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From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart-pounding military thriller in which American hero and SEAL Team sniper Gil Shannon joins up with an unlikely ally in order to stop a terrorist plot bent on destruction across Europe.Hot on the trail of “The Wolf,” a rogue Russian military sniper-turned-Chechen-terrorist, Gil Shannon turns fFrom the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart-pounding military thriller in which American hero and SEAL Team sniper Gil Shannon joins up with an unlikely ally in order to stop a terrorist plot bent on destruction across Europe.Hot on the trail of “The Wolf,” a rogue Russian military sniper-turned-Chechen-terrorist, Gil Shannon turns from hunter to hunted when his mission is exposed by a traitor high up in US government. Shannon must turn to an unlikely ally—a deadly Russian special operative—to help even the odds. But when they discover that “The Wolf” is just the tip of a global terrorist plot whose goal is to upend the US economy and the stability of the Western world, Shannon and his team of operatives must track the terrorists down before their plan comes to fruition. Shannon comes head-to-head with legions of enemy fighters all across Europe in this breathtakingly cinematic and realistic military thriller, ending with a faceoff between Gil and the one sniper who may be his equal shot. Will he survive?This third action-packed and battle-filled adventure in the Sniper Elite series takes readers along for a white-knuckle ride across Europe in the company of American soldiers, Russian Special Operatives, and global leaders—and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page....

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The Sniper and the Wolf Reviews

  • Ed
    2019-03-25 04:46

    To protect a key oil pipeline in the Caucuses, US Navy Seal Gil Shannon partners with his Russian Stetsnaz counterpart Ivan Dragunov, to hunt and kill Russia's version of Bin Laden and Kovalenko, his master sniper bodyguard known as the Wolf. Complicating matters is a rogue CIA/GRU team undermining the operation by setting up Shannon and Dragunov for ambush in an adrenalin fueled chase across the world ending in Chechnya. In a complex plot with sharp dialogue and non stop action, Master Chief Gil Shannon leaves Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne, Scott Harvath, Kirk McGarvey, etc. still in literary first gear. This is a 5 star book for it's genre and highly recommended for my GR military thriller readers.

  • Shirley McCann
    2019-04-18 22:36

    In The Sniper and The Wolf, Gil Shannon returns with a surprise ally in order to thwart a terrorist plot. As in his previous books, Shannon is up against terrorists about to harm the world. In this instance, the threat is against the US economy.Although not particularly a fan of war books or movies, I did find this to be an enjoyable read, even though at times I found myself completely baffled. Then again, I'm not up to date on all the war/army related agencies. Scott definitely knows his stuff. I don't think anyone will come away disappointed.

  • Roslyn
    2019-04-10 03:00

    The Sniper And The WolfBy Scott McEwen with Thomas KoloniarThe Sniper and The Wolf is a cerebral roller coaster ride. It takes the reader to places they have probably never seen. In addition to the grueling terrains of combat, the behind the scenes in Washington, are also written incredibly believable . This is the third book in an outstanding series. One does not have had to read the pre sequels to enjoy this story. The characterization and intensive details go beyond the last books. In this world of military operations, the violence is described with brutal intensity. The authors reveal some of the objectivity needed by those willing to defend this countryNavy Seal sniper Gil Shannon teams up with a deadly Russian special operative Dragunov, a Spetsnaz commander to stop global terrorist plot of destruction by Chechen terrorists . But first they must take out the Russian sniper Kovalenko, who is hunting them. He is ex Spetsnaz, and his skills are equal or maybe better than Shannon’s.There are other incongruous groups working together that are part of the plot. The CIA is working with the GRU, to stall ex CIA agents and anex chief of staff from participating in the disruption of the world economy. The Sniper and The Wolf is a brilliant page turner. The plot and characters never stop moving forward. and the subplots add to the suspense with descriptions of behind the scenes action.

  • P.e. lolo
    2019-04-13 01:49

    This is the third book with Gill Shannon and it opens slowly for a brief moment. Then it is fast paced until the end. A fantastic story of Gill going after “the wolf” a rogue Russian snipper now a Chechen terrorist. Gill is teamed with a Russian snipper as well named Dargunov, who knows the wolf and his ways. The story goes along and takes you across the globe but they are always one or two steps behind and though they are taking out some of the wolfs team to him it does not matter. Gill is wounded a few times but not until Dargunov is wounded that the bickering between the two of them really makes for a better story. There is also a traitor inside the U.S. Government. Finding the person is necessary for any hope of the mission to be a success because that person is telling the wolf where they are and allowing them to be played. The end of the book is very good and I feel if I say more I will give away more of the story. This is a good book with some of the characters from the other two books and for me is more action and go, go. A fast read there was no slow part of the story just action, action, action. I got this book from net galley.

