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Violet Sumner has a stalker. Between her largely dysfunctional family of two and the friends she doesn’t feel particularly close to, Violet thinks he’s the least of her problems. What she fails to understand is that the guy is no prankster and soon people turn up dead or missing. Because of her.Things change when Violet’s best friend disappears and realization sinks in thaViolet Sumner has a stalker. Between her largely dysfunctional family of two and the friends she doesn’t feel particularly close to, Violet thinks he’s the least of her problems. What she fails to understand is that the guy is no prankster and soon people turn up dead or missing. Because of her.Things change when Violet’s best friend disappears and realization sinks in that the stalker means business. Denial put aside, Violet has no other option but to accept the help of police Sergeant Willard Kelley and his rather sweet protégé, to come to terms with the seriousness of the situation. Yet nothing could’ve prepared her for her close up with the psycho. Who will survive in this tale of obsession and misplaced devotion?...

Title : Roses are Red... Violet is Dead
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ISBN : 9781620157534
Format Type : Paperback
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Roses are Red... Violet is Dead Reviews

  • Patrice Hodge
    2019-06-13 19:35

    (Read this as an ARC)Really good read, especially if you like thrilling mysteries. Definitely have coffee nearby. Violet would approve. The pace is great and the characters are gradually introduced and fleshed out at a nice pace along with the story. Read it in one afternoon because I couldn't put it down.

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    2019-06-01 01:38

    3 stars for this YA mystery-thriller that kept me entertained and interested as I read.Violet Sumer's father was killed in a car accident that has left her mother barely able to cope with life, addicted to alcohol and totally reliant on Violet.Add to that a self-absorbed boyfriend, a best friend who has fallen in love and out of life, a shy retiring male admirer whom she has relegated to 'friend only' status and you can see that Violet has a lot to cope with.Then a teacher who seems to pick on her, sentences her to Saturday morning school.......and winds up dead. And Violet receives a "Roses are red" text saying that the teacher was killed because of the way he treated Violet.Then her other best friend goes missing........and she gets another "Roses are red" text.Don't expect characters with any great depth. This is not rocket science. It is pretty obvious (despite a few red herrings been thrown in the mix) who is behind the killing and disappearance. But it was still a fun read. It would have received 3 1/2 stars from me had there not been a couple of holes in the plot.Thank you to NetGalley and Book trope for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Janet Money
    2019-05-28 03:20

    Suspense, mystery and murder this book has it all! Read it in two days, had to know what happened next. The characters and plot are cleverly thought out. They draw you right in!

  • PaulaPhillips
    2019-06-05 22:24

    One morning is heading to school; Violet gets a strange text telling her to dump her boyfriend, Blake or Else. She shrugs it off as a prank, that is until she gets more text messages. Is it one of her friends or someone who wants Blake for themselves? Violet doesn't think anything more of the text messages until her English teacher is killed with an arrow right in front of her and a text arrives telling Violet that they killed him for her. With someone dead, Violet now realizes that she has a full-on stalker. What will happen though when she starts to receive more text messages and tells her best friend Ebony, and she goes missing? Has the stalker decided to get rid of Ebony too as they think she is standing in the way of their and Violet's happiness and love for one another ? I have to admit at first I didn't see who the stalker was and then the twist with the photos of Ebony as a child and hidden money chucked me off the trail again as I started to think maybe it's someone from her childhood or someone who knew her parents. Then when the actual stalker was revealed at the end, it did make sense and I was like Oh, yeah I can see how that person turned all stalkery and their were obvious clues throughout the book. This was a good YA mystery. Very PLL like.

  • Stephenie Kay
    2019-06-16 22:38

    Awesome reading! I really enjoyed going along with the characters and trying to figure out the plot as it unfolded. I could relate with the characters and envision myself in the book. It was definitely a page turner. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. If you like suspense, this is the book for you.

  • Margie Hollomon
    2019-05-28 20:17

    I did not want to put this book down! Extremely well written, with current teen-age dialogue. Keep a triple shot latte nearby because you will not want to miss a minute of Violet's story. Just because she is being stalked doesn't mean that she turns into a drama queen, just the opposite.

