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Sixteen-year-old ghost hunter, Emma Hoffman thought that moving into an old Victorian was going to be awesome– ghosts galore.Much to her delight, she discovers that the house is haunted—not by a ghost, but by a construct (a spirit created to be a servant). As she gets to know Marcus, the construct, he asks her to help him avenge his maker and find her killer. Emma’s not toSixteen-year-old ghost hunter, Emma Hoffman thought that moving into an old Victorian was going to be awesome– ghosts galore.Much to her delight, she discovers that the house is haunted—not by a ghost, but by a construct (a spirit created to be a servant). As she gets to know Marcus, the construct, he asks her to help him avenge his maker and find her killer. Emma’s not too sure this is a good idea, she’s a ghost hunter after all, not a detective, but she agrees to help him anyway.While trying to discover more information about the killer, Emma begins to have feelings for Marcus- feelings she isn’t ready to admit. Then the sorcerer who killed Marcus’s maker shows up at Emma’s house with an insane plan to capture Marcus and absorb his power- Emma isn’t having it. Marcus is hers.When the killer performs a spell that begins to steal Marcus’s life force, Emma risks losing him. It’s a race against time for Emma to figure out how to stop the sorcerer and his spell before Marcus fades away and disappears from her life forever....

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  • Murielle Cyr
    2019-06-24 04:16

    Danielle Devor���s novel, Constructing Marcus, is a sad, but certainly accurate, statement about today���s affluent society. Emma Hoffman, an endearing, lonely teenager, is trying to make sense of her life within the confines of her dysfunctional family: an anorexic mother and a workaholic father. The mother is so focused on her self-image that she is unable to offer her daughter the affection she so needs. When Emma hugs her and tells her how proud she is of her efforts to fight her disease, the mother���s reaction is to simply ���detach herself��� and simply say ���she was glad.��� Contact with her father is limited to his cameo-appearances when they share a quick sandwich or take-out food between his shifts at the hospital.Emma feels powerless in her constant efforts to save her mother from falling prey to her fatal disease and or to stop her father from the eventuality of a nervous breakdown. The likelihood of losing the people she loves is a constant worry as she watches them deteriorate bit by bit. She turns towards something less painful���ghost hunting���ghosts are already dead, so they can���t hurt her. Whatever friend she had was left behind when her father moved the family to an older house near to his work. Emma is left to take care of her mother but has a lot of time on her hands to explore the old house. She puts her ghost-hunting skills to work in her new home and discovers Marcus, a construct created by a witch who was murdered by a wizard. Emma���s life takes on a new meaning. Besides trying to save her own parents, she must now try to protect her new friend from the evil wizard.Will Emma���s life gain a bit of normalcy with Marcus, who, by the way has awakened sharp emotional and physical needs within her? This is a wonderful young adult story with well-fleshed characters any reader can relate to.

  • Bob Rector
    2019-06-27 10:08

    I began reading Danielle DeVor's “Constructing Marcus” with strong reservations. I usually shy away from stories told in the first person (only a few can do it well), I'm hardly the target audience for YA, and I'm not a fan of ghost stories. All these reservations were blown away about halfway down the first page. Ms. DeVor cast a spell on me that was not lifted until I came to the words “The End.” The story is told by Emma, a 16 year old who is SO completely teen in her thoughts and speech that I found myself busting out laughing quite often. She, her mom, and her dad moved from Florida to Boston because of his medical practice. Their new house is actually very old in a very Boston way and, of course, is haunted. Not a problem for Emma because she is, after all, a ghost hunter. It's not a spoiler to say that the ghost is Marcus, who also just happens to be every maiden's dream. The fact that her mom and dad take this in stride is one of many twists and turns that keeps the story fresh and charming. But the tour de force is Emma. Ms. DeVor's portrait of her is so vivid and believable that she becomes a major charm offensive. Left to her own devices to deal with a spectral boyfriend and the evil spirits determined to destroy him, she is witty, clever, and resourceful. Yet above all she is sweet and caring, even more impressive when considering that she is dealing with two chilling encounters in her life, and one of them is not ghostly; it is painfully and poignantly real.Ms. DeVor's narrative is so smooth, fluid, and professional that I forgot I was reading. There is not a wasted or superfluous word. Her story construction is flawless. It has been a long time since I read an entire book in one sitting, but once I started “Constructing Marcus,” I couldn't put it down. I bet you won't be able to either. Highly recommended and thoroughly entertaining.

