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We've all heard the phrase "those are big shoes to fill." That's especially true when those are the massive boots of the unstoppable Juggernaut! When the Gem of Cyttorak reappears, seeking to create a new avatar, none hear its call more than those who have previously housed Cyttorak's power, Cain Marko and Colossus. But they aren't the only ones hunting for the Gem. Can thWe've all heard the phrase "those are big shoes to fill." That's especially true when those are the massive boots of the unstoppable Juggernaut! When the Gem of Cyttorak reappears, seeking to create a new avatar, none hear its call more than those who have previously housed Cyttorak's power, Cain Marko and Colossus. But they aren't the only ones hunting for the Gem. Can the X-Men find it before it's too late? And can Colossus resist the temptation of Cyttorak's power? "Unstoppable" takes on a whole new meaning as Cyttorak's gem is finally located. The Juggernaut rises...and the X-Men fall! Plus, a death in Storm's family sends the X-Men to Africa! Anole's deepest fears are unleashed on the streets of New York City! And Nightcrawler and Mystique's relationship reaches a boiling point!Collecting: Amazing X-Men 13-19, Annual...

Title : Amazing X-Men, Volume 3: Once and Future Juggernaut
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ISBN : 9780785192480
Format Type : Paperback
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Amazing X-Men, Volume 3: Once and Future Juggernaut Reviews

  • Paul
    2019-06-12 09:18

    This volume was... OK. It's a shame it's only OK as it was desperately trying to be epic.It had most of the ingredients to be epic but it just didn't seem to come together. Maybe the lacklustre artwork was partly responsible. I could imagine liking this more with better, more dramatic, illustrations.The X-Men have undeniably been around the block a few times but their attitudes towards the events of this story are so laid back and world weary that it destroyed any sense of drama. I half expected one of them to utter 'I just can't be bothered with this'.The entire point of this story seemed to be to subvert Colossus' 'heroic self-sacrifice' character trait and to (view spoiler)[make Cain Marko the Juggernaut again (hide spoiler)]. If this is the case, mission accomplished. Why the creative team wanted to make these changes just before Secret Wars came along with the almighty reboot key is beyond me, though.As I say, nothing special but OK.

  • Sud666
    2019-06-01 07:21

    Okay lets be clear...I didn't think much of this one. Why? Because the really good part-the one about the Juggernaut is actually only about 25% of the story (but it is good enough to mitigate the pedestrian nature of the rest). The story starts with two gays kids going to coffee and a rant about teenage angst. I didn't care, not because of the homosexual aspect-I'm not a homophobe, I have plenty of gay friends..I didn't care because I don't buy comics to read about the whiney rantings of teenage love stories. I could go watch some brainless MTV show for that. Then after reading that mindless drivel-I was subjected to a homocidal Kurt Wagner trying to kill a priest and being stopped by Mystique. Um...why is Kurt a killer and mystique acting like she's Ghandi? I don't know. I also realized it's too annoying to care. THEN we almost get into the meat of the story-but first we are treated to Cyclops and Storm bitching at each other-more angst. Cool. Great. Let's move along, please? Annnnnd we get to it!! Yayy-The demon Cytorrak is back and wants an avatar and a bunch of people descend to claim the gem. In a weird twist of storyline-it seems Cytorrak just wants to be loved (um really?) but that never he got mad and destroyed a lot of things. Finally Cain marko claims the gem and some honest to goodness good x-men writing. Oh did I mention the Living Monolith was also Juggernaut for awhile? But, since solving that problem was more complex than this writer was capable of he comes up with the deus ex machina of "Cytorrak just wants to be loved" and it goes into Cain Marko. Still this part of the story would have gotten a 4/5...but the rest of the dreck wasted my time..ohh and I read some annual with Storm and some d-list villian fighting in africa to settle an old blood debt. Uh..yeah...and there was so is he dead or not dead? I think sometimes good comics can be ruined by poor writers. This is one of those time..other than an inspired flash of competence with the Juggernaut bit- the rest is mediocre garbage. So in keeping with that theme I've written a rushed and crappy review for a rushed and crappy comic. Somehow apropos.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-05-29 08:19

