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The Punkers moved towards us, and Amity and I were forced to back down the steps. When we reached the bottom, they formed a ring around us, all flying just a few inches above the ground. With their shoulders almost touching, they locked us in and began to rotate slowly around us, like a hovering wheel of stupid. Except that they all either had Water Balls or flaming thumbsThe Punkers moved towards us, and Amity and I were forced to back down the steps. When we reached the bottom, they formed a ring around us, all flying just a few inches above the ground. With their shoulders almost touching, they locked us in and began to rotate slowly around us, like a hovering wheel of stupid. Except that they all either had Water Balls or flaming thumbs. We’re not supposed to use any magic on campus except Flash Jumping to get to outbuildings for classes, but I knew no one would really see what they were doing. Amity and I found ourselves back-to-back like the trapped heroes in the movies always do, except that I knew we didn’t have any awesome moves to bust out with....

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magian high Reviews

  • Barbara Brink
    2019-06-08 16:39

    In Ms. London’s fictional world, the country’s schools have been segregated for decades – kids are placed into schools according to ability. The really smart kids go to Wiser High, the very athletic go to Corporeal High and those with magic go to Magian High. Those with magic are called Mages and those without are called Nomers. There is no love lost between the two.When desegregation is passed, tempers flare, violence ensues, and some teens are put into the position of being peacemakers in order for the change to succeed.Young adults will definitely enjoy the elemental magic aspect of the book, as well as the sweet romance between Kincaid and Amity, a Mage and Wiser who are both working to bring their two sides together.With punker Mages busy causing destruction and fear in order to force the authorities to rescind desegregation, and a conspiracy of political proportions at work behind the scenes, Kincaid, Amity, and their new friends have to work all that much harder to prove that bringing their differences together won’t take away their power, but make them stronger.This is a terrific young adult novel with very likable characters, an exciting plotline that will keep you turning pages, and very applicable social issues that resemble many we have today. It is well written and entertaining enough for the young or not so young.

  • Sara Gauldin
    2019-05-22 17:43

    This book is a strong fantasy read that blends the natural and recognizable drama of the high school experience with layers of magic and intrigue. The central character, a young man named Kincaid champions the integration of the towns three existing high-schools. Originally the schools had been made up of three predominate subgroups that had been kept separate; the normal people or jocks, the brilliant academically focused children and the madges who have magical powers. As the schools are encouraged to mingle there are many challenges. Like any subgroups in reality, the children have many ill-conceived notions as to one anther's merit and acceptability. This is only a small part of a larger series of events. A sweet teen romance is skillfully weaved into a back drop of social instability and corruption that will ultimately put all of the student in a difficult situation. This book is a great read for older children and young adults. I thoroughly enjoyed the premise!

  • Michelle Isenhoff
    2019-06-08 13:26

    All three high schools in Kincaid Riley’s town are being desegregated, which means the Mages will be mixing in with non-magical students. Intermingling seemed like a good idea to Kincaid, who worked to see it happen, until violent protests break out. But who is behind the protests? And who stands to gain from them? As Riley uncovers the mystery with the help of new friends, he decides mixing with others who are different than himself really is an experience worth preserving. In Magian High, author Lia London takes a fresh approach to magic and makes it relevant to teens. It’s a fun read, smoothly written and clean. The story contains a bit of romance, some humor, and a lot of personality, not to mention great insights into the power of love, cooperation, friendship. Very enjoyable and well done.

  • Mikey Brooks
    2019-06-10 12:32

    A Book filled with more than one kind of magic! I loved the creative approach of this book. It took a well known event in history and remapped it into another time and place. With just enough suspense to keep me turning the pages I found myself lost in the troubles of Magian High. The characters are rich and Kincaid is easy to connect with. I'd recommend this book to teens and YA fans. It's clean, it has action, but most importantly it had a great story. Bravo!

  • Kristen Kooistra
    2019-06-16 14:51

    Magian High is one of three highschools in the city. While it caters to those with magic, the other two schools are for smart kids and physically adept kids. But not anymore. Not since desegregation won and now the city is split into 3 school districts with everyone of every skill set attending the school their district belongs too.My favorite thing about this story is that it takes the idea of people learning to accept others who are different and makes that point clear while using a non-earth problem to relay it.Mages think they're better, the Wisers think they're the best, and of course the Corporals believe they're better than the rest. There are groups that don't want this mingling plan to work(for various reasons) and all three sides have been so isolate from each other that fear and suspicion and prejudice abound. Kincaid really wants there to be unity, but he's got a long way to go. This story is about learning to see yourself as others see you, learning to accept those who are different, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, never giving up, not being afraid to do what is right, that people can change, and that love given to the right person not only benefits them, but can elevate you to new heights even though you are giving.