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-07-15 05:16

    "Constructing Marcus" by Danielle DeVor is a very sweet ghost hunting book, probably written for young adults but with enough appeal for this young reader.Our heroine Emma is a teenager with an anorexic mother and an interest in ghost hunting. When the family moves to Boston from Florida she loses all of her friends but keeps up her good spirit and engages in some research regarding the house. When she finds out that a witch was killed in the house her interest is sparked, as are her emotions when she meets the attractive Marcus, a ghostly creature made by said witch.It is hard to describe just how lovely the main character is, melancholic but strong and full of life despite her problems. She is mature for her age but also just a girl, which makes her extremely likeable, simply a great protagonist for such a book.The ghost hunting part of the book is also handled well. We are all inundated with ghost hunting programmes on TV and watching Emma going about it in her unassuming and gentle way is a pleasant and refreshing change from that norm. The paranormal detective story and the suspense in this book are kept at a good pace to keep the interest going but also giving enough space for the other issues of the book, particularly the parent-child relationships. Those are also full of thought, DeVor spends a lot of time describing the parents and making interesting and varied as characters to stop falling into the trap of cliquee. I loved the mother with all her foibles and flaws and Marcus is also a fun character and one that many young female readers will enjoy reading.I found this a low key yet hugely enjoyable read that I finished in almost one sitting. I would like my nieces to have a friend like Emma and a boyfriend like Marcus.

  • Simon Okill
    2019-07-15 04:23

    Constructing Marcus by Danielle DeVor is quite simply an exquisite YA paranormal romance that will have every ready gasping for more from this talented author.16 year old Emma leaves her friends behind when her anorexic mother builds another life in their new Boston Victorian house. Danielle weaves a beautiful story from Emma's acceptance of her mother's problems, blending them with her joy in ghost hunting. This joy is multiplied by infinity when Emma does indeed discover their new home is haunted by the gorgeous Marcus. As she discovers who or what Marcus actually is - a construct spirit created by Miranda a witch and former living person in the same house, Emma not only falls deeply in love with Marcus, but strives to discover who murdered Miranda.But Emma doesn't count on the killer's return - an evil sorcerer, who casts a spell on Marcus which slowly deconstructs him. Now Emma has to race against the clock to destroy the spell before she loses the love of her life or is it afterlife and defeat the sorcerer.This YA paranormal romance is a fantastic FIVE STAR read and this reader can't recommend it enough. A sure-fire stocking filler for every teenager's kinlde this Xmas.

  • Maer
    2019-06-24 05:01

    What a fun read this was! From the first pages I was hooked into sixteen-year-old Emma's life. With her penchant for ghost hunting, dealing with a mother's illness and a move to a new city and home, our young heroine grabs you up and takes you on her journey of exploration and discovery. This isn't just a paranormal novel where Emma sleuths to track down the secret of the house and its unusual resident, but it's also a coming of age novel. Emma discovers depths of her own in this intriguing book.DeVor has captured the essence of a teen dealing with the paranormal shes always wanted to find. The pace is fast, the characters interesting and story engaging. DeVor's writing is crisp and the first person narrative works perfectly to draw in the reader. Descriptions are just the right amount for a Young Adult novel, and give an outline that allows the reader to fill in the rest with their own imagination.Sweet without becoming saccharine, Constructing Marcus is a perfect read for a Sunday afternoon.

  • Katie O'Sullivan
    2019-07-05 06:30

    Not all the darkness in this YA tale comes from the ghosts and witchcraft that our protagonist searches out. Even darker are the emotional and family issues she must deal with. No wonder she wants to hunt ghosts instead.They prove far less scary than her real life.Emma is snarky sixteen year old whose family recently moved to Boston. With her clique of ghost hunting buddies back in Florida, she seems at a loss how to deal with her new dwelling, a truly haunted old house. When she starts seeing evidence of ghost activity and finds an old leather spell book, she knows she needs to figure out what's going on.Told in first person POV, Emma is your typical self-absorbed teen, totally consumed with solving the mysteries of her new home. But her obsession with ghosts is a distraction from dealing with her reality. Her mother is an anorexic on a scary downward spiral, and her father is a workaholic doctor with little time to devote to his newly uprooted family.Ms. Devor doesn't shy away from the dark and difficult subject of dealing with this particularly insidious disease. Anyone who has dealt with a loved one with an eating disorder will immediately recognize Emma's distress and emotional upheaval. Paired with the lack of support from her supposedly "functional" parent, Emma has her hands full even without ghosts and witches.There are no easy answers. Emma can't fix her mom. What she can do is use her ghost hunting skills to solve the mysteries of her new home, and unlock the secrets to a murder that happened more than a hundred years before. In the process, she meets Marcus, who isn't quite human, but he is someone that she's able to help. And someone who might just steal her heart.

