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Sculpt is an illegal fighter.He’s also the lead singer of a local rock band.No one knows his real name.And from the moment I met him, he made me forget mine.In order to convince Sculpt to give me self-defense lessons, I had to follow his one rule—no complaining or he’d walk. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I could handle a few bruises. What I hadn’t anticipated was lSculpt is an illegal fighter.He’s also the lead singer of a local rock band.No one knows his real name.And from the moment I met him, he made me forget mine.In order to convince Sculpt to give me self-defense lessons, I had to follow his one rule—no complaining or he’d walk. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I could handle a few bruises. What I hadn’t anticipated was landing on my back with Sculpt on top of me and my entire body burning up for him.I tried to ignore it.I failed of course. And having a hot, tattooed badass on top of me week after week, acting completely immune to what he was doing to my body—it was frustrating as hell, so I broke his rule—I complained.Then he kissed me.Author’s Note: This novella is Sculpt and Emily’s beginning and how they met. It is an extra and not required to be read before “Torn from You”. Their story and what happens to them is the novel “Torn from You”.*Warning* Huge cliff-hanger. Like huge! But “With You” and “Torn from You” are released on the same day.*...

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With You Reviews

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-06-12 19:58

    Prequel novella FREE for a limited time! [AMAZON LINK]★★★★ ½! With you (prequel to stand-alone book 1). Musician & underground fighter’s relentless pursuit of innocent & plain girl in need of self-defense lessons!“I’m a fighter, Mouse. And I know what I want in life, and I’m not scared to take it. I want you. I’m not walking away from you.”Books in Tear Asunder series should be read in order:Part 0.5: With You - Sculpt & EmilyBook 1: Torn from You - Sculpt & EmilyBook 2: Overwhelmed by You - Ream & KatBook 3: Shattered by You - Crisis & HavenBook 4: Kept from You - KillianTear Asunder (prequel) opens up to University student Emily McAughtrie, Em aka Mouse and her best friend watching an underground fight for fighter and musician Sculpt aka Logan. After having been attacked on campus she is set on hiring him to teach her self-defense. After the fight she has to use her smarts to get close to him as fans and groupies swarm the elusive and too handsome for his own good Sculpt.The story goes on to follow them and the romance that blossoms with them spending time together on Em’s self-defense lessons and more. It’s a struggle for her to come into her own and not feel insecure next to Sculpt’s larger-than life fighter and musician persona. What works in their favor is the bond and friendship they formed and Sculpt being set on claiming her. What works against them is Sculpt’s murky past that he remains mum about plus shady people in the sidelines….“I don’t screw around. No games. You’re into me, so now I’m taking you.”Seven words to describe Sculpt aka Logan: Secretive, closed off, elusive, persistent, noble, relentless and sincere. Six words to describeEmily McAughtrie, Em aka Mouse: Insecure, determined, immature, naïve, meek and innocent.With you, told from Em’s POV, is theprequel and opening to their story introducing us to first love only to sweep us up in a whirlwind of secrets and dark pasts. Story ends with a huge cliffy as you are meant to continue on with book 1,Torn from You for the conclusion of their storyExcellent story-telling! Engaging plot! Mysterious and to-die-for hero! Sweet romance meets the dark side. “When I scream Eme, you’ll love it. And I won’t be giving you a headache, I’ll be taking it away.”***Hero rating: 4.5 stars Heroine rating: 4 starsSexual tension rating: 4 starsSex scenes rating: 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency: 4 starsPlot rating: 4.5 starsDialogue rating: 5 starsStorytelling rating: 5 starsStory ending rating: N/ABook editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 4.5 stars************************************************Overall rating: 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series: Yes.Would I re-read this series: Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author: Yes.Prequel novella FREE for a limited time! [AMAZON LINK]

