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Ian MacKenzie's been a cranky pain in the *ss for going on three years now, still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch. Enter Candice, his sister-in-law Andie's best friend, out for a two-week visit as they await the birth of Ian's first niece. Candice is a successful business owner, an expert with hair and fashion, determined to look gorgeous even wIan MacKenzie's been a cranky pain in the *ss for going on three years now, still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch. Enter Candice, his sister-in-law Andie's best friend, out for a two-week visit as they await the birth of Ian's first niece. Candice is a successful business owner, an expert with hair and fashion, determined to look gorgeous even while slipping and sliding all over the Oregon winter ice. Without even trying, she somehow manages to get right up under Ian's skin and make him say and do things he would never normally say or do. When the two of them end up spending time together, the sparks and the snow flies. The question is whether they're going to do anything about it, and what will happen to the rest of their lives if they do....

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  • Ana
    2019-03-30 14:50

    4.5 *This book is better than chocolate* Stars MacKenzie Fire is pure awesomeness. I don't think any other book or series has made me laugh as much. I love this book. I want to marry it. I went into MacKenzie Fire not really expecting much. I figured it would be interesting, but it has far exceeded my expectations. Candice is the queen of everything. She knows the importance of google. The most important skill any person can develop is googling. Don't forget to google, y'all.'Why are you laughing over simple scientific facts? Google is your friend, you know, Andie. You really shouldn’t neglect your Googling.'It's rare that I really adore the female protagonist in a romance. In fact, more often than not they annoy me. Candice won me over with her very first sentence.She doesn't take any nonsense from anyone.She doesn't let men dictate her life.She's hiding a vulnerable side beneath her sassy exterior.She's just plain awesome.Ian. He's a handsome, brooding, cowboy extraordinaire, who's charming and efficient. To quote Taylor Swift, 'Every sunset I’d be a riding off with him.' (I don't care if he's blonde or not, in my mind he's Charlie).Candice and Ian have become one of my favorite couples. Their banter was hilarious, and their chemistry radiated off the page. I will sail this ship forever.This book is full of witty dialogue, hilarious banter and great romance. It's good. So, so good. *Just to give you a heads up, these quotes contain spoilers. Am I deficient or can I pull this together? I frown at the very idea of being incapable. Of course I can. I can totally do this country thing and do it with style. Other people do it and they can’t be half as awesome as I am. I just need to figure out a few things first. Like how to walk on ice and snow without landing on my ass. And how to deal with Ian and my growing hormonal problem where he’s concerned. “Thasss meee,” I say lazily. “Fugging superhero. They call me Wonder Bitch.” I could totally see me in spandex with a cape and a big letter B on the front of my chest. I look over my shoulder and see that I’ve nailed the target almost exactly in the center. I can’t help but grin like a fool. “Check me out.”Ian’s voice goes up an octave. “You’re standing there all proud of yourself after you shot me?”I look back at him, feeling loads better that there’s no blood and that I haven’t just killed my best friend’s brother-in-law.“Hey, it was an accident, okay? I’m sorry I grazed you with a bullet. Geez.” I roll my eyes. “What a baby.” I shake my head in mock disappointment. “So sad.”“What’s so sad?”“So sad that you’re so precious. I thought country boys were tougher than that.” I fought off a mountain lion and lived to tell about it. I am badassery personified. I used to be a mature, adult woman with a degree in fashion design and a thriving salon business in a metropolitan city. Today I’m a moron in granny jeans with cow loogies and a burrito bean in her hair being chased by a naked maniac in his mother’s house. Good. Lord. Have. Mercy.“Calm me down … who do you think you are?”He pulls me close, until our chests are touching again. “I’m your guy, that’s who.” P.S. Can Tate get his own book? Pretty pretty please with cherries on top.

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-03-22 16:03

    4.5 Holy Hot Cowboy Stars*Spoilers*"Back off, John Wayne. Don't touch." MacKenzie Fire is the sequel book to Shine Not Burn and it was hilarious. I laughed so hard that I had tears running down my face. Any book that can do that for me is a winner In my eyes.“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.” What this book is aboutCandice is in Oregon in the middle of winter for the next few weeks because her best friend Andie is having her first child and Candice is the god mother. Andie has been telling Candice for a while now that her brother n law Ian is still having a pity party and being a jerk to everyone over his bad break up from 3 years ago. So while Candice is in Oregon with nothing better to do than fall on ice and freeze her butt off she figures she can give Ian the Kick in the pants he so needs to get over his past and make life better for her bff before she leaves. Spending time with that grumpy sexy as hell cowboy should be easy, but Candice soon fears that fixing Ian's heart might end up breaking hers. “Calm me down … who do you think you are?”He pulls me close, until our chests are touching again. “I’m your guy, that’s who.” Ian:"You are in so much fucking trouble,"Ian is sexy and charming when he wants to be. In the first part of the book Ian is a bit bitter. He let his ex pretty much run his life right down to what degree he got in college and the career he was going to take so when she did him dirty and they ended it left him angry and lost as to what he wants to do with his life. When Candice started to bring him out of his pity party he was very sweet and fun. “I’ll let you win a battle or two, but I’ll be the one winning this war.”"Babe, I can’t promise you that I’ll always be perfect, but I’ll do my straight best to try, and I’ll make it my life’s goal to always make sure you’re happy. All you’ve got to do is marry me, and I’ll do the rest"Candice:"I'm serious. If your uterus falls out, I don't know if I'm prepared to deal with that. I've never googled that before."OMG I adored Candice. She is such a playful goof and maybe a touch ditzy. She is outgoing, sassy, and a little crazy! Loyal and all heart I fell in love with Candice's character. The book is from her POV and she is freaking hilarious. She loves to Google everything and isn't afraid to use her googled knowledge to solve all problems. She is very up front she just tells Ian and everyone else what she thinks. Candice is going on my favorite heroine list because she was so different and flippin Awesome!"No, why would I do that? Obviously you two weren't meant to be together. Your breakup was a good thing. Seriously. You've been hosting this pity party for waaay too long, Ian. Time to cowboy up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.""I don't know. He just...he gets me all riled up. And he makes me laugh. He challenges me. I do things with him that I've never done before. I like it. I like this new me that I am with him.”“Google is your friend, people. I’m serious. It’s not a person, it’s a collective group of people who want to help each other, and that’s a good thing.” Candice didn't take any of Ian's grumpy attitude so their bickering was too funny. So was their wars The snow fight, and the repeated toilet flushing while Ian is in the shower had me in tears. The way Ian kept getting busted by his mom OMG so good!! "Ian Michael Angus MacKenzie, what on earth are you doing?!" Ian's hand freezes in mid snow-shoving. I spit out the mouthful of snow I have and blink through the water that's melted on my lids. Ian's expression is classic. Busted.I loved getting to see Andie, Mack and the family some more. I would have liked to get a little bit more of a epilogue since this is the last book in the series, but I still loved the hell outta this series! This book is such a sweet, light hearted, and funny read. I enjoyed it so much. ”I’m going to donate my brain to science. Maybe they can unlock some secrets of the universe from in there.” “More like unlocking Pandora’s box,” Andie mutters. “Do you use that music app? I do. It’s pretty good.”http://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-04-17 21:09

