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Waking up after an amazing night with her new husband and mate, nothing could've prepared Darcy for the epic bombshell Devlin dropped - explaining her heritage and revealing truths that completely blow her mind. When all she wants is to settle into marital bliss and Pack life, Darcy's world is once again thrown into turmoil, forced to face a challenge that may very well brWaking up after an amazing night with her new husband and mate, nothing could've prepared Darcy for the epic bombshell Devlin dropped - explaining her heritage and revealing truths that completely blow her mind. When all she wants is to settle into marital bliss and Pack life, Darcy's world is once again thrown into turmoil, forced to face a challenge that may very well break her and Mason.Not one to sit back and watch the one he loves more than life itself in danger, Mason immediately formulates a plan of action - taking a small group of trusted friends across the United States in the hot pursuit of answers. Time is running out, though. With each attempt to control Darcy's wild magic thwarted, and the dark presence of evil dogging their every move, they will be left with no other choice but to make a stand - fight or risk losing everything they cherish most.Decisions will be made. Love will be pushed to the breaking point. Mason and Darcy face their greatest challenge to date, one that will leave them...FOREVER CHANGED?...

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forever changed Reviews

  • Sabrina
    2019-06-17 16:27

    Seriously?! Belinda what more are you going to do to my favorite wolf pack? Every time I think Mason and Darcy and the pack can get a break Belinda throws another twist at them. But if you know Belinda you can still see how much she loves the characters and world she has created. I mean who would want to read a book with no twists that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat? Not me even though I complain about them getting more than they should thrown at them. But the swoon worthy romance between Mason and Darcy that leaves me breathless and begging Belinda for more does help with all the twists and turns in her Mystic Wolves series. However though I am now left waiting impatiently for the next book and with another cliff hanger. Belinda sure does know how to torture us while we wait. 5/5 Bloody Fangs

  • Linda
    2019-06-19 17:29

    Seriously!?! Maybe this cliffhanger bugged me the most because I don't have the next book and it isn't even out yet, but dang it, NO, NO, NO. By the time I got to nearly the end of the book, I kinda guessed where it was going to end, but was hoping I was wrong because, well, I wanted them happy. I wanted them to find a way to make that happen that doesn't go where it did.But, no. At the end of book 3 we learn that Devlin is Darcy's uncle, a bit removed of course ;). As a result, this one picks up with a lot of ticked off people, and left me a tiny bit uncomfortable. Hey, in book 3 she was noticing how attractive he was, then she learns he is her uncle...who wouldn't be uncomfortable. But as we learn the "why" behind his not telling her, you just gotta get back to loving Devlin. It takes Mason a little longer to get past the fact that Devlin kept the secret of Darcy being in danger to himself, and a small handful of others, and Darcy is hurt of course, but once we do get past that, it is on to the bigger picture of how to protect her from the next challenge...essentially, someone else wanting to kill her. One relative will do anything to keep her safe while another wants to take her life. It's a race to find a way to either re-bind her magic or eliminate Julian. A part of me feels like the fight with Julian was a bit anti-climactic, but the result was definitely a doozy. Talk about winning, just to lose. And talk about secrets...I STILL am dying for more about Devlin. Just when you think you learned quite a bit about his history at the start of this book, you get a hint of more that is hidden at the end of the book.I can definitely say that I am now eagerly awaiting the next book to learn what happens to Darcy and Mason, as well as learn more about Devlin and Zane. I guess things have been too perfect between the super couple, and now things have to get really hairy between them. Yes, they have had challenges, but never to them personally. This will change that and that is one thing I definitely was hoping to avoid because that was one of the greatest things about this series. The fact that they were established and strong together. Looking forward to the next book topping it, but can we finally give Darcy and Mason their happily ever after?