  • Beth M. Honeycutt
    2019-05-29 18:50

    A collaborative masterpiece!What a terrific novel! Truthfully, I wasn't sure what to expect when I found out this was a piece of collaborative fiction. Would it still be a united whole or would it feel like it was pieced together with ideas by a bunch of different people? Amazingly enough, it flowed very smoothly and everything went together without any dissonance--a perfect tribute to the theme of the novel (which is about unity and people working together). Knowing it was a collaborative piece now makes it even cooler, what a neat experiment!I was really impressed by the writing, too. Not only was it well edited without any pesky grammar or punctuation issues, but it was a clean read that would be suitable for readers of any age. No sex or bad language, just tons of great characters, a suspenseful plot, and a really inventive and creative story that surprised me on several occasions with the twists it took. I especially loved the mythology about magic and how it can be shared with others. I was also really interested in the way magic worked in this book and the different ways the teens used it, which I found to be new and different from other books I've read. The relationships were complex and the way the various groups interacted as they tried to adjust to de-segreation was really interesting. I also love the way the teens and adults interacted in this story, treating each other with mutual respect and collaborating together, for the most part. This book was so suspenseful and well-written that I didn't want to stop reading and ended up staying up most of the night to finish it.Even though this isn't a genre I normally read, this book completely won me over. It was a delight to meet the characters and read about the adventures they experienced and I really, really hope there might be more in this series. I think it has a lot of potential and I'd love to spend more time in the universe the author created. I'd be thrilled to visit with Amity, Kincaid, and the gang again and see where life takes them next.I'd highly recommend this book to anyone!

  • Elise Stokes
    2019-06-19 19:44

    Well-written, a great story line, skillfully crafted characters, Magian High was a joy to read, although the teacher in me rubbed palms together, as I mentally incorporated this gem into a killer American Civil Rights unit. There would be no complaints about required reading. In a world of those who have magic and those who do not, students launch into a new, desegregated school year at Magian High, thanks to the efforts of teachers and fellow classmates who wanted to end the separation of Mages and Nomers in the public school system. Having been a spearhead in the effort, Kincaid Riley starts his senior year with optimism, not anticipating the anger, prejudice, and coming violence from students and staff. Magian High becomes a very dangerous school to attend. Kincaid and his Nomer girlfriend, Amity, uncover a devious plot that seemingly staunch supporters of desegregation are involved in, which puts Kincaid and Amity’s lives even more at risk. The question becomes who is a friend and who is a foe? I deeply appreciate what the author, Lia London, is trying to accomplish. She not only sets out to entertain her target audience, giving them a story that fuels the imagination with characters, social situations, and a setting they can relate to, but also cleverly teaches history, or more precisely the lessons we’ve learned from history. She delivers strong examples in Kincaid, Amity, and their friends of the bravery and decency we should all strive to attain. In other words, they are incredible role models, and I absolutely love, love, love that aspiring writers their ages had a hand in creating them. My appreciation for this story grew when I read the Acknowledgments. Magian High is a collaborative effort. London and a handful of teens wrote this story together. Teachers, librarians, parents, readers of all ages— how inspirational is that?

  • Steve
    2019-06-20 12:26

    This book has been sitting in my TBR (To Be Read) list for awhile. I hit a spot where, I was looking for something light hearted but well written to read and pounced on the opportunity to read another of Lia's excellent books. This one was not only that, but it also carried a point with it. In the story, there are conflicts between three classes of students that reflect the conflicts of the society at large. The two larger groups are the Mages (magical folks) and the Nomers (non-magical folks). The Nomers are divided up between the Wisers (really smart and intellectual folks) and the Corporals (physical worker types and athletes). The conflict between all these types come sharply into focus when they are de-segregated into the same high school. Things start happening quickly in this fast moving story, and there are folks trying to cause this experimental approach to education fail and those that are trying to make it work. The two central characters Kincaid (a Mage) and Amity (a Wiser) are thrown together as Chemistry lab partners and not only learn to work together, they also begin to have a chemistry all their own. Ultimately, in spite of all the magic, people are still people and learning to work together is at the core of much of what we need to learn in life.The story is full of fascinating twists and turns and populated with very interesting characters with a plot that will keep you turning pages right up to the very end. This is an excellent read with complex characters that you will really enjoy spending time with.

  • Diane Rapp
    2019-05-28 16:29

    Sharing love makes people strongerWhen Kincaid meets Amity on the first day of desegregation in Magian High School, he has no idea what a mess he'd created. Kincaid is a mage, who fought to bring everyone together by desegregating their schools; Amity is a very smart Nomer who resisted coming to Magian High. When they meet, love and magic mix. The young couple must work hard to help their friends accept obvious differences and find common goals to save their school from potential disaster. It doesn't help that a secret group of adults is trying to make the whole plan blow up in their faces!The author takes us into a world filled with magic and teenage hormones gone wild. Punkers attack without warning, greedy adults sabotage a noble idea, and a bunch of kids must overcome fear and prejudice to save the day. The author weaves an intricate story to demonstrate that sharing love and working together makes people grow stronger. These kids stand on the brink of building a better world for everyone.Clever and well-written, this book is a plus on anyone's reading list. Harry Potter is so yesterday now that we can all enroll in Magian High.

  • Julie Powell
    2019-06-11 14:40

    Although I believe for a younger audience, this in itself is deceptive because there are very real lessons to be learned for all ages in this book.I can imagine that the inspiration for the story has its roots in American history where segregation was very real, unfair and dangerous - the author has cleverly put this across by using fantasy in a realistic way.Set within a magic school, these issues are faced using likeable characters so to engage a younger audience.I don't give spoilers but will say that this is a well written story, both enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Katy
    2019-05-20 17:38

    The "power of love" theme has been used many, many times in books, movies, songs, and plays, but this well-written, fast-moving, and honest modern-day fantasy takes the theme and makes universal application in a fresh, very satisfying way. It gives the reader hope that even when dealing with the worst kind of prejudice, one ordinary person who is willing to step out of his comfort zone can inspire others to stand together courageously and make a difference in their world.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-07 17:32

    Loved the book. Reminded me so much of high school. Very realistic and believable even though everything in it is sci-fi and basically impossible. Very talented author!