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“Have you seen the Light?” Abel Adams, a brilliant but troubled young misfit desperately seeks freedom, love, and spiritual enlightenment while battling drug addiction, dark forces, and strange temptations. He zigzags through a mysterious labyrinth of crime and the occult along his hazardous quest toward redemption and recovery. The Light is the mystical odyssey of a prodi“Have you seen the Light?” Abel Adams, a brilliant but troubled young misfit desperately seeks freedom, love, and spiritual enlightenment while battling drug addiction, dark forces, and strange temptations. He zigzags through a mysterious labyrinth of crime and the occult along his hazardous quest toward redemption and recovery. The Light is the mystical odyssey of a prodigal son whose spiritual journey tumbles like a rollercoaster through a wild mix of philosophical, psychological, and religious experiences amid the turbulent post-1960s counterculture....

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The Light Reviews

  • Susanna Mahoney
    2019-04-27 09:52

    The Prodigal Son Comes Home., April 21, 2013This review is from: The Light (Kindle Edition)In the author's words "Abel Adams is essentially an allegorical composite of all of us who have gone astray at some point in our lives," says the author. "I believe that many people will discover they deeply identify with Abel's desperate desire for deliverance."What I have previewed as a reader, this book is a keeper, it has all the elements of light, darkness, confusion of identification in a tumultuous time and the character Abel has caught this reader's heart.He is walking a risky life path, and the vessels and experiences he comes across and lives thru many trials, is a witness that for everyone, no matter how far they fall into the abyss of darkness, there is always hope to come back. Be reborn to the light. I can that tell this is a human mystical story that calls to wounded and lost children/adults and gives them inspiration to break free from their chains of bondage. Highly recommend this book, especially in these tsunami like times, as darkness is closing in and we need more light and encouragement.One lives life, you get up, prepare for work, do your chores, give of yourself to others, go to bed, and awake to the next day, the same routine day in and day out. There is a season for everything as my grandmother used to tell me. We all experience joy, sadness, bounty and agony in our brief lives, which is a span of a blink of an eye.Then again when the season changes and the storms pour in, we feel alone and deserted, we call upon a higher power to help us through.Well it seems this is a season for this reader, the authors and books I have read in the past month are messages of forgiveness and living in the moment.The Light by Robert Hammond is one of these inspiring gifts, a message calling out to the lost souls wandering as nomads in the darkness.It is written with understanding that is so deep and powerful, as the main character Abel is pulled into the darkness of addiction, so wicked a snare he is bind in its trappings, he thought he would never see the light. Until the one last final crash and he ends up in prison one too many times, he experiences a miraculous transformation.He receives his purpose that he has to make amends to the people he hurt and damaged along the way as evil played him as a puppet looking for the next fix, be it Heroin, LSD and/or prescriptions medications. He was a doper, dealer, liar, thief and a murderer of his own soul.The author has the gift of soulful insight to write a heart wrenching tale of a not just a drug addict, but a broken soul the minute he was born into the earth's atmosphere. He was intoxicated with the three taboos, "the three assassins' fear, guilt and resentment" that would keep any soul trapped, and lost in limbo. From the day of his birth until his transformation he suffered so much agony and carried it deep in his core, the gripping swallowing pain of loneliness, it sent him on a path of destruction, and weariness, he had no choice but to seek the light.When he found the peace he so desperately craved, he was in union with his spiritual calling and knew that he had to right the wrongs and ask for forgiveness if he was to attain his recovery. This is not your typical drug addict story, this in an depth analysis of all that the human race, wounded or not, need to read to discover the mystical as profound reason why some who declare to find the light are not insane, instead they have found the truth, they are blessed.In the author's words "The Light is the mystical odyssey of a prodigal son whose spiritual journey tumbles like a rollercoaster through a wild mix of philosophical, psychological, and religious experiences amid the turbulent post-1960s counterculture."

  • Sezoni
    2019-05-16 01:55

    “The Light” by Robert Hammond is a moving story about addiction, enlightenment and forgiveness. Hammond dispels the notion that people living below the poverty line are more likely to abuse or become addicted to drugs. The author does a fantastic job of writing this human condition into explanation. In many ways the character, Abel Adam is a fortunate black kid and son of affluent parents who provide him with all the comforts of a good home, a strong foundation in religion, and an education second to none. But he becomes addicted to drugs and everything in his life is turned upside-down.To fully grasp the story, you have to decide if Abel Adams’ situation is complicated with labels and stereotypes, which there is no distinct fit for him. You wonder if his parents miss the mark to acculturate him in an environment robust with diversity. Or was he just another victim of peer pressure and the need for acceptance. All these variables are present, and yet, no one is to blame for how terribly wrong things go for him.The era is circa 1970 a time drug use is at epidemic proportions, and “everybody’s doing it” is the only informed choice to justify using drugs. Abel’s need to belong is the trigger that sets his habitual use in motion. Getting high gains him the acceptance he so desperately craves. But he has to find out the hard way that following the crowd gets you lost in it.Abel’s addition comes at a high price, and before he can change his behavior he has to hit rock bottom hard. Try to imagine rock bottom means heroin coursing through your veins while you lie face down in a gutter soaking in sewer water. Then try to envision having so much potential and a bright future, now that guy. And all those friends you threw it all away for are nowhere to be found when you need them most. As you plow through the book at lightning speed, you see hope on the horizon. Abel is grounded in his faith and sees that as his light to turn all his craziness around. When you finish reading the book, you’ll be amazed at how Abel’s experience is the teachable moment that makes the world a better place for others.“The Light” is very dark, and it’s a tough read. But, I recommend it because it’s an extraordinarily valuable book that paves a way to redemption and recovery!