    Mackenzie Fire is book two in the Shine Not Burn series by Elle Casey. I fell in love with the first book in this series and I waited way too long to read this second book. This book is one hilarious situation after another. Being inside Candace’s head is a scary place to be, but you can’t help to fall in love with her.Andie and Mack are about to have a baby. So of course, her best friend, Candace, who will be the baby’s godmother, wants to be there for the birth. Candace lives in Florida with a successful beauty salon. She is not at all prepared for the snow and ice that are part of every day life in Oregon. When Candace first arrives, she spends more time on her back side then she does on her feet as she learns to deal with slippery ice. She is also not prepared for how Ian, Mack’s brother, makes her feel. Ian is broody, sullen, and pushes her buttons like no one else ever has. But when he looks at her with those penetrating green eyes, she can’t help but to melt.“For some reason letting Ian get the last word is not acceptable to me. My first reaction with him is to argue every point. Why that is, I don’t know, but there’s no denying it. I’m normally not the argumentative type, but something about his attitude makes me want to duke it out with him.”Ian’s engagement to his high school sweetheart ended three years ago. Ever since then, he has been impossible to be around. And everyone seems to tiptoe around him. Candace can’t figure out why everyone is enabling him. What she thinks he needs is a good kick in the pants and to be told to get over it. Candace considers herself a fixer. She is going to be there for two weeks. She also can’t figure out why Andie hasn’t made any friends there. Why are the women avoiding her. So she will solve this as well. When she goes home, she wants to make sure her best friend is happy. Candace and Ian clash immediately. No one has ever challenged Ian like this before. It is a city versus country war. And it’s hilarious. Candace’s mind works in crazy ways. But, her heart is pure gold. She seems to somehow accomplish her goals but her methods are hilarious. She is obsessed with Google. She Googles everything. Google is her best friend, well, maybe after Andie. “I can hang on the ranch. I can be a cowgirl. Ian doesn’t think I can, but I’ll show him. He has no idea what he’s in for. City girl by butt.”“I’m going to win, you know.”“Win what?”“Win the war.”As I’m drifting off, I hear him say, “I’ll let you win a battle or two, but I’ll be the one winning this war.”I loved this book. Candace is a non-stop force from page one. And Ian, sigh, was perfect. All that broody, sexy hotness is irresistible. It’s obvious from the start they are good for each other, perfect actually. Candace is exactly what he needed. I loved the way he introduced Candace to ranching and her response to it. Maybe there’s a little bit of country in the city girl after all.“I used to be a mature, adult woman with a degree in fashion design and a thriving salon business in a metropolitan city. Today I’m a moron in granny jeans with cow loogies and a burrito bean in her hair being chased by a naked maniac in his mother’s house. Good. Lord. Have. Mercy.”So put on your seat belt and get ready for the tornado that is Candace. Get ready to laugh out loud, but to also swoon just a little bit. I also loved getting plenty of Andie and Mack from book one. I love those two. This series is so wonderfully entertaining. I don’t think I can NOT love an Elle Casey book.

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    2019-04-12 16:17

    I needed a fluffy book after reading two heavy books back to back so I had recently read Shine Not Burn and it left a stupid smile on my face for days and I figured the second book would do just fine for me.As Andie and Mack from the first book are expecting their first child Andie's best friend Candice heads out to the ranch to get to godmothering. She has this in the bag. If not her job as a hairdresser will make everyone look much better in cow country.Once she gets there Mack's brother Ian is still sulking around about his breakup from the time when Andie and Mack met. Candice notices how fine the man is though even if he is a whiney ass.Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit, you looked at his package! And...oh my..Oh my, my, my....There's a giant bulge! Hooray for giant buldges and the jeans that let me see them!Candice as a main character is very different as lawyer Andie. Candice comes across sometimes as quiet goofy. But goofy is what I needed right now and I actually liked her.She is prepared for Andie's childbirth:This in no time for joking, so I don't smile back. "I'm serious. If your uterus falls out, I don't know if I'm prepared to deal with that. I've never googled that before."She is the Google Queen:"But why are you laughing over simple scientific facts? Google is your friend, you know, Andie. You really shouldn't neglect your googling."She is prepared to diagnose medical conditions in the flash of her finger tips (Dr. Candice Internet Web MD):Maybe I'm coming down with something. I'm going to google my symptoms later. Breathlessness? Check. Hootchie on fire? Check. Mood swings? Check aaaand double check. One minute I want to laugh and the next I want to bang heads together like two coconuts. I'm definately ill, probably with something serious.She manages to birth a calf and take care of it after naming it Baby Candy:She manages to shoot both Ian and a mountain lion after procuring her gun Millie at the local gun store:For me this really wasn't as typical romancy as some books I've read. The main focus is on Candace and Ian kinda plays a supporting part but don't let that stop you from reading it. It's a purely fun book and sometimes that is just what is needed. "Thasss meee," I say lazily. "Fuggin' superhero. They call me Wonder Bitch." I giggle at my new name. I could totally see me in spandex with a cape and a big letter B on the front of my chest. I'd be in a bustier, a'la Wonder Woman, naturally.PS For the author: I really, really wouldn't mind a book from this series featuring Boog aka the Wookie.Book source: Netgalley in exchange for review.

