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Betrayed by a lover, her career in ruins, Fizz Beaumont devotes all her energy to restoring Broomhill Bay pier, using the old theatre as the home for the radio station that is her life.The arrival of tycoon Luke Devlin, who has taken over her major sponsor, threatens not just her radio station but -- as he offers her a lesson in passion which promises to set the skies ablaBetrayed by a lover, her career in ruins, Fizz Beaumont devotes all her energy to restoring Broomhill Bay pier, using the old theatre as the home for the radio station that is her life.The arrival of tycoon Luke Devlin, who has taken over her major sponsor, threatens not just her radio station but -- as he offers her a lesson in passion which promises to set the skies ablaze -- everything she holds dear....

Title : Wild Justice
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ISBN : 9780750512817
Format Type : Hardcover
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Wild Justice Reviews

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-06-12 22:44

    Blah. Blah, blah, blech. The new cover is the best thing about this. Wish the Hero in the book was as appealing as the dude on the cover.

  • Michelle Grogan
    2019-06-15 03:45

    When Liz Fielding posted on Twitter that she was offering her book for free on smashwords.come, I took the chance and scooped up a copy - and I'm glad I did! I have never read anything by this author before, so I didn't know what to expect - which can be both exciting and scary (in a good way).Wild Justice is romance at its best - not so much simpering and fluffy, but with a real, meaty story to balance it all out nicely - just the way I like it! I will admit to being slightly thrown off at times by grammar errors (most likely a product of formatting - something I have personally experienced with my own writing) and slightly by the setting - as I am unfamiliar with England locals. But that feeling was quickly pushed aside as I delved further into the story, more often than not unable to put it down. Although, overall, the pace was good, there were a few times when I wanted it to speed up - especially when it came to trying to figure out what Luke Devlin's end-game was; and other times when I want it to slow down - I would have liked to get more insight, through Luke's POV, into his conflicting feelings for Felicity "Fizz" Beaumont and why he was doing what he was doing. I also felt that even though the sexual attraction and tension between Luke and Fizz was very well done, I would have wanted more from Luke's POV on what was happening between them as opposed to him declaring his love for her to her almost out of the blue.But even with these few points, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found myself wanting more when I reached the end - and lucky for me there is more! I will definitely be checking out the sequel, of which an excerpt was included and although I don't usually read excerpts, I read this one and was instantly hooked!!

  • Rachel Thompson
    2019-06-26 02:29

    I downloaded this for free from somewhere. Overall it was a good book, and kept me reading.Fizz Beaumont is a failed actress. After getting her heart broken, she's taken refuge in Broomhill Bay in order to run a radio station, but her current way of life is threatened when incredibly rich Luke Devlin buys the station as part of his plot for revenge.The romance portions of this book were good. Luke is your typical alpha-male personality, at times rude and unforgiving, but able to turn up the heat at a moment's notice. Fizz comes from a family of actors, so other than the fact that the author felt she had to tell us how incredibly beautiful she is (gag!), I enjoyed the way Fizz 'played her part' in trying to convince Luke to keep sponsoring the station.Some misunderstandings ensue, including a huge one where Fizz jumps to the conclusion that young actress Melanie is Luke's lover. Luke is far too protective of Melanie and it's just amazing that Fizz didn't come to the conclusion that Melanie and Luke are family by herself, especially since she had someone do some digging into Luke's past. How would that not come up? In fact, he's a very wealthy man, but supposedly a bit on the secretive side. Info about him is hard to come by. This just seems like a necessary plot device and not all that likely. Both he and Fizz say some pretty hurtful things to one another which almost crippled the latter part of the book. It was difficult to see them moving past that point, but I still enjoyed the story. The author told it really well, even when here characters were doing/saying stupid things.

