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You never forget your first love. Lexi O’Connell has secretly been in love with Ian Callaghan for more than ten years. So when she returns to Pine Ridge and he turns those sexy crystal blue eyes her way, she doesn’t have a hope of resisting, even if she knows it can only be for one night. Even if it will break her heart. Because while she would know him anywhere, he doesn You never forget your first love.Lexi O’Connell has secretly been in love with Ian Callaghan for more than ten years. So when she returns to Pine Ridge and he turns those sexy crystal blue eyes her way, she doesn’t have a hope of resisting, even if she knows it can only be for one night. Even if it will break her heart. Because while she would know him anywhere, he doesn’t even recognize her. Ian Callaghan is mischievous, playful, and irresistible to women. When he sets his sights on the attractive young woman who has been discreetly staring at him, he doesn’t think twice about seducing her. It wasn’t supposed to be more than one night. And falling in love with her was definitely not part of the plan. A few days is all Ian needs to know that Lexi is The One. His croie. His soul mate. And he doesn’t understand how she can just walk away. But what Ian doesn’t understand might just kill her. WARNING: Due to strong language and steamy scenes of a sexual nature, this book is intended for mature (18+) readers only....

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first and only Reviews

  • Jenny
    2019-04-16 19:11

    So, Ian the Manwhore finally got his just dues.Ian has no idea what he's stepping into, or rather who's legs he's getting in between, when he meets this mysterious girl on the bus who gets his motor running.Lexi has always had a crazy crush, undying love for Ian Callaghan from the first time she met Ian many moons ago. Lexi is best friends with Kieran, Ian's little brother you see. She's be in love with him since the tender age of 14.But, Lexi saw something one day that set in stone her running away with the thought of having no chance in hell with the sexy Irish lad, as he seems to have been staked claim to by none other than Kayla the whore aka her stepsister.Lexi returns to her roots for her father's funeral. Feeling vulnerable and manipulating the fact that Ian has no freaking clue in hell who she is on the bus, she gives in and fulfills her young, foolish desires. She gets it on and gets her world rocked by the one and only man she's ever craved. See, it's years later and she was a virgin. She gave her innocence away to the man she always believed she would give herself to, even though it was not her intentions.When Ian learns who Lexi really is, his manwhore days are pushed to side and he will do whatever to get the girl.Lexi plays the "hard to get" game because her plans was not to stay and it was clearly evident that Kayla still had her talons firmly set in Ian.Ian must have Lexi. Lexi will do whatever it takes to push Ian away, and live the rest of her life with the memories of their crazy, sex filled night.When the Callaghan crew learns of Ian's sudden interest in Lexi, they try to deter him from hurting her any further. Everyone was in on the fact that Lexi always had a thing for Ian, meanwhile, no one cared to clue him in (nor did he bother to pay attention).When Ian persuades Lexi to stay for a few more days, Lexi agrees on the terms that he stays with her every single night - with the bonus of giving her multiple, crazy orgasms (the man is talented with his tongue...I digress).Just when things were getting good, Lexi falls to the bout of her disease... a form of hemophilia that makes her vulnerable to the slightest touch.Kayla tries to push Lexi out of town and all hell breaks loose.After a scary event, Lexi decides its for the best that she leaves town for good.Months later...Lexi has a baby. She has a baby with piercing blue eyes and a head full of black hair (like father like son).Oh and guess what? Ian has no freaking clue she was pregnant to begin with. When Aidan, Lexi's boss and friend, comes to deliver the news to him, I say he took the news rather well.I say that Ian should've been freaking livid with the fact that Lexi was pregnant and never cared to shared the news with him due to her own selfish, martyrdom. She did it to protect him. She did it because she loved him too much.How sweet of her.But Ian, being the true man he is, just wants his son in his life and a chance to get Lexi back. All he wants to take care of them & to be a family.Well, Lexi, again, decides to put a kibosh on that. Why? Oh, because she doesn't know how to open her mouth and communicate, instead making the decision for the both of them to raise their son in separate homes because Ian "won't touch her". Ian is just scared of hurting her physically and instead of trying to coax him or teach him about her disease, she decides to be purely selfish.Lexi & Ian have little to no communication with each other, than to talk about Patrick, their son.When Ian finds out that Lexi has been sick and not taking care of herself (of course, why would she share that information with him, god forbid something happen to her), he decides it's time to go balls in. He proves to Lexi that they are worth a try and that he wants her more than he's ever wanted a woman.Lexi, of course, is reluctant but decides, hey, why not?In the end, they all get their way and take the steps to becoming one big happy family...finally.With the exception of me wanting to throttle Lexi towards the end of the book, I'm loving me some Callaghans.Next up...the sexy Callaghan with brains...the Doc... Can't wait!!!