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-05-28 21:48

    Reviewed on 9th January 4.5, 'What just happened at the end?' Stars♥ 'With You,' is the novella story of how Sculpt and Emily met.....Sculpt, "Seriously the guy was too attractive for his own good," is a tattooed, illegal, fighter and the lead singer of rock band, Torn. A heady combination with lots of possibilities for a fabulous story.Emily is a girl who wants to learn how to fight. She NEEDS to learn in order to move forward from the demons of her past; demons which have affected her confidence and the way she feels about herself. She believes Sculpt is the man for the job. Will Sculpt want the job???The feelingI loved the feel of this story straight away, it contains lots of elements that, with engaging writing, really draw me in. There's an intimate feel about their relationship, even when it's platonic between them. The way they speak to each other... The way they react to each other and the way he calls her Eme. Plenty of heart fluttering moments in this one. ♥ And they're the moments I crave and swoon over. The IntrigueWhy is he so secretive about his name, his past... What's he hiding? "Emily. You erase the bad in my life." Swooning, but what bad???OverallI was reading along and in my head I was happily thinking, what a nice little love story, heart flutters a plenty and then it ended and gave me a snippet of the next book!!!! OH. MY. DAYS!!!! What. Just, Happened???"Then (view spoiler)[it all shattered..... I was alone and fighting to survive." (hide spoiler)]***♥ Purchasing Info... The new Bonus issue is LIVE on Amazon.This book has both With You and Torn from You as well as the extra Logan bonus scene. It is cheaper than buying both separately ...YAY!***This was me at the end of reading, 'With You.' Shocked!!!♥ Arc generously provided by the Nashoda Rose for an honest review["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • sana°¤°
    2019-06-17 22:41

    I haven't read the books yet, but I'm going to start them, especially after reading this damn good prequel. It is highly recommended, that you read this prequel before you even read the blurb for the first book!This review contains spoiler.So this prequel is left off at a major cliffhanger and now that I've read the blurb for book 1 everything makes sense. We meet Emily aka Mouse who wants to get self defense lessons from Sculpt. He's tattooed, dangerous, does illegal fighting, and has a sexy raspy voice which is why he's in a band, like duh. Emily feels an attraction and then they kiss and we all know where that leads. That leads to a possessive and horny Sculpt and a horny Emily 24/7 throughout their lessons. **major spoiler part**okay so, she gets kidnapped during the concert???????????????? and since i've read like the 10 pages for book 1, apparently it's Sculpt that had her kidnapped??????????????boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwhat the fuckkkkkkkkk????????????????

  • Christy
    2019-06-03 17:51

    4 Sculpt stars!This novella is a prequel to Torn from You. It’s a 0.5, so I would recommend reading it before the first book. It shows you how Emily and Sculpt met, and what happened before the crazy happend.As I was reading this novella, all that kept running through my head was ‘I know I heard this was supposed to be a dark read. Right?’ Sculpt was an alpha male, but he actually seemed sort of sweet. Then I got to the end. It left me in a state of 'WTF is going on'. So I had to jump directly into Torn from You. I really enjoyed getting the back story between the two. Emily seeks out Sculpt at one of his underground fights. He’s a well known fighter, as well as the singer of a local band. No one knows much about him, his past, or even his real name, but Emily needs his help. She wants to learn how to fight. She has her reasons. She wants to be able to defend herself. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for this tattooed bad boy. But she does. It starts with a kiss... “I kiss you Emily... there’s no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste whats mine. I don’t share.”
From there, she falls hard. Then... it happens... you MUST have book one, Torn from You ready to go after reading this. That’s all I’ll say about the ending!

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-06-27 16:42

    5--Oh sweet baby Jesus I need my own Sculpt--Stars!!! Sculpt:Underground fighter. "I'm a fighter, Mouse. And I know what I want in life, and I'm not scared to take it. I want you. I'm not walking away from you."Lead singer of a band. "The new song tonight, it's for you, Eme."Dominant and controlling. "I kiss you Emily...there's no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what's mine. I don't share.""Emily. You're a fuckn' trophy. My trophy."Mysterious. "My past isn't important. There's nothing to talk about. I want you. That's it, Eme. That's what's important."Emily needs to learn how to fight. Sculpt is going to be the one to teach her. Emily:Insecure."You're scared as shit of me. Shoulders slumped, confidence of a mouse....You're not going to make a fighter of any kind.Sculpt and Emily:A connection that can't be denied. Sculpt fights to make money. Money he needs to go on tour with his band. Sculpt wants Emily to go on tour with him. Emily wants to make it on her own. One night. It happened within seconds.She had her hand on the bathroom door. An arm hooked around her waist.Then Darkness.Holy shit balls....PS--With You introduces us to Sculpt and Emily. We learn how they meet, how they fall in love. And then everything changes. And yes, this has a cliffhanger ending. But fear not....Sculpt and Emily's story continues in Torn From You Tear Asunder 1 which releases the same day as With You! ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-31 16:55