  • Christy
    2019-04-10 18:54

    4.5 ‘Internet MD’ stars!MacKenzie Fire is a fabulously funny sequel to Shine Not Burn. It was hilarious, sweet, sexy, light and fun. I love reading books like this. Books fairly low on the angst and ones that make me laugh. Candice is Andie’s best friend and she’s come to the country to visit Andie and be there for the birth of her child. Candice is a hairdresser and if you remember her from book 1, she is a handful. Spunky, wild and carefree. She isn’t used to this country life, and she isn’t used to hanging around with men like Ian. Ian is brooding. Years after his failed engagement, he’s still in a state. But Candice is just wild enough to pull him out of his funk. Their back and forth banter cracks me up! And the way Candice can’t keep her eyes off Ian…I try not to look at him, but it’s impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I’ve heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really appreciated what it meant.He’s like the boss of my eyeballs or something. Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit , you looked at his package! And … oh my … Oh my, my, my … There’s a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them!With Candice, Ian truly has met his match. She knows it and she can’t wait to show him that.There were so many crazy and funny parts! I loved the cow scene, the cat scene, and especially the gun range scene!“I’m completely lost. How did he shoot himself?”“Karma.”
“Yes. Karma. All those animals he shot? Karma loves that shit. My gun dropped, a bullet came flying out, and hit him in the ankle. So actually it was Karma who shot him. Karma’s a bitch . He should know better than to mess with her.”Ian seems to be completely frustrated with Candice in the beginning, but the more he gets to know her, the more she grows on him. I love the two of them together. Their fun chemistry, hot sexual tension and back and forth banter. They are great together. “You are something, you know that?”
“Something awesome. Yeah, I know.”
Candice needs someone who ‘gets her’ and who she is. Ian does. All she wants to do is help him to get out of this moody funk he’s been in for years. To get him to come out of it, start living again. As her feelings for him start to grow, she wonders if it’s possible to help him without hurting herself.Candice is truly one of the most fantastically fun heroines I have ever read about. Not only is she so funny, she is sweet, loyal, happy, adventurous, drama free and a little crazy. It was a welcome change to have a character like that. Completely lovable. Ian wasn’t always as lovable in the beginning. He isn’t happy with the way his life turned out, and it shows. Candice is able to turn that around, to give him a new perspective. As a couple, they just really seemed to work. Even though they were an odd match, they brought out the best in one another. "He just...he gets me all riled up. And he makes me laugh. He challenges me. I do things with him that I've never done before. I like it. I like this new me that I am with him.”It was also nice to catch up with Andie, Mack and the gang. I love when a sequel is just as good as the original book. Shine Not Burn and MacKenzie’s Fire were equally wonderful. I may have even liked this a little better at times, because I loved Candice so much. If you’re looking for a lighter book, a laugh out loud funny, romantic and sweet story, then look no further. You’ve found your next read!“We shine not burn!”
“Luceo non oro!”

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-03-27 14:51

    5 Googled Stars"Could I help Ian without falling in love with him? And if I did fall in love with him, could I leave him behind and go back to my old life?"This was a truly fun story whose main character Candice was FANTASTIC! I have a girl crush on her,she was hilarious and downright hysterical at times… ”I’m going to donate my brain to science. Maybe they can unlock some secrets of the universe from in there.”“More like unlocking Pandora’s box,” Andie mutters. “Do you use that music app? I do. It’s pretty good.”Candice heads out to Oregon for the birth of Andie and Mack’s first child. Candice is ‘City’ she’s from Florida and owns a salon and is one hell of a kick ass best friend. Candice arrives in the middle of winter and she has a hard time getting her footing, literally. Her inner thoughts were so very funny and her attraction and banter with Ian, Mack’s brother, who has been sulking since his broken engagement was perfection.What I liked best about Candice was that she didn’t have any issues. She was happy, confident and never let anything hold her back. She was a refreshing heroine and completely endearing!”Do you think you’re a good shot?” He looks up at me, hopeful, possibly a little stressed too. I nod enthusiastically. “I’m sure I will be. I’m a hairdresser.”Ian and Candice get to know each other while Candice works to fix Andie’s social life which seems to be trashed due to rumors. Ian and Candice’s attraction soars and these two were shinning in the straw!!!I loved Ian and Candice, each and every scene of this book was wonderful and I highly recommend this read for fans of the first book! ”We shine not burn!”

  • Amy (Foxy)
    2019-03-28 17:18

    "Life is never boring with you around, Candice, that's for sure."Candice is the best friend to the heroine from book one - 'Shine Not Burn'. For her two week vacation she's come to Oregon from Florida to visit her bestie, Andie. Unfortunatenly for this sunshine girl - she's arrived during the snowy months. Right away we learn that Candice is a mixture of being high maintenance and a kick-butt-and-take-names type of attitude. "A dramatic moment?"For me this book had some overdone drama that made it hard for me to connect with Candice. At times I found her actions to emulate those of a teenage girl. Even though, I didn't connect with the the story like I had hoped it still had some fun moments for me. The majority of my friends gave this book 5 stars ... so take my review with a grain of salt. SERIES:**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Mo
    2019-03-20 18:09

    4.5 yeehaw stars"But … you're country and I'm city."This was such a fun read. Candice arrives in Oregon to visit her friend Andi who is just about to give birth. Ian is Andi's brother in law, a moody pain in the ass if ever there was one. He broke up with his fiancée a few years back and has been wallowing in self pity since.“I try not to look at him, but it’s impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I’ve heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really appreciated what it meant.He’s like the boss of my eyeballs or something.Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord.Oh dammit , you looked at his package! And … oh my … Oh my, my, my … There’s a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them!”As in the previous book there were some real funny moments in the book.Sex scenes? Few and far between and I didn't really mind as the book was so good.Did I say "few and far between"? Scratch that - there was only fucking one, from what I remember? Maybe two. Who cares?“I totally feel like an FBI agent right now, with my legs spread and my arms out straight, gripping the gun. I’ll bet my butt looks awesome. … I squint at the target, holding the gun like I’ve seen FBI guys do it in the movies. I am so badass.”I was glad I was alone in the office today as I am sure my colleagues would have thought I was nuts with all the laughing I was doing."Take off your clothes." I say, seized by some demon slut who cannot control her libido. All I can think of is that I need to get my hands on his dick.Loved that Candice was a feisty, independent woman, not a whiner and was a great friend."I guess since I've been here I've never really thought about what else I'd like to have in my life, but now I'm starting to think of those things.""What kinds of things? Cows?""Kind of. Maybe more the way of life you have around here with husbands and babies and chickens and stuff.""You are in so much fucking trouble." He whispersBut Candice has to return to Florida, doesn't she?I loved catching up with Mack and Andi again and the mom and dad.

