimal reading order is: Last Train Home, Far From Home, Carry Me Home, The Long Road Home, Finding Home, Close to Home, Pieces of Home, A Place Called Home.The first three books in the Home Series are about a group of friends who have grown up together in a town called Carver. Jessie and Riley are introduced in the previous stories and Brandon and Mandy have always played a background role as their friends. We never really got to see who they are, so I’m glad they’ve had a chance to blossom into their own story.Brandon has returned to Carver after joining the military fresh out of high school. He suffers from PTSD and is a wounded warrior. He tries very hard to keep up his outer shell and not let anyone know the true pain he suffers.Mandy has been friends with Brandon practically their whole lives. She has a low self-image, has never left town and at 21 years old, still lives with her folks. She seems to have always been comfortable playing a “supporting role” in the lives of her friends.Finding Home was the most emotional book in the series for me. I connected with the Mandy on a level I didn’t anticipate and have been faced with similar choices in my lifetime. The relationship development between the two was appropriate for the setting and it was a pleasure to see how Jessie and Riley are doing now.I agree with the author that these books should be read in order, but if you can only afford one book in the series, this is a complete story and I don’t think you will feel too left out when the (now) secondary characters are introduced.

  • Dawn Daughenbaugh
    2019-06-10 07:01

    5 star Finding Home (The Home Series:Brandon and Mandy)By,Megan Nugen Isbell  Finding Home ( The Home Series : Brandon and Mandy ) By Megan Nugen Isbell is the fifth book in the Home Series and let me just say with each book I read I fall more in love with the characters. Megan is an amazing author who captures your attention from the beginning to the end. I've absolutely loved this series so far.I couldn't put it down once I started reading. This story is about Brandon and Mandy. Brandon and Mandy were characters mentioned in the other Home Series books and I am so dang happy they get there own book.Brandon is Jesse's best friend As soon as he graduated from high school he enlisted  and went on to serve two times in Afghanistan, while there he got injured and came home to Carver to recup.He struggles with the reality of losing a leg and PTSD and civilian life.Mandy while still living at home with her parents she try so hard to be the good girl her parents expect her to be ,while she to has her own being low self-esteem and making baf choices,that young girls often make and having low self-esteem doesn't help.I don't want to ruin the book by writing more,but I will say this, This book or should I say series is worth reading, you won't be disappointed. I have enjoyed every single book Megan has written, this book was no different than the others  she takes you on a emotional roller-coaster but I loved every minute of it.

  • Lisa
    2019-06-24 22:48

    Megan Nugen Isbell has gone and made me cry again! Her book Finding Home is book5 in the Home series, but where all the others needed to be read in order, this can beread as a stand alone. So you could start with this book, and then you will want to goback and read the previous ones, trust me.I’ve been excited to read Mandy and Brandon’s story, and it was worth the wait. Thesetwo have been known throughout the series as the ditzy girl with a big heart who alwaysblurts out things she shouldn’t, and the boy who’s always cracking jokes and doesn’ttake anything seriously. As it turns out, there is so much more to them. After Brandoncomes home from the army and these two reconnect, Mandy does what she always hasand tries to be there for him, when in turn she ends up needing his support just as muchand these two start to see each other in a new light.There are certain things I’m coming to expect from books in this series, and one of themis for it to touch on sensitive subject matter. The other is very real, complex characterswho are described so thoroughly you feel like you know them. They are flawed andstruggling, and dealing with serious issues life throws at them. This book is emotionaland not always easy. It made me think and see things from different angles. In a way, Ifeel like Mandy and Brandon’s story was AT LEAST as big and special as Riley andJesse’s, and I’m so glad it got told.

  • Amanda Williams
    2019-06-21 04:52

    Finding Home (The Home Series: Brandon & Mandy) by Megan Nugen Isbell for me is a five star read. What an absolutely awesome series. I cried so hard with this series. This book can be enjoyed time and time again. It is amazingly intense and the author prepares you for the journey for you to take alongside the characters really well. The characters and story development were perfectly done. This book was extremely well written and has fast become of my favourite books. I will definitely want to one click future releases from this author. This book was full of different emotions with many twists and turns in the book that will keep you guessing what is going to happen till the very end.I have the feeling that I am going to be seeing some special works coming from this author.I could not wait to get to the end so I devoured it in one sitting. Incredible work!!The storyline was done really well and was believable. It kept me gripped from the very start until the end, so much so I took the book everywhere with me in order to finish it. I adore this book and cannot wait to read the next in the series as well as other work from this amazing author. I will definitely be recommending this author to everyone I know.I'll definitely look forward to the next in the series.Definitely one awesome book to pick up and I can see this author going from strength to strength. An inspiring author. 5/5