    “I kiss you Emily . . . there’s no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what’s mine. I don’t share.”-LoganI simply cannot say enough about my adoration for everything written by Nashoda Rose. Somehow I missed this novella and I simply had to go back and read it. To be completely honest, I think I enjoyed it even more knowing how their story was going to unfold. Emily aka "Mouse" wants to learn how to fight. She recently survived a vicious attack. She approaches Logan aka "Sculpt" because of his expertise in the ring. At first, he seems completely uninterested in helping her. However, as soon as she explains why she needs his help everything changes. Logan decides that he is exactly what Emily needs. Logan and Emily begin training together. After training he takes her out for ice cream, dinners, and he plays his guitar for her while they watch the horses roam. Emily and Logan fall hard for each other. The connection between the two is electric!"By the time we walked outside, my chest was heaving and my blood was racing through my veins like heated honey. We made it two strides toward his bike before he snagged my hand, shoved me hard against the brick wall and devoured me."-EmilyThe primal ownership that Logan feels for Emily is consuming. Emily is cherished, loved, and desired. Of course, Logan wants to take Emily on tour with him and his band. Will she go on tour with Torn? This novella ends on a cliffy so make sure you have Torn from You ready to go! I simply cannot say enough about my love for this author and this series. If you haven't met these amazing characters don't waste another minute! “I want you with me. I’ll look after you.” His voice lowered. “I’m not happy leaving you here, baby.”-Logan“I’m not letting you go.” I cupped his cheek with my shaking hand, my thumb stroking across his stubble. “Don’t ever hurt me.” “Never.”

  • Glass
    2019-06-23 19:51

    What the... With You by Nashoda Rose is a short introduction to her Tear Asunder series that will be published on the same day as a first novel, Torn from You. I am not usually happy with this kind of reads, but With You was perfect. It gives you a small perspective of characters and their lives "before".The ultimate alpha male of the bookish world. You read book description? I'm guessing that one of the things you're thinking is what BS is this - fighter, bloody illegal fighter, singer in a rock band and that name Sculpt! What the hell? Trashy... Ummm...No! Do not mind the blurb, because this novella is so much more than a chliche. Okay, it is based on typical premise - bad boy, tattoos, shady past, man-slut vs. good girl, virgin, almost zero confidence and messed up family. But don't we love this kind of stories when they are well written??? And this one is so good.Imagine what would you get if you could put Remington Tate, Travis Maddox, all the boys from Sinners and a dash of Caleb in one person? Can you imagine him? Even thinking about that guy makes my ovaries melt into the puddle of estrogen. Nashoda Rose wrote that man for us. I am not known because of my love for virgin characters - they are the most annoying kind, but Emily wasn't a girl that made me hate her. There is a reason for her behavior, she doesn't fake her modesty. I loved interaction she had with Sculpt - he didn't change suddenly because of the girl, but there are a lot of things from his past that come out because of her. What was not so good - they keep saying each other names too much. Way too much... It was driving me crazy.Who should read this book? Every girl with a functioning ovaries. Your inner cavewoman will have a blast. If you love characters with a darker urges and have mental orgasm every time you think about Travis Maddox, Remy Tate, Kellan Kyle, Sinners, Soren, Caleb - at the same time. ***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.***Review form Way Too Hot Books

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-06-23 01:01

    ***2 Stars***Well that was...I went into this prequel not knowing much and I feel like I have no added knowledge after reading it. Nothing made much sense. The whole novella felt flat, forced and rushed. Emily and Sculpt meet during one of his fights where she asks for his help in teaching her how to defend herself, and then we have a five week time jump. And during those five weeks they "got to know each other." And I mean that in the loosest way possible. Throughout most of this book, they never had any "real" conversations. Yet somehow they've both fallen hard."I don't play games, Eme. If you feel what I do then your time is up.""Um, what does that mean?""It means I don't screw around. No games. Your'e into me, so now I'm taking you.""Okay.""I wasn't giving you a choice. Too late for that."Emily comes off as very naive and has mommy and daddy issues...which naturally leads to some serious self esteem issues. Sculpt spends a lot of time complimenting her and constantly reassuring her while she doubts everything....her looks, her overall appeal, their budding romance, his feelings, etc...Sculpt's reassurances were intended to be swoony, but they came across cheesy and sounding like some bad pickup line...and frankly, downright creepy with how little they knew about each other. "You need to get it in your head that you're something special. I don't know how you got this bullshit about being a nobody in your head in the first place, but I'm tempted to hire a plane with a banner saying how special you are."And lets turn our attention to our leading man, Sculpt...he's alpha, possessive, domineering and generally dark and dangerous...though he shows a softer side with Emily. However, he's a complete mystery. He doesn't talk about his past, no one knows his real name, he's feared due to his fighting and lusted after because of his "bad boy" image. There's nothing provided to connect to. Even Emily's adoration of him is purely surface...Sculpt was six foot three and all muscle. And he had ink running down his left arm to his elbow, which made the hot a scary, badass hot. Then put in the fact that he was in a band and did some illegal underground fighting...The intention of this novella is to show you Emily and Sculpt's they met and how their connection was formed. All I got here was a naive and virginal heroine lusting after a dark and mysterious bad boy, with equal parts of cheesy and creepy attempts at swoon and steam. There wasn't enough depth to fully draw me into the story or to make me feel invested in these characters and curious as to what lies ahead. But of course there's a dramatic cliffhanger...