  • Ikelia 'Bookoholic Anom' Francis
    2019-06-19 12:45

    OMG! I’m going to have to have some SERIOUS WORDS with BELINDA BORING about the way she just leaves us hanging in her books! Yes she is the QUEEN of CLIFFHANGERS! I already knew there was going to be a cliffhanger in this book, but I just didn’t see it coming because I was so engrossed in the damn story that I let my damn guard down! Holy Hell! I still love you Belinda! You are still one of my favorite authors! I have a love hate relationship with Cliffhangers so I will forever you this time! Plus I have book 5 which I will be starting after this review!“I do love you, Darcy. More than I ever thought possible. It’s everything I can do to contain the fury I feel that someone out there wants to take you from me.”So yes there is a major cliffhanger in this book for those of you that don’t like cliffhangers, but I assure you it’s still worth the story! I just can’t describe how much love I have for these characters that Belinda has created. I just feel so part of their story as if I’m there in the story, but quietly observing in the background. I love this series, it is one of my most favorite series and each book just keeps getting better and better.“But you didn’t think you could trust her– trust me, as her mate, to help? There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. She’s my heart and soul, my very reason for existing. any threat to her is one to me; and with my last breath, I would keep her from harm’s reach.”Darcy and Mason have been through so much since he claimed her as his mate. Took them so long to get to the point to where they can just enjoy their new lives together after the mating ritual. However, happy ever after isn’t ready for them yet, because just when everyone in the Mystic Wolves pack, including Devlin and Vivien let their guards down…we find out more about Devlin….HE IS DARCY’S UNCLE! I always wondered why he cared so much about her! Well it’s because for he is her blood! Makes perfect since, but it doesn’t stop there does it? Not if you are familiar with Belinda Boring’s writing. Not ONLY is Devlin her Uncle, but a traumatic incident took place in his past when he was still human that incorporated dark magic and the loss of someone dear to him…yes now…100 of year later looking for Darcy because she possesses something not even she knew she had! This again puts the pack in danger and most of all Mason’s beloved mate and everyone is scurrying around and trying to figure out how to come out on top of this danger that is slowly closing in on them.“Yes, family members were permitted to accompany each of you. I volunteered; knowing I was the best choice to watch out for your best interest. I’ve watched over you since you were born–either from the shadows or actively. My life for yours, Darcy. Always.”In this book we learn much more about Devlin, which I absolutely loved! He is so mysterious and it’s nice to shed a little light on how he became who he is and find out more about his family and why he is so fond of Darcy. We also find out about a dear love interest of Devlin, which I must admit is a good look on him. ;). We also get to meet a few more intriguing characters on this journey to save Darcy! I won’t give anymore information on that because I want you to be just as excited as I was when I read about them.“I don’t care. I can feel your emotions, Darcy. It’s everything I can do not to come to you right now and beat him senseless.”As I always say, the love between Darcy and Mason are what dreams are made of. Cliche? Yes, but is it the truth? Again yes. I don’t even know what more to say on that. It’s just great to read about characters with a love as strong as theirs. Probably why I love paranormal romance so much, especially involving Werewolves because the whole mating aspect is just so awesome!I was so excited to read the continuance of the Mystic Wovles series and I was not disappointed one bit. The imagination that Belinda has is incredible and just the detail is refreshing. This book takes you on an emotional journey and doesn’t ever let what I recommend is having some tissues on your lap because you will need them. I guarantee it!On to read Savaged Possession…I can’t wait any longer with the hellish cliffhanger.

  • Merisha28
    2019-05-28 14:30

    Forever Changed by Belinda BoringPrint Length: 221 pagesPublisher: Blushing Heart Press (October 30, 2013)Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.Language: EnglishASIN: B00GBLR4K6My Review~First off, I love love the cover! It is hot! the author sure knows how to pick covers. The title leaves me wondering what changes for Darcy and Mason. After delving into the depths of the fourth book of the Mystic Wolves Series, I'm completely aghast at the ending and at the major cliffhanger the author so lovingly left us with. What a way to end this book. Now I'm dying or my emotions are running so rampant that it feels that way and to find out have to wait another few months til Savage Possession comes out. Whatever will I do with myself?! This is one book hangover that will be with me for days. Poor Darcy and Mason going through the Heart and Death and all the betrayals to find out they have at least one more obstacle that has been looming unknowingly over their heads since Darcy was born. Can they come out unfazed or will one of them get burned? I absolutely love Mason for his complete love and devotion and Darcy's unwavering courage and bravery in the face of certain death and danger. I love that we get to see more from Devlin's character and a few others. This series gets better with each passing book! Can't wait to see what Savage Possession has in store for me! I love love this book and I would recommend it! Amazon Book Description~Waking up after an amazing night with her new husband and mate, nothing could've prepared Darcy for the epic bombshell Devlin dropped—explaining her heritage and revealing truths that completely blow her mind. When all she wants is to settle into marital bliss and pack life, Darcy's world is once again thrown into turmoil, forced to face a challenge that may very well destroy everything she’s fought so hard to preserve.Not one to sit back and watch the one he loves more than life itself in danger, Mason immediately formulates a plan of action—taking a small group of trusted friends across the United States in the hot pursuit of answers. Time is running out, though. With every attempt to control Darcy's wild magic thwarted, and the dark presence of evil dogging their every move, Mason and Darcy will be left with no other choice but to make a stand—fight or risk losing everything they cherish most.Decisions will be made. Love will be pushed to breaking point. Mason and Darcy face their greatest challenge, one that will leave them … FOREVER CHANGED.

