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Who is the girl currently calling herself Kathryn Blake? Where does she come from and . . . where does she belong? To her potential employer, collecting statements about this troublesome asset, one thing is clear: this lady is never the lady you expect her to be, she is the pea under the thimble, the grinning queen who was never in the pack....

Title : Find the Lady
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ISBN : 9781311206190
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 390 Pages
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Find the Lady Reviews

  • Stephen Bigger
    2019-06-11 07:16

    Like my review of Viennese Waltz Alex adds levels of mystery and suspense to her brilliant Le Carre-esque acrobatic spy. This book tells the multi-dimensional story from the point of view of the any sub-characters. Strong advice again, don't read the last few pages till the end.

  • Michael Wombat
    2019-06-21 03:00

    Finely fashioned by a skilled hand, ten characters tell their tales of the lady in question, one Kathryn Blake (who will be familiar to readers of Viennese Waltz). That such a large number of voices never become confused is tribute enough to Brightsmith as an author, but add to that the intrigue, the wit and the exquisitely turned words that you'll find herein and you have a cracking read indeed. It's exciting, too, a page-turner indeed.Brightsmith by name, wordsmith by nature, the author has fashioned a book that you will adore.

  • Kevin Hammond
    2019-06-15 10:25

    The style is mesmerizing. it keeps a lot of the mystery just out of reach for the reader while lending just enough to compel you to read farther. this book, like the book before it- Viennese Waltz- is a thrilling tease. Once you get to about 10 % of the book there is no way you can get out. As we progress through the accounts of the different characters it seems so relaxed as if these are story tellers who are a part of the mystery. We can only go so far into these accounts, before the thrill begins. Now i cant give anything away in a review but these small doses of tension and excitement had me pushing faster and faster through the book. im almost afraid i might have missed something, and thats not a good thing as this book demands every bit of your attention.And without talking about the Lady too much i will finish this review giving my impression of her. as a character she makes me think of Kaiser Sosa (Usual Suspects), in that the enduring mystery of her, the skill and complexity of her is never fully revealed to the reader. She becomes almost a creature of myth yet living and confident in her own brilliant but often humble way. i think we have to fill in the gaps for ourselves until we come to the conclusion that we can never really find the lady. that is something that is entirely out of reachi dont know who to recommend this to. if you read this then you must read Viennese Waltz first. you have to prepare yourself to step inside the mind of the writer as you read it because you wont truly appreciate the genius of it if you fail to do so.

  • Alex Brightsmith
    2019-06-19 06:25