  • Krystal gaston
    2019-06-06 02:44

    Finding Home is a book in the Home Series (Brandon and Mandy) written by Megan Nugen Isbell. There are 4 previous books in the series before Finding Home. The recommended reading order for this series is : reading order is: Last Train Home, Far From Home, Carry Me Home, The Long Road Home, Finding Home, Close to Home, Pieces of Home, A Place Called Home.This is Brandon and Mandys story, and what a story is it. Mandy is a typical girl lacking in confidence. She doesn’t think much of herself physically shes a little on the shorter side, rather large in the boob department and shes the girl most guys overlook cause shes just plain…at least in her eyes. Shes not a strong character in the normal sense but that’s what makes her so special. She is content in her life, even at 21, she doesn’t rearly cuss, she still lives with her parents and the bar/club scene isnt really her thing. This story was a nice slow read at first its one you take the time to appreciate and enjoy as the story goes on you get sucked into it more and more. The story is told in Mandys point of view and you experience everything with her the happiness, the sadness, the love. I loved this story Mandy and Brandon have a unique relationship and they both have battles that need fought, the question is will they realize they are stronger together or will Mandy push Brandon away before she really gives him a chance.

  • Amber Eckstein
    2019-06-10 00:50

    Finding HomeBy Megan Nugen Isbell Five StarFinding Home by Megan Nugen Isbell is book number five of this wonderful Home series. For anyone who has been following this entire book series, you are probably like me and grateful to have Mandy and Brandon’s book. Mandy and Brandon have been key parts of each of the stories before. Sure they were considered secondary characters but they were so much more. Brandon of course, as you know had an accident where he lost more than most could even imagined. He use to be the jokester in high school the one that you could find annoying but at the same time he was the loyal friend. Jesse’s best friend.Mandy always played it safe and never really left Carver. No one seen Mandy and Brandon coming together a mile away. But when he comes home a wounded vet and they start to feel the connection with one another. It was more than friendship. Trying to wade the waters when their friends are trying to figure out what is going on in their lives. When Brandon is fighting his demons can Mandy stick with him through it all. Will they be able to find love with one another?I loved seeing how their relationship developed with one another. How true their love is and how sometimes even though people look like they are complete opposite from one another, how they complete one another. How even opposites they were just perfect. I loved discovering their love together. Mandy and Brandon are perfect. I can’t wait to see them more.

  • Renee
    2019-06-20 01:58

    Finding Home By Megan Nugen IsbellStars: 5Mandy Dalton is the girl next door. She was born and raised in Carver, Kansas and is certain that she is going to die there as well. Brandon Seaver couldn’t wait to leave Carver behind. After high school, he enlisted in the army. He came back home after an attack leaves him wounded. He has wounds that no one can see. Mandy wants to help Brandon heal. However, she soon is facing her own crisis and life changing decisions. Brandon needs to have strength for her. Mandy has so many great qualities such as being sweet, caring, loving, funny, and strong. Though she does not have the highest self-confidence, she has friends that raise her up. Brandon must face such aversity and pain, and he does face it. He is strong, caring, and understanding. These two are perfect for each other, and I love reading about them. The things that these two face is scary and painful, but they can because of each other.This is the fifth book in the Home series. I have read all the books from this series before this one and loved all of them. This book does not disappoint! It is told from Mandy’s point of view. I love that the Megan Nugen Isbell has made Mandy and Brandon face the aversity that she did. I think that it is important to talk about these two topics and really appreciated that she shined a light on them. I am excited to read more from this author and from this series!

  • Terri
    2019-06-18 05:47

    Great book!In Finding home which is the Brandon and Mandy story in The Home Series by Megan Nugen Isbell is an amazing read that deals with real life situations. The author does a wonderful job with the description of the situations that are going on with the characters. You will start this story and not want to put it down. The story will have you fighting tears but loving the way Brandon will take care of Mandy. Big hands up to Megan Nugen Isbell!Mandy is a young lady that lived in the same town she grew up in. Mandy is the only one in her group that stayed in town instead of leaving after high school. Mandy was raised by strict parents and towed a tight line with her parents. She still lives in the house she grew up in and was trying to find her way in the world when Brandon came back home from being in the military and being injured. Mandy couldn’t wait to see him since they had been friends since they were five. Mandy and Brandon started hanging out and finally decided to move their friendship to the next level but shortly after they decided this Mandy found out some troubling news. Brandon doesn’t mind the problems that Mandy is having and only wants to help her through that journey. Brandon and Mandy’s story is a heartfelt journey and one that had me mesmerized. You won’t be disappointed in this series and I can’t wait for the next book.