  • Grace Touch
    2019-05-27 16:42

    Spoilers alert: I was kind of disappointed that we were just introduced to Darcy's Wiccan half and already she's lost that part of herself. It was rather disheartening to witness. And now we are to be introduced to another new side of her in the upcoming book "Savage Possession"? Intriguing, yet I'm not quite sure it's altogether satisfying.I'm glad I waited so long to read this new addition, since the ending left me rather distraught. It wasn't really a 'Cliffhanger' ending per se, but it was very emotional nonetheless. I was also disappointed with the whole prophecy bit of this book. It centered around this powerful warlock Julian who was supposed to be this extremely vicious and unstoppable character, and all it took to defeat him was a single chapter. At least it wasn't until the end that he was defeated, so that was something.Many other factors to this story were drawn out and well played. This definitely helped to stymie the negative effects with the two disappointments I listed above. Also, these were the only real disappointments I had in regards to this book.I was very satisfied that it was no small feat for Darcy to harness even a small part of her power. It always irritates me when a character just learns of some great power she has that is supposed to take "Many years of hard work and practice to harness" and then they snap their fingers and master their gifts in a mere handful of chapters. It was no small feat for Darcy to harness what she did and even that was not very much.Now, I'm not saying that her struggles give me any measure of happiness. I'm simply saying that I'm happy that she STRUGGLES, and yet she still has the strength to actually PERSEVERE through those struggles. It's very character building, I think. It makes me admire Darcy all the more as a character and lends to the belief that she is strong in her own right and through her own determination. I very much approve of the person that Darcy is, and I am very happy to say that I am in her corner throughout her journey. I support Darcy with the utmost confidence and faith that she will succeed in all that she does, simply because she is her. I'm rooting for you Darcy!! And I can't wait to see how you persevere next!!

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-05-25 13:28

    Favorite Lines “She’s my heart and soul, my very reason for existing. Any threat to her is one to me; and with my last breath, I would keep her from harm’s reach.”“He can’t ever steal this from us. No amount of magic and trickery can change what we have together, what we have with family and friends, it’s forever. He can’t destroy our love. And he can’t touch the strength we have because this is what we’re defending.”“I want to grow old with my husband, have babies, watch them terrorize Devlin, and have everyone wrapped around their little fingers. I want to watch my children grow into strong, beautiful adults and see my pack grow as a family. I don’t want those who’ve opposed us to win. I’m angry as hell; so if I was to answer you right now, yes . . . I want to become a vampire, and whatever happens, I’ll deal with it like I’ve dealt with everything else. I’m done with being afraid. I just want my happily-ever-after.”“Remember what I said. Whatever happens in there, you fight. Fight for us. Fight for our life together. Fight hard and then return to me.”“Nothing will stop me, Mason. I promise.”“I love you so much. You take my heart with you.”“Then that settles it. I’ll bring it back to you when it’s over.”I don't know how much my heart can take! It breaks a little more each time I see what this amazing couple goes through! Darcy finds out she has a uncle and whole other side of herself. Not to mention a crazy power hungry maniac coming after her. When the time comes she does what needs to be done but at what price? In true Belinda Boring style the ending makes me cry and rage! I usually get so frustrated with endings like these but not with this series. The reason why is because Boring gives you so much in her writing you are filled with all the emotions drama and I find myself filled to rim and I need that break between books. Very few books have EVER been able to accomplish that. AMAZING!! I'm crossing my fingers and praying to the book goddess that she helps Boring the next step to this amazing series!! I know I always say you need to read a book but, this one should be placed at the top of your list! I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (RBTL)FIVE FIGHTING FAIRIES