  • Silke Juppenlatz
    2019-06-17 04:42

    Okay, let me start out by saying I liked the story.There was intrigue and the characters were quite well written and believable.I kind of guessed where it was all leading about half way through, but it didn't detract from the story.I really liked Melanie, too. And Claudia grew on me.I liked Fizz, but sometimes she was terribly clueless. I liked Luke too, he was a strong, if flawed, hero, but I thought the progression from being an ass to falling in love with Fizz was a little sudden.However...What let the book down for me was the editing (or lack thereof).Missing words -- tons of them. Words left in during a rewrite of a sentence were frequent too. Wrong words jerked me out of things. One in particular was "make me right out five hundred times, I must not be a cat" (Right instead of Write. Come on now. No one noticed?)"Perm any three from four" I had to look that up. It bugged me. I'd never heard that term before and it threw me every time it showed up. It's Math stuff, and to be honest, I don't quite understand why Fizz uses it. (I did not grow up going to English schools, so this may be familiar to others.)Overall, a good read, if you can ignore the freaky word missing/addition. :)

  • Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!}
    2019-06-08 04:27

    The hero is a cad but entertaining, until he started acting like a crybaby when his plan for revenge backfires.I liked Fizz, but if I was her, I would have kicked him in the crotch. Why three stars? I enjoyed the main characters.

  • Nell
    2019-06-04 23:51

    Lovely enjoyable longer length read - I read the new kindle version, looking forward to the next two books in the series.

  • Lyndi
    2019-06-20 23:50

    What? I don't even... I dunno what I just tried to read, but it was so... I DON'T HAVE THE WORDS.First of all, there was no mention of time or location. I didn't even realize this was supposed to be 1965 until I tried reading spoiler reviews in an attempt to figure out why this shit was making zero sense to me. And apparently they're somewhere in the UK, which I couldn't even locate on a map because I'm American. Finding out they were in the UK made a couple of awkward sounding sentences make sense. That's about it.But what really pushed me to DNF this was the hero, Luke Devlin. He was the rudest, most condescending prick I've read in a long time. "I've now shared more than enough of my air with you - be gone, peasant!" (He didn't actually say that, but it wouldn't have sounded out of character.)Seriously, he was an epic dick. I don't understand how Luke's behavior and attitude didn't squash every tiny bit of Fizz's attraction to him. Somehow, he just got her even hornier with that superiority complex of his. Which makes me think less of them both.I barely made it to chapter three. And that was when I finally got to the end of Luke's first scene, which is a showcase of his douchiness. Douchiocity. Doucheishness. I wanted to stop reading damn near every time he spoke, but I was just hoping and praying that the next page would be where Fizz grows a fucking backbone and puts Luke in his place. And he would suddenly realize how much of a douche he's being and stop, maybe show a solitary redeeming quality aside from the fact that he doesn't quite look 40 years old? That was mentioned twice, so I figured it was important.Honestly, I doubt I could have continued for much longer because instead of using quotation marks (these thingies: " "), Liz Fielding went with the brilliant plan of using apostrophes (these thingies: ' ').There is no god. We are... completely alone...It was so difficult to differentiate the dialogue from everything else. I don't know why they decided to do this, but I do know that it was EXTREMELY FUCKING ANNOYING AND I WANTED TO SMASH MY KINDLE AGAINST THE FACE OF WHOEVER EDITED THIS GOD DAMN EBOOK!Too much? Nah, nobody ever takes things the wrong way on the internet. Anyway, the first couple of pages into chapter three, things didn't sound like the blurb to me and seemed to be headed somewhere I had no interest in going. But things were pretty bad before that. So... good luck to those of you attempting to read this. MENSA invitations are in the mail to those who don't bother.