  • Morgan
    2019-06-05 23:44

    Finding Home from Megan Nugen Isbell, is part of The Home Series. I absolutely LOVED it! This book was a great addition to an amazing series. You wouldn't have to read the other books in the series but I would, just because it's an amazing series! This is another 5 star read! Mandy Dalton considers herself just an ordinary girl, that doesn't really have anything that makes her stand out or special. She's lived in Carver all her life, and as far as she's concerned she'll live there forever. She's just the girl that will "always be there", she's the typical girl next door. Brandon Seaver was the opposite of Mandy, Brandon couldn't get out of Carver fast enough. He enlisted in the Army and never looked back, that is until two tours in Afghanistan left him bruised and broken. Now he's wounded and not just on the outside, he's heading home. But he'll never let on that he needs anyone, he'll never let on that something is hurting him. Until Mandy. Together this pair will face obstacles and will have ups and downs, can they get through it? Can Mandy get through to Brandon? Can Brandon help Mandy through her feelings and some of her doubts? This book was absolutely amazing! In true Megan Nugen Isbell fashion, she had me in tears and feeling like this characters were my friends. I absolutely loved it, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

  • Meredith
    2019-06-09 02:55

    Mandy + Brandon's story is so freaking cute! I love them so much. From the time we met them in the beginning of the series, I'd wondered if they'd be a thing. I'm so happy they finally made it!!

  • Lisa Sanderson
    2019-05-28 00:59


  • Emily Goodman
    2019-06-24 00:48

    Every single time I pick up a book by Isbell, I am sucked directly into the story falling in love right along with her characters and enjoying every single adventure this author continues to take me on and it was no different with Finding Home- Brandon and Mandy’s story. Having read, no to be honest more like absorbed, Jesse and Riley’s story, I wasn’t sure what I would expect when reading Brandon and Mandy. One thing was for sure, I wanted to savor this story because it was the very last book by Isbell I had left to read! Brandon and Mandy were two side characters featured through the Home Series. Both were funny, lighthearted people who you instantly wanted to hear more about and I was so happy to get their story in Finding Home. I was amazed by the depth of character Isbell created with these two. Throughout the entire series, you see glimpses of Brandon and Mandy but I never ever expected their story to be so deep and shine so bright.Isbell astounded me with this story. Her character’s struggles, emotions, and choices etched deeply into my heart . Isbell consistently writes stories that are real with real life choices, problems, and solutions. This is one of the things that I love most about this author. She manages to give you the reality in a romance as well as the love story. If you haven’t taken a chance to pick up Isbell’s Home Series, you most definitely should. To read Brandon and Mandy’s story, you don’t have to start at the beginning. However, you’d be missing out on some amazing books by this author.

  • Anna
    2019-06-03 01:03

    It took me a little time to decide whether I liked our heroine, and I was even less sure about our hero. In many ways, they were typical 21-year-olds, growing into adulthood with missteps and a distinct lack of grace. Brandon had recently returned home from his stint in Afghanistan and was finding his way through the difficulties of civilian life with one leg and a severe case of PTSD. Meanwhile, Mandy was living at home, trying to be the good girl her parents expected her to be while battling low self esteem and making the bad choices that young women with low self esteem often make.I can't write much more without ruining the book, but suffice it to say that both plot and characters quickly sucked me in and refused to let me go. And I soon began rooting for this couple, whose love grew deeper and stronger with every page. By the end, Brandon had believably morphed into the romantic lead every romance novel needs, and his strength and loyalty are bound to touch your heart.

  • Hannah (Broc's Bookcase)
    2019-06-10 23:05

    It was cute, and it did keep me reading. But there were times when it just didn't quite hit the spot.Big chunks were skipped and there was some cheesy insta love type moments, but as I got it for free from amazon, I can't really complain.Full review to come soon!

  • Christine Beaudo
    2019-06-06 02:42

    Growing up together Reminded me of all the good times and bad times, we shared, we were there always for each other and most of us still our just like in the book as as o.k. nthcsrwAt

  • Bonny
    2019-06-03 03:42

    Another free read from amazon. A really sweet story. Brandon's PTSD was heartbreaking. The author has the same problem I do - using the word 'just' in just about every sentence ;) and the phrase 'for the first time' was used a good 10 times too many.