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R.D. Henham returns with another Practical Guide to Dragons adventure!Could a "good" dragon really be evil?Witness to the kidnapping of her younger siblings' eggs, young bronze dragon Simle has good reason to think that all humans are evil. Tatelyn, whose brother was killed by a dragon who was supposed to be good, also has good reason to distrust even metallic dragons.ButR.D. Henham returns with another Practical Guide to Dragons adventure!Could a "good" dragon really be evil?Witness to the kidnapping of her younger siblings' eggs, young bronze dragon Simle has good reason to think that all humans are evil. Tatelyn, whose brother was killed by a dragon who was supposed to be good, also has good reason to distrust even metallic dragons.But when thrown together on a mission to recover their magical powers, Tatelyn and Simle realize that they have more in common than they ever imagined....

Title : Bronze Dragon Codex
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ISBN : 9780786949304
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Bronze Dragon Codex Reviews

  • Raisinkids
    2019-04-27 06:51

    Good quick read. Fun story. I always enjoy thinking what dragons would be like if they really exist.

  • Conan Tigard
    2019-05-20 06:32

    Bronze Dragon Codex is not the type of story I expected. That is not a bad thing, as it turns out, because I was extremely happy with the story. What I didn't expect was a story about a young bronze dragon with her hated of humans. I also didn't expect a story about a young human cleric out to rid the land of all dragons because of her hated for them. This was all unexpected . . . and turned out to be a very exciting fantasy romp.I loved that the two main characters, a female cleric, Tatelyn, and a young bronze dragon, Simle, are linked together by an enchanted pendant. When the two halves of the pendant were placed together, the feelings and the energy of the two were exchanged. Every time Tatelyn's body was hurt, she didn't feel a thing, but Simle did. Spending time together, getting to know each other, really helped change the ideas that these two had about each other. Their prejudices towards each other's species was based upon ignorance. Once the ignorance was washed away with knowledge, they both would come to realize that they could actually become friends and really likes each other.I love that the story was about a young bronze dragon . . . well, young in dragon years. I found Simle to be a highly enjoyable character to read about. I don't know what it is about dragons that causes me to like them so much. I just like 'em. They are big, strong, smart (well, some of them are), and look so cool. Makes me wish I was a dragon.As for the other main character, Tatelyn, I understand why she was so angry. After all, her brother was killed by a copper dragon. Even though she knows that an evil wizard was controlling the copper dragon, she still blames the dragon. Sometimes it is easier to blame bad things on something you don't understand, like a dragon, rather than on something you do, like a human wizard. I am glad that she was finally able to figure things out.Bronze Dragon Codex is the first published novel by Amie Rose Rotruck. She does a great job with character development and the pace of the story is nice and quick. With witty dialog and and interesting characters, this second book, in the Dragon codex series, is a winner.Overall, Bronze Dragon Codex is an excellent book and a nice addition to the Dragon Codex series. So, if you are a lover of epic fantasy tales with adventure, fighting, and magic, pick up a copy of any book in the Dragon Codex series. I wonder what exciting adventure awaits in the next book in this series, Black Dragon Codex. At least I know that the dragon will be evil next time.I rated this book a 9 out of 10.

  • Marco Giannotti
    2019-05-07 09:51

    A human hating dragon with a dragon hating human surprisingly work well with each other. Simle and Tatelyn both hate each other and (of course) end up on an adventure with each other.This book goes through many unsuspected turns and sequences even though you might have thought they would go one way, they go the other.All of the turns bring in several strong ideas in the story.How would you feel if you lost you're sibling to what was thought to be a good protector? How about losing all of you're unhatched siblings and then later in life might have killed them? These are the two characters strongest points for hating the other race (Tatelyn is a human and Simle is a dragon). The author had blended these two characters stories quite well. One chapter was in the view of one of the two main characters and then in the next chapter it alternated. The alternated characters chapter was essentially what happened and what they were thinking during the previous characters encounter. This was the authors very first book, considering the little experience it was incredibly well done. This book is a must read whether you dislike fantasy or saddening stories this book is impeccable!The author's suggested age is tweens-young teens but many of the emotions and ideas of the story are much better portrayed by an older audience while keeping them entertained. Suggested age fourteen and up.This is my favourite book. I suggest to everyone that they should read the Bronze(not copper) dragon codex. After you have read it I need you to say a human hating dragon with a dragon hating human three times as fast.

  • Pat
    2019-05-17 06:44

    Sometimes even good dragons struggle with a dark side. This young bronze dragon has good reason to think all humans are evil. At the same time, a human girl also has good reason to distrust every matallic dragon.As the dragon and human girl are thrown togethetr on a quest to recover their lost magical powers, danger and adventure awaite. Can they figure out how to work together? Raad to find out. I would have had this reviewed long ago but since I bought it several students have read it and One is at this moment standing over my shoulder waiting to have it. It is a great story!

  • Daniel
    2019-05-18 05:43

    I found this book way better than the first one, because first, it has the dragon as the main character, not the villain as in the Red Dragon Codex. I also liked the plot twist at the end(view spoiler)[, with Rogan (hide spoiler)]. Overall, this book manages to be a standard adventure, while not being too standard.

  • Anna Robertson
    2019-05-16 03:33

    I read this book because I have a fascination with dragons, and Bronze Dragon Codex increased this fascination. This book not only tells the story of a young dragon and a girl, but how to forgive and forget the past. I would highly recommend this book and the other books in this series to fantasy fans like myself.

  • Sharon
    2019-05-06 05:52

    My first dragon codex as a kid. Has a lot to do with my obsession with dragons. I love how much the characters change. I love Tatelyn (and her name!) and I love Simle and I love their interactions. Out of all the Dragon Codex's, this one had my favorite storyline and writing style. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Laura (booksnob)
    2019-04-27 05:37

    An interesting story about a Dragon who hates humans and a human who hates dragons and how their lives intertwine changing them for the better. This is a good book that teaches tolerance and acceptance of differences. My son gave this book a rating of three stars because he didn't think the story was a interesting or adventurous as the first book, Red Dragon Codex.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-21 01:34

    I loved this book. I thought the moral of the story was unique and refreshing, and the writing quality was excellent. I'll confess I originally bought the book because my friend from Hollins wrote it (Amie Rotruck), so partly for curiosity and partly desire to support her. I don't usually read a lot of dragon books. But I'm glad I did because I was thoroughly impressed. Way to go Amie!

  • Katlinhays
    2019-05-14 07:49

    This book was really an excellent book!Tatelyn hating dragons ever since that In counter with the copper and Simle hating humans because they stole her siblings.The Bronze Dragon Codex simply put a wonderful twist to this!

  • Marie
    2019-05-16 08:47

    Same thing with the Red Dragon Codex. But this time it was a girl that was the center stage. I need to find more books as boys as the hero. I think that is what every ten year old wants to read about. How the boy is the best.

  • Andrell
    2019-04-28 02:46

    A simple and predictable story.

  • Spencer
    2019-05-06 09:35

    This book is about a young bronze dragon (NOT COPPER) who embarks on a journey with a human Tatelyn to release their curse. This book is just like the first one.

    2019-05-02 03:54

    just bought this one... going to check it out for the kiddos... looking forward to reading it!!

  • Crysta S.
    2019-04-28 09:41

    so sad!!!!

  • Caden
    2019-05-07 09:46

    awesome book

  • Zoë
    2019-05-03 03:50

    This was a fun quick read. I loved the plot and all the characters! It was hard to put this one down.

  • Stefanie
    2019-04-26 05:53

    I think maybe my favorite of the series.