  • Jessica Smith
    2019-06-20 00:24

    I'm 50/50 on this book. I was a pretty good romance with very interesting twists, BUT one reason I am 50/50 is that many of the "twist" you could see coming which takes away from the story since they are also typical twist you see in many soap opera drama/romances.**** SPOILER ALERT *****To go more into detail of why I feel or what I see as being typical read further.#1 - the ending where she get knocked up, like really, come on lets get more unique, and also with the pregnancy it automatically fixes all?!?! I am sorry if a man did the things Luke did to Fizz and her family, as well as called her basically a whore to her face it would take A LOT for me to get over it WAY more than getting knocked up. Plus after he called her all those names she still slept with him? I mean yes it can happen, but most women would not they would still be hurting from someone they fell in love with calling them the most horrible things. #2 - the predictablity like this girl who strangely looks just like FiZZ's sister just happens to OMG be there half sister, Shocking.... NOT. especially since the author through Fizz mentions on a few occassions how Edward, Fizz's father, had his escapades. And I am sorry Luke/Melanie thing I knew light years before it was revealed that they were not lovers but family. Now for more positive things!I like the begining soooooo much! I love that the author waited to tell us exactly how Fizz had her heart broken, you knew it was bad (really it wasn't that bad I would have made it more juicy - it was basic cheating issue but i did forgive it since the author does address it in the end of why she did that way) since Fizz shyed away from all men not letting anyone in again. I also loved the discriptions of the electricity sparking between them when they touched.i also like that Luke's millions were not used a ploy, meaning like in many books about millionaire/billionaires the man throws his money at the woman, spoiling her which sorry with 50 shades and all its spawns has gotten quite old. This time he is throwing money at her but she throws it back! it was nice!*** one thing that really doesn't give or take from the book that I personally would have like is more chapters from Luke's point of view to see actually how much he was sufferring after Fizz, told him she would not be with him or would ever forgive him, he really just ran away (which in the end I did agree with the sister when she said if he really did care/want her he would have stayed and not went away) and a chapter from his point of view as to why would have made it easier to digest the whole she gets knocked up so that equates instant forgiveness for all his actions and words.

  • LadyCalico
    2019-05-28 00:37

    Once upon a time I read a Liz Fielding book that was so thoroughly awful that I put her name in my mental files as an author I would never bother reading again. However, I am glad I forgot and downloaded this book, because I actually enjoyed this one very much. It did share one of my complaints with the previous book--the hero was so obnoxious that it was unbelievable that the heroine fell in lust with him, no matter how pretty the putrid package looked on the outside. Granted the author humanized him after the first meeting in his office when he was so inexcusably, and nonsensically, rude to her, but any sane woman's antenna would have flashed all kinds of "mean, arrogant, selfish" signals that would have been a complete turn off. What is less sexy than a rude, self-aggrandizing boor? Lately I've found myself deducting a star from romance novels because the heroine was so obnoxious that she damaged an otherwise good story. This time I've downgraded the book because the hero was too obnoxious. On the positive side, I did like having a heroine named Fizz, although later all the hokey associations with temper tantrums and orgasms kind of ruined the coolness of her nickname. I primarily liked the metaphor of revenge as a wild beast that often turns around and bites the backside of the master who released it. Now that is a very realistic theme.

  • Eloise
    2019-06-06 05:22

    This book started out with a great storyline although I had the twist worked out way before halfway through. It was fast paced and kept me interested. Having said all of that by towards the end of the book I began to hate the main characters. I wanted to fall in love with Luke's character but he turned into a real pig by calling Fizz a whore. I am sorry, but any man who does that deserves more than directions to catch a cab home. Then he dares her to prostitute herself for radio sponsorship? I'll give you money for that taxi honey, provided you never come back! Sorry, that just didnt work for me. As for Fizz, no wall-flower just strips off at a party for wild sex. It just seemed to out of character and that annoyed me. She was so erratic in her emotions - a bit too much "I'll forgive everything if you will love me forever. I hate you, I love you, never leave, never come back" You could be mistaken for thinking that I didn't like the book. I did actually like it (mostly).

  • Kay Bolton
    2019-06-23 02:43

    As hero's go I really disliked Luke for about 2 thirds of the book. He came across as a psychopathic jerk, whilst poor Fiz as very much the victim.His aim revenge served very cold, deadly almost and her aim to remain invisible and just get on with the everyday business of running her radio station and protecting her battered heart.Very well written, especially as the hero did a complete 180 turn and became the love of her life at the end.If it had not been for the fact that I've been challenging myself to read as many Kindle freebies as possible this year .... thus extending my reading range .... I would probably never have chosen this one. Liz Fielding is definitely one to read again, and I will probably get the remainder of the Beaumont Brides series.

  • Janeiowa
    2019-06-24 01:30

    British setting, but no British spellings made this novel different. It was, quite honestly, boring with way too many drama queens/kings. The Beaumont family of actors seemed to be stuck on "playing a part" and that came across to me as silly and shallow. The author's use of single quotes for dialogue was very strange, and no, she wasn't quoting a quote, which is how Americans use single quotes. If this is a British thing, why didn't the author also use British spellings? I'm glad it was free as it was a waste of my time. It'll be removed from my IPAD since there's no chance I'll ever look at it again.