  • Julie
    2019-05-19 22:16

    Roses are Red... Violet is Dead by Monica-Marie Vincent is a March 2015 Booktrope publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is one of those super edgy YA novels, but instead of the usual dystopian and paranormal vampire tropes, this one is a mystery suspense thriller.The story is told in first person narrative by Violet, a seventeen year old girl trying to cope with the aftermath of a car accident that took her father's life and left her mother with disabilities. Violet is now the adult in the family since her mother turned to alcohol as a way to cope, leaving Violet to deal with things a girl her age shouldn't have to. If that weren't enough to deal with, she begins to receive vaguely menacing text messages using the “Roses are Red” rhymes. Although the messages are creepy and she is disturbed by them, she tries not to let them get under her skin. She is more worried about her grades, getting into college, her mother's drinking, her new boyfriend and the subtle changes she has noticed in her BFF, Shelby. But, when the text messages are backed up by action, namely murder, Violet discovers that someone close to her is obsessed with her and is taunting her with her Native American heritage, and becoming more and more aggressive as time passes.It should be noted that this is a YA novel for the older teens or YA reader. This is a mystery that progresses in the same way that an Adult novel would , which means there is very course language, sexual references and is a realistic depiction of this age group, not a sugar coated one. ( although at times the language was a little too much, even for me) For me the characterization was what pulled me into the story. Some people crumble in the face of adversity, some rise up and become stronger because of it. Violet is one of the strong ones, but she doesn't know it just yet. She is still at that tender age right on the cusp of adulthood and is plagued by self confidence issues and has dealt with more than most her age, and as Danny said, she handled it a lot better than some adults. As edgy and compelling as Violet's life was, dealing with home and family issues and complex personal relationships, the mystery suspense part didn't come together as cohesively as I would have liked. The storyline is a familiar one. The obsessed stalker who will kill to impress their target, which is fine, but in this case it was little predictable. Some of the methods and staging of the murders stretched the realm of plausibility of what a novice could pull off. Still, the author did create a creepy atmosphere and it did make me feel a little jumpy at times. So, in the end what I liked about the story was that the characters each came through a horrific ordeal having learned something about one another and themselves. Instead of increasing the gap between them it drew them all closer together and even created new lasting relationships with people we know are going to be an asset and a much needed support system for Violet. This author has talent and I think those who love YA novels are going to enjoy this one especially, plus, any girl with an addiction to Diet Coke is all right by me. 4 stars

  • Jennifer Scott
    2019-06-13 00:16

    I received a copy of this story from Net Galley. Yay books!Spoilers possible ahead...Roses are redViolets are blueThis book was crazyYou may think so tooWell, maybe not exactly crazy. I was trying to do something that rhymed. I'm not really good at it. Anyway. I really liked the first half of this book. The second part seemed to go by really, really fast. If the second part had been more spaced out, I would have loved it! Especially if there was more to the part with her and Danny. It's was like, bam! He showed up...and she falls for him. I'm not crazy about Insta-love. I like when they fight and bitch each other out. Some might even consider it foreplay...This book did leave us with a few questions. The money? Where did it come from? What is going on with her mom and Sgt Kelley? Though, we probably already know. And what was up with Colton? How did he know something was going on? It also seemed to me that a lot of people where acting shady in the hospital. Just saying.

  • Maranda
    2019-06-09 21:30

    1/5 starsYou can find all my reviews here*Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*I saw this book on Netgalley and thought it sounded interesting. After looking into it a little it was really high rated and all the reviewers were raving about how well written and enjoyable it was. I think we must have read different books because my experience was much different. I didn’t like the book at all and I actually took to doing anything and everything I could to not have to read it. A read that should’ve been a few hours took me 3 days. I actually cleaned out both my room and my email inbox to get a break from reading this.I don’t get offended easily. This quote made me put my Kindle down and roll my eyes. Are you fucking kidding me Violet, you don’t get offended easily? She had already stormed away in anger from conversations 3 times and that was by Chapter 2 at 7% when she said this. Violet gets offended very easily apparently.The only time I was even semi-interested was reading the second Roses are Red poem, and the next sentence ruined it. Are you seriousing me right now? Yes, Yes I am. That sentence snapped me out of the momentary enjoyment the story provided. The dialogue was unbelievable at times, and actually painfully difficult for me to read.The book was in desperate need of some editing. It was riddled with repetitive paragraphs, poor word choices, and just bad writing in general. With editing the story would be a ton better but I honestly don’t think I would have given it more than one star even with the improvements. Monica-Marie Vincent’s writing style is not my cup of tea at all. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a book so much, and wished it would end so badly.Don’t read this book if you dislike vulgar language. It used cussing to hide the fact that it wasn’t well written. There was a minimum of a cuss word per page. With unbelievable dialogue, annoying characters, a serious need for editing, and being predictable in every aspect I can’t recommend this book to anyone. I don’t believe I will be reading any of Monica-Marie Vincent’s future novels.