  • ReadingisMyEscape
    2019-04-10 14:51


  • Priya
    2019-04-06 21:56

    This was a good book but thought there would be more good things to it. However, this wasn't such a bad book, there were part where it made me smile, but it wasn't a satisfying book... I don't know but recently I haven't been finding any book that is satisfying, but still i gave this one a try. Well i wasn't totally grumpy about this book...

  • Bev
    2019-04-03 20:08

    I think I'm hooked on this series now :) I enjoyed this one so much more than Dangerous Secrets, even though there was no suspense and both the H and h pulled some really TSTL moves.One of my pet peeves is the constant push and pull, another is where the H or h marytr's themselves for the greater good. Sadly I got both here which is what knocked off a star for me. I just wish the push and pull had not continued up until past the 90% mark, I didn't think they were ever going get their happy.The other niggle for me was that after Kayla did the dirty time and time again she got off way too lightly, she should have had her arse kicked good and propper. Vindictive much? Moi? :DThat said, this was a really sweet and at times sad story that kept me hooked from beginning to end.

  • Melanie
    2019-03-28 18:05

    4.5*sReally liked this (not as much as the first) & loved the shared history they had. I love the kind of relationship where one has loved the other from afar or from years ago and they get the chance to be with them for real. I thought they were a lovely couple, easy to read and become involved with, I liked the complications that arose throughout the story and the little surprises that came along the way. It would have had five stars but it dropped off a bit towards the end and felt stagnant for a while in which I could quite happily banged their stubborn heads together..... but it all worked out in the end ;)

  • Sunny (Kindles & Wine Book Blog)
    2019-04-14 21:51

    3 1/2 starsIan got his story in the second book of the Callaghan Brother series by Abbie Zanders. He was as intense as I expected him to be. While his past choices haunted him throughout, I enjoyed his quick realization for love. When the Callaghan boys fall, they fall hard!Lexi's back-story was sad yet perfect for First and Only. I enjoyed her friendship with Kieren Callaghan and her relationship with "uncle" Jack - the father of this Irish brood. The secret she kept once she reconnected with Ian was unfortunate and had a huge impact on the story. While I loved the chemistry between Ian and Lexi and the spicy sexy time, I didn't love their reluctance regarding the relationship. It was a bit too much for me at times. I understand the why behind it, but I didn't always find it effective based on their strong love for the other.There were many things I did find effective. I enjoyed a scene with an erotic novel and how it came around again in the book. I enjoyed how Lexi fit like a glove into the family. I loved her friend Aidan who has been such an important part of her life. I also found their happily ever after to be refreshing, once they found a way to capture it!Once again, I loved listening to Aiden Snow narrate the tale. His sexy deep voice fit Ian to perfection!Note: I received a review copy of this title courtesy of the audiobook publisher, Tantor.

  • Jackie Lane
    2019-03-20 16:11

    I am enjoying getting to know the brothers and their significant others more with each book I read.This was Ian and