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-06-12 20:33

    MILD SPOILERS2.5 STARS out of 5Genre: New Adult RomanceSo I guess this is one of those everybody loves it except for me type deals. Twenty year old Emily was recently attacked and has decided that she wants to get some defense lessons. She along with her best friend Kat go to an underground fight to seek out the best. A fighter that goes by the name Sculpt.Things escalate from there pretty quickly.We get some background on Emily but Sculpt..the only thing we learn about him is his first name. Logan. His past is mystery nobody really knows much about him. None of this deters Emily of course, instead she allows the relationship to move forward without asking man questions. In fact I think it was during their first sexual encounter that he actually told her his name.That's just...WRONG. For me personally things just progressed to quickly for me the whole scene near the beginning there is a small time jump. 5weeks have suddenly passed by and Sculpt has been working with Emily on her self defense moves. Next thing I know he is totally in to her after initially saying she basically had no chance with him. This makes ZERO sense to me. I mean I would have at least liked a few fighting lessons of actual bonding time before that happens. The novella was about sixty-seven pages, ten more of bonding or relationship building would of helped me out a bit. I THINK..While the ending leaves you screaming WTF and I originally wanted to read Torn From You, I don't think I will be continuing with the series. It's just not for me. However like I said I am in the minority a lot of my friends have enjoyed this series thus far.My Recommendation: Read at your own risk, to each his/her own.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-29 00:01

    This is good luvd it Keep in this short an sweet cause I need Torn From You rite that endin OMG I actually really happy I read this novella first cause I know what happened with Sculpt an Emily before al hell breaks lose I really like Emily an I dyin to know more about her an Sculpt what is there to say he is a hot fighter an he is in a band ohhhh come on I mite as well read Torn From You in a cold shower cause I luv both thinks in my book boyfriends but back to this I did enjoy seein how these got together an how quick there feels got stronger for each other but I did like how Emily wasn't goin to drop her life for him she as been through enough an is rite to keep that wall built up she doesn't know Jack about Sculpt an I am glad she as Matt I know he is a lil overprotective but she need someone like that but Sculpt never rushed Emily sexual even though she was more than ready for a piece of him I would recommend this I really enjoyed it an its free so it was even better I m dyin to carry on with this series an c what happens between these to after how it ended xxx

  • Mo
    2019-06-25 19:50

    Fairly quick read. Nothing special really I'm afraid to say. Maybe the next one will have the WOW factor.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-01 00:50

    ***UPDATE*** There is now a copy available on Amazon with both With You & Torn From You in one book with a bonus scene from Logan's POV. You can get the new edition on Amazon: For those that already read the books, you can get the POV at Nashoda's website and while you are there - subscribe to her newsletter! This treat was fantastic and added something special to this story and is a must read. ARC provided by the author.With you is the novella that gives you a glimpse into how Emily & Sculpt met. The dream before the nightmare. A time when she was consumed by desire rather than fear.When Emily is attacked she knows that she needs to learn to defend herself. Sculpt is the lead singer in the band that plays at her roommate's bar and is also an underground fighter. He's the man that Emily wants to teach her to defend herself. Sculpt is a mystery. No one knows about his past and he plans on keeping it that way. As he and Emily spend time together their relationship shifts. He sees something in her that he wants and something he is planning on taking. Emily hasn't had the most cheerful of upbringings and this allows doubt to cloud her mind when it comes to believing that Sculpt sees something in her. She knew falling in love with a man like Sculpt could break her heart, she just never imagined that would be the painless part of their journey.Review of Torn From YouAfter reading Torn from You and finding out that there was a novella that gave you the missing pieces of their relationship, I knew I had to read this. Although this starts of their journey, I am not sure if this is something that I would have rather read first. So for those out there that find that they discover this only after reading Torn From You, don't fear. It takes nothing away from the story should you read this one afterwards. This novella does end on a cliffhanger, but TFY is to be released on the same day, so there is no waiting to see how this turns out.Gah! Let's just say that I am completely in love with this series. Sculpt is just down right lickable and the first two books in this series were UNPUTDOWNABLE. The writing is refreshing and draws you in completely. I cannot wait to see what Nashoda Rose has in store for us as this series continues, but I do know that I will be devouring every word of it and probably begging for more."It means I don't screw around. No games. You're into me, so now I'm taking you." ..."Okay"..."I wasn't giving you a choice. Too late for that."

