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For generations, the Company has produced made-to-order men and women for the jobs humankind itself no longer wishes to fill—soldiers, scientists, and administrators. It depends on the very predictability of what it creates, as does Earth and the far-flung galactic agricultural colonies. But not everyone finds such homogeneity comforting. Joshua 1011 is the living masterpiFor generations, the Company has produced made-to-order men and women for the jobs humankind itself no longer wishes to fill—soldiers, scientists, and administrators. It depends on the very predictability of what it creates, as does Earth and the far-flung galactic agricultural colonies. But not everyone finds such homogeneity comforting. Joshua 1011 is the living masterpiece of a genius with a singular mission and vision—bring back the ancient genotypes that once were the backbone of creative life. Raised in the tight-knit social structure of the Company’s military line, silently protected by its highest administrator and yet also targeted by those who are threatened by his differences, Joshua must learn what it means to carry not only Administrator and Tech gifts within himself, but also how to simply survive as an individual in a sea of look-alike brothers-in-arms. Matthew Dennon is a simple man, married early into the Core, the ruling-caste of the natural humans of Earth. But as he digs into the secrets kept by the Company, and deals with the repercussions of changes made to his own DNA long ago, he finds himself alone, divorced from the protective rings of power, fighting alongside Joshua. Together they will take a stand against the systems that cage them and the unfolding nightmare unleashed by Joshua’s troubled creator. And as a real love blossoms between himself and the young soldier, they will face decisions that affect not only themselves, but also the entire string of worlds that support the delicate thing called humanity....

Title : Dreamcatcher Fallacy
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Dreamcatcher Fallacy Reviews

  • Niffer
    2019-04-16 20:28

    I received this book as a first reads giveaway.One warning: the author does warn that the book contains same sex relationships and sex scenes, but the book also contains a fairly graphic rape scene and there is no warning about that.One of the things that is kind of awesome about the giveaways here is that it allows me to kind of expand my horizons. I tend to shy away from science fiction and dystopian novels, but I thought this might be interesting so I enetered and won and I'm very glad I did. This was a well crafted story with a believeable futuristic setting. The characters were understandable and easy to identify with (or vilify). There were one or two plot holes where things happened that were just a little too coincidental but overall it did not detract from the plot. I very much enjoyed this book.

  • Paul
    2019-03-24 21:45

    4.5 STARSNow that's the kind of book I love. Dreamcatcher Fallacy is a dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel that's also a great mystery/thriller too. It holds firm in 5 genre's the last being LGBT+.The basic concept is also not original in nature, based in a future where our genetic make up's have been so ultimately fucked with that it makes the storyline 100% brilliant in its originality to any other sci-fi I've read. Have all of the earth's people and the other colonised planet's inhabitants been altered too far or is there an answer to fix this at a huge cost? Hmmm god that sounds SO CHEESY, LMAO but it's not a cheesy read, it's such a great bookI don't want to say anything more as it will give too much away, the beginning is a bit slow and random but just ignore that and keep reading. I'm going straight into the sequel.

  • Annette Gisby
    2019-04-15 22:42

    I liked this book, but I wished I could have liked it more.There was a lot of back story interspersed with Joshua and Matthew's stories, and at times I got confused as to which character was who. There were lots of chapters from different people's points of views and it was very difficult to keep track of them all. The book started long before Joshua was born, with his father/creator James Illion. The readers knew what James was doing right from the outset, but it would have worked so much better if we hadn't found that out yet, and found out as the story progressed.It was very well-written and the world building brought the distant future to life and you could see in your minds-eye what was happening. The characters were well-drawn, but I thought we got to see too many points of view in different chapters. Joshua and Matthew don't even meet until about half-way through the book and I think the first chapter from Matthew's point of view was quite late in as well. We could have done with less chapters focusing on the administrators and Joshua's commanders and more on Joshua and Matthew, as I think they are supposed to be the main characters.It's a very interesting premise for a sci-fi story and it does grip you, but I really wanted the story to be more about Matthew and Joshua and not all the other characters. It was a lot more sci-fi and a bit less focused on the romance between Joshua and Matthew than I would have preferred, but perhaps that's just me.It is a good book so if you like sci-fi with a bit of LGBT content, then you might like this. It's more sci-fi with romantic aspects rather than outright romance I would say.Review copy supplied by author