  • RJ
    2019-03-24 23:55

    Wanted to go back a couple books to refresh memory on the characters and existing background last time I was listening to this series.Long, detailed and plenty of action. The ongoing sniper duel was pretty interesting; Russian Spetsnaz GRU vs. U.S. Navy Seal. Can't tell you how it turned out, but I bet you can guess correctly.What's behind door number nine!?!

  • Danield
    2019-03-25 03:51

    This is the third featuring sniper Gil Shannon.The first two novels were already breathtaking .The Sniper and the Wolf .You start at the beginning and you end 24 hours later asking yourself were time has gone,well through 385 breathtaking pages

  • Ryan Hillis
    2019-03-24 01:01

    Great Navy Seal Thriller!!

  • TJ Creamer
    2019-04-05 00:59

    Still craving Victor the Assassin, & John Rain, I tried this first book of the series. Liked enough to try the second book. Nicely tense.

  • Robert Lawrence
    2019-04-09 22:36

    Loved it. The Sniper Elite series gets better with each book. by far one of my favorite authors.

  • Nabarun
    2019-04-10 03:50

    This is my second Scott McEwen book with Gil Shannon as the protagonist. I generally like reading all the books in a series in the right order, but I couldn’t get my hands on the second book, Target America, before this 3rd book (Sniper and the wolf) and I didn’t have the patience to wait for the second book as I was hungry for more exploits of Gil Shannon after reading the first book, One way trip!This book was a straight 5-stars for me, right from the very first page. I missed a bit of background when they referenced a few incidences in the second novel of the series, but it didn’t leave me completely blank though. Bob Pope, who was a whacky thinking man in the 1st book, seems to have become a very influential man due to his contributions made in the 2nd novel and the president made Bob the DCI, as the book begins. Shannon works directly for Pope now, in fact Pope is Shannon’s handler. He continues doing things which he is good at, that is takes out terrorist and individuals who were potential threats to US. Shannon gets sent to kill a Chechen Terrorist, Dakarov who is master-minding terror plots in US. But this terrorist is protected by a sniper, code-named “the wolf” who is a fellow Chechen terrorist, trained as a specialist Sniper by Russian military. This is the first time Gil Shannon meets his match, if not a slightly better sniper! The entire story takes through several plots and subplots, where Shannon and the Wolf pay a game of cat and mouse, each trying to best the other to come out as the better marksman. The story is so fast paced, you would be forced to drop everything else, till you are able to finish reading the whole book. In this book, Shannon gets to partner with an equally daring Russian Stetsnaz counterpart, Ivan Dragunov, who used to work with the Wolf before Wolf changed sides to work for the Chechen terrorists. As usual, lot of plots and subplots, one of which where Shannon gets the opportunity to have lunch with Russian President, Putin and discuss over dinner Shannon’s exploits for the last 2 years. Great narration and dialogues, some nice& witty humour, brilliantly breathe taking pace and an absolute scorcher of a book! Some sub plots show Crosswhite coming back to work for the CIA, some upset people who were exposed by Pope, tried to assassinate him twice. Again some pop-corn munching action stuff towards the climax of the book.With this book, I think Scott McEwen is now a true military action novelist and sits towards the very top of the league. Definitely enjoyed the book, maybe would have loved it even more if I had read the second book. Waiting for the next instalment of Gill Shannon now.