  • Michelle Randall
    2019-06-10 13:21

    Finally, after battling a demented vampire that kidnapped Darcy and hung Mason on a wall. After surviving a conniving, scheming Amber who tried to use a spell to take Mason away from Darcy. After having to prove that despite the fates stepping in and adjusting their meeting, they were destined to be together. Mason and Darcy are married! They spend their first night together, and in the morning as Mason runs downstairs to grab some food to bring up to theme, Darcy, feeling like a little kids, giggles and dances in the bathroom, only to have it explode. What?!Turns out Darcy isn't just a werewolf, just is part witch too. That part has just been hidden from her until now. Not only is Darcy a little shaken by the news, Mason is a little angry that no one let him in on the secret. It doesn't change his feelings for Darcy in the least, but it does make him worry about how to protect her better. Especially after he learns there is a crazed wizard after her.Once again, Mason and Darcy are given a challenge that they have to overcome and again we watch them work as a team to figure this out and do what they can. Their love for each other, their emotional and mental connection and now their physical connection all work to play a part in what they have to do to protect not only Darcy but the pack as well.I'm going to tell you right now, don't read this one with a box of Kleenex. I cried and cried, but I also laughed and I loved every bit of the book. It is a top notch romance that once again proves that true love, the power of teamwork and faith can do anything. To be perfectly honest I am jealous of the relationship that Mason and Darcy have, I would love to have something half as close as that, half as exciting and toe curling. Who wouldn't?! I also love the friendship, almost brother-sister relationship that Darcy and Daniel have.Belinda Boring develops the most amazing relationships among her characters and they are so real and wonderful that I want to just climb in the book and be part of the Mystic Wolves Pack. This is just a top notch novel and series that you must check out.

  • Karen
    2019-06-09 19:47

    I have been a fan of this series since stumbling across Mystic Wolves and falling in love with Mason and Darcy. This book picks up the day after their mating ceremony and brings with it not a great start to their lives together but more revelations that could cause them harm. These two never seem to get a break. The writing is fast paced and engrossing bringing out more about all the characters as it moves to a surprising conclusion. The characters are always well fleshed and give you a feeling of being someone you could get to know and like or someone you would avoid at all costs. I love the descriptions of the place they live and can visualize it so easily that it feels like a place I would like to visit and maybe even stay for a while.After all the trials that they have had to endure Darcy and Mason finally have their mating ceremony and become husband and wife, the Alpha and his mate only to have their happiness come crashing down as more bad news is given to them. A dark evil is coming for Darcy from out of the past and they have to find a way to stop it or her body and soul could be at stake. Devlin, the vampire who has been her best friend since she was a girl drops another bombshell along with this news which causes tension between him and her new mate and friend also. To find the answers they need they leave their home and travel across the country to try and find some type of solution before he arrives.This was a great installment that had me crying for Darcy and all that she had endured. While she did not seem very strong or assertive when we first met her, she has grown into a strong woman who can take care of herself and those she loves when needed. Mason has always been a strong male figure but we get to see that he has a tender side and that his love for her will have him doing whatever it takes to protect his mate and keep him with her forever. Their story touches my heart and I want them to be together and to be happy. Love this and I think anyone would enjoy their story.