  • Elizabeth Ashworth
    2019-06-25 03:22

    I struggled to enjoy this book because I really did not like the 'hero', Luke Devlin. The story was readable and there were parts that I enjoyed, although the ending was long drawn out and held no surprises. But it was the portrayal of a man who would try to destroy the happiness and livelihoods of innocent people to be revenged on what he thought was a betrayal that I didn't like. The man was wrong, wrong, wrong all the way through the book and I wouldn't have trusted him to post a letter never mind married him. Or maybe I'm just too picky when it comes to men and their moral values?

  • Wendy
    2019-06-22 06:40

    I have to say I enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, even Claudia towards the end. It was fast paced with a good plot. I had figured out what had happened before I got to it, but that was okay? The bad thing about it was a huge amount of misspelled words. Hmmmmmm did I spell misspelled right? Also words that should have been edited out were not. There were many words that came from England. Since I was raised in the states I had to look up words or try to figure them out if I couldn't find it.All in all it was a good story, plus it was free. How can you complain when it was free.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-06-24 03:30

    An enjoyable story-well plotted, engaging characters, and a nice romance to boot but I have to say that the hero, Luke Devlin, was such an arse the majority of the story. So many times I wanted to reach through the book and pop him a good one. He makes up for it in the end but not enough groveling for me.

  • Sasha
    2019-06-23 04:43

    Good story strong characters Has a good story strong characters even though predictable. Good to see more content than just a regular mills and boons type

  • Michelle
    2019-06-27 03:25

    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

  • Teresa
    2019-05-30 05:38

    I have mixed feelings about this book. I am likely to write spoilers and so for the sake of my blog (when I paste this over) read no further if you don't want them. *** spoilers below *** Firstly, it's by one of my favourite Mills and Boon authors, Liz Fielding, and it has sex on the page! And very good that was too... uh, hum. It was written very much in Liz's style. I wasn't disappointed in that. Generally, I really enjoyed this story. There is a real spark of conflicts between Fizz and Luke - these two know how to love and hate one another. I would have probably given it four stars, but it has a couple of things that niggled and frustrated me as I read. Firstly Fizz doesn't find out (or realise) that Melanie is related to Luke, to the point it felt contrived. Fizz is an intelligent woman. She would have worked it out sooner - or someone really would have said something quicker - that Melanie was Luke's niece. Fizz believes Melanie is Luke's much younger girlfriend. It was a nice conflict, to stop Fizz's feelings for Luke, but for me it went on a little too long. There was so much else going on to get these two at each other's throats, this didn't need to be so overdone.Another niggle for me was Fizz's quick forgiveness of Luke. Luke has stood there, hell bent on revenge, and demoralised her, implying terrible things to her character he's misinterpreted. A week later, he turns up, as if to carry out his threat. They start fighting, then the next thing, they are (at last) making love. I liked the love-hate relationship, but felt Fizz let Luke in too quickly after some very cruel words. For me, he didn't work very hard to earn his forgiveness. Seriously, what he implied about Fizz, she should never have let him near her again!I'm not sure if I believed this quick turn around in trust. I wasn't sure if as the reader I was deliberately being confused that Luke was still up to tricks in seeking his revenge, or he was truly trying to win back Fizz's love. Otherwise, I enjoyed these two squaring up to one another - they had some wonderful battles. This book contained a lot of passion and emotion, plenty of conflict - which I love. I will be looking out for the other two books to this Beaumont Brides Trilogy.

  • Estara
    2019-06-03 01:47

    For a free read with a copyright date of 1965 in my ebook this worked quite well. The Beaumont women and Melanie Brett were all their individual selves (although I imagined Mel a lot like Kylie Minogue ^^ - as I came across her first when she was part of Neighbours) - the secondary characters were prompt-givers and fairly flat. The Pier as a setting was cool, too, and the house that Luke Devlin rents lovingly described - which doesn't go for Fizz's flat by the way. Or any other locale.This was about 240 pages - the last 25 pages are a peek at the first chapter of Claudia's story. For a 1965 girl Fizz was remarkably strong and managed to mislead Luke more than once, and when he attacked her on all fronts she socked him one, so yay! But I had a real problem with her total melting from day one - although every bit of information she had, and continued to collect, was that he was an ass.He also reformed much too soon after really having treated her like dirt, even before the big angsty drama at the hospital happened, which didn't read true to his character.It was nice that Fizz didn't fall over, but I would have liked the end much more if she hadn't decided that Luke needed to be forgive because of the baby and also because he was the one man who made her hot. Ah well ^^ - I have never been bowled over physically like that buy I guy I totally hated otherwise, so what do I know.The text hasn't been updated except for one reference to a mobile phone, as far as I can tell, but the character interactions work anyway. There were no real spelling mistakes but quite a few missing link words or pronouns and occasionally some double ones.This is set in the UK at a time when private radio stations were something new, cool and desirable. If you can get it as part of a free promotion, it's worth the read.