  • Heliea
    2019-06-12 23:32

    Urg. I do not like dropping books half read, so it's a shame I stumbled upon this on Netgalley. The basic reason why I could not go through with this book is that I have already spent so much time on watching Pretty Little Liars, and I believe books with teenagers, death threats, alarming texts and all that comes with it is pretty much exausted thanks to the Liars. So when I read the two (three?) first chapters and saw that I was in for a bumpy ride, I decided life is too short for this. The writing style and the characters were not alluring enough to keep me from saying an early goodbye to Violet.

  • Ariiana Crabtree
    2019-06-12 23:16

    This is a great thriller ! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book anticipating what was going to happen next. I love the incorporation of texting and driving killing Violets parents that will definitely bring awareness and seriousness about the subject to all readers of this book. I also love that every time it seemed it couldn't get more twisted and crazy - the story took another turn! most definitely a good read, 2 thumbs wayyy up Moni!!!

  • Mandy Saial
    2019-06-02 19:41

    Roses are Red ...Violet is Dead -Monica - Marie Vincent (4 Stars)Psychotic Admirer !!! Violet is a teenager who's had her fair share of Tragedy in her life...But , now she has an admirer...who would do anything ...Including getting rid of her . This was a really great Young adult /New Adult Horror - Thriller. It was fast paced , had lots of really good twists that kept me turning the pages and you will never guess who is actually doing these awful things .

  • Stacy Crotty
    2019-06-06 22:20

    I absolutely love this book! awesome read, easy to follow and excellent characters! I couldn't put it down! Now I cannot wait for the next part to come out! Going to kill me to wait! Going to buy my daughter a copy too!

  • Kelly Hudson
    2019-05-22 21:34

    Wonderful, fast read, funny Violet reminds me of someone I know. I am ready for the second book. I want to know where the money came from and will Danny and Violet get together. Monica you did an outstanding job I need more LOL

  • Carolyn Willingham
    2019-06-05 01:19

    This book is wonderful! I started reading it, and couldn't put it down till I finished it.. Recommend it to anyone! Can't wait till the next book come out!!

  • Susan
    2019-06-07 00:40

    Couldn't finish it , I just couldn't take any more of the awful students. I will leave it on my Kindle for a couple of weeks to see whether I will go back and try again.

  • Amanda Johnson
    2019-06-06 22:17

    This is one of the most awesome books I have read it keeps you glued to it so that you don't want to put it down and I would recommend it to anyone that likes to read suspense. It is a great read.