  • Samantha Julmisse
    2019-05-31 12:50

    Belinda I hope you're happy. This book destroyed me. Completely. I just finished reading and I'm literally crying as I read this. If I didn't love you I'd hate you right now. Lord, where do I begin this review? I guess I'll start here. This is yet another great installment in a fantastic series. All our favorite characters are back, just as amazing as ever. Darcy as kind, Mason as sexy (don't deny it), Devlin as Devliny (this is now a word), Daniel ever as much the charmer, I can go on and on but I won't. The stakes are higher than ever before (I know I didn't think it was possible either but Belinda doesn't disappoint, well... I'm not gonna go there right now >.>) and it seems like everything is on the line. Every moment I was on my toes, waiting for things to come and being completely blown away when they did, no matter how much I tried prepare myself. If there is one thing I love about books, but there isn't just one thing I have a list, it's their ability to keep me up on my toes. Excitement helps make em sell, let's be honest. Belinda has delivered more to the table than I could have ever dreaded and hoped for in Forever Changed. No matter what, our characters hold true to what they believe in and see as right, making them all the more endearing in their steadfast ways when the going gets rough. No matter how much it pained me, I don't think id change how it all went down. Unless of course he next book destroys everything, then I am hunting Belinda down, with the help if an angry mob of readers who are also upset, and taking away our characters from her until she learns to play nice. This is another great book in one of my favorite series and I don't regret reading it what so ever. No matter how much I get upset, there is no denying how much I loved both this book and series. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great werewolf read. You won't be disappointed.

  • Mary Lou Hoffman
    2019-05-22 15:26

    Series: The Mystic Wolves, #4Category /Genre: Paranormal Romance, FantasyReceived from: Belinda Boring (in exchange for an honest review)Tour by: Read Between the LinesRecommended for: 18+ due to mild sexual content and violenceGrammar/editing: B – a few small errorsBook 4 in The Mystic Wolves series; these must be read in order.I finished this book in tears. Great big, hiccupping, sobbing tears. As long as I’m around, nobody cries alone and my heart was breaking for Mason. Now in case you don’t know me personally, I’ll tell you, I am the eternal optimist. It is my super power. So here is the silver lining. There IS a next book. That means Darcy WILL be back, but until then, I’m sure Mason and I are not alone in holding our breath.So, why was I crying? Well, let me tell you. This ending just tore me to pieces. I want Darcy and Mason (and everyone else I’ve come to love in this series) to have their HEAs, but as life will have it, first come the baptisms by fire, sword, and betrayal. I want to scream, “Enough!” but it’s out of my hands. So we hold on for the ride and cheer the small victories when we can, and lament our losses.I am so glad I am reading this series. If you haven’t started, start now. Ms. Boring will be another author I Facebook stalk. I must know as soon as the next book is released! Luckily, I do still have the Christmas novella to hold me over.

  • Venetiaffxi
    2019-06-19 16:50

    This I think was the best Mystic Wolves book yet! When we left the last book it was a total "Luke you are my father" moment that left my jaw wide open. This book picks up the exact moment the other ended let me tell you I was not the only one with open mouth syndrome. Darcy and Mason are shocked but we find out that not all parties involved can say the same thing. We follow the group as they try to protect Darcy from the new/old threat while meeting some new friends and getting to know old friends better.Sorry as we all know if you follow my reviews I dont give spoilers! If you have have read the first three books of the series then you would be silly to not read this one, If you have not started the series yet then let me tell you that will not be disapointed. This is a great series of love conqures all and that nothing can stand in the way of true love. No matter what is thrown Mason and Darcy's way they come out of it even stronger in themselves and in their love for each other every time. The only bad thing that you will have to learn to love is......... Cliffhangers. If we all thought that the last book was a cliffhanger, then slap yourself and get ready for this doozy. Happy Reading!

  • Tanya Johnson
    2019-06-14 14:27

    Mason and Darcie have faced all kinds of different trials (so to speak) and have come out with their heads high and their love for each other even strong . Devlin, a long time friend of the two who actually turns out to be Darcie's uncle has his own secrets and has been hiding something very important from them. There is so much history in their lives and it boils down to one relative who will do everything in their power to protect Darcie and one that wants her life. Can the three of them come together again to save Darcie from Julian or will the deceit of Devlin be the one thing that can hinder everything??This series has been great right from the beginning! I have fallen in love with the characters of this book and their strong wills, their undying love for each other and the support of those they love. The story line has been awesome, you are sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails, not sure what will happen next. If you are looking for a new series that will keep you enthralled than this is the one for you! If you have read the others in the series so far, do not hesitate to pick this one up!