  • Dee
    2019-06-07 23:49

    I give this a 2.5 rating, and bump it up to 3.0 because i think all writers should get extra for completing a book. With that said here are my points, pros and cons. felicity and luke meet when her major sponsor gets bought out and she has to negotiate renewal with new owner, luke. the name 'fizz' drove me crazy. thats just a personal quirk. i read this on ibooks and the number of grammatical errors drove me nuts. its hard for me to follow a story when i'm frequently re-reading or trying to figure out what a sentence is supposed to say due to bad grammar or lack of content editing. With all of that said, i actually did like the storyline and the chsracters. i would take a chance on this author again, but i would be hesitant to actually purchase anything of hers on itunes.i also found the story somewhat hard to follow. the chapter where luke gives a party at his house blew me away. they were fighting, she shows up at the party thru coercion, then she sheds her dress? unbelievable! he goes to her house, she has thrown his note and flowers away, she hates him, then invites him to stay for tea? again, imo, unbelievable.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-22 06:47

    I have mixed feelings about this book. In one sense, it was incredible. I was rooting for Fizz (love that name) all the way. I really, really wanted to find out if she would find the love that she deserved. The sexual tension was thick. The writer knows how to create this tension with masterly skill. There were two things that drew me back a bit with this book. At times, the hero was just too mean. Yes, that did help create the conflict and the sexual tension and it made the novel more interesting, and yes, he did change, but the revenge burning inside of him made him do things to the woman he supposedly loved which were too much for me. But that's me. I like kind, good heroes.I loved the interesting parts about the business and radio station world. I love books about serious career women and Liz Fielding took us into her world with great skill.The other concern I had was this book needs a serious line edit. There were grammatical and typo errors. It does not do justice to a top writer's work. Maybe because it was a freebie, the editing stage was skipped.But I had to give this book four stars because the story and romance was just too good. Nail-bitingly good.

  • The Last
    2019-06-22 23:43

    After reading 1984 and finding it quite taxing on my baby brain fogged mind, I decided to try a lighter/easier read and picked this one because a) it was free and b) I was hopeful - based on the title - it would include cowboys.Firstly, it was a quick and easy read. It moved along at a fast enough rate to keep me going but the plot was far too obvious from the word go and I didn't think the language used by the characters was always realistic based on their ages etc (sometimes they sounded old-fashioned and used endearments that just wouldn't be used nowadays).What I didn't like about the book was 1) the reveal about why Fizz stopped acting and what had happened with Patrick March was just ridiculous. It was such a non-event and certainly not something that would cause someone to quit their career and hide away as a radio station manager for 5 years and 2) Luke and Fizz said some really vile things to each other - especially him to her - and I just felt they bounced back from them, and into each other's arms, too easily. If Luke had said those things to me, there's no way I would have had ANYTHING to do with him after that.By the way, there are NO cowboys :-(

  • McKayla
    2019-06-27 01:38

    First let me just say that I enjoyed the setting for this novel. A pier with a radio station that still produces and radio soap (you just don't see that anymore). Other than that there wasn't anything that made this story stand out from any other one I've read. It was an easy read but I just wasn't able to feel a connection to the two leads & I wanted to root for them but there was just something lacking. This novel is told from the perspective of both parties and I really enjoy knowing what is going on on both sides of the fence, however the only problem was that it would switch sometimes in the middle of a chapter without any break to indicate the change. I sometimes had to go back for a second just to make sure I was reading correctly. Also the time wasn't split evenly. Fizz was featured more than Luke was and when they were featured the big emotional parts where just touched. I felt nothing went deeper. The resolution was fast with no depth to how they came to their decisions. I really wanted to like this story to continue the series but I just can't.