  • Jen
    2019-06-21 16:37

    This was a quick read, and an introduction to how Sculpt and Emily meet. Sculpt is an illegal fighter, as well as a lead singer in a band called Torn. The thing is, he is extremely mysterious. Nobody really knows much about him. Regardless, Emily falls hard and fast for him when he gives her fighting lessons. She had asked for them after she had been attacked a little while back. He definitely sweeps her off her feet!This is my first read of Nashoda Rose, and so far I'm hooked! I'm loving her writing, and I am now invested in this series even after just this short novella. There is a huge cliffhanger at the ending; but never fear as the next book is already written. In fact, I bought the series in a bundle for an awesome price; so I am raring to get started and see what direction this all is going to take. I am not going to lie...I am a bit frightened after hearing some of my friends talk about this one...Will it stop me?? Not a chance!!! Heh heh!

  • Cristina
    2019-05-30 22:59

    This novella is the prequel to the novel Torn from Youand contains the beginning of the story between Logan and Emily. I usually like to read "The Beginning" but in this case the story was pretty frustrating because it was very lacking and with a lot of holes.I get the fact that the author didn't want to give to much away but this novella was pretty useless and if it weren't Free on Amazon I would tell you to not waste your time and money buying it.A bigger prologue for the full novel would have sufficed and saved the readers a lot of time and some space on our Kindles :P

  • Snow
    2019-06-24 01:01

    Holy shit, if this is the opening...then I won't make it to the first part fast enough...those were the words I've said when i first read this little prequel...and now, that I've re-read (October 4th, 2017) it on a spur, disregarding the fact that Nashoda Rose is one of my fave authors and one of my fave people in the whole world, so you might think I'm biased, well I don't give a rat's ass, cause biased or not, this was a fuckin will lure you into a sweet, warm, loving and nurturing cocoon of Sculpt/Logan arms while he falls hard for Emily McAughtrie and he's adamant in control and demand...I'm going to kiss you now, miss McAughtrie.I don't share, and I don't like to lose-ever.Now, if that isn't tantalizing enough for you to anticipate the biggest shit-storm ahead than this little novella will give you a hint in the last words presented...It happened within seconds. I had my hand on the bathroom door, and an arm hooked around my waist. As I sucked in air to tell the guy to screw off, I breathed in a sweet pungent smell as a linen cloth was forced over my nose and mouth.Then darkness.and the actual beginning of an unraveling cluster fuck in the next installment Torn from you (Tear Asunder #1) that is Logan/Sculpt & Emily's story.

  • S.M. West
    2019-05-28 18:58

    4.5 Mouse and Sculpt STARSThis novella, which kicks off the Tear Asunder series, was dynamite! I was sucked in from the first few pages by the irresistible magnet - illegal fighter, up and coming rock star and all around hotness - known as Sculpt!! "...extended from his shoulder down to his elbow. The dark black ink popped the images so they appeared three dimensional and vibrant. It suited him and made him totally...fuckable."He's a work of art and Mr. Mysterious. With the exception of his best friend and drummer of his band, Kite, no one knows his real name. Then there's Emily McAughtrie (Eme), seeking out Sculpt to ask him to teach her to fight. Emily is shy and lacking in self-confidence. While she is stubborn and resilient, she doesn't believe that she stands a chance with Sculpt and even when he admits he wants her, she still wonders why? These two are drawn to each other and find something in the other that they need. As they grow closer, Sculpt finally opens up, which is huge for him, as he tells Emily his name is Logan. These two were sweet, sexy and hot together!"I was lost within his voice, the beautiful way his fingers skimmed over the guitar strings with ease. It was so natural and raw.""We made it two strides toward his bike before he snagged my hand, shoved me hard against the brick wall and devoured me."Of course, I knew there had to be a cliffhanger and thought I had it figured out but hell no, Ms. Rose totally took me by surprise!Thank goodness I don't have to wait for the next book. I am so ready for Torn from You and more of Logan!For more reviews and blog posts.