  • Brandi
    2019-04-04 17:04

    4.5 'Superhero' StarsCandice and Ian are from two different worlds. Candice is Andie's high maintenance, hair stylist, bff from Florida. Ian is Mack's younger brother, a moody country boy who is still licking his wounds after a bad breakup. When Candice heads to Oregon to visit Andie, these two get into all kinds of shenanigans. I cross my arms, trying to picture how I’m going to arm myself for outdoor Ian stalking activities while also protecting myself from these man-eating beasts. A gun is probably a good idea. Plus some sort of shoe I can sprint over the snow in.As Candice and Ian continue to spend time together, feelings start to emerge. These two were adorable with their constant banter and underlying sexual tension. "He just...he gets me all riled up. And he makes me laugh. He challenges me. I do things with him that I've never done before. I like it. I like this new me that I am with him."I adored Candice. She is my favorite kind of heroine - fun, honest, and a little nutty - she is extremely likeable. Ian was great too, I just wish we had been given a little more romance. Overall, this was an great read, with lots of laughs. I really enjoyed it.

  • ღFloღ the coffee addict
    2019-04-06 15:15

    3 **not as good as the first one** STARS“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.”MacKenzie Fire is a really difficult one for me to rate and it would appear I'm completely alone with that problem, since everyone loved this book. So in all fairness, take my opinion with a grain of salt and read some other reviews as well.I really adored the first book, but with the second instalment I had a very hard time getting into the flow and warming up to the characters.This is the story of Candice, Andie's best friend and Ian, Mack's brother.Candice is the definition of high maintenance and city girl. All she thinks and talks about is her hair, fashion and occasionally she is excited to be in town for the birth of Andie's first child. That is when she is not complaining about the snow or falling all over herself. Because snow and ice don't match with fashionable clothing. I have to be honest I was annoyed with her. A lot. Most readers found her quirkiness and somewhat careless way of living funny and entertaining, but I just never felt the spark. The Shine Not Burn series is aimed toward the funny and MacKenzie Fire was still a rather entertaining read, but my eye roll game was on full force. Beside snow, Candice's second biggest obstacle is Ian MacKenzie. The cowboy/architect/heartbroken man who didn't really recover from his failed engagement three years ago.Ian and Candice fight. Like no one's business. Basically intensive foreplay, and that was the redeeming quality for me. I love a good enemies to lovers trope, and it would have been awesome if the whole situation wasn't so ridiculous to begin with...we are talking accidental shootings, mountain lion attacks and escaping the hospital against medical advice. I just zoned out at that point...I don't know what to say. The writing is phenomenal and the read had a few good laughs. Please don't let the fact that it never really clicked for me keep you from checking this out. Mostly everyone I know loved it. ;D**ARC very kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-04-13 23:13

    4.5--City vs Country--Stars!!Who could forget Candice from Shine Not Burn?? No one! Candice was back and better than ever. Definitely one of my favorite heroines....she was always happy, didn't take herself too seriously and had a heart of gold.Candice finds herself in Baker City for the impending arrival of Andie and Mack's baby. She's greeted at the airport by not only her BFF but Andie's cranky BIL Ian Mackenzie as well.Candice and Ian have this love/hate thing going on. It was so fun and funny and entertaining to watch them together. The trouble they found themselves in had me laughing my ass off most of the book. It never felt forced or over the top. The more time they spent together the more they liked each other. Ian's never been happy in Baker City and Candice is a city girl at heart. Candice shows Ian, that she's not the girl he thought she was.And Candice helps Ian move on from his past. Her in your face approach was just what Ian needed. Candice breezes in to town....becomes the Godmother of baby Sarah, saves Andie from the town gossip and in the process falls in love with Ian. Loved this one! The only thing missing...Sexy times....there weren't near enough and they didn't happen soon enough!

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-04-18 16:56

    4 True Cowboy Love Star * * * *They say opposites attract...and in many ways they do... for in relationships it would be very boring to have people so alike..there never was any mystery or surprise in the way they lived. In MacKenzie Fire, the second installment of the series Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey, this is exactly the case...or at least that is how it seems. You have the city gal out to visit her bestie at this ranch in Oregon. Angie is about to have a baby and Candice is determined to "imprint" herself with the soon to be God-baby as she has the honor of being the Godmother....She lives in Florida and wants the baby to know her before she must leave two weeks from now. Candice is a hoot, no really she is. She has this running dialogue in her head going at all times with snippets of either amazing wisdom or pumped up self assurance. She is a self made business woman with a very successful salon/spa. She is glamorous and has no shame in her game. She figure has been made by exercise and implants but she is not in anyway artificial. She actually is as real as a person can get... for with her mind running a mile a minute, she says what she thinks but just in her unique "Candice" way. She has an almost unholy attachment to The Google as she feels all things may be answered there... and have for her. She even goes so far as to have so much eclectic information in her head from it... she has been known to call herself the Internet MD. She is here freezing her ass off at the airport in Boise, Idaho as it is the closest to the ranch in Baker City, OR. She is the type of person who will sacrifice for an outfit for looks rather than comfort because of her obligation to be presentable and cute. It is the least she can do... it is her business after all. But with this observation, do not think she is shallow or dense in any way. Candace is a force to be reckoned with... she sees a situation, accesses it, comes up with a plan and watch out...Things will start happening.Ian Mackenzie is stuck...he can't seem to get out of his own way. His older brother found his woman and now is living a beautiful life. He found her at Ian's own Bachelor party in Vegas and somehow a rumor train caused his fiance to think he was the one having all the fun. A rumor unfounded caused Ginny to call off the wedding, try to cheat with his own brother for damn's sake and make everything a pile of poo. So we have a cowboy who has been brooding and feeling lost... not because the girl was the love of his life, or because all the plans the girl made for the both of them were wonderful...but because Ian is just lost and needs to figure out what he really wants to do with himself.The meeting, interaction and fun and games Ian and Candace have is hysterical. Candace is one of those characters who is non stop... her thinking all the angles and trying to present herself and everything else just so, can either have you falling in love with her or becoming a bit annoyed. I was a bit in the middle; I was able to keep up with the hamster wheel but sometimes just wished she would let herself slow down and take Ian as he was...Because Ian wasn't that hard to figure out or love... he was right there. He was just a man-child who just needed a swift kick...and Candace gave it to him. She presented everything he loved... a challenge, stimulation and a heart which had only the best for those she cared about... she did not back down or run. She stood tall when things were hard and all of that just made Ian want to be the best man he could for her.There were other parts of this story which were quite important. Through a secondary character, Elle Casey summed up what can happen in a small town. How people grow up together and lines are drawn... pointing to this boy and that girl as a couple with the other girls looking for their link to a supposed happiness. It has to do with a small pool of people and how generations working farms or ranches are expected to keep the line going... not move away. It can become hard for those to see their lives clearly and hold onto dreams which have flown the coop. This was a very strong ending to this series. Two books which partnered very well. I highly advise reading Shine Not Burn and MacKenize Fire. I promise you will enjoy yourself immensely.A gifted copy was provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley for an honest review.(Available on NetGalley as Read Now until July 28, 2015)For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-04-14 17:11

    DNFOkay, this is my third crack at this and I just can't do it. I just cannot STAND Candice for whatever reason. And I don't like to hang out with people I can't stand. So...