  • S.J. Cairns
    2019-05-24 21:19

    Violet's life was turned upside down at a young age by tragedy, but with ample caffeine and amusing snark she manages better than most. When odd things start happening, she fluffs it off as the lesser of problems in her life, until they become unavoidable and people start paying for her inattention.Monica-Marie Vincent brings her readers on a journey with Violet as she navigates a cruel world and somehow picks up a stalker. While Violet tries to figure out what's going on, we meet a cast of lovable characters, even ones you love to hate, with depth and intrigue that has you wanting to know more about them. Hard part is deciphering which one has the craftiness and psychopathic tendencies to unravel Violet's already tenuous grasp on life.Roses are Red...Violet is Dead is classified as YA, Violet being 17 years old, so readers should be aware of language and sexual references for that age group. Having been a 17 year old girl, I thought it was still rather tame, yet realistic, and enjoyed the honest banter. Violet is someone you could picture having out with around the cafeteria table, catching a movie with, and lounging at the local coffee shop and chatting with for hours.If you're looking for a teen thriller without the normal supernatural angles, pick up Roses are Red...Violet is Dead and get guessing who hatched the plan to get Violet's full attention. I guarantee you'll be wrong the first few guesses.Enjoy an excerpt:"Can I get a tall black coffee to go, please?" he asked as he whisked past me to the counter. Jordan nodded and grabbed the cup, casting a worried look in my direction. She hadn't missed that I wasn't comfortable with Colton. Her movements were swift, but for some reason they seemed like slow motion to me. It took everything I had to glance up at Colton's face. Since when was he a fan of coffee? Colton's posture was relaxed as he leaned on the counter, smirking in my direction. "Fancy meeting you here, Vi," he fired off cockily. He chuckled as he handed Jordan money with one hand and took the coffee with the other. "Well, I'm here every morning. What's your excuse?" I rolled my eyes as I put my hand on my hip, my spine straightening to my full height of five-foot-four. "Decided I needed a little 'pick me up’. What's better than a nice steaming cup of coffee?" He held up his cup like he was going to cheers with mine. I clutched my cup a little closer to my chest. "Didn't you have to drive out of your way to get here?" I refused to meet his gaze. "Yeah, so?" He challenged. "So? Coffee isn't even your thing." I stepped back and held my chin up defiantly. "I wanted to come and see a friend. Is that OK?" He flashed his notorious megawatt smile. "Colton, we're not friends. Shelby and I are friends. You and Blake are friends. But you and I, we're not friends." I gestured between us, emphasizing my point. "Yeah, because you are the only reason in the world that I would come here." He licked his lips as he pushed himself into a standing position. A predatory smile emerged. "Aren't we a little full of ourselves this morning?" I could feel all of the blood draining out of my face and into my feet. Feet that refused to move toward the door. Silently, I tried to will Jordan to say something, anything, but she had made herself busy behind the counter. My dry mouth couldn't form any words to rebut what Colton had said. All that was missing was for me to be standing there in my underwear like one of those nightmares where you go to school naked, only I was standing in the middle of Starbucks. "It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to be such a bitch to me. I'm your best friend's boyfriend. Maybe it's time you come to terms with that." A slow, smug smile spread across his face. "Whatever. I'm going to be late." I tossed my hair over my shoulder, turned to wave at Jordan, and fled the store like he was chasing me.

  • Carrie
    2019-06-17 23:21

    All of my reviews for every book I read are posted on bookie-obsessed.blogspot.caRoses Are Red... Violet is Dead by Monica-Marie Vincent is a book about murder and thrilling events that are supposed to keep you engaged and right at the edge of your seat and that's what I was expecting going into this book. It seemed so promising but I was extremely let down and I was surprised when I saw the great ratings it had gotten on Goodreads because I felt like me and everyone else weren't reading the same book. Surely if everyone thinks it's amazing and I don't there must be something wrong with me... This book was a major let-down.Roses Are Red... Violet Is Dead follows seventeen year old Violet Sumner as she goes about her life trying to be the grown up in the household. After her dad passed away in a terrible accident and her mom is left on disability and turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism, Violet is left to pick up the pieces as well as take care of her mother. One day Violet gets a strange text from a number she's never seen before. This text is the first to come of many. They are made up of the famous Roses Are Red poems except they say things like "Your best friend needs to mind her own business," but in poem form. Violet doesn't think much of it and just brushes it off until weird things start happening in the community such as people dying or going missing. For me though, I had a lot of problems with this book...The main character is Native American and although I am not Native American myself, I was very offended at how the author stereotyped Native American people. She wrote Violet's mother as a drunk and constantly made offensive references to that culture. Another thing that annoyed me was the use of super excessive swearing. I'm not one of those people who can't handle swearing at all; honestly I don't mind it one bit but with that being said there was way too much of it in this book. There was a swear word on literally almost every page. In my opinion, the author used swearing as a way to cover up for a poorly written book. This book also had horrible teenage dialogue. Monica-Marie creates words and phrases that I've never heard of in my life. One example would be "Are you seriousing me right now?" Nobody says that that I know of and all those made-up words and phrases or things that nobody I know would say really annoyed me.Even though the writing style wasn't that great at certain points, the story did keep me mildly entertained so I might want to continue the series when the next book comes out if given the chance but this book was just mediocre for me and because of that it gets 3/5 stars.