  • Wendy Koedoot
    2019-04-05 04:45

    De Amerikaanse held en SEAL-scherpschutter Gil Shannon moet samenwerken met een onwaarschijnlijke bondgenoot om te voorkomen dat terroristen een spoor van verwoesting door Europa trekken.Hij jaagt op 'de Wolf', een solitair opererende sluipschutter uit het Russische leger, die zich bij Tsjetsjeense terroristen heeft aangesloten. Maar Gil Shannon verandert van jager in prooi wanneer een verrader die een hoge functie bekleedt bij de Amerikaanse regering informatie over zijn missie doorspeelt. Shannon moet hulp zoeken bij een onwaarschijnlijke bondgenoot, een levensgevaarlijke Russische commando...De cover van het boek lijkt op de Kyle Swanson serie van Jack Coughlin, ook door Karakter uitgevers uitgebracht. Die serie vind erg goed, dus ik ben benieuwd naar deze serie.Dit is het eerste deel in een serie, althans dat staat op de cover… als je verder zoekt op internet naar informatie over dit boek, is het echter het derde deel waarin Gil Shannon, sluipschutter, de hoofdrol speelt. Ik vraag me af wat de reden is dat Uitgeverij Karakter de andere delen (nog) niet heeft laten vertalen. Of weet men dat niet vraag ik me af? Omdat dit het derde deel is , kan ik me totaal niet vinden in de hoofdrolspeler, Gil, er wordt niks over zijn karakter verteld. Hij is klaarblijkelijk een held in de V.S. In dit verhaal komt hij veel in actie, hij heeft heel veel tegenspelers. Hierdoor raak je behoorlijk de weg kwijt in het verhaal. Iwan Dragoenov, een van de andere karakters vind ik soms beter dan Gil.Er zijn redelijk veel stukken die nogal ongeloofwaardig over komen. De ene hinderlaag is net overwonnen of er is al weer een nieuwe…iedereen gaat dood maar Gil niet natuurlijk.Het begin van het boek is wel aardig , daarna is het echt langdradig en ongeloofwaardig. Ik heb er ruim twee weken over gedaan om uit te lezen en dat is echt een record.Het plot vind ik niet sterk.Er zit weinig humor in, Gil is vaak bot en grof. Jammer, het had een goede serie kunnen zijn.Ik geef 2 sterren, sorry, meer zit er niet in .

  • Brett Thomasson
    2019-04-09 01:41

    Though technically retired, former U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Gil Shannon finds he's still on the payroll of the U.S. government, which still has enemies that need to be dealt with from a long distance away, without anyone knowing, and permanently.In his third outing, The Sniper and the Wolf, Gil finds he's been betrayed by someone in the secret corridors of the powerful, and now he's in someone else's crosshairs. Only by teaming with some Russian special forces soldiers who have no great reason to care whether he lives or dies can he find out who's on his trail, how to stop the enemy before the enemy stops him, and how to stop the terrorists who've got a plot several layers deeper than Shannon initially knows.McEwen co-wrote the Chris Kyle biography American Sniper, and uses some real-world scenarios as the framework for Shannon's mission and exploits here. He takes Shannon into full he-man mode in Wolf, removing the inconvenient domestic life that might have kept him from chasing new targets and new dangers every few months. McEwen and co-author Thomas Koloniar craft great action and combat scenes and a good yarn to set them in, but Shannon himself is losing dimension as the series progresses rather than gaining it. Gil Shannon is indeed a badass hero, but he's on his way to being much more of a "cipher elite" than the "sniper elite" of the series title, blending in to the world of beach-read tough guys instead of standing out as his own man with distinctive flavor and characteristics.Original may be found here.

  • Bec
    2019-04-01 00:45

    I have been waiting to read The Sniper and The Wolf by Scott McEwen for the past couple of months. I saw it on netgalley and requested it, and was rejected. I didn’t let this deter me, I hunted down the first two books in the series and fell in love with the characters. I pre-ordered The Sniper and The Wolf on the Kindle , it was so cheap for a new release novel, and well worth the investment. I read it as part of the Bout of Books readathon.The main character Gil is excellent, entertaining and hard as nails and in this book he works with a Russian operative who is excellently named Dragunov. Although I usually enjoy reading these books with an American team I enjoyed this installment more because there was that whole Cold War enemies working together element, and there was FANTASTIC bickering between these two hardassed men.The action in this novel is similar to that in the other novels of the series. It of course, involves a sniper duel which is always entertaining, although is getting a little bit old, it has happened in each novel, and in reality would this happen that often? I feel stupid questioning the validity of these novels and other novels of the sort, they never pretend to be extreme realistic, however I do think that some accountability and authenticity is important. I hope the next book either has a different action sequence or some new fresh characters otherwise this series might get old fast. However at this stage it is still an enjoyable action romp.I gave the sniper and the Wolf four stars although there were flaws with it. These books are addictive – and very easy to read

  • Harrison S.
    2019-03-24 05:45

    The Sniper and The WolfScott McEwen11/5/15 The Sniper and The Wolf by Scott is a story about two high class snipers who have to hunt down a Russian military sniper turned Chechen terrorist, The Wolf. The main character Gil Shannon must team up with an unlikely ally- a deadly Russian special ops member- to even the odds against The Wolf. Shannon and his team must track down the terrorists before they can execute their horrific plan. In this amazing thriller, Shannon fights legions of enemies across Europe and The Caucasus Mountains.This third person action/adventure story keeps readers on their toes until the final page. This book, being written by the co-author of American Sniper, was very intense at some places making the reader really think about the characters. Throughout the story there was a lot of exposition and the short chapters sometimes made it hard to follow. Scott did a really good job of setting a “heat of battle” mood and I would recommend this book to people of the older age group (8th grade and up). Thank You.