  • Amy
    2019-04-03 19:01

    4.5 Stars for my favourite Callaghan Brother!Congratulations Ms. Zanders you have once again delivered a book oozing with alpha hotness, amazing characters and an emotional story. In fact, I think you may actually have outdone yourself this time around.We all knew from meeting him in the last book that Ian Callaghan was a hot, sexy as sin, player. He was charming, cocky, funny and enjoyed his bed-hopping ways. Returning from a covert mission to attend the funeral of a close family friend, Ian has a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious stranger on the bus he is travelling on. From the moment he lays eyes on her he is intrigued and feels drawn to her. Despite his most charming efforts she manages to rebuff all his advances. As the pair prepare to part ways he tries once again by asking the beauty to have dinner with him. This time when she declines his invitation Ian is able to see the hesitation and uncertainty in her eyes. After seeing her safely to her motel Ian reluctantly leaves but quickly devises a plan to see her again very soon. After all, he is a Callaghan and they were raised to go after what they want. And right now, Ian wants nothing more than the beautiful Alexis.What Ian doesn't realise is that Alexis or Lexi isn't actually a stranger he met on a bus, she used to be friends with his brother Kieran when she was a scrawny, nervous 14 year old and has been totally and utterly in love Ian for the past 10 years. Knowing that she has never thought of another man except Ian and the fact he did not even know who she was stung more than she would like to admit, but Lexi still can't help thinking that turning him away was a mistake. She has wanted Ian Callaghan from the moment she was old enough to understand what that "want" was and the opportunity to be with Ian even if only for one night would fulfil all her fantasies and dreams. So when he arrives on her doorstep unannounced Lexi decides to take the plunge and go with it, even if it will have the potential to break her heart.After an incredible night of all consuming passion Ian is disappointed when he wakes to find himself in a bed alone. Realising he is late for the funeral he has little time to dwell on it. Arriving late at his fathers best friend, Brian's funeral does not impress his dad one bit and it is with a clipped attitude that Jack informs Ian that Kayla, Brian's step-daughter and Ian's ex hook up is his responsibility and to keep her from making any scenes. If spending time with beautiful but incredibly bitchy Kayla isn't bad enough it becomes absolute torture when he looks across the room and sees the amber eyes he spent the whole night before looking into as they both came apart. It is with shock that all the pieces fall into place and he realises exactly who Lexi is and why she looks so devastated to see Kayla hanging off him. But there is nothing he can do in a room full of people.There were so many layers to this story which I really loved. I wanted to know about their pasts as well as the present all while hoping for their future. I enjoyed the fact that whilst on the surface it appears to be insta-love it was actually a love that started years ago when a shy teenage girl fell for a boy that didn't even seem to notice her.There is a lot of drama in the book but whilst it did break my heart at times it never felt too angsty. There was a lovely balance in the drama and angst which kept you completely enthralled in the story.Lexi was keeping a big secret.... in fact she kept a couple but they only added to the story. I understood her decisions to keep quiet even though my heart broke for her. She was a strong heroine and once again Zander's managed to create a strong, independent heroine with a bit of sass who wasn't stupid or annoying.There was a lot more to Ian Callaghan then I imagined and I loved getting to know him. He was so sweet, loving and kind whilst still being a total alpha-male. He loved Lexi and would do anything to protect her and keep her safe even if that had to be from him.There was a lot of pain, heartache, confusion and frustration in this book but it was worth every single minute. The best love stories always take the rockiest roads and these two certainly took a rocky road.The Callaghan Clan are fast embedding themselves in my heart and I am thoroughly enjoying reading their books. I am so excited to start Michael's book next - House Calls and I have a sneaking suspicion he may just bump Ian off the top of my favourite Callaghan brothers list!If you haven't read this series or are deliberating as to whether you should or not I highly recommend reading it, the books are fast paced the characters are memorable and the stories are well developed and hold your attention from start to finish.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-22 16:05