  • Holly
    2019-06-05 05:51

    It was a predictable romance but I liked it, a guilty pleasure I guess.Fizz is a 20 something woman who is head of a radio station and is opening a restaurant as well. But she lets her father be known as the top guy to avoid sexism and because he is popular and well known and will probably bring in more money then she could. When one of his money sources falls apart due to a corporate takeover, Fizz is scrambling to make sure she gets her sponsorship. So she meets the dreaded Luke Devlin who took over the company and has the whole town worried about their jobs. Luke is everything and nothing like she is expected. Of course there is a spark but also the hatred and him with his own agenda, which we found out is revenge. I dont normally like the whole stupid misunderstandings but actually thought that her thinking the girl was his girlfriend was kind of funny. Obviously had a pretty good HEA but thats what you look for in these books.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-05 06:30

    This is a free read that I kept coming across and passing it by. Finally I downloaded it and then finally read it. I liked it. Their were parts where the way it was wording threw me a bit. But then being that this book takes place it England and their is some Aussie in it I over looked it.All in all it was a good book and I liked it. The story flowed well and kept me interested. The character were likable. Fizz is a strong woman hiding for her own reason which you get lil snipets about her and their. Luke was hell bent on his revenge and what he plans for Fizz and her family ultimately happened to him. Towards the end you can understand why he felt the way that he did. It wasn't an all out seat of your pant can't wait to see what happens next. But just the right amount of stuff going on to keep you reading. This one I will keep in my e-reader to read at another time if I ever get threw my TBR list.

  • Lin
    2019-06-16 03:30

    I have a habit of finding books on my kindle and not remembering why, when or how I obtained them. That was the case with this book - did I come across the author's blog? Was it a recommendation? It was a freebie, I think.Either way, I came across it when looking for something to read the other night, and found it strangely enjoyable. I identified with Fizz as the independent business woman running a radio station, loved the idea of it being based on a pier, and was intrigued by the character of Luke.Yes, it was fairly predictable, but it was also enjoyable, and I found it easy to read and hard to put down.I have now paid for the second in the series, so I guess the first book free worked ;)

  • Jen
    2019-06-26 23:38

    this story was okay. a little bleh at times. it had potential. might have been the telling of it.....okay this is an edit to my above review. after I read the second book wild lady I realized why I didn't like this book. I thought that it might have been the writing style but I enjoyed wild lady so much I knew it wasnt that. I really liked both fizz and luke so it wasn't the was the story line. it was just boring. the whole radio station plot was a bomb. okay I feel better that I figured it out! if you had the same problem I did don't stop reading the series. wild lady is worth the read.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-06-25 06:33

    This book is an enjoyable read with just enough twists and turns to make it interesting. The chemistry between the characters was sizzling without being over the top. Fizz made for an fascinating heroine with her tendency to explode out of her carefully restrained persona. Luke as an aggressive alpha male out for revenge is pretty nasty at times but luckily we get to see inside his head early enough in the piece to realise his ambivalence. The story is light weight in the nicest way. Good holiday reading and a feel good ending. Lucky we know Fizz has another sister about to embark on her own romantic journey so there is more of the same to look forward too.

  • Cathy Geha
    2019-06-10 04:52

    The love story of Felicity “Fizz” Beaumont and Luke Devlin is an old fashioned romance with a bit of glitz, glamour and gaiety that tells not only of meeting, greeting and loving but also has an undercurrent of revenge gone awry. This is the first book in a series of three that will tell the love stories of sisters with Fizz being the first in line. This story includes a business takeover in a small working town on the coast of England, a private radio station that is entangled in the takeover, actors and actresses, love betrayed, love lost and love found. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to read a contemporary romance with a happy ending.

  • Donna
    2019-06-06 04:51

    Felicity was desperate to find a way to save her radio station. She didn't trust Luke and was positive he had ulterior motives for helping her. Her sister and her father were both experiencing similar problems. Could they be related?Although I did enjoy the story, I did have some issues with the plot. Melanie's story was just a bit predictable. I guessed it about half way thru. Also, Luke's change was too abrupt. He just randomly overnight changed his mind with no real reason. Despite these glaringly obvious flaws, I still liked the story. I would have given it 3.5 stars if I could.