  • Melanie Adkins
    2019-05-03 05:55

    Abel Adams is one of the very few black kids in Eden Valley, California. His father was the only black professor at the University. Abel never really felt he fit in, not with the blacks and not with the whites. He did try though. Abel had the misfortune of living in a time when drugs were really becoming an issue. Eventually he began using drugs and drinking alcohol. It went from bad to worse. The only thing constant in Abel's life was the feeling there was a higher power. No matter how bad things got, Abel kept his heart and mind open to the higher power.This book is one you will enjoy for several reasons. The least of which is the search Abel makes to discover what his beliefs really are. The writing is superb! Parts of this book are dark and discuss very basic needs and desires. It's mystical and enlightening. You may not enjoy the path Abel takes to get his enlightenment but you will see and understand how he reaches his final decision. For some this book might be a bit deep and philosophical but hang in there, I promise you'll love it. I found no issues. I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 simply because of the depth of the subject. Some may not be able to follow easily. ~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review~

  • Gayle Pace
    2019-05-19 07:29

    REVIEW:Everything about the 1970's was crazy and wild, especially Los Angeles. The author did a wonderful job of capturing the era. The character, Abe, grew up as the child of a black mother and father who were very successful. He grew up in an all white neighborhood in the 1960's. The author takes the reader on a journey with Abel. Abel is very bright but a very troubled person looking in. Never belonging. He is so wanting and needing love, freedom and spiritual guidance. Growing up in an all white neighborhood must have been very difficult. The whites throughout that period of time were not very forgiving or accepting. It is no wonder that Abel begins having problems with drugs.temptations and the ever present dark force. He also had run ins with the police. Abel goes through so much turmoil until he finds, in his mind, a variety of practices of spirituality that were combined into "THE LIGHT". I could relate in a way. We all have gone off the right path at some time or another.We all have been lost and searching for that redemption. Some, unfortunately don't find it. Others, fortunately do. Thank God.I would give this book 4 STARS.I received a complimentary copy of THE LIGHT from the author, Robert Hammond for this unbiased review.

  • Jane Geddis
    2019-05-07 04:35

    Los Angeles in the early 1970s was wild whichever angle one approached it from, political, drug, music, religious. The best thing about the book is that it captures the mood of the time and the place. That sets the stage for the characters, plot and theme of the book, which is about spiritual redemption from several points of view. A novelist that makes a world so rich you can smell gets to couch the message and the reader goes on the journey with the character. The Light is by no means preachy. It follows Abel who grows up the child of a successful black mother and father in an all white neighborhood in the early 1960s. Given what white American culture was at the time would anyone wish such a thing on any kid. Abel develops problems with drugs and crime, and he has run-ins with the law. He goes through many spiritual experiments all of which take for the excesses of the grafty type of spirituality readily available at the right price in the 1970s and early 80s. Abel finds his own way after much hardship and "The Light" in his sense is a combination of a variety of practices. So the novel is tailored to it's character. The writing has the raw style reminiscent of Jim Carroll.

  • Rebecca Bryant
    2019-05-12 06:51

    In this book we follow the life of Abel Adams a young man who ends up lost and troubled trying to find his way. It's the age old story of the prodigal son who must in his own way find who he is and where he belongs. Written beautifully I was drawn into the characters life and struggles and was left feeling inspired by him. The book takes you on a journey through many twist and turns through various religious experiences to find The Light. I also felt many could relate to the character for various reasons. Over all a really good read.

  • Jason
    2019-05-18 06:31

    Abel is the most amazing character and the author did such a great job with this book. It was such a joy to read and I have to admit, it was hard to put down, so make the time to read it start to finish. I'm glad I did. I highly recommend this book and have actually shared it with a friend already. Great job to the author.

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-05-25 02:33

    DNF 10%Two major problems for me. This looks to be a 'have you found Jesus" book and at 10% it is still 100% tell, as the main character's childhood and teens are related in past tense. I'm not yet invested enough to bear with it.

  • Love Of
    2019-05-13 04:29

    This was a beautiful book, I just enjoyed reading it so much. I know others have talked about Abel and I also just fell in love with the character. The books high and low point of Abel's life can be felt within. I just love this authors work and you will to.

  • Mark Delaplane
    2019-05-19 07:38

    This is an inspirational story. Unfortunately, more that 80% of the book recounts the life of a junkie. It is anti-climatic when Abel sees the Light while in prison.

  • Rosemarie
    2019-05-09 03:47

    Gritty tale of the 70's and 80's drug explosion.I loved the first half it was a fast paced adventure tale of misspent youth. I loved the spiritual experiences during his recovery periods as well. But around 80 percent through the book I was ready for more depth in the characters. Grace didn't have enough fleshing out. I wanted to know more about his life and interactions with others by then and less about the drugs and thieving which were not fleshed out enough for me either by then. The title made me want to read the book but the light needed more face time and place in the narrative by then as well. Good book but it didn't go deep enough for my taste. I would recommend it to some of my friends.