  • Idamus
    2019-04-20 17:19

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz o.O

  • Kiara
    2019-04-05 14:41

    .... this is what I call a futurist romance, and for this reason, so much more enjoyable

  • Enid
    2019-03-25 14:44

    SciFi at its best. I really, really liked this book. Have to admit I found some parts hard to understand (in the context of the plot) and had to go back and re-read. Still, great book!

  • Ambre
    2019-04-12 21:18

    I love good science fiction. I really hate bad science fiction. This is good science fiction.Flash forward. Humanity, in an effort to avoid having to work too hard, has created slaves via genetic engineering. Each slave is genetically designed for a particular purpose. They are born from machinery and told from birth that they are not human, but "products."The genetic engineering has also bred out such things as pain and emotion. The humans discovered that they could even design products to build the products, and eventually left the whole mess in charge of the "administrators." The "techs" are in charge of designing the products. The "L - group" provides the soldiers. These products make up "The Company"One tech has an idea to save humanity, which is losing art and emotions even outside of The Company. He creates a product using his own genetic material but adds in the best of every product designation, and allows him pain and feelings. This book covers his life.How is it for an individual in a world of people who are designed to be the same? Joshua is L-Group, but lacks many of the hallmarks of an engineered soldier. This book explores his very human emotions, but also the reactions of characters who don't experience things in an expected way. This was a challenging story, and done really well!Every character in this book is well developed, even the bad guys. I really get bored with books that have "pure evil" bad guys. Too Disney. The villains in this book are drug addled, off kilter, or dealing with genetically engineered aggression that they are unable to combat. They don't have our moral views because they are dealing with products, not humans, and they have been designed to lack empathy. They might still be jerks, but they are interesting jerks.Joshua grows up in this bitter, aggressive environment thinking he is the broken one. He is subject to brutal treatment because that's what L-Group does. He copes. But he has a higher purpose, and there are others in The Company who know what he is and keep him alive.Throughout the story, the author is giving the reader glimpses into the emotional lives of people who have stunted emotions. There is a lot of technology, but none of it well explained (which is OK, the author knows her limitations, and does not leave her sphere of understanding). You do get a great image of the setting, a sterile, data driven environment without music or art or affection.When Joshua finds himself paired with an NCP, not a product but a person with feelings and empathy, he starts to find his strength. Unfortunately the cards stacked against him will take every one of the skills he's been engineered to possess. And even then, can he battle The Company? Does he even want to?The challenges he faces are unpredictable. His foes are brilliant, which they would have to be because so is he. Sometimes the reader knows what is happening, sometimes the reader is as much in the dark as Joshua. One thing that kills a book for me is a challenge or crisis that is transparent even with the information available to the protagonist, leaving the reader with no choice but to imagine the protagonist dumb as a brick. Not an issue here, this plot is complex and poor Joshua is the focus of several brilliant masterminds.How will he outsmart the masterminds and will he ever be free? I am off to read the next book and find out!I would say that the weakness in this book, for me, is that maybe the cards are a little too stacked against Joshua. Perhaps a bit more triumph would have made this book more enjoyable (although I did enjoy it. It didn't cross the line to "depressing.") I am hoping that the second book finds him more actively involved in his own saving, and less trusting (in this book, he is so starved for human contact that he is easily manipulated).This book will appeal to people who love complex plots, complex characters, and good science fiction, who are OK with a little gay sex thrown into the mix. There is non consensual sex as well, but no "good rape" (rape that turns into love, another peeve). It will probably not appeal to people looking for lighthearted or easy to read romance. The romance does not drive the book. It is there, and the characters are good together, but it is not developed as thoroughly as romance fanatics might want.