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2019-03-21 21:19

    5 CANDICE STOLE THE FREAKING SHOW STARS. Oh...AND IAN WAS SWEET AND SEXY TOO!What a great read this was. I loved Mackenzie Fire but I have to say the one on “FIRE” in this book was my girl Candice. She rocked! Candice was quite the heroine. She was funny, sassy, sexy and she was one kick ass BFF. Here is a perfect quote from the book.“You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.”The gist of the story is Candice has come to Oregon to visit her best friend Andi. Andi is married to Mack and they are about to welcome their first baby. Candice is there to help with all of that which she is so excited about. Once she and Ian meet they make a connection of sorts. Something sparked between but neither one really knew what was really going on.Ian is a great guy. He really is but he has been moody and irritable for the last couple of years. He went through a messy break-up and just hasn’t let go of things. It doesn’t help that those around him just allowed him to be this way but not Candice. She has decided it is time for him to realize he has to move on. This book is chock full of hilarious moments. Whether it was the things going on between Candice and Ian, Candice and Andi, Candice and Ginny or Candice and Hannah (have you noticed the common denominator here) you will find yourself laughing out loud and turning the pages like crazy to get to the next moment. Beyond the humor something was brewing between Ian and Candice.Of course neither one was expecting much from the other but things just started happening. With all that goes on, Ian and Candice start to change. Candice was finding herself wanting more than the hustle and bustle of the way her life was and Ian was slowly letting go of the past and finding himself again. But soon Candice would be heading home to Florida. What will come of these two?Ian was great but honestly he did fall in the shadow of Candice, IMO. He wasn't always grumpy either. He was sexy, funny and sweet. Some of the moments he had with Candice were really tender. Now let’s talk sexy times. I did find myself wanting more. When we finally do get some sexy times I was literally jumping for joy. I kid you not. I soaked up every single second and loved it all. I loved Candice and her inner dialog….“I try not to look at him, but it’s impossible not to. His presence is totally commanding. I’ve heard that expression before, but until being around him I never really appreciated what it meant. He’s like the boss of my eyeballs or something. Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit , you looked at his package! And … oh my … Oh my, my, my … There’s a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them!” I really enjoyed the ending of the book too. I won’t say much but I thought it was a perfect ending for the two of them. I loved getting back with Andi and Mack too. Mackenzie Fire was just an all around great read. I would highly recommend you grab this book and read it soon. ❤

  • Jeanne
    2019-03-20 15:00

    I Loved this book! I can't believe I'm saying this, but the heroine actually made this book for me. How often does that happen? I think Elle Casey usually writes great dialogue in her books, but she's outdone herself with this one. Candice's inner dialogue was hilarious, I would love to have her as a best friend. And holy hot cowboy is right, I can't get enough of these Mackenzie brothers:)Some of Ian and Candice's antics in this book were so immature, they reminded me of what goes on in my daughter's 4th grade lunch room. You can't actually admit you like someone, so you have fun torturing them instead. The whole love hate thing made for some great sexual tension and was always entertaining! I laughed through this whole book, but there was one scene where she was trying to piss him off by freezing him in the shower that had me in a serious giggle fit. This is why it took me so long to read it, I couldn't read in public without looking like a crazy person! I liked Candice so much, that I will even give her a pass on all of her cracks about my "upper left" state:)) This book wasn't what I was expecting, but I thought it was great. I think reading these two books back to back would be fun because they complement each other well. Shine Not Burn was more hot and sexy, where this one is fun and silly. Thanks to all the ladies who joined the buddy read, it was fun times! xo

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2019-03-29 23:09

    3.75 StarsI love Shine Not Burn and it’s been almost three years since I’ve read an Elle Casey book. I did the audio version of MacKenzie Fire. I really liked the narrator and the southern accent was spot on. I found her feisty and bubbly. I believe the audio enhanced my reading experience and I highly suggest to go that route.MacKenize is not the typical Heroine I go for. I think it would have been a five star read if I could relate to her more. She’s kind of narcissistic and really into her looks. I get it, I was once a fashionista myself but then kids happen. She’s a really good friend and she has a good heart. Ian is awesome. He’s a laid back southern guy and I liked him a lot. He put up with a lot in regard towards the way Mac treated him and at times I questioned why he put up with so much. The girl shot the guy and didn’t even care. I was kind of put off by that, but eventually Mac grew on me.Mac is visiting her best friend for two weeks, but she has to put up with Ian. Even though she hates Ian, she is learning he isn’t so bad.I liked the atmosphere of the book, I liked how laidback the place was and how everyone knows everyone’s business. At times it was confusing with so many characters thrown into the mix, but that’s probably because I was listening to the book and doing other things.I think if the book was cut down by 10% it would have been better too. Overall, I liked the book. There were a few things that bothered me, but I pretty much laughed throughout the read.

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-03-25 19:18

    4 starsCandice and Ian couldnt be more different. Candice is a city girl, high mainentance, paying her friend a visit. Ian is a country boy still bitter from his failed relationship. Can these two find love?Candice was an awesome heroine, she was crazy at times and her POV was a funny place to be, but behind it all she has the biggest heart and was a very loyal friend. The couples bickering was fun to read at first but the sexy time was limited, at one point I thought I was reading YA.Apart from that Ian sort of faded in the background and Candice stole the show. There was plenty of laughs but it wasnt enough for me, I needed more romance, more steam and a better understanding of Ian. I enjoyed this though and it was a great sequel with a likeable heroine.Pre-release What what what!!! Shine not burn 2?!!!! Yes yes yes!!!