    Considering the reputation I'd seen for this storyline, I wasn't expecting much from this trade, and yet I was pleasantly surprised.The opening issue is (I think) James Tynion IV's first Marvel work, and it's a great little story about acceptance featuring Anole, Northstar, and Nightcrawler. Then there's a single Axis tie-in issue that pits Nightcrawler against Mystique by Chris Yost, which is again pretty great, if a little confusing out of context, and the fact that the Inversion is corrected off-panel and not explained between issues might make people confused as to why Nightcrawler's okay again in the next story.The Once and Future Juggernaut storyline is probably an issue or two too long when read in single issues, but in trade it's not that bad. The idea is sound, and it's a good exploration of where Colossus is in his current character arc, as well as re-examining Cain Marko's life choices too. The issue where the X-Men basically sit down and let the Juggernaut wander around for a bit while they have a chat is hilarious, and the overall conclusion to the story feels satisfying for all involved. The artwork is also something I'd seen derided, but I actually thought it was alright. Jorge Fornes isn't an artist I'd be able to pick out of a crowd, but it's serviceable enough.The annual that's thrown in the back is probably the weakest link - firstly it should be at the front, because Wolverine's alive again, and its lead story is just not really that strong. It's a nice Storm story, but it'd probably be more at home in a single issue of Storm rather than a double sized annual issue which means it takes up too much space and spends a lot of time doing nothing. The back-up for the annual is pretty good though, an 8 or 10 page story by Margueritte Bennett and Juan Doe about Firestar's role in the X-Men at the moment.Amazing X-Men was at its best when it launched, and meandered a little during the Wendigo arc, but it definitely finishes strong here.

  • Blindzider
    2019-05-27 07:10

    2.5 starsSimilar to volume two, it has that "family" feel to it, at least in the multi-part Juggernaut story, which was the best one. It has an excellent premise with a bunch of bad guys all vying to hold the gem and be the new Juggy. There's at least one surprise in there, plus the X-Men react in a way that was truly original. The art on the Juggernaut story started out ok then switched for the worse. There are two other single issue stories that deal with Mystique and Nightcrawler, but were confusing because there is no explanation of why either of them is acting the way they are, which is out of character. I'm not sure if they tied into other books or what but neither connected to Vol 2 or the rest of this volume.

  • Allonsythornraxx
    2019-06-19 05:20

    18 October, 2o16I loved the previous two comics in this series but the change in creators really took me for a turn. The art style really turned me off the comic and made me not want to pick it up because I wasn't enjoying it. Overall, the first two are brilliant but this instalment was a waste of my time.

  • David
    2019-06-01 05:14

    The opening story is wonderful. One of the best one-off gay stories Marvel has done. Sadly the rest is bunk. Not worth the time to describe.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-29 08:15

    Part 1 - Waste of time teenage love angst fill-in story. Not why I read comics. Not good art.Part 2 - Middle of a story... seriously. Mystique is trying to stop Nightcrawler from killing people. Nightcrawler is trying to kill people. Nightcrawler gets away, Mystique chases, story over. WTF?Part 3 - Main story, not good art. Who are these people pretending to be x-men? Where did the misplaced attitudes come from? Terrible mess. Bad guy is on the lose, so the x-man sit around a campfire and chat. Total crap.Part 4 - Amazing X-Men annual where Storm returns to Africa to stop a tribal menace. Better story, but still lacking. Much better art. Only part of book worth reading, but not enough to earn another star.I really liked the first two books of the Amazing X-Men, but the third book was so bad I am glad the series was canceled. This is one of the worst books I ever read.

  • Jdetrick
    2019-06-07 04:27

    The annual is horrible, but the regular series is enjoyable. What really makes these stories is the character work and the dialogue. There's a lightness and fun to the dialogue that we don't see enough in modern superhero comics.