  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    2019-06-20 16:42

    4.5 Holy Mother of Cliffhangers Stars!Emily sets eyes on Sculpt, an MMA fighter and musician, and she can't look away. She needs him...but not for reasons you'd think. She needs him to teach her to fight. She needs to learn to protect herself and he's the man for the job. He's not all for it at first, being downright condescending but something about her makes him accept...let their training begin.This short novella gives us the background of Sculpt and Emily. He resists her at first, saying he doesn't do brunettes, but with weekly training, he's quick to gain interest in this quiet country girl with very low self esteem. He will build her up if he has to rent an airplane to advertise to the world the trophy she is."Emily, you're a fuckin' trophy. My trophy." I loved loved loved Sculpt (aka Logan). He's uber guarded about his past, not letting Eme into his ugly past but you'd never know it by the way he treats her. He's perfect for her, cherishes her and she gradually starts to believe him. He's uber protective of Eme and makes no bones about her being his.Can I just say this book cover is freaking AWESOME? Holy hotness, batman. Here's an enlarged copy for our viewing pleasure. Love it!But I distress....This novella reads fast and with the event that happens suddenly at the end of this book, I'm diving right into Torn from You.And I thank you,Complimentary copy received by author in exchange of an honest review.

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-06-22 21:01

    This book isn’t required but I strongly recommend reading this short prequel before diving into Torn From You.Sculpt is an underground fighter and also a lead singer of an up and coming hot guy rock band. He is making money from fighting fights for his band to go on tour. Emily seeks Sculpts help in teaching her some self dense moves after an attack that left her wanting to defend herself if ever faced with that type of situation again. Emily’s mother’s influence has left her lacking confidence and has no clue how truly beautiful she really is. Emily and Sculpt get closer and start to develop a wonderful relationship. They are hot and steamy together and pretty swoon worthy. Unfortunately, Emily’s friends point out that she really doesn’t even know Sculpt and should be careful."My past isn't important. There's nothing to talk about. I want you. That's it, Eme. That's what's important." ”I kiss you Emily…there’s no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what’s mine. I don’t share.”This prequel ends with a…Onto the next book to see what the heck is going on.*ARC provided by the author, Nashoda Rose for an honest review*

  • Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•
    2019-06-23 20:02

    3.5 'With You' stars :)“He'd already stolen my heart. It was in his grasp; the question was what would he do with it?”- Emily* * * “Emily. You erase the bad in my life.”- Sculpt

  • Sarah ❤
    2019-06-10 16:40

    ~ARC provided by the author, the wonderful Nashoda Rose!~5 Swoon-worthy StarsLogan / Sculpt <3”Sculpt stroked the side of my face. ‘Emily. You erase the bad in my life.’”This is the story of how Eme and Logan met pre-Torn From YouAfter being assaulted, Emily makes it her mission to learn how to fight, and who better to teacher her than the underground fighter slash rock star Sculpt? They quickly fall for each other and you fall in love with them as well.After reading Torn From You, I was sooo curious about how they met and fell in love and this just made me fall in love with them both even more!Logan <3As always, for Logan, I can't even explain how much I love him. One minute he's stoic, brooding and alpha, the next he's sweet talking and oh so caring and I just loveeee him!Emily / Eme / Mouse <3“’I’m not something to win, Sculpt.’He huffed. ‘Yeah you are, Mouse. You’re a trophy.’”I love Eme. She's beautiful, sweet, funny and totally deserves someone like Logan <3I definetly recommend reading it before Torn From You so you understand Eme and Logan's relationship before Eme is kidnapped, but reading it after was just as good!My review for Torn From You (Tear Asunder #1)