    FOUR 'I'M READY TO COME HOME' STARS!This is the second book in the Callaghan Brothers series by Abbie Zanders. Ms. Zanders delivered another well written, interesting and steamy story for the second installment in this great new series. I've come to really appreciate this authors writing style. It's wrought with emotion, rich with details and and fantastic in it's execution. She has given her readers an interesting storyline, characters you can't help but root for and a steamy, lovely, sometimes angsty romance with this story. This particular story in the series hits one of my personal favorite story lines - unrequited love.Alexis Kattapoulos, formerly known as Lexi O'Connell, is no stranger to Pine Ridge or to Ian Callaghan. Despite his not recognizing her during the "first" meeting, Lexi has known - and been in love with - him nearly her entire life. After her mother's death, her father remarried a woman with a daughter, and so began the story of Lexi's Cinderella youth. After a particularly troublesome incident as a teenager, she quietly fled Pine Ridge with the help of her father and, his friend, Callaghan patriarch, Jack, leaving behind her best friend and staunchest protector, Kieran Callaghan, and her crush, Ian.A chance meeting, on a bus back to Pine Ridge, reunites Lexi and Ian, only Ian doesn't recognize her. Ian, being the charming, mischievious guy he is, pursues her even when she turns down his invitation to dinner. He shows up at her hotel room with dinner anyway, and Lexi, unable to deny herself this once in a lifetime opportunity, allows herself to be seduced by Ian. Ian is changed by this encounter with Lexi, and he begins to pursue her. But Lexi has a life now; she's a renowned chef in Georgia and her life is there. And Lexi has a secret. Ian is relentless and he convinces Lexi to extend her stay and spend the weekend with him.The more time they spend together, the more Ian is convinced that Lexi is his "one," his croie - Irish for heart, soulmate. The Callaghan boys have always been told that once a Callaghan man finds his heart, it will belong to her and her alone forever. They, of course, didn't believe it, that is until Jake found his. Now, Ian is a believer, too, and it's trying desperately to convince Lexi. After an incident at the county fair with her evil and insanely jealous step-sister, Kayla, leaves Lexi confused, heartbroken, injured and hospitalized, she returns to Georgia. Ian, only now learning of her secret, blames himself for part of her hurt. Unwilling to let her go, Ian's attempts to reach her go unanswered, and Lexi is now harboring another even bigger secret from Ian. Her best friend and boss, Aiden, finally intervenes and Lexi is surprised by find Ian at her apartment. Ian makes it clear to her that he wants her, but he's treating her with kid gloves now, frustrating Lexi and breaking her heart.Will Ian get through to Lexi? Will her forgive her for keeping this major secret from him? Can he overcome the fear that he harbors related to her condition?This was a well-written and developed story rich with a passionate, steamy romance and some angst to overcome making their coming together hard earned and well deserved. I've really come to adore this author and her writing style, and I am eager for more of this series.

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-04-03 19:14

    Book one was hit and miss, with too many romance killers, but a rather suspenseful plot and an interesting female MC. So, I gave book two a shot. Mistake! Book two, lacked all the good elements of book one, but retained it's' own hefty misses. It started off fairly good. Then... The funeral scene was a no-go for me. His dad was clueless as to the previous night... So using the excuse "my dad asked me to," even though he knew that seeing him w the stepsister was breaking the female MC, immediately turned me off. Then... The "darker side" was laughable. A stupid inner rambling that's single purpose was to create angst r/to her medical condition. What exactly did he do that was "dark?" Nada.. Fell flat. Then...The secret she ran off with, well that's true love there, yeah. She wouldn't have stollen those moments from him if she loved him. Then.. It just becomes annoying and repetitive. The storyline just dragged on for the sake of angst, with nothing of substance happening... Just woe is me until an epiphany that he needs to recover his nuts, act like a man, and get his shit together. Bottom line: Characters were single minded & opted to brood vs talk; plot was annoying and dragged; and, like book one, the lead characters spent way more time apart than together.Won't be continuing:/

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-04-10 16:16

    I liked and enjoyed this book very much. But in saying that there were some things that bothered me. 3 Struck by Lightning Stars. This can’t be really be classified as romantic suspense although there are some aspects not enough to warrant it though. Ms. Zanders starts with bk 2 where she left off with bk. 1. Just that it is Ian’s turn now. Ian has just come back from a mission and has to take the bus back to Pine Ridge. He saves himself from a cougar as Lexi has subtlety being checking him out she is also on her way to Pine Ridge. Lexi knows Ian but Ian recognizes her but can’t pinpoint the how and the why. Once again there is an instant attraction and over a short amount of time it becomes serious. It started off well and the chemistry was good between them but I still felt as of some things were off. (view spoiler)[ That lexi had an illness was a good plot but that she was so reckless with her life to just be able to live? No. I also didn’t like that everyone implied that Ian was with Kayla and that skank deserved a slap down anyway. Why was it that it was as if there was sometimes more chemistry between Aidan and Lexi? There was also too much drama only one too many times can you be obstinate. And they are always pregnant what is with that? (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Stacey is Sassy
    2019-04-08 18:48

    Another Callaghan bites the dust...This is the second story in the Callaghan Brothers series. Ian has spent his years caring for his family, working hard being a hero and getting laid...a lot. Lexi is a quietly spoken, hard working, strong minded woman who has loved Ian since the first day they met when she was 14 and he was 17.This story had some very hard things to deal with. Lexi battles health issues that close her off to some things, so when she has the chance she throws herself into living life to the fullest. Lexi makes some bad decisions which I can understand, but I thought were a bit selfish. Ian also makes some horrible decisions and I spent quite a few chapters thinking - you bloody morons, communicate with each other.There were a few issues I felt were unresolved and wished had been dealt with, but I am presuming may be taken further in future books.This book was heartbreaking. There was times that I wanted things to get better, but seemed to get worse. The ending seemed a little rushed. I wanted to see them happy together for longer and think the sad went on for too long.Love the family and friends dynamics and will definitely be reading more in this series.