  • Andre
    2019-05-30 04:00

    The first story if this volume is pretty disconnected from the Juggernaut storyline and I would say it is the best. The three protagonists Nightcrawler, Northstar and Anole seem in character in all ways, however canonwise, there are a few problems.Northstar has a hint of a hissy fit when Kurt points out that Northstar doesn't quite comprehent how cruel people can be in regards to physical mutations. And this is totally in character, since he really doesn't seem to get how finding out you are gay is not the same as being targeted because of your looks. However, I know Anole has reptilian features but he mostly looks like a green version of movie Mystique, so there is no reason for people to panic around him. Also, did his date have to be some slim, pink, yellow haired guy? You couldn't have drawn someone more distinct?It is well handled how writing and art portray Nightcrawler's and Anole's insecurities and fears, but with Nightcrawler we suddenly have him half-naked, people with pitchforks around him screaming to kill the monster before it kills them, and this is at once similar and different to the common Winzeldorf backstory of him. And this is uncreative. Plus since when was he unsure of his status as a man because of his father? I know the writers usually ignore his actual family, but he has spend how much time with Azazel? 3 hours total? Why would he care? Now, while I can make sense of Northstar's fears of his boyfriend and sister being sick of him and Iceman never liking him, based on what was presented before, him believing Nightcrawler to be homophobic feels pretty forced since there was no evidence for that whatsoever. The whole story seems like a big mixed bag. While it is well presented how Anole is insecure because of his looks and angry at Northstar for thinking he understands the kid, it makes less sense considered that Anole must have seen several couples were the partners look way less human than him and why Northstar didn't see that coming is beyond me as he was one of the people complaining about Anole's new arm. The same thing with Nightcrawler's talk about how it will always be difficult for the likes of him and Anole and how he managed to get over his fears and get the first girl he liked. It sounds good, however according to canon, his first girlfriend was his sister, so this story about him being afraid how she would think of him makes no sense. That ending was kind of dumb, especially considered that if Noam knew Victor was a mutant he probably would have figured out already that Victor may not look human, only the main mutants are usually the "pretty ones", the run of the mill ones usually look all over the place.Then there was the story during the "Axis" event and I read the issue with Nightcrawler and Mystique before and I think it is a waste of time.The main storyline is about the Juggernaut and I think it is really dumb. Not only are they somewhere in Southeast Asia (maybe Thailand), the art style makes people look as if they are constantly bored or annoyed. I don't think I ever saw a story where so many people look so bored and annoyed. Also considered that in canon the X-Men had just been on the course of committing genocide and there is no mention here, I guess it's safe to say that the entire AXIS storyline was pointless.And really the whole story and Cyttorak calling out for potentials for his stone (even those that previously rejected him) is just an excuse to get Cain Marco back as a bad guy and give him some more power, nothing more. In fact I am sure none of this story would have happened if Cytorrak wasn't so dumb to send his call out to people who would stop him.What a boring story. Apparently this volume would have some more stories, but I really don't care. The artwork is bad, especially the eyes, the story is generic and in the end the whole "Colossus might die from the fall" is so dumb because the guy not only survived worse falls, but he cannot drown because he doesn't need oxygen in his steel form, so what was the point of all of this?

  • Michael Church
    2019-06-04 02:19

    I actually mostly really liked this volume. Full disclosure, it automatically gained points when it opened up with a story about coming out and gay love. I really enjoyed what they did with Kurt, Vic, and Jean-Paul and how they managed to tie them all together. Anole really doesn't get enough attention lately. It was sweet and a nice little standalone. The next one was a little rockier, but I still liked it. Mystique and Nightcrawler are a fascinating family, especially like this. It was also the first Axis tie-in that I read. I usually wait for an event but I've gotten sick of Marvel's schedule delaying all of that. There were some spoilers, but nothing ridiculous. The bulk of the story dealt with Cyttorak wanting to create a new Juggernaut on earth. For those a little behind, Colossus stole the power of Juggernaut from Cain Marko, but then it was expelled when Colossus became a host for the Phoenix Force. Colossus used to be one of my favorite characters, but all of the events lately have made him kind of a jerk. Where I liked that with Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men and felt like it gave him a really nice arc, it feels more negative with Colossus. Cyke has always been a realist and a bit of a downer, but that wasn't supposed to be Colossus. Anyway, it starts to turn around here, I think. There is enough history with some of these characters for a pretty interesting team dynamic. Plus the situation of a group of super villains racing to get the power of the Juggernaut is pretty fun. It's got enough depth with the cast to make it meaningful, but enough action and flash to keep your attention. The annual is a waste. It is 90% of the reason I took a star off of this. The art sucks, the writing sucks, the story is stupid, it just sucks. I'm also getting annoyed with Mike Marts, the X-Men group editor, for not doing what I assume would be his job to track consistency with these titles. Hell, the annual doesn't even have consistency between panels. The art is also pretty solid throughout, except in the annual. Forn├ęs leaves a little to be desired, but it's still good. I just wish they would stop teasing fans with Kris Anka covers and a different artist inside. So yeah, this is a good time and one of my favorite X-Titles on the shelves these days. Definitely keeping it on my pull list.

  • Will Robinson Jr.
    2019-06-02 04:12

    First, I am glad I am not the only one who is surprised that the cover to Volume 3 of Amazing X-men does not have Juggernaut on the cover. There are a lot of X-men titles to choose from so it is really hard to keep up with them all. The Amazing X-men series has been very enjoyable. This series seems to always focus on the more fantastic and cosmic side of the X-men universe. I like the fact that the book never stays focus on just one X-men as its star. However the first volume obviously focused on the return of Nightcrawler to the Marvel comic universe. The second volume focused on the Canadian X-men Northstar. This time around we focus on Colossus and his temptation to take on the mantle of the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut story arc was the most fun X-men story I have read in some time. It was a simple story but yet the humor and character interaction made it a great story. The Nightcrawler and Mystique story was pretty good as well.

