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Cody McGrath is a young cowboy with big dreams and some serious enemies. Lisa Stone is a small-town waitress with problems of her own. But when an ominous prophetic dream brings them together, they soon find that love can blossom even under the most unlikely of circumstances. An inspirational and very thought-provoking Christian love story with a fantasy twist....

Title : many waters
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many waters Reviews

  • Amy Magaw
    2019-04-14 02:46

    SNUGGLE UP UNDER A STETSON AND THEN HANG ON...At first, I thought Many Waters was going to be a straightforward Country-Fried love story; but then I read the second sentence and “evil” was mentioned and I knew this story would be something different.I love that this story is told by its two main characters as if they were carrying on a conversation with a friend—not only recounting events, but reflecting on them as well, giving you valuable spiritual insight.It has the handsome Christian Cowboy, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up under his Stetson for a while. And then it has the beautiful, long-lost love interest of his youth, BUT add a long-time family curse and enforcers as evil as home-made sin, and you've got yourself a prize-winning novel. And to TOP THAT OFF-you'll learn some things, too!The story takes you on a journey, encountering some painful situations and some pretty scary happenings! However, those same “scary happenings” serve as vivid symbols that teach you valuable lessons for your daily life and well as your spiritual life. You can take away several “Golden Nuggets” to help make your Christian walk a better stroll.The story actually left me with some questions about my own life. If someone was to “taste” my life, what would it be like? Would they spit it out, or would they want more? What am I seasoning my life with—Hatred, Bitterness, Un-forgiveness, Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion? Are these things that someone would want to eat? TRANSLATION: Am I displaying enough of Christ in my life that others would see a difference? Would my life create a hunger and a thirst in someone else for Jesus’ Salvation, which IS the difference? I know you will enjoy this book—I did! And Lord willing, it will be a help to you too!

  • Cynthia Willow
    2019-04-11 23:51

    I'm a fan of this author. My son loves his werewolf series. I was pleasantly surprised to read a love story written by a man and it be so clean and pure. I really felt all the characters were believable and felt their emotions. There is an unexpected twist in this story that I found original to this type of story. It's a brilliant move by this author and makes me want to read even more of his work. If you love a good faith-based, clean romance, pick this one up

  • Diana
    2019-04-16 23:55

    I received this book from the author, willing to try something out of my usual genre. What a pleasant surprise! The book held me captive! It's a love story but not sappy, thriller but not gory, fantasy but not unrealistic. As Cody tries to figure out the family curse, Lisa stands by his side. Cody's family and friends help along the way, and much it told about them so you can get to know them. The book does not move too fast or too slow- paced just right to keep you moving through the characters experiences. I am looking forward to checking out the rest in the series. It would be a great read for older teens through adults.

  • Ronny
    2019-04-07 06:46

    A witch, a love affair, following God.I rated this book five stars because of the characters, the plot, and the way the author brought them all together and makes you want to not put the book down until you were finished with it. I liked reading a book that has no bad cursing. and no sex, it is a good book that a Christian will enjoy reading with many references to the Bible but is a great book.

  • Amy McGuire
    2019-03-27 23:41

    I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I am not obligated to write a five star review and all opinions are solely my own. Great. Now that we have the legal stuff out of the way, let me tell you what I thought of this book. First off, I wish I had had a week off work to just read it straight through. Reading it in chunks whenever I could (often on my lunch break or before bed) did the book a disservice in my opinion. It's kind of one of those books you should keep reading until the end so you don't miss anything. There was a lot in this book. I won't say it was long, because my books have been accused of being that, and I find that phrase a tad insulting. I will say however, that this is not a fast read. But is it worth it? I think so. I am not a huge fan of first person pov but since a lot of YA novels are written in that voice, and that seems to be a thing with YA authors for the most part, I give it a pass. I did however find the male point of view much stronger than the female, but considering the author is male, I guess that's no surprise. The 'bad guy' (or gal in this instance) was a character that at first confused me. Then, as the book progressed I got an 'aha' moment. No spoilers since you need to read it for yourself, but it's worth reading to the end. One thing I found very different about this story, aside from the storyline itself, was the way it is divided into three parts. I suppose this book could easily be broken into three novellas if the author so desired, but some readers may not like it being divided up, so I guess that's why the author chose this style. Like I said though, I found this different. Not bad, just different. One thing that made me smile near the end (again, no spoilers, I promise) was that author's mention of Paul Brandt and Garth Brooks' music. Both are male country singers I adore, so I kind of wish they had been mentioned more. Not a criticism, just a comment. All in all, this was a story I enjoyed. I liked the 'sci-fi' element that mixed in some Catholicism and Christian elements. It's a fictional book. One could take offense at those elements being mixed together if you take the book too seriously, but if you don't, it's quite an enjoyable read. Thank you for letting me read this book, William.Amy McGuireAuthor of The Hope Valley Saga

  • Jodi Woody
    2019-04-05 03:00

    I was given a copy of "Many Waters" by the author, William Woodall, in exchange for an honest review. This is book two of a series. I enjoyed both books. They are written about young people who are faced with trials. With God's help (the author does not preach) and some help from friends and family they are able to overcome. This is a story of good versus evil, and has not only an element of fantasy, but is a good romance as well. Good for readers Jr. High and up. I think geared for YA. I do feel like there is some things left unexplained, some of the characters and who they are are a little vague. I would have given it four stars had things been a little clearer. These books need to be read in order. Not stand alone. I will definitely finish the series. No swearing or sexual content, some violence.

  • TroyDye
    2019-04-05 05:44

    Many Waters by William WoodallMany Waters by William WoodallA cowboy, Christian Mystic struggles to survive the double curse that a family of evil sorcerers have placed upon his family while he is also struggling to save his ranch and hind a place in his life for the girl that he loves in spite of all common sense.The writer uses alternating first person voice, and the feminine persona rings slightly off key. Strangely enough many passages of the book have a very feminine poetic quality. The author's plot resolution is one of the best and most unusual examples of the incorporation of Christian Mysticism, and redeems the stilted dialogue.

  • Sherry
    2019-04-17 03:58

    This is seriously the only Christian werewolf series I've ever thought of reading. Woodall is a great author, and I think this one of his in particular really shows what he can do. The two main characters each have such a distinctive voice that there's never any question about who's talking...something that's hard to pull off. I didn't find the dialogue at all stilted, except the way it's sort of awkward sometimes between two people just getting to know each other, or getting reacquainted. Also this author has a distinctive tone to his books that I think you have to 'get' let yourself get immersed in the story, and you'll find yourself caught up in the entire experience.

  • William Woodall
    2019-03-24 03:02