  • JJH--Judy
    2019-04-06 16:08

    Better than the firstI think I liked this one better than the first book of the series. I really enjoy it when an author can give a different feel from one book to the next--the first one was a suspense, and this one had more to do with another life-threatening issue. What made me like it more was I felt more attention was placed on the actual couple, (making the romance more pronounced) and secondary characters stayed in the background. I did enjoy the H and h, and I liked them as a couple. There were some instances where I did not agree with the way either of them behaved, but it did not really deter from my enjoyment. I enjoy this author writing style. Intimate scenes were spicy and well done. The story for the most part had a good flow, but I did feel the ending was a little abrupt. The time line seemed to jump quickly, and I wished some parts would have been addressed in more detail. Also, there seemed to be a lot of build-up, and then it was just over. I will definitely keep reading the others in this series.

  • Wendy
    2019-04-17 18:49

    DNF at 52% BECAUSEI enjoyed the first book well enough; it was an enjoyable read and the story was a good mystery. I liked Ian in that book, and I liked Ian in this book, although, again, a lot of angst could be avoided if people would just say things instead of being vague, but then, where's the story? I liked Ian until all of a sudden, he turned into Christian Grey about 45% of the way into the book, becoming possessive to the point of semi-abusiveness, paranoid about any other man in Lexi's life, controlling, and generally a man that I'd run like hell from. One moment he's full of love and imagining Lexi pregnant with their child, unable to imagine his life without her, and the next he's aggressively "claiming" her as his. That was it for me. I also skipped over the section where Lexi reads from the selection by her favorite author. I should have seen where it was headed. I know Ian had a darker side, but that was just too sudden a switch, and not to a pleasant place. Oh well. Everyone else loves it, so I guess I'm in the minority.

  • Liz
    2019-04-11 18:01

    Completely different from Book 1.This story was less about the Callaghans as secret ops -- so no dangerous thriller-type plot -- and more about the interpersonal relationship that gets developed between Ian and Lexi, a girl from his hometown who comes back to deal with a family issue. She's always been in love with Ian, but We also learn that Lexi has a serious health issue that very few know about...especially Ian.While it's a series, I didn't feel like I needed to read book 1 before this one. That being said, I also didn't feel like I was re-reading stuff I already knew.There are a couple of things that weren't wrapped up: Kayla (so she can just assault Lexi -- for the second time in her life -- and get away with it? She also is portrayed as mentally unstable... what was the reasoning behind not getting this chick help??) and Keiran who mysteriously goes away after a fight with Lexi and they kinda make up via skype? Short shrift for this relationship. Also, Aiden deserves his own spinoff.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-26 22:55

    I was really enjoying the book up through the first half or when we readers find out Lexi's secret. After that, the book seemed to drag and the ending fell quite flat for me. I was hoping for some knockdown/drag out fight between someone and Kayla. But she just kinda faded into the background.For the first part, both Lexi and Ian seem like strong characters and I really liked them and their relationship. Then they became angsty and teenager-ish (ie. I am just going to sit here and brood until everyone wants to smack me out of my misery).The brothers are hot though and I like Ms. Zanders writing when she keeps the story flowing.

  • Megan
    2019-03-27 15:55

    This book, just like the one before was freaking HOT. I forgot how awesome the first one was. This was just as good. SO good, I didn't even put it down to update my statuses lol. An easy and good read. Although, I REALLY wanted to punch both Ian and Lexi more than a few times!!

  • Sandra Ribeiro
    2019-04-06 19:13

    I was very curious about Ian story, the intensity that he show on the first book definitely pass to this one, but the end ... I don't now...but that didn't do it for me.Anyhow I like that the plots of each book are completely diferent, that makes me want to read the rest of this series.