  • Travis Duke
    2019-05-29 07:06

    This could of been so much better, but it wasn't too painful. I was expecting so much more with the return of the Juggernaut, a more serious tone would of been better. Yes the All new x-men is more kid friendly but I felt it was a bit silly especially when they all sit down and take a break while some poor island is getting leveled. The Nightcrawler writing was surprisingly good, not heavy with the accent (which gets old and is played out). I liked the Anole story with him and dealing with looking different. but I feel like the whole monolith story was cheap and rushed. I wanted a little more with the Cyttorak... and maybe a little more with colossus and Marko considering all the history. The colossus redemption was long over due and I guess its better now. The art was barely on par, borderline sub par on some panels.

  • Adam Fisher
    2019-05-27 10:12

    Starts with a reasonable story about Nightcrawler post-Axis. Then goes through a semi-ok story about the rise of Juggernaut and it was not entirely easy to follow. It ends with a story about Storm.Overall, the art was fine, but the story was really awkward. Not only does Amazing X-Men seem like the "C" Team (For me, All-New is "A", Uncanny is "B", and I have yet to read X-Men since the Marvel NOW reboot) of mutants, but its just hard to follow.Maybe I'm just reading too many good comics lately...

  • SmokingMirror
    2019-06-08 09:22

    Instead of a reassuring visit with beloved characters it's an exhausting visit with people you thought you knew but apparently don't anymore. Like some bad panto, no one stays in character if they can give you a knowing wink instead. Two special pet hates: 1. Anole wears a ridiculous school uniform to his hot date. 2. The very presence of Northstar. He's only ever tolerable when he's around Kyle, and we're not told where Kyle has taken himself off to. An awful, confusing mess.One star for Anole on the cover.

  • Sesana
    2019-06-19 04:01

    Meh. The banner story, about Juggernaut, is a transparent effort to get back to previous status quo. Because this is comics, and status quo is god, not because it was actually better that way. And holy crap does that story ever drag on. It's at least a full issue longer than it needed to be, with too many pointless fights that aren't even effectively communicated. It was incredibly dull. What a waste.

  • Mitchell
    2019-06-13 05:08

    A random set of x-men stories but all generally good. Even the one in which Kurt is evil and Mystique is good. There were some weird bits near the end that were supposed to be some sort of journals which were mostly pointless, but they led to a bit from Firestar's dad which was really good. So no great stuff here but no actual bad stuff. Just a tour through some character's that haven't gotten much focus lately, 3.5 of 5.

  • Nicky J
    2019-06-16 05:25

    Sadly underwhelmed by this volume. There were three different storylines in this considering the starter story with Anole, then the main Juggernaut story, then the annual issue involving Storm. None of them were awful, but I was mostly disappointed with Juggernaut. That character has so much to live up to, and I was really excited to see him again. But the story was just meh. Hopefully the next issue is better because this series started out so strong.

  • Quinton Baran
    2019-06-03 03:58

    I enjoyed the character development of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Cain Marko, and Northstar across these stories. The first is a stand alone, and the rest are part of the Juggernaut story. The art is good but not exceptional.

  • B
    2019-05-25 02:26

    I feel like this book is trying too hard to be FUN (all caps!). Which is weird because, at times, it also tries too hard to be grim and serious. I feel like they know who I am and how to make me buy the book. But they don't know how to tell a story.

  • Scott Lee
    2019-06-13 05:19

    Fairly typical. Given the title I can't say that I think it's any surprise--or spoiler--that the main story in this volume concerns the return of a Juggernaut to the Marvel Universe. Some interesting moments with Colossus through the story, the rest of it's okay.

  • Brian
    2019-06-05 07:16

    read the first 2 stories....then just gave up...character out of the Marvel universe that I've never been into/or tries vs too much to read right now.

  • Chad
    2019-05-27 05:15

    Most of these x-men titles have just become filler material and that's what this is. No character advancement, no plot developments, just stand alone meaningless stories.

  • Jason
    2019-06-07 06:28

    I read this several months ago so I don't remember much about it except a general impression that the series steadily declined in quality from the first arc on.

  • Cody
    2019-05-28 09:02

    Finally an X-Men title that feels authentic. Too bad it's canceled. In any case, the series went out with a bang. And hey! I thought Vanisher was dead! Crazy!

  • sixthreezy
    2019-06-24 10:28

    How does Colussus always find himself in the climactic endings of X-Men books? I remember when this guy was an irrelevant side character, and now he's featured more often than the stars.

  • Lukas Holmes
    2019-06-14 08:12

    Pretty great storyline (the Juggernaut one). I'm a little confused as to why you would not have the titular story featured on the cover though.

  • Daniel Butcher
    2019-06-01 08:00

    I really liked the Juggernaut stories. It was a pretty reflective tale for a big strong villain. The other stories were fine but not great.

  • Willow
    2019-05-26 04:22

    Fun, classic, X-Men stories. The AXIS tie-in issue was very meh, but the rest are really great.