  • Catarina
    2019-03-25 22:56

    4,5 Shining Stars!This second book bring us the story of Ian. If you’ve read the previous book you know what happened to him and why he’s so bitter. Well, in this book he isn’t much better. He doesn’t know what he wants from life, he believes he lives under his brother’s shadow and everyone thinks he still pines for his cheating ex-fiancé. Yeah, not a great phase in his life. Until the day Candice (Andie’s best-friend) comes to town (or ranch, in this case) to be at his niece’s birth and changes everything in his life. Tired of his bad humor and the bitter way he treats everyone she decides is time to give him a kick in the butt and force him to face his life and move on. But Candice will soon find out, than while she changes Ian’s life she is also changing hers. Because you don’t make one person happy, without wanting to be part of that happiness. Rating:4,5 Stars. Storyline:This was a romantic and sexy story, with some hilarious moments. I found myself laughing like crazy at some scenes and smiling like a love-sick lunatic in many others. A low on angst and sweet romance that you must definitely read, especially if you liked the previous installment. Writing Style:First person, female POV. Engaging, funny with good and solid writing. Character Development:Candice was a great heroine. She was a badass, fiercely loyal, an amazing friend and not annoying at all, which is always a plus. I loved her!! Ian got on my nerves on the beginning, he was in fact kind of a crying baby. But fortunately, he got much better and I ended up liking him a lot. It was also great to see more of Andie and Mack. Steam:Some hot scenes. HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes. But these books seriously lack good epilogues. Authors should know by now that we’re all epilogue suckers!(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Michelle
    2019-03-26 19:55

    4 Badass City Takes Country Grouch Stars! What a funny read! I laughed so hard my eyes were watering and my stomach hurt! Candace comes to visit her best friend Andie. She is not prepared for the weather. She's dressed to impress. Needless to say the laughs start right away once Candace hits the ice and snow when she gets off the plane. Her cute little boots with the pom poms look sickly by the time they make it back to the ranch. I nearly peed my pants when they refused Ian's help on getting in the monster truck. Just imagine very pregnant Andie holding onto the door and Candace under her butt trying to shove her in. Hahaha!Some of the things that come out of Candace's mouth had me reaching numerous times for tissues to wipe my eyes!”I’m going to donate my brain to science. Maybe they can unlock some secrets of the universe from in there.” “More like unlocking Pandora’s box,” Andie mutters. “Do you use that music app? I do. It’s pretty good.”Ian is grouchy but he won't be for long. Candace is in the house! “You are not just one person, Candice. You’re a whole tornado of a person.”She has decided to attach herself to Ian. I mean he does have a nice package and his ass looks great in them jeans. Nobody can stay grouchy around Candace! She is a close friend to google! She's also up close and personal with Mr Internet MD. “Google is your friend, people. I’m serious. It’s not a person, it’s a collective group of people who want to help each other, and that’s a good thing.” This girl is crazy, funny, badass (because she bought a gun) and very protective of her best friend. She will stop all the rumors going around about Andie and when she leaves to go back home...Andie will have friends! So what if she starts falling for Ian along the way. So what if every time her and Ian are together bad things tend to happen.Snow fights, hanky panky in some hay or straw, Cougar attack, home cooked meal gone wrong, cold showers, guns that accidentally shoot somebody, chicken butts (that's where eggs come from) cows giving birth, cow baby needing saving, parties, fights...the list is on going. Why not 5 stars? Well I kind of felt that we didn't get much romance. Even when it finally happened it was really fast and then it felt like the book was over. Don't get me wrong. I still loved this book...I just wanted more. You know I always want more! lol If you want to laugh your ass off then I suggest you read this book!

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-04-02 23:09

    *****5+++Google Brilliant Stars*****Full on belly laughs from beginning to end. If you were worried that the sequel wouldn't be as good as the original, Well, this one is even better, and I really didn't think that was even possible since I'm a huge fan of Shine Not Burn. I even have a postcard signed by Elle Casey herself stating that I'm Mack's #1 girlfriend; that's right, I'm bragging about it, so there! ( you can find proof on my profile pics)Anyways MacKenzie Fire was such a fun book to read and a perfect complement to the series...Candice is Andy's best friend and she's visiting just in time for the birth of Mack's and Andy's baby. She's a city girl not too happy to be in the country and worse, after she learns that half the town including Mack's cranky brother Ian, is giving giving her best friend a hard time. Candice is a force to be reckoned with and she will pull no punches in order to make things right and ensure that Andy is completely happy before she goes back to Florida. But Mr. smoking HOT Cowboy Ian Mackenzie keeps messing up with her and her plans. Ian has been miserable after a really bad breakup, he's walking around with a big pout and hiding behind the bottle and any other trouble he can find. Country and City will clash in a big way and these two will go from hate to lust quickly but not before a few accidents. Elle Casey, really is a great writer, hers was my first cowboy story and I will forever be her fan because she just creates the most delicious Alpha Males. This book was such a good time, Candice crazy antics had me laughing for days. Impossible not to love a girl who loves fashion and uses Google as her manual to life. Do yourself a favor and read this books but remember,Mack is mine!!!!Okay now that that's clear, Happy Reading...

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-04-14 20:12

    5 - "Some people are just clueless." Stars!This series literally came out of left field, took me for a horse-back ride, it made me cry with laughter, wet myself with laughter, and generally gave me all sorts of good times.I think it takes an author with a lot of skill to write such a character as Candice and keep her entertaining without veering into the annoying. ”Go away I’m unconscious right now.”Her inner monologue alone was the stuff of comedy gold, add into it the escapades she gets up to with Ian and the general mayhem that seemed to follow her around, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this book. ”Whack the kitty.”Elle Casey with this series has moved from an unknown to an unforgettable author to me.ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was an absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    2019-03-25 18:18