  • Jessy
    2019-06-08 14:40

    Mystic Wolves fans you are going to want to devour this!! Forever Changed is by far my most favorite of the entire series!! Every character we have grown to love makes an appearance! Yes, even our Vlad shows up and gives us the special geeky smile that only he can produce!! And of course our sexy Devlin is all over the pages of this installment of the series!!You will find that after our favorite couple, Mason and Darcy, have faced a big challenge that there's something more that they will have to face! Within the pages you will see the love Author Belinda Boring has for these characters. She has had so much growth for them and has really united them with us as readers. You will be very invested in the going ons and the troubles that come across. There is danger still for our Mystic Wolves clan and together they will ban for their Alpha and their Alpha's mate to overcome what may change them forever! Sit back, hang on tight, you are in for the most wicked ride yet from Belinda Boring! I give this book my thumbs up!!

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2019-06-06 14:25

    Just when you think that Darcy and Mason (and co) have faced everything and they are going to get their Happy Ever After, something else comes along to blow that idea out of the water. This book starts literally where the last one finished and you are straight back in the action but without knowing where Belinda is going to take you next.Once again, the plot is well-thought out and well-written. The characters continue to grow and to deal with whatever is thrown at them. The relationships deepen and questions are answered. You are taken on a wild ride. Once again, Belinda Boring has delivered a top quality book, complete that cliff-hanger ending that she is so well known for. I need the next book!!!! I need to know where this will go! Forever Changed was voted Best Paranormal book of 2013 by Young Adult Teen Reader.

  • Aimie
    2019-06-01 11:39

    I have loved this series from book 1. I adore the characters. This was another great addition to the story. Belinda is going to kill me with her cliff hangers one of these days.. The first three books have cliff hangers from hell, This book is no different. If anything it's worse.. Lol. But I kinda love Belinda for it at the same time as hating her.. ;)This book gave us some important answers we were left hanging over in the previous book. Obviously it left us with some questions too. I am a huge Devlin fan and he had a couple of moments in here where I fell for him more. I can't wait until we get a book for him. I haven't been huge Mason fan but he is just a sweetheart and I totally get why people call Ms Boring the Queen of Swoon. He's super swoonworthy.

  • Crissy
    2019-06-06 18:22

    The Mystic Wolves series is one of the best series I have read and one of my favorites. I was extremely excited to read Forever Changed; it was a good read but I found this one a bit slower than the previous books in the series. I kind of wish this had been the last book in the series because it seemed like this book was dragged out just for another. However, with that being said author Belinda Boring does what she does best leaving you with an ending that’s definitely unexpected, fantastic and dramatic leaving you wanting more and I definitely want the next book as soon as possible. Even though this book wasn’t my favorite in the series I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a great paranormal read with wolves, vampires and witches.

  • Kayla M. Smith
    2019-06-08 17:50

    AmazingI absolutely love d this book, it's nothing I ever read. I loved the cliffhanger at the ending. it makes try to think what's going to happen in the next book. I wonder when this year the fifth book is going to finished, so I know what happened to Darcy, Devlin, and of course Mason. Cause all the endless guessing is driving me crazy, I have to know what happened to Mystic Wolves gang. Mrs. Belinda, hi my name is Kayla Smith and I'm only 15, but what I do know a wonderful book when read one and you have out done yourself in your books but this takes the cake; you have done a amazing job, keep up the good work and I look forward for your next and hopefully the final book of the Mystic Wolves series.

  • Christina Silcox
    2019-05-29 15:40

    Book four in The Mystic Wolves Series did not disappoint! Belinda Boring takes you to a whole new place with Forever Changed. You delve deeper into the thoughts and feelings of these characters than ever before, learning what they are really made of. Understanding why Devlin handled things the way he did, gives the reader a whole new insight to the wonderful relationship between him and Darcy. Mason and Darcy grow as a couple, and stand united to face insurmountable obstacles. Belinda Boring surprised me with Forever Changed in a way I didn't think possible - I love these characters even more! My favorite Mystic Wolves book least until the next one comes.