  • F.P. Dyme
    2019-06-13 23:24

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This review has some spoilers. Sorry, but I have questions.I always give one star for an author writing a book and another star if I am able to read it to the end. This one book gets a third star for interesting characters and plot. The book does suffer from extra fluff in description and dialogue - it could have been about the third of the length and not have lost any content or meaning. However, a few of the characters stand out in the reading - Ebony and Jordan in particular. Although minor characters, they are sufficiently unique and well rounded to have earned my vote as likable characters. Even Colton, whose character traits - terrible as they are - have been flushed out to make him a memorable, if stereotypical character. The protagonist, conversely, was not as unique or likable - she came across to me as more a vehicle for the story to be told through than a living, breathing person. There were a few plot points that were confusing - Colton's strange behavior - why did he start acting so strange before the events had even started happening? He starts following her before the first murder - how does he even know what is going on if she doesn't confide in him? Why was he so secretive about Blake that morning? What kind of household infection kills in a few days, since there wasn't much time between her friend's disappearance and death? What was the money all about? How can a girl so astute about people in general (with one exception) be so clueless about her mom and the police officer? She's 17, not 12. And what happened with the pictures? This is not a super important point, but I am pretty sure they don't have soda machines in schools anymore - at least I know they don't in my state (working to combat childhood obesity one step at a time). And why is every person in authority willing to break the rules for Violet - the social worker with the vodka and the nurse with Colton? It's not that people in authority don't break rules - they do, as they are only human, but they are breaking rules for a girl they have only known a short while and who has done nothing to make them want to break rules that could potentially cost them their jobs.There are a few things that need to be cleared up, but overall, not a terrible read.

  • Lucy Delaney
    2019-05-25 19:26

    Roses are Red … Violet is Dead by Monica-Marie Vincent reads like a typical teenaged horror story should. First there's the girl who unwittingly becomes the object of obsession. Then there's the family drama that keeps it interesting and gives the lead character, Violet, also known as Six, depth and reader sympathy. Next is the tight-knit but troubled clique of friends, because what teenaged horror story would be complete without a clique? And of course, it wouldn't be scary without a crazed psycho-killer on the loose. The book's fast pace and quick tempo kept my head in the story from the very first ominous text Violet received. That was a good thing because had it read any slower the dysfunction within the central clique would have really gotten to me. Luckily the action moved me from one scene to the next quickly and fluidly so I didn't have too much time to over analyze the dynamics of the friendships all that much. The dialogue was much more difficult for me to wade through. I feel like all of the character conversations were riddled with overused cliches and puns that got old after only a few chapters. Again if it hadn't been for the pace of the story it would have driven me crazy but I was unable to roll my eyes and give up because I wanted to know what would happen next. Despite my frustrations, and to be fair to the story, I have to say, the book is filled with little jewels I truly appreciated. While it would have been easy for the author to keep it totally cliched, she spoke to some real and relevant issues teenaged kids face these days. The story shed light on the dangers of texting and driving and gave readers a feel and understanding for what it's like to be a victim on the other end of the accident. More than that the story was sprinkled with alternatives to texting while driving. I applaud the author for speaking up on a difficult but relevant issue. All in all it was exactly what I'd expect from a story in this genre and then some because of the author's boldness in speaking out against a real-world problem in the lives of teenagers these days. I openly admit this genre isn't my cup of tea and so my review should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • J.N. Sheats
    2019-06-19 00:41

    This book was fairly good, it has its highs and lows. Normally on my scale this book would rate three stars but I am giving it four because it did give me nightmares. Any book that can give me nightmares about freaky stalkers gets bonuses points, but to be totally honest there are somethings that could be worked on.The beginning for one was very random and confusing. I had no idea what the story was or where as a reader. The story just jumped right into something and it wasn't clear what it was. It felt like it was the start of a horror novel but then there is coffee and light conversation, and a random text. Also I had no idea why the main character was with her boyfriend. The first time Violet talks about him in beginning really turns me off on him. I'm thinking, "if he sucks so bad why are you with the guy?" Later when you actually get to see the interaction between the two characters the redeeming qualities of Violet's boyfriend just aren't there to counter all the crap she just said about him.Another point was I knew who the stalker was the second they were introduced. Now that isn't to say it is super easy to figure out, and maybe its just all those crime shows I watch but it was way to easy. At the beginning I jumped back and forth on three people but once that other person was introduced I knew right away. Far to easy for me.Also there were things that were just left so unfinished at the end. In fact the whole ending felt very rushed and then just drops off the face of the earth without any satisfaction. Which was made even worse considering I already knew who the stalker was leading up to this point. So then why did I give this book four stars?Because after I got pass the beginning two or three chapters I was hooked. I couldn't put it down and I wanted to see what Violet's stalker did next. There were a few surprises in the book that me wanting to go to that next chapter, I love the character of Violet, and like I said before it gave me some nightmares. So good for you Monica-Marie, I'm a hard one to make dream.All in all if you give the book a chance and keep reading you get something that is worth a once over.