    ...Actually 4,5 hillarious stars from me...That was really funny.... Really, really funny....I couldn't stop laughing with all the hillarious things that Candice did all the time...I don't know what i have to recall first....The gun shot???? The snow war???? The cooking??? The cougar??? The baby birth??? The cow's baby birth???? The driving???? The darts??? Oh, God!!! I have to stop now, because i don't want to reveal much more things...The only thing that i can say about this book is that i was having so much fun...It was funnier than the first book, even though i still prefer Mack's and Addie's love story... It's my favorite from the two books, but this one was way more funny!!!!I couldn't stop laughing with Candice...Well, Candice was Addie's best friend from back home and she is visiting Addie to be with her during her first child birth... You see Addie and Mack are expecting their first kid and Candice will be the godmother... In the beginning, Candice is not very happy about the country life and she made it her purpose to force Ian, Addie's brother in law, to stop treating Addie and Mack badly because of his own problems.... Ian is cranky and bitter and he is not a big fan of Candice... From the first moment, they get theirselves in a sneaky game of power and they are determined to make each other lives miserable... with comical results....The only thing that they didn't count was actually to fell in love...Well, I really loved Candice even though she was bubbling all the time and made her life and Ian's so much difficult!!! Together they were awesome!!!! Sometimes i wanted to slap them and others i wanted to hug them!!!! They made my stomach tremple from the continiously laughing!!!Except that part, Candice was good, kind, courageous and loyal... She loved Addie so much and she wanted to make her friend's life better before she was going away... And even though that she didn't like Ian, in a difficult hour she was there for him and she tried to fix his life also... She wanted to send away all the bitterness and sadness from his heart and she finally succeed in all her goals... Ian was a different person when he was with her and everything went to the right place after all...The only thing that i didn't like too much was how quick their romance took place... It was way too soon, but that is a minus thing...And i have to say that both the Mackenzie brothers was hot and beautiful, but i still have a preference toward Mack... Sorry Ian, i like you too, but Mack spoke directly in my heart from the first moment....

  • Jen
    2019-04-15 20:50

    4.5 You're Country and I'm City Stars!Mackenzie Fire was a great funny and sweet follow up to Shine Not Burn. Again, I listened to the audiobook and think Laurie West did a great job. "Is it really possible for city and country to live in harmony together?"If you read the first book, then you will remember Andie's best friend, Candice. She's a hair dresser from Florida, but she's come to Oregon because she wants to be there for the birth of Andie and Mack's baby. Candice met all of the Mackenzie's when she was there for Andie's wedding. Candice is not one who usually holds her tongue, so when she finds herself constantly in the presence of Mack's younger brooding brother, Ian, she can't help but to argue with him. She also can't help but to notice his good looks. She does, however, question why everyone is still babying him and letting him act the way he has been. These two are constantly fighting. Ian was supposed to get married three years ago, but he called off the wedding. Ian and his family all know that it was the right decision, but it doesn't lessen the hurt any. Wallowing in his grief over the breakup, Ian has totally gotten off track with his life, but when he meets Candice things change. "Who do you think you are?""I'm your guy, that's who."The more time that Ian and Candice spend together the more that I was laughing or smiling. Ian gets shot or grazed rather, they help birth a baby cow, have a cold shower war and get attacked by a mountain lion. All of these crazy moments bring these two together. Ian starts to become his old self again. Candice begins to have feelings for him. She actually likes herself when she's with him."He just...he gets me all riled up. And he makes me laugh. He challenges me. I do things with him that I've never done before. I like it. I like this new me that I am with him."But when it's time to go back to Florida will she be able to without a broken heart? Candice was such a fun character. She loved to challenge Ian at almost every turn. I love how much she loved her friend. She was determined to put Hannah Banana in her place and stop the rumors about Andie. You'd definitely want her as a friend. While I enjoyed this book, I love Mack the most. If you are a fan of the first book then you should definitely read this one too.

  • BookLover
    2019-04-17 23:16

    Candice is one of the most entertaining characters I have read in a long time. What a riot. I really enjoyed this book. I giggled most of the way through this book. I loved her confidence and her relationship with Google.“Sometime around one in the morning, I take out Millie my new gun and practice loading bullets into the clip and taking them out. After an hour, I'm pretty much qualified for the FBI.”Based on how moody Ian was in the first book, I was expecting a lot of angst and conflict. I was pleasantly surprised with how the story played out. Candice was no match for Ian and his brooding and feeling sorry for himself. It seemed like each time they got near one another, shenanigans ensued, usually with one of them coming to bodily harm.“Uhhh, hey, Ma," he says nervously. "What're you doing out here?"She puts her hands on her hips, her open sleeveless down jacket flying up on both sides like moth wings. "Apparently I'm bearing witness to an assault and battery on our house guest by a savage moron whose rear end is about to become reacquainted with the business end of my kitchen spatula!”Each time I expected Candice, the city girl, to stand out like a sore thumb in Ian’s small hometown, she surprised everyone with her unique point of view on life.“From lions? Well ... I suppose any of these could work if you hit the lion between the eyes. Do you think you're a good shot?" He looks up at me, hopeful, possibly a little stressed too.I nod enthusiastically. "I'm sure I will be. I'm a hair dresser.”I thought Ian and Candice were great together. Great read!

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-04-14 18:57

    SQUEEE!!!! This is the sequel to SHINE NOT BURN!!RELEASING MAY 2014

  • Nikki
    2019-04-17 16:10

    5 Cowboytastic Stars!!Oh lordie..I am about to make a proclamation. I am about to proclamate(word? sure) that Candice is the shiz of all shiz. Never have a read a diddy with a heroine quite like this one. She sure is special.We meet Candice as she is heading back to Oregon to see Andie, her BFF, pop out a Mack baby. We immediately see Ian again and the insta-hate interlaced with oodles of sexual tension begins. The battle of City vs. Country begins. And its freaking awesome. Who knew ice and snow could be so funny? And Google?!?! And chicken butts?!?There are so many quotables with this chica. She is a metaphorical one liner, zen master. Here are a few of my favs: "I'm serious. If your uterus falls out, I don't know if I am prepared to deal with that. I've never Googled that before.""Now I can present myself to the rest of Baker City and not look like a granola hippy fresh off a cow pie commune.""His idea of a delicious scent is probably fermented pig turds."The woman is like an enigma. She is hot, so so funny, tough, funny, loyal, funny, fierce. The situations she gets herself in are just like pee in your pants funny. She not only is a whiz with a flat-iron, but she can hold her own with guns, back stabbing country bitches, farm animals, and some crazy kitties too.Candice just steals the show here. Book girl crush, can ya tell? Or girl book crush, whatevs. Never have I seen a heroine like this. She is crazy confident, never apologetic. You get what you get with her. And behind that funny exterior, you really do have a very smart cookie. She protects who she loves and boy is she loved right back. Ian is also da bomb. Who doesn't love a hot, brooding, grouchy cowboy? Poor guy just lost his way. I really loved these Mac brothers, in that, they find their woman and that's it for them. No angst, not really. Just enough outside drama to keep it interesting :) I absolutely 100% recommend this book to everyone. It's so damn funny, and light. It will make you so freaking happy."There was this person that wasn't in my life who needed to be. Someone who would love me no matter what, even when my boobs deflate and my butt sags and I have stretch marks like Andie does all over my belly."