  • Terry Reid
    2019-07-11 08:03

    Constructing Marcus did not turn out to be what I expected it to be. Instead, it was a bit more clever and had some new ideas. It's about a 16 year old girl, Emma, who befriends a spirit named Marcus, who she meets after moving into a new home. However, it's not quite that straight forward (I'm not spoiling it). While dealing with the ghostly side of her life Emma also has to deal with her mum's anorexia battle. The author does extremely well conveying the emotional difficulties and thought processes of a teenager trying to cope with a parent with a mental health problem. Speaking personally, I had to deal with a few issues with one of my parents when I was a teenager (not anorexia) so I can relate, so the author's examination of the difficulties mental health presents to young people and how they cope is very believeable and is to be applauded. It also gives the story a realistic feeling grounding and I think Danielle Devor has done very well in striking a balance between this and the fantasy element of the book with spirit Marcus.The characters, while only a few of them, are interesting and complex. The whole story is written in such a fashion that you want to find out what happens next. It's also not over the top or full of action, which is a refreshing change. I think young adults would enjoy this book the best but even at my age, I found it very attention grabbing. My one complaint is that it is a little short.

  • Rebecca
    2019-07-12 05:05

    I didn't mean to read the whole book in one sitting, but once I got started I couldn't stop. This is a sweet read. A quick read. Emma is a ghost hunter complete with EMF detector. She moves into a Victorian home in Boston. She researches the house and finds out that a Miranda was killed in her new home, AND...she was a witch.Then a ghost (or is he a ghost?) appears to her. His name is Marcus and he is scrumptious and tells her a story about how he was created.In this mix you have Emma's mother. I found her such a sad creature. It really hurt to hear the damage she has done to Emma. I'd sort of like to read another story about Emma perhaps 10 years from now to see how she is doing. Is her mother still alive? Does Emma now have an eating disorder? I don't like to give too much away, but a bad guy appears and ever practically Emma finds a way to vanquish said bad guy and to help Marcus.This book is appropriate for all ages, especially the tweens.

  • Books On Fire Tours
    2019-07-14 10:01

    This was a wonderful YA Paranormal Romance. Emma is a typical 16 year old girl, but her hobby is to hunt ghosts. When they move into an old Victorian house she is sure that it would be haunted, but the book takes on a surprising twist. She encounters a Construct who is not a ghost, but not human either. He asks her to help avenge his maker's death and so her story begins to unfold. As a reader you have to remind yourself that this book is about a sixteen year old's point of view and the author does an incredibly great job. You would think the author is sixteen!!Besides being highly entertaining this book is also very educational, as her mother deals with an issue few are familiar with. Mix in a bit of suspense and it is a great read.I highly recommend this as a light weekend read. I can't wait to see if this story continues.

  • Constance Phillips
    2019-07-14 12:26

    Constructing Marcus is a young adult fantasy that has a greater appeal. It follows ghost hunting, sixteen-year-old Emma through a painful move from all of her friends in Florida to a Victorian house in Boston. Her home life –an anorexic mother and a father who works long hours—leaves Emma alone and broken, until she discovers she isn’t alone. She has the company of construct Marcus. In Constructing Marcus, DeVor creates a world the reader can fall into; once I began reading it was hard to stop. We see Emma as she refuses to become a victim of her circumstances – whether it be her family life or her attempts to save Marcus from an evil sorcerer who would steal his power. She takes charge, sometimes because she has no other choice and fights for what she believes in. Recommended.

  • Angel Sefer
    2019-06-26 10:11

    This is a wonderful, YA, Paranormal Romance with an adorable, brave and full of life, teenage protagonist, Emma, who shows maturity and understanding far beyond her age. Emma meets Marcus - an attractive, smart and kind ghost (well, not really a ghost) - who is a very nice, kind and understanding guy, not to mention gorgeous. Trying to help him, she gets involved in a very dangerous situation.Another interesting character in the book is Emma’s anorectic mother - a very interesting and sad character, who plays a very important role in Emma’s life.I loved the story - a refreshing change from the “usual” ghost hunting stories - and the way the author described Emma’s feelings and thoughts. Highly recommended!