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-05-28 02:15

    Roses are Red. . .Violet is Dead is a mystery/thriller with twists and turns, creeps and chills, and a horror hiding behind the facade of an unknown face. The main character, Violet, is a 17 year old girl, who's been dragged through life's troubles, but she copes as best she can. She's a wonderfully strong character, but not the super-fighting type often seen in today's literature, Violet has an inner-strength, which reveals itself as the story unfolds. I really enjoyed following her as she learns that she can handle and battle more than what life throws at her.The characters in this are well-developed and easy to love - even easy to love to hate. I think it's this character depth which really draws into the story and makes up for the smaller problems later on. Especially the main character has an impressive way of dealing with things, not whining over problems but facing and, in case of the first strange events due to a stalker, ignoring them as needed to keep her life going. Her strengths and flaws made her very realistic and easy to feel for.This is a YA, but I'd recommend it for the upper end of the age group. The plot is tense, the language harsh and the sexual references raw, and although I found some of it a little disturbing at moments, it did fit reality. I enjoyed many of the little scenes and found the descriptions just enough to draw in without over-loading the plot. It was easy to fall into Violet's world.The suspense did grab tight and kept me pinned to the pages. There were times where goose bumps spread over my arms, and I had to peek over my shoulder to make sure everything was all right. The plot is complex and usually very well handled. There were a couple times I felt things weren't ironed out quite as nicely as they could have been, and a few twists were a little too predictable. Despite these moments, the story pulls through from page one, and I had no trouble enjoying it with all the delicious creepy chills until the very end.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Seregon BookWorm
    2019-06-13 03:43

    *Warning: possible spoilers*I won this in a contest. It in no way influenced my review.Violet Sumner is recovering from her father's death after someone was careless texting while driving. Seriously- don't fucking do it!! She's also taking care of her alcoholic mom and dealing with a stalker who sends creepy texts and emails. Not to mention a weak little boy who's pissed off he got "put in friend zone". Typical guy. She doesn't like me like that..waaaaaaahhh!! No, dude, you're not getting laid. Grow up and deal with it. Her Native American mother thinks it's a hate crime. Is it? With the clues that start adding up, it's possible...Meanwhile, she's losing her best friend, Shelby since Shel is dating the school's biggest jerk, I mean jock. Same thing actually. Yes, it is. And it seems like Colton is the biggest clue, but he actually redeems himself in the end and proves himself to not be such a jerk after all. Shelby eventually sees the light of putting a guy before school work, and even helps Violet in dealing with all the mess.What I like is that it puts a lot of things out there: 1. Don't text and drive. 2. The sexism in dealing w/ guys who can't take no for an answer. 3. Girls are afraid of making the first move out of judgment. It's not fair, and it needs to stop. Ladies - Violet, it IS OK to ask a guy out!! You are NOT a "slut" if you ask out a guy. Fuck what society thinks. I'm strong enough to go after what I want, and screw you if you aren't. That's your problem, I'm not letting it be mine. The only reason I gave this a 4 instead of 5 is that it's set in a high school setting, so while it's a bit of a "young read" for me, it was still an enjoyable mystery.

  • Elizabeth Horbaczek
    2019-06-04 21:31

    I was given this book for an honest review.3 starsThis book was just okay for me. I really enjoyed what I thought this book would be. A lot of mystery, drama and I bit of romance, but I feel that it felt short. I'm gonna go with the positives of the book first. I liked violet a lot. I felt she stood her ground and she spoke her mind. I really liked the whole theme of the book. Mysteries are are always a good read because I love that not knowing part. I think if the book was more of a sense of a college theme it could have worked a lot better. The characters I think were too young for this kind of book. The book tended to go to different places all the time and that was very frustrating. We also had way too much going on. The stalking, the money, the way the characters were being introduced, it was little to overwhelming at times. I just couldn't get connected to the characters and I think that was the hardest part.Violet has ha a rough life. Her dad died, her mom is badly injured, and her boyfriend is self absorbed. Normal doesn't fall into play for violet. So when she starts confiding about things that are upsetting her, things start happening. Text messages show up telling her to dump her boyfriend. Weird? Then something happens to a teacher that she is upset with. Now the same person that is doing all of this wants violet to himself. How do you avoid a stalker and who can it be?I'm upset tat I couldn't love this book. I hope that I can read something else from this author only because I really want to give her a second chance. Sent from my NOOK