  • Sophie
    2019-03-22 23:13

    4,5 stars.You want a good laugh, a really, really "pee your pants because you laugh so hard" read? Go for it, buy it now!Candice is really "something else" as Ian said. She came as a airhead in the beginning, hairdresser and beauty counselor extraordinaire. All skinny jeans, flat soled boots with pom-poms, she spent more time on her behind in the freezing snow than vertical the first day she landed. She is in snowy and slippery Oregon to visit her pregnant BFF, welcomed on the Mackenzie's ranch.When City Girl stays on a ranch where staying vertical in cute shoes is a challenge, she has to adapt. I loved how I underestimated her. I read her as a silly and superficial girl but she is fiercely loyal, determined, combative with a heart of gold. She keeps her quirks all right (Mr Google) but she soon fires guns, help cows give birth, does U turn with ginormous trucks to drive her "giving birth" best friend to the hospital and kill mountain lions while protecting the hot brooding bad boy Ian Mackenzie.Ian, heartsick and prick for three years now never saw her coming. They soon bicker and banter like teenagers, fighting in snow and hay. A butt naked Ian is carrying Candice on his shoulder just because she made sure his shower was cold.Their banter is funny but what really had me in fits of laughter was all that happened to Candice. Talk about turn of events, that girl is a walking disaster or has bad karma but I could not stop shaking as I laughed so hard.My only complaint (the missing 0,5 stars) would be the ending. I thought it was a bit "rushed" and would have loved more resistence from Ian or doubts from Candice or... But that's me being really picky as it's still an extraordinarily funny read.

  • Kim Bailey
    2019-04-07 18:17

    4.5 StarsCandice has to be one of the most refreshing & honest female leads I have ever read. I adore her lack of perfection, and her comfort in her own skin. Just phenomenal. She was the highlight of this book. The romance was so fun. The whole book was just wonderfully unexpected. Definitely lived up to the first!

  • FMABookReviews
    2019-04-18 16:15

    "Is it really possible for city and country to live in harmony together?"'MacKenzie Fire' was a super cute follow up to 'Shine Not Burn'. Filled with tons of hilarious banter, fun and of a whole lot of heart. "I look like a redneck slut from the nineteen forties on a bender."We first met Candice in 'Shine Not Burn' as the spit-fire, funny, and loyal bff to Andie. She's back at the ranch waiting for the birth of Andie and Mack's baby. While there she brings hilarity, accidental moments (which reminded me of the days of the "Dick Van Dyke" and the "Carol Burnett Show" where Slapstick style of humor that involved exaggerated physical activity which exceeds the boundaries of common sense, ruled the airwaves) and whole lot of love. I adored Candice. She is the perfect bff. If you need someone to stand in your corner, or to slap you out of your self-pitying moments she is your go-to girl! Candice is a fixer. She likes to fix problems, people, hair. If it is a mess, she wants to straighten it out. When she gets to the ranch and discovers two messes, she finds her two week vacation very busy. First, she needs to find out why Andie doesn't seem to have any friends in her new home town. Candice can't possibly leave knowing her bestie doesn't have a back up. "They call me Wonder Bitch."And second, she has discovered that Ian is having a huge pity party over the events that occurred 3 years ago. Andie never meant to fall for Ian in the process of helping him. She thought she could just have a fling. But she quickly learned their chemistry was too combustible."It's like he knows he sends my heart racing with every touch, with every stupid joke. I hate that he has me in such a mess. This was supposed to be a fun fling at first, and then it was supposed to be nothing at all."Ian may "act" the bad guy. His moody self sure is a put off. But underneath all of that is a good guy. He is stuck in a place he doesn't want to be, under the shadow of his brother and failed engagement. He is the perfect match for Candice and she for him. When they are around each other fireworks are sure to occur, both outside and within the bedroom! I loved their banter, flirtation, and crazy antics. He laughs and takes another sip of beer. "Can't wait to taste your pie.""Well, Ian, I am also looking forward to the day that you taste my pie. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it." "Well, Ian, I am also looking forward to the day that you taste my pie. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it."'MacKenzie Fire' is a cute story that will leave your heart warm and your day filled with laughter!"You'll back me up." "That's what I said." "I think you would," "You think I would, what?" "Back me up. Have my back. If I needed you to, I mean." "Hell yea, I would."***ARC GRACIOUSLY PROVIDED BY PUBLISHER THRU NEGALLEY FOR HONEST REVIEW***

  • Ashley Marie
    2019-04-14 21:12

    first read: September 4 - 4, 2015first reread: March 22 - ?, 2017“Do not look at his package, Candice. Do not look at his package. My eyes move of their own accord. Oh dammit, you looked at his package! And … oh my … Oh my, my, my … There’s a giant bulge! Hooray for giant bulges and the jeans that let me see them!”It was only 5 days ago that I declared Shine Not Burn, my favorite book read in August.....I've only read and finished about 4 books so far in September.......but THIS is my favorite so far. Honestly? I loved this one more than book one!!! I couldn't put this one down....its almost 430 AM, and I made the [totally awesome non-] mistake of starting this at like 11 PM.Andie and Mack gave us a beautiful story......but we missed out on 2 years for them.....we got a lot of heartbreak, not just the love that came to them in the end. With this book....we start off with a very stubborn and adorable Candice....and an even more stubborn and sexy Ian, and it only gets more amazing from there. Is there sad parts? yes, but its not like the tragic and heartbreaking stuff with Ian's brother and sister in law.....this was something else entirely. I loved it! If you know me...and you've seen the books I give high ratings to, you know that I LOVE my sad and tragic love stories -- BUT, I also love my just HAPPY and HILARIOUS books in general....the tragedy is just a bonus. This book had me laughing my freaking ass off before I even finished Chapter One......I NEVER read 'companion' novels. Once I fall in love with a couple in a series, I don't usually care to learn about other characters from the same series.....but.....Elle Casey had me so intrigued, and made me laugh SO damn hard in book one....that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to laugh some more, and better know these characters. I am sad that this was only a duology, because I could read about these 2 couples forever and ever.This book, as well as the first one, of course...are not to be missed out on!!! if you want to laugh your ass off, smile until your face hurts, and shed a tear or really need to read these books and get to know these amazing people!!I'm done...OFF TO BED!come find ash.reads Twitter: @ReadsAsh