  • DemetraP
    2019-04-15 20:55

    I was really insulted that the hero didn't recognize her. I just didn't enjoy their story. And I thought the ending where her disease was cured was very unrealistic.

  • Tamara
    2019-04-19 19:56

    Good book!

  • Steph
    2019-04-10 18:47

    this series just keeps on getting better.

  • Meghan
    2019-04-16 20:59

    Although I enjoyed this story I was kind of disappointed in how his brothers turned their backs on Ian. Also how Lexi didn't understand how afraid Ian was. Otherwise it was interesting.

  • Sarah Armstrong
    2019-03-28 18:50

    Loving these brothers. Ian & lexis story was fantastic. Read in one setting. Great writing. Great flow. Can't wait to get all the brothers.

  • Jen
    2019-04-13 15:00

    This book started great for me, then something happens halfway through that makes me not like Lexi very much, then Ian goes and screws things up and becomes a complete and total idiot, but in the end, they still get their HEA when the both come to their senses. I swear, both Lexi and Ian were clueless for half the book and it drove me insane. Lexi has been in love with Ian since they were teens - only he didn't know it and was apparently clueless when everyone else saw it. She ends up moving away after something happens and they don't see her again really. Then she shows back up in town for her father's funeral, only Ian still doesn't know who she is and they end up sleeping together. Of course, Ian goes and falls head over heels with her after that, finds out who she is and works his hardest to make her see that she's the one for him. Well, he says he's going to do that and he just fails miserably. Lexi ends up leaving and going back home and they are apart for many months (this book does that a lot - skips months ahead, which is both frustrating and realistic). Ian finds her, he's an idiot, she doesn't communicate her feelings, and the circle goes round and round until things implode. It was really all quite frustrating. Simply communicating would have saved them both a lot of heartache. I mean their family saw through things, yet they couldn't figure it out with each other?The ending was nice, but nothing memorable. I had high hopes that this book would be awesome after the first half. Things were going great, I loved Ian and thought he'd be the perfect guy for Lexi, and then things went south so quickly. It was a bit too abrupt of a change for me to feel the connection to the characters any further and unfortunately, it turned this book from a great read to a mediocre one.

  • Karen Voitik
    2019-03-20 20:53

    >Book review – First and Only>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the second in the Callaghan Brothers series and ends in an HEA. Ian is the next brother to find his "heart". He actually met her as a teen. Lexi lived in the neighborhood and was best friends with Ian's youngest brother. Lexi returns to town for her father's funeral. Ian doesn't recognize her right away, which causes some grief, along with the wicked ex, Kayla. >Lexi has a blood clotting disorder that comes to play in the story. What I thought was strange was that she would become a chef with her serious illness. Chefs use sharp implements right? Her BFF, Aiden, is very protective of Lexi, but not enough to guide her in a different and safer line of work. More of the brothers are introduced and the bond between them all is even more obvious. >This book is appropriate for an adult audience. I am giving this story 5 stars. I love the way the brothers know in their heart that a soulmate is forever.

  • BJ
    2019-04-02 18:49

    Good story to continue the series. The h has been in love with H for years, he's clueless, doesn't even recognise her, but they have an amazing night. She gets sick, and she is pregnant and has to leave to stay alive. I thought the h was weak and quite selfish in how she reacted. She denied him information and made dumb assumptions. The H was stubborn, and he could have been drawn a bit better. For instance was he celibate or not - we don't find out. It was OK.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-05 17:55

    Lexi returns home after all these year's. Secretly she's been in love with Ian Callaghan for 10 year's what will happen when she walks back into his life.Will there be happiness i know one thing there is heat and passion.I am so in love with this series that was recommended to me now i recommende it to all of you get a copy fall in love with the Callahan Family.

  • Lisa Boyd
    2019-04-05 18:52

    Stubborn, oh so stubborn. Lexi and Ian are the epitome of stubborn. I loved this book, the characters are fantastic and oh so real, the plot/story-line was wonderful and the writing is fabulous. Ian and Lexi both have some learning and growing to do and I ached for both of them throughout the book. Abbie Zanders knocked it out of the park on this book.

  • Tameka
    2019-03-21 22:08

    Lexi and Ian have a whole new definition of what should be verse what is. just when you think it is all settled.

  • Genevieve Williams
    2019-04-09 18:51

    This is my new favorite in the series.