  • Kat Evans Hernandez
    2019-05-23 01:34

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee Price
    2019-06-10 21:45

    17 year old Violet is trying to put her life back together after a tragic car accident that killed her father and left her mother a bitter, disabled alcoholic. When Violet starts receiving creepy text messages, she writes them off as a joke until the messages start to discuss real events like a teacher she doesn't like being murdered and the disappearance of her best friend. Violet realizes that she has a stalker and she has to work with the police to track down a psychotic killer before he destroys everything that she holds dear.***Spoilers contained in the next paragraph.I loved Violet's character. Her wit and her strength through all of her challenges drew me into the story. All of her friends seemed completely self-absorbed and unsympathetic to what she was going through. This book was really good at first but the plot fell apart at the end. I can forgive it being predictable, but there were so many holes in the plot and unanswered questions that were never resolved. Like, why was Colton suspicious of Tanner? Why didn’t Violet contact Eb’s mother after her body was found? Why didn’t Shelby visit Violet in the hospital? And last but not least, how did the police know where to find Violet?The author has an epilogue on her website that she didn’t include in the book and I’m truly perplexed as to why not. The epilogue answers a lot of questions and is a much better resolution to this story.

  • Barbara Desmond
    2019-05-27 01:20

    Got ARC from Net Galley.The friendship between Shelby and Violet made me go up to a 3 star rating from a 2.5 rating. Even though I don't have any guilty pleasures since I don't hide them I think this would fall into the guilty pleasure category. It isn't the best thing ever but it is a fun read. I'd call it a dark fluffy read if that makes any sense at all.It made me think of Pretty Little Liars and a show from Investigation Discovery. I won't mention the title since that would give a great big honking clue to who is behind the craziness of this book. You have weird text messages, a murder, kidnapping, and if that wasn't enough you have a creepy gift on a silver platter.Violet is still dealing with losing her father and dealing with her mom who isn't doing very well either when she starts getting strange texts. At first she thinks it is just a joke and ignores it but things start getting crazy. I had my suspicions about who was behind it but I will admit that the other person I considered turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought this person would be. Since I'm curious about what happens next I will be picking up the next book in the series.

  • Corrine Pickering
    2019-06-09 02:27

    ***Reviewed for Hooked on Books ***Roses are Red, Violet is Dead - Monica-Marie Vincent 3.5 StarsViolet is trying her hardest to make her way through college whilst her partially disabled mum keeps going off the rails. One morning Violet gets a strange text, the texts keep coming, then the stalker ups the ante and Violet need to tell the police. Can Violet hold it together and stay safe until the stalker is caught ?I really enjoyed this YA thriller, which kept me constantly trying to guess who the stalker is. I connected well with Violet and my heart goes out to her and all the crap she has to deal with. This book really does needs a book 2 to follow, I have dropped my rating purely as I felt there were quite a few unanswered questions. I would have really liked an epilogue, what happened with the money, Danny, her mum and the sgt also her friendship with Colton ?

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-05-21 21:18

    Roses are Red, Violet is Dead - Monica-Marie Vincent 3.5 StarsViolet is trying her hardest to make her way through college whilst her partially disabled mum keeps going off the rails. One morning Violet gets a strange text, the texts keep coming, then the stalker ups the ante and Violet need to tell the police. Can Violet hold it together and stay safe until the stalker is caught ?I really enjoyed this YA thriller, which kept me constantly trying to guess who the stalker is. I connected well with Violet and my heart goes out to her and all the crap she has to deal with.This book really does needs a book2 to follow, I have dropped my rating purely as I felt there were quite a few unanswered questions. I would have really liked an epilogue, what happened with the money, Danny, her mum and the sgt also her friendship with Colton ?