  • Tom Tischler
    2019-03-24 01:53

    Navy Seal sniper Gil Shannon is hot on the trail of a high profile target when he turns from hunter to hunted. He suddenly finds himself in the crosshairs of a Chechen terrorist known as The Wolf. Now stranded in Paris Shannon must team up with an unlikely ally, a deadly Russian Special Operative and he's there to help even the odds.They soon discover that the Wolf is just one of many sinister players who are in aglobal terrorist plot bent on thrusting the U.S. economy into total chaos. Shannon and his teamtry to track down the terrorists before they can execute their plans. This leads them acrossEurope and high up in the Caucasus Mountains where Shannon goes head to head againstthe one sniper who may be his equal. This is book four in the Sniper Elite series and it's mykind of book. Kill everyone and sort them out later. It's a little slow to start but once it doesit's nonstop action. I had to give it a 5 and I'll be there waiting for the next one.

  • Kevin Morrison
    2019-03-27 23:40

    Gil Shannon is an unstoppable American Hero5+ stars for a great read, an novel about an American hero of the finest calibre. You'll love this story. Despite impossible odds, the hero stands tall and tells the suits to f-off!!

  • Ryan
    2019-04-07 06:37

    On the same plain as his other Gill Shannan books, but just getting more and more unbelievable. I like the "super soldier" books but not a superman soldier.

  • Terry Samuel
    2019-04-02 05:49

    Very good book; written in Vince Flynn style.

  • Eric Crown
    2019-04-01 06:03

    Great read.Nicely done. Action packed, hard to put Down. Nicely edited.Followed up nicely to previous stories. I hate 20 word

  • robert bautista
    2019-04-17 02:01

    The sniper and the wolfI read the first book So I thought the second would be as good but it turned out to be much better

  • Curtis Sorenson
    2019-03-20 06:59

    lOVED IT!

  • Jerry
    2019-04-11 23:35

    My rating is a 3.5. A bibliography is need to keep track of all the characters.

  • Richard
    2019-03-28 05:41

    well done, not too terribly fictious

  • Christie Lyday
    2019-04-02 05:34

    I liked this book, but what happened with Gil and his wife? Does he go back home to Montana and repair his relationship?

  • Rob Baker
    2019-04-15 02:50

    I love it. It had a lot of action in it and once I had time I couldn't put it down.

  • Larry
    2019-03-27 02:56

    #3 in this Sniper Elite series picks up right after the last novel. It follows Master Chief Gil Shannon and now, Robert Pope, of the CIA's Special Activities Division. With the help of Russian Spetsnaz, the US Spec Ops are after Chechen terrorists.The book’s another military ‘thriller’ (and it would be VERY helpful to know the backstories of the two prior episodes.) While I thought it was going to be more about sniper vs sniper – the super-warrior against super-warrior, one-on-one – it turned out to be a view of combat (the reality of which takes ‘unfair’ advantage) along with some political intrigue. It was OK, but I was expecting more. (McEwen pulls a literary trick at the end in order to get the reader interested in the next book in the series ... and I’ll probably read it.)

  • Loy
    2019-03-29 22:53

    enjoyed this listen. lots of impossible feats by two guys one American and one Russian.fighting the bad guy and winning against all odds

  • Christopher Grande
    2019-04-08 00:50

    I definitely enjoyed this one. It had many great twists and the action was non-stop. I felt the epilogue was kind of superfluous, but other than that I thought it was superb.

  • Kirk G. Meyer
    2019-04-02 01:43

    A truly exciting novel. Another excellent book in the series. Sets up nicely for the fourth book and continues from the second. Well written and exciting from beginning to end.

  • Milton Moon Louie
    2019-04-17 05:01

    Shannon takes on the challenge to hunt down a Chechen terrorist, the wolf. C+