  • Pam
    2019-06-20 20:37

    4 stars I loved how he looked at me and saw everything I am and could be.Sculpt is the man Eme’s been looking for, an underground fighter who is need of some extra cash so that he and his band, Torn, can go on tour. All she's gotta do is put her big girl panties on and convince this tattooed-bad boy to give her a shot and train her… Driven by a night that could have gone all kinds of bad, Eme refuses to be put in that position ever again, but does this lil mouse have what it takes? Training under Sculpt proves to be harder than expected especially since he has a body that could tempt a nun.“I’m all for hot guys, but he looks really scary. A hot scary , but still the hotness doesn’t negate the scary cause he is oozing scariness.Eme spends too much time getting lost in her thoughts and her own insecurities that she doesn’t realize what is sitting right in front of her. Sculpt has been bidding his time for Eme to say what she thinks and feels and now that he has his opening he is determined to make her see herself as he does. “I know she’s something special. Just have to convince her of that.” My personal rabble of butterflies took flight. “Not many women shock me. Eme did. Even better is underneath the mouse, I suspect lives a lion.”As intense as Sculpt is, he is taking things slow with Em, wanting her to enjoy each moment, patiently waiting for the day when she lets go of all her worries and gives herself all too him. Eme can’t help but hold back; still can't believe what Sculpt is doing with a girl like her... thinking deep down that it’s only a matter of time before he wakes up and regrets being with her and breaks her heart. Sculpt doesn’t know what else he’s gotta do to prove to Eme that she is what he wants, he’s tried everything BUT tell her about his past, which is something he's not willing to share. “My past isn’t important. There’s nothing to talk about. I want you. That’s it, Eme. That’s what’s important.”Sculpt and his band Torn are getting ready to leave for their tour, Eme knows she shouldn't go with him, wanting to make it on her own, but wants to make every minute count before he goes. Promises are made, feelings are shared, but what matters is that they’re together… that it until her world that was once filled with brightness has now turned to darkness.WOW! With You just started off with a bang and ended with an even bigger one… It was a great intro to the story of Sculpt and Eme. I wanted to shake Eme every time she let her mother’s words ruin the moment for her, if only she can see what everyone else sees. Sculpt, you sexy mysterious man you, what are you so scared of about your past, why doesn’t anyone know anything about you?!? I read this shortie, enjoying each moment, but couldn't help but brace for something bad to happen, and still I don’t brace hard enough because that ending, WHAT THE FUCK! Like Whoa, where the hell did that come from ?!? For sure I have to move on to the next book, how could I not… I need my HEA, Sculpt you better not let me down!

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-06-04 19:49

    Holy hell The ending !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~
    2019-06-07 22:34

    5 WTF just happened stars???This book is the back-story of Logan aka Sculpt and Emily. It is not required to read this before starting Torn from You but I do think it is beneficial.Sculpt is an underground fighter and also a musician. He is taking fights to get money for his band to go on tour.Emily is an insecure girl who is looking to learn to fight to protect herself after being attacked. She has always been put down by her mother for never being good enough so she's lacking confidence. So she talks Scuplt into helping herSomewhere along the way they fall for each other."I kiss you Emily...there's no going back. No other guy kisses you, touches you, or gets to taste what's mine. I don't share."A few of Emily's friends aren't so sure about her relationship with Sculpt. I mean she doesn't even know his real name. His past seems very shady and mysterious."My past isn't important. There's nothing to talk about. I want you. That's it, Eme. That's what's important."But Emily doesn't care about Sculpt's(Logan's) past, she just wants him.But does his past come back to hurt him? Or hurt Emily?OMG! That Ending!ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-06-23 17:33