  • Leanne Herrera
    2019-07-11 09:02

    "It's about ghosts!" is exactly what I screamed when I began reading this novel. It was about so much more! It was exactly what I expected from this author. The beginning pulled you in, the plot lead you through the story and the characters were believable and well rounded. I loved this book. The author did an awesome job of grabbing the audience with her correct and loveable teen main character. I felt a part of the story and was very happy with what she planned. I could almost come up with what was going to happen next, almost but not quite. I loved that aspect of it because it kept me guessing.

  • Anna Othitis
    2019-07-07 11:07

    The book is a wonderful, YA, Paranormal Romance with twists and turns - a definite page turner that my teenage son enjoyed and very attention grabbing. Recommended and enjoyed by my teenager.

  • Magic Within the Pages
    2019-07-05 12:07

    Reviewer: Donna Rating: 4 Stars**personal read**A light and enjoyable Young Adult story.Emma is a lonely teenager who moves into a new house with her mum and dad. Her mum suffers from anorexia and her dad is a doctor. Her home life isn't great and she left all her friends behind. Her friends and herself, formed a ghost hunting club but when she moved she decided to try out her skills on her new home. Low and behold, she believes it's haunted and when she sees Marcus for the first time, she has to find out what happened in that house.Marcus is a construct and he was created by a witch that was murdered in the house. People are after Marcus's power and if they get it, Marcus will vanish forever so it's up to Emma to save him. She has a massive crush on him and she believes he feels the same so she does all she can to save him.It was really enjoyable. I really wished Marcus appeared more and was in the story a bit more as every time he would appear and starting talking, he was gone again. I felt like it could have been dragged out a bit more and maybe the book would have been a bit bigger but it was really fun to read. It didn't take long to read but loved Marcus and his witty comments and Emma was a very smart and at times, funny character too.Definitely recommend as it really worked well and if you want to read something that it light and fun to read, then this is the book for you!

  • Betsy~ISoldMySoulForBooks~
    2019-07-01 04:02

    While I did enjoy this story for some unknown reason it felt too short for me and the ending of the story felt rushed. Although, I did like the premises of the story, I just felt like it could have been even better if the author had given me more info on Marcus's past and given him more of a storyline I would have probably loved it. I also felt like Linquist's character was just there to keep the story moving and not really an important character, other than to be an evil wizard trying to take Marcus's energy. I feel like he should of had a back story or something.Furthermore, while I liked how the author actually made Emma seem like a real teenager with her inner monologue I just couldn't really imagine her love for Marcus because when Emma met Marcus she thought he was so beautiful and after a couple of days she knew she was in love even though she knew nothing about him. I mean how can you know you love someone after just a couple of days of meeting them? It doesn't seem very realistic(though that's how most YA books are. Maybe I should start reading YA books with no romance in there whatsoever). What I also felt lacking from the book was how Marcus I felt like his character didn't have much depth to it other than to be Emma's love interest. Well, I gave this book 3 stars because I did enjoy it, but felt like its just a book to read in your spare time. Nothing really special other than it not being just any regular ghost story.

  • Diane Reed
    2019-07-20 08:21

    Constructing Marcus is a pitch-perfect young adult paranormal novel that beautifully captures the adolescents thoughts, feelings, and voice of its young protagonist, Emma Hoffman. Though Emma is intrigued by the idea of ghost hunting, she is far too busy doing the caretaking for her anorexic mother because her workaholic father doesn't have the time or energy to be fully present. The self absorption of her parents has left Emma rather isolated, but all that changes when they move into an old Victorian home that contains the spirit of a "construct" named Marcus who is there to serve. Danielle DeVor magically weaves a story where Emma becomes more emotionally connected to the beguiling Marcus than she does to the adults in her life, and as the novel progresses, we see a growing self-reliance and independence on the part of this complex teenage character. Things come to a head, however, when Marcus' life-force is in jeopardy, and it is so rewarding to see Emma take matters into her own hands--and heart. For those who love young adult fiction, Constructing Marcus offers readers a fresh voice with unexpected twists and turns, as well as a smart heroine that will keep you rooting for her as you swiftly turn the pages.

  • Donna Huber
    2019-06-26 08:13

    It was okay. Not really the kind of book I would pick for myself. There were some continuity problems which is a huge pet peeve of mine. There was more telling than showing than I like in a story. I thought the reading level was a little low for young adult, but that isn't a bad thing as the story could catch the interest of one that struggles with reading.