  • Candy
    2019-05-21 18:33

    I am so addicted to this series! And Mason is a book boyfriend you can totally swoon over. No matter what they go through Darcy and Mason hold on to their love to get them through. A new threat has arisen. Darcy learns a secret that can prove to tear her away from Mason forever.There is non stop action,never a dull moment.Everytime Darcy overcomes something that threats her life and gets in the way of her and Mason's happily ever after,she seems to find a way to defeat it.But this time Darcy may not be able to defeat the threat when it comes from within her.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-29 15:42

    I love this series! Mason and Darcy have been trough so much and have overcome challenge after challenge to their relationship. Now mated and Devlin's new revelation brings on a whole new threat to Darcy! I love how Darcy is so strong and keeps on fighting, trying to be positive for everyone. Mason is a definite Alpha and you see the depth of his love for Darcy in this book and his vulnerable side also! The ending is a cliffhanger, which about killed me! I can't wait to see what happens in book #5!

  • Nia Zanders
    2019-05-24 17:49

    This is the best book of the series. After everything she has been through, after a fabulous night with her new husband Mason, Darcy find out a secret about herself. This secret kept from her and her new husband and pack by her parents and her best friend Devlin, who she found out is also her uncle. This secret is what effect the world and could end her life. A whole new past is revealed and everything she knows Darcy noe questions.

  • Diana Jacobsen
    2019-06-01 17:30

    Belinda boring has once again brought is a riveting story one where you are sure to fall in love with the characters. My heart ached again to see if Darcy and Mason would make it in the end. Twists and turns at every page turn. And the Swoon yes the swoon for which we all know Belinda is famous for is well known, was all encompassed in the latest mystic wolves books. She takes you on a rollercoaster of ride and I can't wait for the next installment.

  • Samantha Bull
    2019-06-12 19:43

    TEAR JERKER BUT LOVEDTEAR JERKER BUT LOVEDI loved this book, although it had me in tears it is a must read for all romance lovers. I can't get enough of this series keep them coming!!!!

  • Sonia
    2019-06-14 12:26

    love this series. You will laugh and cry throughout the book. Each story gets better and better. You have the mystery,alpha males and great love scenes. If you enjoy paranormal do not pass up this series. look forward to more from Belinda.

  • N Banton
    2019-06-17 17:44

    I thought this book was a brilliant read. Where it left off on testing fate shocked me. This book is another one that I couldn't put down. It was fantastic to read this book and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

  • Amber Zones
    2019-06-17 13:22

    Holy Hell. I'm in shock. Seriously. When is the next out??!!

  • Maria
    2019-05-24 12:39

    I'm not a whinning person, but lately I've been crying a lot with my readings. This book broke my heart and I cannot wait to the next!

  • Venture
    2019-06-08 19:42

    Getting tired of the constant drama. People should at least be allowed a honeymoon phase.

  • Karen Simon
    2019-05-28 18:38

    Hard to read the last of the tear jerking! Great read!

  • Chelsea
    2019-06-19 15:39

    Well things have changed. Drastically. Not sure how I feel about this one. I do love how much Darcy isn't weak. Yes she cries and has emotions but so does everyone. I really enjoy that about these characters they are supernatural but they also have the same feelings and issues normal people have. It was interesting to find out more about who Darcy is. As well as why there was such a strong connection with her and Devlin. I felt for Devlin. I knew that he didn't keep this from her just because he wanted to. He was keeping her safe. And before I knew Devlin's story I supported him and while reading I hoped Mason didn't do anything stupid. I liked the added characters as well, even though I am upset that one of them ended up dieing. I was just starting to like how she got along with everyone and being connected to a part of someone in the group that you didn't see very often. (I am trying to make it cryptic so as to not give away anything, so sorry if that didn't make any sense. It probably will when you read it.) The dragon character I hope that we get to see more of. We got a taste the book before but got even more in this next book. This whole book was different. There was a darker feel and they traveled to other areas which gave it more of a different feel but also still was with the series. Man do I hope the next one ends on a higher note. It is killing me with how much Darcy has to go through. For once give her and Mason a break. They need it more then any character I have ever read. One thing after another gets thrown at them but that is also why I love them. They work as a team to figure out how to get through this. They know what each other needs and they don't let anything get in the way. Off to read the next one. Hopefully all gets fixed but with how good Belinda is as Ciff hangers...I don't know if I want to get to the end of the next book. :) But of course I will continue to read to find out the ending of their story.