    4 Hot, Anticipating, Dying for It Stars* * * * Spoiler FreeThis novella took my by surprise... from beginning to end, I was there... in our girl, Emily's head and loving it. This writer served up a tasty treat and I want more. Emily, our 20 year old girl, has had some crappy breaks. Her father, the one parent who loved her, encouraged and nurtured her died when she was around 10 years old. From that point forward all she ever heard was how she ruined her mothers life and stopped her from following her dreams. Emily figured out a way to survive by running away to her girlfriend, Kat and her brother Matt. They had lost their parents and Matt was holding down the fort raising his little sister alone. They became Emily's family.Emily is at the place in life where new things are around the corner; she will be starting college soon to be an accountant and she is working right now to make a little extra money for college. She is smart but very unsure of herself. Her personal image of herself is skewed; she was large in school... teased and made fun of... but now her body is actually womanly in all the right places. In fact, we hear the reason she is seeking out Sculpt, this underground fighter Matt mentioned, is due to her being attacked after work...she wasn't raped but it did get close to it... and luckily, she was able to get away. She is seeking out Sculpt to teach her defense moves ... she needs this now and doesn't want to wait till school starts for a class.She finds herself able to approach this man... who is beyond hot... he has walnut hair which hangs over his eyes, never smiles and with muscles and tats galore. He is a vision. She catches his attention and somehow gets him to start training her.Sculpt is a mystery... no one knows anything about him. Came to town with his mom when he was 16 and that really is all the information their is about him. He is beautiful... powerful and kind of scary... and his real deal is being in a band... singing. The fighting and training with Emily is only to get the cash to help with the band and set up a tour.His training teaches Emily how to defend her self and from the moment Emily laid eyes on him, she was a goner... he was a drug and she was addicted... yet she never thought in a million years he would ever be interested in her... but as you and I know... he was.I was so into this novella and wanting these two to connect they way they both should... the wait was crazy.... it was like the old Heinz Ketchup commercial where they took Carly Simon's song Anticipation and used it over a close up of slow moving ketchup coming out of the bottle and finally landing on the french fries....Because when these two got together.... OMG... it was good... sweet, caring yet so sweaty and hot, I needed to get a cold drink.We are taken on a path of a young woman discovering love, scared to death of being hurt but so happy in the moment. Sculpt has shown Emily his want of her and life is looking good for the both of them. This is the tasty morsel to tease us; set us up for the real meal coming, Torn From You. Well, I am at the table and ready to dive in.For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Kirsten
    2019-06-14 17:47

    This was highly recommended to me by friends. I heard it was dark, so obviously I was on board. I seriously was contemplating if my friends knew what dark was, because this was almost sickly sweet, insta-everything, and kind of lame (I know, sorry). Then when I got to the last page, I just know that shit will get REAL! I even dived right into the next one because I had to see what was coming, and I am looking forward to finding out what's going to happen! Even though book 1 repeats some of 0.5, I'd recommend this one be read. It's more informative and sets up the scene better. Thanks to my many friends who gave me the push to start these. I know you'll always have my back. :) xo

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-06-25 18:53

    This book was really good although I would have preferred Sculpt to be a little more alpha but still he was a good male lead but I have to say the female lead impressed me with how strong she strived to be afterwards and it was so nice to see how she did not go all gaga over him when she saw him again. Good book with a great plot I really enjoyed it.

  • Aisha☠️☠️
    2019-06-14 21:32

    It was a good start.. I can't wait to read the first book..

  • ✿
    2019-05-30 20:46

    So, as you all can guess…With You obviously takes place before Torn From You. It basically gives you the background and sets up the ground work for Torn From You. In it, we meet, Emily/ “Eme”/ or “Mouse” as Sculpt later calls her—- an insecure, innocent girl who reaches out to our male heroine how to learn how to defend herself after she is nearly assaulted.AND... Logan/Sculpt—a tattooed, sweet talking, underground illegal fighter, who makes money for his band to go on tour.Emily and Sculpt first start off like a contract, professional relationship but as well all know, feelings and attraction begin to take hold and their relationship develops into something more.But after one night, everything changes. Inserts *fangirling and total smexiness!!*HOWEVER, when a mysterious past threatens to hinder their budding relationship. Everything changes. How will it all turn out?And now… *dramatic music* a CLIFFHANGER!!!

  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    2019-06-03 00:45

    I came across this novella while browsing on here and with it being a freebie on Amazon I though why not try something different.Emily and Sculpt story grabbed my attention. Their story starts off so sweet and romantic Sculpt being a bossy alpha and Emily is sweet and of course head over heels but I know this is not going to last and of course when I read the blurb for Torn From You I could not stop thinking about them. What happens to Emily?Why is Sculpt doing this?How will it end?This is why I do not read too many dark reads as they are on my mind constantly and sometimes I even dream about them.

  • Penny
    2019-06-08 22:51

    It's an OK novella. It feels like I have read something like that before though.Emily is incredibly naive and gullible. My, could she be more manipulable?! She does not act as a 20 year old, more like a 16 year old. I had to remind myself constantly that I was not reading a young-adult book, that she was an adult.Sculpt is sexy, mysterious, domineering and self-confident, which is the perfect recipe to get my attention. But seriously, being very good at fighting AND singing?, jeez he really is gifted! I don't know, it seems like pushing it a bit to me.It took me a week to finish With You, after my first pause (at 35%) I forgot I was reading it. Next time I picked it up, I finished it, and the ending changed how I saw the whole thing. I really liked how it ended; that end, plus the first book of this series’ blurb, made me to really want to start reading Torn from You immediately; I just hope the standards are higher than this novella’s.